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Another AU no one asked for lol!!

I wanted to finish this before Moana came out, BUT I am glad I waited because now I have a story to my AU based off of one of my favorite songs from the movie ( x )

So now this exists! And I took what I knew from my Samoan heritage, and the rest the beautiful islands to make it! I made it very general, so I used a few different Islands and languages to do it, so in speaking, this is generally polynesian, but more Samoan based, since I am more familiar with that.

Since Komugis name wouldn’t work in the language, I did some research and came across Komaki! So here we have our little blind Island girl, Komaki. 

Meruems name was hard to find a match that sounded close to his original name and held an important meaning.. but I did it!  In this AU he is Chief Mārama! Which is translated from Maori to the word light, which.. meruem apparently means the light that illuminates all or something so.. Yup!! we good!

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anonymous asked:

I was taken aback by how quickly the CG June 4th concert tickets got sold out. Same as the first CG concert. Agree that Darren is extremely popular and it shouldn't be that surprising but it still bothered me. More my instincts than anything else and also cause of what I heard last time, that Darren's team and his beard were trying to keep CC shippers out and fill up the venue with chillarrens and friends. And that only they were given whatever it was that enabled them to purchase ... (1)

…to purchase the tickets first. I am a longtime CC shipper and you may call me biased and I won’t be offended by that. After the Teragram concert, I am looking at all the IG stories and pictures from the concert, the tweets of miarren intimate moments and all the posted videos (thank you btw as we couldn’t wait to see them) and reviews and stories of the evening… I barely recognize any names. If anything, the ones I did are M’s friends (from her past) or known chillarren shippers. …(2)

Considering how long I have been in the fandom, how come I saw just one CC shipper posting. Does that mean, the CC fandom was again barred / banned from the concert and only the ingenious ones who managed to slip through, got in? Was it more important to have Darren sing PPG as opposed to I don’t mind? Does it mean that even the teenaged CC shippers are not welcome at D’s concerts as they won’t be screaming and crying for Darren, hoping to date him/be next beard? Great job Darren’s team! …(3)


Hi Anon, thanks for bearing with me and re-sending part 2 multiple times. So very strange.

Anyhow, I think I already wrote about my experience with the NYC show, which was a lot smaller.  Tickets were to go on sale with a password at 12:00. I did not get mine until approximately 12:18 and by the time I was able to log on, tickets were sold out.  It is my understanding that the password was circulating in the world prior to 12:18. And yes, I suspect that a first round of “PR compliant” fans were given the password in advance to ensure they were present. And there is no question that venue was filled with beard friendly fans. None.  It was very reminiscent of the pop-up piano bar event prior to Elsie. Another event where M was prominently on display, one had to “win” tickets to attend, and looking at the pics, the M stans were all in attendance.  The thing about these type of events where people “win” tickets or a password is needed, it is very easy to manipulate who actually gets the tickets.

However, I won’t go so far as to say CC fans are barred, I think that would be too hard to control.  They would have to have a separate list of “undesirable” emails. And I think that is way beyond Ricky’s extremely limited abilities. But I do believe other fans are given major advantages.

And  it gets really old.  Darren has a ton of fans and its frustrating that Ricky has to continuously favor the same group repeatedly. And its not just events. I have seen fan pics with said fans on the stage at Hedwig. I did not see that from any other Darren fan who is not kissing ass to get favors.  

I honestly do not know on the LA show. I think it took a little longer to sell out (a few hours). It is a bigger venue (I want to say 4x the size, 250 at Mercury Lounge and maybe 1000 in Telegram??? Too lazy to look that up). I know specifically of two CC people present.  And while I wasn’t paying close attention, I was curious, and I am fairly certain the password was sent timely.

But again, no question that venue was filled to the max with M friendly fans who could be counted on to report her every move. 

And on Sunday the strategy was as transparent as ever. They had the fans there early.  M “causally” walked passed them multiple times with her “equipment.”  Fans were able to catch a glimpse of the “director’s notes” and even get a photo of said notes.  And fans were inside reporting about how hard she was “working.”  Some fans even apparently saw M&D with their arms around each other as well. Conveniently, that was another moment where every camera must have broke because I have yet to see one photo or video of this “tender moment.” (not saying it did not happen, we all know this was a PR set up but the lack of photos is telling).

This strategy however, again, just highlights the truth. If M&D were in an actual relationship, it would be wholly and completely unnecessary to stack a venue or event with her fans to spread the news that she is present. None.  Because they wouldn’t have to work to sell the relationship. The genuineness would sell itself.  But as this is the most purely executed bearding relationship in bearding history, Ricky needs all the help he can get.

I will disagree on one thing. While absolutely no question, there was a time when this was about selling Darren as a straight man. These past few events are about selling M and getting her exposure and publicity.  The job she was given on Sunday- that was a huge, huge pay out. Intended to build her resume and make her look legitimate as opposed to her true persona- the lazy, spoiled, self-entitled brat that has not had an actual job aside from trailing after Darren in years. And even the ones she had were token positions handed to her because of her association with Darren and the need to keep up appearances. 

 And they needed people in attendance to both get the word out that she was actually “working” for once in her life and to document, that yes she was even “working hard!!!”

On the songs, not sure what possessed him to reprise the second worst song in his repertoire. But I am guessing that was not a choice. And while I am sad he teased but did not sing I Don’t Mind, I am cool with it if he reserves it for a time that is stunt and PR free.  And we did get 2 Darren songs (Day the Dance is Over and Foolish Thing) that are about his actual relationship. 

I honestly have no complaint about the performances on the stage. It is the circus that surrounds it that has me constantly shaking my head.

My 2013 in Reading

I remembered to track 118 of the books I read in 2013 and I had thoughts about all of them. I love reading. 

My top ten books:

Tampa by Alissa Nutting
Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi
The Book of My Lives by Aleksandar Hemon
Unmastered: A Book on Desire by Katherine Angel
The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg
Alone With Other People by Gabby Bess
Meaty by Samantha Irby
The Men We Reaped by Jesmyn Ward
Long Division by Kiese Laymon
Milk & Filth by Carmen Gimenez Smith

Ranking is so arbitrary so I am not ranking these books. I am simply saying these are the books, published in 2013, that have stayed with me most vividly. They are the books that made me gasp and cringe and laugh and nod wildly with recognition and stay up way too late because I could not put the damn book down. 

As I read Tampa, I felt like I was beholding something brilliant. I do consider Alissa a dear friend so, full disclosure, but that does not bear on my response to the book. It was just so bold and well written. The book made me want to genuflect. In truth, I did genuflect, but on my bed, because the floor in my apartment is really hard.

When I began Ghana Must Go, I wasn’t sure where the book was going. This is certainly not a perfect book but Selasi gains confidence with each page and when she hits her stride, the book becomes magnificent. I found myself sobbing as I read this book and when I finished, I held it to my chest and rocked because I finally understood where the book was going. I was intensely moved by how Selasi got me there.

I first learned of Aleksandar Hemon when I read an essay about the death of his baby daughter in The New Yorker. When I got an ARC of The Book of My Lives,  I dove into it eagerly and found it to be one of the most intelligent books I’ve ever read. It’s also a book that offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of difference and immigration and grief and joy. And goddamn. The writing in this book is so fucking crisp. At times I wanted to punch Hemon for being so good. I did not, of course. I’m a book lover, not a fighter.

Unmastered by Katherine Angel is a beautiful, beautiful book both in word and as a physical object. An intense but controlled eroticism runs throughout the book and I particularly appreciated the fragmentary nature of the prose and the sense of a writer grappling with big questions rather eloquently.

Laura van den Berg is an exceptional short story writer. I loved her first collection with the super long title I am too lazy to type out here and I loved The Isle of Youth. Every story was satisfying and well written. My favorite story, which is one I teach, originally appeared in Ploughshares. In “I Looked For You, I Called Your Name,” a couple’s honeymoon begins with an emergency landing, “a hard, screeching wallop that knocked us around in our seats,” and doesn’t really get better from there.  The couple seems desperately ill suited and the narrator is infuriating in the most compelling way. Love love love.

The other five of my top ten, I’ve written about elsewhere and such but suffice it to say, they each offer something necessary to the art of letters and to the act of living.

Books Just Outside My Top Ten

The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
Searching for Zion by Emily Raboteau
Where Did You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple
Don’t Kiss Me by Lindsay Hunter
The Name of the Nearest River by Alex Taylor
Brit Lit by D. Gilson
Whipped by Richey Laurentiis
Sea Creatures by Susanna Daniel 

If You Only Read Three Books of Poetry Read These

The Self Unstable by Elisa Gabbert
She Has a Name by Kamilah Aisha Moon
When My Brother was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz

A Book I Loved So Much I Get Teary and Turned On Just Thinking About It

Meeting the Master by Elissa Wald came out quite some time ago but I love this book to the ends of the earth and back. It is smart and sexy and captures the complexities of submission perfectly. I particularly appreciated the focus on the mental and emotional, more than the physical nuances of submission. I recall entire scenes from this book on nearly a daily basis. I can’t stop re-reading it. There is this story about a woman seeing a therapist and it’s all a mind game and then there is a revelation at the end that made me gasp and then feel such kinship with the narrator. Elissa Wald is a masterful (no pun intended) writer and if I were to create a literary canon, this book would be part of it. I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. Okay. Had to get that out.

Books Written Just for a Girl Like Me

Nine and Half Weeks by Elizabeth McNeil
Damage by Josephine Hart

A Book That Burned Slow But When It Got Hot In My Mind, Goddamn, Goddamn (get it? hahaha)

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozie Adiche

A Book I Read Because I Saw the Movie Preview and Had to Know What Was Going On and Then It Was Terrible.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

Books That Confounded Me but Still Left Me Struck

Mr. Fox by Helen Oyeyemi
An Extraordinary Theory of Objects by Stephanie LaCava 

A Book that Disturbed Me to the Depths of My Soul and Also Began Weirdly

Daddy Love by Joyce Carol Oates

A Book That Made Me Think And Want to Be a Better Writer/Thinker 

No Man’s Land by Eula Biss

Books I Truly Did Not Care For And Was Kind of Angry At

Tenth of December by George Saunders
The Love Song of Jonny Valentine by Teddy Wayne
Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles by Ron Currie Jr
Vampires in the Lemon Grove by Karen Russell
American Dervish by Ayad Akhtar
Inferno by Dan Brown (honestly, symbology? SIR!)

A Book I Was Super Ambivalent (and a little HMMM) About Though I Do Respect the Craft & Research and Time the Writer Put Into the Work and Also I Profiled The Writer

The Son by Philipp Meyer

A Memoir That Made Me Cry and Also Feel A Bit Irritated and then Guilty for Being Irritated

A House in the Sky by Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

Books I Reviewed or Otherwise Covered (and mostly enjoyed) and I Am Too Lazy to Link

Red Moon by Ben Percy
Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
The Virgins by Pamela Erens
When Women Were Birds by Terry Tempest Williams
The Studbook by Monica Drake
Rivers by Michael Farris Smith
The Residue Years by Mitchell S. Jackson
Dirty : Dirty an anthology edited by Debra Di Blasi featuring art by Mugi Takei
Who Asked You? by Terry McMillan
High Rise Stories edited by Audrey Petty
At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcon
Pain, Parties, Work: Sylvia Plath In New York, 1953 by Elizabeth Winder
Furious Cool: Richard Pryor and the World That Made Him by David Henry and Joe Henry (This one I did not like at all at all)
Love is  Canoe by Ben Schrank
Fairytales for Lost Children by Diriye Osman
Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed
Salsa Nocturna by Daniel José Older
The Syria Dilemma
The Bridge of Beyond by Simone Schwarz-Bart
White Girls by Hilton Als

Books I Read For This Awesome Piece I’ve Been Working On For Like a Fucking Year

Inferno by Eileen Myles
Leaving the Atocha Station by Ben Lerner (I also hated this one, just have to get that off my chest)
Light While There is Light by Keith Waldrop
Deliverance by James Dickey
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Graceland by Chris Abani 

A Book I Appreciated on the Sentence and Conceptual Level That I Wanted More From

In The House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell


Revenge Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Other Books I Enjoyed

You Are One of Them by Elliott Holt
All That Is by James Salter
And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
Sparta by Roxana Robinson
We Live in the Water by Jess Walter
Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
Commercial Fiction by Dave Housley
Subtle Bodies by Norman Rush
Everything Begins and Ends at the Kentucky Club by Benjamin Alire SaenzSpeedboat by Renata Adler
The Revolution of Every Day by Cari Luna
The Kind of Girl by Kim Henderson
Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote
Mother. Wife. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage. by Rob Delaney
How to Make Love to a Negro by Dany Laferriere
Bough Down by Karen Green
Figures For an Apocalypse by Edward Mullany
Best American Essays 2011 edited by Edwidge Danticat
The Hypothetical Girl by Elizabeth Cohen

Books I’m Still Not Sure About That Made Me Think (In a Good Way)

We the Animals by Justin Torres
What Purpose Did I Serve in Your Life by Marie Calloway
Taipei by Tao Lin
The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud 

A Haunting, Excellent Book With a Breathtaking Ending

Fault Line by Christa Desir

The Fifty Shades of Grey Imitation I Truly Regret Reading That Makes FSOG Look Like a Literary Masterpiece

Anything He Wants by Sara Fawkes

A Book For Which My Response Is Not At All Surprising

The Dying Animal by Philip Roth

A Book That Is Whimsical and Strangely Affecting

Acorn by Yoko Ono


Brief Encounters with the Enemy: Fiction by Said Sayrafiezadeh
The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
The Silent Wife by ASA Harrison
Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Very Recent History by Choire Sicha
Still Missing by Chevy Stevens
I’d Know You Anywhere by Laura Lippman
Joyland by Stephen King
Soy Sauce for Beginners by Kirstin Chen (worth checking out, just wanted more from this) 

Very Good Poetry

Amores Gitano by Roberto Carlos Garcia
Man vs Sky by Corey Zeller


Saint Monkey by Jacinda Townsend
Goodnight Nobody by Ethel Rohan

A Book With an Awesome Bad Ass Woman Protagonist Who Was Left Out of the Movie For Reasons I Will Never Understand/BURN IT ALL DOWN

Homefront by Chuck Logan

Future Books

Karate Chop by Dorthe Nors (Must read short fiction)
Blood, Marriage, Wine & Glitter by S. Bear Bergman (Smart, warm and generous memoir)
Haiti Glass by Lenelle Moise (Lovely poetry, from a great Haitian writer)
Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead (Book with a great idea, strong writing, disappointing denouement)
The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison (Brilliant, humbling essays, punch punch)
The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez (Exceptional, exceptional novel)
The Department of Speculation by Jenny Offill (Data embargo)
The Meat Racket by Christopher Leonard (Made me glad I’m already a vegetarian but for real don’t eat that chicken unless it’s free range)
Why Are You So Sad? by Jason Porter (Not for me)



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oh shoot, i forgot about that sorry! domestic headcanons for bokuto, oikawa, & kuroo w/ their smol, sassy, & artistic fem s/o? sorry again!

hello anon!! don’t you worry about it, hope you like these headcanons: 


  • Let us imagine Bokuto has an author (giggles) as his s/o (allow me to indulge in this one)
  • As his s/o writes, a lot, she writes on almost every piece of paper possible - so Bokuto would always have to be careful when handling miscellaneous papers because one of it may contain the plot to a future novel
  • Whenever Bokuto reads a draft copy of his s/o’s work, he would pat their head (and his s/o absolutely hates anyone patting her head because it emphasizes on her size)
  • He’s the type to hide their notebooks at extremely high places and not short people friendly
  • With his s/o being small and sassy, she would definitely tell Bokuto off for hiding her notebooks at such high places and probably kick him
  • She may or may not write something about him but since he pisses her off so much (playfully)
  • “Eh ______-chan, why am I the ugly dragon? I’m not an ugly dragon.”
  • “That’s because you hid my favourite notebook on top of the fridge. You know I can’t reach the top of the fridge.”
  • Matching tattoos. Nobody is going to fight me on this.
  • Bokuto occasionally giving her ideas and constructive criticism on her writing - although he has to be careful when giving her constructive criticism because his s/o may sometimes misread the criticism
  • Bokuto indirectly inspiring his s/o’s original characters with his little quirks and habits
  • Slow, lazy, Sunday mornings where she would read something she’s written and he would listen to her and watch her glow in the morning light
  • Their place would be a paper and book warzone with everything haphazardly balanced on top of each other - Bokuto doesn’t mind the mess because he’s a mess himself and the two can live happily ever after in their pile of mess
  • His s/o would definitely try to cook many movie/book inspired meals eg: ratatouille and etc
  • His s/o making cute lunches for him when he goes to practice and without fail, always leaving a note of some sort
  • Whenever his s/o is feeling down, Bokuto would definitely read her bedtimes stories but since her bedtime stories include a) fanfiction or b) full length novels, Bokuto would end up sleeping before she does and she has to tuck her baby birb in
  • Definitely a lot of banter amongst the two - she would be all sassy and sarcastic and from hanging out with Kuroo, Bokuto would definitely have picked up some remarks as well
  • Bokuto coming home to find his s/o reading on the sofa or typing something and will sit next to them and put their legs on his lap


  • His s/o is an artist!
  • Oh boy, with his s/o as an artist, there would definitely always be paint, charcoal, pencil smudges, ink or something of sorts on her hands. They will never be clean as she would constantly be doing something related to art
  • “It’s cute, you’re an artist and I’m art.”
  • “Very funny.”
  • Without admitting aloud, Oikawa is definitely a muse for his s/o’s artworks and it comes in subtle or obvious forms: his eyes, his hair, his personality - they can capture all of it within a canvas or a simple piece of paper
  • They would go to a lot of art galleries together and Oikawa would sometimes get bored because most of the modern art is quite boring, unlike the art from say Renaissance
  • His s/o would often leave him doodles around the house that represent her mood: if Oikawa receives a badly drawn doodle, it’s obvious she’s not in a good mood but if Oikawa receives a fairly drawn doodle, all is well
  • Gifts would be easy to buy as his s/o just needs art supplies. Right? Wrong. One time Oikawa bought his s/o random art supplies that he assumed she needed and she chided him for wasting money on such art supplies she’ll never use (but she uses them anyways just to not waste money)
  • Their meals would often be very colourful and presentation is key when his s/o cooks. His s/o will take pride in decorating the plates and presenting the food in the most beautiful way possible
  • His s/o making the cutest bentos for him. Enough said.
  • As she’s super small, Oikawa likes to tease her by randomly taking her brush or pencil while she’s in thought and hold them up in the air. His s/o would usually retrieve it by kicking his leg
  • Oikawa in glasses is his s/o’s favourite Oikawa to draw (ngl it’s everyone’s)
  • Oikawa, a huge enthusiast and defender of her artworks and would 110% tell everyone to buy her designs or whatever artwork she has done to support his cute s/o
  • There would be paint everywhere in the house. Paint on the bathroom tiles? Don’t ask. Paint in the bedroom? Don’t even bother. Oikawa is probably so used to the paint everywhere he doesn’t even flinch anymore.
  • He likes to pick his s/o up a lot and twirl her around while she’s having her artist block. It’s a real thing and he understands.
  • Bubble baths with his s/o are a definite must. His s/o even owns those bath crayons and they would always draw on each other. (His s/o’s favourite is to draw on Oikawa’s chest but shhh isn’t that all of our dreams)
  • Lying in bed during those lazy morning lie-ins and his s/o tracing patterns along his chest and arms


  • His s/o is a violin player! (I am so embarrassingly hung up on High Strung, I’ve already watched it three times. Johnny Blackwell swoon)
  • His s/o is probably a professional violin player but sometimes she purposely goes off note just to mess with Kuroo
  • Violin playing twenty four seven as his s/o is constantly practicing to become better and better
  • As his s/o is pretty small, he likes to keep her violin in high areas just to get on even ground with her for playing off-key
  • “_____-chan, have you written any songs about me?”
  • “Yeah, it’s called *extremely high notes*”
  • They would have matching couple shirts because his s/o absolutely loves them and they would often be music related
  • KUROO IN A SUIT because his s/o often performs on formal occasions so Kuroo has to be all dapper and stuff
  • Music is definitely a big part of their relationship, and Kuroo definitely has a playlist of songs that remind him of his s/o, their relationship and etc
  • There’s always music playing in their place, except when they go to sleep or his s/o practices - that’s how important it is
  • Kuroo giving his s/o kisses on their foreheads and reminding them of their great achievements whenever his s/o is unable to get a play right and breaks down
  • Kuroo always making sure his s/o doesn’t injure their fingers or plays too hard
  • Evenings where Kuroo would attempt at a fancy meal and end the night with his s/o playing the violin and Kuroo always entranced by her playing
  • With a sassy and sarcastic s/o, they would often engage in a lot of playful banter and when Kuroo pulls out the puns is when things start to get serious
  • Kuroo would do most of the cooking as sometimes his s/o’s fingers would be too painful from playing the violin too much
  • He likes to pick up his s/o a lot and lift her to high places whenever they need to rather than helping them get the thing itself
  • Whenever his s/o is angry, they would often play a very angry piece which reminds Kuroo not to fuck with them however, if his s/o was in a good mood it was vice versa
  • The neighbours never complain about the violin playing because it’s just so damn good and his s/o sometimes gets letters from their neighbours complimenting her on her playing and requesting for her to play at their next event
  • His s/o secretly does covers on YouTube and Kuroo doesn’t even realise it until one day he walks onto her filming
  • Most of the decorations in their place would be busts of composers or a musical sculpture
  • Kuroo’s favourite violin piece is from Swan Lake: The Song of the Swans (and is my personal favourite dear god this is my favourite violin piece)
Seungri; lost and found

✉in which Seunghyun’s place is like a pigsty and you’re cleaning it up–only to find his journal 
❝ not too much on the angst part because our panda is precious ; u ; but i hope you still like it! //prompt!
►2415 words | scenario
© (photo credit)

When you’re about to continue on with your daily life, cleaning the rack and shelves because damn it, dust is collecting again, a phone vibrates on the counter and you groan—who the hell?! When you’re lazing around in the couch doing absolutely nothing, praying that someone will drag you out of the confinement of your home for some fun, no one ever calls. But when you’re a few steps up on the ladder, desperately trying to reach for that corner of the shelf, your phone is having a seizure. For the past twenty minutes, there had been calls—but you’ve ignored them. There had been texts, whether they’re dying and calling for help or just want to chill, you don’t give a damn.

But there has been three calls in a row and you figured, whoever needs saving shall receive.

You quickly get down from the ladder, toss the rag into the pail (thank God it went in or you’ll have another thing to get mad about) and reach for your phone. You slide it to answer and grumpily say, “Seunghyun, I really hope you’re on the brink of dying and you need me to save you to be calling me so many times,”

He chuckles at your frustration, “Let me guess, cleaning day again?”

You sigh and rest your hip against the counter, feeling a bit guilty for venting it out on someone who just wants to… well…

“Yeah, that shelf is being a pain in the ass,”

He lets out a dry laugh and it’s usually when he—“I guess it’s a bad time to ask you for a favor?”

With narrowed eyes in picturing he’s in front of you, your hand is on your hip, head tilted and even Seunghyun can picture that clearly, “Depends… what do you want now?”

“Hey, I don’t always ask you for favors!”

“Think about it, really think about it, Lee Seunghyun,” You deadpan and he’s flipping back to the pages of the previous days, “You’re my savior and please, please, please? I have a meeting soon and—“

“That’s not my problem,” You sing-song, in a tone that Seunghyun’s well aware that you’re about to hang up but then he says, “I’ll be leaving on a business trip for a week and I need you to take care of my place and I’ll leave the keys in your mailbox and I’ll put all responsibility on you. Okay I love you, bye!” You’re gaping at this point, still amazed at how shameless he is and how fast his speed of speech has gotten nowadays that you just stare at your refrigerator with your pupils dilated with what the fuck? Then you realize what he’s said and since Seunghyun’s one to be the top of your list of trusted people of all time, you’re giving him a ring.

It rings for a while, you know he’s staring at his phone with contemplation but he answers it.

“I’m sorry but I really, really, really need you to help me because you know how picky I am with letting people to my place and I trust you so please—“

“When do I come over?”

You can hear the smirk in his voice, “Next Saturday! And could clean my place-“

“I’m not cleaning it after you get back, too,”

“Could you also stock up ice cream—“

“Don’t push it,”

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My future is promising,
That’s why I take rests sometimes.
–Don’t Say “Lazy”, K-ON!

Arguably one of the most popular ending sequences in K-ON, spawing hundreds upon thousands of pieces of fanart of the girls in their respective outfits, ‘Don’t Say “Lazy”’ not only stands out as one of the more memorable segments of the series visually, but lyrically as well.

Most K-ON fans know the music of the series is not half-assed–not in the slightest. This song proves that fact and while the lyrics can seem just like a jumble of personal thoughts and trouble, along with the music video being a big moment for the series artistically, there lies some good messages, themes, and interesting tidbits laced throughout the two mediums. Taking apart the lyrics and music video separately, beyond the read more cut we will analyze the lyrics and music video in depth and connect themes and such that give this great song an ever greater clarity.

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[ eng translation ] kntv interview (131228)

clip link:

and sorry I can’t read some japanese characteristics. I’m not so fluent like I am with Korean. It’s mostly conversational level~ I thought I would finish sooner but it took me quite awhile ~o~;;;. If you have corrections or things I can fill in please feel free to send me a message via twitter (havenblossom) or private message or on the comments below. 

(if you’re going to sub this, i don’t mind if you fix grammar mistakes. My mind goes wacko trying to translate all this sometimes. Korean and english grammar structure is so different so it comes out wacko time to time.. ~_~;;)

Eng translation below the cut

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anonymous asked:

Hi:) au where yoongi just moved in next door and he refuses to accept the growing crush he has on his very pretty neighbor and his friends dont make the situation any better

Thank you for the prompt, lovely! 
This has taken me longer than expected to write it because I’ve been inspired. This is quite long, I hope you all don’t mind! 

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