this song forever and ever amen

fic: this is the golden age (of something good and right and real) 

summary: immortals!au in which they fall in love in 1961, fall apart in 1965, and fall again in 2015. 

word count: 10.1k

warnings: the usual swearing/sex, vague descriptions of PTSD, somewhat detailed descriptions of war violence, implied character death 

a/n: WHAT?!?!?!? CALISTA WROTE A ONE SHOT?!?! SAY IT AIN’T SO!! as always s/o to the other half of team sugar spice and everything nice, megan slimeboyhowell for cheering me on and letting me headcanon abt hot Marine phil at odd hours of the morning <33 i was gonna make a playlist for this but nobody ever listens to those, so i come bearing two wonderful songs for u to listen to that remind me of this fic: the song from the title, state of grace (acoustic) by taylor swift + forever and ever amen by the drums

They’re unabashedly in love in the biting New York frost of the winter of 1964, one month before Phil leaves for Vietnam.

Dan is twenty-three and already established as a photographer at The New York Post; Phil teaches English and Art History to thirteen and fourteen year olds at Astor Country Day on the Upper East Side. Their apartment (their, their, their, he loves reminding himself of the sharedness, even now) in the Village is cluttered with scattered mementos of their three years together, photographs framing bare skin, cheap photo booth strips, notes signed with hesitant x’s and drenched in cologne, brochures from the Van Gogh exhibition at the MoMA from the year before. It’s big enough for the two of them to hole themselves in from the tenacious hum of the city below, to hide them from eyes that linger too long on their clasped hands and twin smiles, to last on artist salaries.

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Forever and Ever

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Author’s Note: This is a mini Happy Lowman imagine inspired by Forever and Ever, Amen as requested by a wonderful Nonny, and imagine #8 for MM5. I did take this in a little bit of a different direction as far as length goes, so it is really short, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless. Oh and fair warning, this imagine is seriously pure fluff and cheesiness so if that is not your thing, this isn’t the story for you.

Forever and Ever

Three and a half minutes.

That’s how long it can take for a life to change.

Her favorite song plays on the radio as she stares at the row of tests on the kitchen table, and slowly one by one she picks them up, and each one, reads positive.

“Oh no,” her voice breaks as she shits drops into a chair, “oh no, no, no.”

She never planned for this, for any of this.

What started out as a diversion, transformed itself into a relationship that she wasn’t one hundred percent sure about.

The song on the radio is only halfway through when she hears the Harley pull into the drive, panic flooding her system, and she’s in the process of gathering the tests when Happy walks in and catches her.

“What are those?” Happy asks and with nothing but the music hanging between them she knows she can’t lie or hide this, not from him.

“I’m pregnant,” she blurts the words out, heart breaking when he turns right around and leaves her alone with Randy Travis on the radio.

:: 9 Months, 1 Week, 4 Days Later::

She’s never felt so exhausted yet exhilarated at the same time in all her life. She lays, watching Happy walk their newborn daughter back in forth in front of her a large hand brushing over her dark cap of silky black hair, and just as she’s dozing off she catches the words he’s murmuring.

“I’m gonna love you forever,” Happy says and she can’t help the smile that spreads on her lips.

“Did you quote Randy Travis to our daughter?” she asks laughing when his eyes narrow at her.

“It’s not my fault, you play that damn song on a loop,” Happy mutters, his gaze shifting back to the bundle in his arms.

“It’s okay Happy, I won’t tell anyone” she teases him but she means it when she says the secret is safe with her.

“I’m gonna love you forever too woman,” he says gruffly as she walks over to press a kiss to her forehead, and because she just can’t pass up the opportunity she gives a grin.

“Forever and ever amen?” she asks laughing loudly when he groans.

You know the early hours of the morning when
everything is quiet and still,
and you swear you can hear the ocean breathing;
Your mind still knotted last night’s sheets,
you remember the way she looked at you
like the earth was on fire
and you were the only ocean.
You remember when you were sweet sixteen,
How your heart was sliced neatly in two
by the boy down the street with the messy hair and
song lyrics spilling from his sleeves-
how unlike her,
he never pinkie-promised you and kissed on it-
that he would be your home
forever and ever,
And you remember the sky last night and the
blood red moon, red raw
like your lips when they aligned with hers;
And as you sip your coffee in the early 
hours of the morning
you realise that-
Sometimes shooting stars exist
and so do second chances.
—  The hand of Kronos