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crake-s-deactivated20171018  asked:

whats going on with the micahel/geoff dick thing how did that happen?

Michael: Remember when we bat winged [Gavin] in his office?

Geoff: He was on a conference call with Samsung or somebody the other day…

Gavin: Yeah, I mean, no need to name names, but sure.

Geoff: Some bullshit Slow Mo Guys stuff — just kidding, Dan, you’re great. And I saw he was like on a — what was that thing you do, Skype? So I took my dick out and I went over and I put it on the table next to him while he was on his call.

Gavin: Yeah, he was, like, wiping his dick all over my paperwork. And I shoved him out of the room, ‘cause I’m on the phone trying to do business, and his balls and penis are out on my desk. So I shove him out of the room and I shut the door, but my door has a window, and then I glanced it, and he’s pulling out his scrotum and stretching the skin and smooshing it against the window like a bat wing. And then! And then they joined forces and, like, dual bat winged me, Michael and Geoff at the same time.

Michael: We went into his office and he was sitting in his chair, and Geoff was standing on his left, and I was standing on his right, and he was going: “Ahhh!”

so basically michael and geoff both had their dicks and balls out with only gavin between them.