this song came on and i decided to make this

After having so many of my plans fall through, my incredible and amazing friend collab’d with me to draw a Marcy that came out better than I could have ever hoped for. Since I absolutely love the idea that Jake knits all his friends cute sweaters during the winter, I decided I wanted to make a picture of Marcy wearing a sweater that Jake made for her (featuring his cute face!). Merry Christmas @amanda-fluffire, I hope you like it!! :)

And thank you so much to @soupery for organizing this! I know it must be really stressful but just know that we all love and appreciate all the work you do <3


We started out as really good buddies. We were all homies and knew how to play music, and met each other through different bands we were in. We were friends for a few years and finally decided to make music together. I came to the boys and was like, “Yo, I have this idea. I think you guys can help me.” We wrote [some] songs and “Sweater Weather” was actually the first song we ever wrote. We wrote that and felt like we were kind of onto something, then we kept going and going. This whole thing has really turned into our life. It’s a complete vision, a complete package. We’re excited. It’s exciting to see that the songs you’re writing are connecting with people. We’re moving up charts and all that, but we still have a lot to prove.


■ Song:君が死ぬのを眺めているよ (I Will Witness Your End)
■ Music/Lyrics: camellia
■ PV: me!

I have to do something for my final project in my animation class, and I’ve always wanted to make a vocaloid PV so I decided to use this as an opportunity to finally push myself to make one !

I think it came out nicely and I hope you all like it too,, ;<;

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely holiday :) I recently decided to start an Art Journal and I came up with some prompts I thought I’d share with you! Most of these are supposed to be pretty loose so you can be as creative as possible! Draw, paint, glue things, make a collage; however you want to answer these prompts is up to you!

  1. goals for the year
  2. the weather outside
  3. your favorite character
  4. draw/paint without lifting your pen/brush from the paper 
  5. how you feel today
  6. how your favorite song makes you feel
  7. 2016 bucket list
  8. one thing you’ve always wanted to do 
  9. draw something with your eyes closed
  10. blue color scheme 
  11. fill the page with song lyrics
  12. your favorite memory (or memories) 
  13. something that’s bothering you
  14. inspired by your favorite food
  15. dream house
  16. your happy place
  17. inspired by your favorite artist/band
  18. things that calm you down
  19. cute outfits
  20. nostalgia 
  21. choose one: the sea or the sky?
  22. a place you’d like to travel to 
  23. fill the page with pretty things
  24. your favorite animal
  25. a map of your city
  26. what’s on your mind? 
  27. try painting with watercolors 
  28. your favorite city
  29. favorite musical albums
  30. inspired by your favorite book
  31. summarize your month in pictures

If you enjoy these, let me know and I’ll come with some prompts for February. Also, if you do any these and post them on tumblr or instagram, please tag me (i track #coffeesforstudiers on tumblr) and my instagram is coffeesforstudiers

Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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Do you know what i love, starish helped otoya get over his fears of believing he will lose the people most important to him. 

But the reason he didn’t go back was because he still couldn’t smile and even though he still could of came back to starish to resolved this he decides to do it alone. 

Starish helped him to get to the point of where he wants to go back to the things he love and that’s a huge step, but he needs to smile on his own. So he can truly overcome and accept his past and be able to become a sun for others.

him over coming this can be a huge leap for him, because his songs represent his love and his desire for making people smile. Him overcoming this can help him and songs grow.

I can’t wait for the next episode 

Sam x Reader Drabble Request

This was requested by an anon: omg can you do fireflies and Sam for the Drabble list please 😌

I didn’t have anymore Gabriel song drabbles, so I decided to do a fluffy Sam! Either way, it’s a sweet treat to me ;)

Word Count: 275

Warnings: Fluff!

You walked down the hall towards Sam’s room.  You were restless and Sam always knew how to calm you down enough so that you could sleep.  The younger Winchester never complained when you came into his room on a sleepless night.  He always seemed to welcome your company.

As you neared Sam’s room, you noticed that his door was cracked open.  You peeked through the crack, making sure that you could enter.  Sam was lying down on his bed, just staring at the ceiling.

“Hey Sam,” you spoke in a hushed voice, poking your head into his room.  “Can you spare some time?  I couldn’t sleep and I was hoping you would be up for a small conversation or something.”

Sam didn’t bother sitting up as he waved you inside.  “I didn’t think you were awake this late [Y/N],” Sam assumed.  “What is it?  Three in the morning?

“It looks like we both can’t sleep tonight,” you mused, sitting on the bed beside Sam.  You studied Sam’s face before speaking again.  “What are you thinking about?  You have that look where you scrunch your eyebrows together.”

“I was just thinking about how weird it is that the Earth rotates slowly,” Sam muttered.  “Isn’t it weird?  I mean it moves slow enough to where we don’t notice it, but fast enough that it can rotate once every 24 hours.”

“I think you need sleep Sam,” you giggled.  “Otherwise you’re going to start thinking about your own existence.  An existential crisis as most people call it.”

“You need sleep [Y/N],” Sam mocked, hitting you with his pillow.

You always liked your late nights with Sam.

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BTS Reacts to You Secretly Being a Good Dancer

Hey guys! It’s been a few days since I’ve updated, so I’ll start off with a sorry. I had a paper due for Intercultural Communication, so I had to get that done. I have a few more requests left, but there’s always room for more, so if there’s anything you want to see just Inbox it to me. 


Anonymous: Bangtan reacts to their girlfriend secretly being a good dancer

     To make this reaction more fun, I decided to make it were they come home to you dancing to one of their songs. Basically, you’re doing their part of the on stage choreography and you are killing it. 

1. Jin           Song: Boy in Luv

     Jin would be temporarily confused when he came home to hear Boy in Luv being blasted. He would freeze when he came into the living room to see you perfectly executing his part of the dance. Unsure of what to do, he would stand there and watch until you were finished. 

     “That was good, Jagi! You’re a lot better than I am. I didn’t know you could dance,” Jin might stumble over his words a little.

     “I mean, it’s not that hard to be a better dancer than you,” You would tease. 

     “I know that I’m a bad dancer, but I can tell when someone’s a good dancer,” he would wrap his arms around you,” I’m proud, Jagi.”

2. Suga          Song: Fire

     Suga would be happy to hear one of his songs coming from the house. When he walked in the living room to see you dancing his part of Fire, he would double take, staring at you in shock. He’s not nearly as bad of a dancer as Rapmon or Jin, but he’s not the strongest dancer (He was the only one of the three to get a win in the dance battle in American Hustle Life). 

     “Good job, Jagi. How long did it take you to learn that? It took me a while to learn it,” Suga would be excited since he always talks about wanting his Jagi to like his music and to be talented. He might ask if there were other songs you knew the dances to. 

3. J-Hope          Song: Mama (I love this song so much so yeah, choices were made) (I couldn’t resist this gif, I love it so much XD)

     When J-Hope hears Mama coming from inside, he would run into the living room, singing the song as loud as he possibly could. All of that would stop the second he saw you dancing. Once his brain caught up, he would jump in, doing the dance with you. He wouldn’t say anything until the dance was finished.

     “I didn’t know you could dance, Jagi! What other songs do you know? Ooh, we should do a dance together!” It would take a few minutes for his words to slow down as he began searching for more songs to dance to.

4. Rap Monster          Song: War of Hormone

     Rapmon would be similar to J-Hope, bursting into the room while screeching singing the song. He would be surprised to see you dancing. After a moment or two, he would pause the music so he could talk to you. 

     “It’s bad enough that you show me up in the looks department, but now you can dance too? That’s not fair! What next? I find out you’re secretly a rapper?” His tone is teasing as he pulls you close, his hands on your hips. 

     “It’s not my fault you can’t dance,” You would counter.

     “So, we’re learning this new dance. I might have an easier time learning it from you,” He would be smirking.

     “Or not. You would be too distracted,” You say, rolling your eyes and pulling away.

5. Jimin          Song: Blood, Sweat & Tears (I thought of having you do Lies, but decided I liked his part for this one.)

     Jimin would smile when he heard Blood, Sweat & Tears echoing in the house. That smile would still be in place when he saw you dancing, but he would definitely be surprised. He would lean against the doorway and watch you, enjoying seeing his Jagi perform his part. Once the song was over, he would give you a round of applause.

     “You dance really well, Jagi? How come you never told me you could dance?” After considering it for a moment, he would get an idea and pull you close to him,” We should do a partner dance. I’m sure we could make a good one.” 

6. V          Song: Not Today (He lead some of the dance in the music video, so yeah, going for it)

     V would rush into the house when he heard the music, singing and dancing when he gets into the living room. Considering how extra he can be, he wouldn’t even pause when he saw you dancing. He would just jump straight into it. Once the performance was finished, he would finally calm down a little.

     “You’re a good dancer, Jagi! I mean, I can’t say you’re as good as Jimin, but most people aren’t,” He would tease. He probably wouldn’t really make a big deal about it. 

7. Jungkook          Song: Spring Day (I know that there’s not a dance in the mv but there’s a performance one that is in videos on youtube. It’s not as intense as some of their other dances, but there are some parts that must require so much precision and control that I had to use it for Kookie.) (Also, I know that this gif is not just Kookie, but it’s beautiful)

     Jungkook wouldn’t know what to think when he came home to you dancing to Spring Day. Competitive Golden Maknae mode would definitely activate. He wouldn’t necessarily challenge you to a dance battle, but he would ask you to dance to some of their other songs to scope out your abilities. He might critique you on some of the moves if you mess one of them up. In the end, he wouldn’t challenge you because he wouldn’t want to have to explain it to his hyungs if he lost.

      “You did really well, Jagi. If you work on that one move, you’ll have the dance down perfectly. Maybe we could perform it for the hyungs,” Jungkook would want to show off your dancing to his hyungs, just for fun. 

Thanks for reading! Inbox me any requests you have!


It’s a better place since you came along

Sorry to my Michael stans. You might cry watching this. I cried making it. Everyone else, you might just fall in love with him.

I decided to make a video because this song perfectly encompasses how I feel about Michael. He makes my world sunnier and brighter and full of color–he makes it better all around. *blows a kiss to the sky* For my baby boy.

I Aint Missin' (LIVE)
  • I Aint Missin' (LIVE)
  • G-Eazy
  • I Aint Missin' (LIVE)


Now pay attention, don’t want to miss this
I came up with the quickness
Haters hate that I made it, they actin’ sour as citrus
Walk in room and cause reactions
They’re like “Who the fuck is this?”
I came with homies but I leave here with bitches
If I set my eyes on her
And then decide that I want her
I Ain’t Missin, believe me
When I make moves she’s a goner
Whether Rihanna, Madonna, Lana Del Rey or yo’ mama
She’s old as nada, I close my eyes and hit a pinata
I’m as crazy as Patrick, a young American Pyscho
If I said it, I meant it, trust me there ain’t no typo
Haters keep tryna tell me shut my arrogant pie hole
I’m a bull in the booth, who wanna pair against Michael
I just kept giving less and less fucks till’ I got to zero
All I care about is pussy deniero
Tryna take care of my family, I feel like a young Rob De Niro
I’m the villain, I am no fucking hero, it’s all for real tho’

Hey guys, so I decided to make a Darkxreader story cause like Chocolate was my favorite ending soo… Here it is? Anyways its called Meow and I wrote it quickly so I expect mistakes. Listened to Props and Mayhem and one day I will make a Dark story to that song I swear.

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I think spotify have cracked onto my deviant ways . U know how u can’t choose what song u want to play if u don’t have premium? Well I decided to fuck w the systum by making one song playlists for every song I wanted to listen to @ the time n id close the app when a song I didn’t like came on.. Anyways it worked every single time until now: each time I do that a song I don’t want plays.. The Feds have caught up w me . And I’m going to jail say goodbye to mumzy my wife and my 2 kids..

Just so You Know

Bucky Barnes x Reader* 

Request 1: Buckyxreader morning sex :-)
Request 2: A Bucky x Reader fanfic??
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, sexy times (not too described)
839 words

Notes: FIRST OF ALL. I didn’t make it smut because I’m crap at writing it so I kept it…light. lmao. Also it’s short because I didn’t know what else to write. :/ It’s kinda based off this song and I hope the fluff makes up for it! Thank you so much for requesting my dear nonnies. <3 I hope you all like it! [hugs]

*I wrote this as some sort of prequel to All My Lows but you can read them separately just fine! 


Bucky’s eyes snapped open as a small gasp came out of his mouth. 

It’s been a while since he last had nightmares and it stunned him for a moment that it happened while he was with you. 

Pretty much every night you decided to sleep in his bedroom rather than your own, he’d have a full night of peaceful slumber. 

In fact, he’d sleep like a rock. Except a few times when nightmares invaded his mind after a mission, like today. 

His old HYDRA life would always meet his new life, dragging you into the terrors in his head. 

Right now, seeing you sleep soundly beside him was enough to calm his nerves. 

You were laying on your back, with one hand under the pillow and the other resting on your stomach. Your hair was splayed over it in a mess, albeit a beautiful one. The skin of your thighs were exposed by the ‘I ♥ Hawkeye’ shirt Kate gave you on your birthday and Bucky couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at it. 

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a paranatural au for your consideration: bands au

  • the ac, the journalism club, johnny’s gang, and the Normal Kids all came from the same city and so as teenagers who decided to make bands all know each other
  • the au is about max, drummer extreme, who recently moved to Mayview
  • (he plays the saxophone also) 
  • and he works his way around this new town he meets a bunch of new people and listens to their sound and a lot of them are like, “hey, join our band ;)” (suzy) or, “hey, can you listen to this song I wrote” (i’m thinking Alien Gal) 
  • and then there’s like a battle of the bands
  • at their school 
  • because every single talented teenage musician in the entirety of Mayview goes to the same school 
  • and shenanigans

going on a road trip with Luke would be so great, he’d start getting excited weeks in advance and he’d be so into creating the perfect playlist for you guys to listen to making sure every song was absolutely perfect for the long cross country ride and when the day finally came he would make sure to pack all of your favorite snacks and a warm fuzzy blanket for you two to cuddle under just in case you decided to take a break from driving even though it was you who would be doing most of the driving because “babe i’m the DJ i can’t drive and play good music at the same time!” though of course when you got too tired from staring at the road he’d quickly find a cheap motel to check into making sure it had a nice bed so he could properly fuck you without the steering wheel getting in the way and as the two of you continued driving the next morning, the early morning sun shining on your face as you sang along to his favorite songs he couldn’t help but think about how lucky he was to be able to call you his girlfriend, so with this fingers entwined with yours he leaned over the middle console and whispered in your ear “i can’t wait to see the world with you”

Save Me {Empty Arena Edit}
  • Save Me {Empty Arena Edit}
  • BTS
  • Young Forever


This is my first audio edit of any kind and I really hope ya’ll like it! Like I said, this is my first so please be understanding if it sucks or the quality is horrible or whatever.

Anyways, I said before when this song first came out how much I love it and so when I decided to try and make an Empty Arena edit, this was the first song to pop into my head! Plus the MV came out today so you could see this as a celebration of that haha

Yuri!!! On Ice -- YURIO IS A BABY, please give him a lot of blankets. And teddy bears. Otabears.

Look I posted again after… two years almost? XD

So a couple of weeks ago I was bored and decided to compile the ages of the characters of Yuuri!!! On Ice, at least the ones whose birthdays we know.


I did this based on Episode 4 showing us that May 7 falls on a Sunday, which places the first season of the show in 2017. The show makes use of songs with vocals/lyrics, which was disallowed by the ISU until an announcement came in Feb 2014 that they would be permitting vocal tracks in the coming season (Jul ‘14 - Jun ‘15). Ergo, the earliest year that the show can be set in is 2015, with Viktor’s last GPF being in Dec ‘14. The first year after 2014 in which May 7 is a Sunday, as shown in Episode 4, is 2017.

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Headlights Fading (1/13)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen

Also on FF

Summary: When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all. 

A/N: The idea for this one kind of happened when I was driving around one night and a specific song came on the radio (I can’t say which one bc spoilers) and it evolved from a oneshot to a Thing to a Thing With Photos and…yes. There will be at least three parts to this, probably more, but I apologize in advance for any mechanical-ish mistakes I make over the course of this piece because I am not a mechanic – but if you are a mechanic and want to give me tips…

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As Honest as You Let Me

I was up at two this morning (Fourth of July, woohoo!) and decided that I needed some fluffy dexnursey/nurseydex for today’s holiday. This is what I came up with.

Inspired by this text post here.

Also, the title is, cheese-ily, from Fall Out Boy’s song, Fourth of July. I know. Just let me have this.


         “Seriously, where the fuck are we going?” Nursey asks, carrying the shit Dex gave him and trudging behind Dex as they apparently make their way to the docks.

         “You’ll see,” Dex says, as he’s said the past four times Nursey has asked this question. Nursey groans in response, adjusting his grip on the bag Dex told him to hold. Dex isn’t holding anything, but does he offer to help? Oh no. It’s not like Nursey is the guest or anything. Nursey is so busy complaining in his own mind that he doesn’t realize that Dex has stopped walking. Nursey walks right into Dex’s back and Dex stumbles before righting both him and Nursey. “Watch it, Nurse,” Dex says as a reflex. He doesn’t look mad about it, though.

         “We’re here?” Nursey asks.

         “Sort of,” Dex replies ambiguously. Now, Nursey is all for ambiguity, but it’s windy and he’s only wearing a tank top and shorts, so he’s cold, and he’s being eaten to death by bugs because he was too “chill” for the bug spray Dex’s little sister was passing around. Damn him and his need to smell nice at all times around Dex. Dex, thankfully, takes the bag from Nursey before he can start complaining about it out loud and tosses it into the bed of the boat in front of them. Then he gets in himself.


         “Shut up,” Dex says before Nursey can complain about the sea air messing with his hair or something equally ridiculous. “Get on.” Dex holds up a hand and Nursey takes it, carefully stepping down into the boat and immediately sitting down on one of the crates when he’s inside. Less chance to fall off that way, he figures. Dex rolls his eyes, but he’s smiling, so Nursey grins back.

         “We’re going to miss the fireworks,” Nursey says as Dex moves to the steering wheel to turn on the boat.

         “No we’re not.”

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I’ve gotten/posted a video snippet of #Carnivore from every @starsetonline demonstration I’ve been to thus far. It was the only video I got of the boys from the first time I saw them when they came to Eugene with @breakingbenjamin. So I’ve decided I’m gonna make it a tradition and keep doing it. It’ll be fun having clips of the same song from different shows in different places as the boys and their live show continue to grow and evolve. :) Here’s my snippet from #Spokane on 1/26/17.

@starsetsingerguy @brockrichards @drumabuse @rondechant @jonathankampfe @rock945 @knittingfactory #LiveMusic #FavoriteBand #Starset #TooBrokeToRock #Awesome #TheyGrowUpSoFast (at Knitting Factory [Spokane])

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