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Yo, Guys

I have received a looooot of asks and messages today aasadhakfhaksdagaeeasd
Mostly of them are super nice supportive messages and also constructive criticism (oh and tears, too lmao).
I’ll close my askbox for a while so I can spend time reading all my inbox.
Maybe I can’t respond to everyone so I’ll make this post to say Thank you everyone for your support and also for accepting my work with Underverse.

These last four months were not easy at all. Many things happened and mixed like everything in our lifes and It changed me about some thoughts.
Even the amount of effort  I put on this Underverse episode, I couldn’t enjoy it at all because of some of these thoughts. 

So I’ll try to take a deep breath and regain strenght again to keep working in this animated series. I don’t really want to extend Underverse for more time because maybe people will not be interested on this, and also I don’t want to cancel this project.
If I cancel Underverse for any reason, that means it would happen with my future projects too. If I start something I must finish it.
Leaving things halfway is something I could never forgive myself.

I’d like to make a video about this since there are people that don’t follow me here on Tumblr and are too lazy to read, I don’t think it would be a good idea for now, but I think this would calm at least some people who made me not to enjoy this last episode at all. Nope, those people are not exactly the rushers.

Anyway, this post is not supposed to bring those bad feelings. This is to show you how glad I am for all the things you have made for me so far. A lot of hugs for Stereohead Studios, NyxTheShield and Strelok for spend their time on me and trust my work to give you a deserved recognition.A lot of hugs to people that are supporting me on my Patreon and thanks to them I can keep working doing all what I love to do,  as well as all artists, friends and fans that I met and have been supporting me since Underverse started.

 I really hope I can stay here for longer to entertain you with more of my crazy stuff. 

Thank you very much :)

Lazy Day(s)

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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Warning: none

Request: no, but still tagging @aesthetivy

Words: 577

- Admin Peach

The sound of rustling bags and plates woke you up. You stretched your arms and slowly sat up, blinking your eyes a few times to clear your vision. Yoongi was standing in the kitchen, preparing the take-out he bought.

“Awake, sleepy head?” his eyes still focused on placing the chicken on the plates. A smile was adorning his lips.

You just mumbled something and let yourself fall back into the cushions on your couch. You looked for your phone and finally found it under that cat pillow you had since you were in 5th grade. You just lazily scrolled through your social media, looking for some news you could occupy yourself with. Sadly, there was just the usual gossip and some pictures of food or animals – nothing surprising. You threw your phone on the coffee table and grabbed the remote, turned on the TV and zipped through the channels. Again, nothing new, so you decided to go with some How I met your mother.

Completely caught up in your doings, you didn’t notice Yoongi shuffling around the apartment and sitting down next to you until he pulled you into a hug, kissing your neck softly.

“Hm…you smell good” he whispered, placing his head in the crook of your neck.

“You don’t smell bad yourself, honey” you chuckled.

He pulled away and gave you a peck on your lips. You missed this attention, his lazy kisses and just the way he showed you how much you meant to him. He was helplessly romantic.

“Here, this is yours.” he said placing a plate in your hands.

“How am I supposed to eat all this?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“Uhm, you can finish a pizza yourself, I don’t think it’s so hard for you to finish all this” he pointed at your food, cackling at the expression of your face.

You sighed, he was right, you could finish a whole pizza yourself. He knew you so well.

After the two of you finished eating, you cuddled up to him and placed your head in his lap, while he played with your hair. You had an episode of Game of Thrones playing in the background and while both of you didn’t really pay attention to it, you told him about your day and he told you about his. You loved listening to him talking, whether it’d be rumbling about how annoying Taehyung can be when it comes to Cypher or just him talking about his day. You closed your eyes and smiled, concentrating on his voice.

Raindrops were falling against your windows and slowly travelled down, reflecting the light of the setting sun. You turned your head to look at the ground where the sun drew beautiful pictures and where the rain drops threw shadows, making it look like little pebbles in sand.

When you turned your head back to look at your boyfriend he just smiled down at you, giving you a lopsided smile.

“You’re so cute when you do that” he mentioned, slowly caressing your cheeks with his hand.

“Ah, Yoongi…” you shyly said, hiding your smile behind your hands.

He chuckled, making his shoulders rise and fall. He loved it when you were being shy and quiet. He loved how he could make you blush with so little words.

When you finally looked up to him, he mouthed a silent “I love you”, leaned down and pressed a kiss on your rosy lips, smiling against them.

A/N: Okay, okay this is just a random drabble, I made because I don’t seem to get anywhere with the request I’m currently working at. It’s just fluffy and a bit cheesy maybe and I hope you guys like it. (Also that gIF Oh MY GOD I LOVE THIS MAN)

DanandPhilGAMES Bloopers!

Follow along!

  • Dan’s little “excuse me” is so cute and the look he’s giving Phil is beautiful. Phil talks with his mouth full, and I usually hate that, but it was adorable somehow. Phil stares at Dan for awhile and my heart has already fallen out of my chest. What a start!
  • “That sounds suspicious” and Phil’s little laugh. Very good.
  • Phil looks genuinely concerned about the dented wall. Dan has accepted they’ll never get their deposit back.
  • Dan almost poked Phil’s eye multiple times during his hair check.
  • Dan looks so annoyed at Phil messing up his intro moves.
  • Phil’s “that’s what she said” jokes never make any sense and that’s why I love them.
  • Dan patiently waits for Phil to explain Yasuhati. He just quietly waits for it to work with a little smirk on his face. I feel like, if this moment had originally been intended for us, Dan would’ve been yelling and grabbing the iPad, telling Phil to let him do it. But, this wasn’t for us, so he was patient and calm.

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BTS Reaction: Teaching Them English.


Jin would be slightly disinterested in saying the basics like “how old are you?” and “how are you?” but would be extremely excited to learn sentences that involved talking about good looks, or being handsome.

“Is.. Is there another way of saying I am handsome in English?”

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Min Yoongi would be very lazy when it came to learning a new language as he’d find it quite difficult. He would appreciate you teaching him how to say certain sentences so he could show off his English to the rest of the members. Sometimes, Yoongi would actually ask you to teach him certain English words so he could use them in his songs.

“Namjoon, you better watch out. I’m good at English, too, now.”

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Namjoon is basically fluent in English anyway, but there would be certain words he didn’t understand. It became a daily thing where he would question you on certain words even you didn’t know existed.

“What does Philtrum mean?”

“Uhm, Namjoon.. where are you even hearing these words? I don’t even know what it means!”

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Hoseok was so excited when you told him you’d help out with his English. He would even pester you when you were busy, asking you constantly to teach him how to say things. When you was at work, he’d randomly text you something in English, and it’d be totally out of the ordinary, but he wanted to impress you and show you he was working on his English.

*one of his random texts* “Today, I saw a cat. It was fluffy. Also, I am a ray of sunshine.”

And of course, his texts always left you confused as heck.

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Taehyung wasn’t that confident speaking English, so you offered to help out. Tae couldn’t help but ask you cheesy questions like “how do you say.. sarang-hae.. in English?”

Sarang-hae in English is I love you.”

“Oh.. I love you, (y/n).”

“Oh my God, Tae.. You’re so cheesy.”

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Jimin never really enjoyed speaking in a different language to you in case he messed up, and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of you. Once you reassured him you wouldn’t judge him if he got words wrong, he felt quite excited to be taught a new language. He would ask you how to pronounce certain words when he was doing English covers on a song. 

“How do you say this word?.. Wait, say it again, please.”

He would be so cute speaking English to you, and you adored it.

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Just like Jimin, he would ask you how you would pronounce words so he could perfect his English covers. You were always baffled at how good his pronunciation was. He knew you were amazed at how quickly he caught on in learning a new language, and he’d definitely get extremely cocky with how impressed you were with him. He’d even just say random words out of the blue to boost his ego.

“I’m going to cover another English song, care to help me?”

He’d smirk as you looked at him stunned. You’d never even taught him some of the words that came from his mouth just then…

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What If...

Lance and Keith’s Family life was completely different?

-Lance still had his whole family when he was a child, but when Lance was 11 years old, most of his family was killed

-His dad had died the year before from some disease that America has an easy cure for but Cuba didn’t

-Lance only found out about the cure when he got into the Garrison

-His mother was driving some of his siblings to someplace when they got into a car accident and were immediately killed by the impact

-He and his older brother got put into the foster care system bc none of his cousins had enough money to take care of them

-They were split up in the system

-His English was not great for a while bc he never had the chance to learn it that well but then he got better

-Over time his accent slowly disappeared

-A few years later after his family’s death, he got a letter that said his brother had gone missing

-He acted like everything was fine though

-He never got into a real relationship bc everyone he had ever loved had died on him

-So he just flirted with everyone

-One of his foster parents were extremely homophobic but he only found out after he had said their neighbor (who was a boy) was hot

-He learned to keep his sexuality secret

-He covered the bruises up with concealer

-He lived with them for a year before he got moved again

-When he finally got into the Garrison he was bullied because he was Cuban

-He was constantly compared to Keith

-Keith who was born in America

-Keith who still had a family

-Keith who had real friends

-Keith who was a better pilot

-Keith who was (supposedly) straight

(we all know that Keith is gayer than a gay person on Tumblr talking about gayness while posting rainbows)

-When Keith ran away, his family came to the Garrison and and demanded that everyone search for him until he was found

-It turns out he had been trapped in a cave that he had been exploring for a few days

-When Lance went missing, no one cared

-He stayed out in the desert for a year by himself contemplating life

-But whenever he felt like he was in need of a trip to a mental hospital or the void, something, a warm feeling, would stop him (it was Blue)

-One day Keith, Hunk, and Pidge showed up on a stolen hover bike with an unconscious Shiro in front of his house-hut

-Cue the Voltron shtick happening and Lance still being compared to Keith and still feeling worthless and still flirting with everyone and being afraid of falling in love

-But then falling in love with Keith

-Mandatory klance bonding with all around angsty-ness

…and then everyone starts healing together,  the end

Brooklyn Nine Nine High School AU

I while ago I made headcanons of an au where the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine are teachers at a high school, Jake is the English teacher, Amy is the math teacher, etc, which you can read here  if you want, and see the aesthetic of that au I made here. Then I started thinking, what if the cast of Brooklyn Nine Nine were STUDENTS in high school? So here’s headcanons of them as students.

• Holt is the principal. Cheddar is the school mascot. Terry is a student teacher who is working towards an art education degree and helps teach the art class and also subs for the gym teacher.

• Jake is a massive prankster. Setting cats loose in the cafeteria on Fish Stick Friday, whoopee cushions on teachers’ chairs, drawing dicks on chalkboards, those kinda things. He’s always saying inappropriate jokes during the lesoons. He’s a pain in the ass to teachers but his classmates love him, he’s the class clown. He sits in the back of the class, throws spit balls. He’s failing math and needs a tutor.

• Amy always sits at the front of the class. Always raises her hand, always gets every question right. Amy overhears Principal Holt complaining to vice principal Kevin how every single tutor in the school quit tutoring Jake Peralta. The boy is simply un-tutorable.

• Amy jumps at this chance. If she can tutor an un-tutorable delinquent, Principal Holt will surely remember her! She offers to tutor Jake, despite the fact that she’s still picking spit balls out of her hair because of him.

• Gina and Jake were best friends since kindergarten. Gina’s the most popular girl in school, but don’t be fooled, she’s not the mean-cheerleader-Regina-George type. She acts like she’s better than everyone else (and to be fair, she kinda is) but she still has a big heart. She was voted class president and got the teachers to allow drinks in class.

• Rosa and Jake met in middle school. They made a plan to flood the bathrooms to avoid taking a huge test. They’ve been friends ever since. In high school, Rosa noticed some kids picking on this nerd named Amy. Rosa put Amy under her protection. “You mess with Amy, you mess with me” and trust me, nobody wants to have a problem with Rosa. Amy does Rosa’s homework to pay her back.

• In freshman year of high school, the school hosted a Halloween school dance. Charles showed up in a cat costume. This big kid started calling Charles homophobic slurs. Jake didn’t like that, and punched him in the face. Principal Holt didn’t suspend Jake for punching a student. Nobody stood up for Charles before. Charles saw Jake as his hero and followed him around all the time. Gina convinced the school that cat outfits were the next trend so everyone would stop picking on Charles.

• Jake and Amy meet at the school library during their lunch period to study. Jake obviously brings a three-course meal with him into the library. They both get kicked out for bringing food into a library. Amy’s super pissed off. They go to the cafeteria and study there. Jake can’t focus. His friends keep talking to him and distracting him. Amy just walks away. She’s frustrated that he won’t study.

• Jake see’s Amy walking away. He runs after her and notices the back of her head. “What’s those things in your hair?” Amy turns around and glares at him. “You should know, you’re the one that does this to me, every single day.” Jake’s heart sinks. He just wanted to have fun and throw spitballs. He didn’t think that about where the spitballs were landing. He didn’t think about the consequences to his actions. “I’m sorry Amy. I won’t do it again.” Amy’s still pissed but accepts his apology. The period’s almost over, but Jake invites Amy to come to his house after school so they can study.

• Gina got caught texting during class so she got detention. Rosa’s in detention, as usual. She’s surprised to see Gina there. She knew Gina was the class president so she assumed Gina was some boring goody-two shoes. “What’re ya in for?” Rosa asked. “My math teacher tried to confiscate my phone and I told him to go shove a ruler up his ass.” Rosa starts cackling. She’s impressed. “Damn, you’re way different than I thought you were.”

• Rosa tells Gina that she’s in detention for the rest of the month for irresponsibly mixing random chemicals in chemistry class and starting a huge fire. Gina only has detention for a week. She spent that week with Rosa, talking trash about their annoying classmates. Gina convinced Rosa to make a Twitter account. After than week is up, Gina pulls the fire alarm to get back into detention with Rosa.

• “Why’d you pull the fire alarm?” “So I can see you again.” Gina and Rosa both excuse themselves to go to the bathroom. They hook up in the bathroom stall. They’re girlfriends now and they’re unstoppable. More kids at school start coming out as gay/bi/pan/etc because they saw that the most popular girl in school, Gina Linetti, isn’t afraid to be herself. That gave them the strength to come out.

• Amy arrives at Jake’s house. She looks around and sees pictures of Jake and his mom, but no dad. Jake tells Amy that his dad left him when he was young. Amy puts her hand on Jake’s shoulders. “Oh, Jake, I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that.” Jake tells her that it’s fine, it happened a long time ago, he’s over it now.

• Amy spread her books and worksheets on Jake’s bed. Jake climbs on the bed and sits next to her. Amy shows Jake an equation and instructs “Show me how to solve for x” then Jake bursts into tears. “HOW CAN I FIND X WHEN I CAN’T EVEN FIND MY DAD?!?!” Amy doesn’t know what to do except pat him on the head. Jake calms down. “I’m sorry you had to see that.” Amy gives him an understanding nod.

• They try to study but Jake can’t seem to focus. He keeps getting distracted. “I’m sorry. I’m trying hard. I really am. People think I don’t try, but I do.” Amy’s heart sinks. She always thought Jake was just lazy. But he was reading the material and trying to solve the equation as hard as he could. He just couldn’t seem to pay attention. Amy has an idea. She orders Sal’s pizza. Every time Jake gets an answer correct, he gets a bite of pizza. Jake perked up. He loved pizza. He wanted his reward. It took some time but he finally got an answer correct and gobbled up his bite. “Are you proud of me?” Jake asked, his eyes widened. Amy gave him a high five. “So proud!” It made Jake so happy to finally hear that.

• Jake tries to solve another equation and the answer he gets is only a decimal point away from the correct answer. He asks Amy to still give him a bite of pizza. Amy shakes her head. “Nope. You didn’t get the correct answer. You didn’t earn this pizza.” She pushes the box out of his way. Jake grabs a slice out of the box anyways. “Hey!” Amy grabs the slice out of Jake’s hand. Jake bounces on top of Amy and tries to grab the pizza out of her hand. They both wrestle around the bed for a few seconds and start laughing. Jake’s literally ON TOP of Amy right now.

• They stop wrestling and just look into each other’s eyes. They’re both panting from all that wrestling. Jake drops the pizza out of his hand. He leans down and presses his lips against Amy’s. Amy closes her eyes and kisses him back. Jake pulls back. Amy says “That was great and all, but you’re still not getting your pizza.” Jake groans. “Damnit!” Amy laughs. They keep studying. Jake’s starting to get the hang of this. He’s getting more questions correct, which means more bites of pizza.

• There’s one question left, the short answer question. The hardest question on the worksheet. Jake asks “If I get this question correct, will I get a whole slice of pizza?” Amy has a mischievous smile. “Oh you’ll get something better than a slice of pizza.” Jake gets excited. “TWO slices of pizza?!” Amy rolls her eyes and tells him to just solve the equation.

• Jake finishes solving the problem, Amy looks over his work to see how he did. Amy glances over his paper, then suddenly knocks all the textbooks and papers off of the bed. She pushes Jake onto his back and climbs on top of him. She runs her fingers through his hair and kisses him. Jake wraps his arms around her back and kisses her back. After a minute of making out, Amy pulls away. Jake asks her, “So I got the question right?” Amy winked. “Nope.”

kinkfactory  asked:

Hello there! I've come with a follow - because this blog is really great - and a question. I want to write a character with ADHD, do you have any advice on how to properly go about that?

Be mindful. ADHD is a real thing—real people are affected by it. Thus, be careful on how you portray your character. Don’t use it to make a character “different.” Don’t ignore facts because they “don’t fit” your character. Don’t give in the stereotypes seen in popular media and dramatize those.

ADHD should not be the defining factor of your character. I suggest to build your character without the label “they have ADHD.” Get their background thought out (at least the general story of it). Give them relationships—what do they think of their parents? Are they romantically involved? Do they make friends easily? Give them an education; give them interests and hobbies and skills; give them a personality with quirks and faults. After that, research on ADHD and look at how ADHD can affect your already developed character. If there are some facts about ADHD that might go against your character’s traits, understand why and think of how to handle them. Don’t ignore these conflicts. Yes, ADHD affects people differently, so it’s possible some symptoms or traits won’t be apparent in your character, but never ignore these facts. Address them. Understand why these symptoms aren’t there. 

Some links:

On tumblr

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Outside tumblr (specific topics)

Outside tumblr (infographics)

I’m terribly sorry for the wait, but I hope that helps! And thank you for liking my blog~


This here is an update post, to let you guys know what is going on with the comic, what is going on with the game, and what to expect in the coming future for Aftertale.

First off, “What is Aftertale, I forgot I even follow this blog.”

Aftertale is a mystery Choose Your Own Adventure style webcomic that takes place after the events of Undertale, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it has not been updated in a few months.

Sorry about that. Realistically, between commission work and other projects, I still have time that I could spend working on the comic. It’s my fault, I am being lazy about it.

It’s not that there is a lack of story to write, but currently I am more concerned with getting the Aftertale game demo done. The comic pages take me around three days of work to complete, so it leaves me pretty drained.

But the Aftertale comic isn’t over, and it won’t be until it’s uh… well, actually finished. Regardless of how irrelevant Aftertale or Undertale may become, over the next few years, I will be working on the Aftertale comic.

After all, I won’t settle for a timeline where I never get to show off Starboy Neo.

The Aftertale game should be complete by next year. There is a lot on our plate, but this year of college should give us our best shot to finish it up and finally put it out there. We’re doing our best.

After the game demo is released, I’ll be picking up the comic again full steam. Making Aftertale has been a dream come true for me, so I want to keep sharing it with all the people who have supported it and myself.

That’s all. Things might be quiet on this blog for a little bit longer. But if you’d like updates on the Aftertale game, we’re fairly active on Twitter.

Additionally, if you guys would like more active updates posted here, I would be happy to share them. So please let me know if you would like that to be the case.

Thank you all very much for reading. Do your best, and we’ll see you in the demo soon!

Stop the fat shaming in comedy

Why is being fat considered comedy? In some skits/tv shows/movies they use fat suits to help with their joke. Almost every time there’s a fat person in a comedy, their size is the punchline. Am i the only one who thinks this influences society more than we think it does? Think about it. Fat people are used as comedy in the media. Usually the joke is about how much they overeat or are too lazy to move. That’s not always the case and it makes people assume that it is. We need to stop fat shaming in comedy. It makes fat people think their body’s a joke. There’s absolutely nothing funny about someone’s weight or size.

There’s often talk about how abusive parents can mess with someone’s relationship with food – especially if the abuse has food/weight components to it. I never see talk about how abuse can influence one’s relationship with time and space.

(and for the record, I am not at all discrediting food abuse or any of that. It’s horrible and my heart goes out to people who went through it and may still be dealing with the fallout. I’m just using it as a parallel and way to better describe what I’m about to).

Some parents are strict about food. What you can eat, when you can eat, how much you can eat, they dictate it as if you are an object that has no needs or preferences of your own. My mother had this a little, but surprisingly it’s one of the few things I managed to mostly escape. No, what my mother was strict about was time and controlling what I was doing.

I had to follow her schedule, do what she wanted, do it how she did it. It’s one thing to tell a child “this needs to be done by X time” or “could you do Y for me?” or “here, let me show you how to do Z”, but of course my mother was never like that.

  • I had to do what she wanted when she wanted it done, and when she did it. When she told (or yelled at) me to do something, I had to drop everything I was doing and do it right that instant. Didn’t matter if I was doing homework or playing a game with a group of people or actually going to my job (yes, she forced me to call into work because there was something she wanted done and god forbid it happen 4 hours later), I had to do what she said. And if she was doing something, by the gods I had better be doing something; I got called lazy and screamed at so many times because she decided to do laundry or paper work and I was watching something or playing a game.
  • Before I just gave up trying to deal with her, I always told my mother I would do other things but I would not touch the kitchen because it was disgusting since she never made an effort to clean it and used the skin as a garbage can (week+ old organics mixing with stagnant water creating slime and an ungodly smell was so fun to deal with). What happened? She would always yell at me to clean the kitchen. I could do other things – hell, I could clean the entire house – but if there was one thing I didn’t do that she wanted done, everything else counted for nothing and I would get yelled at.
  • She also never asked me to do something; she told (or yelled at me) what to do. She also never said a word, and not being psychic, things would seem fine until she’d explode about how lazy I was by not doing X, Y, and Z right that instant.
  • My mother never showed me how to do stuff. She would mock me and tell me how to do stuff in a super patronizing tone. If she saw me doing something that worked (sometimes better) in a way she wouldn’t do it, she would yell at me to get it “right” even though I wasn’t harming anything or any one and the way I was doing it was easier or made more sense to me.

As a result, if she’s around, I am constantly stressed and on edge. Even if she’s not home right then but will be later in the day, I am still stressed because I never know when she’s going to yell at me and know no matter what, she’s going to find fault with what I did.

This lead to me “hoarding” time for myself. If she’s not around or is asleep, I will do absolutely nothing except watch stuff, play games, or other things that are fun. It started when I was way younger, but it continues to this day. I never knew when I’d have time to myself or for how long, so I binged the fuck out of what time I had. Even when I want(ed) to clean or organize things, I wouldn’t because it would cut into what leisure time I had. Plus I would get yelled at for doing it wrong or not doing it well enough, so why bother when I could do something else?

Even when I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, I was still compelled to do it because I never knew when I’d get a chance again.

It wasn’t healthy and I still am stuck with it.

The only time I feel free is when my mother is out of the house for at least a few days. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want and not have to worry about her blowing up at me. I don’t have to worry about dropping everything to cater to her whims, and I don’t have to worry about being criticized for any little thing. I can actually get shit done I’ve wanted to get done forever!

I don’t know if others have similar experiences, but it sucks and just further destroys your self-esteem having stuff that needs to get done – that you want to get done – but can’t because you have to make every moment count when you’re alone, and can’t do it when your mother is there because who knows what kind of storm will blow in when you start.

If I have the house to myself or am staying with someone else (who isn’t family), things instantly change. But otherwise, nope. Because when that’s been your life for how long and was how you survived, it’s hard or impossible to change when you’re stuck living with the person who caused/causes it in the first place.

Reasons Why (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 3480
Warnings: Cursing, mobile formatting
A/N: Here’s something while I’m on the plane :)


Your unique attitude .

Thomas walked into the room, holding a book in his hands. It was Finals week, and everyone was stressed out. The library was filled, students cramming, crying, and regretting their life choices. But not Thomas, of course. He took everything with a grain of salt. He didn’t have to strain himself like the others. He knew that he would pass. Some say that he was cocky, but he dismissed those comments as jealousy. Confidence is what they needed, and Thomas had it.

He noticed a woman sitting in the corner of the room, headphones on and hair a mess. He usually would ignore someone concentrating, but, there was something different. You were wearing an old college hoodie, holes in your sleeves. You were chewing on a straw, flipping through pages. You looked, strange. You were smiling.

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The Suit


I found it better to send a message to facilitate sending the image. 😊 First: I love how you write 😙 Second: Could you do a fluff-smut with Tony based on that pic?! Would be great! thanks 😘

Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: ~1700

Warnings: Smut [oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex], Fluff, tiny bits of angst

A/N: Thank you @bigbadwolfhale for the request! I hope this is everything you hoped it would be, and I’m sorry it took so long. 

“I can’t believe you’re wearing that.” You mutter, laughing softly as you raise your drink to your lips.

“You know you like it.” Tony teases.

His arm is stretched out on the bar behind you. You feel his fingertips brush against your skin.

“But it’s the suit, Tony.”

“I know.”

“And you know what people call that suit.”

“I know.”

“Then why wear it?”

“Because you were the one who wanted to keep us a secret, and I have appearances to maintain.”

Before you can reply, a fresh drink is placed beside Tony. When he turns to look from the glass to the bartender, the guy points down the bar to a trio of women – two blondes and one brunette. The brunette waves at Tony. He smiles, picking up the glass and raising it in thanks.

“Nice to know where your priorities lie.”

You finish your drink is one last gulp, setting the glass down and leaving Tony behind. You push through the small crowd to where the others are sitting. You settle on the couch next to Natasha, resting your head on her shoulder and keeping your eyes on the bar. You sigh as you watch Tony make his way toward that brunette.

“You want me to kick his ass?” she says, resting her hand on your knee.

“No,” you sigh, “but I think I’m gonna go home.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m kinda over this.”

When you stand up, turning to wish everyone a good night, Steve offers to drive you back.

“I was just going to catch a cab…”

“Really, I insist. Bucky’s been ready to go for the last half hour anyway.”

You glance over at the brunette super soldier to find him laying on Steve’s shoulder, a bored look plain across his face. You smile when he looks up at you, a tired smile turning up his lips. You nod and agree to ride back with them.

“Let’s go home, Buck.” Steve whispers, giving Bucky’s thigh a gentle shake.

Bucky nods and stands up, moving to stand at your side. The three of you bid everyone else a good night and leave together. You look back to the bar one last time to find Tony staring after you, a sad look on his face. His demeanor quickly changes when the brunette puts her hand on his forearm and lets out a laugh.

Steve puts his hand against the center of your back.

“Let’s go, doll.”

His tone is apologetic, his touch comforting as you let him lead you out to the car.

Bucky goes straight to bed, giving Steve a gentle good night kiss. You excuse yourself to change into something more comfortable. When you come back out, you find Steve in the kitchen, standing in front of the stove and stirring something in a pot.

“Hot chocolate.” He says, glancing over his shoulder at you, “It always makes me feel better.”

“Thanks.” You mutter, pulling yourself up onto the counter.

He turns the stove off and pulls down two mugs. You watch him fill them both before picking one up and offering it to you. You thank him again as you take it.

“You wanna talk about it?” he asks, lifting his own cup from the counter.

“It’s my own fault. I wanted to keep things a secret. I shouldn’t get mad when people show him attention.”

“Except he should take your feelings into account. Bucky and I aren’t exactly public either, but we don’t flirt with other people when we’re out.”

You shrug, staring down into your mug.

“If he’s hurting you like this, maybe you’re better off without him.”

“I love him, Steve.” You circle the rim of the cup with your fingers a couple of times before looking up to meet Steve’s eyes. “I know he loves me too. I mean, he’s so different when it’s just us.”

“I’ve seen the way he looks at you,” Steve’s gaze goes over your head, “but he needs to get his priorities in order.”

You follow his gaze with your own to find Tony standing there, jacket in hand and a regretful expression on his face.

“Can I talk you?”

“I guess.”

Steve gives you one last reassuring smile and excuses himself from the room.

Everything is quiet for a minute. Then you hear Tony sigh only a few seconds before his footsteps begin to draw near. Then he’s standing in front of you, hesitating, at first, to place his hands on your knees. You flinch at his touch which nearly causes him to pull back.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers, his eyes still downcast.

“For what?” You shrug, setting your mug of cold chocolate on the counter, “I mean, you were right. I was the one who wanted to keep us a secret.” You slide off the counter, causing him to take a step back, “I shouldn’t get mad whenever someone flirts with you.”

“I understand why you got upset though.”

You scoff, “Do you?”

“I was out of line accepting that drink. I was out of line even acknowledging that girl, let alone talking to her. Hell, I was out of line from the beginning by putting on this stupid suit. I should never have put my reputation ahead of your feelings.”

You bite your lip, looking down at your feet, “I don’t want to be a secret anymore, Tony.”

“I’m ready to tell the world.” He takes your chin in his hand, raising your gaze to meet his, “I love you.”

You smile, “I love you.”

He smiles, moving his hand to cradle your face more completely before pressing his lips against yours. You hook your fingers through his belt loops to pull him closer. He chuckles softly into the kiss, pulling back a bit but placing several small pecks to your lips.

“What do you say we take this elsewhere?” he asks, his voice low.

You bite your lip and nod, not trusting your voice to come out steady.

Lost in a flurry of desperate kisses and groping hands, your clothes are left strewn about Tony’s apartment, starting at the elevator doors and going into his bedroom.

You lie flat in the center of his bed, giggling as his beard tickles the inside of your thighs, his lips leaving a trail of kisses up and over your hip. You writhe beneath him, looking down at him. Your eyes meet his, and he smiles.

You gasp, jumping a bit when his mouth is suddenly on you, his tongue moving in small circles around the most sensitive parts of your body. Your fingers glide through his hair, fisting into it when he goes just a little lower. You press your head back into the pillow, rolling your hips up and silently begging for more.

More is what you get when his lips move back to your thigh and his fingers reach deep inside you. He keeps his movements slow and deliberate, easing you gently to the edge.

His lips find yours in a tender kiss. A moment later, you’re turning away, your lips parted as you let out a slow, shaky breath. His kiss, instead, finds your neck, his lips ghosting over your pulse point and across your collar bone.

The knot that’s been forming in your lower abdomen finally snaps. His movements don’t cease until your body stops shaking and you loosen the grip you had on him. His lips find yours yet again as he pulls his hand away.

His fingertips dig into your hip, his body settled between your parted thighs. He grinds his hips into yours, offering a bit of friction against your already sensitive core.

You whine his name, begging, “Please…”

He raises his hips just enough to reach between you. Your heel presses to the small of his back as he positions himself and slowly begins to slide home. Buried to the hilt, his hips flush to yours, his head drops to your shoulder as he groans softly, his lips barely touching your skin as he kisses your collarbone again.

The sound of your moans fills the room as he moves back and forth inside of you. Your thighs are tight around his hips as you meet him thrust for thrust.

You cup his cheek in your hand, guiding his lips back to yours. Then his forehead is pressed to yours, his eyes going back and forth from being focused on yours to being focused on where your bodies meet.

His hand ventures down between you, his fingers finding the swollen bundle of nerves hidden there. He rubs it in small circles, drawing small sounds of pleasure from you.

Your breaths become to come faster as your next climax gets closer and closer. The tension in his body shows just how close he is too. You get there first, and the clenching of your walls around his length brings him crashing down with you.

You hold his face in your hands. He has one hand against your cheek, the other holding loosely to your hip. You share a few lazy kisses between short gasps of breath. You take a deep breath as he pulls out and moves to rest beside you. You roll over to rest your head on his chest, his arm wrapping around you so that his hand still sits on your hip.

“I really am sorry.” He says, breaking the silence in the room.

“I know.” Your fingertips trace the shallow lines of his abdomen, “Get rid of the suit.”

“I’m not getting rid of the suit.”

“Do it or I’ll set it on fire and make you watch.”

“What is throwing out the suit going to solve?”

“Nothing, really. It’ll just make me feel better.”

He falls silent for a moment before sighing heavily, “Fine. Consider it gone.”

You smile and turn your head to kiss his chest, just over his heart, “I love you.”

He kisses the top of your head, and you can hear the smile in his voice when he says, “I love you too.”


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ask-roxanne-weasley  asked:

what do you think about south park? (mind that the whole point of that show is being offensive and in-your-face type of thing. Most jokes there are more of critic towards society than a specific group. Like they mock everyone about everything. Am i beng confusing? Lol i don't know how to explain myself)

punching down (joking about marginalized people) is bigotry. you’re making fun of somebody who everybody makes fun of, whose life is already shitty enough.

punching up is radical, as it is an active “fuck you” to the power system, and working on fighting against it.

punching in every direction is…. just lazy? south park isn’t “comedy”. it’s “how many people (minority or non-minority) can i offend in 20 minutes LOL?”