this side of paradise

I warched This Side of Paradise and I can’t stop laughing

The whole crew is under the influence of pollen that make you super happy and chill so you do nothing but hang around and exist, more or less

And the solution to the problem is making people feel strong emotions

Kirk had to appeal to his own sense of duty

He had to insult Spock about a hundred times before he snapped

With others, they had to send this super irritating signal through the communicators

And all Bones needed to snap was

Literally all he neeed to get angry enough was one guy telling him he couldn’t be a doctor anymore I just can’t 


This scene cracks me up for many reasons:

  1. The Tender Old Flame Music is playing
  2. The camera zooms in on Spock who is definitely making a very “ugh not this” face.
  3. Jim, who i guess can hear the Tender Old Flame Music when noone else can (maybe in his head, at all times?)
  4. But like obviously you have nothing to worry about, Jim. 
  5. Spock continues to be like “y dis”  and yet:
  6. Jim “Everyone Wants To Bang My Boy :/// Sigh” Kirk