this song comforts me

we’re growing together 💝

sad shit always happens to me so i rarely cry about it so whenever something nice happens i can cry and boi did something really fucking nice just happen


Summary: There’s an unspoken rule in the apartment. But Alex decides to break it. 

Warnings: depressive themes, crying

Genre: Fluff, slight Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Songfic, Heart-to-Heart, First Confessions

A/N: This started as Alex writing a song to confess to Ryland and evolved to something more. I put a lot of heart into this fic so I really hope y’all enjoy it and let me know what you think.

The song used is “A Matter of Trust” by Billy Joel.

There was an unwritten rule in the apartment.

The rule was simple. Ryland didn’t ask Alex about his past music career, and Alex didn’t ask Ryland about anything involving Ryland’s odd moods or comments.

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“if i lay here….if I just lay here…”

part one | part two

fic: A Different Song
author:  Quartetship

A Different Song embodies so many beautiful, and painful, things about life and growing up away from home. It’s the kind of story that stays with you even once you’ve turned the last page, and I’m honored to have been able to work with you on this, Q. Thank you so much for commissioning me <3

Two Good Things
Modern Baseball
Two Good Things

Trying hard not to look like I’m trying that hard,
Failing miserably at everything, including that
Making plans in my head right before I go to sleep,
Trying to think of who could make a better me than me
Maybe I’ll shoot him an email,
Maybe he’ll give it a go
Then I’ll be free to just evaporate, disperse, or implode
Picking at holes in my jeans
There’s so much God in my gene pool
Not feeling lonely, I just like being alone

despite the overwhelming odds, tomorrow came

@meflashfanwork‘s theme for this month is “what might have been” so here’s saren with nihlus’s markings…..

in my canon both saren and nihlus survive me1. saren finally allows himself the time to sit down and meditate on his life, and he slowly comes to terms with his brother’s death and starts to recover emotionally and move on. both the end of the reapers and the death of the illusive man give him closure and lets him feel as though desolas can finally rest in peace (if you’re unfamiliar, saren’s elder brother desolas died in an event involving both reaper tech and the man who would become the illusive man). with his grief for his brother healing, he moves on to consider his relationship with nihlus. a few years after the war, they get married, and saren takes nihlus’s markings in his own family color to honor how much nihlus’s love and support has meant to him over the years, especially during the sovereign period.

anonymous asked:

What are the songs you feel are andreil songs

…my andreil playlist on spotify has 208 songs but lemme try and narrow it down to the most andreil ones:

supercut - lorde // if it hurts - gallant // hold on for your life - sam tinnesz // come as you are - prep school // beautiful crime - tamer // feel something - jaymes young // honey whiskey - nothing but thieves //  clouds - borns //  it’s time - imagine dragons // end credits - eden // 400 lux - lorde // faithful heights - night beds // i found - amber run

and, of course, the andreil anthem, their iconic ringtone, runaway train by soul asylum


You were the first to ask me if I’m okay. It’s not even a big deal, but those words…strangely comforted me.

Sleeping with Daddy on Skype

Me : *lays down and gets comfy* *grabs stuffie* *puts a pillow in between my legs for maximum comfort*
Daddy : *sings our bedtime song*
Me : *cuddles my phone as I listen, getting super comfy for bedtime*
~15 minutes later~
Daddy : *snores super loud nonstop*
Me : *readjusts earbuds to try to make him quieter* *turns volume all the way down* *lays earbuds on my ears without keeping them in* *earbuds fall everywhere* *gets tangled in earbuds and choked* *finally takes earbuds out because he’s too loud for me to sleep*
~reoccurs every night ~

~No nsfw/18+/porn interaction! ~

Spring Day is a heart song. I can’t believe how quick this song hit me. The song gave me an immediate sense of comfort…but then it made me feel all sentimental…now my feelings are a mess.

Not Today is srsly so lit. I began dancing @ 0:01. A rave song…I can’t even begin to imagine how lit the stage is gonna be when they perform this. Also, the intro & ending sounded so old school bangtan my heart skipped a beat.

Outro: Wings is a staight up jam. This is an ARMY party song yall. Better than I expected and I already had pretty high expectations. You can’t not sing along. LSS (last song syndrome) material.

You Never Walk Alone is the perfect mix of sweet & sexy. When Jin hit that high note…followed by Jimin…a bitch cried. (“A bitch”… being me) Yoongi’s ending tho…I would recommend you play that on loop 24/7.

I am a happy stan.
Thank you boys.
You’ve worked so hard.