this sign made me laugh

I told him the biggest secret
And he told me four
He smiled at me and said that makes me love you more
And then he made me laugh
And I knew it was a sign
That he was a man
That I wanted in my life
And with every passing day
I feel more and more of that way
He heals me
He knows the real me
And he accepts me, he never hurts me
He heals me
He knows the real me
And he accepts me, he never hurts me
He heals me
He heals me

With @mr-white92 (❤)
~from The Secret Diary


Critical Role + Aesthetic: Modern AU Keyleth (x) (x)

“We’re gonna save ‘em all, you guys. We’re gonna save all the animals!”

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I just remembered something from the 1st time I met ATL at a signing and it made me laugh remembering it so imma tell you. It was summer at the warped tour and I looked disgusting cause heat and i met rian and then alex (with his bright ass pink hair and he was also wearing this neon yellow tank so he looked like an adorable highlighter) and jack and zack was last. Zack was shirtless and he looked up at me and his eyes were so pretty and i was so flustered dude and didn't say anything until (con

(con) until Flyzik started to talk to me cause he wanted to look at my disney autograph book lol. But yeah moral of the story zack was so good looking and his eyes were gorgeous and i probably looked like a flustered idiot. i also met vinny that day and i got a picture with him but he was so intimidating to me 

aw bless this is so sweet!! warped tour ‘12 was such a wonderful time in this fandom (despite the pink hair but we don’t talk about that) and aww that’s so cute!! god bless flyzik honestly i miss my dad and yeah, vinny’s probs just not used to fan attention and stuff so that’s probably why but he’s a sweetie too god bless

I think I had a complete emotional break in the theater a half hour ago. (TBH I wish I had a father but that’s a whole can of worms that I’m not about to open) but let’s just say it’s half the reason why I had a separate break in the car 😂. FYI; if you see a gorgeous crying girl in a car at a stop sign don’t STARE AT THE CRYING GIRL. It made me start laughing out of embarrassment tho so thanks lady👍🏽

My First Cimorelli Concert Experience

when I first saw Cimorelli in concert it was THE MOST magical night of my life. without a doubt. when I walked into the venue and saw them. it hit me that they were real. those faces, those smiles, those laughs, that I had been watching on a screen for the past 3 years were all the sudden right in front of me. it was so surreal. next thing I know I’m hugging Christina, then Amy, then Lauren, then Dani, and then I got to Kath and once I told her my name her face lit up and she remembered me. she smiles so big and hugged me so many times. she gives great hugs. they all do. then last was Lisa and she told me where to put my phone for the best selfie lighting. haha that still makes me laugh. then I got a signed poster and made my way to the stage. I was right at the stage. I knew it was gonna be a good night. then I heard my name. I turned around to face someone who would instantly become one of my best friends. Montana. we experienced our first Cimorelli concert together. even to this day, 3 months later, we are still very good friends.
when all the lights went out I screamed as loud as I could because I knew the girls were coming on soon. as soon as I heard Dani’s voice at the beginning of “Hearts On Fire” I screamed again because I was finally hearing my favorite band in the world sing live.
What’s it like to see Cimorelli live? you may ask. well I’ll tell you:
seeing them live is amazing. it’s like finally after watching their videos for so long you hear them in person. you can reach out and grab their hand. you can hug them. I’ve never felt more myself before going to that concert. I laughed more than I ever have. I smiled so much and so big. I wasn’t afraid to tell “adopt me” and other such things because I felt so safe. I knew I wasn’t going to be judged. it was like all of my problems and the situation I was in just slipped away and I was able to just live in that moment. I laughed, smiled, cried, and just listened that night. my favorite moment was during “You’re Worth It.” they started the song and I was already crying because they had just sang “Good Enough” and about halfway through the song during one of the choruses I was bawling my eyes out and Christina walked up to me and she took my hand and knelt down in front of me. she looked me in the eyes and sang to me. I cried so hard. in that moment I felt so safe. I felt like nothing else in the world mattered to me. all I wanted was to have that moment with Christina forever. she got really emotional and couldn’t even sing at one point because she started crying really hard. that made me cry even harder. before she let go she squeezed my hand really tight. I’ve never had such a connection with someone. and I would go back to that moment in a heartbeat if I could. the song ended and they finished the show with more upbeat songs and all the sudden they were saying goodnight and that was it. the show was over. it was everything I had dreamed of. nothing was bad about the whole night. it was all amazing. I left with a smile on my face and love in my heart. the next day I finally realized what PCD felt like. and it only got worse from there. the concert was on a Thursday night and by that Sunday I couldn’t talk about it without tearing up. I was in tears that whole night thinking about it. and I think it’s just so amazing that there are people in my life that make me feel like that. it’s amazing to know that there are people who’s music I can always count on to make my day so much better.
Cimorelli saved my life, and seeing them live made things seem real. like the music that helped me through so much sounds even better live. and the girls that sang those songs are real. they are more real than ever and I can’t thank God enough for putting them into my life. I will never regret the day I clicked on their Skyscraper cover video. because that’s when it all started and I’ve never been happier.
everyone has a hero; I have 6💖


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I went to Warped Tour on July 18th and my experience wasn’t great due to the fact that I had to leave early and missed a lot of bands. But these three youtubers have made my experience memorable along with Pierce The Veil whom I didn’t meet.

The first person I met was Jordan and he was such an amazing person and he was super sweet. Damon and him stayed after the signing to meet more fans and it was amazing. I gave Jordan a fuzzy hat(in picture) and he loved it. I don’t know if he lost it but if he still has it, I wanna know. We talked for a few minutes, got a picture and made a happy birthday video for my friend, Stacie. He even signed my phone case. He was shorter than expected and he made me laugh with the comment “You should see Bryan, he’s a giant.” then before we filmed that short video for my friend, he sang part of Stacy’s Mom.Then I kinda got through the small crowd and met Damon. He signed my phone case also and I got a picture. The sun ruined it but it’s alright. He told me I should get my phone fixed since it was cracked then asked if I could try to fix the picture which I failed to do ☹I met Richie aka Social Repose during the Pierce The Veil set. I pushed my way through the crowd and ended up side stage. As I was getting water, I saw him and we had a nice short conversation and took a picture. I didn’t get to meet Bryan or Johnnie because they left from the tent. Johnnie didn’t feel too well and as for Bryan, I don’t know. But I’d just like to say, if it’s possible, that one day I’d like to be their friend. If Kyle can do it then there’s hope. Thanks for making my first Warped Tour a memorable one!