this song drives me insane

riverdale: all the girls are gay: a summary:

  • veronica “that isn’t the first time she’s kissed a girl” lodge, walking into pop tate’s like nobody’s business and making eyes at betty cooper like she wants to eat her with a spoon
  • gay betty cooper who kisses gay veronica on her gay mouth
  • queen of the gays cheryl blossom, who exists within some sort of gay barter system where tokens of approval/leading spots in pep rallies are achieved through girls kissing
  • ethel muggs, who is played by barb from stranger things need i say more??????
  • and of course, josie of the pussycats, gay rock star of riverdale, literally named her band after pussy, showering the school with her beautiful voice and the gayest rendition of sugar sugar that i have ever mcfreaking experienced (”she’s got this body that’s driving me insane”? that’s not even in the original song josie!!! you just added it!! added it to be gay!!!!!!)


Summary: Bucky hates one of your favorite songs but he just can’t seem to escape it.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Female Reader

Word Count: 1000

Warning: Sliiiiiiiight smut and swearing.

A/N: It’s been over a month. I still have ‘Starboy’ by the weeknd on repeat. This morning at 2am, my brain decided to drop this baby. Enjoy :) The video was taken from Sebastian’s Instagram and the song is ‘Starboy’ by the Weeknd. I own neither of these, I just did the edit. Also, I should be writing Part 8 of Old Flame but here I am doing this. Oh well… C’est la vie!

Old Flame - Masterlist

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Dancing In Your Underwear

The Song Drives Me Nuts, But Ginger Cub Drives Me Insane!

Woof, Baby!

BTS Reaction; You dancing in their shirts to their song.

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Kim Seokjin; 

Jin would walk in from practice with takeout to see you with your headphones on dancing around the living room in his shirt, he thought the sight was amazing so he sat at the breakfast bar, pulled out his spare chopsticks from his bag and started eating while watch you. You spun around to see Jin sat there, eating his food and staring at you bare legs with his eyebrows raised.

“Jagi, you can continue if you want. I’ll just eat your food and make you some more later, I’m enjoying the view ;)

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Jeon Jungkook;

You know that kookie was a shy person when it came to you and his clothes. He loves you in his clothes but usually you have pants on when you wear his shirts. you thought that he wouldn’t be home for another couple of hours so you showered, put on his plain white shirt, put on your music and danced like you haven’t done in a long time.
Jungkook got let out of practice early and thought he would surprise you but when he walked in, he blushed a bright beetroot red. He’d never seen you danciing so provocativly especially in his clothes. Decidng that blushing won’t get him far, his confidence shit up and he approached you and grasped your hips and swayed your hips with his.

“Babe, You are a wonderful sight to come to, in my clothes and you know i don’t like sharing so how about you give me it back? ;) Don’t worry, i wont wear mine either. Just expect to have a lot of fun tonight”

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Kim Taehyung/ V;

You were dancing in tae’s shirt because it was the first thing you grabbed this morning, when you got out of the shower. You had his boxers on too. Basically, everything you was wearing was Tae’s but he wouldn’t complain because he loved it when you wore his clothes. Taehyung came home late like he usually did so you decided to throw a little dance party, you turned the music up and started to dance wildly but switching into sexy. Taehyung walked in to loud music and his girlfriend dancing in his clothes. He grinned widely before joining you.

“My beautiful gorgeous girlfriend throwing me a dance party, in my clothes which is a thing that i love, i really do but you won’t be wearing them for long ;)

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Park Jimin/ CHIMCHIM;

He’d walk in the room to see you sexy dancing with your head phones on, after staring at you for a bit before smirking. He saw that you had his shirt on but no pants underneath, he decided that since you were wearing no pants, he didnt have to wear a shirt. He practically ripped it off before unplugging your phone from the speakers so he could hear the music as well, and pulled you too him and started to dance with you.

“ Let’s dance together. You look gorgeous in my shirt and even more gorgeous in just my shirt and my favourite panties of yours ;)

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Jung Hoseok/ J-Hope;

Hoseok would stand there and stare at you doing the dance to sistars ‘touch my body’ but more provocatively since you thought you were alone. He would Turn off the wireless connection between your phone and your head phones and he would blast the music before starting to dance with you.

“Jagi, wearing my shirt and just your underwear while dancing sexily to this song is driving me insane, I’m here for my own show”

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Min Yoongi/ Suga;

As you were dancing to Cypher part. 2 in Yoongi’s shirt and just you underwear, you were cleaning the living room but it was conjoined with the kitchen. The song was blaring loudly, you were dancing half agressively and half sexily. You failed to realise that Yoongi had come home earlier than usual and was half sat on the counter top. 

“Wow Jagi, my shirt looks really good on you and may be you should wear them more often… and dance more often ;)

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RapMonster/ Kim Namjoon;

You were dancing in his shirt without any pants on and whenever you raised your hands above your head sexily an swayed your hips down is curved zig zag, bending your knees. Namjoon was just stood at the entrance to the flat with the door slightly open, he dropped his bag with a thud and slammed the door shut before picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist.

“This is a wonderful sight to come home to but you are such a tease Y/N!”

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If you know the song please tell me cause it’s driving me insane not knowing!!

Day 18: Duet

Something Missing

He watched as she sat in front of the piano. She had been sitting there for almost three hours, at least that was how many hours she had since he woke up, which meant that she could have been down here longer than what he knew and it was pretty early on the day. She sighed loudly and put her hands over her face. He frowned stepping closer to her. “Are you okay, baby?” He murmured.

“I can’t figure out some parts of the melody in this song and it’s driving me insane.” She breathed out and he leaned down to kiss her head.

“How about you drop it for a little bit and we can have some breakfast and then you work on it later.” He suggested, rubbing her back and she nodded, standing up and letting him guide her to kitchen. “Bacon and eggs sound good?” She nodded her head and sat down on the kitchen stool, leaning her elbows on the marble countertop, letting out a breath and rubbing her eyes. “Don’t stress yourself out with the song, babe. You have time. It’s not like you have a deadline or anything.”

“I know, I know, it’s just that I’ve had this idea for so long and there’s still something missing and I can’t figure out what and it’s so frustrating.” She huffed and he stopped what he was doing, going over to her. He pulled her in his arms, standing between her legs while she rested her head on his chest.

“We can figure it out together, alright? I promise.” He kissed her head and she smiled softly. “Now I’m gonna continue making us breakfast and you’re going to stop thinking about the song for half an hour or more.” He smiled at her before going back to making breakfast.

They sat together, eating breakfast and laughing together, their smiles huge as they looked at each other. Taylor didn’t think about the song for the rest of the day after she showed Adam what she had written and how she saw the melody sitting in. They had a lazy day, on the couch, friends playing on the tv although they paid more attention to each other. They always did, no matter what was happening, they could get easily distracted by each other. Taylor’s smile was enough to send Adam’s heart racing, anything about her did that. They were so in love with each other, Taylor was sure nothing could break them apart. That certainty was what made her ask him, as they laid in bed in the morning, their bare bodies pressed against one another in the morning light with only a thin sheet over them.

“I want to try something.” She to him softly as she drew shapes on his chest with her finger.

“What?” He questioned, his eyes closed and he rubbed her back.

“I wanna finish the song with you.” She said, smiling to herself and he stopped rubbing her back for one moment, opening his eyes. Taylor took her head off of his chest so she could look at him.

“And you’re sure about this?” He asked her and she grinned at him, her blue eyes piercing through his.

“Let’s do it. Even if we don’t release it, it will be to ourselves.” She pointed out.

“Alright. Should we start now?” He smiled and she said yes, grabbing his shirt from the night before, putting it on and standing up to go get her little song lyrics notebook and the guitar.

After at least three hours of discussing the lyrics, something Adam didn’t want to and didn’t need to argue with Taylor about because she was the most brilliant songwriter he had ever seen. She just needed little pushes and she would work on it so perfectly, he thought that this could be the most amazing song he’d ever heard. He worked more on the melody and they had created a perfect one together.

Taylor froze when she realized that the song was finished, laughter escaping her mouth from the happiness and excitement she felt. She threw her arms around him and knocked him over on the bed, straddling him, as she kissed him.

“You were what was missing, babe.” She told him and he grinned. “I love you.” She whispered.

“I love you more.” He kissed her lips again. “Do you want to take it to the studio today?”

“I do. I’m so excited about this.” She squealed.

Two days later and the song was completely done, on a folder in Adam’s computer. Her vocals and his beats. Her lyrics and their melody. It worked perfectly. They worked perfectly together. She knew what she wanted to do. She wanted to release the song with him. Their first collaboration.

“Baby, I want you to be completely sure about this. You know what it’ll mean if we release.” He warned her and she smiled softly at him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

“I know it’ll bring attention but I love this song too much. I want my fans to listen to it.” She kissed him and he smiled into the kiss, bringing her body closer to his.

It wasn’t until a month later that they set the world on fire by surprising everyone with the track. It instantly went to number one. A joint interview was scheduled and that was the only thing Taylor was scared about but releasing the song made her so happy, she got to see everyone’s reactions and she was so happy to know that people loved the song.

“Are you ready to go?” Adam wondered, as he stepped inside the bedroom, a smile on his face. She looked up at him and nodded her head before grabbing her phone and a jacket. He took her by the hand and led her downstairs and then to the car. Nowadays, Adam usually drove and they had security in a car in front of them and behind. It made them feel a little more normal, like a couple just getting into the car to go somewhere. Taylor sometimes forgot that security was even with them and she loved the feeling that brought.

“I’m a little nervous.” She confessed and he squeezed her hand, bringing it to his lips.

“It’ll be fine. It’s just an interview and it won’t take long. It’s a radio interview, babe.” He said, glancing at her.

“I know, I know, I just…I’ve never done stuff like this.” She sighed softly.

“There’s always a first for everything and we’re just going there to talk about the song.”

“I’m pretty sure we’ll talk about more than the song.” She giggled and he smiled, leaning over to kiss her cheek.

“We’ll be fine.” He reassured her. They parked the car and walked out, after security told them that it was safe. There were paparazzi outside but the walk to the door wasn’t long so they easily made their way inside. Taylor hoped it would’ve taken a little longer to be sitting on a chair next to her boyfriend in a studio, live on the radio but the time came and she was already inside, his hand on her knee as she listened to Ryan Seacrest introducing him.

“We have the most talked about couple on the planet right now in the studio. Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, everyone!”

“Hello!” She smiled and glanced at Adam for a second, who was slightly nervous but he knew it would be just fine.

“You two released a brand new track. A surprise one. Together. I mean the track is just mind blowing but that’s what happens when you put two geniuses together. But how did this come about?” Ryan asked them and they smiled.

“Thank you first of all for saying that. I hate to like say this but it kinda just happened. There was no plan to actually do something together until we were actually doing it.” Taylor explained, looking at Adam.

“Yeah the process was just organic-”

“Organic.” Taylor mocked him and he rolled his eyes, the whole studio laughing at their banter. “Couldn’t help it.” She grinned.

“As I was saying it just happened, it was natural. She just had some lyrics that she couldn’t see where the melody fit in and she was going insane because of it so I just gave a little push and we ended up doing the song together.” He continued explaining, laughing softly.

“It was more than a little push. I couldn’t have made the song without him. It was like a puzzle and we just fit and the song came out great. We loved it so much.” Taylor smiled softly as she held Adam’s gaze. Sometimes it felt as if the whole world disappeared around them and they had to remind themselves that there were other people in the room.

“What prompted you to release it? Was that the plan when you went in to record it or was it organic?” Ryan smirked and Adam laughed along with Taylor.

“We just loved it so much, we wanted people to hear it but the decision was made after the song was done, yeah.” Taylor replied to Ryan’s question, her mind traveling back to their night in the studio.

“This is your first ever collaboration. You think you’ll do more?”

“I mean, if it comes up I think so, yeah. I wouldn’t mind. She’s the best collaborator.” Adam smiled proudly at Taylor.

“You guys are usually super quiet about your relationship and I think it’s very brave of you guys to show the world how explosive a collaboration from you two is. I mean, it’s number one everywhere and it’s an amazing song, best thing I’ve heard in years, honestly. And I don’t know if you read this or not but I’m going to read it to you right now. This is part of the review from billboard: ‘Music’s power couple joined forces in an explosive collaboration. Taylor Swift lyrics and Calvin Harris’ beats together have proved to be the best music you’ll hear in years. This is the first track Taylor Swift has released in over three years and it’s like she just keeps getting better with time. As individuals, they are both at the top of their game but together they are a supernova. And the breathtaking, cleverly-written and heartfelt track Swift and Harris cooked up is hopefully the beginning of more collaborations that are sure to shatter the earth and make all of us get a little taste of what musical perfection is.’” Taylor’s eyes widened as she processed what Ryan was reading and she giggled, excited.

“Wow, that’s quite the compliment.” Adam laughed. “That’s amazing.”

“Yeah, I wanna send whoever wrote that flowers.” They all laughed after Taylor spoke.

“So, will this be on an album?” Ryan asked.

“No, no, it’s just a single.” Adam answered.

“Are any of you working on anything?”

“Not right now. Just really enjoying a break, you know? But I’m still writing though, I just don’t have anything planned.” Taylor responded. So far her break had been amazing. Between being with Adam and her family and friends, she was enjoying her time off not really doing anything.

“Well hopefully we will hear more from you. Now I have a question that I have no idea how no one else brought this up but this is the perfect opportunity.” Ryan had a smug look on his face as he spoke and they furrowed their eyebrows. “A little more than three years ago, Calvin, you had an interview and you played tinder.”

“Oh god…” He muttered, rolling his eyes.

“And this is actually incredible and you swiped left on Taylor Swift. My question is why the hell would anyone swipe left on Taylor Swift?” Ryan laughed.

“Yeah, why did you swipe left on me?” Taylor raised an eyebrow, teasingly.

“Alright, alright, listen, I didn’t know you back then. If I did I would definitely go right.” He held his hands up laughing.

“She’s just not my type.” Taylor mimicked him. “Joke’s on you, buddy, you ended up dating me six months later. Still together after almost three years.” Taylor winked, giggling.

“I’m happy I was wrong, though.” He smiled.

“Alright, people will end up throwing up because you two are cute so I’m just going to go ahead and skip to the part where you do an exclusive, acoustic performance of 'Yours’, with Calvin Harris on the piano. Ladies and gentlemen, here is it. 'Yours’!”

After their performance, they held each other’s gaze for a few moments, knowing that their song described them. And it would forever be that way. Because music only sounds good when you find the right melody and life is like that as well. Finding it may be hard but if you’re lucky enough, you’ll create the perfect song. And they did and damn, isn’t it beautiful?