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bittyparse NHL social media au

Kent and Jack are functional exes (pry this from my cold dead hands tbh) who live to chirp each other. At first they mostly just text, but then Kent throws some shade at Jack and the Falcs on Twitter. Our poor Canadian walks timidly into the Falcs PR office like, can someone remind me how to mention people on the Twitter because I have to clap back?

Bitty, the social media guy, is just like “no worries I gotchu,” and he shows Jack how to @ Parse but also starts chirping Kent and the Aces hard from the Falcs Twitter. And our boy Kenny is so impressed (and lbr, turned on) that he calls Jack like, “tell me about the person who runs Falcs Twitter, I want to punch them in the mouth with my mouth, softly.”

Somebody write this for me, I am far too lazy!?


Remember that PPT is very powerfull tool. The moment that you open it and start clicking slides it becomes the center of everybody attention. But good PPT presentation is not the star of the show, the presenter is. Here are some tips I use to prepare myself:

• Never read your slide. No metter how lazy or how uninterested in particular topic I am, I would not let myself to read from slide. You have to know your slides inside out.
•I make flash cards with the text I have to remember, and highlight keywords I used in slides, so that I can easily connect it.
• It is very important to speak freely. You don’t have to stick 100% to your text from flash cards.
• Speak with confidence. Only knowing your material, and by this I don’t mean learning it by heart but with understanding, will give you confidence.
• Be loud and clear. To master this, practice in front of the mirror or in front of your bestfriend.
• It is very important to maintain eye contact with the audience.
• Don’t speak too fast.
• Pause when you want to emphasize key points.
• Be active, don’t be motionless.
• Practice, practice and practice. Did I said you should practice?

General tips:
• Keep in mind that presentations should be no longer than 10-15 minutes, if they are longer listeners will easily get bored.
• Make it flow throughout the presentation with appropriate repetition.

P.S. Don’t forget that technology is not always our best friend and sometimes it can fail when least expected. Keep in mind to make few copies of PPT, on USB stick, on e-mail, etc. so that if one fails you have back up plan.

Good luck! 💕

Florist and Tattoo Artist AU

I said I wasn’t gonna write fanfics for it but ya know what I am and have been trash for this show.

Anyway, imagine:
-The Squad™ in their early 20s
-Alya is a receptionist and runs the social media at Lucky Charm Tattoos and wouldn’t you know it they need more artists
-“Hey Marinette you’re a poor intern at ‘Gabriel’ how about becoming a tattoo artist part time?”
-“Alya I am a professional that would ruin my reputation!”
-“Nah the owner Tikki is discreet you can wear a mask it’ll be cool.”
-Meanwhile Adrien loves flowers and just wants to be out of the spotlight
-He rents a storefront from a lazy landlord Plagg
-“But I want privacy and people will mob this place since I’m a model!”
-“Hey kid this tattoo parlor I rent to on this street uses masks for privacy why don’t you do that?”
-“Oh sweet I’ll mask myself and go by Chat Noir.”
-Nino decides to help his bud out with the new biz and masks himself as Jade Turtle
-He also gives his lovely girlfriend beautiful flowers for her desk
-Marinette keeps getting design ideas for both clothes and tattoos from the flowers and must go to the source
-“Hey I’m Ladybug” “Hi I’m Cat Noir”
-Oh whoops he falls in love with her
-Also the 4 hang out regularly in their normal lives
-Marinette is always nervous and Adrien is Dense™
-Alya knows everyone’s identities and is laughing hysterically as Marinette ignores Adrien for… Adrien
-Also Adrien gets a small tattoo of a black cat
-Feat. all 4 sides of the Love Square

-Gabriel starring as a somewhat controlling but ultimately well-meaning father who SUPPORTS HIS SON and ORDERS FLOWERS FROM HIM FOR EVENTS

Anyway I’m actually gonna write this so be warned

Well ok I am gonna show you my process of drawing Sans and Pap, with some suggestions on drawing out their features. Here it comes:

> From the beginning, make a draft for indicate their position and movements.
> The orange/blue shading show up some more features on their body structures, like Papyrus has his ribs and hips, and Sans has just, orbs, and orbs.
> To me, Papyrus’ positions always tends to be still and straight, meanwhile Sans is slightly bent front as humpbacked.

> If necessary like you are not sure how to do their outfit, add some more drafts for them. (I just skipped this part)

> After the draft, work on the outlines.

> Since I am using Medibang Paint Pro here, there are many useful tools like help you draw straight lines, concentrated lines, and CIRCLES.

I am so god damn lazy.

And then there you go, body lines.

> It doesn’t matter when you draw the faces.
> Faces on the skelebros also have a variety of versions, Here is how I draw them in my style right now:

Which is extremely simplify their facial features I am slowly killing myself yet I can’t help it for loving it

And there is all the lines.

> Then just move to the colors immediately.


Also some personal outlook headcanons when drawing the two skeletons:

  • Sans is exactly half height of Papyrus.
  • Papy’s huge eyes are  I M P O R T A N T.
  • The whole battle body Papyrus wears are made of normal cloth.
  • Papyrus wears scarf instead of cape, places the two ends on his back looks COOL when they floating behind him.
  • Also he wears hot pants.
  • Sans wear white T-shirt under his jacket, his pants are just below his knee caps.
  • He probably has many different colour of socks (mainly light color scheme), but he only has one pink slippers.

There is all I can share right now.

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Wait. So ull draw a stupid sans from something that isnt even an actual AU. Its just a sans for no reason. A sans just to be a sans. But u wont even bother TRYING to get to kno a gret sans from a gret au? What kinda bs is that. ur not sorry ur just lazy and rude. "sylfy' sans is stupid, theres no story to them and ur gonna draw them and not one thats actually got a story and an amazing creator?? goes to show how nice u relly are

Dang, anon, you’re saltier than my Lay’s Limón chips. XD
You’re the first hate mail I’ve gotten in a while, so I must say, I am quite honored. ^w^ 

You can’t force me to draw something I know nothing about, dearie. And yeah, I know I’m lazy. Nothing new there.
I’m absolutely sure that the Rivertale AU (you’re that anon from before, if I remember) is wonderful. But it’s not my thing??? Which you should respect???

Sylphy is adorable and smol, and Underfaerie is magical. There may or may not be a story to that AU, but it’s still a valid AU. Nothing stupid about it, anon. And what do you know??? You’re not the creator of that AU. I bet you didn’t realize that! :o 

By the way, Purdue Owl is a great resource to check your grammar, spelling and capitalization. ;)

*Shows up to the Sherlock fandom twenty years later with fan art* 

Uhhh, I made a thing. I’ve been working on re-teaching myself how to make sharper looking motifs in illustrator before putting them into photoshop to turn them into a repeat pattern but I was too lazy to think up an original concept so I did this instead. 

On the off chance that someone wants to own this forever, you can buy a print in my society6 store, where this is the only thing available because I am still deciding whether or not I want to use society6 for my other print design endeavors. 


*does a backflip* Alright so, you see theese heree??

I actually been wanting to do commissions for a long time, but seeing how slow and lazy i am i was trying to find something that i can make rather quick! 

So i figured, batches for fursuiters might be a neat idea?? I don’t know yet if i will do that, cause i am not that deep in the fursuiter community yet, but eventually i might wanna do these things as commissions.

 Just to show what they basically look like i made these three for @milkfake @kibadoglover45 and @devil-child-robin (They’re transparent) and… well yeah. Just wanna know what you think! Personally, i like how they turned out. I also added huge space on the back so that the person can write down whatever they want.



Yeshh… another drawing of Merlin’s profile… At least I made this one a bit different by including a process gif! Not at all a tutorial, but it does basically show how my layers develop into a finished piece… (using Paint Tool SAI/Photoshop.) Eh, I do plan to set up a proper step-by-step some day, when I am less lazy have more free time to dedicate! ^^’ BUT please feel free to ask questions if you’re curious about anything in particular about my process, and I’ll do my best to explain. (My Art Tag) *Please do not repost(?) or use elsewhere without my permission, thank you.

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jhdsvbhjdcnsdk should i watch voltron??? im super fucking lazy and am also slowly making my way through rewatching a different show, but youre making voltron sound rly rly good?? so what do you think, how long did it take you to watch, and was it worth it :?

✔️ The plot development goes smoothly because they release all the episodes all at once per season (actually leaving you to want more because of that)
✔️ Possible LGBTQ+ representation ;0c
✔️Characters that are treated as ACTUAL human beings who suffers from mental illness, anxiety, hard acceptance etc.

I mean its not perfect like there are still plot holes and some underdevelopment themes but

Please watch voltron :‘0

Valentine’s Day morning with Kino

Originally posted by shineuro

  • he might not really be into specific holidays like this
  • just because he feels like he should show you everyday how much he loves you 
  • and he does
  • but since you were looking forward to Valentine’s Day, he would plan a sweet start to the day
  • he’d start with waking you up with a lot of kisses
  • that would eventually trail down your body
  • “let me show you how much I love making you happy”
  • when you’re done, he’d press a kiss to your forehead and let you recover in bed while he starts breakfast
  • you curl up in the blankets for a few minutes before washing up and heading to the kitchen
  • he’s pouring the batter into the waffle maker when you walk up behind him for a hug
  • he sets the table with a vase of dark pink roses
  • and covers your waffle with lots of fresh fruit
  • kisses you between bites and smiles at your blissed out expression
  • after breakfast you put on his pink sweater
  • and he wears the white one you really love on him
  • you turn off your phones
  • and spend the rest of the day enjoying each other
  • no distractions 
  • just love

i wrote a fuckign tim/brian thing but im still too lazy to make an ao3 and im tired and i want to show it to my friend so u guys are getting it in a post deal. im calling it ‘in which tim wright is a nerd’. because tim wright is a nerd. 

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oh man I’m leaving you so many comments but AH that makes sense re: Percy/Vex because I know so many people are SO INTO IT and I am still lukewarm at best (although I like how it’s handled on the show, at least so far, for the most part). Friends getting friends to ship these is The Most Dangerous.

Friends Are Very Dangerous (and I like your many comments! never stop! well maybe someday this post is kinda ridiculously long already)

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I mean on the continuum you have Carth (completely wrecked), Alistair (just a sad puppy), Sky (wrecked but doing okay), and then Kaidan’s all like “yeah I mean I accidentally killed a guy when I was seventeen but I’ve had time to work it out I’m good” and I was all *heart eyes forever*.

Which is part of why I have to like completely ignore Kaidan/the Kaidanmance in ME3 because they completely removed that essential part of him, that he HAS HIS SHIT TOGETHER, and he’s just such a woobie and whatever, writers, whatever.


Like, ME1 Kaidan = FAVE FOREVER and I still haven’t played ME3 Kaidan. Also I’m still mad about the way they treated him and Ashley in 3 and ALSO the way they like dumped almost all the LIs from 2? LIKE 2 was ABOUT YOUR TEAM BUILDING and then 3 they threw them all away. well that was an important team chapter! *rage.gif*

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and fandom is so *weird*, like, look at Quark and DA2 (my experience wasn’t helped by the fact that I played through with *Thistle*), clearly things took off for her there, and I felt bad that I was less invested in something so important to her but I just couldn’t find anywhere that *fit*.

Also I killed Fenris on my first playthrough but that’s not canon, cough.

Also I didn’t understand how important Fenris was because I also didn’t *know* Fenris like at all, cough cough.

I also managed not to either friend or rival Varric, which Quark still marvels over.


Varric is not any of Hawkes’ BFF on a meta/storytelling/RPG level. If, you know, that helps you feel better. (I don’t remember what I did with actual gameplay approval stuff.) I just … I feel like sometimes I am playing a drastically different game than the one that other people play? I mean, I frequently adore characters that fanon deplores, but it’s a symptom of a greater disconnect, I think, not just the only example.

I mean, the game should be somewhat different with a different sort of OC, (I mean, Thistle, she is a difficult person) but at the same time you should be able to see where it is the same game, and sometimes I cannot manage that. See: the world’s reaction to Sebastian. ;) (I mean, I like fanon Fenris way more than the relationship the game actually gave me. Much like I enjoy fanon Miranda while the potent combination of sexism/titillation/judgemental-asshatery that’s in the game makes me vaguely ill at best.

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Just like I have 2 blackwall stories in my head… and I don’t want to drop either

I have at least five Erana/Blackwall related stories, and there’s some ME and DA2 always and also still So Much Theia and I mean, honestly, with the exception of actually having written my Yuletide and posting it on time (thanks to @jessaknits) my WIP-List-of-Doom is almost exactly identical to the way it was three months ago.

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See, this is why I follow the people I still follow. Because you guys (including your commenters, because obviously) are awesome (and see the same ick that I see, because boy there is some ick out there, yeesh)

there is a lot of ick, yes. and you are also awesome


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I totally get the appeal of the disaster husbands, boy howdy. And that story doesn’t play the same way if you gender swap, because Patriarchy. Hmph

They have to be the right kind of disaster husband though. It’s very hard to explain. :D But yes. Husband who is too awesome for any lady to keep up with is instantly icky, but wife who is too awesome for anyone to keep up with is instantlly glorious. 

Because Patriarchy

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tbh I always assumed they made Cass straight for the same reason they made Alistair and Aveline straight – because they have a mental block against the idea of “Lawful Good” types being bi.

Well, yeah. I thought that was obvious? It’s why the only time they managed an entire Bisexual Cast was when they were basically all criminals and Disaster!Children.

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I love how Kaidan explicitly already took care of his shit and doesn’t need you to fix him, yet he’s the one always labeled “whiny”.


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At least it doesn’t have dragon shapeshifters? But unngh, fairy tale retellings are my kryptonite.

Mine too! (and also, how do you KNOW it doesn’t have dragon shapeshifters? HMMMM? Voltage is pretty good at finding my Id, after all, they  might manage it there as well.)

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I really really need to read her stuff. I followed her Tumblr for that reason and I have to say even her blog is one of my favorite things right now. <3





You like her too?!
  • Lee: Shikamaru, I need some advice.
  • Shikamaru: Troublesome... I'm not good with advices, what is it?
  • Lee: You see, there is this girl that I like...
  • Shikamaru: Sakura...
  • Lee: No, not Sakura. Some other girl... She is so beautiful, but she is kinda harsh and scary and I'm so scared that if I tell her about my feelings for her, she's gonna punch me in the face... You see, she has the most beautiful smile and even if she is tough and scary, she has this sweet tender side she shows me at times.
  • Shikamaru: Wait! You like her too?! But... but... I thought she only showed ME her tender side! God! How fool I am! Of course she likes you and not me, since you are such a hard worker and not a lazy ass like me...
  • Lee: You like her too, Shikamaru?! I won't accept this! Let's fight for her!
  • Shikamaru: -Spots Temari and Tenten sitting on a bench chatting- There she is, why don't we just go there and see who she likes better?
  • Lee: Great idea! Look how beautiful she is!
  • Lee & Shikamaru: Temari, Tenten! Hello!
  • Temari & Tenten: Oh, hi Lee, Shikamaru. What's up with you two? You look tense.
  • Shikamaru: Well, there's something we want to ask you, Temari...
  • Lee: Yeah, Tenten! Wait, why are you asking Temari and not Tenten?
  • Shikamaru: You idiot! Don't you think we should ask her directly and not her friend?
  • Lee: I agree! Tenten, tell us who you like better, Shikamaru or me?
  • Shikamaru: You fool, why are you keep asking Tenten?!
  • Temari: (to Shikamaru) So you like Tenten, huh?
  • Shikamaru: No, wait! Lee, was the girl you were talking about Tenten and not Temari?
  • Lee: Yes. Why did you think I liked Temari?
  • Shikamaru: Ummm... -blushes and rubs the back of his head- Well, I wasn't talking about Tenten... I guess this was just a big misunderstanding.
  • Tenten: -watching Shikamaru grab Lee and walking away- What's up with those two?
  • Temari: No idea! But, to confess you something, Shikamaru is so cute!
  • Tenten: Yeah, so is Lee.