this snow is a bit late this season

Sans and Papyrus are enjoying their first snow on the surface with Nice Cream (and ketchup).

I love that winter has pretty much become Undertale season for me and many friends of mine, since this was the season most of us played the game. The OST is a large part of my holiday playlist >w> Whenever I am out and it’s snowing I always got the Snowdin music playing and think of my fav Skelebros <3 I know this is a bit late, but I hope everyone had an awesome holiday!

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name: Finn (not my real name btw)
nickname: Snow, Finn, Finnch
birth month: April
height: 5″2 (160 cm)
ethnicity: East Asian
orientation: Panromantic/Biromantic (demi?sexual)
favourite fruit: Blueberries <3 and Passion Fruit 
favourite season: Summer and Fall
favourite book: ( I actually haven’t been reading lately, so this list is a bit outdated… ) Song of Achilles, PJO, Aristotle and Dante, A Little Princess 
favourite flower: Sweet Pea, Peonies, Honeysuckle, Gerbera Daisy 
favourite scent: Fresh baked bread, Coffee, Cinnamon
favourite animal: cats and snakes
favourite beverage: Rose/Lavender Milk Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea, Apple Juice, Iced Mocha & Water
average hours of sleep: 4-12 
favourite fictional character: I HAVE TOO MANY IM SORRY  (VLD) LANCE, Pidge, Hunk, Keith, Coran, (Kiznaiver) Nico, (Miraculous Ladybug) Marinette, Alya, Chat Noir 

number of blankets you sleep with: 1-4 (the weather here is wild)
dream trip: Japan, Hong Kong, Europe, Australia
blog created:  2013/2014 
number of followers: 274
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chained-to-the-mirror  asked:

It sounds very pleasant and season-appropriate, what you're having :) I actually live about two hours from Helsinki, in the Southwest of Finland... we had warmer weather for a bit, but for the past few days it's been like late February/early March all over again. But I decided to fight the depression by making myself a pot of coffee, knitting and listening to Tori Amos, so I think I'll be fine ;) but it's true, as pleasant as snow is when it's the right time for it, May is too much.

It sounds like you are having a pleasant evening after all, then.  That’s good.  

Knitting…  I haven’t thought about knitting in an age.  I used to knit a little when I was in university.  It attracted a great deal of negative attention, but it helped me focus and think, and it wasn’t as though mockery was something I wasn’t already used to.  I like the repetitiveness of needle crafts.  It’s relaxing.

I’m looking forward to the warm weather Thursday and Friday.  I think I may take Watson to the zoo again.  It will be perfect weather for it, though we’ll both have to be sure to remember our sunscreen.

Missing [1/3]

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You get really used to the little things.

Alfred’s never considered himself to be something special and he still doesn’t. He wakes up every morning at the crack of dawn and eyes his alarm clock from across the room, always cursing himself for being smart enough to place it out of arms reach. He showers, dresses, groggily eats some food, and walks to the bus stop. He takes the bus, whether lucky enough to get a seat or condemned to stand, gets off a couple miles north at his college campus, and walks to his first class in the cold, snow slogging and slushing underfoot.

Then, when his classes are over, he takes the bus back home, eats a late lunch, and sits in his room. He shares a student house with a few other guys, but his particular room has a sliding glass door that leads out to a tiny balcony that overlooks the backyard. He’s only on the second floor, so the view isn’t all that great. Mostly he can see the surrounding fence and the top half of the house behind their building. It isn’t anything special, but it’s comfortable.

He has his desk set up so that he can idly stare out the window for however long he needs when doing classwork. It isn’t productive, but it helps ease some of the stress in his brain to just glance outside. There’s a big tree in the yard and this time of year its branches are already bending with snow and ice. Alfred likes being able to see it.

Sometimes birds land on his balcony railing. Once a couple of crows chose that location to fight, which was interesting enough. Sometimes they perch on the fence below, but not often. 

There are a lot of cats in this neighborhood.

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Emma Tells Hook


“Have you tried talking to the boy?”

“As far as he’s concerned, I haven’t seen Neal since he left me in jail. So anything I tell him about his dad being a hero sounds like I’m making it up just to get him to feel better.”

I would like to talk about this for a moment. This gif I’m using is of the exact moment Emma says those bolded words. As you can see, the camera pans to Hook’s face afterwards, and his jaw kind of clenches a little.

That’s it. Then we’re back to the conversation about Henry

But wait, this is huge. This is the first time in the entire show that Emma has told anyone what Neal did to her (with one exception I’ll get to in a moment).

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I figured it out

I’ve been wondering why I ship SwanQueen. By a process of elimination, I think I’ve figured it out:

  • Am I a romantic? No. I don’t do romances. I don’t read romantic novels or choose romantic films. When I read or watch telly I go for sci-fi or fantasy, and those police procedurals that are more about the fun and friction of the characters than the crime-solving aspect. I have never shipped a show’s characters before, canon or not. With few exceptions, romances in these shows get on my wick, taking screen time from what I subjectively feel is the good stuff. So I don’t ship Rizzles (though if that became canon I would squeal incredulous joy for the many who do). When I (rarely now) write fanfic, any pairing is usually for the comedy or smut. You’ll find both in the only OUaT fic I’ve written, but romance? Haha, nope.
  • Am I looking for representation? No. As a native English cis woman blessed with work, children, an ex-husband and a few mild vices I’m fairly well represented in my culture. If sitcoms focused less on the proverbial “juggling” of the first three blessings and more on the vices I might watch a few, but that’s my only gripe.

So if I’m not a romantic, and I’m not seeking representation, why do I want Regina and Emma to find each other so much? I think I get it when I put on my writer’s hat:

Once Upon a Time is mashup. Like multiple-crossover fanfic it tosses genres, characters and eras into one brightly-coloured salad. The thing about crossover and mashup is it only works if it’s focused. At its best it features characters which can feasibly inhabit the same universe (like Rizzoli, Isles, Castle and Beckett). When writers mix Blakes 7 with Star Trek, or Merlin with Voldemort, they’re crossing eras and universes, and wrestling with genres. The best examples of these both develop devices to facilitate the cross, and write a story which compares, contrasts or elaborates on those characters and their contexts.

Once Upon a Time has wandered around a bit. The European fairy-tales were a coherent start - Snow and Charming, Red, Rumplestiltskin, Hansel and Gretel, Cinders, Jack (under-used), Beauty, Sleeping (a little lost), Rapunzel (to come), with the Evil Queen at their heart. Yet while still in its first season the show delved into modern English literature instead, with the Mad Hatter and a Wonderland trip. Then Mulan showed up out of medieval Chinese legend, then not long afterwards Robin Hood strolled out of English medieval folklore, and meanwhile Dr Frankenstein popped in from the eighteenth century English gothic novel. Lately we fast forward again to English children’s literature for Neverland and its characters, and soon we’ll get American lit’s Wicked Witch from Oz. So at this point the colourful salad tastes like an odd blend of chicken, Caesar, pasta and fruit.

Yet the writers have delivered some masterful strokes. Making the Evil Queen’s story the catalyst and momentum for their narrative was inspired. We’ve had some sublime, almost subversive touches - such as Red Riding Hood being the wolf who accidentally eats her own boyfriend - sweet mother of Lucifer that was exquisite. Their success in mashup is where they combine traditional characters into one rather than contrive a meeting, such as Rumplestiltskin being both Hook’s Crocodile and Beauty’s Beast as well as his primary fairy-tale imp; and Pan being a villain and the father who abandoned him works, because Emma’s Lost Girl history in a contemporary US foster system and Neverland’s forlorn brood is a great link with both.

Yet while I enjoyed Mulan’s appearance for her own sake, and I’m looking forward to the Wicked Witch for the inevitable sparks, I feel this show really needs its thematic focus if it’s not going to devolve like a once firm jelly that’s left too long on the plate. The central themes are family, magic and its price, the search for true love, and fairy-tale happy endings - their illusiveness and eternal hope. The wandering mix depends on these core themes, and if we’re going to get there it’s Emma’s and Regina’s evolving relationship that offers the best chance.

Emma and Regina share a son in Henry. They both have magic, and together can come to terms with their use of / wariness of / reliance on it. A feuding family’s happy ending is reconciliation through love (I adore the whole Regina-Snow-Emma dynamic). And then there’s the sciency bit…

There’s much talk of chemistry, and I don’t know whether the writers/producers got lucky or had clear foresight; but beyond chemistry I see physics - the hard science in the SwanQueen narrative. Regina and Emma were dimensions apart yet so fundamentally connected by their history and the other characters. They’re light-in-dark, dark-in-light. They’re like supernaturally charged magnets: opposing forces, repelling and sparking and threatening to set everyone else alight in their wake. Yet it only takes for one to shift or the other to wobble and inevitably there’ll be a sudden twist - then slam! Collision. The attraction is manifest.

It just works. So in short, if SwanQueen is not where this show’s story is headed, any alternative will have to be bloody epic. It will have to outshine every touch of genius in TV-land to date, and blow our socks so far off that our great-grandchildren are still looking for them and talking about it while watching re-runs on a holodeck.

no sweater's too big


All he knew was that Harry made him feel so good, and it would never change. And at that moment he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with the younger boy who he’d first met at the bakery just three years before. He wanted everything with Harry, he wanted him by his side. He hadn’t wanted to grow up in the first place, but he wouldn’t mind growing old if Harry was there to enjoy every last moment with him.


Christmas AU where Harry works at a bakery/coffee shop and he lives with his boyfriend, of three years, Louis. The holidays are coming soon, and the two boys have a lot in store.

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anonymous asked:

i'm just wondering, were there people in the GA and other shippers like snowing and rumbelle that don't like C$ and didn't like that finale? I received a bit of hate lately basically saying i'm just a bitter lesbian and SQ shipper and that's why i'm unhappy with it. It gets to your head a bit :(

well i’m neither bitter nor a lesbian and i bailed out of the season. so did millions of other people. 900,000 during the final episode itself. what does that tell you?

if you look at Tumblr, every other ship except most of CS (there are a few who recognize the fuckery) are pissed. OQ? pissed that Regina got sidelined. Snowing? unless they are also CS they’re pissed that their iconic line was stolen. Rumbelle? fucked over. again. nonshippers who like Emma or Regina as characters? not happy. if you look at people talking to Adam on Twitter, the only positive stuff is from CS. 

if you don’t love Hook above all things (including Emma), that half-season was a complete destruction of everything you love about OUAT.