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Bucky Barnes x reader AU (short series) 

Notes: swearing, flirting, mentions of child abuse and alcoholism (past), none other yet

Summary: As a PA/secretary, you are all too familiar with the fantasies nearly all men share: banging their hot assistant. Former jobs haven’t worked out for you for that exact reason, and now starting out at a new company, as the secretary for the CEO of the hottest modelling agency in the country, you’re hoping this one will be different. But after meeting your new boss, Mr J.B. Barnes, you’re not so sure if it will be. Then again, maybe Mr Barnes is not as stereotypical as you think he is.   

A/N: Hi guys! This is a little something I’ve been working on lately. It’s only gonna be a few parts and I hope you enjoy it! 

“Whoa, hey there doll, what’s the rush?”

Quickly checking if you hadn’t dropped anything, to avoid any more embarrassment on the first day on your new job, you looked up at the man you’d just crashed (face-planted) into.

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Full Bloom

There was a slam from behind him as Bucky kicked the door shut with all the might his ten-year-old body could muster, and then the sounds of distant yelling from inside the room he’d just stormed from.

He didn’t care. The people his mom had taken him around to visit were assholes. He just felt bad for leaving Stevie in there to fend for himself- although to be honest, he was probably just having to be held back by Mrs Rogers as he made a desperate attempt to smash their kneecaps in.

Bucky growled at nothing, kicking a nearby rock as he marched through the unknown village. The place they were in was foreign to him; the rich side of town where Bucky rarely even heard about, let alone visited. Only reason he’d been dragged along in the first place was because of the new job his and Steve’s mom had both been offered, and their potential new bosses had wanted to meet for dinner to discuss ‘arrangements’, whatever that meant.

They probably didn’t want to discuss anything now- not after the way Bucky had reacted. 

Which was great. Meant his mom had lost the job offer. Again.

And Bucky had tried, he really had- best behaviour and everything that his mom had asked him to- he knew that this was important to her. And Sarah. Probably more so to her; she and Stevie struggled to put food on the table as it was.

And he’d ruined everything.

Sniffing and adamantly refusing to cry, he kept marching, unsure of where he was going, but uncaring too. He just needed to… to find somewhere quiet. 

He’d be in so much trouble when his momma got hold of him.

It was only a few minutes later when he came back to himself, realising that he’d somehow managed to wander into a field, filled with pretty flowers and lovely green grass. It was surrounded by trees perfect for climbing, and the sun shone on it in a way that made it all glow.

Not that Bucky cared. Right now, he just needed a place to sit and be grumpy.

Throwing himself forward, he fell to his ass with an angry little growl and tucked his knees up against his chest, staring moodily ahead of him. There were little flowers dotted around the grass, and he picked at them absently, ripping their petals off and then letting them flutter to the ground or float away in the light breeze.

“Hey! Don’t do that, what did the flowers ever do to you?”

Bucky jerked and turned around immediately, eyes wide and searching for the owner of the voice. He definitely hadn’t expected to be found in a place like this- not so soon anyway.

Ahead of him, there was a skinny little boy, his warm brown eyes as big as saucers as he stared down at Bucky and the angry look that was still etched on his face. The boy was dressed in clothes that probably cost more than the contents of Bucky’s entire room, but there was grass stains and muddy patches all over them. His curly hair was falling into his eyes a little, but he quickly brushed it out when he saw Bucky looking; probably out of habit.

“Those… those flowers are pretty. Don’t ruin them,” the boy said weakly, apparently losing his confidence as he saw Bucky’s grumpy look.

He probably did look quite scary- a boy already tall for his age, in the wrong part of town and picking apart flowers in this fancy field whilst wearing a look of absolute thunder on his face. No wonder the newcomer was looking a little shifty.

He made an effort to smooth out his face a little, but he doubted it did much. “Sorry,” he said gruffly, shrugging his shoulders, “I’ll find somewhere else, I didn’t know you were here-“

“No, I didn’t mean you had to leave,” the boy said hurriedly, taking a brave step forward, “I just heard you storming in, and wanted to see who you were. That’s all. And there’s better ways to make use of the flowers than to rip them up, you know.”

Bucky looked at him quizzically, and then his eyes drifted down to the little chain of colourful flowers the other boy was gripping in his hand. Apparently losing all confidence again when he caught Bucky staring, his eyes widened and he hid the offending object behind his back, taking a little step back once again. It was like he was dancing, he moved that much.

“They’re just flowers, it’s not a crime, boys can like flowers too you know, I don’t- don’t beat me up,” he stumbled, holding his chin high in defiance but failing to hide the panic in his eyes as he took another step back.

Bucky furrowed his brow in confusion. Why the hell would he think he was gonna get beat up? Bucky didn’t hurt anyone- not unless they started it first, anyway.

“I’m not gonna beat you up,” he declared, shaking his head, “and I know it’s okay for boys to like flowers. I was just angry, and I wanted to fiddle with somethin’. Sorry if I hurt them,” he said, biting his lip.

He didn’t want this boy to think he was mean. Even if he probably looked pretty mean right now- Bucky didn’t want him to be scared. He looked as if he was scared quite a lot, actually.

There was silence, as the boy ran another hand through his hair and bounced on the balls of his feet. He was keeping his eyes fixed on his floor, and Bucky was just about to get up and say he was leaving when the boy suddenly spoke up again.

“I come out to this field when I get upset, like you. But… uh, I use the flowers too. I just mess with them in different ways,” he said, like that was supposed to explain something.

Bucky looked at him in confusion, and after a few seconds the boy’s hand was slowly removed from behind his back, revealing the pretty chain of flowers again. “Have you ever made a daisy chain before?” he asked tentatively.
Bucky shook his head, wondering where the boy was heading.

“Okay. Do you want to learn?”

He was being looked at almost fiercely, and the boy’s knees were crouched a little, like he was preparing to run at a moment’s notice. It made Bucky frown again, because why the heck did this person seem so convinced Bucky was going to try and hurt him?

“Yeah. Okay. I’d… I’d like that,” Bucky answered, trying to smile a little, despite his foul mood.

The boy’s eyes widened, like that had not been the answer he was expecting. Bucky noted that he had very nice eyes. And hair. In fact, he was even prettier than Dorothy- the girl who sat in front of him at school. Everyone loved her- but she didn’t share a patch on the boy stood in front of him right now.

“I’m Tony,” he stated, finally stepping forward and holding out his hand.

“Bucky- nice to meet you.”

“Come with me,” Tony said, pulling on Bucky’s hand and leading them to the left, where the trees met field, “I know a place full of so many flowers you won’t even know what to do with them all.”

“So why were you angry?” Tony asked, his knee knocking against Bucky’s as he carefully wove a tiny little stem through the gap in another.

Bucky paused, face clouding over. He put his chain down carefully, in case he ripped it in his frustration. “Mine and Steve’s momma met their new bosses, and they’re really stupid.”

“What did they do?” Tony asked, “did they not know how to count to ten?”

“No, not that kinda stupid,” Bucky waved him off, “they were just mean. And wrong. There was an advert on the TV and it had two boys in it and they said that it was disgusting but it isn’t disgusting. I like boys. I know I’m not disgusting. An’ I told ‘em that much myself, ‘cuz I ain’t afraid of no dumb adults,” Bucky said defiantly, hands fisting against his legs as he thought back to their gross faces.

Tony was staring at him, and Bucky realised that maybe Tony thought he was disgusting, too, so he jumped to his feet angrily. “If you don’t like it either, you can take your flower crown and scram, ‘cuz you’re just stupid too-“

“No!” Tony raised his hands, eyes wide as he looked up at Bucky, “No, I don’t think it’s disgusting. I just think you’re… you’re really brave. I could never do that to adults. I tried to do it once, when my dad called me an idiot, but then he just hit me and so I didn’t do it again,” he said, looking at the floor again like he was… like he was embarrassed or something.

Bucky frowned again, confused. Why would his dad have hit him? Weren’t parents supposed to keep you safe from being hit, not be the ones to do it in the first place? 

That being said, Bucky had noticed the angry red mark that was cutting through Tony’s cheek, and wondered if that was the reason he was in this field in the first place. And if it was his own dad that was doing that, it made everything even worse.

“I’ll beat him up if you want,” Bucky said, sitting down again so that his leg was pressed up against Tony’s. “Like I said- I’m not scared of no adults.”

Tony’s eyes were wide, and he was staring at Bucky like he was his guardian angel or something. Bucky liked Tony looking at him like that; it made him feel all fluttery inside. “You’d really do that? For me?”

“Yeah,” Bucky nodded his head adamantly, “definitely.”

Tony smiled, but then shook his head and sighed. “No. Dad’s strong, and even if you’re strong too, he’s big. I don’t want him to hurt you too. That’s why I come out here. I like flowers. They’re pretty. And dad can’t yell at me when I’m here.”
There was a short pause, and then Tony’s eyes widened as he turned to face Bucky. “You can’t tell anyone you saw me here, okay? If dad finds out I like flowers he’ll call me stuff and hit me and stop me coming, and I really like it here, so you can’t, okay, you can’t-“

“I ain’t telling your dad shit,” Bucky told him, liking how the curse word sounded on his tongue. He wasn’t sure what it meant, but he’d heard someone yell it on the street, and thought it would be a good thing to use here. “I like flowers too. And you. I wouldn’t tell him anything that might hurt either of ‘em.”

Tony relaxed a little, and nodded gratefully. “Thank you. And by the way, I definitely don’t think it’s disgusting. I like boys too- more than I like girls. But I just don’t tell anyone because I don’t want people at school or home to beat me up more,” he admitted, worrying at his lower lip and avoiding Bucky’s eyes again.

“But… why are you telling me then?” He asked.

Tony looked at him, and then shrugged, his cheeks beginning to turn pink. 

“’Cause you’re my friend. Right? And friends can tell each other secrets.”

Bucky thought about every secret of Steve’s he had kept, and then nodded his head. “Definitely.”

“Good,“ Tony broke off, finally finished with the little chain of daises he’d been making through the conversation. He raised it up and smiled at his work, before shuffling forward a little and carefully placing it around Bucky’s neck. “It suits you,” he said quietly, and Bucky thought the blush that was spreading through his cheeks again was very pretty.

Bucky nodded looking down at the chain around his neck and smiling. “You can wear mine when I’ve finished- it won’t be as good though, ‘cuz you’ve been doing it longer and I’m still learning-“

“I think it’s great anyway,” Tony assured him, picking up the half-finished masterpiece, which was a little uneven and splayed. But Tony was practically beaming at it, and it made Bucky feel lovely and special.

“BUCK! BUCKY! YOU HERE?” A loud voice interrupted, and both of them jerked, Tony’s eyes flashing with panic as he dropped the chain and turned. Bucky made note that he didn’t like loud voices.

Quickly grabbing his hand, he caught Tony’s attention. “Hey- don’t worry, that’s just my friend. He’s called Steve, and I’ve been gone a while, so everyone’s probably worried. And mad. But not at you,” Bucky explained hurriedly. “Do you wanna go, or do you wanna meet him?”

Tony paused, before looking across at the boy who was even tinier than him, shock of blonde hair falling over his face as he stumbled through the long grass and searched for his friend. “I’ll stay.”

“Good, because he’s great- you’ll love him,” Bucky grinned, before pulling them both up and waving. “STEVIE!”

Steve turned, eyes locking on to both of them immediately. He frowned a little at the sight of Tony, but it was gone in a second and replaced with a friendly smile. “WE’VE BEEN LOOKING ALL OVER FOR YOU, IDIOT,” he yelled across the field, beginning to jog across until he had caught up with them. “Your mom’s gonna give you an earful when you get back, you know?”

Bucky grimaced. “Yeah, I know I was stupid- I ruined their jobs-“

“No no, they don’t care about that. The people were assholes, they turned down the offer as soon as you slammed out of the door,” Steve explained, “your mom’s mad because you just wandered off for two and a half hours in a place you don’t know. Idiot.”

“I had Tony,” Bucky said defensively, “we made flower crowns. And now we’re friends and he’s gonna hang out with us, okay? He needs to teach you how to make flower chains- he’s awesome at them,” Bucky explained, squeezing Tony’s hand and smiling, gesturing proudly to the chain around his head.

Steve stared at it for a few seconds, and Tony was all jittery again, but then Steve just smiled in wonder and stepped forward, examining the work around Bucky’s neck. “That’s so cool! Can you make me one?” He asked, eyes wide.

Tony practically beamed, and nodded his head happily. 

“But I get to make Tony’s,” Bucky added quickly, shooting Steve a look. 

“Why can’t I make one for him too?” Steve asked, frowning.

“’Cuz I’ve known him longer and I asked first,” Bucky replied.

Tony giggled a little, and Bucky’s stomach went all fluttery again. “You can… if you want, you can both make me one?”

Steve opened his mouth to reply, but upon seeing the desperate looks Bucky was throwing his way, he slowly shut it again, comprehension dawning on his face. “Oh. I didn’t realise… uh, you know what, Tony, I think I’ll leave it to Bucky. He’s better at them than me, and he did ask first.”

Tony just shrugged, and then smiled at Bucky again. They were still holding hands. “Okay.”

“Uh, Buck- I hate to break this up, but if I don’t come back with you soon, I think your mom’s gonna call for a search party,” Steve said sheepishly, interrupting their moment and rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. 

Bucky sighed grumpily, but nodded his head. “Yeah yeah, whatever. Tony, do… do you want to come ‘round to my house sometime? Steve will probably be there, and there’s a nice meadow behind our garden. You can teach us how to make even cooler chains than before, and… and I’ll be able to make you one all on my own?” Bucky asked it like a question, and looked stubbornly at his shuffling feet as Tony’s hand squeezed around his own.

“I’d like that, yeah,” Tony said softly, prompting another beam from Bucky.

“Cool! I’ll… I’ll meet you here at the same time tomorrow, and we’ll walk down, okay? Sound good?”

Tony nodded happily, a little stunned expression on his face as his gaze jolted from person to person, as if he expected the joke to be revealed.

Bucky squeezed his hand a little tighter and then let go, the great big grin still on his face. Bad moods seemed impossible now. “I’ll come find you tomorrow then, Tony,” he called out behind him, walking up to Steve and then making their way toward the roadside.

There was a pause, and then the sound of hurrying footsteps prompted Bucky to turn around again. He only had a chance to look at Tony in surprise for a second, before suddenly the smaller boy had leaned up and planted a kiss on his cheek. 

It lasted 0.3 seconds and the butterflies that Bucky had been feeling all afternoon suddenly exploded in his tummy, lighting up his face bright pink and turning his knees to jelly. He felt like his heart was doing somersaults as he watched Tony lean back down again, covered in a pretty blush of his own, and then turn tail and run back through the grass, waving behind him as he went.

Bucky stood there, stunned, until Steve suddenly burst out laughing and elbowed him in the ribs. “Bucky and Tony, sittin’ in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-“
“Shuddup,” Bucky said gruffly, unable to take the smile off his face as he shoved Steve gently.

Steve continued to giggle all the way home, but Bucky didn’t even care. He was going to look up how to make the best flower-crowns that night, so that he would be able to impress Tony when they next met tomorrow.

“I think he’s gonna be real good, Buck,” Steve said, suddenly solemn, as he nodded his head pensively.

“I know he is,” Bucky agreed, head still tilted in the direction the other boy had run.

He was gonna make the best flower crown for Tony. Just you watch.

Mad Love - Request

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl:  Being Sherlock’s twin sister (basically the kinder and more sassy version of him), and Moriarty falls hard for Reader. Like, his breath is quick, he can’t think, and he stutters around Reader. Reader falls for him, and Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade (your boss/bestest friend in the world) get protective of Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 1,968

Warnings: First time writing Moriarty (it is indeed a warning).

A/N: Ugh, don’t be so rough on me, I’ve never written him before…


Originally posted by aphgeneralhux

The Holmes family, a family of six strange individuals with very unique characteristics each. The father, who could be considered the most normal one and a true romantic; the mother, who was a math genius before becoming the mother of four little freaks: Mycroft, Eurus, Sherlock and (Y/N).

Mycroft was a brain just like his mother, and at his adult age he was the British government on his own. Eurus was the psychopath one, presumably dead by then. Sherlock was a scientist, a philosopher even, and the world’s only consultant detective while his twin sister, (Y/N), worked as forensic investigation along with Greg Lestrade.

Sherlock couldn’t be prouder of his twin sister, because “someone needed to show the British police how to do it properly”. Meanwhile, Mycroft was a little reluctant about her choice of career because it was quite dangerous. But the Holmes Twins loved danger and were too stubborn to change their minds once they got an idea inside their heads.

It was known that once they got together, there was not a single case that could be left unsolved – except for the unsolved ones, but they refused fervently to talk about those – and so they got involved in all kinds of trouble together.

She was the only one Sherlock actually gave credit too. Mostly because they were basically the same and denying her cleverness would be equal to denying his own cleverness, but also because she was his best friend, companion, partner in crime, and every other brotherly-term one can come up with.

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Kiss Me Not -Part 2-

Find Part One Here!

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

Harry threw back the last of his fire whisky and thumped the glass down on the table, yelling above the music from the wireless, “I’m gonna kiss everyone in this room!”

A drunken cheer greeted his declaration. A girl sitting behind him startled to her feet, her drink spilling over her fingers as she stepped closer, “Me first,” she smiled shyly.

She had been flirting rather desperately with Harry all night and though he wasn’t interested in the slightest he leaned down. She twitched forward eagerly and was just as quickly pushed back quite a distance from Harry. Apparently, she was a particularly bad match.

He didn’t laugh in her face but it was a near thing. He was just drunk enough that awfulness of his situation was fucking hilarious.

“Sorry,” Harry grinned and turned to the person sitting beside her and then the next person and the next. One miss after another as the music and chatter grew louder and the night wore on. He teased Dean and Seamus into a kiss, Dean almost managed it, close enough Harry could feel his laughter before he pulled away to give Seamus a proper kiss. He did not kiss Ron or Hermione, it would’ve been like kissing a sibling and he wasn’t interested in having creepy nightmares about it for the rest of his life. Everyone else he approached humoured him and gave Harry a go at a quick kiss.

He was fast running out of people to try- and fail -to kiss when he found himself at the back corner of the room, the large couch pushed against the wall had been taken over by the only three Slytherin’s who came back to finish up their schooling, Blaise, Pansy and, Draco Malfoy. They were relaxed, somewhat sprawled over one another with a bottle of fire whisky to pass between them. They weren’t nearly as relaxed when they noticed Harry staring at them, the lot of them stiffening like a group of alley cats arching their backs and hissing.

What?” Pansy lifted her nose with a sniff, “We’ve a right to be here, same as you.”

“You need something, Potter?” Blaise asked.

Harry blinked, “A kiss,” he said. Once upon a time, the prospect of kissing a trio of Slytherins would have been far too nerve-wracking but not anymore. The thing about trying to kiss about a hundred odd people was that the whole procedure rather lost it’s magic, so to speak.

They all stared at him blankly.

“I did say I was going to kiss everyone in the room,” Harry made a show of looking around, “You’re here.”

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Pansy said, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

Blaise laughed,  pushing himself to his feet and out of the tangle of his friend’s legs without somehow tripping himself up, “Me first, Boy-wonder,” Blaise said with the smug challenging sort of look that seemed to be calling out Harry’s bluff.

Harry returned the look, “Get on with it then.”

A flicker of hesitation crossed Blaise’s face before he managed to mask it, crossing the distance between them.

Harry tried to stay calm. The whole kissing thing seemed to work out better if he could but it was pointless since Blaise hardly had a go at all. As soon as the nudging pressure began to make itself known he backed off with a smirk.

Blaise dropped back onto the couch with a thud, “Well, that was anticlimactic.”

Pansy looked from Harry to Blaise curiously and then popped up, approaching Harry with a tilt to her head that brought to Harry’s mind the alley cat image again. She went up on tiptoes and Harry leaned down as she tried to kiss the corner of his mouth. Harry was a little surprised how close she got, about a half an inch away.

Her eyes widened as she pulled back. She exchanged a questioning look with Blaise that turned into a knowing one.

She looked back at Harry with an appraising smile, “I see,” she said to herself as she slowly backed away from him.

When the back of her legs hit the couch she stopped and looked over at Draco who was sitting stiffly in the centre. His arms were wrapped nervously around his waist, one hand clutching the neck of the whisky bottle as he scowled up at Harry.

“Your turn, Draco,” Pansy said. When he didn’t move immediately she gave his ankle a halfhearted kick, “Come on.”

Blaise leaned over, grabbing hold of his shoulder and pushing him forward, “Give it a go, my friend. It’s a laugh.”

Draco looked over at Blaise furiously. A flush was rising in his cheeks as he knocked Blaise’s hand away and stood unsteadily, pushing the bottle into Pansy’s chest with a bit too much force. She huffed and turned up her nose, flopping back onto the couch next to Blaise who leaned over to whisper in her ear. 

Draco wavered on his feet, his eyes looking like he was having trouble focusing. He was completely and utterly pissed.

Harry watched with growing apprehension. Draco was flushed, his hair gone a little wild, even his clothes were slightly rumpled and there was a grim determination in his eyes. He took a deep breath, absentmindedly pulling his shirt straight and smoothing his hair back with one hand, though it didn’t stay.

A prickle started on the back of Harry’s neck, the hair on his arms standing up. His heart rate began to pick up as the shivery tension raced through Harry with every step Draco got closer. He had felt this before when they fought, this thundering, shivery pulling feeling. Harry had always thought it was the adrenaline from being angry and from fighting but…

Draco stopped a foot away and then almost swayed forward until they were almost touching. Harry saw close his eyes briefly as if gathering himself, a shiver made his shoulder twitch. When he opened his eyes again Harry felt transfixed by the flat grey colour. Harry’s hand moving without his permission, pressing against the flat planes of Draco’s chest,. Harry felt another shiver go through Draco, stronger than the last, his mouth falling open in a silent gasp, his pupils darkening.

Harry leaned forward, almost haltingly. He kept expecting the pressure to start, to push him back, but instead, it almost felt like he was being tugged closer, and there was almost a static hum in the air, prickling along his skin. He reached up, brushing his fingers lightly on Draco’s chin, too nervous to actually cup his cheek. Draco tilted his head and Harry felt his breath ghost across his lips, felt his lips, soft and careful and shivering just like Harry was and-

“ENOUGH!” Headmistress McGonagall’s voice cut through the party like a blade of ice. “This party is over.

Harry and Draco startled away from each other. The music was shut off and the room slowly took on the deathly calm of those who know they are completely and utterly hosed.

McGonagall’s eyes narrowed as she looked over the room, “There will be no more parties, for the rest of the year,” she said coldly, “Hogsmeade weekends are canceled and everyone here, including eighth years, are to remain on the castle grounds for the next three months-” there was a chorus of groans that was abruptly cut off with a single look, “-All of your curfews are now at eight pm, all of you.” There were no attempts to complain this time, simply an overwhelming and spreading air of despair. “If you are going to act like children, you will be treated like children. If any of you are found with alcohol on school grounds again, you will be suspended,” she pursed her lips in disappointment, “I do hope you will learn from this. Now go to your dorms.”

The students swayed and shuffled out of the room with their heads low to avoid eye contact.

Harry hadn’t moved. He wasn’t entirely aware of what was happening until a hand firmly took him by the upper arm.

“Mr Potter.” McGonagall said, some of the sternness leaving her voice, “Are you well? Do you need to go to the hospital wing?”

“I- What-?” Harry asked blankly, his mind entirely consumed by a single kiss, so brief there was part of his mind that wasn’t entity certain it had happened.

McGonagall frowned, her question changing to an order, “Go to the hospital wing. Have Poppy look you over.”

“The hospital wing,” Harry repeated.

The room was entirely empty. Harry didn’t know when that had happened.

“You’re trembling Harry,” McGonagall said, looking Harry over with concern,  “I’ll walk you there myself.”

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It’s Pancake Time! Wanna One's Maknae Line

Masterlist can be found (here)

Wanna One’s Maknae line makes pancakes with/for you (Yuehua Boys Ver)

Park Jihoon

  • I’m not even surprised if he is the one who suggests making pancakes when you are trying to decide what to make for breakfast the next morning
  • This boy will want to show off his arm strength hence he will probably choose to make something a bit more difficult like a souffle pancake
  • he won’t make you do much to help him, saying he wants to surprise you so you just stay with him, reading a book while keeping an eye on making sure he doesn’t burn the kitchen down
  • He is super enthusiastic about it as you see him measure the ingredients and even humming a tune
  • Halfway through stirring the egg whites, he is already panting and sweating through his shirt
  • But when you ask him if he wants to switch, he will just decline your help, saying he got this
  • The outcome is really cute as his pancakes will be in heart-shaped and he will use chocolate sauce to write a really cheesy message like ‘I love you’ on it along with chocolate shavings
  • Will 100% ask you for a kiss as his ‘payment’ and when you do give it to him, he will just stutter and say: “You know I was just joking …right?”

Park Woojin

  • You two will make lace pancakes when it’s your anniversary cause it has a special meaning as it was the first food you two made together
  • Even if you two had made it a few times, he still insists on following a recipe online and he makes sure every instruction is followed through
  • Like it’s amusing when he tells you it’s different if you put in the milk instead of flour to the bowl first
  • Also, he will be super careful on the smaller things like the temperature of the eggs and even the heat of the pan
  • He is super quick? Like you literally just handed him the mixture to mix and turned to get orange juice
  • But when you turned back, he’s already done mixing and it has barely been a minute
  • He is very careful when it comes to pouring the mixture into the pan cause he wants it to be super beautiful and it’s cute how seeing how focused he is
  • You two will take turns to draw the lace but somehow he will grab your wrist at one point and say that you should put more strength into it
  • The pancake will be so pretty that you keep snapping photos but he did give you a back hug and reach out for your phone and whisper into your ear that the food is going to get cold 

Bae Jinyoung

  • He will help you in making pancakes when he sees you doing it even if he has no idea what is he doing
  • He will be so clueless and keeps asking you questions like “Is this the right amount?’ & “How long do I stir it?”
  • You have to stop him from accidentally dumping salt instead of sugar in the mixture
  • He will also keep trying the ingredients like tasting the pancake batter and be so surprised when it actually tastes pretty decent
  • You two will do the classic buttermilk pancake
  • The pancake’s shape is a bit off, some are way too large and some are too small but it’s really cute when you stack them as it looks like a pyramid
  • He will go for honey rather than maple syrup and he will probably spread some fruit jam in it as well
  • Since it will be his first time helping you make it, you two aren’t expecting it to taste amazing or anything cause Jinyoung sort of messed up some of the ingredients
  • But turns out those mistakes makes up for amazing pancakes that taste better than the pancakes you usually make lmao
  • Did give you a kiss on the forehead and thank you for teaching him

Lee Daehwi

  • Pancake making be a bonding time between you two
  • You two will also follow Daehwi’s mom pancake recipe because it tastes SO GOOD
  • You two will make 5 different types of pancakes like there’s a cinnamon pancake, a double chocolate pancake and even a matcha pancake
  • You and Daehwi have really good teamwork, in the sense where both of you know which step is the other is going to take so they move on, like you will crack the eggs in one bowl and he will immediately pour in the milk
  • While stirring the mixture, he will probably make up a song about pancakes and that will get stuck in your head the entire day
  • You two compete to see who can make the best pancake stack
  • Daehwi will obviously win because h
  • He will use various toppings like strawberries, blueberries on the pancake and he will probably crack some really bad fruit puns like “I miss you BERRY much!”  
  • There will be a lot of photos being taken cause somehow the pancakes came out super aesthetic and you did spam your Instagram Story and Daehwi will send it to his group chats
  • The pancake is always good no matter how many times you two make it and you and him will be arguing over who made the better pancake while feeding each other the varieties lol
  • He will be sneaky and kisses you to shut you up and then announced he is the winner while you are still being speechless over it it

Lai Guanlin

  • He will just make pancakes whenever you come over to the dorm
  • It’s probably one of the things he is actually really good in cooking
  • You are more of a helper by helping him get the milk in the fridge and the salt in the cabinet
  • Making pancakes with be really fun as you two will be jamming out to music in the process
  • Anticipate a rap battle with raps that rhymes with ‘pancake’
  • He will make really quirky colourful pancakes though like he will add green food dye and tell you it’s avocado pancakes and you go wtf??
  • Instead of butter and maple syrup, he will drown the pancake in lots of whipped cream
  • Keeps trying to feed you but quickly puts it into his mouth to tease you that you end being so done and you just give him that look
  • He will laugh before feeding a slice to you and patting your head saying you are the cutest

A/N: You guys are probably sick of reading but I swear Fuckboy! Minhyun is almost done (I have my history trials tmr wish me luck T.T) I thought I will finish this cute request I received a while back (There will be a Yueua Boys Ver next!) also don’t ask why is woojin in the middle Dedicated to @porkjeojang because she’s amazing & #porkjeojang #parkrudejin #deepndarker #hi david #i forgot guanlin’s lmao 

some Antisepticeye & Darkiplier things to point out

Okay so idk if other people have had the same thoughts, but I’ve GOT to point out some uncanny links between what happened at/before Jacksepticeye’s panel at PAX 2017 and in “SAY GOODBYE”, and what happened in “A Date With Markiplier”.

Here’s some footage taken at PAX by someone in the crowd:

Here’s the Anti part of the isolated video featured in the clip previous:


And here, of course, is “A Date with Markiplier”:

Ok so lemme start out by talking about Anti’s PAX “takeover”. He appears suddenly to usurp the intro video, but you hear him before you see him. The screen glitches a bit, convincingly enough to fool the crowd into glossing over it. But then the quality degrades, the track stutters noticeably and the screen blacks out. After a moment it explodes back to life and you see flashes of some of Jack’s previous videos, blurring from one to another with the colour pallet all out of whack, faster and faster until it slams back to black. You hear Anti chuckle, and as he appears visually, the first thing he says to you is, “Did you miss me??”

Keep that in mind as we move on to a Date with Markiplier. Pay for the dinner, go to the horror play and Mark disappears from his seat. The screen starts glitching out and the viewer’s field of vision widens until the stage is all they can see, over and over. Rumbling sounds can be heard, and for a moment, the figure of Dark appears reflected in a couple of the frames. Faster, faster, a high keening sound and slam to black. After a moment Dark appears to address the viewer, and what’s the first thing he says? That’s right. “Did you miss me?” Those same words. They both pulled a Moriarty- kinda strange, right?

Now, one might think “what a weird coincidence, moving on-” because it’s kind of a creepy thing to say in such circumstances, and it might make sense that both Jack and Mark would go for such a line. But wait, let us continue, back to PAX and Anti’s speech:

“You stopped paying attention! Well I hope you’re happy. You found someone new, threw me aside- someone, to replace me!!”

We were all paying attention to Anti during the events leading up to “SAY GOODBYE”. That much is obvious. After said video, Jack made his Halloween vlog and most of us thought it was over, at least for a while. We weren’t sure if/when Anti was going to come back, and we certainly didn’t expect it to happen as soon as a mere three months after the apex video, in which Anti won, so to speak, and Jack was apparently murdered. I wouldn’t say we forgot about Anti- its awesomeness lingered long after “SAY GOODBYE” was posted- but yes, we moved on to other things. Things like “a Date with Markiplier”.

Anti had his moment in the spotlight, retreated back into… hiding, or whatever you want to call it, and that’s when Mark’s Darkiplier project started, the countdown reaching 00:00:00:00 on Valentines’ day. If I remember correctly, Jack started to bring Anti back in the second episode of his Detention series, on January 25th. Between Anti’s two active periods, when he was on hiatus, Dark was running amok and had become our main focus.

What I’m getting at here is that when Anti says we “stopped paying attention”, and “found someone new”, someone “to replace me”… I think he means Darkiplier. I’m pretty sure Anti’s pointing out that he doesn’t appreciate Dark stealing the limelight and distracting us from him. He was/is jealous of Dark for holding our attention, and that might be one of the reasons he’s come back- to prove that he’s not gone, and that Dark isn’t better than him.

Which ALSO means that Anti is, somehow, aware of Dark’s existence, and possibly vice versa.

Dark used very similar dialogue to Anti as well, if you remember. In the “HORROR” video, he says,

“I’ve been pushed aside… replaced… mocked.”

It sounds like he’s talking about Mark, and he very well might be. It sounds like Mark has pushed Dark aside- out of fear, or a desire to live his normal life without Dark’s interference, whatever the case may be- but the wording is really similar to what Anti chose to say at PAX mere days ago. They both describe being “replaced”, and say that they were “pushed aside”/”threw me aside”. Although Dark could be talking about Mark, he could also be talking about Anti in a way, or both at once if you go for the double meaning interpretation.

This is where the cohesion of what I’m saying stars to crumble a little bit, but bear with me: Let’s say Dark was also talking about Anti as well as Mark when he said he was “pushed aside” and “replaced”. One might think, “Well that can’t work, because canon Dark didn’t exist when we first started glimpsing Anti flickering in Jack’s facecam.” Well… he actually did, to a certain extent. In a couple of Mark’s older videos- notably “Relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE”, Darkiplier appears. It’s an older, cruder version of Darkiplier, but it’s Dark nonetheless. (When in doubt, check the subtitles.) Back then, at least as far as I’m aware, Dark was the only one of his kind who had actually appeared in videos and not just in fanart or fanfiction generated by the community. And for a long time, he remained like that, in a class all by himself. But then Anti happened, blowing him out of the water by a lot. Dark came back afterward possibly for several reasons, one of which could be to take our attention back from Anti, to move it onto himself. (This link has less integrity because “relax” and “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” were posted seven and ten months ago, respectively, so the connections between those and more recent events may or may not be 100% purposeful.)

If that last part is true though, then their argument has been going on for quite a while. If not, well, there’s still an argument, still jealousy going back and forth as they battle for our, the viewers’, enthusiasm. It’s just a little more recent.

Long story short, I think @therealjacksepticeye and @markiplier are in cahoots, and we may or may not have something bigger to look forward to.

Sorry for the huge post, haha I just had to get all this out of my cluttered brain.

Baby Blue

Requested by: Anonymous

Summary: When the reader discovers they’re pregnant, they worry about how Ethan will take it.

Pairing(s): Ethan x Reader

Warnings: Probably some swears.

A/N: This is my first post with a specific gender, so I apologise to all my male and non-binary readers. Also, I am not familiar/keen on the idea of pregnancy so if I get some facts wrong then I’m sorry. I REALLY ran away with this one, it was supposed to be about 500 words tops. Oops!

Originally posted by etan-nestor

“Shit,” you hissed, staring down at the plastic stick in your hands. “Shit, shit, shit, shit.”

“Y/N, you almost done in there?” Amy called from the other side of the bathroom door.

“I-I’ll be right out.” You hid the pregnancy test behind your back and opened the door, revealing your best friend.

“Hey, you okay?” She asked, grabbing your arm as you tried to escape. “You don’t look too hot.”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tired, it’s been a long day,” you lied, edging further away from her as she scrutinised you.

Amy crossed her arms and glared at you, her eyes flicking over your form before frowning. “What are you hiding?”

“Nothing, I’m not hiding anything,” you said a little too quickly.

“Bull crap,” Amy snapped. “Tell me what’s going on.”

You sighed in defeat and held out the pregnancy test for her to see. “It’s positive. About three weeks now.”

“Woah,” she breathed. “That’s not what I was expecting.”

“ Me neither. I just- I don’t know what to do.” You fiddled with the white plastic and chewed your lip nervously.

Amy draped an arm around your shoulders gently. “Come on,” she said. “We have a lot to talk about.”

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Author’s Note: OKAY i know this wasnt meant to go up until some time next month, but i just woke up and felt this prompt down into my soul. ive been SO SOFT, thanks to a mercury in retrograde. so i worked on it today and now im deceased because i love it a lot. as usual, my snapshot style doesnt really lend itself to whole world building. so OP i hope this makes you happy!

Pairing: Minseok x Reader (oc; female)

Summary: It’s winter when you stumble into Minseok’s coffee shop, winter when he’s cold, unfeeling, and disheartened with the seasons. Little does he know, you are the winds of change.

Rating: PG-13

Warning: implied sex

Word Count: 2,247

Originally posted by oohsehunnies


The day he met you was the day she left.

He was awake when it happened, the slow gathering of her things into one small duffel and the calm, empty declaration that she would come back later for the rest. The motivation to move eluded him, his muscles opposed to following her, reaching for her, calling out to her in a reckless sort of indignation. It wasn’t that he was angry, wasn’t that he was caught in despair, rather that he couldn’t find it in him to care. Not really, not after everything had been said and felt into ash.

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Word Count: 1,898
Reader Gender: Female I guess idk
Warnings: None (i think????)
Love Interest: Bucky
Note: Sorry this took so long to post. Every time I tried to post it my internet would mysteriously cut out and eventually I just got frustrated and gave up haha. But I have returned in hopes that I’ll be able to finally post it ♥

Originally posted by coporolight

I ran down the street, rain hitting my face like bullets. There was a big storm passing through the city, and I was one of the few people brave enough to be in it. Or stupid enough. Either way, I didn’t have an umbrella with me; the storm was so sudden, and it’s normally sunny around here. As I ran across the street, a dark and blurry figure caught my eye. Well, he was only blurry due to the rain. I hesitated before running up to it, not at all sure what it was. As I approached the figure, I noticed it was a human being.

A man, to be more specific. He was in dark jeans, and a darkly coloured thin sweater. I felt his neck for a pulse, relieved to find out that he was alive. I looked at his torso, noticing normal breathing patterns. The only thing signaling that he ended up here at all were the multiple bruises and cuts that littered his body. I shook his shoulder harshly, my expectations of him waking up coming to a sudden halt. After a few more minutes of trying, I gave up on my attempts to be gentle, and gave him a slap instead.

“Ow, what the hell?” He asked, voice laced with sleep.

“I’m sorry, are you alright?” I asked and he looked at me warily.

“Fine.” He said shortly, eyeing me.

“Do you live far from here?” I questioned.

“I don’t know.” He said after a moment, now looking confused.

“Do you remember anything?” I questioned.

“No.” He said shortly again, confusion now replaced with irritation.

“Well,” I paused, “You can come to my place, I’ll patch you up.”

We locked eyes for a long moment, and I could sense his distrust. In the moment of silence we shared, I was able to look at him a bit clearer. His had a bit of scruff, obviously signaling that he hadn’t shaved in a few days. His hair was quite long, but it suited him somehow. He was shivering slightly, and it became evident that he was trying his best to appear completely calm. I stood back up, offering a hand to him.

“Come on, if I was trying to kill you, would I have bothered with waking you up?” I questioned.

He narrowed his eyes at me, silence continuing to fill the air. He finally took my hand, and I helped him stand. He limped a bit as he walked, but I wasn’t about to ask about it. If he really does have amnesia, then me asking him what happened right now is like talking to a brick wall. I shrugged off my jacket, the cold and rainy hair hitting my covered skin. I draped it over his shoulders, and he looked at me curiously.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“You’re cold.” I said simply and he grunted.

“Yeah, but isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” He asked and I shrugged.

“I’m alright.” I lied coolly.

“Bullshit.” He said.

“Well, I’m not taking it back until we get to my place, so suck it up.” I said stubbornly, and he just shook his head.

That day was a few weeks ago, and in that time he’s managed to remember little things. Like his name, where he was born, and all of that stuff. His wounds have healed, and the smaller cuts have vanished. Unfortunately, during this time I’ve found myself falling for the somewhat mysterious man that resided in my house. He’s taken to calling me ‘Doll’ rather than my actual name and, despite how often I tell him not to, I actually do enjoy it. It makes me blush a little, and I think that’s why he does it.

He also cusses like a sailor, which is fine by me, I’m the same way. He’s yet to remember everything, or how he even ended up on the street in the first place. It’s bound to come soon, and it scares me a little. That’s also partially why I haven’t told him how I feel about him. I’m scared that when he remembers he’ll leave and never look back. Or worse, it turns out he’s married with 8 kids. I heard footsteps enter the living room, and I looked who they came from. Bucky.

“What’s up, Doll?” He asked, sitting beside me.

“The damn television won’t work right.” I grumbled.

“You try turning it on?” He said smartly.

“Oh, ha ha, let’s all make fun of the one time I had a fucking mind blank.” I huffed.

“Just one time?” He asked, laughing a little when I hit his arm.

“You’re an ass.” I huffed.

“I’m a damn delight.” He said and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll make sure to remember that.” I said sarcastically.

I cleared my throat as I went to go get what I called the ‘Bucky Kit’. I gave up of calling it First Aid when he was the only one I was using it on. When I got back he was already out of his tank top, the bandages on his chest now exposed. His torso was almost fully healed, but I didn’t want to take any chances. I’d feel awful if anything got infected and he ended up needing surgery. Plus, he has this phobia with hospitals and shit. Me trying to get him inside the hospital might be just as hard as getting the T.V. remote from him.

I took off his bandages, looking for any signs of an infection. When I didn’t find one, I began cleaning the dirt off of his chest. He didn’t have a lot, seeing as how I properly care for his wounds. I felt heat rise to my cheeks, a sea of inappropriate thoughts entering my brain. I cleared my throat, hoping to clear the thoughts along with it. I focused on cleaning him up, and after a long agonizing moment of silence, I was finished.

“Now, if you’d stop running into everything, you’d be healing a lot faster.” I playfully criticized.

“Doll, I gotta tell you something.” Bucky said.

“Ah, so do I.” I confessed with a small smile.

“Same time?“ Bucky offered and I nodded.

“Sure.” I agreed, and we counted to three together.

“I remember everything.“ Bucky stated.

“I think I love you.“ I said at the same time.

My eyes widened as his words sunk into my brain. While I was happy that he finally got his memory back, fear poked into my mind. Was he going to just leave me and forget me now? What if I was right and it turns out that he has 8 kids and 4 ex wives? His eyebrows furrowed together, an undetectable emotion on his face. I should’ve just shut up, I should’ve just kept that to myself.

“Oh, that’s wonderful!” I spoke, my voice faltering.

“Wait, you what?” Bucky questioned.

“I suppose you’ll be wanting to leave, now.“ I continued, my voice faltering even more.

“Y/n, wait a second-“ Bucky tried.

“I have to go spring clean my room,“ I started to back away, “So I’m just going to go.“

I ran off, retreating into the safety and comfort of my room. I slammed the door shut, feeling tears brim my eyes. I felt selfish for feeling so sad about him regaining his memory, but I couldn’t help it. He was probably going to leave me and never talk to me again. He probably doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. As a matter of fact, he’s probably in his room getting ready to leave right now.

I plopped onto the side of my bed, my back facing the door. Why couldn’t I have just thought of him like a friend? I sadly wiped my tears, which only made them flood through. In a matter of seconds I was bawling, my hands covering my face instead. I tried to keep the noise nonexistent, the last thing I needed was for Bucky to hear me cry. He’d probably just laugh. I don’t want to see him when he leaves, I just want him to go without telling me.

“Y/n?” Bucky questioned after knocking on my door.

“Go away!“ I yelled, my voice betraying me.

Instead of hearing footsteps walk away, I heard my door open and then close. Great, he’s come to ridicule me, or come to tell me good bye and to delete his number. Thankfully, my hair hid my face, so it was harder to tell that I had been crying. I heard him slowly walk closer to me before abruptly stopping in his tracks. I scooted a little further away from him, hoping he’d take a hint. Unfortunately, he didn’t.

Instead I heard him walk even closer, moving my hands away from my face. I looked away from him, focusing on the wall that faced my side. He moved my hair away from my face, tucking it behind my ear. I took a deep breath as he gently moved my head, forcing me to look at him. He was crouched on the floor, looking up at me with concern. Oh great, this is even worse, I get pity. His hand stayed on my cheek, his thumb pushing away tears.

“Hey, why are you crying, doll?” Bucky asked in a quiet tone.

“It’s stupid, you don’t have to worry about me.” I replied in a slightly bitter tone.

“I’m not leaving until you tell me.” He stated, completely serious.

“Well, now that you’ve got your memory back, you’re going to leave and I’ll just be left here with a memory. You’re not going to want to talk to me-“ I began rambling, making me cry a bit harder.

“Is that what this is about?” He questioned, taking my silence as confirmation, “Doll, you didn’t give me a chance to reply.”

“Well, I just assumed-” I began.

“Well, you assumed wrong.” He stated, “If you had given me a chance to talk, you would’ve found out that I feel the same toward you.” He stated, and my heart raced.

“R-Really?” I stuttered out, my crying voice fucking everything up.

“No, I’m fucking with you, of course I do.” He said and I sighed.

“You’re still going to leave and forget me.” I pointed out, and he raised his brows.

“Even if I didn’t love you, how could I ever forget you?” He asked.

“I dunno.” I mumbled, fiddling with my hands.

“Doll, you’re too amazing to forget,” He smiled lightly, “Plus, you can be a real pain in the ass-Ow!” He yelped after I hit his arm.

I glared at him for a second before a smile took over my lips, and I hugged him instead. He instantly hugged me back, standing up and spinning me around for a second. A weight was lifted off of my shoulders and off of my heart, the sadness and fear leaving me. My tears dried, no longer falling from my eyes and staining my cheeks. After he let me go, I pulled away and stared at him for a moment.

“So does this mean that we’re a thing or-” I began, getting cut off with a kiss.

“What do you think?” He questioned after pulling away.

“I think that doesn’t really answer my question.” I stated.

“Yes, we’re a thing, you dork.” He said, rolling his eyes.

{Mafia AU Reaction} When EXO are in the mafia and you’re their wife but you try and run away

Hey! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could kinda do like an EXO mafia!AU you’re in an arranged marriage where you try to run away but end up getting caught by him???

Note: I almost just died writing this, but it’s okay I somehow survived, though I have acquired a shot of Mafia!EXO feels, thanks anon ;) teehee~ I had a lot of fun with this, I hope you will all enjoy it and especially the anon who requested it. Fighting!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

In the mafia, Chanyeol deals with drugs, or does simple missions because he isn’t suited to the hard jobs. Chanyeol grows attachments easily, and that can sometimes interfere with his work, so he’s never given the emotionally difficult jobs. Kris’ tough, but he’s not a heartless bastard - and Chanyeol is grateful for that. His emotional side is what drew you to Chanyeol in the first place, you thought you could change him, bring him back and have a nice normal life together. But those were your vulnerable days, and now, married, you realise how stupid you’d been. Running away seemed like the only plausible thing to do, for your own good, but running away from Chanyeol and his gang members was never going to be so simple.

Chanyeol: “Why did you try to run away?”

{y/n}: “Can’t you see what this is doing to me? I can’t live like this!”

Chanyeol: “One more chance… Please… I can change, I promise.”

Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by jonginssoo

You want to run away from Do Kyungsoo? Yeah, you’re delusional. You signed that marriage contract, there’s no way you’re getting away from this man. Kyungsoo, professionally known as D.O., is not lighthearted, he’s ruthless, a cold killer, so a simple runaway isn’t going to phase him at all. As soon as he caught you, he simply smiled, in this spine shivering way and pulled you in with one arm wrapped around your waist, his other hand occupying a knife that he placed next to your neck, grazing lightly against the skin teasingly.

Kyungsoo: “Thought you’d run, did you? Well Jagi, I’m afraid to tell you that you’re stuck, I’m your fate now.”

{y/n}: “You’re crazy.”

Kyungsoo: “Crazy in love with you, my dear. And it won’t be long until you feel the same way about me. But for now, I think I owe you a punishment.”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by ohsexyguys

Baekhyun is a part of the EXO gang, but his job isn’t as mainstream as the others. Instead, he’s more of a male prostitute, and sells his body for money and secrets. If EXO needs to get information on another gang or the government, Baekhyun will pull his skills on any man or woman and has their every thought rolling off their tongues within seconds. But he has a heart, and when he finds out he’s marrying you, it throws him off guard a lot. It doesn’t feel right continuing in the job he i doing, but he only does something about it when he finds out that you’ve run away.

Baekhyun: “I’m sorry {y/n}, I know it’s hard on you.”

{y/n}: “I can’t be with a man that sleeps with other people.”

Baekhyun: “Then I’ll change, please don’t leave me. This can really work between us, I promise.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by fy-sexo-exo

Sehun was most likely the most pissed off out of all the members when he found out that he was arranged to be married with you. It had been your families that had decided on it. Little did you or his family know about his underground life as a mafia worker. When you found out, you were sworn to secrecy, with not only Sehun on your back, but also his boss, Kim Junmyeon too. When you were officially Sehun’s wife, you realised how hard this life was going to be. You didn’t know what Sehun did when he went ‘off to work’ and a part of you really didn’t want to know. But your mind did wander, did he kill others? Is he dead? Is he having sex with another women? It would explain him coming home so late and stumbling into bed around 4am after not seeing you for hours. This built up over time, until you finally decided to run away - to make a new life, but getting away from this wasn’t as simple as you anticipated.

Sehun: *Pins you up against the wall* “And where did you think you were going?”

{y/n}: “The store, we ran out of-”

Sehun: “You had a suitcase! You’re not getting away from me, {y/n}. This is your life now, if you run away, there’s nothing I can do to help you. Junmyeon will track you down and kill you, you know too much.”

{y/n}: “Maybe it’s better than living like this!”

Sehun: *Hides his hurt - but too stubborn to show it* “Whatever {y/n}, do whatever you want, I’ll let Junmyeon kill you for all I care!” *wouldn’t actually, he’d probably sacrifice himself for you tbh*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by archive-gif-source

If you’ve ever thought running away from Zhang Yixing, then you’ve got another thing coming. You signed that marriage contract, and now you’re his, and he likes to remind you of that a hell of a lot. His job in the mafia is the ‘sweetheart scam.’ he acts innocent, but like hell is he. He gets all the pretty little details from people with the eyes of a puppy until he doesn’t need him, and that’s when his true devilish eyes show. Seeing Yixing is like seeing red, he’s a demon with the face of an angel. A fallen angel. That’s what he is.

Yixing: “But sweetheart, why are all your clothes laid out on the bed, are you going somewhere?” *somehow his sweet tone is more terrifying than if he was angry*

{y/n}: “I- I was just… sorting through them, I need to throw some away.”

Yixing: “Oh good, for a moment there, I thought you were planning on running. But you’re not that stupid, are you? {y/n}, because you know you can never run away jagi, you’re all mine.” *Hugs you from behind, smirking into your hair this lil’ shit wrecks everyone oml*

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Since Jongdae is the master of kidnapping, there isn’t much chance of you getting very far however hard you try. He knew you’d escaped the second he came home after a job one evening. He knew you’d been acting more withdrawn than usual, and he saw your change of personality - but he never thought you’d actually try and runaway. With the help of his mastermind friend, Minseok, he managed to trakc you down before shooting off into the night to bring you back.

{y/n}: “I can’t believe you kidnapped me! Let me go!”

Jongdae: “The door is just over there… if you can get to it, that is.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by yumikasai

Minseok is a man of many talents. Mainly, he’s the computer man, he can hack any code, and can sweet talk anyone he needs information from, he’s the master of cyber stalking. But his talents don’t stop there, he doesn’t make a bad field man either, and he certainly never lacks in the seduction category. He was more than likely the most shocked when he found out about his arranged marriage. Minseok isn’t stupid, he knows it would be dangerous for both of you in this relationship, but on the other hand, what does he want more - his job? Or his dream life where he can settle down with a beautiful partner like yourself?

Minseok: *Finally finds you after looking for two days straight without rest.* “Bloody hell {y/n}, do you know how worried I was?!”

{y/n}: “Oh I’m sure you were in shambles while you fucked that other girl.”

Minseok: “You know all of that is for my job…”

{y/n}: “If you don’t stop then all of this will go in my history and I’ll move on!”

Minseok: “I’m not going to let you, not that easily.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by kim-jongmin

Tao is the main assassin for the mafia alongside Kyungsoo. He’s lethal and powerful. He’s not just strong with his body, but he’s also a martial artist. He might not be as good at shooting a gun long range like Kyungsoo, but he has the combat, and getting anywhere near this man will have you six feet under within seconds. When he found out that you had run away from him, he wasn’t happy, and set straight out to look for you without really thinking too much about a strategy. When he finally found you in a hotel room not too far from where you and he live, he pushed you up against the wall, holding you tightly to show his control.

Tao: “You made a bad decision today {y/n}, and now you’re going to pay.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Kris is the leader of the mafia, but everyone knows that Suho runs the show. He’s good to look at, posh suits and expensive cars, but don’t be deluded by his false sense of security, this man could do a lot of damage. One of the other members heard you packing up some clothes one night and told Suho, so you didn’t even get the chance to escape. You went upstairs, ready to grab your bag when you saw your arranged husband waiting or you, sitting on the bed with an expectant smirk riding on his face.

Suho: “Going somewhere, jagi?”

{y/n}: “N-no, why would I do that?”

Suho: “See that’s what I thought… you’d be stupid to run babe, especially when everyone knows you’re mine, and no one messes with me.”

Lu Han

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Luhan has the job of sweet talking and seducing people for information, like Yixing. But unlike Yixing, Luhan makes attachments a lot easier, and can be swayed by his feelings very quickly. This is why you are his downfall. He married you because he was forced to, but now, he can feel himself falling for you, and there’s nothing worse than falling in love in an industry that prohibits it. But Luhan is hopeful, and holds his heart over his head. He doesn’t tell anyone when you ran away, just snuck out and looked for you himself, when he finally found you, a wash of emotions ran through him, all he wanted was you, and nothing was more important to him than that.

Luhan: “I’m sorry jagi, I’m so sorry. I know you deserve better than me, but please give me another chance. I can change, I’ll pull out of his fucking shit job and we’ll settle. We can buy a house and a dog. Our biggest worries will be what colour to paint the bathroom and what school our children will be going to attend… please… I need you.”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Kai is the man that goes to retrieve things that are owed to the boss. Mostly money, but every now and again he does need to get his hands dirty. He’s good at his job, and not a lot scares him anymore. He doesn’t like anyone treading in his territory, part of the reason why he doesn’t get along with Kyungsoo or Tao, he likes to do work alone, and hates nothing more than to find his work already done. When he found out that you were planning on running away from him, he wasn’t happy, and was waiting for you around the corner as you stepped outside of the house.

{y/n}: “Oh Kai… I was just…. Just looking for you, yeah, just looking for you.”

Kai: *Knows you’re lying* “You have ten seconds to get inside the house before I punish you where you stand.”

Wu Yifan/ Kris

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The leader of EXO mafia doesn’t like it when things don’t run smoothly, and he also doesn’t like it when people defy or betray him, so when he finds out that you’ve run away, he sets his whole team out to go and find you, and they weren’t allowed to rest until you had been found. But of course, his men are smart, ad strong, and it didn’t take them very long at all to find you. Between Minseok’s tracking and Jongdae’s kidnapping and Kyungsoo’s long range shots and Tao’s excellent strength, you were next to powerless against these eleven mafia professionals. When you were finally flung into Kris’ office, alone and weeping on your knees before him, he smiled, because he knew you were all his again.


Fenris/f!Hawke, 1997 words, sfw. Fenris and Hawke form a fledgling friendship over talk of the Deep Roads expedition. Content warnings for mentions of violence, slavery, and canonical character death.

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“Is your buying people fruit based on their place of origin a regular occurrence? Don’t you have an expedition to fund?”

“Well, you’re the only Tevinter I’ve met and not killed, and the greengrocer was rather persuasive. ‘The only ones you can find in the Free Marches, serah,’” Hawke says in an imitation of the dwarven grocer’s drawl, “‘handpicked by elven maidens and shipped straight to Hightown from the lush stretches of Perineum—’”

Fenris has a weird little cough. “Perivantium.”

“—that’s what I said—‘in crates enchanted with frost runes and pulled by free-range dracolisks.’ Oh, and it looks like it’s wearing a tiny court jester hat,” she adds, pointing to the strange flower that crowns the fruit as he pares it off before scoring the top. “Besides, I’ve never had anything from Tevinter and—oh, sweet Andraste on a stick, of course the damned Tevinter fruit is bleeding.”

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Kakashi x reader

“(y/n)-senseeeeei! Where are you?”

You sighed and rolled your eyes, slipping behind a barrel as you tried to hide from your student Konohamaru. This little brat always asked for new jutsu to learn and it was starting to get annoying. Those were the days you regretted ever becoming a sensei. Who had thought you were good with kids anyways?

The barrel wasn’t a very good hiding spot though, so you tiptoed across the street to the ninja academy. It was midday and not a single soul was outside besides a few ninja guards. It was lunchtime and the delicious smell of food lingered in the empty, dusty streets. The sun was burning down without mercy and the soft wind painted the dirt across the ground in angry, circular strokes. 

This time, you chose an empty classroom for your new hiding spot, hearing your student yelling your name somewhere in the distance. The door did not slid open that easily, the old wood refused to move now and then and you remembered just how it had felt when you went to the academy in your childhood. As you finally slipped into the classroom, you were surprised to see another person in there.

“Oi, Kakashi-sama, you’re here too?”

The current Hokage was leaning against the wall at the other side of the room, warm rays of sunshine lighting up his features as he looked up from the book he was reading.

“Drop the sama already! I’m hiding from Shizune, she wanted me to finish the whole stack of paperwork before my lunch break, but I just didn’t get to it…”

You grimaced at him. “Oh I know, probably you were too busy reading this porn book of yours!”

Kakashi´s easy, asshole-smile never faded and the longer it stayed on his features the more you wanted to wipe it off his face. 

“Well, the work of a Hokage is quite tiring and demanding, I have to relax sometimes and-”

“Oh shut it, will you? What´s in this book anyways? I bet it isn´t that great.”

You took a few steps forwards to get a peek on the treasured book of the copy nin, but in less than a second he jumped out of your reach. His speed had always saved him from your attacks in the past and you tried not to hide your frustration as you glared at the silver haired male. Why couldn´t he stop being this secretive? From what you remembered, he had always wore that mask over his face. This was how you had first met him, and until this day he hadn´t changed.

Your anger faded and small smile pulled at your lips. You had a good idea of why he hid under that mask. For now though, the mission you set up for yourself was to find out the contents of the book that Kakashi always read. Hentai had never really interested you but the thought of knowing the words that Kakashi enjoyed so much would be great. You could as well buy the book in one of the stores and read it yourself, but that just wasn´t the same. This book was owned and loved by Kakashi, it was his belonging. By stealing it you got the chance  - probably for once in your lifetime - to mock him, to see him shiver and sweat as he would watch how you opened the book and read what was inside. Yes, this was what you wanted, to have power over the usually so independent ninja that currently watched you as he leaned against the wall like one of the cool kids.

Mission: set. Target: in reach - Ready. Set. Go!

With feigned shock your eyes widened as you gazed out of the window. Your finger pointed hastily at nothing in particular outside and you stumbled backwards. This trick was very cheap indeed, but not if it included the person that Kakashi was the most scared of at this moment.

“…Sh- Shizune!”

Visibly alarmed by your trick, Kakashi turned around in an instant to see for himself and as he did so, you dashed forwards, almost toppling him over as you grabbed the bright orange spine of the book and disappeared into thin air while Kakashi still whipped his head around to see Shizune.

A big grin was plastered on your face as you jumped out of the window in lighting speed, adrenaline kicking in your blood since you knew Kakashi would chase after you, so you could as well be running away from a really agressive dog.

Behind you, Kakashi let out a few curses as well as your name in a low, dangerous voice. You knew this tone, it wasn´t a good sign at all but right now you didn´t care because for once you had power over him. All this time it had been you that had chased him through these narrow alleyways of town as you were trying to get his attention, and now for once the roles were switched. The tables had turned. This place was where you´d grown up and you knew the best hiding spots and short cuts with closed eyes, so it took you only a few minutes to get to the busy market place of town. The villagers had returned from their midday´s rest and you mingled with the crowd.

In this situation Kakashi´s sharingan was useless, so you didn´t fear for that. The grin still stayed on your features and you liked this feeling of possessing something the copy nin called his own. You walked through the crowd, blending in with the various colours and people. There was constant noise; laughing, chatting and the occasional sound of a bell. Above the noise you could hear a particularly loud salesman, boosting his wares. You never slowed down, just a certain sweet smell made you stop in front of a small shop as it came to your senses. The sign above made off white fabric said “だんご”.

Why not enjoy your newfound treasure with a delicious treat of dango? You pushed aside the white curtains of the shop as you entered. They were quite dirty which meant that the food here must be good. You sat down close to the counter, ordering two sets because seriously, who got full from only one skewer? And you had the feeling that you´ld be getting company soon. Just at this moment, a grumpy looking Hokage entered the shop and sat down next to you.

“Took you long enough.”

You said with a sneer. A dark gaze met yours and you leaned back in your seat, putting the book into your jacket as you enjoyed your newfound confidence. Kakashi wasn´t really someone to use blunt violence, he would rather wait till you gave the book back to him or more likely get it back with a trick since his patience wasn´t known to be his strongest trait.

The owner of the shop came to your table and set two skewers of dango onto the table and you grabbed one of them, the heavenly taste making this day better and better. Kakashi also took the other one without asking, but you hadn´t expected anything else.  

“So why do you like the book so much?” You asked to break the sudden cold mood, since the silver haired ninja probably only sat at the table with you because of it and you knew he wanted nothing more than to get it back. But he wouldn´t. At least not for now.

With vigilant eyes you watched the legendary copy nin, awaiting the moment where he would have to pull down his mask to eat the dango, but he only played around with the skewer and didn´t make a move to actually eat it.

“I guess it reminds me a little of my childhood.”

Oh. You didn´t expect that answer. Immediately you had to think back to your own childhood. The first day of the ninja academy was still very clear in your memory. It had been the day you´d first seen Kakashi. The silver haired boy had immediately caught your attention, standing on the yard with some kids his age while he trained with kunai. It hadn´t been his looks, more the way he used to talk and act. You´d admired him for a long time, eventually giving up on your crush as you hit your teenage years. Now you both were adults and he even became Hokage - he of all people! You´d never seen a more selfish bastard but also, he knew what was the right thing to do.

“My father used to read a lot and I searched for something I could read with the same passion as him. Found it then a few years later.”

You doubted that his father had been a passionate hentai lover, but you got the idea. Books were simply magic. Kakashi never spoke much of his parents and you wondered why he did so, now.

“Let´s take a walk.” You said and payed for the food, then going outside. Without looking back you knew he followed. The path you were headed to led away from the busy marketplace and into a quiet area of Konoha, where grass grew under your feet and it was quiet enough to hear the birds sing. Your bright mood had changed to one of pity and right now you wanted to allow the copy nin some peace in the silence of nature. As you turned around to him, he held an empty skewer in his hands.

“You know you can just buy a copy of the book if you want to read it so badly.”

Kakashi stated in his usual dry tone, having recovered from his previous anger. His words made you bite your lip. Of course you could just buy the book but that wasn´t the point! He just didn´t understand your actions and you didn’t have the nerve of trying to explain it to him.

“Right. In fact, I could just read it right now!”

Kakashi didn´t want to admit, but your words made him very uneasy. Somehow it was really awkward if you were going to know what caught his attention and made him be so passionate. He didn´t want you to know, not you of all people! But before he could do something, you´d pulled out the book from under your jacket and opened it at random.

You read out loud, suddenly very excited to finally know the secret of the book:

“ >>Mary-Ann, will you attend the ball with me?<< Prince Christian asked and his lips touched the skin of her wrist that had gotten exposed. The lady´s heart beat wildly in her chest and she shivered under his gaze, unable to realize that the Prince had chosen a normal girl like her and not one of the princesses-

ARE YOU KIDDING ME this isn´t porn - this is a teenage girl romance novel!”

So apparently, between the scenes Jiraiya had to do so much research for, this cheesy kind of romance was going on. This really was the least thing you´d expected.

Kakashi was visibly uneasy now and he clearly didn´t look amused. You let out a snicker.

“I never knew the legendary copy nin would read this kind of novel. But now that I think about it… no, it actually fits you!”

Kakashi´s gaze shot up to yours, now visibly confused and something inside you snapped, making you say the assumptions you thought about for so many years.

“Since you were a kid you wear that stupid mask of yours. The others think you do it to look cool, but in reality all you wanna do is hide yourself!”

The eyes of the silver haired ninja widened. He hadn´t expected you to first pick his pocket and then trying to figure out his deepest emotions and secrets. You felt rage rising up inside you and realized that you´d held back on saying these things for years.

“You use this mask just to put a border between you and the rest of the world because under all of that coolness and careless attitude of yours, you´re afraid. That´s it, Kakashi Hatake. You´re afraid of letting people see the soft side of you.”

The man you spoke to stood there glued to the spot, his breathing being the only visible movement. His gaze pierced right through yours and for a second, you were scared he would put you in a genjutsu. Without another word, you closed the book and put it back under your jacket. Kakashi seemed to have gained back the ability to speak and he took some steps forwards, now being dangerously close to you.

“So you say I hide from everyone, is that right?”

Never leaving his gaze, you saw from the corners of your eyes how his hand came up and then he pulled down his mask, revealing an unharmed, handsome face. Your breath hitched in your throat and you could do nothing more than just stare.

“I remember you, Dou-san.” His breath hit your cheek and you just realized how terribly close he was. You couldn´t help but blush at the way he said your name and inwardly cursed.

“I remember when we were kids how you always used to run after me. It was…. Annoying, to say the least, but when you stopped doing so, I figured out that I missed it.”

Was he toying with your feelings right now? Because a wave of old feelings for him came back and you hated yourself for it.

“Why did you never tell me then?” You managed to ask, cheeks flushed and voice trembling slightly. Damnit.

“I thought you´d moved on.”

His words made you sad and you lowered your gaze. Then he said – no, whispered – your name in a way that made a shiver run down your spine. He was totally toying with your feelings! But, as you looked up into his eyes again, being slightly irritated, you once more realized how fucking close he was. What if…. No. You were a grown woman, you wouldn´t let a bastard like him fool you with these… soft lips and beautiful eyes, no… but as you studied the features of his face that had been hidden for so many years from your gaze, the thought slowly slipped from your mind.

Your gaze stopped to wander and was glued to his lips. They looked so soft, probably because they had barely been exposed to sunlight. How did they feel? It was the last thought in your mind before you leaned closer and before you knew it, Kakashi´s lips were on yours. The kiss started innocently enough and you lost yourself in this moment, just enjoying the feeling of him. Your body moved on its own and before you knew it, your hands softly raked through his hair. Just how could his parents name him after a scarecrow?! You were too caught up in the moment to realize that Kakashi´s hands were on your body but you didn´t care. Just… wait. The book. Too late you realized that he already held the book in his hands and you pulled back, feeling anger rising up inside you.

Kakashi´s expression was careless as always, giving you this asshole smile that totally angered you right now.

“Kakashi, I swear I´m gonna-“

“Thanks for the book, and oh. Konohamaru! Here´s your sensei!” He waved goodbye and disappeared into thin air. From a small distance you could see your student that you´d been hiding from now happily wave at you. “There you are, sensei!”

The next time you´ld see Kakashi, Konoha would definitely need a new Hokage

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BBRae Imagine person A of your OTP relentlessly flirting with B in public, just to see B blush.

I’m so sorry this took ~forever~. Hopefully it’s worth the wait!

Beast Boy had an uncanny knack for ulterior motives.  

He was devious, coy, and equally charming. How else could anyone have described the way in which he’d captured her attention so thoroughly? 

Nonetheless, when the offer had been made, it seemed innocent enough, even though Raven should have known better. 

She should have seen it coming.

“It’s just a small get-together,” he’d persisted at the time.

Beast Boy had been so nonchalant about the subject matter, that Raven had played right into his all too eager hands. 

He’d been mostly immersed in his video game, eyes the shade of evergreens glued to the televsion screen, unblinking. The words escaped his lips in a monotone whisper, almost like he was running on autopilot while his brain focused on the match.

So easy was his explanation that the empath made nothing of it, and thus, with a shrug of her shoulders and a brief nod of her head, Raven had resigned to her fate.

Except, what the changeling had neglected to mention was the nature of such a get-together. 

For example; perhaps a pertinent piece of information he’d conveniently left out, was the fact that it took place entirely poolside

As in, a pool.

As in, bathing suits and bikinis, and a lot of unexpected nudity. 

[this got long, so the rest is under the cut!]

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Male Companions react to realizing they’re not as straight as they thought thanks to Sole - Part II

A/N: 1) I REALLY like this ask. So thank you! 2) woah this is a good way for me to find out just how long my hiatus has been lasting, damn. Anyway, better late than never? 3) I get overenthusiastic and write too long texts… I’m working on it. Anyway, it’s the reason why I decided to post this in parts, 2 companions a day if I can get that done. - next up Hancock and MacCready-  4) obviously I’m also writing one for the girls 5) when they’re all up I’ll make an overview with links.

Deacon hadn’t minded following Sole around before, and his glowing recommendation to the railroad might have… reflected that a little. Laying on a bit thick how impressive he was, but did that matter when he lived up to those impossible expectations? If anything, it made him even better than advertised. The more he learned about Sole, the more he liked what he saw. A wit to rival his own, but with a kidness hidden underneath it. Whenever Sole’d return to the railroad he’d drop everything to hang around at the headquarters,   inconspicuously of course. Yes, hoping Sole’d want him to tag along, and yes even more so because he like the rush he felt when he saw him. He knew damn well that that didn’t exactly indicate that he felt no more than a sense of friendship towards Sole, but didn’t give a damn. Sure, he never before had felt like this about a man but if there was one thing he’d learned it was that life was too short to drop a good thing when it was right in front of you. Besides, with all of the roles he’d played, it was refreshing to discover another aspect of who he really was. And this… this was real. Finally, something undeniably real. He didn’t know how much he craved it until he felt it. Deacon threaded carefully, testing the waters, trying to figure out if Sole would even be remotely interested. He had a contingency plan; he could always claim he was practicing for an undercover mission or something. It didn’t take long before Sole called Deacon out on his different behaviour. “ Say, Deacon, are you… flirting with me?”
Deacon laughed, as it turned out it was a little more difficult to lie once you were a little bit too personally involved. They had gotten too close, damnit. He looked Sole in the eyes and after a flicker of doubt whether he should lie just said “You noticed, I’ll take it?”
“ Hard not to. I mean, I have no problem with this at all, You may have noticed I am all for checking out both women and men I come accross…”
“ Yeaaah… you’re super good at keeping that under wraps, boss.” Sole shot him a side-glance
“ But… I thought you were into women? I mean, you never seemed interested in men and it never came up in conversation so I assumed… I mean with… your wife and all that?”
“ This is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. But what can I say? You are just so pretty! The way you sway your hips, for one. ” Deacon mimicked an overly swaying walk, only to receive a shove from Sole.
“ I’m serious, Deacon. What’s going on, is this a con or?” Deacon kept looking into Sole’s eyes for a moment until the smile faded and he was looking down. Damnit, this is why he preferred lying. Less chance of getting hurt when they saw a persona instead of you. 
“ In all honesty,…”
“ Alert the media, Deacon’s going to say something honest! Where’s Piper when ya need her?”
“ Yeah, I had that coming. But eh… you are handsome.”
“ Ruggedly, I know.” Sole brushed through his hair dramatically while rolling his eyes. Deacon was distracted by his hands for a moment so he closed his eyes for the last bit.
“ Aaaand I dunno what happened but as it turns out I’m not as straight as I thought and I may potentially perhaps have a crush on you.  “
That last sentence came racing out. Sole couldn’t remember a moment when Deacon seemed this uncontrolled when speaking. Which brought up a certain concern… 
“ How do I know this isn’t just  some sort of prank? If so, low blow.”
Deacon took off his sunglasses and winked with a grin still set on his face.
“ Woah Sole, low blow? Let’s take it one step at a time huh? “ Sole buried his face in his hands. When he looked up again, Deacon was still looking at him.
“ Like… I dunno… see how a kiss feels?”
“ You’re serious about this?”
“ Yeah. Have been for a while, actually. Shocker, huh? ”

It didn’t take long for Nick to be impressed with Sole; the way he seemed to manoeuver through the commonwealth was… had to be a mix between a natural ability to adapt, one hell of a lot of will power and heaps of luck. Travelling with him, the proof that there was hope left yet to obtain some kind of justice and morality in the Commonwealth, brought new colour to his world. A kind of colour he hadn’t really noticed since… well since Jennifer had been in his life, or at least in that of the the Nick before him. Admiration turned to friendship, but now… he noticed that he started to feel something of which he had from time to time wondered of if he’d ever be able to experience it first-hand as a synth. Whether he liked it or not, he felt drawn to Sole, to their energy and to their strength. He tried to ban it from his mind. What would a man who was slowly working up his way to becoming the hero of the world as he knew it want with a heap of scrap metal? But every time he chose to travel alone or with someone else he’d worry and miss him just a little bit too much for it to just be friendship anymore, somehow seeing Sole happy had become what made him happy.He tried to ban it from his mind, but grew distracted from his cases and asked Piper one too many times whether she had heard anything of Sole’s return. It wasn’t really until she mentioned “ Okay, clearly someone’s smitten. Might wanna try to make that bright neon sign stand for something more than just your name. Tell him.”  Before he could protest she walked out with a “ Consider it free advice, ya never know!’
If it was that obvious to her, it’d stand out to him too, sooner or later. When Sole returned to him, a little battered, a little bruised, but still going on with hope in their eyes he just smiled. “Piper said you’d want to see me.” Of course she did. “So what’s up? Just wanted to see if I was still in one piece or did ya miss me?”
“Maybe… you oughta sit down for a moment.”
Sole arched his eyebrows. “Okay… that sounds serious.”
“ All right, I’m gonna try not to make this too uncomfortable and you need to know I just want to hear an answer from you so I can move on from.. this. I… ” How the hell do you come forward with something like this, he stopped talking, tried to think of how to word it. Damnit, he had a couple of times in his head but it all seemed to fall flat now. “ Should I come back, do you need to  run some diagnostics   first or something?” Sole’s lips curved into a grin, a glinster in their eye and the usual pride after perfectly delivering one of their witty comebacks, turning Nick’s words against him.
“Out with it, Nick. “
“ I have a powerful urge to kiss you right now.”
“ Is that so?” Sole leaned forward.  “Then… what’s stopping you?”

Gal Friday

Summary: Sasuke frowns and puts down the tumbler and turns around, expecting one of his shareholders or perhaps one of the shark-like women from legal to be addressing him. What he encounters instead is a woman with a shock of bubble-gum pink hair and eyes the colour of seafoam, smiling at him as if she has known him her entire life. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 11 – Prompt: “CEO & Assistant”]

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Unexpected Meeting (Finale)

Summary: Bucky is your saviour, your solace and your everything

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Soulmate AU)

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: comatose reader, so much fluff

A/N: I apologise for the sudden break in my posting, I got very drunk over the weekend and wasn’t sober enough to write something up to par until Monday. So, in hopes I’m not seen in the evil eye, I give you the finale to Unexpected Meeting. Enjoy!


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Your first sign of life, was the awareness of the darkness that surrounded you. This endless cavern that ignored light and solidity. You were nothing and yet, you were all, gently flowing through an invisible river.

Your mental image of yourself had disappeared. Where you small? Where you big? You had become nothing more than the darkness that you saw. You were the background, as well as the foreground and the midground.

You were everything.

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Hot Chocolate Kisses pt. 5

<– Part 4 | Part 6 –>

Genre: Fluff/Angst
Pairing: Jongdae x Reader
Wordcount: 4640 (SORRY)
Warnings: Lost of fluff, i think i should tag weight issues, family problems.
Notes for update: 25
A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on this series, but I love it so much. please love it as well!

It was four weeks after your first study date, and now you found yourself in Kris’ car in front of Jongdae’s apartment building. He’d invited you to come there for dinner. You’d doubted about it, really. Never before had you been at a boy’s, or anybody’s house before for dinner. However, your parents and brother weren’t home today. They had something concerning the upcoming Olympic games, and you couldn’t come along. So you’d given Jisoo, your head maid and cook, a day off. She was happy for it.
“This boy your obviously hanging out with, is he your boyfriend?” Kris asked, turning in his seat.
Blush spread over your cheeks. “No.” You mumbled.
“Okay, just…I’m not going to tell your parents or anything, but be careful. Even though he looks like a good kid.”
You nodded. “Thanks Kris.”

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pandi302  asked:

hi there! i love your writing! can i request a mccree x reader where his fem s/o is having a bad birthday because she felt like everyone forgot and shes feeling lonely, and then at the end of the day he surprises her with a private little party for two? thanks for reading my request <3 also bonus points for a cake with sparklers haha

Aw if that ain’t the sweetest thing! Lookit me, talking like McCree and I haven’t even written the hc’s yet XD. I hope you don’t mind the point form anon. 

  • Nobody wants to be that person.
  • But last year, you had an amazing birthday.
  • It was a huge showup, and you got to throw a huge party, and everyone was there and it was just the best! Even people that normally aren’t around base somehow found their way into your party.
  • So can anyone really blame you for having high expectations for this year?
  • You have to reassure yourself that it’s not the gifts that made you happy last year, it was the company. So much company of friends and coworkers <3
  • It reminded you of what your family used to do on birthdays, with every celebration for you or your siblings being a goddamn stravaganza… at least until many years ago when omnics came and hunted them down. Birthdays were hard since then, but last year’s was good, because it numbed the sting to be surrounded by so many loved ones.
  • Suffice to say this year not one person has even remembered the day, and you can’t bring yourself to remind everyone because that would make you feel like a jerk. So now you don’t feel terribly appreciated.
  • To make things worse it’s been a horrifically busy month so now every person that’s forgotten your birthday has a solid reason. Everyone has been working their asses off!
  • You can’t even blame anyone but yourself for your shitty mood because of all of the above reasons :/
  • Your boyfriend, McCree, has been gone all day as well. He hasn’t texted you throughout the day which is irregular, and then he seems to have completely forgotten that today’s your birthday anyway
  • Even when he left in the morning he just left with an absent-minded “see you ‘round sugar” and out he goes to the door :/
  • You grumble to yourself and remind yourself there’s no real point in griping in your room. You may as well throw yourself in your work at the base to keep your mind busy, and just swallow your pride. It’s selfish of you to want a big celebration- even if being lonely on your birthday only reminded you of having no real family.
  • Eventually, you get a text from McCree telling you he’s home, and that dinner is ready in your room
  • You sigh. Well, may as well just go home and finish the day up right? So you walk back to your quarters and open the door- and he practically ambushes you at the door with a party horn like, “Happy birthday darlin’! Get yer cute lil’ buns inside so we can celebrate proper-like!”
  • You laugh because McCree can’t bear to remove his cowboy hat and just stuck the party hat on top and he just looks ridiculous
  • There’s little streamers he’s strung up in your favourite colour, left some quiet music from your favourite artists playing in the background
  • He sits you down at your desk, having moved the table to the center of the room so you could both sit across from one another, where he’s picked up your favourite (takeout) food and the both of you happily dig in
  • “Hope you don’t mind I picked this up instead- dispatch took a helluva lot longer than I thought.” “It’s fine,” you shake your head and sigh. He immediately thinks something is wrong but you reassure him that you’re just so appreciative of what he’s done for you, especially since nobody else had remembered it was your birthday
  • He also can’t bake for shit so it’s pretty obvious he got a small cake made at a bakery that normally makes wedding cakes (at least you think so, given the smooth looking icing and the fact it tastes so fucking good)
  • For dessert he whips out a cake with one candle, whispering softly, “Make a wish, baby. I hope it’s for us.”
  • How can you ask for anything more when he’s around? How can you when after everything that’s happened to you, Jesse tries his best to fill in that awful hole in your heart where your family was. He’s not the greatest at it, he never had much of a family life on his own, but by God, he’s trying.
  • “I wish…” you start, and laugh at the thought, “for pizza.”
  • “Consider it done,” and he’s already placing an order. <3

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Opposite Direction [Part Three]

Title: Opposite Direction [Part Two]// Teen Wolf and Riverdale

Summary: Escaping a program similar to the Black Widow program you begin a new life in a town where you’re aware isn’t exactly normal. Working in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department places you in the eyes of Stiles but when Black Widow finds you with Captain America will you return the favour to her?

Characters: Reader x Stiles Stilinski , Sheriff Noah Stilinski (mentioned) , Jughead Jones, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, Archie Andrews, Ms. Grundy (mentioned), Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Sheriff Keller.

Words: 2665

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or Marvel. Nor do I own Riverdale when it does appear. This means I do not own the characters from these shows/movies either.

Warnings: Swearing, injury, past mention of Archie and Grundy.

Requested: @fandomnationwhore

Author: Caitsy

A/N: This is the end of Opposite Direction. I have to say I’m pretty damn proud of this short series. I’ve just moved back to my university so things are about to get hectic. Thank you for all the support you give our blog. We love you. Seriously.


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Originally posted by hannamarins

Your eyes landed on the cell you used for your legit job in Beacon Hills to see that you had a message from an unknown person. There were few people that had that number seeing as other than work you didn’t talk to many people. Flipping the phone up in the air to catch as you shoved a piece of food in your mouth you unlocked it.

From: Unknown
Hey Y/N, it’s Stiles. Um just wanting to know if your alive? You haven’t messaged my dad or emailed anyone. Your cards haven’t been used and you have no social media so uh…let me know?

From: Pest Stilinski
It’s Stiles by the way.

From: Pest Stilinski
Wait I said that already.

You rolled your eyes at the pain of boy that obviously didn’t see the wrong in breaking laws to find things out.

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