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Be kind

Just like many on this site I am a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. I enjoy the drama, the memes, the catchprases etc.

But we all have to keep in mind that the show is heavily edited! The producers have a clear storyline for each season. In fact, the confessionals and even many workroom conversations are prompted by the producers of the show. Does it mean that the show is all fake and shouldn’t be enjoyed? Of course not, but it is important to recognise it for what it is: a fun entertaining show about drag queens. What we see is not the definitive truth. Oftentimes phrases and actions are taken out of context. We get people, who by themselves are rarely either 100% good or 100% bad but rather complex, condensed into easily digestive cliche roles.

Again: We all have to keep in mind that what we get to see at the end of the day is not actually 100% real and we cannot know what exactly happened. We cannot get to know a person watching their heavily edited behaviour on TV for 45 minutes. What we get to know is merely a character at least co-constructed by the production.

No sane person would send hate to an actor for portraying a villain. Same should apply to every RPDR-fan’s treatment of drag queens. Imagine how you’d come off to complete strangers if somebody followed you around with a camera all week and then edited the footage to only showcase your worst moments.

You don’t have to love and be a fan of every single contestant on the show. Just don’t send them hate. Or as the lovely and talented Jaymes Mansfield put it - be kind.

Trick or True

→ When you first meet, he is known as Jeon Jungkook. Jungkook is shy, kind and full of imagination. He is your classmate, your friend and your first kiss. Now, as you stare at the man sat atop the glass throne in the centre of the palace, you see nothing of the boy you once knew. Instead you see a stranger, a member of the Unseelie Court; the Crown Prince of Winter. 

・genre: fluff, angst, fantasy → faerie au! winter court.
jungkook x reader
rating: T
word count: 3,676
installments: part of Tales from the Land of Fey Series
a/n: Inspired by one of my favourite novels, The Iron King by Julie Kagawa.

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This is my best friend @paitynn’s car today. Just a few short days after the election. Vandalised with half the equality sticker scratched off. He asked me to share this to show definitively the sad truth: this is our new reality.

If you support trump, you’re the cause. No excuses. Bottom line: this election was about bigotry’s victory in America. A man endorsed by the KKK, who supports sexual assault, an avid racist, islamaphobic homophobe will now be running our country.

I would like my family members who voted for him to look me in the face and tell me why I don’t matter. Why my safety doesn’t matter. Why my basic rights don’t matter. Why the rights of our transgender, Islamic, Hispanic, (the list goes on) brothers and sisters doesn’t matter. Why the safety and equality of millions and millions of people does. not. matter.

Because this is the reality millions are now living in. And this is what your trump support has brought. This is real. The hate is real. The violence is real. And this is just the beginning.

EXO reaction to you visiting their parents with them and they see you cooking dinner with their mum

I love to cook and especially help out my mum with the cooking but seeing my significant other cooking with her would be something I would really love because it would mean a lot not only to me but my mum as well.

- Admin Kain


I feel like Baekhyun would probably try to eavesdrop a little bit in fear that his mum would be saying something embarrassing about him to you. This wouldn’t change however the relief he would feel at seeing the two of you get along and he would probably suggest coming over more often or inviting his family over so that you can all form a good relationship.

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Chanyeol would be beaming for the rest of the day at the sight of the two of you working together to provide a meal. He knew this was an opportunity for the two of you to get to know each other better and would be so thankful that you’re taking the time to try. Family definitely seems very important to Chanyeol so he would be very appreciative.

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I feel like Jongdae would be similar to Baekhyun in that he would want to know if you happened to be talking about him and would be very suspicious of the two of you, definitely thinking you were up to something. He would probably be painfully obvious about the entire thing and you and his mother would most likely start joking about him having you both in fits of laughter, the cooking long forgotten.

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Kyungsoo seems like the type to really adore his mother like complete and utter mummy’s boy. (He’s been spending a LOT more time with her lately so cute <3) So the sight of both of you would make him feel really happy and touched that the two of you can get along with each other and have a good relationship. It would mean a lot for two of the most important people in his life to be happy with and comfortable around each other so he would really appreciate it.

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Jongin I see as being very similar to Kyungsoo in that he would have his mother on such a pedestal that you and her doing things together would mean a lot. He would probably be a little flustered at the sight and it would serve as a reminder of how much he cares for you both and would let you know quietly after that he was very thankful for you trying to bond with his mum.

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Yixing would be so in awe of the sight of you cooking with his mum. I feel like it would really mean a lot and would probably start making begin to see you in the possibility of a family role. Seeing you be domestic would definitely be something that he would be really happy about and the fact that it was with his mother would mean all the more.

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Okay obviously expect the usually sassy comments. Sehun would act like a spoiled brat and would be so happy and the sight of the two of you cooking for him. All of his sass and teasings however would all just be for show because in truth it would definitely mean a lot to him and be very touching to see the two of you getting along and working together. He just wouldn’t want you to know exactly how much it means to him.

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Junmyeon is another who, like Yixing, would being to start seeing the possibility of family arise when seeing you and his mother cook together. He’s always looking after his members so seeing that you’re capable of looking after others would mean a lot. Seeing you and his mother bonding on top of that would be a very touching thing for him to witness and he would shower you with affection when you’re alone.

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My baby MinMin would just be the cutest bundle of fluff. He would probably feel a little lazy that the two of you were cooking while he wasn’t so would offer to help you out as best he could without getting in the way. If there wasn’t much for him to do he would spend the time in the kitchen with the two of you but he wouldn’t join in the conversation too much more so he would just enjoy to the sight of two important people in his life getting along.

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Thank you unnie for awesome and constant updates:) Pace yourself so that you can last a long way please:) And for my request, what would Jimin and Jungkook do when they hear that your ideal time of guy is someone manly and tough?;) heh boys trying to impress you

You’re welcome, sweetie~ <3 


Chimchim would definitely act more manly around you. I think he’s the type of guy who would do anything to please the girl he likes; even if it means turning himself upside down. He’d hit the gym more (though I think he has the body of a god already) and showcase his “manliness” by carrying stuff for you and even acting all tough like:

“Hey Jimin,” you call out to him. “Wanna watch Spongebob?”

“Those are cartoons.” he’d smirk. “Let’s watch some action movies with guns and blood and stuff.”

“How about horror?”

A look of surprise flashes across his face and you chuckle deep down, knowing that you got to him. He clears his throat, “If Spongebob is what you want… then Spongebob it is.” ; acting all cute just the way you like him to be. 



Kookie is young and would definitely try to impress you by acting all sexy and giving you that smoldering gaze of his which can make anyone melt into a puddle of goo. I think this kid’s idea of manliness is being smooth around the ladies.. being the “international playboy”, as what he said. But we all know the truth to this, right? keke 

He’d definitely show you “his moves”, throwing pick up lines here and there but he’d be so nervous he might end up embarrassing himself; which you’d only find to be completely adorable and make you like him even more. It’s like all of a sudden, his shyness becomes your  ”ideal” characteristic in a guy. <3


lmao. if both cam and noel are just telling fans the truth outright, then the show producers/writers definitely know about it, and their whole “we know nothing we’re so uninformed about major actors/characters on our own show”  schtick is nothing but them being assholes, again. it’s the gallavich baiting shit all over again. the fucking nerve of these assholes is astounding. *makes most obscene gesture i can think of @ the shameless writers/producers*

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I may be late to the party, but I've seen a lot of these conspiracy theories for why Noel isn't coming back to Shameless. Do you think any of them hold weigt? Also which reason do you think the most likely is?

I think, given the fishy circumstances surrounding the show, something definitely went down, but I doubt we’ll ever know the truth. That being said, I am absolutely on board with the conspiracy theories because that ending scene and Mickey’s final scene completely felt like a big Fuck You to Noel/Mickey. 

Why is this the case? I have a few ideas:

They were annoyed that Noel’s schedule isn’t wide open for them to just have him hanging around and they’d actually have to plan an arc for him since he’d be limited to a few episodes. Therefore, they changed the ending to make Mickey’s “disappearance” more plot related so they don’t have to work as hard. Fuck You Noel.

Noel was frustrated by his lack of material this season and fiugred that, with Ian and Mickey broken up, there’s probably going to be no reason for Mickey and signed a contract for something else/decided not to renew his contract for a season. Writers get pissed that their gravy boat might be leaving town for a while. Again, Fuck You Noel. 

The writers/creatives are annoyed that Mickey/Noel is getting so much attention because HE’S NOT A REAL GALLAGHER so they wrote him out of the show out of spite and to make sure that we are all still loving the Gallaghers. (We’re not really at the moment.) So Fuck You Noel & Mickey. 

The ending scene was changed on a whim to that garbage and Noel didn’t want to work for a show that didn’t appreciate him so he decided to take some time off and hope that maybe, in a future season, the writers will actually give him (and Ian) proper screen time and a story. 

What it really boils down to for me is that, regardless of what happened or what didn’t happen behind the scenes, that break-up scene and Mickey being shot at while chased off camera was a huge Fuck You to Noel Fisher for busting his ass to bring to life such a complex and lovable character with very little screentime and story, to the fans who have related to Mickey and love him, and to all the Ian/Mickey fans out there. 

It’s literally the only thing I can think of because there is no way a group of professional writers wrote that shit and thought it was gold. (Step it up writers.)