this show was the first show to give me feels

okay but it’s so important to do little things for yourself that help you feel comfortable in therapy. like for some people thats bringing stuffed animals or blankets or their journal, but for me it’s spending the first five minutes showing my psychologist cool rocks ive found/bought since i last saw her. it helps me relax and gives my hands something to do throughout the session. theres no such thing as a “stupid comfort item/habit.” sometimes you gotta start your therapy talkin about what happened on your favorite tv show. sometimes u gotta show your therapist pictures of your pet or ask for a pic of theirs. it’s okay.

being comfortable in therapy is the first step towards significant progress.

Luci dancing?

You know how Luci mocked Amenadiel for having white man’s overbite? Well, I personally don’t think that Luci is as smooth as he thinks he is. I mean, has anyone seen the faces he makes? And the way he opens his mouth awkwardly when dancing? Like, do you want a pacifier or what, honey? 

And then I realised that the only reason he did all that crazy/relaxed/not-trying-to-be-seductive shit was because Chloe was there, and she doesn’t like the usual smooth-talking casanova. She seems to just like normal-Lucifer (cause that’s the one she hugged in 2x09, right?). So again, Lucifer let himself be vulnerable because Chloe was there. And the best thing is, it wasn’t even physical. She didn’t make him. He was brave enough to make himself vulnerable because wifey came to save him and he was so happy :’)


it’s the first week of tyler being bald, josh takes full advantage of it. he worships tyler and celebrates with him after the award show  

sorry they’re kinda giving me a lot of material to work with


they perform for the fans, but josh likes being entertained while he’s playing drums too. tyler always gets to see josh perform half naked, that’s why he asks tyler to perform topless. he wants the whole world to see what he gets to go to bed with every night. 

tyler is apprehensive about it at first, but eventually gives in. josh promises a night of endless body worship and praise. tyler tingles all over with nervousness and anticipation as they prepare for the show. he decides it’s good to feel those feelings, and it wouldn’t be worth performing if he didn’t.

josh drums his hardest, getting a nice view of tyler’s backside. he’s so exposed and vulnerable, josh cannot wait to get tyler alone after the award ceremony and give him a rim job he wont forget. he wants to take it slow with his baby boy, not let him cum right away and make him feel every last lick, suck, stroke, and thrust. he pounds his drums harder, hitting all the right notes the way he wants to with tyler’s body. his sweat glides down his naked chest and abs and his nipples are hard enough to cut glass. he’s flushed with more than adrenaline and endorphins from performing. 

josh spends some time at the after party, and tyler hangs out with jenna for a bit. at the end of the night, they meet at a hotel room as planned to celebrate privately. they don’t usually live extravagantly even though they have the money to, but they splurge every once in a while. so he got the 5 star hotel, and wanted to surprise tyler with some things.

“what’s in the bag” tyler asks, smiling at josh when he comes in. josh smiles back, setting the bag down.

“that’s for me to know and you to find out.” josh responds, grinning.

“oooh, christmas came early. did daddy buy me presents?” tyler jokes as josh pulls the robe out.

“strip. i want you wearing nothing but this.” josh says, tone soft and deep. he holds the robe out to tyler, who takes it, gingerly rubbing it on his face before setting it on the bed. he pulls his shirt up over his head first, then strips from his pants and boxers slowly until he’s standing there naked. josh watches hungrily, drinking him in as tyler wraps the robe around his lanky frame, slipping his arms through the holes. he sighs, feeling the fabric glide over his skin causing a stir of arousal. he resists the urge to run the silk over his dick and instead takes his ring off to set it on the bedside table.

josh watches with a knowing little smirk and steps forward, sliding his hands around tyler’s waist under the robe. tyler’s heart picks up as he starts kissing him deeply right away, like he’s been desperately waiting for it all night. josh presses his crotch against tyler’s hardening dick and tyler moans lustfully into his mouth, wrapping his arms around josh’s neck. josh snakes his hands around to grip tylers ass and then slides up his smooth, firm back, unable to keep his hands off him. he hoists tyler up bridal style and carries him over to the bed, laying him down on it.

“don’t touch yourself yet, baby. i got a long night planned for you.” josh coos as he gets up to get the bag.

“you’re so cute, josh. you didn’t have to do all this.” tyler says sweetly.

“i wanted to, been waiting to do this for a while, babe.” josh assures him. he brings over the bag and sets it down, getting out the blindfold.

“would you put this on? i wanted to try something fun.” josh asks, showing tyler the blindfold. tyler is a bit nervous because they haven’t done that, but he trusts josh with his life.

“okay” tyler agrees shyly.  

“you’re the best” josh says, and kisses him again on the lips before sliding the blindfold over his head and covering his eyes. tyler fake pouts.

“i like seeing you though” tyler whines.

“i know baby, just trust me.” josh says, and tyler nods. tyler feels something solid pressing against his lips and he sticks his tongue out a little to touch it.

“mmm” tyler moans, licking more at the object. josh rubs it against his lips and tongue until the chocolate melts, so he laps at josh’s fingers. josh’s dick twitches in his pants watching and feeling tyler’s tongue. tyler sensually sucks at his fingers, getting them wet. josh is rock hard in seconds. 

“fuck, baby. more?” josh groans, pressing his palm against his bulge.

“mm sure” tyler moans back. this time, josh puts the chocolate between his teeth and moves close to tyler’s face. when tyler tastes the chocolate he keeps licking and sucking until josh’s lips are millimeters away.

“mmm ohhhh” tyler moans, surprised when josh’s mouth joins with the chocolate, swirling it around and massaging his tongue. tyler swallows and kisses him back.

“better than chocolate.” tyler says, smiling against josh’s lips. josh laughs a little, pleased with himself and blushing from the excitement of trying something new. he moves his kissing to tyler’s neck, and then to his shoulder where he bites. tyler runs a hand down josh’s chest and stomach, then tugs on his shirt a little. josh gets the hint and pulls it off so tyler’s wandering fingers can feel their way over his smooth chest and abs. they linger too long on josh’s hard nipples and josh grabs tyler’s wrist, kissing it before pinning it to the bed. josh unzips his jeans and tyler’s ears perk up at the sound. josh shimmies out of them.

there’s some shifting and suddenly tyler feels something else rubbing against his lips, it’s spongy yet solid and moist. he pokes his tongue out, tasting precum and licking his now wet lips. josh moans as tyler laps at his leaking tip.

“hmm i wonder what that is. too salty to be chocolate.” tyler adds, smacking his lips like he’s a professional taste tester.

“oh my god tyler, more” josh begs, and tyler opens his mouth. josh rubs the head of his cock on tyler’s tongue and tyler swirls it around in circles, making josh tremble.

“fuck my mouth, josh” tyler says sternly, and josh grunts in response, staring in awe as he slides the first few inches in. tyler latches on, sucking in his cheeks and making lewd noises. josh slides the rest in slowly as tyler takes every inch in stride, humming around him. he works his tongue under the shaft, driving josh absolutely crazy. he pulls out slowly and lets his teeth gently scrape the sensitive skin.

“baby boy, you’re such a good little slut for my cock aren’t you” josh praises, and tyler’s eyelashes flutter in response, throat muscles working to take more of josh. josh won’t be able to last if he keeps it up. he pulls out with a whimper and notices tyler’s cock laying against his belly, twitching and leaking pre-cum. he wraps his hand around the base and strokes him a few times to relieve some of the tension. tyler moans and squirms against the sheets, legs spreading as his hips thrusts up into his hand. josh wants to taste him, but kisses everywhere else instead. he kneels between tyler’s legs and goes to work licking and sucking his thighs, hips, and lower stomach. josh keeps a firm grip without stroking, sliding his thumb over the tip to spread precum, but tyler suddenly quits thrusting into his hand. josh looks up to check on him and realizes he’s trembling.

“gonna cum joshie” tyler whimpers. 

“oh no we can’t have that, just getting started” josh replies and removes his hand from tyler’s swollen, wet cock. he crawls up to remove tyler’s blindfold and starts kissing him sloppily. he moves to where he’s straddling tyler, but hovering over him so that his hard dick lays on his stomach. tyler reaches down to touch him, but josh stops him despite wanting it so much. 

“this is about your pleasure now, ty” josh explains, and tyler whines helplessly. he moves off of him and rolls tyler over on his stomach, placing a pillow under his hips to lift his ass slightly. tyler spreads his legs and ruts into the pillow without permission. he thinks it’s slight enough josh doesn’t notice, but he does.

“don’t think i don’t see that, you dirty little slut” josh growls deeply. tyler whimpers at his tone and fucks harder, wanting to be punished. josh lands a loud smack right on that perky little ass. tyler grabs the sheets and cries out, wanting so bad to cum. josh kneels between his legs again, running his hands over tyler’s lower back and hips.

“moan for me, tyler. let me know how bad you want this.” josh speaks while tapping his hard cock on tyler’s ass. the sight before him is almost too much to handle. so when tyler obeys him and actually moans this long, filthy moan and begs for his cock, he’s almost cums. he tortures him more, pressing the head of his cock between tyler’s cheeks and moves his hips like he’s just fucking his crack. tyler arches his back, spreading his ass and presses back against him, giving him a show. josh lands another hard slap to tyler’s ass and grabs both cheeks, massaging roughly and causing tyler to groan, eyes rolling back with pleasure. 

josh bends down, pulls tyler’s cheeks apart and buries his face between them, licking fast circles around tyler’s tight hole. 

“oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck, josh” tyler begs, voice wrecked. he stutters as josh goes harder, spitting on his hole and tongue fucking him. tyler’s sensitive cock rubs against the pillow where it created a wet spot. josh just continues this for about 20 minutes and although it’s pleasurable, it’s also agonizing for tyler. his balls are drawn up so tight towards his cock that when josh touches them, he shies away. his anus pulses around josh’s finger as he starts working two in. josh prods around until he strokes the bundle of nerves that send shock waves through tyler’s body. 

“mmmoooree josh, please, need your thick cock in me so bad.” tyler begs uninhibited. josh unceremoniously yanks his fingers out and lines himself up with tyler’s hole, thrusting in all in one go while pulling his hips back. he moans as tyler’s walls constricts around his cock, swallowing him whole. he holds that position for a moment, feeling tyler pulse around him and running his hands up and down tyler’s back. only when tyler starts fucking himself back against him he holds tyler’s hips down and fucks, his ass and thigh muscles contracting with his effort. his breathing quickly becomes labored as he gets close, and tyler’s moaning becomes more frantic. 

“j-josh, can i cum?” tyler asks desperately, josh’s hips forcing his cock against the pillow. it’s creating just enough friction that in accordance with deep anal penetration, a mindblowing inevitable orgasm has been building. he’s about to bust at any moment. josh has been ready to cum the moment he entered tyler and was actually struggling to hold his load. 

“yes tyler, let go for me. want you to paint that pillowcase for me baby boy.” josh murmured. the dirty talk, combined with the thick cock buried deep in his ass was just enough to send him over the edge. he swears his soul left his body for a moment as he came so hard he became lightheaded. josh stopped his rhythmic thrusting to allow for tyler’s comedown, but he was close enough that with a few fast, hard thrusts he was shooting so much cum up tyler’s ass he was sure it’d come out his mouth. 

tyler laid there, breathless and spent. he hummed, satisfied with their little session. josh wrapped his arm around him and pulled him to lay on his side so they’re facing each other. 

“you always give it to me so good” tyler said with a dreamy, dazed look in his eyes. josh smiled and kissed him. 

“that’s what lovers do” josh said. 


lol the end was inspired by that interview where the girl asked if tyler had a lover and he said “i do have a lover, it’s nice having a lover, you know what i mean?” it’s josh. then she asks josh if he’s single and he hesitates before just saying yes. obviously it’s tyler

I’ll be stressing about something silently to myself and he will tell me “stop it, I can tell you’re freaking out over there. It will be fine”.

If we’re sharing a plate he gives it to me saying “ you need it more than I do. I know you’ll spill crumbs on yourself.”

If were watching a show he will ask me “do you know what just happened?” Because he knows how I confused I get with certain shows.

“What’s wrong baby?” He’ll say. I tell him “nothing” and he says “don’t lie I can tell by the look in your eyes. Tell me.”

He walks in front of me going in places because he knows that I hate being the first one in.

“I don’t feel good.” I tell him. “You’re not gonna throw up” he tells me because I have this stupid weird fear of throwing up.

“Do you wanna go for a bike ride?” I ask. “No. But I know you want to since you asked. So let’s go.”

When we’re in a group of people he refuses to leave my side because he knows how anxious I am and leans over and says “you doing all right honey?”

“Do you want a candy bar?” He asks in the store. “No” I say. He grabs one anyway. “I know you’ll want one later, you always do.”

“I got you a soda with your milkshake because I know how much you love fountain soda.” He says

“I bought a new book yesterday.” I’ll tell him and he’ll say “you already have it finished haven’t you?” I smile “I knew it” he says

It is such an amazing feeling when someone just knows you. Even the little things that don’t matter. They can read you and you don’t even have to say a word. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

—  I couldn’t ask for anyone better

say it with me now–





the very first episode of black mirror was eerie but it touched on modern media gracefully even though he had to fuck a pig… but i didn’t expect the rest of the show to emotionally wreck me. each episode has a different tone and different feel and it’s really refreshing to see shows give creators that kind of freedom. nothing stays stagnant and i love that. 

In the next installment of Lauren loves a new show, Riverdale is an A+ teen drama and everyone should check it out. Archie gives me life and I have never been more attracted to a redhead in my life. Jughead is Cole Sprouse so I don’t really need to say more. Betty and Veronica are just goals. Strong women. Friendship first. Just goals. Also dead body. Singing. Secret relationships. Just so me a favor and watch the show. Also anyone who loves the show and finds this post, feel free to follow me because I have a feeling I’m going to be posting some hella riverdale gif sets.

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Today was my first day student teaching! I’m so excited to begin this new chapter in my life. This will be very hard work, but this is the kind of hard work that makes me feel lit up inside. I’m working to show people that I have the physical, mental, and emotional grit and stamina to do this. I’m working to show myself that. I’m so ready to give this my all. To be honest, the last two weeks have been terrible. I had surgery (hospitals make me feel like a mushy powerless overcooked noodle), and my sister is going through some devastating mental health issues. My problems are far from over. But here’s to new beginnings!

Attention Girl Meets World Fans!

I am writing an article about the campaign to save Girl Meets World. It will be published after the finale airs as an additional promo for the planes4gmw campaign. I’m highlighting the people running the campaign but I want to get as many opinions and viewpoints as possible. If you’re interested in being quoted in the article can you please send me the answer to the following question with your age and first name?

Why is Girl Meets World Important to You and Why Do You Want the Show to Continue?

Feel free to give examples about how the show has impacted your life, your relationship with your friends, if it’s brought your family together to watch please include that. If there’s anything else you want to add please do!

Thanks so much!! I will share the article here once it is published! @theowldetective @bmwwritinggmw @bmgmw @lunequireves @erinwert @cowboyandshortstack can you please reblog this?

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Scenario!I was wondering if MC could be a singer and she entered a competition and sang the opening,and MC invited the RFA+V+Saeran,but the RFA(exclude MC)got into a fight and none of them showed up,and they don't show up but MC wins but refuses to claim her prize for they weren't there, and MC wasn't in it for the prize but worked really hard to sing and'make'that song for them,ends up crying on stage even.How would they apologies, or make it up to her,? Feel free to add!Thanks <3 is long sorry

Very creative idea! Thank you.
First off I should give all my shout outs and love to my moirail @k-dog-spoon for helping me out with this one- it’s more detailed than I’m used to and her opinions were really helpful. All the love, Kay!


• He would feel like absolute shit about it. Honestly, he’d prepared a lot for your performance and was actually pretty excited. He’d even planned to film it. He thinks you have the voice of an angel

• He was so looking forward to see you perform and support you, but then the fight happened. His ego was deeply wounded and he spent so much time just trying to get over it that it passed over his head

• He feels extremely selfish about it and tries to make it up to you in his own way.

• He goes out of his way reassure you that you will always, always be his first priority and the most important thing above all else.

• He tries his best to be more attentive than he usually is, and he makes you sing the song in front of him as the two of you cuddle in bed.

• You never actually get to sing it probably because he interrupts every line with a kiss.

• He apologises over and over and over. Even weeks after the incident.

• He doesn’t believe he’s ever going to make up for it truly, because he still regrets missing something so important to you because of his own  e g o and stubborness. In a way, it makes him more selfless including when it comes to you.

• No more of your tears. No more of him accidentally negletcing whatever you’re passionate of. He’ll make sure of it.


• Reenact that shit! He doesn’t CARE how it’s done; he just wants it done

• Money can fix anything. Right? Right? RIGHT?!?

• Poor socially awkward child. He was a buisness guy, not a social affairs expert. But even he realised he’d screwed this up. After what had happened (the argument) , he’d pretty much returned home in a mood and downed three glasses of wine. He could hold his alcohol just fine, but it made him sluggish and far too unconcerned. And forgetful. Very.

• You struggle to tell him there’s no need, but he’s having none of it. You CRIED. YOU. He could have prevented that. He could have done so much, but he didn’t; and the guilt gnaws at him so much.

• Against your gentle protests; he gets his agents to look for ever single guest and attendant who’d been at the tournament and then revinites them all to the “retry”.

• He makes sure things are even better and grander. Sees to it all himself. Arranged it all so that it was perfect

• You were reluctant to actually go through with repeating the entire process, but he’d held your hand solemnly and gave it a squeeze.

• The quietest, awkwardest but the most sincere apology left his lips. He tells you, in his own formal-from-inexperience yet loving words how he regrets not being there for you. How much he wishes he can be there and hear you sing with your beautiful voice. He asks you; is it possible for you to allow him that?

• Your eyes fill up with tears and you nod before boarding the stage, but not before Jumin swipes a few kisses from your lips.

• And it’s even better than that night. You probably feel braver and more confident; the embarrassment of having cried fading as if the gold fluorescent lights illuminating you on the stage had washed them away. Jumin’s in the crowd; right in the front. He smiles.


• Again, I’d be a goner without Kay here. She based this one up.

• The fight hadn’t done anything but unnerve him. As long as no one laid a hand on him, he was fine. He wasn’t going out of his way to look for those; he's  already had a life time’s worth

• so Saeran, mind disturbed and annoyed by the event, went home and turned on the TV set Saeyoung had

• He sort of watched until it was late, and his eyes drooped. The next day, he wakes up with a text from his hacker bro telling him the gust of it

• Oh. OH. Of course! The contest thingy! He has totally forgotton. That was important? Oh, fuck.

• He tries to make himself believe that he doesn’t really care. It’s just a stupid singing competition or whatever. You’re not a weenie, you’ll be fine. There’s always a next time. It wasn’t his fault no one showed up.

• But as much as he would prefer not to, he feels bad. Horrible even. An unfamiliar feeling starts clawing at his gut, arguing with the voices of reason in his head.

• He doesn’t try to reach out to you or apologise because he still stubbornly refuses to beare responsibility for that, but his conscience tortures him.

• You were so nice and friendly to him. He feels like kind of a failure. But then again, what could anyway expect from someone like him? He was just  a train wreck after another, even when he did his best to stay on the tracks.

• Saeyoung, of course, picks up on this and catches him before he falls into a pit of self doubt and bitterness again.

• On the fourth day, you find a single text from Saeran. He never texts anyone except Saeyoung. Ever.

• “Sorry.”

• In your mail box, there’s a white rose wrapped in velvet that Saeyoung got and encouraged Saeran to send.

• You learn, soon, that a white rose is the flower of peace, innocence, purity and hope for redemption from sin.


• He gets back from the RFA’s “argument” and he is tired to the bone.

• He just can’t anymore. Between work and stress, he's  also had to take several breaks to check up on Saeran, though he seemed pretty OK. Petty arguments usually amused Saeran when he wasn’t part of them, so he needn’t have worried. But he did anyway.

• He was so anxious and exhausted that day, he completely forgot.

• And he hated himself for it. Sensibly, he knew he didn’t have to; but that night was so important to you. How could he have? He’d been preparing for it for so long; the camera he’d take when he’d film it, the gift he was planning to surprise you with once you won (and obviously, you would. come on), even the little kisses and cuddles he’d give you

• So for a bit, he’s just distressed.

• Until a call invades your sleep at 3 am the following day.

• Saeyoung picks you up after telling you he was coming over the phone. He drops you off at his house, bowing, BOWING and calling you his lady as he ushers you in.

• Fluroscent rainbow lights all over the apartment. A blanket fort in the shape of a tent. Saeyoung requests that you “take your place as the guest of honour and bless us with you voice, milady”

• It’d kind of ridiculous, but he makes you do it. You both slide under the blanket fort, and an endless but neat row of Dr Pepper, endless bags of Honey Buddah chips and a sleep-drugged Saeran are your audience as you sing, all the while with Saeyoung cuddling you in his arms as a “safetly measure; milday. It’s custom.”

• It’s more laughter than anything, that and the occasional story . At some point Vanderwood pokes their head through the gigantic blanket fort and asks what the fuck you all are up to. Saeyoung ends up forecefully and miraculously dragging them into this warm, happy mess as well.

• Saeran looks at Vanderwood like, “Welcome to my personal hell bro” but he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

• You all fade into the atmosphere of warmth and comfort, and you find yourself humming more and more lullabies to pass the time.

• Saeran falls asleep on a stuffed crocodile later on, and and Vanderwood has fled the scene because “ew happiness don’t infect me with it”

• Only you and Saeyoung are left. He brushes a strand of your hair behind your ear. Kisses your nose.

• “You’re like Venus; you know? You shine so much. I love you.”

• You turn red, and try to stutter protests, but his having none of it. He presses his lips to yours, along with a soft spoken apology.


• He’d probably have been extremely upset about the ordeal

• He was mad enough already what with the stupid fight (ironically, he was a large element in it. He’s precious but damn that hulksung mode tho). He was curled up into himself and he’s rocking back and forth and muttered and telling himself not to cry about all the things he’d said and been told that night.

• And then he remembers, soon as he woke up and was sober enough to slip into his bathroom slippers, ready to go brush; that he was supposed to have been somewhere for you.

• Oh, no-

• An explosion of guilt burts in his chest. Oh God no.

• He immediately draws out his phone and calls you fifteen times before you respond. He just out right spends fifteen minutes apologising nonstop, promising he’d be there to take you out and he’d make it up to you and oh god, how could you forgive him? He was horrible.

• He realises too late that the connectiom had cut off two minutes into your call and all his rants were to air

• Deeply, shakily, he inhales. Then he makes a quick decision.

• He fusses over his hair for a long time and gives his apartment the scrubbing of its dreams. A quick run to the supermarket proved useful.

• He slaves over his stove that day and over his phone, double and triple rechecking his recipees.

• He calls you and asks you, please, can you come here? Please? He tries to hang up but ends up telling you he loves you around sixteen times before squeezing his eyes shut so they may not witness his thumb comitting the sin of coming down on the red button that would end his connection to you.

• When you show up, he immediately holds your hand and leads you in. Over dinner (which he had to reheat in paranoia while you came over; could have gotten cold!) he glues himself to you, practically, talking to quickly.

• MC, did you know that he’d never made lasagna before? He tried to for you today. He’s been thinking a lot about you today; he akways has. But today he just felt so terrible, MC; because he always knew you were special and always considered loving you to be the best achievementof his life so far, and so he was really angry at himself when he let you down, MC. He’s so startled you’re not angry at him and didn’t plat out refuse to come; you’re just so amazing, how does he des-

• You silence his ramblings by pressing your lips to his sweetly.

• The rest of the night bears vibrant kisses, cuddles, a sleepy movie night, and Yoosung falling asleep to the sound of your beautiful voice. He murmurs about you being his angel, and how you truly led him from ruin to a path full of your love. You tell him to stop being a dork and sleep. But you’re smiling.


• She was there. Just, not on time. Not for all of the world would Jaehee purposefully miss this day.

• She’s been more than exhausted after the RFA’s spat, kind of had to mediate so no one went all emo young adult on (yoosung)
or accidentally fell off the building’s balcony (v), or ended up strangling her ex boss’ cat “"without meaning to”“ to vent his stress (saeyoung)

• Oh, boy

• But that lady is an IRL memo notepad. She remembered.

• It’s just that when she did, it was two hours after the beginning of the ceremony and she was in her bathrobes, drinking some strong Arabica coffee.

• In 3.2 minutes she was outside in a desperate hurry, cursing herself repeatedly for such unforgivable tardiness.

• And see, the problem is that a travelling, desperate business woman in twelve inch high heels is usually not a good omen.

• She’s late. The lights and equipment are being packed into boxes, the remenants of the guests are leaving, the crew puts themselves to work picking apart the stage and the rented hall.

• Her heart sinks. AND it just shatters into a million pieces when she sees you there; tears still streaming down your face, your lips pressed firmly together.

• When she finds you and your eyes meet, she feels herself become undone. She wraps her arms around you as you cry silently and utters endless apologies, biting back tears of her own.

• The both of you take a cab home after the awkward, heavy and tense moment.

• She attempts to apologise to you there, in a soft quiet voice. I’d imagine you hate it. You hate that everything she says to you is so whispered and cautious, as if she’s scared of saying something wrong; scared of what she might feel, scared of you. Is that why she didn’t come? Because she was still so uncertain? Depending on it, I don’t know how distressed you’d feel.

• The pair of you unboard the cab half an hour later. Jaehee insists on paying. And you remain all but silent, stopping yourself from protesting.

• “I’m sorry.”

• Her voice is louder. But it’s softly spoken.

• “I know.”

• “I wanted to be there.”

• You shrug. She just glances at you regretfully, sighing.

• Jaehee takes your hand; firmly. Strongly. It surprises you, jolts you awake. She presses her lips to yours though it’s the last thing she thinks you might want; but she’s desperate to bridge this void between you with something sweet, something gentle.

• You have a long talk that night.


• Another shout out to Kay. Best of pale wives and best of women, aye! Had a lot of mad fun making this one up with her.

• We both agreed there is p much no force on Earth that would stop V from going. No fight. He is just the epitome of everything thoughtful and selfless, and he’d do his uptmost best to be there.

• He’d dress up well; comb his hair, get his camera even though he knows he can’t really photograph very well anymore (he just hopes he doesn’t end up sending twit pics of his necktie again accdientally).

• He’s SOOO ready; camera, walking stick and all.

• He settles in for the opening, an enoucraging smile on his face. He hopes you see it. He smiles up as the audience cheers before the opening, going in with his own applause.

•.. But then the opener starts speaking. And singing. Wait, what? There’s more singing.

• V’s so confused. That doesn’t sound like you. He fumbles with his phone, tries to call Seven in distress. Ended up called Rui.

• “Hello, Rui? I think I might have the wrong address. Yes, I am at MC’s ceremony. Or I intended to be. Yes, I did walk to the party hall on that street, I’m sure. I DID walk into the green building. Wait, what other green building? ….Shit.”

Ahaha, I don’t know if that’s what you were looking for but I hope I satisfied you. This one’s the longest ask I’ve done yet tbh. Phew! Another final thanks for Kay for agreeing to collab with me! love ya

I Yet Live

Returned from Ushicon 12 on Monday and just kind of collapsed from exhaustion.  I had a great time and FINALLY saw Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger episode 1!  My initial thoughts….


Really, really good first episode! Yes, it does have that fetch quest feel but it’s more of a gathering of the heroes kind of thing rather than a search for the show’s gimmick items. I like that the team isn’t fully formed when we start and they have to build it as they go.  Reminds me of Ninja Sentai Kakuranger’s first episode and that’s a good thing indeed!

Also, Hammy (or Hame depending on your translation choice) is ADORABLE and I am so glad she was one of the core three members of the team from the start.

It’s so nice that the first real female Green member we get is central to the story and a great character to boot!  

This show gives me good feelings and I have a lot of hope it will continue to do so.  It’s also very interesting to see a show NOT initially focused on Earth for once. I have no doubt they will get there eventually but seeing them travel from planet to planet is pretty great!

Happy Anniversary Carmilla

Today marks a year since the first episode of Carmilla Series aired, and it is incredible how much my life has changed since then.

A few years ago, when I left university to pursue acting, I bargained with my mother to just give me until 25 to do something meaningful with my work. Now, at 25, I get to work on a show that is normalizing being queer and helping many through difficult times, and for that I feel truly blessed.

Today also marks a week since the show and I were nomiated for Streamy Awards and it still feels surreal. I am endlessly grateful for the support and admiration my fans have given me. So thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi everyone! I’m Mika, you all know me. I just wanted to say a couple things to everyone.
First of all, i wanted to say this since yesterday so I’ll do it now. We all read your comments on mangafox and we feel happy that people support us. I actually felt really touched when Caramel and Serya showed me the comments (they had to show me because i don’t have an account there). So, i wanted to say thank you to all the people who support us in this. Really, thank you, it means a lot to us.

The other thing is: readers keep sending us ask trying to help us or just giving us thanks for working in this manga for so long (thank you for that too).
We also got some asks saying that we should look for ways to stop these people from entering the forum. Some people say that we should do it so we can continue with the scanlation, others don’t.

The thing is, and Caramel already said it, our forum has almost 4000 accounts and a lot of people log in and out every day. Even if we are 4 people in this team it’s impossible for us to look at who logs in and what they’re doing and even if we do, there is no way to know if someone is reading the chapters or actually doing something to repost them.

We already tried everything to stop people from reposting, we thought that we could do that by using the flipbooks but apparently it couldn’t stop them. That was our last resource.

We knew that some people had problems reading from the flipbooks and only recently (and thanks to Mitha) we found another way of posting the chapters (chapters 28 to 30, remember?). We were planning to take out the flipbooks and post all the chapters again using those new codes but this happened.

The point is, even if we are the administrators of the forum and have access to a lot of things that normal users don’t, we don’t have super powers. There is no way we can know who is honest and who isn’t. We didn’t find any new way of stopping them from reposting because we already tried everything.

I’m posting this here now because Caramel is (and i quote) “really happy playing Elsword right now” (i would like to be too but I’m working now, so rip me) and remember, all our personal accounts are public so everyone can go and read everything we say and we don’t mind that at all. Actually, my twitter account is private because i had a personal issue but it was public not so long ago as well.

Thanks for all the support, everyone. It means a lot to us. Sadly we don’t have any other solution than stopping the project at this point. And even if we had, we won’t keep doing it. Those guys on mangafox ruined everything we did and the damage is already done.

I have nothing left to say so, have a good day!

- Mika


First time we met was the day I became a SeeD. We met again, in Timber. We had a lot of arguments at first. But in time, things began to change. You were looking at me. You smiled when our eyes met. It made me feel calm, tranquil. Rinoa, give me another chance.

I watched Are You The One last night and it just pissed me off

I watched two women being disrespected to filth. It was both disgusting and disturbing but happens so fucking often. In one corner we have Asaf ass…he goes and sleeps with someone else…while being in the SAME fucking house and knowing he was supposed to go on a date tomorrow! Like it wasn’t enough to just fuck someone else but your timing shows just how much he has no respect. And then at the matchup he tells Fran that she should be happy he gave her some attention after she tells him how she feels about not being picked again after finally giving him what he wanted. Bullshit to the fucking max. And Gio!!! This dude has me so heated, I cried last night. When the show first started that present this clip of K going off on him and I thought wow…why though. Now a bitch knows why. He is grade A scumbucket, the lowest of the low. Asaf honest with his nastiness, but people like Gio…they work on a whole other level. He got K to open up to him, to be vulnerable, to trust him. He showed her a different face, a face that mirrored her own and then he flipped the fucking table. And trying to blame her for the shit. Blame her for seeing what’s in her face. Even talking about him makes me wanna throw blows. Yo when she cried after they had sex and he responded the way he did…I can’t even. And now he trying to chase Julia…she perfect, she the one. Sit yo lying ass down somewhere.

Fuck Asaf and double fuck Gio - straight to hell.

So many shirtless scenes in the very first episode… I feel like they baited us. You know, they showed us all the goods in the first episode to hook us in, and now they will just tease us for the rest of the show. Whatever the reason, I’m happy right now! LOL! 

Shameless: Week 2

Originally posted by eleonormradleygiotto

I would like to talk about another recurring theme that I have seen from the Netflix hit, “Shameless.” Though Shameless portrays a story about a white family living in poverty that struggles with ongoing problems, theres also this huge theme being portrayed in the show. And it’s called love. 

There is so much love in this show. I want to start with the gay character Ian who is in some kind of on/off relationship with Mickey, who at first was a character that was seen as a “badass” and “manly.” Don’t get me wrong, he’s still badass, but not as manly as we thought. The reason I love these two together is because Ian was the reason Mickey came out and truly expressed who he was. He isn’t this bad kid the doesn’t give a shit about the world, he actually has feelings. Ian has such a strong impact on Mickeys life and Mickey has a strong impact on Ians as well. I think that their relationship not only played a huge turning point in the show, but to us viewers as well. Homosexual characters are now constantly being seen on television, and I’m glad, because Ian and Mickey are a huge reason why I love the show. Im glad a gay couple is incorporated- I think it makes this theme of love spunky, acceptable, fun, and creative. We also see Fiona, the eldest daughter, who dates here and there, but its hard for her to keep a steady and ongoing relationship because how busy she is. So ya, I could go on for hours talking about who dated who and how he dated him, but thats not the love thats truly important here. 

The love that I’m also talking about is the love the Gallaghers have for each other. They are always there for each other, no matter WHAT. Even if they’re fighting, they’re there. They are even there for Frank half the time(and thats SHOCKING)! Although this show may seem so badass, and funny, theres such a stronger message. The message of family. The Gallagher’s have such a complicated family but they all work together somehow and someway. Thats a huge message that society needs to be able to see, that love is everywhere. Even in an environment like this. The Gallaghers may be a little messed up and not your average family, but the love is what binds them together and gets them through each and every day. 

Litterally everytime i see a Cassandra Clare post i get so fucking upset, i think i’m going to blacklist everything about her even the anti stuff because it just makes me mad, i can’t believe she’s directing her followers to go hate on Ed just because of how bitter she is, this isn’t the first time she sends her followers to hate on someone and it’s frustrating. The show is doing a much better job than her. Honestly it makes me really upset, and I feel so bad for Ed, the show, the cast, the writers, the producers and the whole crew are doing such a fantastic job, they’re so passionate and dedicated to give us the best characterization of the characters. And we should be grateful for this because the show is amazing.
Honestly this is so fucking stupid, Ed is a real person he has feelings, why try to get him fired wtf is wrong with her ? He’s doing an amazing job, the show isn’t like the books where Magnus/Alec/Izzy/Simon are background characters and the only ones who matter are clary and jace. Why would anyone want to change that ?
Like people usually ignore the hate, they just don’t answer it because it’s stupid but she doesn’t ignore it, she fuels it.
This is really making me upset I’m litterally so annoyed right now

"Showing People That Threaten Me"

I don’t think I’d fail you,
just as I don’t feel I’ll ever get the chance.
I’m not first look intel,
nor have you found a reason to give me a second glance.

You showed me a rainbow of a single color
and told me to pick a hue.
That’s when I became a blinding flash of white,
and finally saw the reflection of you.

I am that unknown language you left undeciphered,
that became the break down in communication
because for every unseen shadow,
there is an unseen illumination.