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It’s Over, Isn’t It? (Overwatch Parody- based on comic dub)

me sobbing over the death of widowtracer

Hey, Bucky

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Coulson has created a chatroom.

Coulson has named the chat: Fanclub Meeting (LOKI IS NOT ALLOWED)

Coulson has added Scott.



Coulson: Do you think you can get Cap to sign my hand for me?

Scott: Sure! Will you be stopping by at the base or will you be shipping your hand over?

Coulson: And miss a chance of seeing the Captain?! I’ll be coming over!

Scott: Are we going to get new members? I enjoy our fanclub but we need more members…

Coulson: I was thinking Tony would make a great addition to the club.

Scott: I would think Bucky would make a great addition? Since he’s the original Captain America fanboy.

Clint has joined the chat.


Clint: what

Clint: what the hell is this

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I’m trying to think of something to say but like… she left the stage at the end and they just kept singing. All 150,000 of them, old and young. The unifying power of music is brilliant, the power of Adele and this song especially never ceases to blow my mind.

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What stuff do you post: football the most also sometimes Star Wars, Marvel, Tv Shows
When did you blog reach its peak: lmao It didn’t
Do you have any other blogs: I have its @lets-mysticaltidalwaveangel I posted there nice views, actors, tv shows, movies
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What are you wearing right now: white T-shirt and leggins
How many blankets do you sleep with: one
Dream job: translator from Swedish and German 
Dream trip: Munich (and this will happend this summer) and Gelsenkirchen, Stockholm (okay all Scandinavia), USA or Canada (more like both), Croatia (or more like all Balkans) idk Brasil tho and Russia also my neighbors bc I was only in Geramny so yes a lots of places and Italy too 

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I have a song for Rebecca, it’s to the tune of Work by Rihanna but incorporates what she is- a whore.

Whore whore whore whore whore whore, oh she’s such a whore whore whore whore whore whore yes she is a whore whore whore whore whore whore….

And so on and so forth. I will be singing this every fucking she’s on screen. If I’m lucky her constant blinking with line up with the song and blow my fucking mind.

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When do the coaches meet up with their teams for lives and tape everything with each contestant? Did they do it like a month ago? G&b were in Oklahoma for two weeks and Blake seems busy with hunting, unless it's this week, but he also said he has meetings in nashville.

I think Blake’s team was between spring break and heading back to OK for the gala. Like the days before the tattoo pic with the kids. And Gwen’s was last week based on contestant tweets like Hunter’s tweet about his song blowing our minds. (Btw my first thought was he somehow reworked Let Me Blow Ya Mind into an indie pop song and I would probably die.) Team Gwen had wardrobe day today which makes me think they’re past the stages where the celeb coaches participate and now into vocal coach/dress rehearsal phase. And like you said Blake is in Nashville and Gwen is doing some secret project so yeah! This is a long winded way of saying they had their voice commitments in the last couple weeks. 😊

  • someone: How are you?
  • what I say: I’m fine
  • what I mean: Did anyone actually hear the song Fake You Out by twenty one pilots? because that song is the ultimate jam. It has the BEST melody, a SICK beat, MIND-BLOWING lyrics, and mashes genres SEAMLESSLY . how is it possible for Tyler Joseph to put all my fears and insecurities in one song AND still make me want to dance? did anyone else hear the same song I did? because if so then you wouldn’t have to ask me trivial questions like “how are you” when you know I haven’t been okay since I first head that song with Vessel’s debut. how dare you ask me such questions. 2 years later I am very clearly still not over that song and it blows my mind how under-appreciated I feel that it is. I even under-appreciate Fake You Out until I hear it after a while and freak out all over again because, like I stated previously, it’s the ultimate jam.

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i realized that for whatever specific autistic reasons, im completely unable to tell the difference between music genres. Cant do it. the fact that people can just tell on the spot what genre a song is blows my mind. "oh this is revivalist prog rock" what does that mean??? how can you tell??? its just another guy with drums and a guitar???

Joanne Promo Submission

The following was submitted to me:

According to an insider I know, (he doesn’t work with Gaga directly, but he shared the album title, info on tracks and the track listing, and info on the PI music video…all back in July.) there is some pretty exciting stuff happening before the Joanne album release.

Tomorrow (maybe) will be when we are able to preorder the album. If not, it will 100% be on Sunday. Sunday is more likely, but I know Bobby wants the preorder to be open before the next single. But marketing wise, waiting until Sunday is better because…

Sunday we will get the first promotional single from Joanne!!! Which track, I’m not sure, but there is a liklihood that it is A-Yo, as this track was very well received at the NY party and it pays homage to the production of the album. Either way, A-Yo will be a single at one point in this era. 

This single will play a large part in the ad campaign that will also kick off for Gaga’s Superbowl Half Time Show!! She will be confirmed as the performer Sunday evening, after the single release. (They were planning on doing the release of the new song AFTER the announecment to really ride off that momentum, but after making a rash decision to formally release the track listing Bobby and the Haus saw clearly how pumped the fans are and there’s no need to wait until after the announcement!)

Next week will be slow otherwise. Gaga will be busy filming a music video. Location and creative teams/extras are already booked. Its the video for whichever single is being released Sunday.

The following week (first week of October) is when shit is hitting the fan. Seriously. The promotion they have set and booked for this album is insane. We are going to see Gaga everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I haven’t been supplied the dates, but in the first 3 weeks (leading up to the Friday release) Gaga will be on Jimmy Kimmel to perform, will be the music guest for SNL (not the premiere, I haven’t been told which), will be interviewed and perform on Ellen, and will perform on GMA (she loves the environment there, performing Applause was so fun for her and she’s really excited to return!)

On Kimmel she will sing Promo1, on SNL she will perform both Perfect Illusion and Promo1- there will also likely be a teasing of the title track at the piano during the PI performance. And on Ellen she will perform PI. GMA will be a small performance of Promo1 and the music video will likely be release the following day.

The weekend before the release of the album will be another single. If this is when her SNL performance is (the 15th) then you can say goodbye to PI being performed and it will be both Promos, they planned for both before booking and my insider doesn’t know if she’s on the 8th or 15th. 

The video for Promo2 won’t be until after the album premieres, and Gaga and her team will be going dark the week of Joanne. No tweets, no snaps, MAYBE an appearance on TV (if it’s already booked) and the Superbowl ad campaign is going to take over. That week will be a lot of commercial spots featuring her songs, and even a commercial for the album itself (nothing spectacular, just a 10-15 second spot occasionally on FOX during their regular lineup. The day before the release the Superbowl campaign is planning on doing some cool stuff on social media which will include a snippet of Million Reasons (“There’s only a MILLION REASONS to see Gaga perform at the 2017 Pepsi Halftime Show!). I can actually guarentee that, Gaga’s team LOVES a good pun. 

Then the album will be released. And it will blow your mind. My favorite song is Dancin’ In Circles. I hope it gets a video at some point. Its a fucking jam and a half.

The tour is crazy secret. I know the Haus and Gaga are working on it. It will NOT be before March. They are staying sharply focused on the halftime show. There’s no way to truly emphasize how big this is for Joanne. They are working to make it flawless and they have some huge ideas. Aside from additional promotional time, some AHS events in November, and spending time with family for the cookbook release and holidays, Gaga is in meetings and rehearsals for the next 3 months for the halftime show. They are building the show by making a performance of each track and stitching them together. She’s basically learning and rehearsing a full 90 minute show and then finding the best moments to cut it to 20 minutes. 

Not much choreography is happening until the halftime show. Dont expect it in the next video or the TV performances. 

The tour supporting Joanne will be a feature with Intel as well. No new technology though, this era is about the music. There will be some sick cinematography during the tour though, that is what Intel is working on. And that’s literally all I know. It will probably be starting in time to carry her through the US in the summertime.

And Gaga has already been asked to receive the MJVA during the 2017 VMA. In fact, she was asked to receive in this year but turned it down because Bobby and the Haus didn’t want her to play much new music that far before the album release, and the NFL creative team didn’t want the album to be released any earlier. She would have had to pick one or the other to be the main promotion for this album and her team guided her to the right option.

Is this enough hype!? ;) Enjoy.

What do you think?

I present you this fucking legendary man, Billie Joe Armstrong. Green Day has been inspirations for so many bands and their lyrics saved lives. His ability to write those songs blow my mind. How is he capable of creating captivating lyrics with catchy tunes and guitar riffs?! All of their albums are lyrical masterpieces. Also, this band is so full of energy and also makes me feel better when I’m sad. They have overcome so many challenges as a band and I’m so fucking proud to be a part of this family. I love this band so much.

Kid Cudi’s SB2H: An Emotional Masterpiece

Cudder’s 6th studio album, Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven, releases tomorrow, December 4th, worldwide in digital form. Physical copies ship out the 18th, followed by a limited amount of vinyls and cassettes that will be made available in early 2016. From the worry and frustration surrounding Cudi’s recently canceled tour to the confusion regarding his drastic musical change away from hip-hop, this album has been an incredibly controversial transition between 2014’s Satellite Flight and the third installment of the Man on The Moon series. 

There will undoubtedly be a lot of hate and criticism in response to this production as it diverges even more from Cudi’s previous works. However, it is important for all of us to recognize the importance and meaning of this album to Kid Cudi as a human being, regardless of how one feels about its musical merit. Personally, I adore the album as I see it as an incredibly bold move, yet even I can recognize that Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven has its highs and lows. Tracks such as “Melting” blowing away songs like “Judgmental Cunt” in my mind. Yet, throughout it all we see three major themes. The first: an incessant, lingering pain that is aptly captured by Cudi’s cadence and his impassioned moaning and crooning. Secondly: repetitive chords, melodies and lyrics. And lastly: an invocation of his youth experiences. The three of these facets integrate to create an album that is as much of a sonic beauty as it is a deeply saddening traumatic catharsis. 

“When I was 11, I saw my dad’s corpse, innocence lost, hanging on the front porch” sings Cudi in one of his most revealing tracks, simply and aptly titled “Trauma”. Just as trauma victims are subjected to relentless repetition of their horrors in their head, Cudi loops the lyrics of this track, and many others, a great amount of times. Just like the character of Norman Bowker in Tim O’Brien’s “Speaking of Courage”, who loops around a lake over and over again as he searches within himself to find the strength to talk to someone about the trauma that he experienced in the Vietnam War, Cudi loops around his lyrics in search of someone who will truly listen to him. One of the central foundations of the healing process for trauma victims is the need for someone else to “bear witness” to the trauma. By sharing the experience that has caused the subject to undergo so much pain, the victim no longer feels the responsibility to hold onto that memory, and is able to let it go and ultimately heal. Cudi, despite having millions of fans worldwide, faces the same kinds of problems that all people who have faced trauma do. If this album isn’t a cry for help and understanding, then I don’t know what it is. Cudi’s pain is apparent even in the modulation of his voice, as he strains it to hit unusual notes and create unusual melodies over the dark backdrop of instruments. On songs such as “The Return of Chip Douglas”, his singing turns to utter wailing in frustration, bringing out the full depth of his emotions. Cudi’s repetitive, dark songwriting and expression showcase the repetitive, dark nature of trauma. 

Even through all of the sadness, Cudi is able to show his personal belief that things will get better. The characters of Beavis and Butthead, possibly favorites from Cudi’s youth, help the listener to explore the emotional journey that Cudi, and the listeners, go through. The use of fictional characters to explore very real emotions is typical of trauma literature, as depicted in Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse Five, in which the protagonist is only able to cope with his trauma by imagining aliens that convey life messages to him. Likewise, once we are able to look past the ostensible ridiculousness of Beavis and Butthead, we are able to see that they are there to guide us all. “Don’t worry Beavis, we will land safely…Take some of these mushrooms” says Butthead, as he leads the two of them, and us, into an emotional journey. Butthead exclaims, “the world will never be the same…there will be harmony” in his last appearance, at the end of “Red Sabbath”, a track that nears the end of the first disc. By invoking these childhood characters, Cudi makes his work to be even more apparent as a traumatic piece of art, as they act as personal and emotional aids in his path to happiness and understanding. 

Ultimately, many people will not like Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven. “I’m damaged, I trust no one, sometimes I can be real mean” admits Cudi on a very emotional track, “Handle with Care”. His own insecurities and problems have undoubtedly cut many bridges, as we have seen Cudi beef with a variety of artists, reject coproduction, and even leave the label that helped to establish his fame. But despite this all, you have to admire the man’s authenticity and honesty. My only hope is that those who do not appreciate the album musically can at least appreciate what it stands for. We need to bring awareness to the types of depression that have haunted people like Scott for such a long time. Mental illness demands support, not alienation. Yes, he has expressed his emotional issues clearly over the course of his career, but never so darkly and never so deeply. This is something that warrants respect for his ability to connect with millions of listeners worldwide – people of all ages that look to Cudi, sparking by his emotional honesty and support all the way back in 2010 when he roared “I’m your big brother” on his sophomore album. These fans, myself included, look to Cudi’s pain as a reminder that we can make it through the adversity. That whoever you are, you are not alone. “Never feel alone. We are always here. Even in Death” goes back to the WZRD days. Rather than ridiculing him for the pain that is so clearly depicted in this album (as many have), we need to stand by Cudi as we should stand by any fellow man. This man, however, is someone special. Cudi is a man who has the bravery to depart from a genre that gave him the most commercial success, all in the name of experimentation and personal fulfillment. He has dedicated his entire musical and celebrity presence to help kids, and was even awarded for his role as a mental health ambassador. Actor, songwriter, activist, producer, singer, rapper, guitarist - the accolades continue to stack for Scott Mescudi. He truly is “The Crazy, The Wizard”. Who else has the guts to be so radical by most people’s standards and still make such magic?

Bring your love baby I could bring my shame

Bring the drugs baby I could bring my pain

I got my heart right here

I got my scars right here

Bring the cups baby I could bring the drink

Bring your body baby I could bring you fame

And that’s my motherfucking words too

Just let me motherfucking love you

Rizzle Kicks - “Wicked Games” (cover)


that’s just the waves slammin against the topside sound
dont let the ever rollin ocean go and get your down
dont let it shake your steady thread cuttin hand
keep stealing ribbons from the steel and giving hell to every halyard you can

and every day is like a war between the will to go on
and a wish that the world would spiral into the sun
turn your head into the storm that is surely comin along…