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Q&A Transcript with Alex Hirsch at MomoCon 2017

Question: Before you decided to make Bill the main bad guy, did you have another character in mind that would have been the villain? 

Alex: Yeah, um that’s a good question. Uh, so, when we came up with the villain of the show, I knew that… I knew that Bill was involved. And I knew that Ford had disappeared due to some deal gone wrong with some villain next to the mystery of how Gravity Falls was all assembled. 

Um, but, I didn’t yet decide that Bill was that character in the very beginning, y'know? I had always imagined it was some sort of evil character somewhere kinda hidden in the woods. I wasn’t sure I could go with the Bill idea cuz I thought it would be too much like Twin Peaks, but as we got further along the series we discussed it among the repairs and we were like, ‘none of our other villain ideas were as good.’ Bill, Bill was weirder than anything else we thought of. Um, I remember there were other ideas. Strange monsters and government officials; some kind of cthulhu– some weird crazy old man. But nothing was ever better than Bill, so it ended up sticking. Probably somewhere around, y'know, season one– midway through season one, we started thinking we might be– might be on point.

Q: Was Grunkle Stan ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother? 

 A: Oh, oh that’s such a good question. Wait, let me think about that for a second… Uh… lemme see… I don’t think so. I don’t think Stan was ever aware of McGucket’s connection to his brother. Because, by the time Stan traded identities with Ford, uh… McGucket had already gone off the deep end– Was already y'know, had already created the Society of the Blind Eye; had already lost his own memory. So Stan would’ve really only known McGucket as a local obnoxious fisherman. 

And McGucket, probably somewhere deep in the back of his mind, was eerily just drawn to Stan in a way he just couldn’t put his finger on, because he thought maybe he knew him, but– I don’t– I think Stan was ignorant of that. Um, I think Stan… I think Stan looking through the journals probably should’ve put two and two together, but Stan’s not the best at book-learnin’. Uh, so… my guess is Stan wouldn’t have known despite that uh, that there’s a lot of tumblr art out there showing them as like the Scooby-Doo gang. I don’t think Stan ever really knew McGucket before.

Q: What episode do you believe came out the strongest and the most well rounded overall? And is it the same as your personal favorite episode?

 A: Oh gosh. Um. That’s a great question. Hmm… I probably feel, personally, that the strongest episode is uh, “Not What He Seems” just because it’s such a dramatic episode. Like, we know– We’ve never had an episode that dramatic. But, when we first pitched it to Disney executives… they thought it was bad. [laughs] Um, Because it didn’t have a lot of jokes in it? Like, I remember normally when we’re pitching our episode, executives can usually gauge how good they are by how much people laugh. People didn’t really laugh for that one, because it’s really tense. So we thought, maybe we’d screwed up. But, when the animation came back we were like, 'Oh! It’s GOOD that it’s tense. Like, it worked!’ Um, So, I dunno if that’s my favorite episode, but I think– that’s the episode we should’ve won an Emmy for, and I’m still pissed we didn’t. [laughs]

In terms of favorite episode, like… I dunno. I think the first episode that I really felt that the show was really starting to feel the way I wanted it to– “Time Traveler’s Pig” in season one. Like, that was an episode where Dipper had an interesting story, and Mabel had an interesting story, and uh, felt nostalgic, and based around the summer, and had a big secret callback to even previous episodes, so– I just remember when we first just got that episode back in color, I was like, 'hey I think maybe I like how I’m making this cartoon show,’ so I think that has a particularly fond place in my heart, y'know.

Q: Is Disney bringing you to SDCC or NYCC later this year to promote the journal and other books coming out? 

 A: Right, um, yeah, Disney– Disney… Disney-general and me, have like– we’re divorced. Like, they kept the house, and the pets. Y'know what I mean? It’s… we don’t like get dinner or anything. But, the Disney Publishing department, separate from Disney Television, they’re really cool, and enthusiastic, and energized. And they wanna make new cool stuff. Um, so I think it’s possible I might be at D23 this year, and it’s possible I might be at Comic Con, but I don’t have anything confirmed yet.

Q: In the scene where Bill is trying to convince Ford to join him in the Fearamid, were there any other jokes or story beats that were considered? 

 A: Which episode specifically are you talking about? [Q: The We’ll Meet Again scene.] Yea yea yea, We had a– Every scene that you’ve ever seen in the show has a ton of ton of stuff we’ve thought of and had to cut for time or other reasons. Um, I remember there was definitely a version of that where Bill was a lot trickier. Like, he sort of more successfully lied to Ford about like: 'We’re actually going to make the world a better place. Though I present myself as this chaos lunatic that’s just my personality.' Like, 'here’s ways in which we’ll IMPROVE the universe.' 

Um, but it felt out of character. We thought it was much more like Bill to just draw smiley faces in oceans and eat the sun and just– hope, that the force of his charisma could convince Ford that that was a good idea. But uh, I feel like– I feel like Bill can be really really tricky when he wants to, but by the time Weirdmageddon showed up he’s so impatient, and he’s so convinced that he won, that he was no longer like, this brilliant chess master he used to be. He’s like, 'alright let’s do it! Do what I want or I’ll eat your face.’ Like, no more– No more, like– He wasn’t as smart a tactician as he used to be, y'know?

Q: Was “We’ll Meet Again” always the song you were going to use? 

A: Oh yeah, it had to be that. It was like… I think I’d just seen Dr. Strangelove recently around that time and it stuck in my head. It seems to me, if Bill has a taste in music, it would be, like, old timey music that ranges from either weird to obnoxious to obscure. 

Uh, Disney wanted me to cut it cuz it cost them a bunch of money to get the rights, even though it’s so old, it still cost them money to get the rights. And I just… said, please. Over and over and over again. I would send an e-mail that just said, 'please.’ And send another e-mail that said, 'please.’ And I would send another e-mail that said– Yeah. [laughs] Eventually I wore them down that they’re like, 'alright we’ll spend thousands of dollars.’ [laughs]

Q: Are real comics coming? 

 A: You want comics? Would you read Gravity Falls comics?
[Audience screams]
[Alex leans his ear forward]

A: It’s a terrifying noise isn’t it, Michael? I was at a… Gravity Falls gallery, and like, they didn’t tell us how many people would show up, and it was like, THAT noise echoing from every corner. And uh like, I think I lost a year of my life. My hair started going gray, and it was like, 'oh my god, this is too much love! It’s terrifying.' 

Comics. I would love to do Gravity Falls comics. Um, I have so many… One of the tough things about a half hour show like Gravity Falls is every now and then we think of an idea that we really liked, but it was too short for a half hour; 'oh that’s only five minutes of story’– Or it’s too specific and weird. And so I have tons and tons of ideas of the show that y'know we’d like to explore this character, we’d like to show this secret, this storyline. So, I’d love to do comics. But, that’s up to Disney Publishing, and I’m trying to convince them. So, hopefully, I’ll have something exciting to announce in not too long.

Q&A with Stan and Soos

Q: Is Dipper adorable or manly?  

Stan: Dipper smells like baby wipes. Even if I cut off all my shoulder hair, and taped it to him, he wouldn’t be 1/10th as manly I am.

Q: What would you do if Mabel told you she had a date to prom? 

Stan: I would… invite the gentleman over, have some coffee, tie him to a chair and interrogate him for 10 hours, and maybe throw him in the pit. [shrug] Hands off my neice, kid!

Q: What would happen if Soos met Giffany again? 

Soos: Oh yea, I recently downloaded this couple’s therapy sim? Uh, I think she and I would have to talk about our issues and pass around a conversation pillow, and really work out these struggles. Cuz she’s got some problems, dude.

Q: Soos, why are you so perfect? 

Soos: Yeah, uh, my grandma said that a whole bunch of doves flew down and formed the shape of a perfect angel over my crib. I dunno, dude I guess I was just born that way.

deciduousdust  asked:

Why do they do that!?

I’m going to assume this is about the woodcock, which does… This:

Science has a couple guesses which include:

  • It’s a decent way to impersonate foliage blowing around in the wind for camoflage
  • So other woodcocks can find them
  • Carnivores look at that and go “That can’t possibly be food”
  • Part of thier brains is literally upside-down, who the fuck KNOWS what’s going on in there.

My personal theory is that all woodcocks have a song stuck in thier heads at all times and The Just Gotta Dance.

GOT7 Introduction Post

ALRIGHT. You requested, I have written! In honor of the upcoming THOT7 comeback - may our souls be stolen and wallets be emptied.

Member by Member introduction, from oldest to youngest.

Mark Tuan, stage name: Mark. ‘93 line, rapper. Also in charge of acrobatics / fly boy stunts. From LA, USA. Quiet, very intelligent. ISTJ personality. The only one who can pull the hyung card on Jaebum and BOY, WHEN HE DOES. Sometimes pegged as the ‘bad boy’ but lol. Mark’s laugh cures evil and creates butterflies. Deep ass rap, will make you shake in your boots. I know you want me, so stop fronting.

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Im Jaebum, stage name: JB. ‘94 line, vocal and leader. Korean. Also writes / releases music under Def (used to be Def Soul, soundcloud here). A tsundere hoe, to quote myself. INFJ personality. Very intelligent, typically takes a more subdued role in the group but DAMN, MEMEBUM. Don’t let the rude exterior fool you, Jaebum is a straight up meme. There are hours of footage on Youtube to prove it. Owns like, a billion cats and they all sleep in his room. OG cat is Nora. 

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Jackson Wang, stage name: Jackson. (Chinese name, Wang Jia Er). From Hong Kong, China. ‘94 line, rapper. ENFJ personality. Was a nationally ranked / world class fencer until he was 17. Convinced his parents to let him audition for JYP, moved to Korea and followed his dreams of music. Speaks English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese and Shanghainese. Jackson is pure sunshine in addition to being the most extra variety star in existence. Will do a forward flip every chance he can. Is a gigantic mama’s boy. Would never hurt a fly.

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Park Jinyoung, stage name: Jinyoung (IF YOU CALL HIM JR OR JUNIOR, HE WILL FITE U). ‘94 line, vocal and dancer. ISFJ personality. Korean. Before debuting as part of GOT7, debuted in a duo with Jaebum called JJ Project. Tied with Jaebum for first place at 2009 JYP auditions. Has melodious, beautiful falsetto. Is an actor, appeared in multiple web dramas and was the young main for Legend of the Blue Sea, in addition to the lead in the independent film, Nunbal. Writes fucking bops. Is basically good at everything, the boy to bring home to your parents. Also the man who may take over the world. Idk. I’m not biased.

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Choi Youngjae, stage name: Youngjae. ‘96 line, main vocal. ISFJ personality. Korean. Only trained for 7 months before debut, POWERHOUSE vocal. Composes under the name of Ars. Often compared to an otter bc SMILEY and ADORABLE and just actual sunshine. Anyone who hurts Youngjae answers to Jaebum. Hates cucumbers. Co-owns a puppy named Coco with Mark. Constantly damaging Jackson’s hearing with his yelling.

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Bambam, stage name: Bambam. ‘97 line, rapper. ESTJ personality. From Thailand, trained with JYP for three and a half years. Legal Thai name is Kunpimook Bhuwakul but is rarely used except in legal circumstances. Bambam is his name lol. ANYWAYS. Bambam has rapidly switched from adorable maknae line to fly-ass fashion mogul. Loves memes, all things pop culture and fashion. Speaks Thai, Korean and English. Loves to interact with fans, especially through Twitter. Constantly calling fans girlfriends at fanmeets, WILL DAB WHENEVER HE WANTS TO DAB.

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Kim Yugyeom, stage name: Yugyeom. ‘97 line, singer and main dancer. INFP personality. Korean. Maknae. Main dancer in GOT7, performed twice on Hit the Stage and won first place the second time. Like Bambam, has transformed from adorable maknae to champion of sexy dance. Yugyeom is coming for us all. Is quiet and sweet but also loves to troll hyung line. Specifically Jinyoung and Jaebum. Is the biggest JJ Project fan in the world. One day, Jinyoung might actually kill him. 

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Simple and plain and not much to ask from somebody
               Come out of hiding, I’m right here beside you.

oceancitywarrior  asked:

I was wondering if you have any AUs on soulmates, but having to do with music? Because I've seen lots of ones with Time, Tattoos, and the ribbon/string things.

  • If one of the soulmates starts singing, the other does, too. Character A has been singing the same album on repeat for two months now every night. Their soulmate must either be really into that artist, or their soulmate is that artist.
  • Character A is singing in their choir and spots Character B dancing to the beat in the crowd – this is something that happens when you hear your soulmate sing. The problem is that Character A doesn’t have a solo to see if Character B is dancing to their song. Luckily, improv is kind of Character A’s thing so they change their song and see if Character B changes their song.
  • Whenever someone plays an instrument, their soulmate is compelled to do the same. In the past month alone, Character A has learned how to play six different instruments and just wants their soulmate to chill a bit.
  • “Somehow I heard your voice all the way across campus, so I followed it and accidentally walked in on your acapella practice with the school’s group and they’re all glaring at me but I just want to hear you sing some more” AU
  • “I can hear when you play music in my head, and normally you play really upbeat songs and they help me through the day, but this week you’ve been playing sad songs and I don’t know what’s wrong or how to help you” AU
  • Character A has had this song stuck in their head all day. Normally,  this wouldn’t be weird, but the song isn’t in a language that Character A recognizes and yet Character A still understands it perfectly. Somewhere in the world. Character B is jamming out to their favorite foreign song and sharing it with their soulmate, Character A.

But my eyes are open
And everything still moves in slow motion
Breathless and blue, and behind your eyes, the sea
Oceans of light envelop me.

never in this lifetime going to get over the shock and disbelief laced in the tone of “is this the end of all the endings? my broken bones are mending with all these nights we’re spending…” like wow. it starts out so monotonous and dull when she settles into being alone but then LITERALLY all at once!!!! the song just EXPLODES! when this grand and extraordinary love! just comes into her life! the chorus itself sounds like a coronation and it’s so safe and peaceful like finally getting to the top of a mountain. the verses themselves sew together the details of what she knew and what she knows now of the love she deserves and finally has. “king of my heart” is just so exemplary.

Only Angel - a concept….

For Forever

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Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: A rare date night takes a cliche turn for Mr. & Mrs. Reid. Just fluff. Mega fluff.

Word Count: 1,232

A/N: This is probably the fluffiest thing I have ever written and I just hope that it makes sense and that you guys like it! This is also named after the song from ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ bc it has been stuck in my head all week.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ GIF is not mine, credit goes to the original owner. I would love to hear your feedback!

Moments of domesticity were a rarity for those who worked in the BAU.

And seeing as how you and Spencer were a newly married couple of only two months, they were also deeply desired.

Within the past two months of your new life together, Spencer had been home for only three of those weeks total. It almost seemed as if every psychopath in the country had developed a sixth sense for detecting newlywed happiness and had set a personal vendetta against destroying it.  

During a particularly long case that had taken him away from your shared home, Spencer had called and promised you that the night following his return would be devoted to making up for the time that the two of you had lost recently. The half-hearted attempt you made to persuade him into staying home and decompressing after such a rough case was squashed quickly, as he soothed your worries and assured you that some quality time together was all he needed to unwind.

Always one to hold true to his word, Spencer made reservations at Antichi Sapori, an authentic Italian restaurant within walking distance of your apartment, for the night he came back home. For two hours you indulged in a small slice of marital bliss—eating, laughing, and soaking up each other’s presence before coercing Spencer into continuing your date in the comfort of your own home.

The dusk of evening was darker than usual due to looming clouds that covered the setting night sky, but you didn’t give it much thought as Spencer’s infectious laugh became the only thing you paid attention to as you left the restaurant hand in hand.

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     Take it easy, take it easy
     Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy
     Lighten up while you still can
     Don’t even try to understand
     Just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy


Yoon Jisung - “Here’s a bunch of numbers. They may look random but they’re my phone number.”

Ha Sungwoon - “I’ve eaten 9 pieces of cake and I still feel empty.”

Hwang Minhyun - “Well, I decided to go join the birds. I eat lots of bread already and I’m tired of fighting. Goodbye!” 

Ong Seongwoo - “Your ass is grass and I’m gonna mow it.”

Kim Jaehwan -  “A no is a yes turned upside down.”

Kang Daniel - “My cat was right about you.”

Park Jihoon - “Ugh, my heart just pooped its pants.”

Park Woojin -  “Time for the charm bomb to explode.”

Bae Jinyoung - “Do you think horses get songs stuck in their head?”

Lee Daehwi -  “Is it possible to be in love with 25 people at once?”

Lai Guan Lin - “Was it obvious I don’t care?” 

Shit me & my friends said while playing games pt. 4

  • “I’m not out here to get the EXP, I just want to kill.”
  • “How often would you say you have seen someone fish from a tree?”
  • “Sorry I’ll join you in fishing soon again I need to go kill first.”
  • “If you want to kill there’s a spiderman outside my house.”
  • “Do it, kill the spiderman. We don’t need another movie.”
  • “The grandpa doesn’t have an island. He has a tsar.”
  • “What fucking sims game is this supposed to be?”
  • “The sheep is in my pool again.”
  • “Instructions unclear. Void created.”
  • “[singing off-key to the tune of Do You Want To Build a Snowman] Do you want to get poisoned?”
  • “Aha, they never could have guessed that I have a boat with me.”
  • “Now you too have to dance dirty dancing with the skeleton.”
  • “I think I’m gonna go blow up something now.”
  • “Does it really matter if I blow up something at the bottom of the lake?”
  • “I set things on fire every now and then.”
  • “I fed him an apple and now he’s Michael J. Fox.”
  • “You need to romance the villager or he’ll die.”
  • “You have to romance the villager to see all that he has to sell:”
  • “[singing off-key to the tune of Girl On Fire] This sheep is on fire.”
  • “Go get your own dirt.”
  • “The fucking sheep song is stuck in my head now.”
  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ll die on that spot.”
  • “I’m playing with lava.”
  • “All I wanted to do is play with lava. Is that so bad?”
  • “Let’s just agree that my roof is great and yours is bad.”
  • “Do I see an invader?”
  • “Your life is lagging, not the game.”
  • “No one cares about your fishing hut.”
  • “I’m shooting down chickens I don’t have time to help you.”
  • “You cursed me I can’t open my noodle cup’s lid.”
  • “Perfection is overrated.”
  • “Can i take down your roof with dynamite?”
  • “I’m giving you this baked potato whether or not you want it.”
  • “Fuck off I can’t afford that.”
  • “How can you expect people to rob you if you don’t organize?”
  • “Shut up or i’ll blow up your house.”
  • “Welcome to the roof.”
  • “Okay let’s drink some tea and calm down.”
  • “If you disagree with me I’ll force you to agree with me.”
  • “You just ate the last apple in the world.”
  • “Modern art is forbidden.”
  • “Progress is overrated, go blow up your house.”
  • “I only came to visit you so I could steal your floor.”