this show's cinematography

so @kxlance pointed out an interesting parallel that I think is really important when it comes to cinematography and point of view.

The first being:

So here we have the camera doing an over the shoulder shot. This is meant to imply that we are seeing Keith from Lance’s point of view. Over the shoulder shots are meant to establish empathy with the person whose shoulder we see and establishing the distance between the character observing and the character they are observing. So not only do we see a physical distance between Lance and Keith, but we see the way that Lance views himself in comparison to Keith. He’s looking up at Keith and Keith is looming over him- establishing a sense of dominance for Keith (the made up rivalry). Keith’s face is harsh and angry, which is how Lance sees him. This shows not only how Lance views Keith, but how Lance thinks Kieth views him.

And then we have this shot:

The shot is implied to be from Lance’s point of view again. This entire scene has not really had shots like this. This was meant to show a distinct change in point of view. This is Lance finally viewing Keith without any biases, and there’s nothing obstructing his view of Keith (aka his shoulder in the first shot). They are both on an even level with each other as the shot is implying they are both standing at the same level looking straight at each other with the other being the main focus (therefore Keith is in the middle of the shot). At the beginning of the scene, the animators made a point to show Keith hanging up his jacket when he could have just been sitting on his bed (which is easier to animate), so now Keith doesn’t have his jacket creating a barrier between him and Lance (and Lance has his on, still not fully telling Keith the truth about his insecurities). Keith is smiling, he has an open stance that is welcoming. Lance’s view of Keith is the exact opposite of how he viewed Keith in the first shot.

So with just using cinematography, we’re seeing Lance’s view of Keith change dramatically.


countdown to series four // day 16 - favourite outfit Look™

honestly, what I think would be great for like the opening scene of the Raven Cycle tv series is this: 

It starts off with an aerial shot of a quiet night and the interstate has no cars. The shot zooms into the sign on I-64 that says Welcome to Henrietta. It’s dirty, and you can still see remnants of the spray paint over it. Then it goes off into all the places that make Henrietta.  Slowly go over Nino’s where there’s a crowd of kids and it’s hustling and bustling with activity. Then show Aglionby, which is quiet, except for a few lights in dorm windows on. Go to Monmouth, and in the corner of the shot, you see a shadow of a boy. Then Boyd’s where you see just a lone bicycle outside, and a teenage boy hunched over a car through the window. Go back to the streets, it’s quiet, but then suddenly the revving of engines is heard and a white Mitsubishi and a black BMW speed into the shot and then over the horizon in a flash of screeching tires and red lights. And to finish off, it goes to the churchyard, in the distance you see an orange Camaro, and then goes to a stone wall and starts the show with Blue, like it does in the books.  

All while Southern Nights by Glen Campbell plays to give the illusion of a normal rural town before anything is found out (which we as readers all know, but if anyone watches the show without any prior knowledge of what goes down it would be great)