this song came on while i was making the gifs so

God I love you

Evan x reader

You smiled as the director yelled cut. “That’s it for today” he told everyone. Causing you to smile more as you ran up to evan and kissed him. Tonight you had big plans. Movie night with just you two.
As Evan got out of his characters clothes and into his own you asked, “what do you want to watch tonight” He shurgged “don’t care. So long as I’m with you”

Once back at your shared apartment, he ordered in a pizza while you got the movie ready. “I chose the lion king” you said as you sat on the seat beside him. He wrapped his arm around you and held you as the movie played. Both of you humming the opening tune. Making you both laugh at one another.

Soon the pizza came Evan got up and answered the door. You left the movie playing and that’s when the song “I just can’t wait to be king”. This was your favorite song, so you got up and used the remote as a microphone as you danced around singing the song. When it was over you turned and saw Evan, smiling at you.

“God I love you” he said as he picked you up and spun you antround. Both of you falling onto the sofa and kissing each other


But maybe all that we were meant to be
is beautifully unfinished;