this si dumb

The Functions + Humour

Si - inside jokes, fandom references

Se - slapstick, funny viners

Ni - unfunny recursive layered irony with a side of despair

Ne - awful, sickening, DISGUSTING PUNS

Ti - wordplay, extremely long story jokes

Te - roasting, dad jokes

Fi - tag urself memes, political humour i.e. burning bigots

Fe - relatable feel memes, petty memes

why all the angst, folks??

every time i look in the camp camp tag now, all i see is piles upon piles of angst set upon our faves. why? 8((

as a show of good faith, here are some hcs of the meddling misfits. let me blab

  • them doing just general best friend things. honestly. the most wholesome shit you can think of
  • LITTLE ACTIVITIES IN THE TENT AT NIGHT….when theyre not supposed to be up. things like “camp fire” stories n truth or dare. anything youd play at a sleepover, they play on the regular. at first it was just nikki and neil, but max eventually joined in. he secretly enjoys it a whole lot
  • nikki and neil became friends way quicker than max became friends with either of em..they really bonded over the events in ‘scouts dishonor’
  • neils diary is found one night and nikki and max investigate, discovering all the gay juicy secrets neil have to offer. there isnt much that surprises them
  • neil talks a lot about random shit before he goes to bed to blow off some steam. max listens intently to make him feel a little less crazy
  • one day the misfits actually collectively attempt to partake in a camp activity fully, as like, a test of their will. there ends up being a fire
  • let all three of them just be genuinely friendly to each other……….pls….
  • like honestly more evidence of them genuinely enjoying the others company and having Good Wholesome Friend Time

this post was pointless and self indulgent


I really wanna scanlate this doujin that I bought in Japan, but *sigh* there’s barely any time to do that these days

like y’all think you’re going off when you go “i criticize the sex industry not actual sex workers” like bitch you ain’t a sex worker so you need to shut up. and like the whole “i  criticize trans politics not actual trans politics” bitch you’re cis sit down shut ALL the way up. y’all don’t even realize how much like a goddamn republican you sound with that bullshit

Lauren Jauregui is a loser: a masterpost

hello i’m making this post so we can finally destroy the idea that lauren jauregui is badass and intimidating and exposing her as the huge dorky loser she really is :’)

ps. please be careful, this post might make u cry

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I don’t understand why my parents are so completely against the idea of me becoming a psychologist. They say it’s “not meant for me” or it’s “too complicated for my level of intelligence”. A couple of minutes my dad was talking about taxes and I said “oh there’s a foundations math course that teaches about that” and then my sis randomly butted in and said “you can’t get into universities with foundations” like wtf when did I ever say that?

And then my dad brought up the idea of me being a psychologist and he and my mom said “how about you get your feet on this planet and realize that your dream is stupid and you’ll never find true happiness doing what you think you like doing”

Alright okay I got angry at this point so I locked myself in my bathroom and I was trying to calm down but I could hear them talking to my sis about how dumb I am for wanting to become a psychologist and the anger eventually began pouring out in tears…

If there’s one place I never felt happy in my whole life, it’s at home. No, I do not get abused or anything, but my dreams and goals do. Every time I say something about psychology they just laugh and tell me how my dream is stupid and how I’ll never be able to do it.

Yesterday we had a guy come in and talk to us about jobs and he said “I don’t care what your friends say, I don’t care what your parents say, you go out and do what makes you happy. This girl here wants to be a psychologist (he asked what we wanted to be), she better go chase that dream and not let anyone stand in her way!”

So I want to give a shout out to anyone who’s had a dream or goal that has been abused by any friend or family member. If this has happened to you, please like/reblog. I would like to prove a point to my parents and that point is that nobody should ever go for a job that pays well if they don’t enjoy it and we can’t let anyone stop us from being happy.

A chinese pun joke I heard from my sis that day and then I decided to draw a Tadashi and Hiro version wwwww

I’m pretty bad at explaining things but I’m gonna attempt explaining the joke to people who can’t read and understand chinese xD


panel 1: One day, when I was playing chinese chess with my brother, my 帅 got eaten.

panel 2: So, I am VERY HANDSOME.


the joke here is that the word 帅 means handsome in chinese, and there is a piece called 帅 in chinese chess, and it means something like army leader or something.

Sometimes when we want to express immense(?) emotions in chinese, we say “____死了”, the literal translation is “___ died” but it also can mean something like “very ___”. Example, “开心死了” would literally mean “happy died” but as an expression it means “very happy”.

So in this comic, when Tadashi’s 帅 got eaten, he says “我帅死了” which literally means “my 帅 died” but at the same time he’s also saying “I’m very handsome” xD