this song and mv are lovely c: so pleased with the comeback

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*clears throat* my time to shine. (just going to casually type up a comeback post for this cause I get asked often about comeback seasons and like I love helping yall and also I’m going to be a dick this comeback about supporting the boys N O T S O R R Y) 

Ight so first idk if you have android or ios but I can try to help you on both. 
Android is easier to download Korean apps since they don’t really have restrictions than ios does, but sometimes they’re just hard to find. 

So the apps you’re going to need are MelON and Show Champion 

MelOn: Download || tutorial 
You’re going to need to purchase a streaming pass, which is usually the biggest issue with some fans (it’s always my problem tbph) but if you can get a streaming pass then you’re good! 
Show Champion: Download || Tutorial 
this is for voting on Show Champion, the votes are important! you can vote once per IP per account. 

MelOn: Download 
Show Champion: Download
FOR IOS YOU WILL NEED TO CHANGE YOUR APPLE ID LOCATION TO KOREA! it’s not hard or anything it’s a simple change if yall need help with that go ahead and ask but really it’s super simple to do!

Mcountdown Voting!
The beautiful thing about voting on Mnet is you can vote ten times per account per IP! so vote vote vote like crazy please on Mnet! 
“But I don’t want to make 135234 emails just to vote 2334513 times!?!?!?” 
WELL theres this nifty thing called Ten minute mail that gives you a disposable email! all you have to do is make a new account with the ten minute email, keep the email somewhere in your notes for future use (I use the same password for each account so I don’t forget) and bam you can make like 10 accounts within 10 minutes!

I keep all my mnet emails saved in my computer notes so I can access them like whenever I need to vote on Mnet. it’s been nifty. 

What you can also do is stream on Apple Music or Spotify!
I’m not sure about Apple Music (I’ve never used it and idk anyone that does ;;) But on Spotify. DO NOT download the album or songs into your library. Stream the album through wifi and data on their artist page. if you download the music onto your library the streaming wont count!

Streaming in general! I know you wanted info on not streaming but theres some things I see people forget to mention on streaming on youtube. 

Streaming on Youtube is a chore, it gets exhausting after a while but it’s worth and it works. 

  • Make sure you are watching on TS Entertainments channel 
  • DO NOT skip/pause/fast forward or go back in the video. Watch it all the way through start to finish every time. 
  • Volume on the video should be 50% or higher at 720p
  • Do not refresh the page or watch the MV in a playlist or have autoplay on.
  • Once the video is over, click the next video, doesn’t matter which video it is but if you want to give B.A.P more support just click another one of their MV’s (Wake Me Up or Skydive will prolly be the next recommended lol) 
  • watch two or three videos between each watch of Honeymoon 
  • physically search for Honeymoon through the search bar every time 
  • after 3 or 4 runs of this, clear your cache and cookies and repeat. 
  • Remember to change your IP every once and a while, I’d say at least once an hour.  
  • Again if yall need a VPN I can help you with that! 

srsly streaming is a c h o r e! 

WHAT YOU CAN ALSO DO TO HELP is actively search up B.A.P and the members (in hangul) on Naver and click any article that comes up and stay on the page for 15-20 seconds. Searching helps with numbers yo. SO MAKE SURE TO DO THIS IN BETWEEN VIDEOS! 

I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything, right now I think thats it…. if  missed something feel free to add! Helping Babys and the boys out is important this comeback and we really need all the support right now <3 

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friends 2 lovers!hyungwon
  • you and hyungwon technically meet for the first time when ur group and monsta x do a radio show together, but it’s in a very formal way and you don’t talk at all
  • but both of you pass out in the waiting room before you go on air, and ever since then……. the two of you are always sleeping backstage at events at the same time
  • for whatever reason your groups end up at the same events frequently, and when there aren’t individual waiting rooms you always notice hyungwon napping right before you conk out
  • somehow producers pick up on it and in the behind cuts for music shows like 50% of the time there’ll be a cut which is like [video of hyungwon sleeping] [pans to you sleeping] and one of their cute captions like “nap time~~”
  • your members think it’s hilarious honestly but ur like i’m sleeping because i’m busy…. producing our songs and writing my raps…..please let me live………

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I freaking love the new A.C.E song. It is such a good song and they put so much effort into the mv as well! I will stream it more than any other mv before. The fact that they made an announcement video in english just warms my heart. They care so much about choice and their international fans and they deserve only the best. Please give the mv a look if you have the time.


I literally slept a nap of like 5 hours and had this idea so I decided, why not? This is 100% my opinion, so if you don’t like it, that’s fine! It will depend on how much hate I get for this if I’ll continue doing this segment (?) Anyway, let’s go!


Why? It was extremely difficult to choose for this chart, really, really hard. In the end I chose BTOB for first place because it doesn’t matter how many times I watch it and listen to it, I always get chills down my spine because of how beautiful it is, really good. I couldn’t choose between NU'EST W and SF9 because both MVs are really aesthetically pleasing and the songs are really good, so it went there. As for GOT7, I love the song, but the video was slightly less impressing so third place it is.

4th - A.C.E | Callin’

5th - HIGHLIGHT | Can Be Better

6th - TAEMIN | Move

7th - UP10TION | Going Crazy and MASC | Do It

8th - VARSITY | Can you come out now?


Why? Choosing between TRCNG and JBJ was difficult, but honestly I liked Fantasy more as a song, and the video is also less confusing and bewildering so that. As for IN2IT and RAINZ, I think it’s mostly because the songs aren’t really my style that much, so yeah.

So, what do you think? Do you agree or not? And why?

My twitter timeline today:

And I found the people that annoy me the most-

a)  Exo Ls who claim to miss him but never try to look up what he is doing now. Trending #1yearwithoutTao on twitter but not knowing he released a song that very day? Mourning over him as if he died after leaving Exo. 

The MV was released 8 months ago. Surprise?

b) Delusional shippers who claim he broke their hearts by ruining their imaginary ships… acting like they own hello? if you love him so much did you ever care to look him up- about his life and projects now? Or were you too busy reading your angsty fanfics on wattpad?

c) 13 year olds making a fuss over him (or any idol) kissing girls or being with girls. Instead of appreciating a work seriously, all of you focus on the 10 second eye contact for the camera. Yes it hurts a bit, but please realize that you thinking “all he knows is to cry and be scared” and be an innocent angel is the biggest disregard for all the hard work and effort he has put into his music.

d) Random people judging him when they do not even read his interviews, are clueless about his solo work- all based on the headlines of unreliable gossip news websites like Koreaboo and All Kpop or just internet rumors.

e) Fake Tao stans who stan “EXO Tao” but have no idea about “Huang Zitao.” Sorry to tell you but you all are as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips, if not faker.

f) People who absolutely do not care about zitao but use him merely to spill hate on exo. I don’t care whether or not you like exo or zitao but comparing between them and causing unnecessary hate when you are on neither one’s side is despicable.

g) And Finally this->

(I know this person meant it positively but…) STRONG? WE NEED TO BE STRONG BECAUSE HE KISSED A GIRL IN HIS MV? EXCUSE ME BUT Tao stans have always been strong. When he was being abused by netizens in korea, china and everywhere else after his debut, during fake rumors about him beating media personnels and kissing a girl, when he left exo and ‘broke his promise’,when #TaoSonOfABitch was trending worldwide on twitter, when he ‘ate his words by being a fake teary bitch’ in the sina interview, when he was bullshitted by media everywhere for being 15 minuted late to a fashion show, after “WuliTaoTao’ memes were all over weibo,after he was accused of copying Taemin on the basis of ONE Instagram post, when he writes out all his pain in his songs and everyone mocks him for being overtly dramatic.

And do you know why we are strong? Because of Tao. Because we trust him and he trusts us. Because we know that he is whiny, moody, sassy but a kind, sensitive and surprisingly wise and hardworking kid at heart.Because we know he has talent and he deserves our support and recognition. 

In fact, I even want him to fall in love, get a girl who can take good care of him and make him happy. Let him kiss all the girls he wants, we are going to walk this Road with him together.