this song gets in my brain

Cuando anochezca en tu porteña soledad
Por la ribera de tu sábana vendré
Con un poema y un trombón
A desvelarte el corazón

Music Box

I’m wound up.

No one knows me like you do,
the way I have to hide out
so no one can see the way
my eyeballs vibrate in my head,
so no one hears the way
I stumble over my words,
or notices the way
I can’t always hear what 
they are saying. 
The music in my head 
is getting louder. 
I hear songs upon songs in
my brain, their lyrics
garbled into a cacophony,
my brain searching,
trying to make sense 
of what is inside
and what is out.
I’m breaking away
from reality
and you

heathers songs ft. alternate titles
  • beautiful: Teen Angst™
  • candy store: the mean girls are Petty And Pretty
  • fight for me: dude in trench coat punches a guy and now veronica is scared and horny
  • freeze your brain: 7/11 worship
  • big fun: dang dang diggity danga dang
  • dead girl walking: veronica fucks trench coat guy because she's angry
  • the me inside of me: steamy scene is over now time to murder a pretty girl
  • blue: drunk teenagers want to get laid and fail miserably
  • our love is god: drunk teenagers want to get laid and fail miserably, this time featuring murder
  • my dead gay son: gay dads mourn their gay sons
  • seventeen: jd you done fucked up
  • shine a light: why hasn't this teacher been fired yet
  • lifeboat: heather mac deserves better
  • shine a light (reprise): heather duke deserves to be punched in the face
  • kindergarten boyfriend: laughing and sobbing at the same time
  • yo girl: this song on an infinite loop describes anxiety pretty well
  • meant to be yours: jd doesn't know how to count to three
  • dead girl walking (reprise): congratulations, you played yourself
  • i am damaged: boom boom motherfucker
  • seventeen (reprise): the evil has been banished
All Heathers Songs Summarized
  • Beautiful: Three gals make Veronica ~Beautiful~
  • Candy Store: You Have Angered Them
  • Fight For Me: I have to kinkshame Veronica
  • Freeze Your Brain: SUCC ON THAT STRAW GET LOST IN THE PAIn of your mothers suicide and fathers neglectful nature
  • Big Fun: Underaged Drinking The Musical!
  • Dead Girl Walking: Kinkshaming Veronica 2; Getting Some J-Dick
  • Me Inside Of Me: Chandler is totally cool with being dead now that people love her and honestly? Mood.
  • Blue: All rise for the Fuckboy National Anthem
  • Our Love Is God: "STOP BEING A DICK" ~Kurt, moments away from death
  • Seventeen: Instead of murder, lets be kids!
  • Shine A Light: We're all a little messed up and its ok
  • Lifeboat: "Oh my god Im on the freaking bus again because all my rides to school are dead"
  • Shine A Light (Reprise): Heather M. gets thrown off the Lifeboat
  • Kindergarden Boyfriend: Martha is a pure cinnamon roll and she gets this and sHE DOESNT DESERVE IT.
  • Yo Girl: Heather C, Ram, and Kurt are me talking to myself while trying not to have a breakdown in public
  • Meant To Be Yours: JD is a yandere. JDere.
  • Dead Girl Walking (Reprise): "IM GONNA KICK JD'S BITCH ASS--"
  • I Am Damaged: JD's bitch ass has been kicked, and he's sad about it.
  • Seventeen (Reprise): "Are there any happy endings?"

***Edit: I went ahead and added the cleaned-up versions; I hope no one minds. I just didn’t want anyone to have to dig up a new post just to hit “like” again. I really can’t believe this has so many notes! Thanks guys! >////< ***

Originals are under the cut!

These are suuuuuuuuper super sucky. I may clean them up later or something… I just had to get them out.

Yay to tonight’s episode for destroying me slowly. Like, I didn’t have a huge emotional reaction to it on first viewing, but it planted seeds in my brain that just keep growing. I thought of all the other fusions and when they’d fall apart, versus when they seemed really focused/harmonious. I’m sure they all have different things they need to work on.

Meanwhile Garnet is Best Fusion Teacher. And that song will probably become my new way of dealing with panic attacks.

Some of My Better Self-Care Techniques
  • Read 
  • Write some poetry
  • Write some fiction
  • Write out my feelings in a letter or journal (and then tear it up if I said something mean or need additional stress relief)
  • Punch a pillow
  • Listen to music and sing
  • Write a song 
  • Play my violin
  • Take my pills
  • Have a snack, like fruit or dark chocolate
  • Take a shower
  • Take a nap
  • Do my makeup or try on a cute outfit
  • Go through a list of everything I’m proud of myself for that day/in my life
  • Play with my puppy
  • Go on a walk/bike ride/hike
  • Hang out with my family
  • Watch a movie/tv show
  • Make a list (of things to do, goals, or anything really, just to sort out my brain)
  • Snuggle up in a warm, soft blanket
  • Go find a friend (If I’m feeling up to it)
  • Get something done
  • Get absorbed in some irrelevant research on the internet
  • Take some selfies
  • Cry
  • Remind myself of things/people I’m grateful for and love

Woo! I made a return to good ol’ traditional drawing! It’s been so long since I last put my pencils and papers to great use cx I missed my art tools lol, besides, I’ll have actual MysMes drawings to place into my Art binder!!

So yeah, just random sketchies to get back to my roots:

-First one being shy!Saeran, because reasons!…and I was on a Beatles trope tonight, so the tank top he’s wearing is one of their songs lol

-Second and Third ones are connected, Seven is singing the NSP song “If We Were Gay” with Jumin coming to mind, and Saeran losing his shit because of it xD –it was originally supposed to have been a pure drawing of Saeran smiling, but…the thought of Seven derping around over NSP seeped into my brain and this shit happened lol–

-Last one is self-explanitory, a re-draw XD XD

Kay that is all folks *rolls away*

You’ll let him leave because you think he’ll come back. you don’t try to stop him because you think that’s what he wants. but it’s been a week and he hasn’t shown up at your door yet and you are beginning to question whether or not he will. you can’t remember how long it usually takes for him to return to you and your hands shake every time you think about it.

this hurts and I’m sorry to be the one to tell you but he won’t drive to your house at 2 a.m and knock on your window and kiss you like he always should have. he won’t sneak out of his bedroom to meet you under streetlights and you won’t get to hold him again.

he’s gone.
you think that this is just like the other times but it isn’t. he won’t come back.

he won’t come back.

—  I want things to get better and they can’t if I’m still waiting for you– Lily Rain

Love on the Brain

Request: Can u make a Bucky smut one shot w the song “love on the brain” by Rihanna and then dancing to it in the kitchen which leads to smut??

Summary: Bucky convinces the Reader to dance with him and things turn steamy when they get into the kitchen. 

Warnings: Smutty McSmutSmut (just [receiving] oral), Sergeant kink.

A/N: I’m so sorry it took me so long to get this out. Thank you for being patient! I also haven’t heard Love on the Brain before today so bear with my lack of music knowledge. Enjoy!

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the signs are things my boyfriend has said
  • aries: "get happy! with shitscram."
  • taurus: "in one nip and out the other"
  • gemini: "this is me, and this is also me, and i'm attracted to both of them, and they're dating"
  • cancer: "i am a walking talking shitpost"
  • leo: "Haven't you ever had a bowling ball shoved up your ass before?"
  • virgo: "with the regenerative powers of true love's kiss"
  • libra: "picture. kaiju boobs" "why" "heterosexuality"
  • scorpio: "the actual name of that song is Bohemian Rhapsody but the name my brain supplied was Deadpool Arpeggio"
  • sagittarius: "my gender is 47 lizards in a trench coat" "what are the lizards' genders?" "smaller lizards, in smaller trenchcoats"
  • capricorn: "everything is object permanence if you try hard enough"
  • aquarius: "my mouth orifice,"
  • pisces: "i will lick all of your fishsticks"
Christmas Witch

A/N: This is for @winchester-writes Christmas Writing Challenge! I honestly didn’t think I’d get this done, with everything else I have going on right now, but I got 7 hours of sleep last night (all in one solid block, too!), and my brain flooded with endorphins and ideas for how to write this! Woo hoo! 

Summary: The brothers and the reader come across a witch hunt in December.

Prompt: I’m keeping the song a secret, but the object I picked was tinsel.

Pairing: no pairing

Warnings: Winchesters know nothing about Christmas songs or movies

Word count: 1345

You were startled awake by the sound of Dean bellowing from the first floor of the house you were squatting in. At first, you thought Dean might be yelling because it was Christmas morning and you had snuck out during the night to play Santa. You’d bought a small tree, decorated it, and left some presents for the Winchesters underneath it.

Dean didn’t sound happy, though. His screams almost sounded…fearful? When you ran down the stairs, you saw why.

Three weeks earlier

“So, get this, a woman from California woke up in Iowa in a barn and has no idea how she got there. She swears she went to bed the night before like normal, but just woke up in Iowa in a feed trough when the owner of the barn came to feed his horses.” Sam looked up to see what reaction you and Dean had, a slight smile dancing on his face.

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The first year was absolutely unbearable. Every time I saw or heard your name, I fell apart. I couldn’t listen to music without my throat swelling up. The aching pain in my heart was constant. Everything reminded me of you. I thought drinking heavily with my anti-anxiety medication would help me cope. It didn’t. I don’t remember much. It was all a blur of careless laughter followed by intense moments of sobbing and self-harm.

The second year, it started getting slightly better. I taught myself how to play our favorite song even though I knew you’d never hear me play it. I quit using anti-anxiety meds and hard liquor. I still had days when I refused to believe I would never see or touch you again, but I was starting to grow accustomed to letting go. I had a lot of dreams about you. They began turning into nightmares as my brain finally allowed itself to process and accept how toxic we were for each other in the end.

The third year, I still have dreams about you. I forget most of them, but the ones I remember make me think and dream about you for a week straight. I’ll think of an inside joke sometimes and just laugh while shaking my head. I don’t feel like dying anymore when I hear your name, our songs, or when I see our favorite movies on TV. I still wish you a happy birthday even though you’ll never hear it or realize I even remembered or cared.
I’m finally accepting you’ll always be a part of me, so I’d better stop hurting myself over it and move on.

—  My healing process
current mood:

WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE ABOUT VIRGINITY?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! LOOK, I NEVER KNOW WHAT YOURE WRITING ABOUT! SCHWINN, S H U S H, I WANT A SONG! YES, I WILL DO MY HOMEWORK, YES I WILL work in the garden, YES I WILL GO WITH MY GRANDPARENTS…TO ISRAEL! instead i get this nonsense about someone who loses,,,their virginity t-to those with whom they have no affinity?! THIS IS A GOD DAMN CHILDREN’S SHOW! i-i..youre sick, youre in the hospital, you’ve got this…. brain thing. you know what? you know what? im gonna get my son to write the song. where is my son?! HEY! where’s my son? somebody find my son? where’s my son?