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Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series) 

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.   

A/N: Hi guys! This is a little something I’ve been working on lately. It’s only gonna be a few parts and I hope you enjoy it! 

“Whoa, hey there doll, what’s the rush?”

Quickly checking if you hadn’t dropped anything, to avoid any more embarrassment on the first day on your new job, you looked up at the man you’d just crashed (face-planted) into.

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Mad Love - Request

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl:  Being Sherlock’s twin sister (basically the kinder and more sassy version of him), and Moriarty falls hard for Reader. Like, his breath is quick, he can’t think, and he stutters around Reader. Reader falls for him, and Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade (your boss/bestest friend in the world) get protective of Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 1,968

Warnings: First time writing Moriarty (it is indeed a warning).

A/N: Ugh, don’t be so rough on me, I’ve never written him before…


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The Holmes family, a family of six strange individuals with very unique characteristics each. The father, who could be considered the most normal one and a true romantic; the mother, who was a math genius before becoming the mother of four little freaks: Mycroft, Eurus, Sherlock and (Y/N).

Mycroft was a brain just like his mother, and at his adult age he was the British government on his own. Eurus was the psychopath one, presumably dead by then. Sherlock was a scientist, a philosopher even, and the world’s only consultant detective while his twin sister, (Y/N), worked as forensic investigation along with Greg Lestrade.

Sherlock couldn’t be prouder of his twin sister, because “someone needed to show the British police how to do it properly”. Meanwhile, Mycroft was a little reluctant about her choice of career because it was quite dangerous. But the Holmes Twins loved danger and were too stubborn to change their minds once they got an idea inside their heads.

It was known that once they got together, there was not a single case that could be left unsolved – except for the unsolved ones, but they refused fervently to talk about those – and so they got involved in all kinds of trouble together.

She was the only one Sherlock actually gave credit too. Mostly because they were basically the same and denying her cleverness would be equal to denying his own cleverness, but also because she was his best friend, companion, partner in crime, and every other brotherly-term one can come up with.

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Impressed // Sirius x Reader

Words // 1542

Warnings // None

Request // Can I make a request please? Can you write a Sirius x reader where he really likes the reader and he tries to talk to her but her friend hates him so he joins her favourite subject and he tries to read it before so when the professor asks he’ll answer and impress her? Oh and can you make the subject potion? 

A/N // This might read a little weird but the idea is that it’s written from Sirius’s point of view. Also Y/F/N = your friend’s name

Originally posted by dearremuslupin

“Who’s that?’’ Sirius asked as he curiously kept his eyes focused on a girl. James looked in the same direction and shrugged, he thought he knew but he wasn’t that sure, she might’ve been with Lily once or twice.

“That’s Y/N L/N, why’d you ask?’’ Peter responded, he had been with Y/N a few times before, mostly because they met by accident or he wanted to ask Y/N something about certain subjects which weren’t his strength.

“Just.. Curious.’’ Sirius said before getting up.


“Oh shut up I don’t do that.’’ Y/F/N responded and you laughed, you knew she definitely did that, everyone who knew her knew but she still didn’t admit it which made you laugh every single time, you didn’t know why but honestly it was just so funny to see someone ignore something she so clearly did like she was almost completely oblivious to it

“Of course you don’t.’’ You responded before taking another bite from your breakfast. Everyone continued talking up until one point where everyone just dropped silent, you looked up from your breakfast and saw Y/F/N suddenly standing up, looking very defensive.

“What do you want Black.’’ She spat like it was venom. You noticed it was Sirius Black who stood before you and your friend group. You had never really talked to him as you didn’t think it was necessary nor did you ever really have the opportunity. Still, you knew your best friend absolutely hated him although you weren’t completely sure why, you knew he had a bad reputation for dating a lot of people but you had known worse.

“Calm down Y/F/N, I just want to talk.’’ He said as he put up his hands, she pushed him back in response. This caught everyone by surprise but it also sent a very clear message she didn’t like him and because of this he just decided to leave and go back to his group of friends. You looked in surprise at her, she had gotten angry and definitely punched a few people before but she never seemed to be as passionate as this when it came to hating someone.

“Wow, never seen you this angry.’’ You said with a small chuckle in surprise, she shrugged and decided to go back to eating. After a few second everyone was back to chatting like normal again but you noticed she seemed obviously far more tense than she was before and you put a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at you with curiosity.

“What’ve you got against Black?’’ You asked curiously, she snorted in response.

“He’s a grade A arsehole if you didn’t know, that’s most of it honestly. I just hate him, good enough reason?’’ She asked, you huffed. “Not really but it seems like you don’t want to say a word more.’’ She nodded in response; she hated spending more time talking about him and really didn’t want to.


“Thanks, here’s what you asked for.’’ Sirius passed him both the sweets and the pranking supplies, the guy just smiled before walking away. Against the rationality of his friends he decided to make a deal with someone who could get the schedule of that girl. He knew her name by now, Y/N. Somehow he had convinced himself it was good to get her schedule so he could maybe switch some classes, as long as he was alright at them so it didn’t completely sacrifice his grades.

“Have you really gone through with that?’’ Remus asked as the three other boys approached, Sirius sheepishly grinned and nodded in response. He felt rather shamelessly about it, of course it went a bit too far but he had no choice because Y/F/N was really intent on hating him even though he never really did anything wrong to her, not anything personally.

“Don’t look at me like that, you saw her friend she would’ve killed me in a second.’’ Sirius responded as he immediately noticed how much Potions she had in her schedule and assumed that was her favourite subject, he could ask but it seemed rather obvious as she also had some classes with higher levels so he imagined she enjoyed the class she was best at.

“Still, couldn’t you’ve just asked her personally?’’ Peter continued.

“I could’ve if I knew her classes and now I do.’’ Sirius said, he was getting annoyed because to him it didn’t seem like the best thing to do but it seemed like the only logical thing to do because there was no other option, he couldn’t hopelessly look around every class and hope that she was in a class alone and the chances of that were almost minimal.

“You better get that girl because if she finds out about all the stupid things you’ve doen she’ll never want you.’’ Sirius smirked. “I’ve got enough charm, couldn’t say the same thing for you. At least I’ve been had success. You’re still going after Evans.’’ James gave him a glare but a few seconds later they were laughing again.


Sirius arrived surprisingly early but that was his plan so he was quite relieved, he knew Y/F/N arrived a lot later so he decided to just go earlier instead of hoping that she didn’t have Potions this period which also was a realistic option, either way he arrived early, just around the time Y/N was arriving.

“Hi. Mind if we sit next to each other? I’ve just switched classes.’’ He said smoothly, luckily it was still early into the year so he was allowed to do that. She looked up at him and seemed to think for a while before nodding, she seemed to be slightly suspicious but not necessarily cautious.

“I’m Y/N.’’ She said as she sat down. “Sirius.’’

She chuckled. “Yeah, I know who you are.’’

“Seems everyone does.’’

“Well, you are something infamous.’’ She said with a laugh.

“Do you agree with that?’’ She shrugged.

“I’ll judge you on your potion skills, seems fair enough. Just how your- our potion turns out and how you act this lesson should give me enough reason to judge whether I like you or not.’’ She said confidently, Sirius smirked. He liked a challenge.


“Mr. Black, now we are more private I have to admit you have never been this dillegent about Potions. What changed you? I’ve never seen you this passionate or be as present as you have been.’’ Slughorn said as he approached the two. Sirius was happy about the comment and looked at Y/N who was absorbed in the potion but did seem impressed at how much he knew. He hoped it was worth it because he had to practice and study a lot of Potion books.

“I suppose something just kindled. How’s our Potion looking?’’ He decided to ask as he didn’t want to brag about it, unlike he usually would, he wanted to look the best he could in front of her. Slughorn seems surprised at the humble reply but turned to look at the potion.

“Hmm, the colour seems well enough. I’d suggest maybe stirring more so the colour will look more dull, it’s still quite bright but you have enough steps ahead to fix the colour.’’ He suggested and Sirius nodded before going back to work. Y/N didn’t speak for a while as she passed him the ingredients to cut whilst she stirred a bit more but still slow as the instructions told.

“Never knew you to be the humble kind of person.’’ She said curiously as she continued to stir, he chuckled in response. He was surprised himself he could keep the response as humble as it was, he had many things he could say but decided this seemed to be the best of the ones he could come up with.

“Suppose everyone has that side, it just isn’t as clear with everyone.’’ He commented and she smiled in response. They worked together surprisingly well. Y/N hadn’t expected that much of him, as she sometimes saw him and how he acted in different classes. Still, whenever Slughorn asked a question he knew the answer but if he didn’t when the answer came he asked further about it as if he really was trying his best to know and understand. She understood why her best friend didn’t really like him as he wasn’t that likeable in most classes but she had to admit she enjoyed working with him.


“Thanks for getting us best potion.’’ She said as she started to pack everything, he just shrugged.

“Seems to me you did the most work.’’ She chuckled and grinned, he had a feeling she was onto him as she had been very observant.

“You don’t have to act like this you know, if you suddenly turn into an arsehole when we’re dating I’ll still break up with you. So, isn’t this the moment you’re supposed to ask me out with the best flattery you have to offer?’’ She said with a smirk on her lips, he liked her even more now. She was sharp.

“Would you do me the honour, my lady, of allowing me to take you out on a date?’’ She laughed but nodded.

“Well, c’mon my lord we’ve got our next period.’’

some Antisepticeye & Darkiplier things to point out

Okay so idk if other people have had the same thoughts, but I’ve GOT to point out some uncanny links between what happened at/before Jacksepticeye’s panel at PAX 2017 and in “SAY GOODBYE”, and what happened in “A Date With Markiplier”.

Here’s some footage taken at PAX by someone in the crowd:

Here’s the Anti part of the isolated video featured in the clip previous:


And here, of course, is “A Date with Markiplier”:

Ok so lemme start out by talking about Anti’s PAX “takeover”. He appears suddenly to usurp the intro video, but you hear him before you see him. The screen glitches a bit, convincingly enough to fool the crowd into glossing over it. But then the quality degrades, the track stutters noticeably and the screen blacks out. After a moment it explodes back to life and you see flashes of some of Jack’s previous videos, blurring from one to another with the colour pallet all out of whack, faster and faster until it slams back to black. You hear Anti chuckle, and as he appears visually, the first thing he says to you is, “Did you miss me??”

Keep that in mind as we move on to a Date with Markiplier. Pay for the dinner, go to the horror play and Mark disappears from his seat. The screen starts glitching out and the viewer’s field of vision widens until the stage is all they can see, over and over. Rumbling sounds can be heard, and for a moment, the figure of Dark appears reflected in a couple of the frames. Faster, faster, a high keening sound and slam to black. After a moment Dark appears to address the viewer, and what’s the first thing he says? That’s right. “Did you miss me?” Those same words. They both pulled a Moriarty- kinda strange, right?

Now, one might think “what a weird coincidence, moving on-” because it’s kind of a creepy thing to say in such circumstances, and it might make sense that both Jack and Mark would go for such a line. But wait, let us continue, back to PAX and Anti’s speech:

“You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy. You found someone new, threw me aside- someone, to replace me!!”

We were all paying attention to Anti during the events leading up to “SAY GOODBYE”. That much is obvious. After said video, Jack made his Halloween vlog and most of us thought it was over, at least for a while. We weren’t sure if/when Anti was going to come back, and we certainly didn’t expect it to happen as soon as a mere three months after the apex video, in which Anti won, so to speak, and Jack was apparently murdered. I wouldn’t say we forgot about Anti- its awesomeness lingered long after “SAY GOODBYE” was posted- but yes, we moved on to other things. Things like “a Date with Markiplier”.

Anti had his moment in the spotlight, retreated back into… hiding, or whatever you want to call it, and that’s when Mark’s Darkiplier project started, the countdown reaching 00:00:00:00 on Valentines’ day. If I remember correctly, Jack started to bring Anti back in the second episode of his Detention series, on January 25th. Between Anti’s two active periods, when he was on hiatus, Dark was running amok and had become our main focus.

What I’m getting at here is that when Anti says we “stopped paying attention”, and “found someone new”, someone “to replace me”… I think he means Darkiplier. I’m pretty sure Anti’s pointing out that he doesn’t appreciate Dark stealing the limelight and distracting us from him. He was/is jealous of Dark for holding our attention, and that might be one of the reasons he’s come back- to prove that he’s not gone, and that Dark isn’t better than him.

Which ALSO means that Anti is, somehow, aware of Dark’s existence, and possibly vice versa.

Dark used very similar dialogue to Anti as well, if you remember. In the “HORROR” video, he says,

“I’ve been pushed aside… replaced… mocked.”

It sounds like he’s talking about Mark, and he very well might be. It sounds like Mark has pushed Dark aside- out of fear, or a desire to live his normal life without Dark’s interference, whatever the case may be- but the wording is really similar to what Anti chose to say at PAX mere days ago. They both describe being “replaced”, and say that they were “pushed aside”/”threw me aside”. Although Dark could be talking about Mark, he could also be talking about Anti in a way, or both at once if you go for the double meaning interpretation.

This is where the cohesion of what I’m saying stars to crumble a little bit, but bear with me: Let’s say Dark was also talking about Anti as well as Mark when he said he was “pushed aside” and “replaced”. One might think, “Well that can’t work, because canon Dark didn’t exist when we first started glimpsing Anti flickering in Jack’s facecam.” Well… he actually did, to a certain extent. In a couple of Mark’s older videos- notably “Relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE”, Darkiplier appears. It’s an older, cruder version of Darkiplier, but it’s Dark nonetheless. (When in doubt, check the subtitles.) Back then, at least as far as I’m aware, Dark was the only one of his kind who had actually appeared in videos and not just in fanart or fanfiction generated by the community. And for a long time, he remained like that, in a class all by himself. But then Anti happened, blowing him out of the water by a lot. Dark came back afterward possibly for several reasons, one of which could be to take our attention back from Anti, to move it onto himself. (This link has less integrity because “relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” were posted seven and ten months ago, respectively, so the connections between those and more recent events may or may not be 100% purposeful.)

If that last part is true though, then their argument has been going on for quite a while. If not, well, there’s still an argument, still jealousy going back and forth as they battle for our, the viewers’, enthusiasm. It’s just a little more recent.

Long story short, I think @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are in cahoots, and we may or may not have something bigger to look forward to.

Sorry for the huge post, haha I just had to get all this out of my cluttered brain.


Word Count: 1,898
Reader Gender: Female I guess idk
Warnings: None (i think????)
Love Interest: Bucky
Note: Sorry this took so long to post. Every time I tried to post it my internet would mysteriously cut out and eventually I just got frustrated and gave up haha. But I have returned in hopes that I’ll be able to finally post it ♥

Originally posted by coporolight

I ran down the street, rain hitting my face like bullets. There was a big storm passing through the city, and I was one of the few people brave enough to be in it. Or stupid enough. Either way, I didn’t have an umbrella with me; the storm was so sudden, and it’s normally sunny around here. As I ran across the street, a dark and blurry figure caught my eye. Well, he was only blurry due to the rain. I hesitated before running up to it, not at all sure what it was. As I approached the figure, I noticed it was a human being.

A man, to be more specific. He was in dark jeans, and a darkly coloured thin sweater. I felt his neck for a pulse, relieved to find out that he was alive. I looked at his torso, noticing normal breathing patterns. The only thing signaling that he ended up here at all were the multiple bruises and cuts that littered his body. I shook his shoulder harshly, my expectations of him waking up coming to a sudden halt. After a few more minutes of trying, I gave up on my attempts to be gentle, and gave him a slap instead.

“Ow, what the hell?” He asked, voice laced with sleep.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” I asked and he looked at me warily.

“Fine.” He said shortly, eyeing me.

“Do you live far from here?” I questioned.

“I don’t know.” He said after a moment, now looking confused.

“Do you remember anything?” I questioned.

“No.” He said shortly again, confusion now replaced with irritation.

“Well,” I paused, “You can come to my place, I’ll patch you up.”

We locked eyes for a long moment, and I could sense his distrust. In the moment of silence we shared, I was able to look at him a bit clearer. His had a bit of scruff, obviously signaling that he hadn’t shaved in a few days. His hair was quite long, but it suited him somehow. He was shivering slightly, and it became evident that he was trying his best to appear completely calm. I stood back up, offering a hand to him.

“Come on, if I was trying to kill you, would I have bothered with waking you up?” I questioned.

He narrowed his eyes at me, silence continuing to fill the air. He finally took my hand, and I helped him stand. He limped a bit as he walked, but I wasn’t about to ask about it. If he really does have amnesia, then me asking him what happened right now is like talking to a brick wall. I shrugged off my jacket, the cold and rainy hair hitting my covered skin. I draped it over his shoulders, and he looked at me curiously.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“You’re cold.” I said simply and he grunted.

“Yeah, but isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” He asked and I shrugged.

“I’m alright.” I lied coolly.

“Bullshit.” He said.

“Well, I’m not taking it back until we get to my place, so suck it up.” I said stubbornly, and he just shook his head.

That day was a few weeks ago, and in that time he’s managed to remember little things. Like his name, where he was born, and all of that stuff. His wounds have healed, and the smaller cuts have vanished. Unfortunately, during this time I’ve found myself falling for the somewhat mysterious man that resided in my house. He’s taken to calling me ‘Doll’ rather than my actual name and, despite how often I tell him not to, I actually do enjoy it. It makes me blush a little, and I think that’s why he does it.

He also cusses like a sailor, which is fine by me, I’m the same way. He’s yet to remember everything, or how he even ended up on the street in the first place. It’s bound to come soon, and it scares me a little. That’s also partially why I haven’t told him how I feel about him. I’m scared that when he remembers he’ll leave and never look back. Or worse, it turns out he’s married with 8 kids. I heard footsteps enter the living room, and I looked who they came from. Bucky.

“What’s up, Doll?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“The damn television won’t work right.” I grumbled.

“You try turning it on?” He said smartly.

“Oh, ha ha, let’s all make fun of the one time I had a fucking mind blank.” I huffed.

“Just one time?” He asked, laughing a little when I hit his arm.

“You’re an ass.” I huffed.

“I’m a damn delight.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll make sure to remember that.” I said sarcastically.

I cleared my throat as I went to go get what I called the ‘Bucky Kit’. I gave up of calling it First Aid when he was the only one I was using it on. When I got back he was already out of his tank top, the bandages on his chest now exposed. His torso was almost fully healed, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I’d feel awful if anything got infected and he ended up needing surgery. Plus, he has this phobia with hospitals and shit. Me trying to get him inside the hospital might be just as hard as getting the T.V. remote from him.

I took off his bandages, looking for any signs of an infection. When I didn’t find one, I began cleaning the dirt off of his chest. He didn’t have a lot, seeing as how I properly care for his wounds. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, a sea of inappropriate thoughts entering my brain. I cleared my throat, hoping to clear the thoughts along with it. I focused on cleaning him up, and after a long agonizing moment of silence, I was finished.

“Now, if you’d stop running into everything, you’d be healing a lot faster.” I playfully criticized.

“Doll, I gotta tell you something.” Bucky said.

“Ah, so do I.” I confessed with a small smile.

“Same time?“ Bucky offered and I nodded.

“Sure.” I agreed, and we counted to three together.

“I remember everything.“ Bucky stated.

“I think I love you.“ I said at the same time.

My eyes widened as his words sunk into my brain. While I was happy that he finally got his memory back, fear poked into my mind. Was he going to just leave me and forget me now? What if I was right and it turns out that he has 8 kids and 4 ex wives? His eyebrows furrowed together, an undetectable emotion on his face. I should’ve just shut up, I should’ve just kept that to myself.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” I spoke, my voice faltering.

“Wait, you what?” Bucky questioned.

“I suppose you’ll be wanting to leave, now.“ I continued, my voice faltering even more.

“Y/n, wait a second-“ Bucky tried.

“I have to go spring clean my room,“ I started to back away, “So I’m just going to go.“

I ran off, retreating into the safety and comfort of my room. I slammed the door shut, feeling tears brim my eyes. I felt selfish for feeling so sad about him regaining his memory, but I couldn’t help it. He was probably going to leave me and never talk to me again. He probably doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. As a matter of fact, he’s probably in his room getting ready to leave right now.

I plopped onto the side of my bed, my back facing the door. Why couldn’t I have just thought of him like a friend? I sadly wiped my tears, which only made them flood through. In a matter of seconds I was bawling, my hands covering my face instead. I tried to keep the noise nonexistent, the last thing I needed was for Bucky to hear me cry. He’d probably just laugh. I don’t want to see him when he leaves, I just want him to go without telling me.

“Y/n?” Bucky questioned after knocking on my door.

“Go away!“ I yelled, my voice betraying me.

Instead of hearing footsteps walk away, I heard my door open and then close. Great, he’s come to ridicule me, or come to tell me good bye and to delete his number. Thankfully, my hair hid my face, so it was harder to tell that I had been crying. I heard him slowly walk closer to me before abruptly stopping in his tracks. I scooted a little further away from him, hoping he’d take a hint. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

Instead I heard him walk even closer, moving my hands away from my face. I looked away from him, focusing on the wall that faced my side. He moved my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ear. I took a deep breath as he gently moved my head, forcing me to look at him. He was crouched on the floor, looking up at me with concern. Oh great, this is even worse, I get pity. His hand stayed on my cheek, his thumb pushing away tears.

“Hey, why are you crying, doll?” Bucky asked in a quiet tone.

“It’s stupid, you don’t have to worry about me.” I replied in a slightly bitter tone.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.” He stated, completely serious.

“Well, now that you’ve got your memory back, you’re going to leave and I’ll just be left here with a memory. You’re not going to want to talk to me-“ I began rambling, making me cry a bit harder.

“Is that what this is about?” He questioned, taking my silence as confirmation, “Doll, you didn’t give me a chance to reply.”

“Well, I just assumed-” I began.

“Well, you assumed wrong.” He stated, “If you had given me a chance to talk, you would’ve found out that I feel the same toward you.” He stated, and my heart raced.

“R-Really?” I stuttered out, my crying voice fucking everything up.

“No, I’m fucking with you, of course I do.” He said and I sighed.

“You’re still going to leave and forget me.” I pointed out, and he raised his brows.

“Even if I didn’t love you, how could I ever forget you?” He asked.

“I dunno.” I mumbled, fiddling with my hands.

“Doll, you’re too amazing to forget,” He smiled lightly, “Plus, you can be a real pain in the ass-Ow!” He yelped after I hit his arm.

I glared at him for a second before a smile took over my lips, and I hugged him instead. He instantly hugged me back, standing up and spinning me around for a second. A weight was lifted off of my shoulders and off of my heart, the sadness and fear leaving me. My tears dried, no longer falling from my eyes and staining my cheeks. After he let me go, I pulled away and stared at him for a moment.

“So does this mean that we’re a thing or-” I began, getting cut off with a kiss.

“What do you think?” He questioned after pulling away.

“I think that doesn’t really answer my question.” I stated.

“Yes, we’re a thing, you dork.” He said, rolling his eyes.

azarath-evo  asked:

BBRae Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

I’m so sorry this took ~forever~. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

Beast Boy had an uncanny knack for ulterior motives.  

He was devious, coy, and equally charming. How else could anyone have described the way in which he’d captured her attention so thoroughly? 

Nonetheless, when the offer had been made, it seemed innocent enough, even though Raven should have known better. 

She should have seen it coming.

“It’s just a small get-together,” he’d persisted at the time.

Beast Boy had been so nonchalant about the subject matter, that Raven had played right into his all too eager hands. 

He’d been mostly immersed in his video game, eyes the shade of evergreens glued to the televsion screen, unblinking. The words escaped his lips in a monotone whisper, almost like he was running on autopilot while his brain focused on the match.

So easy was his explanation that the empath made nothing of it, and thus, with a shrug of her shoulders and a brief nod of her head, Raven had resigned to her fate.

Except, what the changeling had neglected to mention was the nature of such a get-together. 

For example; perhaps a pertinent piece of information he’d conveniently left out, was the fact that it took place entirely poolside

As in, a pool.

As in, bathing suits and bikinis, and a lot of unexpected nudity. 

[this got long, so the rest is under the cut!]

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{Mafia AU Reaction} When EXO are in the mafia and you’re their wife but you try and run away

Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could kinda do like an EXO mafia!AU you’re in an arranged marriage where you try to run away but end up getting caught by him???

Note: I almost just died writing this, but it’s okay I somehow survived, though I have acquired a shot of Mafia!EXO feels, thanks anon ;) teehee~ I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you will all enjoy it and especially the anon who requested it. Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

In the mafia, Chanyeol deals with drugs, or does simple missions because he isn’t suited to the hard jobs. Chanyeol grows attachments easily, and that can sometimes interfere with his work, so he’s never given the emotionally difficult jobs. Kris’ tough, but he’s not a heartless bastard - and Chanyeol is grateful for that. His emotional side is what drew you to Chanyeol in the first place, you thought you could change him, bring him back and have a nice normal life together. But those were your vulnerable days, and now, married, you realise how stupid you’d been. Running away seemed like the only plausible thing to do, for your own good, but running away from Chanyeol and his gang members was never going to be so simple.

Chanyeol: “Why did you try to run away?”

{y/n}: “Can’t you see what this is doing to me? I can’t live like this!”

Chanyeol: “One more chance… Please… I can change, I promise.”

Do Kyungsoo

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You want to run away from Do Kyungsoo? Yeah, you’re delusional. You signed that marriage contract, there’s no way you’re getting away from this man. Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., is not lighthearted, he’s ruthless, a cold killer, so a simple runaway isn’t going to phase him at all. As soon as he caught you, he simply smiled, in this spine shivering way and pulled you in with one arm wrapped around your waist, his other hand occupying a knife that he placed next to your neck, grazing lightly against the skin teasingly.

Kyungsoo: “Thought you’d run, did you? Well Jagi, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re stuck, I’m your fate now.”

{y/n}: “You’re crazy.”

Kyungsoo: “Crazy in love with you, my dear. And it won’t be long until you feel the same way about me. But for now, I think I owe you a punishment.”

Byun Baekhyun

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Baekhyun is a part of the EXO gang, but his job isn’t as mainstream as the others. Instead, he’s more of a male prostitute, and sells his body for money and secrets. If EXO needs to get information on another gang or the government, Baekhyun will pull his skills on any man or woman and has their every thought rolling off their tongues within seconds. But he has a heart, and when he finds out he’s marrying you, it throws him off guard a lot. It doesn’t feel right continuing in the job he i doing, but he only does something about it when he finds out that you’ve run away.

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry {y/n}, I know it’s hard on you.”

{y/n}: “I can’t be with a man that sleeps with other people.”

Baekhyun: “Then I’ll change, please don’t leave me. This can really work between us, I promise.”

Oh Sehun

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Sehun was most likely the most pissed off out of all the members when he found out that he was arranged to be married with you. It had been your families that had decided on it. Little did you or his family know about his underground life as a mafia worker. When you found out, you were sworn to secrecy, with not only Sehun on your back, but also his boss, Kim Junmyeon too. When you were officially Sehun’s wife, you realised how hard this life was going to be. You didn’t know what Sehun did when he went ‘off to work’ and a part of you really didn’t want to know. But your mind did wander, did he kill others? Is he dead? Is he having sex with another women? It would explain him coming home so late and stumbling into bed around 4am after not seeing you for hours. This built up over time, until you finally decided to run away - to make a new life, but getting away from this wasn’t as simple as you anticipated.

Sehun: *Pins you up against the wall* “And where did you think you were going?”

{y/n}: “The store, we ran out of-”

Sehun: “You had a suitcase! You’re not getting away from me, {y/n}. This is your life now, if you run away, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Junmyeon will track you down and kill you, you know too much.”

{y/n}: “Maybe it’s better than living like this!”

Sehun: *Hides his hurt - but too stubborn to show it* “Whatever {y/n}, do whatever you want, I’ll let Junmyeon kill you for all I care!” *wouldn’t actually, he’d probably sacrifice himself for you tbh*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

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If you’ve ever thought running away from Zhang Yixing, then you’ve got another thing coming. You signed that marriage contract, and now you’re his, and he likes to remind you of that a hell of a lot. His job in the mafia is the ‘sweetheart scam.’ he acts innocent, but like hell is he. He gets all the pretty little details from people with the eyes of a puppy until he doesn’t need him, and that’s when his true devilish eyes show. Seeing Yixing is like seeing red, he’s a demon with the face of an angel. A fallen angel. That’s what he is.

Yixing: “But sweetheart, why are all your clothes laid out on the bed, are you going somewhere?” *somehow his sweet tone is more terrifying than if he was angry*

{y/n}: “I- I was just… sorting through them, I need to throw some away.”

Yixing: “Oh good, for a moment there, I thought you were planning on running. But you’re not that stupid, are you? {y/n}, because you know you can never run away jagi, you’re all mine.” *Hugs you from behind, smirking into your hair this lil’ shit wrecks everyone oml*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Since Jongdae is the master of kidnapping, there isn’t much chance of you getting very far however hard you try. He knew you’d escaped the second he came home after a job one evening. He knew you’d been acting more withdrawn than usual, and he saw your change of personality - but he never thought you’d actually try and runaway. With the help of his mastermind friend, Minseok, he managed to trakc you down before shooting off into the night to bring you back.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe you kidnapped me! Let me go!”

Jongdae: “The door is just over there… if you can get to it, that is.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s the computer man, he can hack any code, and can sweet talk anyone he needs information from, he’s the master of cyber stalking. But his talents don’t stop there, he doesn’t make a bad field man either, and he certainly never lacks in the seduction category. He was more than likely the most shocked when he found out about his arranged marriage. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows it would be dangerous for both of you in this relationship, but on the other hand, what does he want more - his job? Or his dream life where he can settle down with a beautiful partner like yourself?

Minseok: *Finally finds you after looking for two days straight without rest.* “Bloody hell {y/n}, do you know how worried I was?!”

{y/n}: “Oh I’m sure you were in shambles while you fucked that other girl.”

Minseok: “You know all of that is for my job…”

{y/n}: “If you don’t stop then all of this will go in my history and I’ll move on!”

Minseok: “I’m not going to let you, not that easily.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao is the main assassin for the mafia alongside Kyungsoo. He’s lethal and powerful. He’s not just strong with his body, but he’s also a martial artist. He might not be as good at shooting a gun long range like Kyungsoo, but he has the combat, and getting anywhere near this man will have you six feet under within seconds. When he found out that you had run away from him, he wasn’t happy, and set straight out to look for you without really thinking too much about a strategy. When he finally found you in a hotel room not too far from where you and he live, he pushed you up against the wall, holding you tightly to show his control.

Tao: “You made a bad decision today {y/n}, and now you’re going to pay.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Kris is the leader of the mafia, but everyone knows that Suho runs the show. He’s good to look at, posh suits and expensive cars, but don’t be deluded by his false sense of security, this man could do a lot of damage. One of the other members heard you packing up some clothes one night and told Suho, so you didn’t even get the chance to escape. You went upstairs, ready to grab your bag when you saw your arranged husband waiting or you, sitting on the bed with an expectant smirk riding on his face.

Suho: “Going somewhere, jagi?”

{y/n}: “N-no, why would I do that?”

Suho: “See that’s what I thought… you’d be stupid to run babe, especially when everyone knows you’re mine, and no one messes with me.”

Lu Han

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Luhan has the job of sweet talking and seducing people for information, like Yixing. But unlike Yixing, Luhan makes attachments a lot easier, and can be swayed by his feelings very quickly. This is why you are his downfall. He married you because he was forced to, but now, he can feel himself falling for you, and there’s nothing worse than falling in love in an industry that prohibits it. But Luhan is hopeful, and holds his heart over his head. He doesn’t tell anyone when you ran away, just snuck out and looked for you himself, when he finally found you, a wash of emotions ran through him, all he wanted was you, and nothing was more important to him than that.

Luhan: “I’m sorry jagi, I’m so sorry. I know you deserve better than me, but please give me another chance. I can change, I’ll pull out of his fucking shit job and we’ll settle. We can buy a house and a dog. Our biggest worries will be what colour to paint the bathroom and what school our children will be going to attend… please… I need you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai is the man that goes to retrieve things that are owed to the boss. Mostly money, but every now and again he does need to get his hands dirty. He’s good at his job, and not a lot scares him anymore. He doesn’t like anyone treading in his territory, part of the reason why he doesn’t get along with Kyungsoo or Tao, he likes to do work alone, and hates nothing more than to find his work already done. When he found out that you were planning on running away from him, he wasn’t happy, and was waiting for you around the corner as you stepped outside of the house.

{y/n}: “Oh Kai… I was just…. Just looking for you, yeah, just looking for you.”

Kai: *Knows you’re lying* “You have ten seconds to get inside the house before I punish you where you stand.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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The leader of EXO mafia doesn’t like it when things don’t run smoothly, and he also doesn’t like it when people defy or betray him, so when he finds out that you’ve run away, he sets his whole team out to go and find you, and they weren’t allowed to rest until you had been found. But of course, his men are smart, ad strong, and it didn’t take them very long at all to find you. Between Minseok’s tracking and Jongdae’s kidnapping and Kyungsoo’s long range shots and Tao’s excellent strength, you were next to powerless against these eleven mafia professionals. When you were finally flung into Kris’ office, alone and weeping on your knees before him, he smiled, because he knew you were all his again.

Gal Friday

Summary: Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler and turns around, expecting one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 11 – Prompt: “CEO & Assistant”]

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Wait, so you don't have BPD but you want to write parse with bpd as your representation? How does that work? I'm really sorry, I like your Parse stories and read them and I don't mean to say that you shouldn't write them, but I don't understand where you're coming from on this. Is it really that difficult to identify with any of the characters of color on the same level?

I’ll answer your questions backwards so the long personal story can go under a readmore:

“Is it really that difficult to identify with any of the characters of color on the same level?“

That’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot over the last few weeks. Like, mental health is my wheelhouse, that’s a huge thing I write about; what about writing mentally ill characters of colour?  I can do it pretty easily with my OCs (cf. Luis and Maida) but feeling my way into mental health themes with canon characters of colour is more difficult while Kent and Jack are kind of like… low-hanging fruit, for me.

It’s why I’ve started bugging @abominableobriens with thoughts about BPD Nursey, gone back to trying to work my way into Ransom’s anxiety (I can’t find the post where I talk about where I was with this a couple months ago).  It’s not a smooth process, though–I’m flopping around being like “but how do I respect Ransom’s personality and preferences but get him some TREATMENT and REST” and “Okay but I haaate conflict-laden relationships and Nursey and Dex’s canon relationship is so full of sniping, how do I write Nursey without Dex?” and that’s the kind of flailing and experimentation I have to do internally or talking to a few people. Mostly the for-public-consumption stuff that’s come out of that process so far has been fluffy romantic headcanons.

So we’ll see how that goes. It’s partly that positive depictions of BPD/the kind of complex trauma I’m interested in are really rare. Before OMGCP, I spent most of my time writing straight-up OCs in fandom contexts because I couldn’t find what I wanted in the source material.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oookay, and now for the long bit: Why I care really personally about representations of BPD even though I don’t have it myself.

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Seijoh4week prompt writings

Ok these are really bad but gimme a break I wrote one at 12 p.m. and another at 7 a.m.

Aquarium Date:

“Like you two weren’t off making out with each other,” Iwaizumi retorted. At this, miraculously, Matsukawa and Hanamaki turned pink, though only slightly. With a huff, Iwaizumi linked his hands with Oikawa’s (they had come apart sometimes, neither had noticed) and turned around, gently pulling Oikawa through the tunnel and away from the fish, closely followed by Hanaki and Matsukawa as they bickered with Oikawa.

“Oi! Kawa,” Hanamaki shouted from the entrance. Matsukawa sniggered from besides him as Oikawa squawked in protest.

“Don’t just tack my name onto a greeting!” Oikawa whined as Iwaizumi rolled his eyes. “Iwa-chan! Don’t just stand there, you have to defend me!” Matsukawa mimicked Oikawa’s high-pitched moaning of “Iwa-chan”, as Hanamaki smirked and Iwaizumi hid a smile behind his hand. Oikawa screeched in outrage in the exact tone Matsukawa had used, and they all burst into laughter.

“C’mon, we’re not gonna be able to get tickets if we just hang out here forever.” At Iwaizumi’s comment, the rest scrambled to get inside the huge marble building. All three of them voted for Oikawa to buy the tickets and/or attempt to get a discount by wooing the clerk, who was a short, shy looking girl. As planned, when Oikawa started flirting with her, a wink here and a half-smile there, she immediately blushed and stuttered, resulting in four tickets for half the price (honestly, they all kind of felt bad for getting in cheap, but a free ticket was a free ticket).

They easily got through the short line and stepped inside, with a cry from Oikawa “To the exhibits!”. Soon after, the four separated into two groups, as Hanamaki and Matsukawa wanted to go see the sharks, earning another remark from Oikawa - “Of course Iwa-chan wants to go with me, Makki!” - and Iwaizumi groaning - “Don’t leave me with just him.” Still, the strawberry-blonde pulled Matsukawa towards the shark exhibit and Oikawa hooked his arm through a grumbling Iwaizumi’s and dragged him off to see “the pretty fish, Iwa-chan! And the coral! Honestly, who would want to see plain old sharks?” “I like sharks, Kusoikawa.”

The two wandered after getting lost (“Dammit Oikawa, you suck at this.” “You’re not much better Iwa-chan! Or else we wouldn’t have gotten lost.” “Shut up.”). For some time, they could hear Matsukawa and Hanamaki yelling at each other about memes and whatnot, probably something they’ve seen on instagram or tumblr. Soon though, their voices faded, leaving only Oikawa’s complaints hanging in the air. It seemed not many people ventured this deep into the aquarium - or maybe it was just early.

“Mattsun and Makki are honestly so uncivilised, yelling in a place like thi- oh,” breathed Oikawa, the chatter having finally stopped. Iwaizumi looked around, noticing they were in a cavern of glass, surrounded by water and fish on every side except for the dark tunnel they came through in. Multicolour fish swam around the glass walls in swarms, passively floating through the calm water. Oikawa’s eyes reflected the bright blue, gold, red, and oranges that shined on the fish scales. In Iwaizumi’s opinion, Oikawa’s eyes were much prettier than the fish, but he didn’t need to know that - he would get a big head if he did. Instinctively, their hands found each other’s, fingers locking in place. After a moment of silence, Oikawa returned to his talkative self, fluffy hair bobbing as he jumped up and down.

“Woah! Isn’t that fish so pretty?” Oikawa gushed, pointing at a bright coloured fish with frilly fins. It was, Iwaizumi thought. Not missing a beat, he quietly murmured, “Yeah, just like you.”

“Haaah?! You can’t just say that, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa’s stage-whisper echoed off the glass and reverberated in the small cave. He buried his flushed face in his hands, falling silent after that outburst. Iwaizumi pried his fingers away from his face, smirking. Oikawa looked up at him (a miracle he didn’t comment on it, Iwaizumi thought as he thankfully noted the slight slouch that allowed him to be just slightly taller), eyes shining and glossy.

“Wait- are you crying?” Iwaizumi asked in astonishment. He had expected something like, “I know I’m pretty, but if only you were half as good-looking, Iwa-chan,” or “That’s so unfair that you always get to compliment me, no, I’m not blushing!” or something along those lines Instead, the eyes that seemed to hold galaxies were filling up with tears as Oikawa looked up at Iwaizumi.

“Yes! God Iwa-chan, you’re always so nice, and pretty, and perfect…” Oikawa sniffed. “I just… I don’t know, it’s not fair!” Oikawa mumbled, pouting, but the corners of his mouth turned up slightly. Iwaizumi laughed.

“Tooru, what did I do to deserve you?” Iwaizumi leaned over and pressed a soft kiss on his lips, silencing a shriek that was sure to surface after what he just said. When Iwaizumi leaned back, Oikawa let out a small croak.

“No fair! You can’t just call me by my given name before I do, Ha-Hajime!” Oikawa’s whole face was red, while Iwaizumi’s ears were tinged a slight pink.

“Yeaaaah! Get some, Iwaizumi!” came a delighted shout and a wolf whistle, signalling the other two showing up. Oikawa somehow turned redder, while Iwaizumi, once again, rolled his eyes in exasperation.

Different kisses shared among them:

There were eight; eight kisses shared among them that they all remembered from the countless nights they had laid snuggling, or times they cried in defeat, or another.


When Iwaizumi, for the first time as a six-year old, had fallen from a tree and scraped his forehead, Oikawa had planted a tender kiss there, saying how his sister would do that for him when he got hurt, to help it heal faster.


When Oikawa’s parakeet died, he had cried for days, until Iwaizumi bumped his nose against his own, explaining that it was an Eskimo kiss. They laid in bed that night, staring at the glow-in-the-dark stars plastered all over Oikawa’s bedroom wall.


In their first year in Kitagawa, at night in a training camp, Iwaizumi had been dared to kiss Oikawa. Both of them blushing, Iwaizumi had quickly pecked him on the cheek and furiously dared the other to do something - Oikawa didn’t remember, as he had buried his face in his pillow and stayed there until the third years came to tell them to shower.


The first time Hanamaki had kissed Matsukawa was on his ears, which promptly turned as red as they could go. There was endless teasing from Oikawa and Iwaizumi after that.


Oikawa’s knees had given out, and he had fallen to the ground in pain, ball bouncing uselessly on the floor. Iwaizumi, despite the urge to yell about pushing himself too much, had lifted Oikawa up and placed him on the bench, examining the injured knee. He gently placed a kiss there, as tears fell from a one silent Oikawa.


At a third year training camp at Seijoh, Hanamaki and Oikawa had started fooling around, which ended with the third years kissing all of Oikawa’s ticklish spots (a.k.a. His tummy), which also ended with Mizoguchi coming in to lecture them about being responsible and mature.


Iwaizumi had taken Oikawa’s hands, commenting on how they were perfect for setting. Long and lean fingers. Delicate, but strong. They were the ones that set the ball to him, or served with the precision to break down the other team’s receives. He brushed his lips against every knuckle, his calloused palms.


The first time their lips touched, it had been after the match with Karasuno; the final one. The one they lost. On the bus ride home, everyone had been silent, and most asleep after the tiring game. Even Kyoutani had been muted. When they got back, Oikawa had insisted to stay and practice a bit more, and for some reason, the Coach had agreed. The third years had stayed behind, silent except for the grunts and panting as they jumped and jumped. Soon, all four were lying on the ground in defeat. Oikawa leaned towards to Iwaizumi, and suddenly they were kissing, tears mingling between their lips pressed together. Tiredly, Matsukawa and Hanamaki reached over, and they were leaning against each other on the gym floor, hot and sweaty and crying.

Lemme be honest this is the first time I’ve written a Haikyuu!! fanfic that doesn’t have as much angst in it

Also sorry it’s so late, I had a lot of problems with my computer and was super busy. Here’s the art part of this week

#138 - For anonymous x3

Filling the prompts “something where Van and the reader drop out of school together to pursue the band?” and “you were his only ever girlfriend when he was young, all the songs from the two albums are about you, you were like, meant to be, the happiest couple ever, baby plans and shit… but then you kinda starts to stand out at your job and he has to tour more, so he decides to break up with u, even though you still wanna make things work? then you get depressed and triggered, but you guys never stopped loving each other and meet after years” and “reader and Van have been dating for quite some time and that their relationship is starting to get difficult because Van is caught up with touring, and that he is starting to like the fame and recognition he’s getting. Maybe Van is starting to think that maybe it’s best for them to break up or something? I kinda want a not so happy ending kind of story….”

Note: Indulge me, friends. I’ve tried something new with the structure of this fic. I need you to listen to Dakota by Stereophonics before you read this. I dedicate this fic to firstly, the requesters. And secondly, to @you-andthebottlemen. She knows why. 

Verse 1

Thinking back, thinking of you. Summertime, think it was June. Yeah, think it was June. Laying back, head on the grass. Chewing gum, having some laughs.
You made me feel like the one.

“I’m in love with you,” Van said. You rolled your eyes and threw your math text book at him; purposefully aiming to miss. It was heavy with the weight of all the pain it had inflicted on you and the countless students who came before. “And I’m in love with this dope. And this fucking record. Did I tell you Dad’s taking me to see them next month?” The sound of Dakota filled the smoky room.

“Don’t think he’s gonna take you when he finds out about school,” you replied as you took the joint from Van’s hand.

“Nah. He’s gotta know school wouldn’t be my thing, you know? Really gotta focus on the band. Dead sure we can make it,”

“But you don’t have a backup plan,”

“Don’t need one… We’re gonna make it.”

Van was so, so confident that his high school rock band was going to get him to stadium gigs and musical stardom. You snuck into the hallway of his house and watched as he told Mary and Bernie he was dropping out of school because of that belief. 

“Van, they kicked you out,” Bernie said.

“Nah. Mutual decision,” Van grinned. Mary’s face was blank, and Bernie shook his head.

“My boy… The world is… It’s hard to make it in music. You know that,” he told his firstborn, only born.

“I know. We’re good, though. We got Larry and Y/N to keep us in check and tell us when we’re writing something shit. I just… School’s doin’ my head in. I promise I can do this. Ma, I’ll buy you a jacuzzi. And you,” Van said, pulling his seat up next to Bernie and holding his shoulders, looking into his father’s eyes, “I will make you so fucking proud. I promise.”

You lasted only a month in school without the guys. There was a fight between your parents and Mary and Bernie. They called Van reckless and a bad influence, which was true, but Mary said that Van would always look after you, and surely that is all they could want for you - to be happy, and loved until the very end of your days.

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Gal Friday

Summary: Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler and turns around, expecting one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 11 – Prompt: “CEO & Assistant”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. A pink-haired dynamo will deduce you into submission should you be found plagiarizing.

Warning: Real World AU.  Slight OOC? Maybe? Well, I kind of figure the Sakura of this fic is just who Inner Sakura would have been if she were the main character instead of Outer Sakura, so there. Some of Sakura’s dialogue based off of Donna Paulsen and Sherlock Holmes

AN: I think I will continue this one at a later date. I like the idea of assistant Sakura and CEO Sasuke intrigues me…


“You know, when someone is given his father’s flagship company, he can at least pretend to finish the drink his board of directors’ bought him.”

Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler, turning around. He expects the voice to belong to one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life.

She’s around his age – early twenties – and from her posture, utterly at ease in her own skin, yet not in the aggressive way he has come to expect from the women that frequent this place.

His gaze lingers a half-second longer on her hair, then he raises an eyebrow. “Have we been introduced?”

“Not yet,” she replies, and her smile gets a little mischievous. “But that’s why today’s your lucky day.”

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The Light And How It’s Perceived

Or: astronomy lessons with Pearl and (Tiny) Steven. Again. Happy Scabbard-versary, although this turned out a lot more fitting for a Space Race-versary.

Additionally, the very first Steven Universe fic I ever wrote contained a running theme of Pearl making small to-scale spaceship models. A (very fluffy) callback seemed appropriate. ~2100 words

The Light And How It’s Perceived

The situation, after her conversation with Greg, was quite clear. Garnet and Amethyst were away on a mission, and Steven was coming to stay over the weekend.

He was a somewhat-less-tiny tiny human now, thankfully significantly more in control of his own biological processes, and Pearl, although still nervous when left alone with him, was quite sure she could handle at least this much.

Admittedly, it was also… well - flattering, gratifying, and appeasing, the way his entire countenance lit up upon seeing any of the three of them approach, the way his grin grew to seemingly impossible proportions whenever he was told he was going to stay the night with the Crystal Gems (nobody could whisper it with quite as much awe as he could), as preparation for one day when he’d move in with them for good. Pearl couldn’t remember the last time someone had been so purely happy and so honestly delighted just to see her, just to be in her presence-

Or, well, she could, but then, she’d also thought…

“Pearl, look!”

Steven was running towards her and straight into her increasingly melancholic thoughts, providing a most welcome interruption. Clasped tightly in his small hands, but still held out in front of him as if the length of his arms would noticeably lessen the time it took for the item in question to become clearly visible to Pearl, was a plastic box of colourful pencils. It was a vivid red-pink and covered with glittery star-shaped stickers, some of which were - Pearl’s eyes narrowed - already peeling off. Steven didn’t seem to mind, however, and his smile, missing front tooth and missed ice-cream smudge and all, was contagiously bright.

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Fallen Angel (Brendon Urie) (P!ATD)

Word Count: 934


You didn’t want to come out with your friends tonight because the same thing happened every Friday. They promised to not leave you alone at the bar, but no more than thirty minutes being at the club they’d all left you to dance or make out with random guys.

“Hello gorgeous, can I buy you a drink?”

You go to blow off the guy who thought calling you gorgeous would get him somewhere, but when you turn around your comeback gets stuck in your throat as you stare at probably the most attractive guy you’d ever laid eyes on in person. Whoever he was, he knew exactly what type of reaction he got from women.

“Err sure, but are you sure? I mean I’m not used to guys buying me drinks, they usually go after my friends.”

The guy chuckles while making some hand gesture at the bartender who starts to make two drinks, “guys should be falling at your feet, I waited until your friends left before coming over. Your beauty outshines them. I’m Brendon by the way.”

You shake his outstretched hand, “I’m y/n.”

You didn’t know how Brendon knew what your favourite drink was, but you were surprised when the bartender put it down in front of you. There was something about Brendon that you couldn’t quite put your finger on; he seemed too good to be true, almost like he wasn’t from around these parts because he was being too polite and charming for his own good.

“Let’s toast to an interesting evening y/n.”

You clink glasses and the night seems to flow faster with Brendon by your side. He keeps buying you drinks, the two of you get to know each other really well, and at one point Brendon pulls you onto the dance floor convincing you that you can dance despite your protests. When you were with Brendon it was like the rest of the world melted away leaving just the two of you in your own little world.

You now knew why your friends were fans of the infamous one-night stands. As Brendon pushes you into a secluded alcove you lock your fingers in his hair and wrap your legs around his waist upon his command, Brendon was one hell of a smooth talker. You throw your head back as he peppers little kisses down your neck and collar, with little bites and nibbles in between which would leave a mark in the morning.

“You’re a demon disguised as an angel Brendon.”

Brendon pulls back smirking deviously, just with that look alone he had complete control over you, “oh you have no idea sweetheart. Let’s take this back to mine.”

You nod and he puts you back down on your feet, but before you can catch your breath he grabs your hand and starts to pull you through the club. You hadn’t been laid in a real long time, so your urgency matched Brendon’s as he pulled you outside and hailed a taxi.

~Brendon’s Apartment~

Brendon had to come from money because his apartment looked like it was from another planet; your whole apartment was the same size as his lounge.

“Damn Brendon you have a nice place.”

You walk around the space admiring everything not realising Brendon was watching you cautiously.

“I want to show you something y/n.”

“What do you want to show me, Brendon?”

As if he was able to move at the speed of light, Brendon closes the space between you in a matter of seconds. That wasn’t something a normal person would be able to do. Now you felt yourself slowly sobering up.

“Can I trust you y/n? I don’t want you to freak out.”

You nod, unable to form a coherent sentence. Brendon takes a deep breath and takes a step back pulling off his shirt. Your eyes are drawn to his chest and the strange symbols that appear and dance like ink around his body. What the hell was Brendon?

“I’m not human y/n. I’m an angel, but I fell from heaven after a revolt.”

You wanted to laugh and tell Brendon he’s crazy but you believed him, it also helped when black wings came out of his back mesmerizing you with their beauty. They weren’t white like you expected, but a dark grey colour. You should have wanted to run a mile, but something slightly inappropriate came to mind first.

“So…fallen angel, huh?”

Brendon smiles, “yup. Impressed?”

You chuckle, “did it hurt when you fell from hea—”

“I will kill you if you finish that sentence human,” Brendon scolds.

You raise your hands in mock surrender and slowly approach Brendon. He doesn’t move, letting you control what happens next. This was a lot for you to take in, but he still was the same Brendon you met at the bar.

“I have many cheesier angel pickup lines, Brendon, just you wait and see.”

You trace your fingers along the moving symbols, before moving your hands up his chest to wrap around his neck. You feel the slight brush of his feathered wings on your hand and shudder slightly, but you weren’t scared of him.

“I’m going to regret showing you aren’t I y/n?” Brendon groans.

You nod and kiss him, your heels giving you the much-needed height. Brendon grins against your lips before kissing you back. You didn’t know that you were the first human Brendon had shown his true form to, he didn’t trust people but he somehow knew he could trust you with his secret. Brendon was going to slay Halloween parties in the future.

Four's a crowd but five is a miracle

AN: You’re Alec’s best friend and you get called back to the New York institute to find your friends in ruin.
Characters: Isabelle Lightwood, Alec Lightwood, Jace Lightwood, Clary Fairchild
Pairings: Alec x Jace, Alec x Magnus
Spoilers: None
Warnings: self-harm (punching walls)
Prompt: “If we cant write Alec as straight, we might as well not write about him at all! Would you rly rather have noone write abt Alec than have us write him with a girl? Bitch he straight as hell, get over it!”

So, yeah, this is a bit of a spite story, but I actually kind of liked writing it. I really really like writing these characters. Also, I’m super not tryna start anything, write about whatever you want, I would just prefer writing Alec as gay myself.

It’s my first Shadowhunters piece, so let me know what you think?

*Set before Lydia but after the memory demon*


The silence seemed to expand between the band of shadowhunters, replacing years of love and laughter with tense looks and irritated snaps. Isabelle Lightwood was at a loss. Everywhere she looked, she saw signs of her brothers decaying, wearing on each other, destroying the bonds that had once kept them so close, and she had no idea what to do.

Sighing, she brushed her fingers over the photo stuck to her mirror.
Your smiling face brought back so many memories, so many good days and sunny afternoons and starlit nights; so many adrenaline filled hunts and heart wrenching injuries, but despite all of that, lots of love. When you had been there, there had always been love.

“Why did you leave Y/N/N?” She asked her photo, “We need you.”

Just then she heard a solid thump, the sound of her brother, Alec slamming his fist into his bedroom wall and, further away, the sound of Jace violently attacking the punching bag.

She sighed again, “Now more than ever.”


Alec fumed, his stomach rolling with a toxic mixture of hatred, anger, rejection, confusion and pain. He knew he was being irrational, he knew that his feelings demanded to be dealt with and he knew, logically, that if he wanted to, he could talk to Izzy, or Jace, hell he could probably even talk to Clary.

He couldn’t do that though. Speaking about his feelings would make them real, once the words had left his lips, he would have to act on them and he wasn’t sure he was ready for that yet.

His fist collided with the wall with a resounding thump. The physical pain was a welcome distraction from the emotional turmoil that stalked his every movement.

The punching had started just over a year earlier, when his thoughts were a constant flood of blonde hair and sculpted cheekbones and multi-coloured eyes. Back then it would happen once or twice a month but, these days; his knuckles were almost always bruised and bloody, not that anyone seemed to notice.

“Alec,” Izzy called from her room, “Alec, please.”

Alec paused, breathing heavily through his nosed and biting down on his back teeth to stop himself from crying out.

“Alec,” Izzy said again, gently, her voice shaking, “talk to me big brother.”

Alec closed his eyes, pressing his sweaty forehead to the cool cement wall. He knew Izzy was hurting, but so was he! Wasn’t he allowed to hurt too?

The boy’s thoughts turned to you. He ached with longing to have you with him again. You would understand; you would know what to do; you would be able to tell him, to help him understand why this was happening to him.

He sighed, closing his eyes. You were gone and, in his world, people didn’t come back.

Alec Lightwood took a deep breath and lined up his fist once more.


His knuckles split again.


“Jace, are you and Alec okay?” Clary asked as she watched Jace train.

He seemed off, less in control than usual, real anger and frustration driving his punches as opposed to obligation.

Jace snorted, but kept his eyes trained on the punching bag, “Fine. Why?”

Clary shrugged, “You just seem…”

“What?” Jace asked angrily, turning to face the girl, “Just seem what Clary?”

“Upset.” She finished quietly, shrinking back into herself.

Jace ran a hand through his long blonde hair, trying to calm himself.

“Alec is my best friend Clary; he’s my parabatai, the closest person in the world to me. Whatever this is, it’ll pass.” He assured her.

He hoped so. By the angel, he hoped so.


Clary tried to gauge the atmosphere between the three shadowhunters as they sat together, discussing what their next step should be. She wasn’t an idiot, she knew something was off. Something was breaking and she had no idea how to fix it. Even worse, she had a sneaking suspicion that she was the one breaking it.

Somewhere on a monitor, a red light began to flash, just a hopeful little light that was almost missed by the people that needed it.

“Hold on,” Alec said, “that’s really weird.”

“What?” Izzy asked.

“Someone’s coming into the institute.” Jace told her, moving to inspect the screen.

“Don’t you guys have wards and stuff to stop that from happening?” Clary asked.

Alec shook his head, “The wards keep out demons, mundanes and downworlders, but this person has angel blood.”

“That’s-that’s a good thing, right?” Clary asked, “It means they’re a shadowhunter.”

“Theoretically, yes.” Izzy replied.

“Realistically, well, Valentine is a shadowhunter too.” Jace finished.

“So what’s our move?” Clary questioned.

Alec shrugged, “Be prepared for anything.”

The next few seconds were tense. No one really knew what to do, so they just…waited. Just when Clary thought that no one was going to arrive, the door blew open and the autumn air carried in someone Clary didn’t recognise.
However, the change in her companions’ mood was immediate. A groan slipped from Alec’s lips and his bow clattered to the floor. The boy flew forward, wrapping the new arrival in the biggest embrace she’d ever seen from the reserved boy. Crisp, clear laughter filled the air and Clary looked to Jace for an explanation.

The blonde boy’s eyes were wide and watering with disbelief. He moved forward as if still dreaming, ignoring the curious red head’s look.

“Jace!” you cheered, “Oh my God, look at you!”

“Isabelle,” Clary whispered, “what’s going on? Who is that?”

Isabelle Lightwood smiled, peace and hope for their family invading her heart again, “It’s Y/N.” she explained, “She came home.”

And, with that, Izzy ran to embrace her long lost sister.


You were home, after what felt like a century, and by the angel it felt good. For so long now you’d felt lost, as though you’d been floating through the ocean without an anchor, just hoping to arrive home somehow.

And now, you were here, surrounded by the three people you loved most in the world, people who you’d missed desperately every single day for more than a year. You’d had nightmares about coming back, only to find that one of them had died or been mortally wounded, or to find them hating you so, to be enveloped in Alec’s arms again exceeded any of your expectation.

“You’re back,” Alec sobbed into your shoulder, “by the angel, it’s really you.”

“It’s me,” you laughed, your own eyes misting up with emotion, “I’m home. I missed you so much.”

Over Alec’s shoulder you spotted him, his uniquely gorgeous eyes boring into yours and your heart jumped again.

“Jace!” You cheered, reaching your hand out to brush his face.

With a graceful movement, he captured it and pressed your palm against his warm lips. He was just so relieved to see you standing there, alive and healthy and, seemingly, happy to be back.

“Alec, I need to breath.” You laughed at the boy.

“No you don’t,” he retorted, “you had more than enough time to breathe while you were gone.”

“Alec.” You started, “Off. Now.”

Alec sighed jokingly, “Fine.”

You took a deep breath, “That’s better. Now get over here Iz.” You smiled, pulling Alec’s sister against you and squeezing you tight.

“You have no idea how much we needed this Y/N.” Isabelle whispered into your ear, “Everything’s gone to hell. Jace and Alec…I think they’re killing each other.”

You raised your eyebrows, your stomach dropping to your feet.

“Don’t you worry,” you assured the younger girl, “I’ll do whatever I can.”

You looked at the boys you thought of as your family, wondering what on earth had happened to them since you’d left and hoping against hope that you weren’t too late.


“So,” you started gently, “What’ve I missed?”

You’d been sitting in Alec’s room, reading quietly and basking in being near each other after so long apart for nearly two hours, trying to find a way to address the thoughts buzzing around in your mind.

Alec shrugged, resting his head on your shoulder to try and avoid your eyes. You knew him better than any other human on earth, better than he knew himself sometimes and, for now, he just wanted to enjoy having you back.

“Come on Al, I know something’s wrong.” You pushed softly, “You can talk to me.”

Alec shook his head, “Not with this.”

You turned to face the boy and, in the process, brushed your best friend’s hands. The boy winced, but instantly tried to hide his pain. You frowned, your heart beating faster as you imagined what could be bugging Alec to the point of him not being able to tell you.

Seeing the look on your face, Alec began to backtrack, “It’s nothing, just stiff from training.” You reached for his hands and he pulled them away, “Really Y/N, it’s nothing.”

You grabbed his hands, gasping when your eyes landed on the purple bruises and crimson scabs adorning his knuckles.

“Alec-“ you started, your voice breaking with emotion.

He pulled his hands out of your grasp, swallowing hard past the lump in his throat.

“What happened?” You asked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Alec shrugged, feeling the warm saltwater tears building behind his eyes again.

“You weren’t here Y/N. How could I tell you if you weren’t here?”

You nodded, a grim certainty that you would carry this guilt with you for the rest of your life settling onto your soul.

You opened your mouth, uncertain as to whether or not you should say what you were beginning to suspect.

Alec smiled grimly, “Y/N Penhallow, I know that look.” He touched your arm, “What’re you thinking?”

You pressed your lips together, “Is this about Jace? Is this what’s tearing you two apart?”

Alec kept quiet, the confusion and anger rearing it’s head again. He wanted to punch the feeling away, but this was you, this was someone who cared about him. Maybe you would understand.

“I don’t know why he means so much to me.” Alec admitted.

You nodded, pulling your best friend into a tight hug, “There’s no shame in that Alec. There’s absolutely no shame in feeling something for someone.”

“But he’s-“ Alec started.

“Alec.” You said, putting your hands on his shoulders, “There’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

Alec paused. There the word was, hanging in the air for the first time instead of bouncing around in Alec’s head like a killer wasp. Hearing you say it made Alec feel like a little bit of the weight pressing on his chest had alleviated.

“You’re gay.” He reiterated in a last ditch attempt to push the reality away.

You shrugged, smiling sadly at your friend, “Kinda, I prefer the term bisexual, but whatever makes you happy dude.”

Alec laughed weakly; feeling years of fight slowly seep out of his skin. This was what he’d been waiting for, someone to just sit him down and tell him the truth that had been sitting on his lips for his whole life. He had needed to know that it wouldn’t be a surprise, that it wouldn’t change the way these people saw him.

Alec took a deep breath, letting all his anger float away into the afternoon air.

“Y/N?” he said.

“Alec.” You answered.

“I’m gay.” He admitted, laughing as he wiped away his tears.

Alec Lightwood was gay. The crushing weight lifted, not entirely, but enough to make Alec laugh incredulously. He felt almost dizzy with relief as he pressed his lips to your cheek, so grateful to have you back, and to finally be free. Finally, Alec Lightwood could be himself.

“You know what I’m gonna do?” Alec asked you.

“What babe?”

“I’m gonna call Magnus Bane.”


Jace swung his seraph blade slowly through the air, practicing his form and trying to control the flood of thoughts that threatened to drown him. Seeing you had made him feel things, things he didn’t know he was capable of anymore, things he hadn’t even realised he’d closed himself off from.

You leant against the doorway, watching Jace and wondering how to approach this discussion. When you’d left, you and Jace had been on uncertain terms but you’d missed him, by the angel you’d missed him.

“Hey there pretty boy,” you called, “are you practicing because you know I’m gonna whoop you or just for fun?”

Jace smiled, “You? Whoop me? Funny Y/N.”

The boy pulled you into a hug, breathing in the raspberry and coconut scent of your hair.

“How’ve you been?” You asked, grateful for the lack of games between you two, “Izzy said you and Alec have been…weird.”

Jace sighed, “Alec’s been weird, I’ve been normal.”

“So abandoning Alec and Izzy to chase after a girl you’ve just met is normal to you? Because that wasn’t how it worked when I was around.”

“Yeah well you haven’t been around for a while, have you?” Jace snapped back.

You sighed, and Jace’s face softened.

“Listen, I’m s-“

“No,” you interrupted, “you’re right. I’m just worried about you, that’s all. You and Alec have always been so…together. I can’t imagine a world where you two aren’t together.”

“Where were you?” Jace asked, “Why did you leave”

You looked down, opening and closing your mouth like a goldfish.

“Please Y/N, I need to know.”

You nodded, “I-uh I went to the Madrid Institute. I worked there for a while.”

“Why?” Jace pressed.

“Because I-“ you started, “I didn’t want things to change! You and I were-well-what you and I were, Alec was all lost and confused, Izzy was acting out.” You paused, “I thought that, if I left, the problems would go away.”

Jace shook his head, “If you didn’t want to be with me then-“

“You know that’s not it Jace. Alec is my best friend, yours too. It would’ve killed him and you know it.”

“I know Y/N, I just-I just really really missed you.”

Slowly, he took your hand and kissed your palm again, his eyes sending butterflies through your stomach.

“I missed you too Jace.” You admitted, cupping his cheek softly.

“Can we, maybe, start again?” he asked.

You nodded, “Maybe.”


Clary was confused. She had heard mentions of you throughout the institute, little bit of memorabilia still littered the training room, the library, the observatory and even Jace’s bedroom but everyone seemed hesitant to talk about you, or why you’d left.

A faint knock sounded on Clary’s door and she called for the knocker to come in, assuming it was either Jace or Izzy.

“Hey Clary.” You said, your voice smooth like melted chocolate to her ears.

“Oh, Y/N, hi.” Clary replied, jumping up to shake your hand.

“I thought I’d introduce myself,” You smiled, “and apologise for all that craziness when I arrived. I haven’t seen my friends in a really, really long time.”

You put the red headed girl at ease almost instantly, and Clary suddenly felt stupid about worrying about you.

“It’s okay, I totally understand.” She assured you, trying to ignore the pounding of her heart against her fragile ribcage.

You were beautiful. Everything about you seemed to add to the light that you omitted, making it almost impossible for Clary to tear her eyes away from your face.

“I also just wanted to make sure that you weren’t blaming yourself for all the tension between Alec and Jace. This storm has been brewing since we were kids, you just happened to be the catalyst for it to begin.”

Clary smiled, relief spreading through her, “Really?”

“Really.” You smiled, “I’m going to train for a bit, do you want to come?”

“Sure!” Clary agreed quickly.

This was it, she realised as you walked together. You were what they needed to fix them.

Prompt #5

Okay, so. Killing two birds with one stone again. To the first Anon, I didn’t follow on from my previous fic, but I did give you sexytimes in Cordelia’s office! And to the second Anon, I hope that this was kind of along the lines of what you were looking for. I haven’t written smut in. Well. Ever. But I liked the orgasm denial prompt because a) um, hot, and b) I had a lot of fun interpreting this as teasing the actual reader, so I drew it out a lot.

This is kind of embarrassing to post bc I have literally no idea what the reaction is going to be. Also another awkward thing: I should probably say that this is 18+ (but I know that none of y’all are gonna care anyways? What can I do?)

It is currently 4am where I am now and I only just finished this. Hopefully there aren’t too many spelling or grammatical errors. Pls give me feedback, especially if it’s critical (constructive.)

Also a shout out to Lindsay for helping me plan out the backstory to this (mostly) sex-fuelled fic.

When Misty had come to her with questions about potting mix, the last thing Cordelia expected to happen was for the conversation to end with the younger witch’s face between her thighs.

Propped against her office desk; the wooden edge was hard and dug into the backs of her legs. Cordelia’s skirt was hitched up around her waist and bunched awkwardly under her ass. Ever since the Cajun had kissed her in the greenhouse, Cordelia had spent the past couple of weeks wishing for this moment.

Since her separation with Hank, Cordelia didn’t think she would be able to develop romantic feelings for a long while, and the last person she had expected to fall for was Misty. Stupid mistake. If she had been a little more insightful, she might’ve seen this coming. Might’ve been able to brace herself for the seemingly limitless chasm of desire she fell further into, every time she saw, or even thought of the younger woman.

Cordelia knew they had a connection, was aware of their magical affinity. Time seemed irrelevant when the two were in each other’s company. Just days after they had first met, Misty had noted the way the rest of the world seemed to fall quiet when they were together. But she always thought Misty’s childish awe of Cordelia’s rather powerless existence boiled down to mere loneliness, thought her own appreciation was simply having a companion that was enthusiastic to learn.

But since the spontaneous meeting of lips, Cordelia started to notice Misty in ways she hadn’t before. She read her every move differently, desperately in search for an answer of what the kiss had meant. She noticed the way that Misty held her breath in anticipation after an incantation, anxious to see if the spell had worked. She observed the particular way Misty spread cream cheese over her bagels in the morning, tongue poking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated on covering every inch. There was certain seductiveness about the swamp witch and her unapologetic openness, that was so unaffected by the restraints of her past upbringing.

Cordelia also become hyper-aware of the constant touching. The way Misty gazed at her, low and steady, her fingers brushing against Cordelia’s whenever the headmistress handed things out in class. Then there was that one time in the kitchen when Misty had reached around her for the kettle; unnecessarily pressing herself flush against Cordelia’s back in the spacious room. Or when she caught Cordelia studying the length of her shapely legs that seemed to stretch for days beneath her short black dress. Misty only quirked an eyebrow in response, and Cordelia swore that the younger woman had continued walking with more of a saunter, exaggerating the swing of her hips.

If it weren’t for the kiss, that sort of contact coming from Misty wouldn’t have meant anything. She was a tactile person. At first, her intimacy startled the other girls, but they soon grew used to it. Even the infinitely wary Zoe, and Queenie, hard as a brick, opened up to her. Cordelia was witness to more reciprocatory hugs and friendly bumps within the Coven than she had seen in years, a familiar closeness there never was before Misty’s presence.

She didn’t know whether these things she was now noticing were habits Misty always had, or whether the younger witch was purposely playing her.

Either way, the kiss left Cordelia reeling for days, and with each interaction their relationship became increasingly intense. Misty’s smile lingered in the mornings when Cordelia woke from her dreams, leaving her clammy and confused. Considering her caretaker position within the Academy, what was the ethical thing to do? Eventually, Cordelia gathered the courage to corner Misty, and shyly ask about what was going on between them. But this had happened on numerous occasions, as the swamp witch was more elusive than ever. She either found an obtuse reason to excuse herself quickly, or hushed Cordelia with another kiss, each time more passionate than before.

So when Misty came into her office to ask about potting mix, and ended up admitting that Cordelia was the first woman she had ever kissed, Cordelia really didn’t expect things to progress this far.

It was a blur of grappling hands and needy kisses, and now Misty was down on her knees, moaning loudly from beneath the golden bed of hair Cordelia’s hands were tangled in. After a long measured lick, Misty pulled back to gaze up at Cordelia with dark eyes. Their usual clear blue colour was clouded with lust, her pupils dilated like a cat’s eyes at night. Cordelia felt herself getting wetter at the sight. She could have used Misty’s declaration to her advantage, taken some control over the situation. Yet here she was, no questions asked, a perfect vision of elegant debauchery, mouthing silent moans whilst tugging desperately at the younger witch’s mane.

“You’re s-so good at that”, she whimpered.

Misty smiled up at her. Her strong hands firmly pushed Cordelia’s thighs further apart, so her legs were spread at a ridiculous angle. Cordelia felt completely exposed in the sunlight office, but had no time to be self-conscious - Misty did that thing again, that thing no one had done to her before.

Misty’s tongue was plunging in and out of her, her face completely pressed into Cordelia’s crotch. Her dedication was amazing, Cordelia somehow managed to think to herself. The first time she had gone down on a woman, she was so intimidated, browsing her lover’s clit with just the very tip of her tongue, scared of what to do. But Misty clearly wasn’t frightened at all.

“Are you sure you haven’t been with a woman before?” Cordelia panted incredulously.

Misty faltered and shuffled back, raising a hand to wipe across her chin. “No,” she replied, sounding a little shocked, as if Cordelia should know this. “I’ve never been with anyone before.”

“What?” Cordelia exclaimed, and closed her legs in surprise.

Misty began to panic. She stood up; eyes wide and hands fluttering about, reflecting her sudden uncertainty. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea. After all, she had no idea what she was doing, regardless of how many times she had imagined performing in this exact scene before her.

“Why, am I doing it wrong?” she asked, looking hurt.

Cordelia rushed forward to grasp at Misty’s wrists. “No, no”, she soothed. “You’re doing just fine.” Self-doubt was uncommon for the Cajun witch, aside from the usual hesitation in her powers. The sudden display of vulnerability came as a surprise to Cordelia, who, after all, had been submissive in Misty’s advances. She slid her arms around the taller woman, and tentatively kissed at her neck. “You’re wonderful.”

After a moment of validating croons and caresses, Misty’s confidence returned. “It does help that you have Internet connection here” she blushed.

Cordelia smirked and raised an eyebrow. “Porn? Really? I wouldn’t have expected that from you.” With hands running fondly up and down Misty’s frame, she slowly turned Misty around, backing her against the desk.

Misty smiled giddily, relishing in the feel of Cordelia nosing affectionately into the crevice between her neck and shoulder. “Well, most of it was gross and scary,” she continued with a laugh, “but some of it was interestin’.”

“Oh really?” Cordelia laughed into Misty’s mouth, and continued to kiss her as she pushed the thin straps of Misty’s dress over her shoulders. Misty was small, and the material of her dress had enough give to slip off her shoulders and be pulled down.

“And, y’know. I’ve practiced on myself before.”

This last comment was drowned out by the blood rushing through Cordelia’s ears at the sight of Misty’s exposed chest. She regarded Misty in breathless awe, and wasted no more time before bowing her head to suck a pert nipple into her mouth, whilst rolling the other under her thumb. Misty gasped in encouragement, hands flying to either side of Cordelia’s head, and fingers flexing when Cordelia’s teeth grazed over the sensitive skin.

Cordelia nipped harder, humming around the puckered pink flesh, her hands now squeezing at Misty’s firm ass. Cordelia smiled as she realized that they had almost swapped their exact positions from earlier. Now Misty, with her top half exposed, was leaning against the desk, being eagerly coaxed to sit up on it with Cordelia’s insistent pushes.

When Cordelia tugged impatiently on Misty’s dress, she heard a few of the stitches ripping as the material stretched over Misty’s hips. She thought the other witch might be angry, but if anything Misty was kissing her with a growing fervor. The Cajun was now almost completely bare, apart from her underwear and her brown knee length boots.

Cordelia ran her hand over the younger woman’s crotch. A wet patch had soaked through the cotton fabric, revealing how aroused Misty was. Cordelia’s eyes widened as she realized. “Oh, Misty,” she stared at the younger woman, who was visibly panting, face red and flushed.

Cordelia pressed the heel of her palm more firmly to Misty’s crotch, who eagerly grinded against the contact. Misty was clinging to Cordelia’s shoulders for support, head bowed between them to watch with ragged breaths as Cordelia slowly ran her fingers under the edge of her underwear. Misty was trembling so much under her touch, the older woman thought she might even finish before her underwear were removed. So she took a step back.

Misty’s whined as her balance was unsteadied by Cordelia’s absence. She tipped herself off the desk and took two meandering strides in her heeled boots before falling into Cordelia’s arms. They kissed deeply for what seemed like hours, Misty growing increasingly frustrated as she tried to undress Cordelia. She almost succeeded, right after a perfectly placed nip at the neck, whilst dragging her blunt nails up under Cordelia’s shirt and over her back towards the hook of her bra.

“No,” Cordelia said abruptly, pushing Misty’s hands away and walking her back to the desk all over again, “my turn first.”

She must have said it with enough authority because Misty obeyed, scrambling to remove her own underwear before sitting herself on the office desk.

Cordelia grinned. Misty was positively desperate for her. There would be no more distractions. She stepped closer, immediately encompassed by Misty’s long legs wrapping around her, and the soft contented mewling sounds that tumbled from Misty’s mouth. Cordelia grinned and let a hand trail down her lover’s taut and quivering stomach.

Her finger slid in easily. Misty’s mouth hung open now, their cheeks pressed together while Misty panted in Cordelia’s ear. The headmistress didn’t move her hand; let Misty adjust to the new sensation, though it didn’t take long. Misty was so ready, her whole centre was damp. Slowly, Cordelia eased another finger in.

Misty moaned loudly this time, so loudly, Cordelia had to smother the sound with her mouth. She began to move her hand, fingertips curling slightly forward as she pumped slowly. Misty gasped in time, releasing a desperate little “ah!” into her mouth, every time Cordelia’s slick coated fingers pushed forward.

For a brief moment, Cordelia wondered what things were going to be like after this. But then Misty’s insides squeezed around her fingers so tightly she forgot everything but here and now.

“Is this okay?” Cordelia asked seriously.

Misty nodded fervently, pulling Cordelia closer with her legs for extra measure.

The angle was awkward for Cordelia; whose wrist was starting to cramp. So she splayed her free hand on Misty’s chest and pushed her roughly back to lie over the desk. A few loose papers fluttered to the floor at the impact, and Misty groaned throatily. It didn’t look comfortable. Cordelia leaned over the younger woman and kissed her stomach as she continued to pull her fingers slowly all the way out, before pushing back in, gently, until her knuckles disappeared. Misty raised her hips off the desk and pushed down against Cordelia’s touch, trying to quicken the pace.

Cordelia wanted to give her release more than anything in the world but was determined to take her time. To take it slow. She wanted to take Misty up to her bedroom and lay her down somewhere comfortable, she wanted to worship her for hours. It was her first time after all, and Cordelia thought it was only right for it to be gentle. Romantic. She was about to suggest this when Misty’s desperate whine interrupted her thoughts.

“Please” Misty panted, rocking down onto Cordelia’s fingers. Please. The word was distorted, elongated as it drawled from her mouth. Misty reached down to touch herself, and rubbed vigorously above where Cordelia’s fingers were disappearing and reemerging. Cordelia watched breathlessly as Misty’s moans got louder, her back arching further and further off the desk as she increased her pace on herself. Cordelia knew she was close.


The word echoed in Cordelia’s foggy head. Please. She had said this to Misty before, with the same amount of desperation in her voice. “Please, Misty, can we talk about this? What ever ‘this’ is?” Misty had ignored Cordelia’s questions, asked with a wide grin what on earth Cordelia meant, before trotting away, and shooting a wink over her shoulder.

Cordelia pulled her hand away.

Misty’s hand faltered on herself, staggering to a stop. “What the fuck?” she snapped, propping herself up on her elbows to glare between her legs at Cordelia, who stood at the end of the desk.

Cordelia raised her eyebrows is faux shock, unfazed by Misty’s aggravated glare. She coyly lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked at the fingers that were inside Misty.

“You’re a horrible tease Misty”, Cordelia smirked. “And now you’re going to get a taste of your own medicine.”

She bent down to lick from the inside of Misty’s knee up all the way along her thigh, and stopped to bite at the fleshiest part. Her neck was straining to keep her eyes on Misty’s face the whole time.

Misty smirked down at her, and tossed her hair confidently. “Or you’re just gonna get a taste of me,” she countered, waggling her eyebrows.

The swamp witch groaned when Cordelia peeled herself away once more. She fell back flat against the desk, accepting defeat. Now was definitely one of those times she should keep her mouth shut.

Cordelia rewarded the silence by pressing her fingers between the slick velvety folds that emanated warmth. She waited to see if Misty had any more lip to give, but the Cajun remained silent, (bar her heavy breathing, and the clunk of her heels against the edge of the desk as she rocked with the weight Cordelia was now putting behind her thrusts.) Cordelia lowered her face, and timed each flick of her tongue perfectly with each pump of her fingers.

Misty squirmed at the new sensation. The slow pace set by Cordelia was agonizing, but she was so very close, her whole body taut as a bowstring. Her legs were shaking so violently on their own accord. Never in her life had she noticed such an involuntary change in her body - it was both exhilarating and exhausting. She wordlessly begged for release, hoping Cordelia would understand her desperate whines.

Indeed, Cordelia was measuring Misty’s arousal by the vocal signs. Misty’s cries were getting increasingly frantic, but she decided to have a little more fun. Misty was teetering on the edge of ecstasy when Cordelia stopped touching her. The sound that ripped from her throat was so piteous, Cordelia actually felt bad for her.

Cordelia massaged the inside of Misty’s thighs and leant over her to croon teasingly. “After I make you come,” she ducked her head to press a kiss at Misty’s belly, “I’m going to take you upstairs, and I’m going to do this all over again.”

Misty’s brain was mush, her tongue was useless, eyes lidded and heavy, teeth almost drawing blood where she was biting her lip and nodding dazedly in agreement.

“Mm”, her head lolled from side to side, “God, yes”. Cordelia petted her stomach as she continued to mumble. Everywhere Cordelia touched her, the muscles jumped under her fingers, every part of Misty desperate for contact. “Please, fuck me”, Misty finally begged.

Cordelia couldn’t bear to torture her any longer. Misty was so beautiful as she came undone. She rutted up against Cordelia’s mouth, hands thrashing wildly, thighs eventually clamping tightly around Cordelia’s ears as she felt a strange sensation flooding through her lower stomach. Cordelia was a little taken aback by the intensity of Misty’s orgasm. It had been a long time since she had been with another woman, but she knew well enough to stop only when Misty shied away from her touch.

Misty too seemed a little shocked in the aftermath, and remained silent for several long moments with her hands covering her face. Cordelia tried to ignore the stickiness she could feel dripping and clinging to her own thighs, and focused on coaxing Misty into an upright position.

The swamp witch rolled languidly into Cordelia’s embrace, a bashful smile creeping at her lips. “Delia, m’legs are like jello”, Misty laughed giddily while Cordelia silently struggled with the effort to keep her vertical. “I think you’re gonna have to carry me upstairs.”

shut your curtains (neighbour!calum)

a/n: this sorta has smut and visuals in it so read at your own risk. also i don’t use capital letters so apologies if that irritates some people.

summary: your hot neighbour’s bedroom window is directly facing yours and one day he comes home from soccer practice a little… frustrated, and forgets to shut his curtains leaving you to see something you shouldn’t have.
(sorry i suck at summaries)

calum thomas hood was captain of the soccer team and just so happened to be your next door neighbour. you never really spoke, a friendly smile or a head nod here and there but when you thought about it, you’ve never really had a proper conversation with him. the reason for that being that you both just fell in different ‘cliques’ in school.
he was popular but not friends with the jocks, if that made sense.
he kept to himself and his three best friends; michael, ashton (who was a year or two older than them) and luke. calum still went out to parties and socialised but you couldn’t necessarily classify anyone other than the three as his friends.
whereas you, on the other hand, fell into the 'low key’ group. everyone liked you but just like calum and his friends, you and your friends kept to yourselves for most of the time.
you were friendly with everyone, treating everyone equally but you weren’t all that close with a lot of people,  those people including calum and his friends.

one fine day you sat at your window sofa, your favourite spot in the house, with a pen and notepad in hand jotting down the remaining few translations for your french class when you heard the faint noise of a door slam shut.
you looked out the window to see calum in his room next door, throwing his gear bag at the end of his bed and peeling his shirt off. you assumed he just came home from practice because his hair was damp and he had a layer of sweat covering his toned body, which you could help but admire through the window.
he flopped down on his bed facing the sealing and you went back to your homework in hope of finishing it sooner rather than later.
moments later you mentally thanked yourself for getting your homework finished. absentmindedly, you glanced out the window only for your jaw to drop and your eyes to go wide, you swear they were going to fall out of your head.
there calum was; his back flush against the mattress, a thicker layer of sweat coating his body as his hand wrapped around his length. his mouth hung agape, his head tilted backward that it was leaning against the headboard while his hand slowly ran up and down his cock.

it was so wrong but you couldn’t help but stare, heat running to your core as you watched in awe.
his torso muscles and biceps tensed up as his hand began moving up and down on his cock faster.
you hadn’t even realised your hand was down your own underwear until you heard yourself let out a moan.
before you stopped yourself you saw calum’s entire body seize up, his cum spilling onto his stomach.
you snapped back into reality, shutting your curtains closed like you both should’ve done in the first place as you scattered to your bed and shamelessly finished yourself off.

the next morning in school you saw calum standing at his locker by himself, rummaging through the mess to find his books.
you thought you’d get flustered and embarrassed and quickly walk away but strangely a wave of confidence washed over you as your two legs brought you over to calum’s side.
he looked down at you, his body towering over yours with a confused and questioning look on his face.
“you should -shut your curtains- next time, babe”, you winked and walked away leaving calum confused and flushed.

the worst part of the day rolled around, math class. you sat at the back of the class, earlier than most students, before you felt a presence by your side. expecting to see one of your friends in the chair on your right, you were taken aback when you saw calum’s tall figure sitting down.
“are you going to explain yourself?”, he spoke as though it was a demand, jaw clenched and eyes focused in a different direction.
“why should i? i already said, keep your curtains shut”, you smirked and he opened his mouth to say something but the teacher came in and spoke up before he could.
the class went on and every chance calum got to speak to you, the teacher quickly turned back around again. in the last ten minutes of class, calum’s tattooed hand slid a note over to your side of the table.
on the note, in calum’s messy handwriting, it wrote:
meet me at my locker after class, no questions asked
you scoffed at the note, rolling your eyes at his behaviour and how he thought he could order you around, after all; you sorta had his reputation lying in your hands.

the bell rang signalling the end of class and thankfully, the end of the day. ignoring calum’s previous demand, you made your way to your own locker before moments later, calum showed up behind you.
“this is your locker, not mine”, he spoke bluntly and stayed situated behind you.
“what’s your point?”, you said shutting your locker and spinning around to face him.
his hand came in contact with the lockers behind you, his arm placed on the side of your head as he leaned his body closer to you. you had to admit that at that moment you -did- feel slightly intimidated but quickly brushed it off.
“if you dare tell anyone what you saw princess, i swear”, he spoke through gritted teeth, his husky voice somehow turning you on a little.
he chuckled with a smug look on your face before leaning up to whisper into his ear.
“what’re you gonna do, spank me?”, you bit your lip as you saw the colour in his face slowly fade.
he took a huge gulp, his finger hooking under the hem and toying with your grey knee high socks that the school insisted on as being a part of your uniform, before quietly replying.
“i just might princess, watch it”, now it was his turn to smirk and your turn to very quickly become flustered as his two long legs walked him out of the school leaving you leaning against your locker confused and very turned on.

sorry this is sorta shit but i’m gonna make a second part with more smut and visuals if people want it!

change (pt. 2)

Title: change

Pairing: Seokjin/Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut.

Description: One ordinary night, your friend Seokjin approaches you with a surprising matter and a rather unorthodox solution.


Originally posted by beagletae

You rolled onto your back, staring at blankly at your bedroom ceiling, the faint blue glow of your alarm clock hovering closely in your peripheral vision. It was midnight. You certainly felt tired, though for some reason you couldn’t sleep. Lips stretching into a yawn, you grabbed your phone from the charging dock atop your beside table, thumbing in your passcode.

As expected, you had zero messages.

The only person who really contacted you was your mother, but even she had been getting busier as of late. You grudgingly sat up, hugging your knees to your chest as you scrolled lazily through tumblr. Most of the blogs you followed were either aesthetic or photography-based, but there was one which revolved around something else.

A guilty pleasure of sorts.

You kept your eyes open for a little longer than was comfortable, having inadvertently stumbled upon a photo of him.

Of Seokjin.

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Sometimes Rain Falls

A BTS Fanfiction

Type: AU/Alternative Universe

Summary: Sometimes a normal life is a good one to lead; its nice…its easy…
But sometimes, normal isn’t the way that things were meant to be. And when you’re chosen as a possible candidate for one of the kingdom’s 7 princes, life isn’t as nice and easy as you always presumed it to be…especially when you catch the eye of more than one of them…

A/N: I will warn you all now, that this fic is going to be VERY different to my usual stuff, (although obviously the writing style will stay the same), but you can expect a hell of a lot more twists, turns, secrets, and debauchery than ever before… ;) 



His smile.

That was what had you hooked.

He was a complete stranger, and if you were honest with yourself- and you weren’t so intoxicated- you’d realise just how weird it was that you’d caught him staring at you from across the dancefloor, and that his gaze hadn’t let up for the past 5 minutes.

But you were intoxicated, and you didn’t want to be honest with yourself, which is how you found yourself continuing to dance and hold his gaze, even smiling as he slowly made his way to you across the dancefloor, weaving regally between the writhing bodies until he stood before you.

You were waiting for him to speak before you finished dancing, but when he simply stood there watching you with a smirk on his face and a glass of what looked like scotch in his hand, you found your movements slowing despite yourself as your feet dragged themselves to a stop in front of him.

‘May I help you?’ you ask, becoming imboldened with the alcohol racing through your bloodstream, even though usually you came across as quiet and shy- even if a little mischeivious.

'I dont believe we’ve met before.’

It feels like you’ve been hit by a freight train when he speaks, the pure depth of his voice leaving you paralysed to his mercy as you stare up at him, feeling your jaw hanging open in wonder as you wonder just who was behind the mask…

People continue to dance all around you; women in their expensive, rich, satin dresses, elaborately decorated in diamonds, rubies, and any number of jewels, gold threads sewn into the seams of each, and the most lavish and fascinating masks adorning their faces, whilst men waltz around in richly coloured suits made of pure silks, the money that paid for them beaming from the contoured fit against each mans body- although for some older gentlemen this wasn’t always the best idea.

Each anonymous body whirled by in scents that rolled together to emit flashes of jasmine, rose oil, lavender, and for the men, a curious waft of metal, leather, and the deep musk that matched the rich oak of the chairs arranged around the room.

And yet, all of these distractions were not enough to drag your attention from him, not whilst you were aware that even though you were dressed in the most beautiful gown you had found in your closet upstairs, and even though your hair was styled to perfection, along with your face of makeup behind your masquerade ball mask….even though you had been dancing for a full hour and had yet to make a mis-step, or say something amiss to any of your partners…

…you were still all too aware that you shouldn’t be there.

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