this situation is getting out of control

Kiki to liz: you call the shots, not Jason

When it comes to Jake, Jason has let Liz call the shots since that kid was conceived. He couldn’t be in his son’s life because of the choices he made by staying in the mob. He allowed another man to raise his son and call him daddy. Even with Jason having no memories & Liz getting Jake back from the dead, she still controlled the father-son relationship. Then when he dumped her, she decided to control the situation again by having Franco around Jake when she knew Jason wasn’t comfortable with it. She has decided to pick & choose what Jason gets to know about his son & when he gets to know about it. When Jason wants to have a say about his son’s well-being, all of a sudden Liz has a problem with it. Jason is no longer playing by her rules and now that he’s out of the mob and has a second chance at life, his son is coming first. The writers could change this up by having a DNA test revealing that Jason isn’t the father of Jake after all of this time that way Jason can be free of Liz and her ignorance

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I just read that promptio glory hole fic and now like what prom thinks he has to do sex favors for gladio so he won't tell noctis? Like gladio is always following him to the bathroom now that he knows cuz he's honestly concerned for prompto's health, that whole situation can get out of control and prom could get hurt. But prom assumes gladio is idk after something, or into the overused goods look and gathering more blackmail? And gladio doesn't words good enough for this?

Something along those lines is what I picture. Prompto gets kind of quiet and jumpy when Gladio is around, constantly afraid Gladio is going to tell. Gladio starts to keep a closer eye on Prompto because keeping everyone safe is kind of his ‘thing’ and Prompto is getting up to some risky behavior. Gladio knows it’s not his place to tell Prompto what he should and shouldn’t do, but he’s not going to stand by and hope no one gets too rough or tries something they shouldn’t. But Prompto sees it as intimidation (scaring Prompto’s clients to keep Prompto in line) or wanting another go.

And Gladio tries to explain but Prompto already has his mind made up that Gladio is the sexual favors for silence kind of guy and nothing Gladio says comes out quite right.

…is. My thought. Half assed thought. (Originally they were gonna frick frank, Gladio was going to realize he liked listening to/watching Prompto with other people. And so Prompto kept at what he was doing with the addition of Gladio in the stall, watching and getting off on it. But nooo, my brain wouldn’t accept this outcome.)

You are in control of the situation. Breathe. Don’t cry. Things will be okay. You can do this, you can fix whatever you’re worried about, you can pay that bill, you can talk to your significant other and communicate, you can get over them, you can do better in school, you can manage your time, and you will be able to do what is it you need to. Take your time. Think.

Lego Batjokes HEADCANONS (some NSFW)

-Joker has an attention kink. Praise him, humiliate him, it doesn’t matter- he’s content as long as he’s the center of your attention.

-Bruce has DID, Joker has schizophrenia. They have struggles, but help each other get through them.

-Bruce is a complete dom! Sex or not, he likes feeling in control of the situation. Even if Joker could hypothetically win in a fight, he usually lets Bruce win anyway- it’s better for both of them in the long run.

-This also works well because Joker loves being the sub- again, complete attention

-Joker dissociates, and you can tell because his face goes to a blank smile and he slowly starts sliding down in his chait until he falls off and gets really startled

-Batman loves scaring the shit out of Jokes. He’ll pop up out of random places and yell “JOKER” in his face and Joker will just. Scream

-Joker’s coattails act like regular tails and Bruce thinks its so weird and interesting.

-Joker’s head spins when he cums. (you know how it does in the movie.)

-Joker treats Robin like his own son. He and Harley are always extra careful not to actually hurt the smol birdy child. (He did get a scrape on his knee in a scuffle and they both felt bad for a week)

-All the other villians and the Batfam totally ship it, and have a field day trying to get them to admit they’re actually in love. (“Master Bruce, are you sure-” “YES! I AM SURE! ALL I FEEL IS UNBRIDLED RAGE”)

-Arkham Asylum is like. The best prison ever in the Legoverse. The only real punishment there is that if the villians misbehave they’re not allowed to participate in their favorite activity

Feel free to add any headcanons you have


Moon in Fire signs
People with their Moon in Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) feel things strongly, dramatically and aggressively. They are quick to react and usually hold nothing back. You’ll know what they’re feeling because they make it obvious that somethings up. More so than any other element, the Fire Moon signs feel things passionately. They are quick to anger and can ruffle up a few feathers in the process. But more than anything the Fire Moon signs are trail-blazers and highly energetic. They make the best out of any situation because of their optimism and enthusiasm.  

Moon in Earth signs
People with their Moon in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) feel things in an impacting way, they just don’t show it. The Earth Moon signs usually aim for being responsible and having things under control. More than anything, they crave security and stability in their lives. It is important for the Earth sign Moon to have a set routine because through this they can be highly productive and get things done fast. They don’t do well in chaotic situations because of how things spiral out of control, but somehow they still manage to remain calm and grounded.  

Moon in Air signs
People with their Moon in Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) feel things in a deep manner, but they don’t show this side of them; they detach. Air Moon signs would much rather process their emotions completely before they react. They want to have a reason as to why they’re feeling that way. The Air Moon signs love engaging in conversations and have a thirst for knowledge. Socializing is something that they enjoy doing and are exceptionally good at it. Everyone seems to love the enthusiasm, laid back nature of the Air sign Moon!

Moon in Water signs
People with their Moon in Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) feel things for what they are but with a lasting impact. Of all the Moon signs, it’s none other than the Water Moon signs that feel things deeply, in an almost all-consuming way. They are passionate and sentimental, highly sensitive to their surroundings and the feelings of others. The Water Moon signs are blessed with intuition and more than anyone; they are usually empaths. However, since they feel things so strongly, they should be careful of becoming too overwhelmed and lost in their own feelings.


I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks… I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I’d be like, ’Maybe I’m going to get sick’… It’s kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that’s not to say I don’t get worried.

Just thinking about how his team isn’t managing this situation properly out of spite is infuriating. This is PR 101. It isn’t rocket science. People at this level do media trainings on how to react to and execute plans around events like this. 

But this plays right into their hands. They get to paint Louis as volatile and out-of-control while every article mentions it involved his recently reconciled girlfriend Eleanor. 

They couldn’t have planned it better if they tried. 

But they won’t try to fix it. 

Anxiety taking control of you?

I have been under a lot of stress these past few weeks from life. I have  been feeling like I can not take catch a break. Every Time one situation improves, another situation gets worse. The amount of stress I have been under has been causing me to have to have frequent panic attacks.  I was at work two weeks ago, and I started to have a panic attack, and it was at the moment when I realized I have to take control of this. I have to be proactive to about this problem. I have been taking steps to improve my stress level and anxiety.

  • I meditate more than once a day.  Every time I feel myself getting stressed out, I go and mediate. No matter where I am, I will find a quiet place to calm myself. 
  • I made yoga extra mandatory
  • I have increased the amount of chamomile tea I drink. I have also started carrying chamomile pills in my bag.
  • When panic attack happens, I focus on my breathing and tell myself I will be okay, i’m doing good, and things will get better. I repeat these things to myself until I calm down.
  • I have been spending time with my partner and friends
  • I have been spending more time on my hobbies
  • I have been working out at home. ( Hopefully I will start going to the gym again)
  • I have been writing my emotions

If you are under a lot of stress or battle anxiety , please don’t let it control you. Take some small steps to get in front of it. It might take some time to completely get a hold of it, but at least you will have some control or have the tools to reduce it.

If you tried any of these tips, please comment below if they helped you.

  • percy: i can control water and poison and basically all liquids
  • jason: i can harness the winds and fly
  • annabeth: i can use my wisdom to get out of any situation
  • piper: i can make people do things just by *asking*
  • leo: i can build or fix anything and have FYAH POWAH
  • hazel: i can summon jewels and precious metals and do magic
  • frank:
  • frank: i can turn into an elephant
Each MBTI Type At Their Best

xNTx - Analysts

INTJ: An INTJ at its best is extremely quick to analyze situations and be able to know and understand how different scenarios will most likely roll out much better. Their Fi is much healthier and are surprisingly in control of their feelings and don’t suppress them. Organisational skills through the roof and creativity boosts significantly. They become more aware of other’s feelings and learn to respect their feelings. Knowledge of how to get things done is way more easy to find and to use. 

ENTJ: When an ENTJ is at its best the ENTJ finds a balance between being able to tolerate and control what they say and still say/demand enough to intimidate people and get stuff done. Organisational skills are absurd, to the point they could plan a trip to mars. Are slightly more in touch with emotions and learn to control them when things get to emotionally complicated. Able to play out consequences of actions very easily and therefore give good advice. More aware of other’s people feelings and more respectful to them.

INTP: When an INTP is at its best it easily manages to extract new information and store it for future use. They become more aware of other’s feelings and learn to somewhat respect them and even use them to their advantage. Creativity is heavily boosted, easily find very good ideas and have an easy time innovating. More aware of how to use past experiences to predict how their projects may turn out.

ENTP: An ENTP at its best is able to not only come up with amazing ideas but it becomes easier for them to use their stored knowledge to put those ideas into action. ENTP becomes more aware of other’s people feelings and how to respect them. They may even understand how to use this knowledge to point things their way. Knowledge becomes more clear and less messy which allows ENTP to understand things that were previously seen as too complicated. The ability to learn from past mistakes is improved.

xSxP - Adventurers comming next so stay tuned ;)       Have a magnificent life :)

*if you would like to see ‘’each type at its worst’’ please comment so ;)*

the only time you open up (is when we get undressed)

Warren Worthington iii x Reader

A/N: This is like? A rewrite/discarded version of scene from the Artist AU that @kurtwxgners and I are working on because we’rE ALMoST FiNISHED WITH IT GET HYPED

@put-in-writing @raypclmer @emmcfrxst

You should never have let it get this far. Everything is spiralling way out of your control and you’re in too deep to be able to pretend you’re not emotionally invested in an impossible situation. You’re lying in Warren’s bed, skin still warm from the sex, and you’re desperately trying not to cry. Letting yourself get swept up in the lie the two of you had crafted would have consequences, and you knew that at the time, but it’s not making it any less painful now that the illusion is falling apart. It’s pouring with rain outside and the whole thing feels like some kind of huge cliché. It’s almost funny.

Warren shifts in the bed beside you, and you don’t think you’ve ever felt so alone while so close to another person. There’s a distance between the two of you that you’re scared to try and broach, because while the rules for whatever you’re doing together were never really discussed, there’s an unspoken agreement that it’s only about sex. There was never any promise of an emotional connection or even emotional support of any kind. You roll over to face away from him, reaching up to scrub a hand over your eyes, trying to surreptitiously dispel the tears forming there. Sleeping with Warren was never supposed to be this complicated, though if you’re being honest with yourself, expecting to maintain this agreement without becoming somehow, unintentionally, irrevocably invested in whatever kind of connection exists between the two of you was a product of wilful ignorance. You didn’t want to believe you could fall in love with him, so you just didn’t think about it. To you, months ago when this entire trainwreck of an arrangement began, there was no possibility of a deeper emotional investment emerging.

If you weren’t so close to tears, you’d laugh at how wrong you were.

Taking a deep breath to try and steady yourself, you feel tears gather in the corner of your eye, slipping down your cheek and even though you can feel the warmth of Warren’s body behind you in the bed, you feel so completely alone that he might as well be on a different planet. Your breath catches in your throat and though you try to stifle the sob, you know Warren hears it anyway. You can feel the mattress shift under his weight as he props himself up on an elbow, looking at you in concern.

“Are you-” he starts, hesitantly, “are you okay?” his voice is soft and tentative, because this is new territory for both of you. You try to answer but the words are swallowed by another sob, and you just curl up, away from him, trying to pull yourself together before you answer. “Alright, so you’re clearly not okay,” he says quietly. “Do you wanna talk-can I-” he breaks off in a sigh, rubbing awkwardly at the back of his neck. This isn’t what you do. The talking-the emotional vulnerability. That’s not what you are to each other and you both know it. The silence that follows stretches on for what feels like hours, and then you feel him shift slightly behind you, carefully draping an arm over your waist and settling close behind you. “You don’t need to talk about it,” he whispers, pressing a kiss to your shoulder as his fingers brush gently over your ribcage.

Your eyes flutter shut as you reflexively lean back against his chest, letting yourself get a little lost in the way his arms feel around you. Neither of you says anything, and you don’t want to talk about why he makes you cry, because refusing to tell him how you feel is your way of retaining the last shreds of control over the situation. The emotional detachment required for you to keep sleeping with him isn’t sustainable for you, and you know it, but for now, you just want him to hold you and to forget that he’s not your boyfriend. Just a hook up.

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So what can we do? This is going to affect many women in regards to getting birth control. Also because of the attack on Obamacare a lot of people are going to be put out of Healthcare making the situation even worse. So what more can we do besides calling congressmen and seeing letters?

Calling your congress person is definitely a good start! But another way to get engaged is to join us over at which will allow you to take actions against an ACA repeal, Planned Parenthood Defund etc. 

He’s Dangerous, But Not Around You: Part 2

A/N: Sorry for the delay. This is also kinda shitty.

Part 1

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Two months after Harry’s violent encounter with Niall, Y/n and Harry have been working on Harry’s temper. It wasn’t going so well, still coming home with bloody hands, cut knuckles, and covered in sweat. He was growing more frustrated with himself as time went on. He’s tried so hard to walk away from a situation that got him angry, but right as he’d walk away, every part of his body would go into fury and all he did from then on seemed out of his control. Y/n was always disappointed, but always stayed with him and defended him in any way that she could. She had never given up on him, not even for a second.

“You’re a peach” she’d always say, with the cutest fucking smile he’s ever seen in his life, “I’ll always love you, you just have to get through this.”

And oh, how badly did he want to. Not even just for Y/n, but for himself.

“Just a bit more scotch.” Harry grumbles to the bartender, sliding his glass toward him.

He hasn’t been drinking much, in fact, he really isn’t a big drinker to begin with. He only goes to bars when the guys ask him to. Of course, since Y/n wasn’t planned to be coming back from her sister’s for a couple more hours, he agreed.

“Yo, guys, look at that bird” Zayn says, grabbing the boys’ attention to a tall, slender blonde woman across the room.

The boys whistle, but Harry just simply turned his attention back to his refilled scotch. Other girls didn’t phase him, they didn’t do anything for him. Y/n is the only woman he’s ever loved, even looking at another woman didn’t feel right to him.

He sips on his drink as the boys are encouraging Zayn to approach her. Harry scoffs lightly, quickly diverting his attention to the vibrating phone in his back pocket. Quickly sliding it out, he sees Y/n’s name with a “Just left. See you soon, my love xx.” He smiles, immediately texting back saying that he’ll be waiting for her and how much he’s missed her.

It had only been three days without Y/n, but he misses her terribly. He’d spent nearly everyday comforted in her company for two years. He misses how he is with her, so delicate and true. She’s the only person to bring that out of him, how could he not miss that? How could he not miss the only person that brings out the best of him?

Harry is drowned in his thoughts until Liam snapped him out of his trance.

“Harry? Harry!” Liam says, pushing onto his shoulder.

Harry shakes his head slightly, “Uh- yeah? Yeah? What’s up?”

“Isn’t that Y/n’s ex?”

Harry’s head snaps to where Liam is pointing. He already feels his fingers clench to fists and his jaw becoming tense.

Hell no. Not him. Harry’s supposed to be getting better, he’s supposed to be making an effort to help himself. He hasn’t been doing that well, but he hasn’t fought since Y/n left and he wanted it to stay that way. What’s a better welcome back gift than for him to have not let her down again?

But he has to. Although her ex had stopped harassing Y/n since Harry stepped in, something inside of him is igniting with every passing second he spends staring at him. How dare he say all those things to her and threaten her like that? How dare he do that to his Y/n? She lived in fear for way too long because of Kurt. How could he not do something about it?

“Mate, mate. Calm down” Liam orders when he sees Harry stand up from the bar stool, “He hasn’t spoken to her in a while, yeah? That’s in the past, man. Y/n wouldn’t want you to do thi-“

“You think I give a fuck what Y/n wants me to do right now?!” Harry hisses, “He threatened her, you understand me? How would you feel if the love of your life was being harassed by a scum so much to the point where she can’t sleep at night?”

Liam swallows harshly, “I just don’t want you to lose her.”

Harry roughly grabs onto Liam’s arm, staring at him harshly in his eyes.

“I will never lose her” Harry snaps, “I’m doing this for her. If this were any other person right now I’d walk out those doors before I can blink. He ruined her life, I will never let him live that down. Now leave me alone.”

He rips his hand away from his death grip on Liam, quickly looking around the bar to see if Kurt is still there. He is. Drinking beer, chatting with some mates, seeming as though he hasn’t even acknowledged Harry’s existence.

He hears the boys muttering under their breath, only picking up a subtle “just let him be”, completely fixated on the man he’s been dying to see for months now.

His fist clench at his sides, body storming in his direction. This is it, this is what he needs to do. He doesn’t care about what Y/n would think of him, not now, because in all honesty, he’d feel more guilty if he were to let Kurt get away with what he did to Y/n than to beat him in cold blood.

Kurt looks up the second Harry approaches him, but before he has any time to react, Harry punches him as hard as he could. He drops to the floor, a loud groan leaving his lips once he’s out of shock. Harry doesn’t waste any time before lifting him back up on his feet by the back of his shirt, mercilessly ramming his back up against the nearest wall.

The bar falls silent, everyone’s attention diverted directly to the violence unfolding.

You didn’t stop!” Harry screams in his face, teeth clenched as he speaks, “She asked you to stop and you didn’t until I stepped in! You’re fucking dead, you hear me?!”

He throws another wild punch directly to his face. Kurt almost falls down again, but his loss of balance is no match against Harry’s raging grip. He spits out blood before lifting his head up. He’s panting, teeth covered in blood, cheek already bruised with his blood smeared all over it.

“You think you’re any better?” Kurt questions between harsh breaths. “Think you can keep her with you when this is how you act?”

Harry grips his throat, glaring at him in the most threatening way he ever has before.

“Don’t you dare make this about me.”

“You know you’re a monster, Harry, yet you still keep her with you. Why do you keep doing that to her, huh? Why do you do that to her?”

Harry roars, pushing Kurt’s body towards him before throwing it back onto the wall. Kurt groans again, squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

I said don’t make this about me!

His grip is tighter against his neck. He watches as Kurt mildly struggles for breath, but he’s not giving up. Not just yet.

“You think I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to her, but you’re wrong.” Kurt chokes out, “you are.”

Before he says anything else, in the midst of his uncontrollable rage, Harry throws one last punch to him. He immediately becomes unconscious. Harry lets his body drop to the floor, strangled breath making his way into his lungs.

He looks around the bar. Shocked faces, people cowering away. He doesn’t care. All he can feel are unwanted tears piling in his eyes and his hands shaking against his thighs. Everything was right, everything he said was right.

“Harry, man” Louis walks up to him, everybody still staring shocked at him, “lets get you home, yeah?”

Louis throws a jacket around Harry’s shoulders, noticing the small nod in agreement before the boys lead him out of the bar.

“The boys told me what happened.”

Harry is snapped out of his trance at the sound of her voice. He hadn’t even heard her enter the house. He hasn’t said a word since he left the bar, hasn’t even looked at anyone since as well. Something about what Kurt said affected him in a way he never thought was possible. It was like he picked on a weak spot for him, like he dug into his mind and told him that all his greatest fears have now come true. Y/n isn’t right for him, and she never will be.

Y/n sighs, sitting down on the chair next to where Harry’s sat. She grabs onto his hands softly, her thumb running softly over his knuckles.

“Don’t listen to him” she whispers, “he doesn’t know anything about us.”

Harry looks at her in confusion. How is she not upset with him? How is she letting him get away with this again? This should have been the last straw, the last chance she had given him. How could she be doing this?

“It’s okay, Harry” she smiles softly, placing her hand on his face, “you were protecting me. You shouldn’t have done that, but you did. Not because you wanted to, but because you felt like you had to.”

Harry’s vision clouds over with tears, slowly taking her hands off of him. He just can’t keep doing this to her.

“How are you defending me right now?”

“Because, Harry, you-“

“Why do you even stay with me, huh?” Harry growls, flinging himself off of the chair.

Y/n let in a sharp breath, not entirely shocked by the question, but by the way he asked it. He normally asks why when he’s his weakest, after a fight while Y/n’s cleaning him up, or in bed after love making for hours on end. He’s never said so violently, like he’d doubting the relationship they’re in. Like he’s doubting her.

“Harry, why would you even-“

“Look at you, Y/n, look at you!” Harry raises his voice, interrupting her "You have all your shit figured out, you’re pure. Do you not see that? You’re pure. The only part of you that isn’t is me. I’m the part of your life that is reckless and dangerous and you want me to live with that for the rest of my life?!”

Y/n’s eyebrows furrow at his comment. A part of her feels guilty that he feels that way, like he’s the bad part of her that doesn’t belong. But a part of her also knows he’s right. Yes, of course he’s the part of her life that’s full of danger, but she doesn’t care. If anything, it makes her stronger, makes her want to stand up for herself and stray from the idea that she’ll never be anything more than a shy, weak girl she once was. He may see them as the worst thing for each other, but to her, it’s the best.

“No,” she speaks up, “No, because that’s not something you have to live with! I’m in love with you. You- You make me a better person, Harry! It doesn’t matter to me if you’re the dangerous part of my life, because no matter crap you pull, at the end of the day you’re still the same man I will forever love. The fact that we make each other better people, Harry, that’s what you have to live with.”

“I’m a monster, Y/n.” He speaks slowly, eyes filled with tears.

“You aren’t anything like that and you know that! You aren’t anything like you think you are, Harry, stop confusing who you really are with this image you want people to see you as!”

“That’s who I am, Y/n! Have you ever thought of that?!” His voice suddenly became louder, stronger, desperately trying to make her understand how absolutely wrong they are. But his eyes are bloodshot, filled with guilt and tears, overwhelmed by her seeing this side of him.

“I can’t be fixed! You can’t fix me because this is who I am! I am like this with everybody except for you. Wouldn’t you stop to think, even for a goddamn second that who I’m with you is fake?! Have you ever thought of that?!”

“Stop it, Harry! Just stop!” She yells, her hands gripping the sides of her head momentarily. "You’re drunk and you’re upset and I understand that but this is not who you are. You are hurt. You’re only 20 years old, your parents died, H. You didn’t have a home, your siblings left you because they blamed you for their death. You do this because you’re broken and you’re in pain and you want to push people away so that they don’t leave you first. I know this because you told me this yourself. How can I blame you, H?!”


His voice is animalistic, roaring in so much anger Y/n feels a vibration in the air around her. He throws a glass across the kitchen, the glass shattering onto the hardwood floor. Y/n’s body stiffens, never seeing him react so violently around her. 

He’s guilty the second he’s done it. He’s never acted this way toward her, but he can’t help it. He’s angry with himself. He’s had Y/n by his side for the past two years, always willing to help him and be there for him whenever he needed her. Seeing her reputation being ruined because of him, seeing how she’s been wasting her last two years hoping to change a man that can never be changed, it destroys him. She’s wasting her time with him. He’s a dead end, a false hope, and Y/n shouldn’t spend the rest of her life loving a man who could do this to her.

“Do you see that?” Harry whispers. “Do you see why this is a problem? I almost hurt you.”

Y/n shakes her head, slowly making her way toward his defeated body. She looks up at him, his eyes glossed with frustrated tears, looking at her the way he almost always does- with guilt. She runs her hands softly along his muscular arms in hope to calm him down.

“You’ll never hurt me.” She says softly, “I’m not afraid of you.”

Harry’s face scrunches in agony. He turns his head away from her, refusing to even look at her anymore. He can’t be weak, he can’t be right now.

“No. No, Y/n, stop.” He mutters, his hands pushing her away from him. 

He turns his back to her, not being able to look at her right now because of how much guilt he’s feeling.

Y/n shuts her eyes softly in attempt to rid the tears clouding her vision. No matter how hard she tries, he just keeps pushing her away. It hurts her- it hurts her to see him in war with himself. How a part of him is trapped, screaming, on his knees begging to be saved, and the other part of him so sure that there’ll be nobody listening to his pleas, finding it almost comedic that he’s lost all hope in his humanity.

“What else is there for me to do, Harry? I don’t know what it is you want me to do.”

Harry keeps his back toward her. Every atom in his body is pushing him to look back at her, hold her to him until the sun comes up, but he can’t. He can’t stand how heartbroken she sounds. Hell, she’s crying. Soft cries ripping out from her, and all he can fucking think about is how this is all his fault.

“All I want to do is help you, Harry. All I do is help you and you keep pushing me away.” She sobs- broken.

Her teary eyes are desperately looking at his tense frame, just hoping he’d turn around just so they can work things out- like they always do. She hopes he can see just how much he’s hurting more than he ever has before.

“I know what you’re doing. You do this with everyone else. I know you love me, and I know you love me more than anybody else in your life right now. You’re just pushing me away because you think I’ll leave you. You think we aren’t going to last because everyone made you believe that but you know I don’t know how to live without you. I’m not everyone else, Harry, this is different, we’re different.”

Harry lets loose tears fall down his face, his fingers fiddling with each other as he tries to understand her. But he can’t, he just can’t

She walks over to him, her hand reaching up to his shoulder. She massages his muscles softly as she presses soft kisses to his back. She’s still crying, soul shaking sobs still leaving her, but she can’t help but keep trying for him to realize she’s utterly and helplessly in love with him. There is nothing to lose between them, not if he were to just believe she would never give up on him.

“Just tell me what you want me to do.“

Feeling Y/n’s lips against his back makes him exhale a breath he didn’t know he was holding. It still amazes him how much she affects him. After two years he still never understood it. But all the good she’s done to him has only ever come back to harm her. Her friends leaving her, her having to come home to her boyfriend’s hands covered in somebody else’s blood, her having to leave her life with her family because every moment without her was another moment of danger, all because of him. And he can’t live with that.

He moves his shoulder away from her, feeling her detach from his body. He looks down, eyes squeezed shut. He doesn’t know how to do this. Especially to her.

“There’s nothing you can do, Y/n!” He cries out, flinging his body around so that he’s finally facing her.

“I would do anything for you, and you know that. But I can’t change myself just so that I can be with you. I can’t change who I am for you.” He whispers the last part, staring heartbroken in her eyes.

“God!” Y/n sobs out, punching her hands against his chest, “You know I’m not asking you to change! I just want to help you! And you won’t let me!”

Harry grabs Y/n’s wild hands in his, in hopes of calming her down. He feels like she hasn’t taken a fucking breath. She’s just so heartbroken, she’s lost and confused and on the verge of complete and utter desperation to have him stay with her.

It’s when Harry pulls her against him where she completely breaks down. He holds her head against his chest while she sobs against his black t-shirt. His fingers comb through her hair softly, chin held up by the top of her head. Harry hasn’t said anything, just listening to Y/n’s desperate pleading as she pulls at the back of his shirt.

“Pl-please don’t do this to me.” she cries out, taking in a harsh breath due to her lack of breath. “Please don’t leave me.”

She feels Harry tense against her body. He shuts his eyes softly, sighing out as he removes his hands from her.

“It’s over, Y/n.” He says softly, “Everything about us is wrong. It’s over.”

Y/n has never felt so much pain in her life. She pulls away from him, her eyes searching for any sign of remorse on his face, but there is none. He’s staring at her emotionless, but every part of him is breaking. The way she’s looking at him, he has never seen her look like that before. She just looks so- so defeated.

Just like that, everything she believed she had a purpose for has been ripped away from her. She doesn’t say anything as she lets go of him. Without a word, she half-heartedly makes her way up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Harry flinches when he hears the door slam shut. He wishes he could cry, wishes he could go onto his knees and beg for forgiveness. He wishes he could be angry, punch a wall, curse at himself, blame himself. But he can’t, he feels nothing. Isn’t that ironic? How the man who mostly feels the most dangerous feeling in the world now can’t feel a thing?

He stays in the same place he was left for what feels like eternity before he hears Y/n make her way down the steps. He turns around and rounds the corner that leads to the front door. He watches Y/n as she sets down her duffle bag, opening the closet door to grab a jacket. She grabs everything she needs before she finally opens up the front door. She can’t go back, she can’t turn around to look at him. She doesn’t have the strength.

She’s still crying. She still hasn’t said anything.

“Can you say something, please?” Harry croaks out, wanting nothing more than for her to at least say something to him, at least acknowledge his existence.

She stops walking, hand still on the doorknob. She sucks in a breath.

“You did it, Harry” she whispers, “you’ve finally hurt me.”

She turns her head, but not enough for her to be able to see him, but enough for him to know how much she means what she’s about to say.

“I never want to see you again.”

‘I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks…I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I’d be like, ‘Maybe I’m going to get sick’… It’s kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that’s not to say I don’t get worried.’ ― Kristen Stewart

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can you do bts reacting to their s/o having offensive humour (like filthyfrank) and not knowing when to stop? (lmao my humour is so bad, causes some awkward situations) Thank you~

Lmao! Yes! I’m sorry this is late, but my laptop is acting weird. When i saw this I got so excited, so I hope you enjoy.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To You Not Being Able To Control Your Offensive Humor

Jin: When he first met you, he was surprised at how filthy your jokes were. He didn’t understand how someone like you could say such things. He’d find them funny sometimes, but lately it’s been getting out of control. When you would say something provocative in a sexual way at the wrong time he’d be pissed. Expect a whole night of him telling you how wrong you were and that sometimes you need to learn how to control what you say.

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Yoongi: Your humor and the way you presented it was one of the reasons why he was attracted to you. When you’d reply with one of those jokes, he’d start cracking up. If you were to do it in a professional environment, he’d be shocked. For example, at a dinner and they ask about your favorite scene in a certain movie (Forrest Gump) and you say something offensive, he’d spit his drink out in surprise. “Baby!” You’d just shrug your shoulders and he’d chuckle quietly, letting you know that maybe this wasn’t the best way to make a first impression.

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Jimin: This smol bean would be cringing every time you made a joke that was distasteful. When you’d do it in a situation where it was not the time or place, he’d be a little upset and flustered. he would pull you to the side to let you know that today, right now is not the time for your jokes and he’d want you to tone it down a bit.

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Hoseok: He too would love that this was a part of your personality because it balances your relationship out. When your jokes would come out at the wrong time, he would be flustered and stuttering over his words. He’d have to take a breather because this was too much for him. he’d apologize to whomever you guys were talking to and would pull you away. “Ahh why would you say that to them?” After they were out of sight he would laugh a little and shake his head.

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Namjoon: Every time you’d come out with your jokes, he’d be chuckling but would feel bad afterwards. The jokes you would often repeat were offensive and sexist. When the jokes come out in a event where everything you say or do is watched, he’d scold you in private. “Yah,” he’d say,but chuckle a little. “These people are always going to be watching what you say so you have to be careful.” Overall, he wouldn’t mind as long as you didn’t do it in places where it could affect his image.

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Jungkook: He would love your humor because in some ways he can relate to you in that aspect. When it came to serious situations he wouldn’t know what to do. At first he’d chuckle, because he thought it was funny, but considering the situation, he’d chuck it up and tell you that it wasn’t very nice to say. He too would apologize and keep it pushing.

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Taehyung: This boy, when he first met you, he didn’t know someone could have such jokes like the ones you have. Tae can be serious at times so when you said an inappropriate joke at the wrong time, he’d chuckle in embarrassment. He’d cover his face and sigh thinking, ‘Why does she have to be this way?’ After the event he would talk to you and let you know that not everybody is going to be okay with your humor so maybe you should wait for another time.

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Send in more requests y’all. I do anything and everything so don’t be afraid to ask. Some I may not do because the context isn’t clear.

CALLIE’S FREEDOM HANGS IN THE BALANCE AS HER SITUATION SPIRALS OUT OF CONTROL IN THE SPRING FINALE OF ‘THE FOSTERS,’ Callie faces a life-changing decision to take a plea deal and go to jail for three years, or go to trial and risk an even longer sentence. Even though Callie struggles with her own situation, she tries to help Diamond out of hers which becomes extremely dangerous. With only 24 hours to make a difference in Callie’s case, Stef and Mike ramp up their investigation into the Martha Johnson murder bringing in as many leads as possible. Lena confronts Drew about his campaign to make a major change at Anchor Beach Community Charter School, while Mariana rallies her fellow students to protest. Meanwhile, Jesus starts to put together the pieces about Emma.

guys someone talk to me about poe dameron - best pilot in the resistance, top dog, guns-blazing male protagonist - and how he was so kind. how he took an ex storm trooper at face value and with unconditional, immediate trust and even a fierce kind of joy- yeah, you go buddy! fight the darkness. i’m here to help you. i’m here to work with you. i’m not here to take control- we won’t get out of this unless we work together. 

how he didn’t treat him with suspicion or macho posturing despite the fact that he’s a top tier pilot and has probably been at war with people like FN 2187 for years. how the first thing he does once they’re out of immediate danger is give him a name, treating him like a person worthy of respect and not like another faceless white mask. how he is patient with a panicking Finn even under the incredible stress of a life or death situation, ensuring he knows what to do and being endlessly positive and encouraging instead of berating him when he falls short.

how he gets out of his jet at the end of the big firefight and sees BB8 and his whole face just lights up. how he unselfconsciously runs to BB8 like a kid, automatically lowering himself to BB8′s level. 

how he doesn’t need to be the spotlight, the center of attention. when they gather around the hologram to strategize, star pilot and battle veteran poe dameron shuts up and listens. 

how he never has a Trek-reboot Jim Kirk-style playboy sequence, no endless string of girls. not even a hint, and you know they could have stuck it in there if they wanted to. how we never see him treat another being, human or otherwise, with anything less than respect, optimism and good nature. i’m just. i mean. do you realize how significant this is?

you guys, if poe dameron is the future of male protagonists in big action movies, sign me the fuck up. 

Like, what if...

Feyre’s shields do nothing and like her mind is messed with and she’s made to think Tamlin is her mate? Like, she has just enough time before the power forces her to be someone else to hide Velaris and her true feelings from people and that’s including herself.

And the Rysand has to fight, again, for his mate who everyone knows was brainwashed. Like, that would be completely heartbreaking. Especially if he does. And she fights the mind control. Or the on slaughter of his power entering her breaks whatever they’d done to her and she’s just to heartbroken to fight anymore, so it’s up to her sisters and Lucion to get them out of that situation.