this site is the best tbh

Tumblr likes broke for a bit, here’s why

This awful awful website uses HTML, like every other site. HTML is usually only used for the basics, such as the name on the tab, a bit of basic positioning etc. For more professional websites, it’s just used to house other programming languages, such as JavaScript and CSS, both of which Tumblr uses frequently. 

JavaScript is usually used for animation, and general things to make the site pretty, and CSS is for styling, like text and background

The most common, and usually best way to format a website is for each page to have a separate HTML document. Not always necessary, but it’s recommended because it’s then easier to fix. Some would argue that you can tag certain parts, therefore reducing server costs by having less files. To that I say nah, having multiple files is easier to see for someone who’s never seen your code if you need an outside look on it, and tbh file size will add up in a single file anyway

That’s the background out of the way. Onto the problem

So after a fairly long time of searching through, trying to find anything related to tags, I found the section that seems to be the culprit, in which there was a bit of JavaScript. Annoyingly, I’ve closed the tab and really don’t want to try and find it again, but it was this kind of format:

blog.isFollowed = true;

Now here’s the problem. I searched for “isfollowed”, but nothing related to likes came up, only other pages containing similar code. So I searched through every part of the likes section, and found the culprit.

if(blog.isFollwoed) doAThing;

One single spelling error broke it. Because due to that, the likes page couldn’t check for just a few important things. Ya know, simple stuff like the tags you’ve used before, the blogs you follow, nothing too important (because they copy-pasted it)

So what about your own blog name?

Because it couldn’t check your blog name, the tags reverted to the previous code they had, which would then give you the latest likes from the most recent person to have liked something on tumblr. So every time you refresh, guess what? You could get anything! From rp blogs, to porn blogs, you name it. Kinda like the lottery, but you don’t win anything and are left scarred for life at some point of time

Oh, quick fun fact btw, every coding application has an in-build spellchecker, so they have no excuse. They could be using freakin notepad and it’d tell them

tl;dr Tumblr messed up by spelling “followed” wrong

This year has been very weird to say the least and probably one of the hardest for me but if anything, it was made easier and nicer with thanks to all the wonderful people I have met on here. I am truly grateful for everyone who follows me and has stuck by my side, it means so much to me, and really…you guys make coming onto this site more worthwhile tbh. I love all of you so much and wish you nothing but the best!!! Please take care and Happy Holidays!!

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name: aubrey/aubs
pronouns: she/her
timezone: cst
favorite tropes: the drama queen, “will they, won’t they,” “you’re out of my league,” i’m not smart i’m just really lazy, bros before hos/sisters before misters 
any plots you can’t resist?: idk, i usually try to give pretty much anything a try unless its something really risque and not a good look. i can usually work with scraps cause i’m desperate trash, tbh
what site preview are you most excited for?: i’m just super excited for the site, overall. all the previews i’ve seen have been a+
what’s your favorite time of day?: after midnight. pretty much when the freaks come out
favorite holiday tradition: does any holiday count? cause tbh, i was gonna be superficial af and say that my birthday is pretty much the best holiday tradition that i have (even though its not even near holiday time, its in sept). it’s always good to have people showing you love  
what tv show are you binging right now?: star wars: the clone wars is my life right now, but i’ve also been super into chewing gum, degrassi: next class, and also you can never go wrong with shondaland either.
favorite emoji: hands down the salsa dancer~


anonymous asked:

hey. just been diagnosed a couple months ago. I ain't native, there's a lot of terms/habits and characteristics I don't understand yet, e.g. "fp", dissociation, etc. are there some kind of sites/posts that explain those things? thx, all the best! x

there is a bpd glossary somewhere, but i can’t find it right now (i’ll add the link if i find it, or can someone reblog with the link?)

but you can just send me words and phrases and things you don’t understand and i’ll do my best to explain. and you can do that anytime! just shoot me a message!

an fp is a favorite person, which is a term invented by tumblr for a person or animal or thing you idealize/idolize. tbh anything can be your fp as long as you idolize it.

dissociation is a bit more complicated because this is a real psychological thing, which is basically when you disconnect from reality. this you can easily look up online and there’s a few tags about it on tumblr

so, yeah, feel free to send me any questions or worries and i’ll try my best to help, but do be aware that im not a professional

phriendship  asked:

you have the most amazing graphics they're some of the best i've seen on this site tbh! i went to your about expecting you to say you're in school for graphic design or something

woah these are some really strong words thank you so much!! you can’t imagine how flattered i am oh my. and that graphic school thing, omg i wish! but unfortunately no, i’m just a teenager messing around in ps haha

thepatronsaintofdaydreams  asked:

Hello, I wanted to see if you knew the best places to get aquarium plants for cheap? Petco doesn't have much of anything in stock, Petsmart's always seem to be all yellowed and slightly rotted, and my nearest lfs sold plants fairly pricey. I just want to get a little anubias and amazon sword because all the sites I've seen said those were the best for beginners looking to plant for the first time. I'm hoping you or your followers could give me some better insight on where I ought to look.

Tbh the ones at petsmart aren’t too bad in my experience and will perk up once they’ve been in the tank with some good care.
I don’t do live plants anymore but usually the anubias and swords (at least the small ones) aren’t too expensive from the lfs because they’re fairly easy to find.
If anyone has any better suggestions let us know! I’m not the best with plants

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Name: I sold it to the witch for a job -_-
Nickname: none really. 
Gender: I don’t like labels >_> (I say this mostly cause I’m a white straight dude on tumblr. Nah, I say it BECAUSE of that <_< ) 
Star Sign: a deadly disease 
Height: 5′10″
Sexual Orientation: I like women
Hogwarts house: the snake one
Favorite Color: orange
Favorite animal: dogs (they’re the best living creature in the world. THEY ARE PERFECT BEINGS) 
Time right now: 11:44am
Cat or Dog person: I’m human, not a weird hybrid 
Favorite Fictional Character: My writing career 
Favorite Singer/Band: Muse
Dream Job: tbh? Author. Realistically, creative writing teacher
Current number of followers: mostly porn blogs
What made you decide to make a Tumblr?: ah, I was looking for one of ‘em blog sites back in the day to host my writing blog. HAHAHAHAHA right. That went well.
Why did you pick your URL:  I didn’t realize it was gona be my url. I thought it was my username >_> 

Moving my blog.

Hey guys! I know its been on and off with being active on this accont… But i have a reason! Ive moved to instagram!

I find its really hard to get attention here, and i get little to no feed back at best. Tbh for some of my peices if i had only been posting here, i would have gotten extremely discouraged.
On instagram i feel like i belong there as an artist more then i do here.
Idk if i will post here anymore or not, but i do know i post almost daily on my instagram.
If your interested in checking it out and keeping up with my latest artwork, follow me at @lukrio99990 on instagram!

Also, happy new year to everyone! Hope you had a good x mas break, and best of wishes to the new year.

anonymous asked:

tbh.. i dont even know you personally but i see you as the *term for royalty u prefer* of g1 doubles or really just g1s in general... ur lair is so iconic and your aesthetic is perfection and i can almost be guaranteed to see you whenever a g1 with great colors appears, its really nice honestly youre just an ethereal presence with infinite pockets full of gems and the best dang taste in colors on this site and i love it

omg??? this is,, so sweet??? whoever u are, i love you??????????????????? 

Hey guys! Time for me to appreciate the fuck out of the ones I love!


dominicanhoe~ Assley my ride or die, the Zayn to my Liam, the after from my man, I love you so much :’)

awharrys~ Sarag I swear to god if I ever see you I’m swinging first then hugging you. I hate you but I love you you fake Packers stan :’)

narrytitty~ tbh you were one of the best mistakes I made on this site 👀 I followed you on accident (now you know!) but once I saw your interactions w people I was glad I followed you because you’re an amazing, bright, and unapologetic person! I still can’t believe it took like three months for you to be convinced I’m not a larrie -_- but whatever it was worth it

niallthedinglehopper~ Gabby you’re the sweetest person ever even tho you don’t accept me being a Louis stan -_- and I absolutely love talking to you because you’re so down to earth and beautiful :)

sitilinski~ jorian i fucking hate you i hope a hurricane drowns south Florida with you apart of it and p.s zouis is dead (IHATE YOU SOMUCH JORIAN BUT YOURE STILL MY FAVORITE)

antiteen~ Sandy, idk how you get wifi from treedome on your iTumbleWeed but whatever I love your Gemini ass, you’ve made me laugh harder than anyone else probably has and both of your personalities and amazing and beautiful

🌾Honorable mentions🌾

drizzyverified - hoenarry - liamdunbar - zimmyzurner - zourryofficial - nigerians -
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People I admire from afar 🔍

benwinstagram - ww3tour - victorpopejr

I know forgot a lot of yall but I made this on mobile so whatever I guess

Call me when it’s fall 🌾🍂🌰

well well now this drawing of doodles… is for  finally hitting 51 followers… tbh i didnt think id even get any followers at all but i really just want to thank those who have become my friends and those who have stuck with me since i really became dedicated to this site and for believing in me!! again thank you <3

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