this sneak peek gave me so many feelings

OMG I am 8000 words into my new modern au semi political drama kabby fic project inspired by my reef/Witsundays/Great Barrier Reef trip that gave me oh so many kabby feels. Because what can be better than reading about kabby sailing tacross a beautiful ocean towards the sunset together? This is just chapter 1 and I tell you, this fic is gonna be a biggie. I was a little worried about it first, but it’s really starting to come together. It looks promising! Anyway, how about a sneak peek first? I hope to get this up by the end of the week so keep an eye out! 

Scandalous: sneak peek

Two years ago, Abby Griffin had vowed to move on with her life and not look back.

Since then, she had ignored Marcus’s phone calls, and (even on Clarke’s request) refused to make any contact with him. She had cut him out of her life as if he was no more than a stranger, and not the best friend who had weaved his way into her heart and left a mark on all of her thoughts and memories.  

“I’m so sorry Marcus,” Abby began, her eyes softening with remorse. “For never calling you back, for cutting you out of my life, out of Clarke’s life. It wasn’t fair on you and-“  

“Abby, stop,” Marcus reached for her arm, silencing her. “Forget about it, okay? We both made poor choices, and we both lost people we love as a result. But you’re here now and I’m…I’m just glad that I have you back in my life again.”

“Me too,” Abby said. She felt her heart swell up when she met his warm, forgiving eyes.

She was back in his life, and she was never going to lose him again.

And when he smiled, a tug of the lips that crinkled around his cheeks, Abby felt her chest tighten, knowing that she did not deserve his forgiveness. But he wanted to let the past go, so she would too.

Abby suddenly remembered his stunning boat she was admiring earlier. She tilted her head to the yacht and said, “I don’t remember this being here when I left.”

Marcus followed her gaze and smiled proudly. “I’ve been eyeing this boat for a while, but I only finalised the purchase last week. She’s second hand but I got a good price for her. Do you want to take a look?”

Abby grinned. “Do you even have to ask?”

It was difficult climbing onto the boat in her pencil skirt and blouse, but with the help of Marcus, Abby managed to jump and stumble onto the deck. Marcus briefly disappeared behind a door leading inside the boat, so Abby slung her bag onto one of the leather cushioned benches and took a moment to admire the boat. She was standing on polished, maple wood deck in the dip of the back of the boat. Two cushioned benches curving on both sides of the door and a wooden wheel in the middle of the deck took up most of the space. Giant speakers were securely attached to one of the benches. Looking up and following the metal railings that surrounded the yacht, Abby saw a spacious deck down the front of the boat.

Abby walked over to the side of the boat and leant on the metal railings, staring out into the ocean. Marcus shortly emerged with two bottles of beers. He dropped down by her side, an elbow resting on the railings as he offered her the beverage. Abby accepted it with a small ‘thanks’ and took a generous swing of the bitter liquid.

Abby let out a long breath and with it, the chest full of stress she’d been holding in since her fight with Thelonious. She took in the clear blue skies, skin-baking sunshine and shimmering ocean waves. Sipping her beer, she said, “You know, I missed the water when I left here. I missed the sailing, the swimming, the open ocean views, the islands and fresh air. I didn’t think I would, but I did.”

Marcus watched her closely, noticing the light that dawned in her eyes as she spoke. “Well, how about we take the boat out to the Islands then?”

Abby almost choked on her beer and spun her head around to face him. “What? Now?”

Marcus shrugged with a sheepish smile. “I don’t see why not. The weather’s warm and the tides out. And you said that Thelonious will need some time to cool down. Unless you had other plans today?”

Abby thought of the dinner she should prepare for, choosing what she would wear, organising dinner for Clarke before she left. She thought of the unpacking they still needed to do and the mess in their house. Then she thought of the cool summer breeze crashing through her and the stunning ocean and island views. Her skin itched with excitement at the thought of sailing again.  

Abby wrapped her fingers around her beer bottle, contemplating her decision. She knew what normal, rational Abby would do; get off this boat now and return home back to her family. But to hell with normal-rational Abby.

Abby to a swing of her beer and said, “Screw it. Let’s go.”

Marcus grinned. Deciding that it wasn’t windy so they wouldn’t need the sails, Marcus walked over to the wheel and started the engine. Abby followed him, watching him steer the wheel as he made to slowly reverse the yacht out. She eyed the bottle of beer near his feet with a playful smile. “You sure it’s safe to be drinking and sailing? I’m pretty sure there’s a rule against that.”

Marcus glanced over his shoulder and grinned. “Well, I think we’ll be safe as long as my alcohol tolerance is better than yours.”

Abby scrunched her face in a purse and punched him in the shoulder, releasing a chuckle from his lips. “Hey, I have gotten better you know.”

Marcus rolled his eyes and returned his attention back to the waters. “Of course you have Abby.”

Abby followed his gaze as they started to head out into the ocean, a wistful smile gracing her lips. “So, are you going to tell me where we’re going then?”

Marcus just shook his head and grinned. “No. It’s a surprise,” he turned to face her, amused at the irritation furrowing her features. “And I know just how much you love surprises.”