this song always reminds me of stiles

Turning Pages//Stiles Stilinski

Hi I’m a big fan of you and your imagines 😍 May I please have a Stiles imagine, where Stiles is in a coma after saving Y/N from an attack or an accident, so Y/N feels very bad and guilty so she spent most of her time at the hospital, beside him, singing him songs to help him wake up, because Stiles always liked her voice and her singing but Y/N never really did sing for him before because she dislikes her own voice. Something sad, emotional, with a cute and fluffy ending please! Thanks ❤️💕

*The song is Turning Pages by Sleeping At Last

*Also this takes place during season 4 (I think)


It was all my fault. It was my fault he was here. He was protecting me.

In front of me was a sight I’d never wanted to see. An unconscious Stiles. He was brought to the hospital after being attacked by someone targeting me. The bounty was on my head, not his.

The guilt washed over me as Scott told me the person targeting me was no longer a threat. He was gone. And so might be Stiles.

I hadn’t left the hospital in three days, I couldn’t leave him. Ms. McCall always asked me if I needed anything every time she came to check on him but the only thing I could think of was for Stiles to be okay. I wanted that more than anything in the world.

“I’m so sorry” I whispered, as I clenched his hand harder, tear streaming down my face. I didn’t know what to do. I can’t make him wake up or take away his pain. I couldn’t do a damn thing. The only thing I can do is stand here and hope for him to open his eyes.

After the tears past, I did anything I could think of for him to just hear my voice. People in comas can hear voices, can’t they? Either way, I still spoke. I talked, I read, and I even sung. He had always loved my voice, even though I didn’t. He would smile so brightly when I sang along with him in the car, windows rolled down.

The memory sparked a smile, the first time I had in days. Maybe I should sing to him, maybe he’d hear it..

I started singing the first song I could think of, one that reminded me of Stiles..

“I’ve waited a hundred years

But I’d wait a million more for you

Nothing prepared me for

What the privilege of being yours would do

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush

Or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough

Well I would have known

What I was living for all along

What I’ve been living for

Your love is my turning page

Where only the sweetest words remain

Every kiss is a cursive line

Every touch is a redefining phrase”

My eyes became filled with tears as my voice cracked at the end of the verse. The sadness I felt was too overwhelming to go on.. I sat there crying for what seemed like forever, and I almost didn’t notice the pressure of a hand cupping mine.

My head shot up, wiping the tears from my cheeks. Stiles’s hand squeezed mine again, a little bit harder. My heart began to race as thought of him swirled around in my mind.

“Stiles?” I whispered “Stiles are you awake?”

His eyes fluttered open, getting used to the fluorescent lights, small smile on his face.

“You’ve always had the most beautiful voice”.

Writer’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it! (Also if anyone knows how to make a masterlist hit me up because I have no clue) -M

Don’t Forget Me (Part Six)

Don’t Forget Me Masterlist

“Hey kiddo.” Stiles muttered as you came to and he helped you get to your feet.


“Mom!” You yelped and he grabbed you before you could flail around,


“Hey calm down.” He hummed and slowly let go.


“They… I… I have to get out of here.” You gasped and ran to the wall, pounding, begging to find a door anywhere.


“We tried that.” A familiar voice said and you turned around.


“Leave her alone Peter.” Another voice muttered.


“I was just pointing out that she’s exerting energy that could be saved.” When he finally stepped out of the shadows your jaw dropped.


“Peter… Derek!” you gasped and hurried to hug Derek.

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trashkinq  asked:

I made the mistake of thinking about Derek while listening to Jaymes Young's I'll Be Good. I cannot unfeel these feelings.

Oh my god. “I never meant to start a fire.” 

I never meant to start a fire. 


*takes several moments to recover*

This song also reminds of me Stiles (god, why are those two so broken and fucked up every angst song works for both of them??) Especially the line “I’ll be good for all the times I never could.” Because, like, little Stiles and his mom, okay?? And how Stiles feels like it’s his fault she’s dead, because he was a problematic child, and so now he tries to be good and fight and save everyone he can to make up for the guilt he feels over her. And yet he never feels like a good person, no matter what he does, he always feel like a fuck up, a bad person, which just cuts me up so damn much.

I’ve been cold I’ve been merciless, but the blood on my hands scares me to death. Was this song written for them??? 

Well, you have succeeded in fucking me up today. I am not sure whether to thank you or not…*snuggles you anyway because I need it after this* 

They’re sitting at the kitchen table of their creaky, trashy old apartment, filling out tax forms because they’re almost due, and they’re arguing about which song they’re going to listen to next from Stiles’ phone. He argues that he gets first pick for the song because he’s on double duty– he’s been cooking while they fill out the forms– and Lydia argues that he’s been so distracted with his sauce deviating between too sweet and too salty that he’s been neglecting his forms and she’s been filling out a bunch of shit just so he gets it done before April 1st, so she should get to decide what they listen to next. 

And at that reminder, Stiles gets up to check on his sauce for the umpteenth time, absently pulling out his phone to put on the song he knows Lydia’s about to ask for because every time he sings it in the shower for the past few days, she always has to wander into the bathroom for some reason– “I’m brushing my teeth again” “what? I need a band aid!” “The dog chased me in here.” As he goes back to the table, he leans down and stares at her laptop where she’s got the forms open, and he points at the screen and goes, “Naw, you checked the wrong box.” And Lydia rises all indignantly (she has this way of always making both of them feel like she’s taller even when she never has been and never will be) and goes “What? No I didn’t.” “No, you did. It should say ‘Mrs.’, not "Miss.’” Lydia frowns. “Stiles, I’m not married.” And she figures it out as soon as he begins to smile all innocently. “Well, do you wanna be?”

silent night

So, I’ve been reading a lot of very fluffy Christmas fics and thought to myself- Gee, these are so cute! I’d like to write one!

This is my attempt. It’s not that fluffy. Seriously, it’s a bit sad. So be warned! TW for grief and dealing with the loss of loved ones around the holidays.

(I do see it as Sterek pre-relationship though. So some fluff)

I hope you enjoy it even though it’s not very happy!


            Despite the preconceived notions circling the pack, Derek didn’t actually hate Christmas.

            In fact, he loved Christmas.

            He had loved it as a kid, when the whole family would spend an entire weekend decorating every inch of the house, when their dad would drag home the biggest tree he could find and the amount of presents still wouldn’t fit underneath it, when the whole day was spent together. He had even loved it after the fire, when it was just him and Laura in New York City. It wasn’t the same, but they hadn’t ignored it. They’d built it back up slowly, made a little more of an effort each year and he’d loved it.

            He even loved it now. He secretly loved that Stiles and Scott had somehow managed to decorate his entire loft when he was away one day. He loved that Allison had bought them all Christmas sweaters and that her mixture of sweetness and deadliness was so great that no one thought of not wearing them. He loved that Isaac had brought home a tree, that Lydia had procured ornaments from somewhere, that Scott constantly had Christmas music playing over the radio.

            Togetherness was key for a pack and this Christmas – the first Christmas they had where they were all together and there was no current supernatural threats looming over their heads – this Christmas seemed like the start of a new era.

            At least, that’s what Scott had declared often enough that the pack had taken to rolling their eyes whenever he said it.

            So, yes, Derek loved Christmas. And he was happy that the entire pack could be at his loft for Christmas Eve since Allison and Lydia would be with their own families tomorrow and even Scott had his own tradition of attending Mass with his mother on their own before meeting up with the Stilinskis for diner.

             He loved Christmas. He did. He just-

            Needed a moment.

            Because the loft was glittering with lights and Christmas music had been playing for three hours and everyone was smiling and laughing and he didn’t want to bring the others down.

            So, quietly, softly, when he knew that everyone had been distracted by the fresh batch of cookies Isaac pulled from the oven, he stepped out.

            The balcony that wrapped around almost his entire apartment had honestly never been his favorite spot, probably because he was never that comfortable with heights. (And almost dying due to a fall from the third floor of an abandoned mall certainly hadn’t helped matters.). But, at the moment, it was just what he needed.

            It was quiet and he could put his back to the windows and gaze out into the darkness and let the sadness which had been creeping up all night take over for just a moment.

            Because Derek could love Christmas as much as he wanted and he could love his new pack and he could be truly and honestly happy but-

            But it wasn’t the same.


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anonymous asked:

Hey um, what about a Swan Princess Au? Eh I don't know but This is my Idea always reminds me of them.

Okay, so I have been wanting to write a Swan Princess AU for I don’t know how long. Every song becomes a Sterek song to me (seriously, it isn’t funny how much my brain does this when I switch on my i-pod) but This Is My Idea is one of those ultimate Sterek songs that encapsulates Sterek to a T for me. 

You could have Stiles or Derek as Odette but as Odette is snarkier and far more likely to be that persistent kid following someone around everywhere and throwing tomatoes at them, I love thinking of Odette as Stiles. 

I love thinking of Stiles flirting with the castle guards as he gets a bit older and Derek getting jealous, although he pretends just to be annoyed, Laura and Erica teasing him. 

I love imagining Stiles and Derek arguing over absolutely everything, except Stiles still somehow manages to talk Derek into playing dress up with him (probably where Derek is the “long lost prince” and Stiles is the pirate king knight ninja. “Stiles, no one can be a pirate king knight ninja.” “Can too!” “You are so annoying and stupid.” “Just go and look pretty in your tower, Derek!”)

Derek having a tree house club and not letting Stiles join; Stiles accidentally kicking the already fragile tree house structure, landing everyone in hospital with broken arms and legs. (Derek will still deny to this day all he asked about was Stiles when they injected him with morphine to ease the pain, saying make sure you give him a blue cast, blue is his favourite, he thinks it’s pretty.

Derek smugly teaching Stiles cards, telling him not worry, he’ll go easy on him. Stiles winning every game and delighting more and more each time Derek’s face falls. (Okay, so, he knew Derek was a champion card player and maybe hired the best card player in his kingdom to teach him in time for seeing Derek this summer but so what, it’s not lie he wanted to impress Derek or anything. He just wanted to see him squirm. He definitely does not feel bad about beating Derek. Nope. Him, feel bad? As if.)

That moment when they see each other, the summer they are supposed to get engaged, and the world just stops. 

Slow dancing.

Derek being socially awkward in the face of so much…Stiles - when did his shoulders get so broad? - and only being able to say “you’re beautiful” when Stiles asks why Derek wants to marry him now. (Laura and Erica and Boyd face palming in the background because they know Derek loves Stiles, has done for years - he goes on about him constantly- even if Derek himself didn’t realise it until now).

Stiles being offended and running out, saying that isn’t a reason to get married, but maybe instead of him getting kidnapped there is pining and long looks and tentative first kisses and getting to know each other.

(Or, you know, he could get kidnapped. *whistles innocently*)

anonymous asked:

okay but not to be that fan, but listening to zayn's pillowtalk for the past twenty four hours has me thinking of nothing but early stages! sterek because along with fighting with each other they are fighting with themselves and trying to forgive themselves and trying to think of themselves as worth enough so its all just "pure and dirty and raw" and im so happy to add another song to the fic reading playlist

I hadn’t listened to this song yet, but oh my god yes. This is actually an amazing song for Sterek! Lines like:

We’ll go slow in high tempo (because it’s such a cautious slow build up of trust between them, but they are always thrown together in these dangerous situations) 

Hold me hard and mellow (this reminds me of how they snark and attack each other, but at the same time are so gentle- the way Derek saves Stiles, how he asks Scott to get Stiles to safety before him, how Stiles gently touches Derek’s shoulder, how his actions and voice in the elevator were the perfect combination of hard and scared, how he looks at bby!Derek and wants to protect him, those final moments in season 4 between them- I mean, hard and mellow is Sterek)

I’m seeing the pain, seeing the pleasure (Derek scared to love again, sees Stiles, sees what he could have, but always sees Kate, sees Paige, and it terrifies him, he can’t go through that again. And then Stiles, who is slowly realising his sexuality, who, in this final moments when Derek “dies” realises how much he loves him, and in that moment he sees all they could bee, but it’s wrapped up in the pain of death and loss and it kills him)

So we’ll piss off the neighbors (the neighbours, the pack, let’s face it, this is Stiles and Derek, they’ll always be screaming into the night, arguing over the little things an screaming about the bigger things, about losing each other, and they say all kinds of things because they are scared, so damn scared, and they don’t know how to say that softly, kindly, so they just scream and and then possibly piss off the neighbours even more because I-love-you-you-asshole-don’t-you- ever-leave-me sex)

The place you lose your fears (when the nightmares come, they can only be soothed by each other. How Stiles wakes up in the middle of the night screaming, seeing Donavan’s face, Allison’s, and Derek always being right there, holding him close, telling him it’s okay, it’s okay now. And likewise, Derek not waking up, stuck in his dream, crying as he watches the flames in his head, as he watches everyone he’s ever loved die, and Stiles gently waking him up, kissing his forehead and talking to him until the sun come up until he feels better)

Yeah, reckless behavior (let’s face it, both of them always running into the head of the battle, the belly of the beast, how they will both risk their lives for the people they love, how especially for Stiles, everything that’s happened to him makes him reckless, makes him look for trouble in a far greater and bigger way than he used to; this isn’t just Stiles looking for adventure anymore, this is Sties looking for a way to escape the pain, the past and he’s angry. And Derek, Derek who doesn’t think twice about jumping in front of someone, who just wants to help, will give up his life if it means someone else can live.)

My enemy, my ally (this one speaks for itself, always. This is Sterek.)

Fucking in, fighting on (and when they finally get together, it’s hard, it’s so hard, but they continue to fight for what they have, for pack and for themselves, they fight for the good times and fight through the bad, and they yell and they fuck and they laugh and they play, and it’s all okay in the end. They know it’s okay to be okay.)

Plastic Toys: Part Two

Fic Request: What would have happened if Stiles would have let Peter bite him that night with the Winter Formal

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst, Comfort

Author’s Note: This is long overdue after having the worst writer’s block ever but I made up for it with way too much fluff at the end :) If you have the time, feedback is always well appreciated! 

Author: thesewordscanchangeus

[Part One]

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