this song also never gets old

Trina headcanons bc I don’t see enough of my mom on tumblr dot com

  • Trina is a fan of some older technology that started coming back (ex. keeps one of those on-wall house phones, record player, probably has a polaroid honestly, overall she just loves the feel of older things)
  • Trina’s favorite thing is physical affection. She definitely loves being complimented, but if you put a hand on her leg when you talk to her and stuff like that it makes her at least 10x more attentive??
  • Trina majored in art in college, but never pursued a career in it because she didn’t deem her art ‘good enough.’
  • A perfectionist when it comes to art, and will trash a piece if it doesn’t come out the way she planned and can’t be redeemed
  • Uses Whizzer’s photographs for art inspo when she’s having an art block
  • Usually paints people she knows, but doesn’t often show them the paintings
  • She always write Mendel little love letters and Jason little notes in his lunchbox. They’re almost always covered in little doodles of flowers (roses mainly)
  • Played Violin in highschool, and still owns her old Violin but never really plays. She can remember a few songs though
  • Trina’s closet is practically 15% solid colors, 50% floral patterns, and the rest is just? random patterns. It’s also mostly sweaters, skirts, and dress shirts with the occasional pair of mom jeans
  • She definitely owns a lot of flowery lingerie but almost never wears it aside from “special” occasions
  • Goes to the gym at least once every week as well as working out at home with Mendel.
  • Pretty great at cooking, and knows quite an impressive amount of kosher recipes that she just adores
  • She gets bitter SO quick guys. So quick.
  • She wears a lot of jewelry? But among that is always her wedding ring and if she’s not wearing it on her finger she’s wearing it on a necklace
  • Loves scented candles?? SO much?? Literally anytime she will she a new kind she just stops and is ‘we need to go in there I need that.’ She probably has about 50+ but does that stop her? Nope
  • She still kept the wedding ring Marvin gave her, but it’s in a small box in her drawer and she sees the box but never opens it
  • About an inch taller than Mendel, and CONSTANTLY teases him about it
  • The literal worst passenger driver ever. You’re never doing anything right and her road rage is full fledge at all times
  • Trina is such an obnoxious drunk. She’s loud and giggly and makes dumb jokes and hangs all over everyone. The only exception is if someone brings up something upsetting, then she just cries for hours on end and apologizes forever
  • Trina has a separate room in the house where she just does art and listens to music and chills out and it’s her favorite thing ever
  • She honestly has some kind of addiction to kosher coffee and it’s not healthy at all but she lives on it so
  • Trina cries SO much?? Literally always crying. She cries when she’s angry or sad or happy she’s just always crying
  • Such a pinterest mom. Always finds new recipes or crafts or things off of pinterest, and somehow always nails them too????
  • Honestly has a pretty nice body for a mother. Due to working out so much she stays pretty slim but also has a fair amount of muscle and also a really nice butt. She can only thank squats for that one.
  • Addicted to candy crush
  • Such a cat lady??? Loves cats honestly so much
  • Has one of the most ridiculous laughs? Esp with a little snort at the end it’s so much
Sing for Me

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Pairing: Taeil x reader
Genre: fluff, barista!au 
Warnings: none
Word count: 1,473 

Truth be told, you were never the type to be overly crazy over coffee. Yes, you liked it and it came in handy when you needed some extra energy to finish a project or even binge watch a couple of seasons of your favorite show. But you were never the type of person that couldn’t function without it. 

That was until your friend had dragged you all the way to this secluded little coffee shop that you had to try. The interior was very nice, the lighting low casting a yellowy light in the room, making it look warm and cozy. A big old jukebox rested against the brick walls, with a big stack of vinyls next to it. Instead of chairs, there were small brown loveseats, that really added to the homey feeling of the cafe. And your friend was right, their coffee was great and so was their chocolate cake. 

However, that was not the reason you kept going there. You had set your eyes on the cute yet mysterious barista. All you knew about him was that his name was Taeil and that he never smiled, not once. Even when you told him tragic coffee puns, his lips wouldn’t even twitch. So you were set on getting him to smile and maybe ask him out on a date too. Whenever you went there alone you always sat on one of the stools at the bar, pestering the good looking barista but only getting short or one worded replies.

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Out of Tune

Continuing the Soulmate Tour that I’m totally not copying off of @skyeec2

1. Where your Soulmate tastes what you are eating – Sefikura

Zack knew the woman who sang to him so often was not his mother. Their songs were way too different. His mother’s song were bright, cheery, meant to bring him happiness. 

The other woman’s songs were slower, much more expressive. As he grew older, he realized the songs were tragedies of great heroes…the same heroes in his father’s stories. 

When his mother finally did explain what he was hearing, he felt confident. They both heard the same legends, the same tales. Surely he could find soulmate. When his mother laughed at his bold declaration, he started second guessing himself. 

When the woman stopped singing those songs, a young clear voice, still an unsteady soprano took over. By that time, Zack had got it into his head that he should become a hero…just like the ones in those songs, minus the whole dying part. 

For his part, his father tried to talk him into becoming a fisherman like him,  but in reality he didn’t want that life for his kid either. Hero sounded better. His mother never quite forgave him for that. 

Zack had taken to closing his eyes and listening when the crisp clear soprano began to sing. It had evened out with age and was beginning to crack itself into a tenor from time to time. 

The singer had also expanded their singing repertoire. He still heard those old hero songs…but now and then he swore he heard songs that were on his father’s radio. 

It was those times that Zack’s mentor Angeal decided he needed to get up and get training again. 

“Come on Ange,” Zack grumbled, “he’s almost to my favorite part.”

“You have thirty seconds,” Angeal said. Zack waited ten more before hopping to his feet. 

He missed Angeal’s fond headshake at him. 

Once the voice settled neatly into it’s tenor Zack began looking more and more hopefully in the shops and on the older radio stations, looking for new or upcoming folk singers. 

He was adamant that this person had to be becoming famous somewhere. Angeal humored him, but Zack was pretty sure he didn’t believe. 

They were traveling up into the mountains. Angeal heard about a dragon plaguing a few of the villages up there and decided it was as good a time to test Zack as any. 

They found it along the main road up to a foreboding Mount Nibel. A few of the villagers from Nibelhiem were trapped there. A teenaged girl about Zack’s age begged them to help find her friend who had gotten separated from them. 

They watched a blonde boy scamper around rocks, trying to stay out of sight of the dragon. He was doing well, until the best began smashing rocks in its frustration. 

“Fetch,” was all Angeal said and Zack was off. The dragon roared as Zack helped up the boy and half ran, half carried him to safety. Angeal started in with his sword drawn and Zack sprinted to join him. 

Angeal had taught him well and the dragon really wasn’t that difficult of an opponent. They were walking back to the stranded people in less than fifteen minutes, their cheers making Zack blush a little. Angeal nudged him, nodding at the blonde he’d rescued. He looked relieved to see them both alive. 

They were invited to stay at the inn for free, since one of them happened to be the mayor’s daughter. 

“Cloud is going to be singing tonight,” she told them excitedly, “he’s the best singer in town.” 

“Shut up Tifa,” the blonde said, turning a bright shade of red. 

“You are!” she insisted. 

“What do you sing?” Zack asked. Angeal rolled his eyes a little, used to the usual question. Zack had a right to look. 

“Oh…just old folk stuff mostly,” Cloud said, “I’ve been trying to write some of my own-”

“Those ones are the best,” Tifa insisted, making him blush more. 

“Do you know the one about the mortal who turned out to be Odin’s son?” Zack asked, “I can’t remember the title.” Cloud had only sung one verse (enough for Angeal to decide he was actually quite good) when Zack tripped and fell flat on his face. 

“It’s you…” Zack said, “It’s you!” Cloud was confused as Zack turned to Angeal and said, “I told you he was a good singer!” 

“Do you think…you’d ever write a song about me?” Zack asked shyly. Cloud looked thoughtful. 

“Most of the ones I wrote were about you,” Cloud admitted, “but I guess I could write another, just give me some time to come up with words that rhyme with Zack.”

I finally watched the performances I really thought people were exaggerating in the comments about not liking it but damn I was shocked because they are suppose to be rebranding and I know it must be hard re-adjusting but it’s also been 2 months preparations should have long been on there way, new arrangements made and practised maybe not with finesse but ready just the same that’s not what I saw last night. Some of the performances were ok, some I literally had my mouth agape asking WTF like ‘WFH’ ‘BBW’ WORTH IT’. I legit was pumped to hear Lauren sing WI but she looked like she forgot she was supposed to, then she just looked like she didn’t care and was just going with the flow. My heart leapt when I heard Camila’s voice in the first play back I was like WTF 😨😧 why! In Worth it I could see her doing the choreography and been her enthusiastic self and this didn’t help at all, BBW *palms face* somebody fire their production team please? You can’t be wanting to send a message to say we are strong we can do this and have Camila’s voice in the background I’m sorry but it’s very contradicting to the point you’re trying to make especially when she sings this song amazingly live with that awoooh!! It slays my existence just NO! The choreography was untimely, they looked confused and out of breathe which brings me to WFH I think I literally gave up at this point I don’t know what wasn’t wrong with this performance I can’t believe no one attempted Camila’s note at the end? Like that moment is the slaying of the song without it the whole thing is just dead flat I taught Ally would go for it and Dinah would follow up with the adlib but jeez it never came and I was left so disappointed.
Someone asked on IG whose note you preferred in TIHWR and honestly for me it’s Camila and probably always will be I love the live note she uses, the way she build up to it and the execution especially when she adds the libs on it, don’t get me wrong Ally delivered she strained herself though and I think this is the reason why Camila never does the note as the studio version it takes it out of you especially when you still have more songs to go. I hope as they go forward she realizes she doesn’t always need to hit the studio version or it will get old fast put your own twist on it make it yours. Also in AIMH I swear ally was trying to deliver the lines like Camila she even sounded like her or was that my migrane fucking with me? I won’t say more because I’ve already read enough of it in the comments but these 3 performances really did it for me I hope you get it together LAND I really do. Oh yeah I’m so annoyed with these OT4 stans who keep justifying to suit your needs you really need to stop it, stop blurring the narrative to fit your opinions it’s classless and your contradicting your damn selves you said you wanted Camila gone she left, you said she was of no use to 5H she brought the girls down, yet you’re ok with the playback of Camila’s voice 😤😩😅 make up your minds and try following through with your conclusions.

The 1975

the music video for Girls is basically a “gender swap” thing where all the band members get female equivalents, with one KEY DIFFERENCE.

the boys are dressed like this

and the girls are dressed like this

there is no logical reason to have these women in lingerie other than the fact it sells records (although the majority of the 1975’s fanbase are teenage girls, so this is pretty alienating? but whatever)

more of the same really, guys all fully clothed, girls looking pretty and making food.

The irony is an actual girl band would never be taken this seriously and never get their videos shown on TV.

dead girl in lingerie… okay (cause of death: girls can’t drive, apparently!)

“right what we’ll do is, the lady will sit in your lap while you’re drumming, and maybe the lads will buy our record!”

and the lyrics are also pretty awful. the second line tells us the girl in the song is 17. But the weirdest/grossest part is definitely:

“I said ‘no!’/'Oh, give it a rest I could persuade you/I’m not your typical stoned 18 year old/give me a night and I’ll make you’”

So basically, girl says no, boy says yes - and also, “I’ll make you”???! pretty fucked up that everyone and their mother slammed Blurred Lines for this exact same shit, but no one cares about this.

Matt Healy is also not a very nice man. Here is an interview where he assumes a girl is incapable of asking interesting questions because of the way she looks and dresses, and then reacts in the most childish way possible when she says she’s offended (basically, “do you know who I am?”)

He also went on a gross twitter attack on Islam, where he equates ISIS to all muslims:

And when a MUSLIM GIRL called him out for his Islamophobia, he said:

Pretty sure the key thing here is the fact that she’s muslim, not the fact she’s a Harry Styles fan??? again not taking girls seriously.

(this is the girl who called him out talking about what happened)

and anyway then he said this which is… so ridiculous 


“OH MY GOD JHAHHHHHHH!” by Jin Hashimoto

Joseph’s Stardust Crusaders theme (in case it wasn’t obvious). The lyrics in this one are also really cool and crack me up too, I didn’t expect less from a song about the badass old-timer. The fact they included Get Back as a reference to the end of Part 3 made me smile as well. Enjoy!

Strike!  Never give up!
I’ll chase you wherever you go
The sun is shining bright
You’ve already lost!

The stronger they are, the more excited I get
It seems this habit of mine has gotten worse than in my old days

Attack first and you’ll win. Adapt to the situation
The difference in fighting experience is clear. I’ve won this fight!

Purple! Never give up!
Mature Sexuality
Outstanding Technique
If things get tough, just run away!

I love you, and I’ll help you in no time
I’ll definitely Get Back! I’ll protect you without fail

Fearless audacity. Life’s a straight path
I’ll take back the pride that embraced the star

Look for it!  Hide-and-Seek
Project the nightmare in the photograph
In the den that the sunlight can’t reach…
…let flow the ripple of love!

OH MY GOD!  Oh my god!
There’s love and there’s also money
I’ll live through this hell
The sky I gaze up at is Beautiful…

Strike!  Never give up!
I’ll chase you wherever you go
Even if my heart is running dry
I won’t take a warm Cola!!!!!

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Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to.  Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people!

1. zebrahead - hello tomorrow
2. def leppard - pour some sugar on me
3. No doubt - hella good
4. AC/DC - hell’s bells
5. dir en grey - machiavellism
6. sonic syndicate - burn this city 
7. sunna - power struggle
8. mischa “book” chillak feat. esthero - ready or not 
9. linkin park - in the end
10. apocalyptica feat. sandra nasic - path vol.II

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Why is that anon trying to destroy my life. Also, imagine Minseok listening to Luhan's new song at night and his eyes getting wet and his throat closing up because unlike the lyrics, his Lu-ge really is gone from his life. He changed his phone number and never got in contact. Minseok then watches the old variety cuts of Luhan and then stares at his lock screen - a picture of them together. As he drifts to sleep, a tear falls. The next morning, Jongdae comforts him, but it just isn't the same.

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i love when Billie says that he went for a walk and suddenly started thinking "i'm the son of rage and love" and then he fucking compose a rock opera like WTF Billie, chill with your musical superpowers... no, not really, i want to hear what 70 years old Green Day have to say, can you imagine? i want them to be immortal.

Same, BJ never fails to amaze me and at the moment he seems to be getting better and better and happier. When it comes to musical creativity I also love the fact that when GD compose an album they record say 40 songs and whittle that down to 12 or so. If they have kept the others there may be a load of good unreleased Dookie era or American Idiot era GD songs that are unreleased and could one day be. X

Baby Bittle

They sit there in comfortable silence as Skype boots up, slumped together on the couch. Bitty leans back into Jack’s arms and shifts the weight of the little bundle in his arms. 

“Dicky! How are you doing, honey?”

 "Hi, mama,“ Bitty says with a smile. "We’re tired, mostly." 

 "Oh that’s not gonna stop, baby. I’m still losing sleep over you,” she teases. 

“Is Coach there?”

 "Yeah, he just went to fetch a glass of water.“ She turns around, looking for her husband. He wanders in and leans over his wife’s shoulder.

 "Hi, Daddy,” Bitty says, all soft and tired.

 "Is that the lil peach?“ Coach leans in, beaming.

 Bitty props her sleeping form up and lets Jack reach around him to fiddle with her cap.

 "Say hi to Anna Jean Bittle!” Bitty’s beaming as he looks down at their girl.

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Sorry if people are sick of these 😂 Lmao

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rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

a- age: 20 (Im an old lady now…😭)
b- birthplace: Cheshire, England
c- current time: 1AM
d- drink you last had: Pepsi (my love)
e- easiest person to talk to: Probably my friend at university, Charlotte, we share all our secrets and give each other advice! Also @youlookpretty-good - We’ve talked about some things I’d probably never talk to my real life friends about! 💕💕💫
f- favourite song: right now, Symphony by Zara Larson/ Scared to be Lonely by The Chainsmokers or No More Sad Songs by Little Mix! 🎶
g- grossest memory: um maybe seeing those gross pictures of things with a lot of holes ugh just thinking about it raises the hair on my arms [OH MY GOODNESS, YES THIS IS MY ANSWER TOO, FOR SURE, I FEEL QUESY THINKING ABOUT IT! 😪]
h- horror yes or horror no: YES FO SURE
i- in love?: Lmao, yeah with Stranger Things my bro 💕
j- jealous of people?: Sometimes yes ngl
k- killed someone?: Yeah, someone should prolly check on the Suffer Bros right about now…see how um they’re doing…maybe? 😹
l- love at first sight or should I walk by again?: Idk man, I don’t even remember it’s been so long lmao 😂
m- middle name: I don’t have one 😹
n- number of siblings: One brother, he’s 16 tomorrow! 🎉
o- one wish: For me to be able to meet the ST cast, or for Mike and El to go to the snowball already! 💖✨
p- person you called last: My grandma! (just a little fyi, if you ever get my number, just know that I do like texts, but if you call me for a chat, I will love you forever! Phone conversations are so underrated omg! 💔
q- question you’re always asked: When will you ever grow up and start doing something with your life?! -My mum
s- song you last sang: Waiting For A Girl Like You- Foreigner (old skwl)
t- time you woke up: 1:00pm lmao
u- underwear colour: Flowery pink 😉
v- vacation destination: I really want to go to New York one day, just a lot of places in America, and also I want to go back to Rome again and also see more of Greece! (Athens and Delphi is a must!)
w- worst habit: Going to bed way too late!
x- x-rays: I have had some on my teeth before, when I had braces a few years ago!
y- your favourite food: Fried Rice omggg
z- zodiac sign: Pisces
I’m tagging some absolute babes and some people I would genuinely like to get to know better:

Thank you lovely peeps ✨✨

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I was cleaning all day and singing old song I used to sing in choir how would the boys/ardyn react to their s/o's singing??

(Sorry this took so long! And sorry, I would have written for Ardyn but I just couldn’t find inspiration for him. Also, 2 other things. 1) I fogot not everyone knows music theory, so “sotto voce” means “beneath the voice” or just extremely quietly, and 2) I need headcanons on the old language/s of Eos and/or Lucian classical music ASAP.)

Noctis - Noct knows his S/O is a chorister, but he never actually gets the chance to hear them singing because of his duties. So when he comes home to hear them in the shower, singing loud and proud a piece from a song cycle inspired by the flora of Eos (a reimagining of a traditional working song in the old language, entitled “The Flowering of the Sylleblossoms”) that they plan to sing with the choir at the next royal celebration, he has to stop for a moment in the doorway. He closes it slowly and quietly, careful not to disturb them, and sits down on the couch. He listens to them for the next few minutes in complete awe. When they emerge, hair wet and their song finished, Noct is just smiling at them. “Wow.” They wouldn’t get sheepish so much as they would feel awkward that he had been sitting in the living room listening to them at their least warmed up. He would assure them that it sounds gorgeous, and try and sing some back to them ( and failing). They’d laugh together and spend an evening talking about music. At the next royal event, Noctis is strangely alert compared to his normal persona at these gatherings. He’s dressed to the nines of his own choice, and he’s the first sitting down for the performance. Beaming with pride, he prompts a standing ovation and gives them a bouquet of flowers before a soft kiss. “You’re fantastic. No, really. I’m not just saying that. I was ready to start sobbing in the front row.” He jests, but he probably would have if his dad wasn’t sitting right next to him.

Prompto - Prompto and his S/O are having one of their cuddle sessions. It’s very late at night, their power is out, they’ve got candles lit, they’re drinking tea, and they’re just giggling together at stupid jokes like lovestruck teenagers. Then, just as Prompto lays his head on their chest, they begin to sing a lilting lullaby. He’s a little shocked at first, but soon he’s just cuddling up to them and humming along. Later, he’ll shower them with compliments. “Babe. Babeeeee. Babe. You’re the cutest chorister I’ve ever met. You should sing more often!” He gets them comfortable with singing around the house, and will always cheer them on or give them a round of applause when they finish. He’s their number one cheerleader, and sometimes he even plays his uke with them. They do duets at parties or campfires, even once getting paid to play at a kid’s birthday party. They just love music together.

Ignis - Ignis respects privacy. He understands that his S/O needs their time alone. So when he hears them in their room improvising to an upbeat jazz piece with a gorgeous tone, he just leans on the doorframe outside and waits for them to finish and leave. As they walk from the room, he slips his arms around their waist and leans his chin on their shoulder. “You never told me you were a singer. You sound absolutely gorgeous.” He encourages them to continue singing, seeing that they really enjoy it, and even scores them an audition for the Lucian National Choir. He learns how to make throat remedies, always having one ready when they come back after an evening rehearsal. He spends those evenings kissing their throat, and when they have a crisis about talent, he’s right there to remind them, “It doesn’t matter a bit to me what you do with your life, or what talents you pursue: you have enough to last multiple lifetimes. What matters to me is that you let me stand with you when you do.” He always sits in the front row for any performances, and encourages them to sing as they sit on his lap and he strokes their hair on lazy Sunday mornings.

Gladio - He takes them for a camping weekend, and when night falls they sit around the campfire. As they’re roasting marshmallows, he hears them singing away to a song they heard on the radio. They’re singing sotto voce, competing with the crackling of the fire, but Gladio can still hear them. He teases them for it, but when they get a little sad he puts an arm around their shoulder. “Hey, I’m just teasing. You sound good.” He gives them a playful kiss on the cheek, leaving them blushing, before setting up the sleeping bags in the tent. After they eat their marshmallows, they fall asleep tangled together beneath the stars, and he hears his S/O singing the same song. Still quiet, but more confident. After that night, whenever they’re singing or feeling awkward about it, he gives them a large grin and places a hand on their shoulder. “Sounding good, sweetheart.”

Get To Know Me

I was tagged by @itstartswithablankpage​ on my main (thewarlordscontract). I could have sworn I didn’t this one already but I can’t find it anywhere…

relationship status: I have a cat.

favourite colour: This weird burn orange-red that I can’t seem to replicate on a color pricker. 

pets: Again, I have a cat. She’s a two year old Snowshoe I rescued last April. I also have a yellow budgerigar. 

last song you listened to: Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.

first fandom: I never got into anything enough to consider myself part of the fandom. I do love ATLA, and have an Azula cosplay though, so I guess that counts. 

Hobbies: Hiking, bouldering, drawing, mma. 

Currently Reading: Terrier by Tamora Pierce. I was about halfway done with it when my work schedule doubled, but all my free time has been dedicated to writing and beta reading since then…

Not tagging anyone this time.

PJO Headcanon #46 - Taylor Swift


Eventually, all of the seven end up listening to Taylor Swift.

Annabeth is first, of course. She’s been listening to Taylor Swift since she can remember and she’s entirely shameless about it. She bursts into song randomly, uses lyrics from the Swizzle’s music to convey messages to her friends, and she almost always dresses as Taylor Swift for Halloween, out of tradition more than anything. She will fight anyone that Taylor’s first album is her best one.

Piper is almost immediately next, not because of Annabeth, but because she really likes Taylor’s music. This is partially because her boyfriend plays the guitar so nicely and Taylor Swift can also play guitar nicely. She’s less showy about it than Annabeth, mostly because she doesn’t like to sing out loud very much out of self-consciousness. Still, when she’s with her girlfriends no one can stop them from busting out into We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Because of Annabeth, Percy starts to get into her music entirely by accident. He’s listening to music on her iPod instead of his, and one of Taylor Swift’s songs comes up (I mean, it has to be, like, 22 or something.) He’s about to skip it when he realizes it’s actually super catchy. And because he’s Percy freakin’ Jackson, he’s super proud to announce his new obsession with this popular female country-turned-pop singer. Leo snickers and Percy slaps him because everyone knows Leo likes Taylor Swift even more than he does.

Speaking of: Leo loves T Swizzle. He has posters of all of her eras and albums plastered on the bunker walls and he blasts her music while he works. He belts out the lyrics at any and every possible opportunity. He is absolutely shameless, and he’s gone to almost every one of her concerts since Speak Now came out. For Christmas, Piper gets him two tickets to her next concert and a vinyl of 1989 and Leo bursts into flames, he’s so excited.

Jason listens to Taylor Swift because he’s really not picky, and plus she’s got some cool guitar-y songs he wants to learn. Also, his girlfriend loves her. He doesn’t get obsessed with her music, but he doesn’t forget it exists, and when he’s bored he’ll (sometimes subconsciously) strum out one of her tunes. He likes We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together because she does a cool strumming pattern.

Frank has heard of Taylor Swift but never really listened to her, claiming it’s not his type. Annabeth and Piper take it upon themselves to prove him wrong, and assemble a list of some of Taylor’s softer, nicer songs about love and happiness and friendship, burn a CD because Frank is hella old-fashioned, and give it to him as a “Happy Random Tuesday” present one random Tuesday. He listens to it and falls in love with Fifteen and thanks them repeatedly for blessing him with such a beautiful musician’s melodic voice.

Hazel is last, of course. She doesn’t like to listen to music very much - it’s unsettling in how different it is from what she’s used to. Slowly, she gets used to it, mostly by listening to aforementioned CD of soft Taylor Swift songs from Frank’s collection. Eventually she listens to the more popular songs, and some of the really badass, jump-around-screaming-at-the-top-of-your-lungs songs. She and the girls get together sometimes and do, in fact, jump around screaming at the top of their lungs to a bunch of her songs. 

+ Bonus Nico & Reyna:

Nico only listens to Taylor Swift because Will likes her music. It’s always playing in the background in the infirmary, and Nico spends a lot of time in the infirmary. (He has a doctor’s note.) Eventually, he just gives up and buys all of her albums on iTunes, listens to them all in order three times, and returns to his boyfriend with an arsenal of love songs to irritate him with and hum annoyingly under his breath while Will works.

Reyna likes Taylor Swift because she’s a strong independent woman who, despite having multiple boyfriends, still accomplishes great things by sheer power of will and talent. She admires Taylor, and whenever she exercises she plays the T Swizzle tunes in her headphones. Her go-to exercise song is Bad Blood. (Campers are sometimes afraid of Reyna when she’s working out to Bad Blood, as she once stabbed cleanly through a wall with her spear just as Taylor said “hey!”)

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Also, he's a fairly decent singer and he would never admit it but he loves to sing perfect by one direction to his s/o

He’s probably got an old, beat up acoustic guitar in his room that he plays around with, even though his dad offered to buy him a brand new one. But Monty insisted on getting one with a “story” even if he doesn’t know what the story is. And he dabbles in all sorts of music, and sings to himself, and he likes taking songs that aren’t really acoustic at all and play those, and that’s how he comes across One Direction songs and he thinks it’s so adorable to sing “Perfect” to his s/o even though he’s not the biggest One Direction fan in the world, he likes the message the song conveys.

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When Korra and Asami get married
  • Their speeches both include something along the lines of, “We dated the same guy and now look at us. Even though it brought us together, let’s never do that again.”
  • Korra’s Maid of Honour is Katara (Who is quick to say “don’t you think i’m a little old- Korra- Korra please- Korra- Fine, fine.)
  • Asami’s is Jinora
  • Their first dance is to a traditional Water Tribe song that’s been “modern-ized” by, along with being pre-recorded, includes bits and pieces from traditional songs from other nations in symbolism for not only Korra being the Avatar, but also that they’ve been all around the word and beyond together
  • It turns out Korra can drink like a MONSTER
  • She’s a giggly drunk
  • She cries laughing
  • Asami gets her to sit down and she just falls asleep with her head on the table

@captbuccaneer tagged me (so have a lot of other people tbh haha rip) to post a pic of my lockscreen, homescreen, the last song i listened to, and a selfie!! The only reason i haven’t done this yet is bc i ….. don’t take a lot of selfies so i never have one to put here?? Anyway this one’s old but i think it’s kinda cute and also its my MIT sweater but it says TIM backwards and i think that’s appropriate

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Why is people saying that both Taylor and karlie are dating? When the alleged kissing happend in 2014 Taylor denied it on Twitter also some fans are linking her to Diane argon and her old fiddle player. What i want to know is why they think this and even if it is true it's not there place to force them to come out.

Why are some fans “shipping” Taylor with her friends?

To answer that question, we need to look again at the perspective fans get on Taylors life. The only way fans get a look into Taylors life is through her songs,candids and social media posts. What do they conclude out of that? They think Taylor doesn’t (and will never) get happy with men, but she is always happy around her female friends, so they are perfect for each other, right? 

Well the problem with that attitude simply is, the fans don’t know the “real” life of Taylor, so they can’t know what is “right” for her. And not only that, trying to force her into doing what they want from her, is not some “internet fun”, it’s harassment. When she even tries to stop them through denying their accusations, then these fans should realize they crossed a line, because the person who never wants to offend anyone did address a issue that affects her own fans.