this song always gets to me for some reason


got tagged in this picture meme thing by @jacytheblue about a billion years ago! home screen, lock screen, song and selfie :)
there seems to be a lot of water and clouds for some reason ?? Lol. all these pics are from my trip! (Also that docs app is chockablock with sin hahahaha)
this song is SO GOOD. totally is my weird ‘gets-me-in-my-headspace’ song for graves, somehow. just a complete banger in its own right. don’t judge.
Aaaand a shadowy selfie to not show my face on the internet, or something…. not that most of you don’t already know what I look like lolol

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Someone Else

The wonderful hazuki22 requested a Sam x reader based on Someone Else by Miley Cyrus, where Sam and the reader have feelings for one another, but she is hesitant because of a past heartbreak. Hope you enjoy it, my darling!

Word Count: 1169

Before I could say anything, Sam leaned forward and changed the radio station.

“Hey, that’s a good song!” Dean complained from the driver’s seat.

“Get over it,” Sam said calmly. He glanced in the rear view mirror, caught my eye, and smiled. I took a deep, calming breath and smiled back.

Sam recognized that song and knew that it was not one I wanted to hear. Too many memories. He was always so sweet, taking care of me without making a big deal out of it.

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anonymous asked:

What are some songs that always make you emotional?

“Ooh, good one. Mumford and Sons ‘White Blank Page’ is super emotional and gets me every time, especially live. Arcade Fire ‘Wake Up’ makes me nostalgic for some reason, and this line kills me: children, don’t grow up, our bodies get bigger but our hearts get torn up.  I mean wow, just wow. And Bob Dylan’s ‘I Was Young When I Left Home’ because my father used to play that record a lot and he loved that song. It makes me sad. That’s X Ambassador’s playing a great cover.”

“I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones that come to mind.”


The Creation and Appearances of the Snowgies Headcanon

In Frozen Fever, we see that every time Elsa sneezes, she creates these little snowmen called Snowgies. Now I have a hunch that fans and other viewers wondered why Elsa never got sick and/or sneezed up these little snowmen until the short film. But my good friend foreverfrozensolid and I discussed some good, potential reasons about the Snowgies.

Like she said in her signature song, Elsa said that “the cold never bothered me anyway,” but this is a different matter. You don’t always need to get cold in order to catch the common cold. Maybe she caught a cold, virus, or some kind of illness from someone else. I think it never happened until then because Elsa, like Anna, has been isolated for much of her life. She would have never been exposed to viruses or germs because she hardly to never interacted with people before. In our world, we usually catch colds from other people, but Elsa was hardly around people for much of her life. This is especially because she never left the castle and only left her room a few times, as we see before her parents leave for the last time.

Therefore, when she was growing up, she had never been around sick people; thus she could not get anything herself.

Then after the events of the movie, Elsa probably spends more time outside of the castle, since she no longer keeps the gates closed, and around people almost every day, so she eventually caught a cold from being around someone who was previously sick. Simultaneously, due to her lack of getting sick while growing up, it probably boosted Elsa’s immune system to very healthy, which ultimately made her less susceptible to catching colds as well.

Now it’s more of a challenge to offer an explanation on why Elsa never sneezed and released the Snowgies until now, because you can sneeze even when you’re not sick, so she probably has sneezed before even when she was well. Maybe the Snowgies only appear if she’s sneezing while sick. It could also be an inside joke, because she has a “cold,” so she sneezes out these little snowmen. According to foreverfrozensolid, maybe it’s not just sneezing that releases them, but also Elsa’s intense desire to make everything perfect for Anna. When she creates Olaf and Marshmallow, Elsa is feeling very intense emotions. So maybe the Snowgies are created in the same way, and the sneeze is just the trigger. That does make sense to me, because Olaf represents her once happy childhood, while Marshmallow represented her desire to be left alone. The Snowgies are very playful and mischievous, making them represent the mischievous, playful side that has been dormant in Elsa for so long. This may as well tie in with the fact that Elsa wants to be playful and somewhat mischievous in making the day a great one for Anna.

Another question that is unanswered about the Snowgies is why they did not melt in the hot weather. Frozen Fever takes place almost a year after the movie, since Anna was born on the summer solstice (which is usually June 20th or 21st). Yet Olaf needs his little cloud above his head to keep him from melting, while the Snowgies, which are so much smaller than Olaf, never seem to be in no danger of melting under the sun, even without their own individual flurries. But I think the reason why they don’t melt is because it connects to the joke of them being created when Elsa is sick. She has a cold, and the Snowgies are the products of her cold, so as long as she is sick with her cold, they don’t melt. Of course, it’s not known whether or not they would stick around once Elsa gets better. But at the end of the short, they are brought to live with Marshmallow in the ice palace. Since it appears to be colder up in the mountains, that could explain why the palace and Marshmallow are still there. The Snowgies are brought there since there are so many of them, and then by staying in the place, that will permanently keep them from melting, if there was a chance that they would melt when Elsa gets well again.

So there you have it with all of my explanations on the Snowgies, with why Elsa sneezes them and why they never appeared before.

Mikey Way

• Legs longer than my attention span

• Like 10 pounds I could probably put him over my shoulder and I’m a 5 foot 5 inches 15 year old female who doesn’t get off her couch

• Like srsly tho Gerard feed your brother

• He once slept with a member of Fall Out Boy and got evERY FUCKIBG SONG WRITTEN ABOUT HIM

• Precious little sober noodle

• Me and Ray’s actual son

• Always has Revenge era hair in fanfics for some reason idk

• Can pull off a beanie like no motherfucking other

• ½ Chillest MCR members squad

• Eats the weight of like 10 people in sushi and still weighs less than a teacup chihuahua

• Slightly less greasy of a dork than Gerard

• Hi.s glaSsES,,,.., cAn u f,,ucking n¿ot??,,?,

• He can fucking slay a dragon with his jawline I could write a novel about his jawline and I barely even like men

• Doesn’t smile much but it’s ok cause we know he’s got a little cheeky grin on the inside

• hIS g&igG,,le

• Could be a fuckin model if he wanted to

• I might not be straight but his jawline sure fuckin is

• Mutuals with Pete even though Pete could write an even longer novel than I can that fckin fanboy

• Loves cats and is 796328843% better than u

• I’d pay him $20 to punch me in the face (Twenty Dollar Nosebleed ha)

• Looks up to Gerard like a lost kitty cat it’s amazing ain’t no one got as good of a relationship with their sibling than them

• Beautiful innocent celery stick too pure for this world

• If you talk shit about him or Kristin I’ll fucking fyte u m8

• Pete’s novels are actually probably about him it’s been like 10 yrs and he still isn’t over that ass (albeit flat cause Gerard stole all the good booty genes)

• He could smack me with his bass and I’d thank him

• Coffee-loving mini-kitten

• He’s sober and that’s all that matters ok

Nick (and Adele) appreciation post

I’m having a lot of thoughts and feelings about Adele dedicating the song to Nick during that concert and I just need to get it out of my chest. The video made me cry immediately and since then I haven’t been able to settle down for some reason. There are so many things about it I don’t know where to start.

First of all, I always knew Adele and Nick were friends BUT I never realized they were THAT close for some time. Which makes me want to yell even more at all the people/tabloids that paint nick as a leech hanging onto his famous friends. Nick so often mentions how he loves Adele, the way she handles fame, how funny she is, how he loves her music, how important it is to him, how it makes him emotional but he has NEVER EVER let us know how meaningful their relationship was, how in fact personal his connection to her is. And it just makes me realise even more how discreet he can be when he wants to and when it matters to him/to the other person.

Now, imagine how he must’ve felt when she actually said all of those things at this big fucking stage in a sold-out arena in almost his hometown, with his parents and one of his closest friends sitting next to him, with people cheering when Adele said his name,

All this makes me love both of them even more now. The way they’ve managed to somehow stay themselves throughout the years, be loyal and remember their beginnings even though so many things have changed, and they don’t see each other as often anymore.

(Also, I think I don’t have to say this gives me so many feelings about another Nick’s relationship with a certain popstar.)

There are songs that just remind me of being a kid. There was a place called Wet And Wild in Las Vegas and it was on the strip. It was a wonderful water park and the music that I heard when I was at Wet And Wild, for some reason if I hear it now I know that I heard it at Wet And Wild. One that sort of always gets me nostalgic is Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’.
—  Brandon Flowers (50 Greatest Summer Anthems - NME, 13 June 2015)

Lasst uns was bewegen - Glasperlenspiel

Das ist für all die, die geben, statt nehmen
This is for everyone who gives instead of taking
Für alle die, die nicht nur zusehen, für die die bewegen
For everyone who who doesn’t just watch, for those who move
Das ist für all die Aktiven unter all den Passiven
This is for all the active people among the passive people
Für alle die, die Frieden bringen
For everyone who brings peace
Wenn sich andre bekriegen
When others are going to war
Für alle Träumer unter die Realisten
For all the dreamers among the realists
Für alle die, die Freude bringen zwischen den Pessimisten
For everyone who brings joy among the pessimists
Für alle Wachen, unter den Lügen
For all those who are alert among the lies
Für alle ehrlichen Menschen, zwischen den, die betrügen
For all the honest people among the people who deceive

Ihr könnt was bewegen [2x]
You can move something


Das ist für all diese Kämpfer auf Erden
This is for all these fighters on earths
Für die die es sind und für die die es noch werden
For those who already are and for those who are still becoming them
Wir wollen was verändern, wir sind nicht allein
We want to change something, we aren’t alone
Unsere kleine welt könnte schöner sein
Our small world could be more beautiful

Du kannst was bewegen
You can move something
Wir können was bewegen
We can move something
Lasst uns was bewegen
Let’s move something
Du kannst was bewegen
You can move something
Das ist für all die die Lieben nicht hassen
This is for all the people who don’t hate their beloved ones
Nicht für die die zerstören
Not for those who destroy
Nur für die, die es schaffen
Just for those who do it
Die, die ruhe bewahren
Those who preserve the peace
Anstatt Zorn zu verbreiten
Instead of spreading anger
Nicht für die, die verletzen
Not for those who hurt
Nur für die, die uns heilen
Just for those who heal us
Für die schlauen, nicht für die, die sich keilen
For the smart people, not for those who fight with each other
Nicht für die voller geld
Not for the people full of money
Nur für die, die aufteilen
Just for those who share
Das hier ist für die allen Macher, zwischen all den Verpeilten
This is for all the doers among the people who screw everything up
Für all die lesen, Zwischen den Zeilen
For all the people who read between the lines

Ihr könnt was bewegen [2x]
You can move something


Für alle Lächeln, zwischen König und Leben, ist dieses Lied
For all the smiles between king and love, this song’s for you
Weil wir durch euch nie den Glauben verlieren, weil es euch gibt
Because it’s because of you that we never gave up believing, because you exist

refrain [2x]

For @kwamikwami‘s road trip au: 

has anyone brought up car songs yet? like those folk songs or kid songs you sing in the car that have like 22 verses. cause I mean the radio and mp3 players are nice, but the stations dont always come in clear and sometimes ya just get tired of the same playlists over and over 

there’s the classics like 100 Bottles of Beer, When the Saints Come Marching In, etc etc

but, and the reason why I bring up this topic, this is the best damn song Adrien will hear on the whole trip: 

it’s basically a song that makes puns out of state names. don’t even try to tell me Adrien wouldn’t love this song from the moment he hears some kid singing it around a campfire at a campsite or something I will fight you on this

Sometimes I say/think some strange things about Pete, but at the end of the day he’ll always be my hero. Seeing him with two adorable kids, and a beautiful girlfriend, and happiness after all the shit he’s gone through is sometimes the reason I keep going. People say you don’t get the happily ever after, maybe those people have just never seen someone go on long enough to see it. Pete has inspired me to write, and I think I do one day want to make songs, with lyrics I’ve done. He’s born under the same sign as me, and that has made it so I don’t really ever feel alone, no matter how off course and crazy I get. Once I found out that he wrote the lyrics to From Under the Cork Tree I absolutely fell in love with him, and that love hasn’t died in longer than a year, when I started listening to them. It’s hard to explain exactly how much he means to me, but saying he means the world doesn’t quite cut it, it’s got to be more than that.

EXO Reaction meeting a fan in a wheelchair

I hope you like it and it is close to what you imagined!<3

Myun n.n

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “You’re beautiful, never forget that!”

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Chen: “Life is beautiful and you are, promise me that you won’t forget yourself and fight Ok?”

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Suho: *Tells you his most favourite stories and memories he made in life*

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Tao: “You can do it!”

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Lay: *Plays some songs for you* “That’s your fav song? Pretty cool, I like you somehow.”

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Luhan: *gets a little sad until you tell him that you’re alright and there’s no reason to be sad about*

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Sehun: “Awww, you are so cute! Believe in yourself, Y/N!”

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Baekhyun: “Keep your head always up and never forget to fight for what you love. You are special and there’s only one you.”

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Kai: “ They know your name, but not your story..”

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Kyungsoo: “Never..never ever listen to these horrible people that try to break you down, alright? Promise me.”

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Kris: *tries to impress you*

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Xiumin: “You are important to this world like everybody else. You have to go your own way of life and find Happiness. You can do it!”

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Reasons why Michael Clifford should date me:

-we can talk about nerdy stuff

-when we play video games I’d always let him win just to see him smile

-I know all 5sos’ songs

-I’m hilarious

-I’ll always cuddle with him

-he would always get some

-I would rub his tummy when we cuddle

-we would make fun of Luke together


-lots of cuddles

Your fave is problematic: me 

  • pretty oblivious
  • procrastinates too much
  • gets obsessed way too fast
  • has no chill
  • can’t remember where they put their tennis shoes
  • will pet every dog
  • listens to the same five songs for months and then never again
  • tells you unsolicited obscure history facts
  • often forgets what language is required for a situation
  • no regular eating schedule but always drinks five cups of tea daily
  • uses memes in everyday conversation
  • literally categorizes every person they see as a fictional character
  • cannot get hair to Calm Down
  • watched the entire shadowhunters series for that one kiss.