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I heard my crush thought I was cute so I swallowed my pride and asked him out for coffee instead of waiting for him to make a move and instead of replying he ignored me and made a fb post saying “people ask me why I’m too picky. bros before hoes. weights before dates.”

if i have the courage to ask you out, at least have the balls to respond. and then to make a post like that hurt my feelings so much. i can’t wait til i can show all these fuckboys im a catch and i’m gonna be the best goddamn boyfriend eventually. it’d just be nice if that were to happen sooner rather than later :(

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Did you know Henrik's mom liked one of your metas (the one about the internet thing being reversed and Isak exposing Sara) that someone posted on Instagram? (They gave you credit btw)


Can you SHOW ME???

OH MY GAWD are you serious???? can you please please please please please show me? PLEASE



are you kiddding? ahhhh pls pls pls show me my angel pls I need to see this 

d e a d 



“National Producers! Hello, this is K-Tigers trainee Byun Hyunmin who appeared on Produce 101 Season 2 ^^ I’m currently eliminated, but it was a very precious memory, experience, and learning process. I’m a bit upset I couldn’t show my various sides on broadcast, but it was due to those who cheered me on and loved me that i came to this spot. It feels like I’ve climbed up too much… TT please don’t ever be sorry. Thank you for loving me until now, and please love me more to come. And please cheer on all the other trainees who got eliminated and the trainees who survived and are closer to their dream of debuting! please don’t go anywhere and wait for me for a little~ I love you  #iwilltrystarting #happy #ireallyloveyou”

“Hello, I’m Addcorn from AA, and, 420c. I’m very sorry for not being able to meet the expectations of the fans who watched today’s broadcast. Today was the end of our participation in Produce 101’s filming for Arkay (Jung Dongsu) and me. I worked very hard to show my best self so I ended the show well without regrets. I also learned that we became more certain that we wanted to pursue this path of music that we’ve done with AA through PD101 filming.
Thank you for the fans who have loved us, the PD101 staff and the trainees for this opportunity and the great memories we’ve made. From now on, we (AA) will make more and better music, and come find everyone as soon as possible as Korean artists you can be proud of.
I have also decided on revealing my solo album ‘A’ for free, when it was originally meant to be sold last year. There are 3 songs
1. whistle blower
2. trash
3. incapable of choosing
The songs are on our official AA sound cloud and you can stream and download. We’ve put it on our instagram, so please participate. Please watch over AA, thank you

(Trans by Lina, thank you!) 

I can definitely see why people didn’t like the episode but I didn’t mind it really. There’s no way Aaron is going to listen to Rebecca, didn’t he have a similar conversation with Chrissie once? He’s going to prove that family wrong again and again. It was never going to be easy for Aaron to get through this and Robert has a LOT of making up to do and I’m glad it’s not easy for him atm (much as I love him). I can’t see them wanting us to think that Aaron should leave him anyway. I think it’s to show how Aaron’s feeling at the moment and the insecurities he’s desperately trying to ignore and overcome. Rebecca’s projecting too, she still doesn’t understand what the two of them have together.

I think Maxine’s episodes have still saved them for me, underneath this lesser storytelling we have the narrative she’s made for us: both of them desperately trying to stay together because they love each other so much.

I still hate that they made Robert cheat in the first place though. I think it was a bit arrogant tbh, expecting people to swallow it with the promise of happier times at the end. The journey is important too, as I see so many people saying. Anyway, I do think Aaron will try to come to terms with everything and they’ll get through it together.

D-11 to Lee Donghyuck’s 18th Birthday Bonus:
a gratitude post for Haechan.

Thank you for being you; and thank you for always showing your love to us 💖 Love you!

(I’ve always wanted to post this since months ago, but I think today’s the day. Thanks for the gift, Pudu! ✨)

a few things
  1. i probably won’t be posting until next week because wedding things are rly taking over my life right now lmao pls don’t miss me too much
  2. i’ll answer the rest of your character questions later, probably in one giant post ok <3
  3. i made a story directory that links to my new giant story tag so you can see where santi’s story and the wallace story connect, i think it’ll be useful for people just tuning in because i don’t want it to seem like the two are separate entities, they very much go together. BUT for some reason, some posts in the story tag are inexplicably not showing up despite the fact that they’re tagged properly? they’re these ones, as far as i can tell: (x x x x x x) I’M MAD because they’re all important posts that provide context for the scenes afterward…but whatev JUST BE AWARE OF THAT I GUESSs
  4. love u

i had all my clothes on and still i stood naked. that was something she always knew how to do.

when her eyes were on me i never knew how to keep a poker face on – i always showed her too much too quickly. the first time we kissed i went back to my bedroom and i grabbed a magic marker and i wrote it across my forehead: I AM IN LOVE WITH APHRODITE. what is subtlety? I’ve heard of it, but i only know it distantly, like a wolf knows the moon.

her eyes strip me bare every day, so that the only skin i have around her is deep: secrets and dreams swirling like constellations. it is a dangerous way to live.

that is probably why i continue to love her.

- abby // prompt for anon

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I love that even without marriage, Victor and Yuuri call each other soulmates/boyfriends. Your Masq Victor and Yuuri is one of the characterizations that I love in this fandom. Also I love that they give each other matching set of guns,etc. Even without I love you, they clearly show how much they love each other. I also love that Victor always hums the tune of Stay Close to Me. Keep it up, Ash!

Because they are soulmates :) they don’t need marriage to prove that! <3 And thank you so much, I am really happy with how I’ve characterised them too, and that’s not something I say about my own work very much haha. 
And yes, I am really big on show not tell if people hadn’t figured that out by now, and their actions say it all. Thank you T_T 

bae finally convinced me to start watching Doctor Who and damn I am hooked okay I’m only partway through season 2 but I can’t watch more till bae gets home from work

have another really shitty sketch, complete with tear lines in her makeup

please don’t repost/reblog without my description thanks so much !!

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can i just say! ur art is v insperational! i used to think the big eyes on my art was rly dumb and childish but seeing it on urs and seeing ppl liked it mKes me wana do them again! tysm and keep doin what ur doin!!!!!!!

whaaaaaaaaaat big eyes are the best!!!! how else can you know how a person feel if they dont have big ol eyes showing deep deep into their soul???

haha thank you so much!!! keep doing what ur doing too buddy!!!!

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I went over the tag a bit and don't think this has been asked (if it has or you have something similar Im sorry if I missed it;; also I hope this is within the rules) But could I ask for oikawa headcanons with a gf who is a generally insecure of her looks? (ex. feeling like she's not good enough for him or doesn't suit him since she's chubby? or generally not attractive enough) it's a little personal for me, so im sorry if it's too specific;;;

[Specific is good, personal is all good, I hope this makes you feel better about yourself @shyfishin. You’re fine the way you are! (❁´◡`❁) ]

  • Oikawa would find it slightly concerning that his girlfriend couldn’t let go of her insecurities; partly blaming it on himself, thinking that perhaps he didn’t show her how much he cherished her in his life
  • He would try to be more attentive, randomly sending her text messages that simply exclaimed what a wonderful person she was
  • “I don’t know what you look like today, but I have a feeling that you’re super cu-ute, ___-chan~ (◕ᴗ◕✿).
    By the way, send me a selfie, I miss you ~”
  • Whenever things got really bad and she would lose herself in her self-hatred, Oikawa would become more silent than his usual flashy self, pulling her into his arms and just holding her, explaining why he thought that she deserved to feel worthy and that there was so much more she should love herself for
  • Surrounded by his fangirls, he would always keep an eye out for his her, never hesitating to turn away from them with the words; “Sorry, my girlfriend is waiting for me!”
  • If she told him about not being suitable for him, Oikawa would stop her immediately, explaining that he had never had a better relationship before her. He would reassure her that he didn’t mind her having a bit more weight, mumbling that whenever he saw her cute face he couldn’t help but feel like kissing her
Let's Go Bitches

I’m nervous. I don’t want there to be trouble between Sana and Isak. Their friendship means too much to me for it to go down for something like this. I hope she just uses it to show her friends who Sara really is and not in a way that would be damaging to Isak. Also completely off topic? But Sana looked seriously beautiful in this clip. Her makeup was on point. Love it.

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Wow! Read the news about FL not coming back as a regular in S3! Please don't think of this the wrong way, but I kept saying this since the moment Alex kissed Maggie , but that relationship won't last. And when the actress leave, they will make her accept a job outside the city where Alex works. (That way they don't kill her) This reminds me too much of ADC/Lexa and The100/FTWD (minus the killing of Maggie making it out of the show alive- and we know she will. TheCW is not that stupid,right?!

We don’t know much about the situation yet, unfortunately. My hope is that despite not being a series regular, Floriana will still be able to appear frequently in s3 similar to the way Alycia appeared in season 2 and the beginning of season 3 of the 100. 

And I agree, the CW will not kill off Maggie. 

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If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go I can take you places you ain’t never been before Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know I got money in my hands that I’d really like to blow Swag swag swag, on you Chillin' by the fire while we eating fondue I don't know 'bout me but I know about you So say hello to falsetto in three two I’d like to be everything you want Hey girl, let me talk to you -Jeon Jeongguk (;

You ain’t got to worry, it’s an open invitation. I’ll be sitting right here real patient, all day all night I’ll be waiting stand by , can’t stop because I love it ,hate the way I love you , all day ,all night ,baby I’m addicted for life, No lie. I’m not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets , I love you much to , much to hide you, this love ain’t finished yet~ This love aint finished yet, so baby whenever you’re ready ! When you’re ready come and get it 👀 -Let me channel my inner selena gomez for two seconds ,because I’m a selenator and you’re a belieber so why tf not lol 😂

Here is how my brain processed your ask , jeon jungkook :

Who do we have here ? My favorite belieber who picked a bieber song to be smooth af 👀 You got me Jungkook 👌 I love that song , so yes LET’S GO EAT SOME FONDUE ,CAUSE I NEVER ATE FONDUE BEFORE 😭 but wait …. you’ll bring me to places I’ve never been before? I wonder where you want to bring me, jungkook? Yes I’ll take a chance to know 👀

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How C went from ruling with the head and constantly choosing which lives to sacrifice to ultimately making the biggest sacrifice of all bc she realized individual lives, those of her friends, were too important. This is the first time in the entire show when C chose to sacrifice her life. And how so much of BC's leadership journeys were learned from each other makes it even more beautiful. It made me cry. & the passing of the baton to B. I can't wait to see the leaders both become.

I’m going to have to disagree about this being the first time Clarke sacrificed herself. Clarke has thrown herself over as many cliffs as Bellamy has. 

She went to the bridge to treat with Anya even though she knew it was probably a trap. She bodily attacked Dax to save Bellamy. She ripped open her wrists and exposed herself to MW to figure out their evil, and free Anya. She rebelled against her mother and the chancellor to save her friends. She walked (almost) unarmed into the grounder army to kill lxa kill Finn. She went racing headlong into TonDC, knowing that a missile was heading for it. When Lxa abandoned them at MW, Clarke walked into that mountain alone to save them. She gave up her life for Bellamy’s when Roan caught him. She attempted to assassinate Nia to save her alliance. She gave herself up to Emerson to save her friends. SHE TOOK THE FLAME AND THE CHIP AND WALKED HEADLONG INTO THE BELLY OF THE BEAST THAT WAS THREATENING TO DESTROY HUMANITY. Either the flame or the chip could have meant her death. She took the nightblood rather than give it to Emori and THAT was a straight up, “I sacrifice my life for hers” proposition. She consciously chose to be the test subject of the possible horrifying death they’d just witnessed.

Just because she beat death did not mean she wasn’t willing to sacrifice herself to save her people. That’s why she’s Wanheda. She’s not death itself. She commands it. 

This is what I mean when I say that Clarke is the hero. She faces doom down and will do whatever is needed, even if it costs her her soul or her life, which it nearly did. 

And this is also what I mean about sticking to the text and testing your hypotheses against canon to make sure they stick. Because it’s easy to say, Oh yeah Praimfaya is the first time she sacrificed her own life… which would reinforce the white savior interpretation that has been going around. But it’s also completely false. Ask the question, don’t make the definitive statement.

DID Clarke never sacrifice herself before this? 

She absolutely did. Again and again. Each time in a more extreme way.

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I don't want to generalize groups, but some TCW fans really irritate me sometimes. I mean it sucks the show was cancelled don't get me wrong, but complaining about it and hating Rebels (and Disney for the matter) isn't gonna bring it back. I'm sorry, I just needed to vent it to someone who might understand my issue.

I get what you mean, Anon, and I hope that the behavior of certain individuals doesn’t sour your love for the series too much. You’ll find similar people in both SW Rebels and TCW fandom who may act this way. I feel this sort of discourse and hatred exists in other fandoms in some shape or form – that it is unavoidable regardless of where we go. 

The fact is, people are allowed to dislike a series despite what we think of their reasons. If they want to subscribe to that kind of hate or dislike, that’s their prerogative.

However, on the other hand, they in turn can’t control how you like the series or if you even want to decide to like both shows anyway. 

Our lives are too short to argue with every person who loudly believes that they are right.


Dating in this day and age is the ABSOULTE WORST! There is no sense of romance anymore, no one wants to get attached to anyone. God forbid you start to show someone you care a little because the minute you do they just either disappear on you or act like a complete dick. Everyone is too focused on what the next best thing could be instead of focusing on what is right in front of them. It’s such a shame that this generation can’t seem to get it together when it comes to dating.

I’ve come across several guys that are just too worried about living the “bachelor life” that they can’t even be bothered to show one ounce of respect to girls.  For example, if you invite me to come hang out with you the least you can do is give me some ATTENTION, but no that seems to be asking for too much from guys now a days. I am a very chill and relaxed person and don’t really ask for much, but when I make plans to hang out with someone and you truly make me feel like I’m just something you’re doing to waste time that’s where I draw the line, BOY BYE! If I take time out of my day to hang with you please just show me some respect.

I am tired of having to play these bullshit games because I am a person who just loves LOVE and I tend to always want to give my all to someone. I want to be able to do that without having to worry about either texting too much or being “too available” if I like who you are I just want to spend time with you and don’t want to feel like I have to play all these games to get your attention.

But seriously why does dating suck so much?


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i love cuddling with my favorite stuffie, Penny!!! and i love naps and being with my friends who can help take care of me and we can play together!!! i have a bottle and i havent used it much but i really really like it!! and!!! i need diapers a lot when i regress but also its okay cause i really like them too! AND!!! my favorite show to watch is blues clues!!! i love love love it!!

0-4?? :o