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I am really amused/confused by so many people who are saying that they don‘t understand korean and therefore it‘s weird that people would listen to k-pop (because you don‘t understand what they sing). I live in europe and for me and many other people it‘s normal to grow up to english songs and less with songs in your own language. I didn’t know it was a big deal abroad though. But i guess it makes sense if you grow up with songs in your own language. :) (still weird that nobody thinks that people translate the songs though)

I realized something amazing

So earlier today I was listening to Taylor’s entire discography as I do every time she releases something new and I realized something. Her songs “Mine” and “Stay Stay Stay” both have a line that stuck out to me. In Mine she says “you learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded” and in Stay Stay Stay she says “you took the time to memorize me, my fears, my hopes, and my dreams.” I realized that both of these songs were about fantasies of true love, and as I realized this it occurred to me that Taylor’s truest fantasy of love is just someone who really knows her, understands her, and cares about all the little details about her. I then realized that that probably means that she’s never had that. All these people that she’s dated and loved so deeply, didn’t really truly care about her in the way she cares about them. Even in Never Grow Up when she says “memorize what it sounds like when your dad comes home and all the words to your little brothers favorite song,” you can tell that she’s a person that truly cares about every detail of someone she loves. In fact, she’s proven it with us fans, the things she takes the time to know and remember and think about for us. And it broke my heart when I realized this, that she hasn’t had that kind of love, the kind she truly deserves.

And then tonight, she sings the line “but cause he really knows me, which is more than they can say.” I am so moved by this, that after all this time she finally, finally, finally found someone worth while. She found someone who knows how she takes her coffee, what it sounds like when she’s trying to keep talking as she falls asleep, her favorite food when she’s sad, and probably a million other little details that I can’t even give examples of. I am so beyond happy for her, that she found him, that he loves her as deeply as she deserves, and that he’s not going to let her go. This is beautiful and I wish them all the happiness in the world in their futures. Congratulations, Taylor, you really deserve him. ❤️

I am the one before the one.

It’s a role I’ve learned to accept.

I am the one who will overload your senses, I am far too much of everything, but you will try to encompass all that I am. I will be the one who teaches you exactly what you want from “the one.” With me you will see things as though the lights were turned too high on the dimmer so that you could only see me and the music too loud that you couldn’t quite hear anybody else. With the next girl you end up with she will shine just brightly enough that you will be able to see everything you couldn’t see with me and the volume of her music will not leave you deaf when the song ends.
I will help you grow by pushing you to the extent of your limit, I will call you out when you’re wrong, I will ask you to do a little better than last time, and I will love you with a love you didn’t even know could exist.
It will feel as though one hand I’ve given you to hold holds all the love in the world and the other holds the words my tongue lashes out with no filter. But with those hands you will learn both the love you deserve and how to finally not hold back how you truly feel. These hands will teach you to speak freely without fear of condemnation and condescending judgements. They will teach you to love and touch everything that you find beautiful as you pull your hands through her hair or frolic through a patch of flowers and pull the petals to your face to smell their fragrance.
You see after me, you’ll learn not only how to love yourself, but love her. She will tell you that she’s never experienced a love quite like yours and you’ll never tell the secret that you learned it from me.

You see, I am the one before the one.

But like that scar you got from scraping your knee on the climb up your favorite mountain, you won’t forget me.
When pieces of her emanate me, I will be present in the breath you hold in just a second too long at the memory of me, the sharp feeling on your tongue as you bite down as my name starts to slip through your mouth, the butterflies in your stomach as you remember the way my eyes lit up at your presence. Her smooth edges that represent who she is will often remind you of my jagged edges, the ones that cut you but you still loved to climb. And for all those moments you’re reminded of me, you’ll touch your knee and realize you hadn’t climbed your favorite mountain to your favorite view in a while. You’ll wonder if instead of the common smooth edged rock you’d found on the ground, the one you could buy for five dollars at your local farmers market, you could’ve had a fine cut diamond with jagged edges.
And as you look into her eyes and see your reflection you’ll wonder if the pressure of my love could’ve made you a diamond as well.

—  I am the one before the one
Baby, can I?

Yoongi is your friend, but all it takes is one wrong move of his hand for you to start thinking of him as something more than that.

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i’m a slut for yoongi these days, so here we go again 

thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it so much!

word count: 5.5k

genre: smut


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It’s that halfway point between being straight up jealous and not wanting to be and simply cause your personal life experience has taught you that sometimes people have a habit of moving on or simply growing tired of you. It’s distinguishing between them that’s hard to do.
—  Excerpt from a story I’ll never write #763
No Strings (VI)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,004

Summary: It started off as such a simple question. How to know if you’re bad in bed? Of course when you asked, you didn’t imagine Jimin would actually answer.

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His Drunken Mistake- Part Two

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader
Summary: Part two of His Drunk Mistake
Part One HERE

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You stormed out of the party, pushing past the masses and making your way to the door, ready to go home and cry. But then, you spotted Billy Hargrove in the middle of the crowd, and your drunken, idiot self got an idea. 

This was how you hurt Steve back, this was how you made him feel what you were feeling. 

“Billy!” You called from across the room, and his eyes immediately locked onto yours. A glance over your shoulder to make sure Steve was watching, and a few seconds later you and Billy had met up in the middle of the crowd. 

“Aren’t you Harrington’s girl?” He drawled as the two of you started to dance. 

“Do you really care?” You snapped back, downing yet another red solo cup and feeling your vision go blurry. 

“Fair point,” His hands instantly moved to your waist, “You’re hot, you know.” 

“Shut up and dance.” You growled, but still rolled your hips to the beat of the song- catching Steve’s stare from across the room. 

He was leaning against a wall, arms folded together across his chest, shaking his head at you. At first, you thought he didn’t care. But then, when his nostrils flared at the sight of Billy’s hand moving even further South, you knew he’d taken the bait. You also knew it was a bitch move, but you didn’t care. 

He’d hurt you, so you’d hurt him right back.  

A few more songs and you were growing tired of this staring match going on between the two of you. You’d expected him to storm off by now, to give up and go back to Nancy or whoever else could help him forget for the night. But he hadn’t, he’d stayed right there, watching you from the other side of the room. 

You were growing tired of Billy, he truly was a skeez, and had already decided to head out. But then you saw Steve making his way over to the two of you. 

“I’m your ride and I’m not leaving you here drunk,” He crossed his arms, voice absolutely emotionless, “So let’s go.” 

“Just leave me alone,” You glared, opening your mouth to continue, but Billy cut you off, “Yeah, Harrington, (Y/N)’s with me now-” 

“Billy, shut up!” Both you and Steve yelled in unison, absolutely done with him for the night. 

“(Y/N), let’s go- your mom would kill me if I left you here,” 

“Fine, let’s go.” 

The two of you walked out of the house in silence, refusing to make eye contact. Which was fine, while the music was still blaring and you could pretend the other didn’t exist. But, when you walked onto the lawn, and things became dead silent between the two of you, the tension started building. 

Eventually, Steve broke it. He stopped walking and threw his arms up into the air, “You know what, (Y/N)? I get it- you’re pissed. But you could have done anything else, anything but grind on god damn Billy Hargrove just to spite me. I mean, Jesus-” 

You cut him off, “You called me Nancy, Steve! In the middle of making out!!” 

“I was DRUNK,” He screamed, “I was drunk, (Y/N) and I fucked up! I know that! I never intentionally hurt you, I’d never intentionally hurt you- no matter how angry I was. But what you did, (Y/N) you wanted to hurt me!” 

You fell silent, to that you didn’t have a come back. Nothing witty or bitchy to scream at him, because he was absolutely right. 

In the moment, dancing with Billy had seemed like the best move- he hurt you so you’d hurt him. But Steve was absolutely right- he hadn’t meant to say what he did. But everything you did, that was intentional, and now all of this was on you. 

“Let’s, let’s just go,” He mumbled and opened his car’s door for you, sighing and shutting it as you stumbled in, “This is so fucked.”

Part Three?
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Gravity Falls filk to the tune of “Kilkelly Ireland” by Peter Jones

Lyrics below the cut because there are a lot of them

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the fact that harry’s live performances elevates his music so much more just shows what a true talent he is. the emotions and music become so palatable and you feel like you’re really in that Moment with him of whatever the song is about. like his voice and the changes he does and the feeling he puts into it all, like mmith for example, just draw you in. that’s a true testament to an artist like to be better live and have their songs grow more powerful in that setting where you connect to them on a like spiritual level. it’s not just that he sounds phenomenal live, it’s that he then gives you a flood of emotions as well in that it radiates off him.

Road Trip!

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Prompt: Road trips are meant to be fun, but throw in eight very different and very interesting seventeen year olds that somehow manage to stick together through all this time. You get a whole world of trouble.

Pairing: Loser’s Club x Reader, Richie x Reader, hints of Beverly x Ben and Bill x Stan

Warnings: madness.

You didn’t really have a destination. The eight of you just decided to hop in Bill’s car and drive

It was the long weekend and none of you had good enough parents that would care if you disappeared for a night; except for maybe Eddie’s mom. Who cared a little too much. But, with a lot of convincing, the eight of you had managed to convince her.

So each of you spent the next half hour packing whatever you’d need and planned to meet by Bill’s house. All eight of you, seventeen and growing, climbed into Bill’s car, that wasn’t even his car and rather his dad, and drive to wherever the road took you.

Richie and Stan fought for the front seat, but all it took for Richie was your hand grabbing his and he easily went with you. The both of you set yourselves in one seat, you atop of his lap since there wasn’t quite enough room for everyone to sit. But of course, Richie didn’t really mind even if he complained. Sat beside you was Eddie and behind you was Ben, Beverly and Mike, and then of course in the front was Stan and Bill.

“Let’s get this party on the road!” Richie cheered, pumping his fist high beside your head. You frowned, narrowly missing his clenched fist before grabbing it and looking down at the curly head boy. “Shh, Rich- you’re too loud.”

“Sorry.” Richie grinned, lowering his hand as you smiled at him. Richie tended to become a real softie when it involved you.

You heard the engine sputter and Bill put the car in first gear. Soon enough, he was pulling from the driveway and off onto the road. He had the biggest grin on his face; the first one you’d seen in a while. Of course, school was stressful and life got in the way, but man did it feel good to be surrounded by your friends and forget about everything; even for just a little bit. 

You found Bill peering in through the rearview mirror; “where we hu-headed?”

“I say anywhere.” Beverly grinned, and you peered back at her with a faint smile. “Let the road just take us.”

“How poetic Bev,” Ben grinned; the two laughing. You shook your head, the two should just get together already. 

“Well where are we going?” Eddie asked, and you could hear a tinge of panic in his voice. “We have to make sure it’s clean- oh! And safe. There’s a lot of dangerous thing-”

“We’ll be fine.” Mike sighed, though you caught a faint smile on his lips. You giggled; figure it to be Eddie to be the one already freaking out. “I say we go spend the night somewhere. Ooh! We could go camping?” You offered, sticking your head between where Stan and Bill sat in the front. Stan peered back at you, nodding.

“Did any of bring the nuh-necessary supplies we’d n-need in order to go cam-camping?” Bill questioned.

You frowned, falling back into Richie’s chest. No. You didn’t.

“No.” Stan answered; “we could go hiking somewhere?”

“I brought snacks!”

“Ugh,” you heard, more like felt, Richie groan behind you; his chest rubbling against your back. “I don’t wanna walk! That’s too much exercise.”

“There’s nothing wrong with walking, idiot.” You tease, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Yes, there is.” Richie argued, “I do enough of that already.”

“No you don’t.” Stan piped up, looking back at you and Richie. “You spend your entire day in the arcade.”

“Not true.”



“Yes, uh.”

“Okay, sh-shut up.” Bill griped. 

“Who made you the boss?” Stan grumbled, looking over at his seat partner with faux anger. 

“I did.” Bill grinned, “besides i’m t-the driver, theref-fore that makes me the bo-boss.”

“No it does-”

“Richie- hush.” You griped, setting your hand on his chest. Grumbling something under his breath, Richie reluctantly fell silent.

“Maybe we could play some music?” Mike asked aloud, leaning up to grip the back of your seat. “I think that’s a great idea.” Ben grinned, nodding eagerly.

“What station?”

“Any.” Eddie answered for everyone else; “just as long as I don’t have to hear Richie constant annoying voice.” You bit your lip to keep yourself from laughing, considering said insulted boy was your boyfriend and you just so happened to be sitting on his lap. But, no matter how hard you tried, the minute the rest started to giggle; so did you.

“I don’t have to let you sit on my lap, you know that right?” Richie grumbled, turning to you with a raised eyebrow. Biting the inside of your cheek, your laughter slowed down as the rest continued to giggle. “Okay, okay. I’m sorry.” You relented, leaning down to press a kiss against his chest. 

“Besides.” RIchie piped up, turning to Eddie with a mischievous smirk. “Eds loves me.”

“I do not!” Eddie squeaked; “and don’t call me Eds.”

“You love it, Eddie Spaghetti.”


“Jesus, Richie do you ever not know how to start fights?” Beverly grumbled from behind. Grinning like a little shit, Richie shook his head. “It’s my specialty.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Beverly shrugged.

“Well, anyways… What about music?” You asked.

“Bill?” Stan questioned, peering over at the skinny boy with a light, soft gaze. Smiling lightly at the slightly taller boy, Stan tilted his head in question. Bill answered the boys question by leaning forward and turning on the radio and the placing both his hands on the steering wheel. “You puh-pick.”

Stan smiled, leaning forward to press different buttons.

“Aweh, man. Don’t let Stanley pick the music, knowing him he’ll pick something gir-”

“Beep, beep Richie.”

You shook your head at your boyfriends antics, figures he’d be the loudest one.

Eventually Stan chose a station, and you felt a smile grow on your lips as you recognized the song. Ice Ice Baby started playing and you could instantly feel your head begin bopping to the song; it may be three years old but all of you still loved it. Slowly the seven of you plus Bill, but safely, began bopping and singing to the song.

You all lost sense of time and car, as Bill randomly chose different highway and routes to take.

Laughter filled the car as you just continued to drive.

You were a dysfunctional bunch, but you made it work. Sure, the eight of you ended up just driving back home by the end of it. And sure, you ended up arriving home late at night, but you’d had the time of your life that day. All of you stuck in a small and warm car; dancing to the best of your ability. And yeah, a whole lot of arguments and yelling went down’ but in the end you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

“I say we do that again!”

Do I know what this is?

No. No I don’t. Hope you enjoyed it though!