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OK, but just imagine: "Phantom of the Opera but all the Organ Music is Replaced with Accordions".

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BTS Reaction-Loosing a bet (18+)

Yes when I make dirty reactions for BTS I find it really fun trying to find all the gifs I need, it weirdly makes me happy…..I need help lol :-)

I don’t own any of these gifs, all credit to their owners

Jin:  You two had made a bet on weather or not he would score an A on his test.  When he did you admitted defeat and asked him what he wanted.  He looked at you with his eyes and said “you know what I want noona.”

Suga:  You two had bet that he couldn’t get two songs written by the weekend so when he handed you three you were surprised.  He just looked at you and told you to slowly take off that cute shirt that you are wearing so he could admire your twins first.

J-Hope:  He had bet you that you couldn’t stay quiet longer then him.  When you lost he would text you to see him in his room where he would be laying down and asked you to be on top for once.

Rap Mon:  He bet you that you couldn’t go a week without looking at Tumblr.  When you lost, he would bring you into the studio room and tell you to do a dirty strip tease for him.  He would intensly watch you the entire time until he decided to touch you.

Jimin:  You had bet him that you could go a whole day without talking to him.  You couldn’t stand it and sent him a text.  He told you to come and meet him.  You saw him standing there with his lollipop in his mouth.  “This lollipop is you later noona.”  He’d say with a smirk.

Tae: He had bet you that you couldn’t go a few days without watching Youtube videos of them.  When he caught you watching “N.O.” he would smile and say “Noona you lost now take your punishment.”  He’d push you lower as he made a happy face.

Kookie:  He bet you that you couldn’t go one day without mentioning his age to him.  When you did one day by accident his dark and seductive side would come out.  He’d pick you up and lay you on the bed where you’d let him have his way with you.

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Roadside Confessional

Woman on the sidewalk,
morning corner waiting asked
am I in love.

Me? Yes.

Soft aching, bare breathed
she said: Go on.

I told her you were that one song––
title and verse long forgotten,
but two lines. Those two lines,
they stay. Linger impertinent,
do not regret the space they fill.

They know it’s meant for them.

I told her you were ink stains
on my favorite sweater. The one
that wasn’t my favorite until stained
by falling asleep atop pens

I told her you were perfect
enjambment; solace I could not
convey with benefit of meter.
I assured her I was okay
with that.

The bus came but it didn’t
lead me to you; I didn’t even board.
She understood, and I think, my dear,
that so would you. If we but had
a moment waiting

on the sidewalk. Me for a green
light; you for a bus
headed somewhere else.

© 2012 by Jennifer R.R. Mueller; revised 2017

ok not to stan but usually pop songs lose their luster for me after like a month or two of constant listen….i still listen to lemonade all the time and not a single fucking song has gotten stale. love her


Famous Lesbians:

Janet Gaynor (1906-1984) - actress

  • first ever! Best Actress Academy Award Winner - 1929. She was nominated for best actress for THREE separate films! 7th Heaven, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, and Street Angel
  • was the youngest woman to win Best Actress (age 22) until 1986
  • was nominated for her second Academy Award for A Star Is Born in 1937
  • was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Snow White in 1937
Thinking of You

Title: Thinking of You

Pairing: Bucky x ofc (named)

Word Count: 1737

Warnings: Major angst, character death.

Song: “Thinking of you” – Katy Perry

A/N: Hey guys! So, I was challenged by @mrs-squirrel-chester for her “4K Follower Celebration Challenge”. I published this on my  account back on May 2016, so if you could please go over there and give me some views and reviews, that’ll be awesome :) (


A/N 2: So, the song I chose was “Thinking of you” by Katy Perry. Basically, I listened to it once on the radio on my way home, and I started thinking about Bucky and what would had happen if he had left someone home. I wrote this in two hours (record time for me), and I listened to this song for two hours on loop. (I hate this song now lol). So, please enjoy and tell me what you think! I love feedback!


Bucky knocked on her door, wearing his brown, clean cut army uniform, hat on his head, hair sleeked back. She opened the door, her long red hair in a ponytail, wearing a cream colored dress, the happiest smile on her face, which disappeared when she saw what he was wearing.

“Hi doll.” He said with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. He could see the tears already forming in her hazel eyes, and it took everything in him not to break down then and there.

It was no secret that Bucky Barnes was in love with his girl, everyone could see it in his eyes and the way he treated her like a princess. So for him to see her cry; and him been the reason for the tears in her eyes; it killed him.

She opened the door farther and moved aside to let him in, all the time looking at her bare feet. Taking off his hat, he placed it on the dining room table. Turning around to face her, he took a step closer to her, placed his index finger on her chin, and lifted her face to meet her eye.

“When do you leave?” She whispered, her voice low enough he almost didn’t hear her. But he wished he didn’t, because it was so broken, like she already lost hope on him.

“Tomorrow morning.” He answered.

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Not only did my copy of The Song Rising come two weeks before it was supposed to, but I opened it up to see this lovely surprise as well.

@sshannonauthorI am beyond ready for the next two months of university to be over so I can start reading the series again and this lovely book!

antonleung  asked:

@Nova and Sol Have you two heard your mom's princess song?(The last part is more like a love song to your dad)And Nova,if you going to make your own princess song,how would it looks like?

Nova; oh totally, we loved it.

Sol: psst, i can’t believe mom confessed to him like that

Nova: i don’t think she added that part

Sol: *laughing*

Nova; Umm….good question, i have no idea but if mom could put on a laser rock show, so can I. I just need a really good Queen cover band

Sol: *snickering*

Nova; What?

Sol: noooothing *nova walks off* i can’t wait to tell the singer about Connor. 

okaavri  asked:

whats a time signature? :0 like, whats 5/4 and stuff mean?

that counts how many beats are in a measure! so like

songs that are in 4/4 count like one-two-three-four / one-two-three-four / etc.

5/4 counts like one-two-three-four-five / one-two-three-four-five

etc. etc. etc.


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Imagine Cable asking you out online in a super cute way? (I love that you do Bull now omg) 

Requested by Anon~

Cable told you to call her over Skype at exactly 8pm. But when she answered, you couldn’t see her. It was just a black screen. For a moment, you were just confused. But then the sound of music began to play over the speakers.

Just then, the blackness disappeared, revealing Cable with a flower in her hand and a smile on her face. The song that was playing was such a cliche love song that it instantly made you laugh. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.

And at the end, Cable didn’t even finish her question. “Y/N, do you want to go out wi-”



i hate this so much because it’s the most white bread Christian lyrics but it’s also a fuckin catchy ska song that gets inexorably stuck in my head at least once every two months 

anonymous asked:

I ship GlaDOS with Chell. Please tell me I'm not the only one

dude even valve ships it ur not alone. chelldos is my favorite ship, i love it so much

also i know ellen mclain has talked abt how she ships it but,, i can’t find anything online abt it except the song she wrote abt the two. we talked abt it in person once tho. ellen mclain is the one true ally