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The Rose (Zankie) Chapter 4

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Time for chapter 4 of this little AU! As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated and again thank you all for taking the time to read this. I love writing this! I have no idea how many chapters there will be but more will come, and as always I try to write as quick as I can x

Chapter 4.

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Ship #9

Request: by  four-seconds-of-muke: “I ship you with mister Ashtern Eggwin because he’s hawt and you’re hot so it’s works out…. And my joke is.. I hope you’re ready… What are the security guards outside the Samsung stores called? Guardians of the Galaxy.  And I rate your blog a big mighty 10/10 because you’re blog is fantastic. You’re very creative and creativeness always catches my eye,  Well my names nadine clifford, I’m 16 from Ireland. I’ve got short brown hair and brown eyes. I’m very small. Cuddles are life. As well as bands. My choice of slow song would be Eighteen by one direction.  Explicit content I don’t mind.” 

A/N: Nadine, did you know that your name’s Arabian? I have a friend with the same name as yours here aww. Hope you like this one! *Mushes cheeks*

Ship: Mike

Imagine With Ship:

Head thrown back, arms spread and above his head-tied to the head board of the bed, mouth dry with anticipation, lips red and ready to be kissed and mushed and praised, and legs shaking with need, head spinning with excitement, and a dick as hard as wood.

Michael was finally getting what he needed for a while now; a good fuck, which consisted of a lot of teasing and mind blowing orgasms and being bossed around. Michael loved being submissive so much; in fact he would crave the feel of the metal of the hands cuffs against his skin and the sweat covering his needy body as the pleasure rocks him with shocks and waves of awaited orgasms.

He loves to see his girlfriend stand tall before him as she tease the hell out of him with a simple show of skin and pleasured-full faces. She would pull on his cock, run her hand against his balls, and feel his skin against her palms.

She’s standing between his spread legs, eyes clouded with lust and mouth made for his cock and lips and needs as she slips her clothes seductively off her chubby body. He feels as though he needs to wank to the sight of her skin and come all over it as she pants from how spent his cock made her feel.

She reaches forward for his cock when she’s done with the fabrics, runs her hand against the tip of it softly causing him to hiss in pleasure and close his eyes. She takes a hold of his base and starts to shake it a little, she holds his balls with her other hand and tightens her fist.

Michael moans and thrusts his hips up, and before he knows it she’s moving her hand away. She smirks and throws her hair over her shoulder before leaning forward-completely naked, and with an arched ass and elbows resting on the mattress she takes a fat lick up the side of his shaft; exactly where his vein is.

She stops at the tip and stares at his hungry eyes, and very slowly wraps her lips around the tip – as if she’s expecting it to blow at any second, and he wants to move his hips but decides against it. She holds the inside of his thighs because she knows he loves the feeling of her hands there as she kisses the tip.

In one moment the tip is on her tongue and the next she’s deep throating his shaft with loud wet noises coming out of her mouth and his making those deliciously addictive moans. The ones that just describes how much he needs to come and how much me loves her mouth.

She pulls off and stares at him, and he moans at the way she looks with the middle of her face almost covered with his fat cock as she licks him, and wiggles his tip against her tongue and squeezes his balls hard.

She licks him up and down a few times before stopping at his heavy sacks, she sucks on them harshly as she moves her head back and forth as if its his shaft and wanks his cock with her free hand really fast.

He’s a moaning motherfucking mess as she gives him so much pleasure at once and he finds himself breathing heavily and his vocals running out of control as she sucks harder. And his thighs shake with need and pleasure at the same time and his head is thrown back with closed eyes and mouth open wide for the moans he can’t control to come out.

She pulls away softly, and stares at him with a smirk as he tries to catch his breath, she moves he hand away from him completely.

She wiggles her tongue around his tip as her saliva falls down on him and he finds it hard not to look at her, she pulls away from his hard cock with a smirk. Her hand is soft when it moves from his pelvic bone to his tummy and chest, stopping at his collar bones. She rests them on his shoulder and straddles his hips with awaited need.

She’s looking at him with a look that’s so daring that he shouldn’t thrust his hips upward like she’s daring him too, and he groans at the frustration and teasing and then he makes the mistake of looking down; and he’s only meters away from her tightness that he swallows so thickly his girlfriend can hear him and she smirks at him.

“Baby please,” he whines, as in a high-pitched-long-dragged-words whine. And she feels blood rush to her center by his voice and she almost leans down and sinks into him but she moves her lips to his neck.

“Please what?” she asks against his skin as he closes his eyes at the sensation of her lips sucking bruises against his creamy skin.

He whines again and just wants her to stop teasing him so much and just get on with it but he knows it wouldn’t be that easy. Michael moves his head to the side to grant her more access and mewls when she bites down on his earlobe.

“Please fuck me.”

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Song That Reminds Me of Your Blog: The Script – Flares

Best Friend Ship: Luke

Imagine With Your Best Friend: so I decided to make this one like texts bc I only have one day of using my laptop bc I have exams soon sorry 

Secret Crush: Ashton

Imagine With Secret Crush:

“Would include a lot of kissing, and a lot of fighting and mostly pressing her against a wall,” Ashton nods with a laugh. Looking at your side as he waits your answer that he knows will end up with laughter.

“I asked you about your relationship with a girl, but not the details!” She says loudly as she lays on her side and chuckles.

“You’re weird because they’re both the same thing.” he sounds so playful that you just kick him in the side with your foot by him.

It always ends up with weird conversations when it came up to you and Ashton. He’s always so bubbly and chatty patty when it came to talking to you and he just loves doing this so much. But when you feel him stiffen a little and look at the floor you know something’s up.

He looks over at you as if he’s going to say something and then at the floor, and then you feel like you should say something.

“What is it?” you ask. He’s quiet for a while, waiting for the right moment or none at all and he knows what he’s about to do right now is really bad but he has to let the weight off of his shoulders.

“There’s something I need to tell you.” He says, fiddling with his finger for a moment. You sit up straight and give him your full attention.

“Go on,” you encourage him.

“It has been for a while now, I feel held down by it and like I can’t breath or talk properly without over thinking it and its taking all my energy but I need to let it off my chest.” He sighs. “I’m in love with you.”

He almost cries at the small gasp leaving your throat, and he looks at the floor again as if it was actually gonna swallow him like he wanted so badly.

“I know its not the right time nor it is the right place or way to say it, and I don’t care if you don’t say it back I juts wanted to let it off my chest, I want this to change nothing in our friendship but I wanted you to know.” He stops, “I feel relieved.”

You stop for a moment to think about what to say, the way he said it made you feel heart broken, and you wanted so badly to change the course of things but you couldn’t. it was so heart breaking so see such sunshine look sad but it was unchangeable and that fact sucked to the point of sickness. You felt sick to the gut.

“I’m good you are.” You start, “Ashton I don’t know what to say.” You shake your head and he places his hand in yours.

“You don’t have too, I don’t want to make it any hard for you so don’t say anything, I’m fine, and I will be fine.” He said with a shrug.

You look at him with sadness and regret as you lean into him and hug him tightly wishing the hug would reverse time and bring you back to the time you met him, you wished you’d be mean to him because then it would never turned the it did and wouldn’t lead to this moment.

And it’s just so sad to see him like this and you wanted so badly to just hug his sadness away as your grip tighten around him.

“I’m sorry.”

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