this show was pure fun

As I conclude my two years at community college before transferring, I am experiencing a million emotions at once that I need to express in words to all the people who have impacted my life in one way or another these last couple years. 

to my high school friends, I’m thankful for your friendships, I’m sorry I  grew so distant once college started, and I’m sorry life has driven us in different directions, but I see you guys are doing well and I hope you guys are full of happiness. 

to angel, thank you for being that one friend from high school that hasn’t forgotten about me. It meant so much to me to receive a text on my birthday and to hear from you time to time. thank you for showing me our friendship is meaningful. 

to my high school crush, thank you for showing me that people don’t stay bitter forever, and that people grow up after high school. thank you for showing me kindness these last couple years. 

to those that mistreated me in high school, I’m doing pretty well. I’ve learned that high school wasn’t for me, and I’ve grown a lot as a person, and I’m much happier with some pretty special people in my life.

to catherine, thank you for being my rock during college, and my first friend in college. You were one of the most supportive and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I’m so sad you’ll be moving to ucsb next semester, but I’m so ridiculously happy for you. You are so deserving of every bit of happiness. 

to someone I met first semester that I am no longer friends with, thank you for showing me that I should not be afraid to make friends, that simply reaching out to someone and asking them to get coffee with you is all it really takes sometime. I don’t think  you could have come into my life at a better time. I get immensely sad time to time that we no longer talk,  but I guess thats life, your friendship has taught me a lot. Thank you for introducing me to one of the most important things in my life, and for pushing me to pursue it. 

to the boy that broke me, thank you for showing me that I am too reckless with my heart and that i need to be more careful when it comes to loving people. thank you for showing me that sometimes, words are just empty, and that I don’t need your validation or anyone else’s to know my worth. 

to Sarah, thank you for being someone I looked up to this last semester. Thank you for motivating me to have more pride in my japanese culture and for showing me that other people deal with anxiety just as bad as I do. I hope you don’t forget about me. 

to Ms. Hart, thank you for being the one teacher that has impacted my life greatly. This last semester was an absolute blessing to have you and to motivate me for art. I have a completely more positive mindset towards art and creating it. 

to Lisah, thank you for showing me that theres so much beauty in the world. thank you for encouraging me to live a life full of happiness so that even when I’m your age, I’ll be full of energy and the happiness that you are. 

to my 2d art class, thank you for teaching me that I shouldn’t judge people by the way they appear. I’ve never been so willing to be around a group of people as you crazy people. You guys made my mornings more tolerable, and brought me so much laughs each day. 

to stephen, thanks for showing me that people are fucking assholes and sometimes you just can’t change that about a person.

to austin, thank you for showing me the importance of working hard for myself. I need to start standing up for myself because I don’t want to keep feeling used anymore.

to Jaycee, thank you for being someone that keeps me sane in a place where I feel nothing but unhappiness

to my coworkers, thank you for showing me that I just need to focus on myself and do what I need to do and that people may act like they are superior to you, but sometimes you just need to laugh. 

to morgan, thank you for motivating me to have a relationship with God again. maybe this summer I can focus on that. 

to the honors program students, thank you for being a supportive circle of friends through the years. although things didn’t end the way i think everyone had hoped, I’m still thankful to have felt welcomed and comfortable around great people. thankful for Charissa, Morgan, and Catherine because you showed me special friendships that warmed my heart. 

to the people from my gym, thank you for being a great source of my happiness, climbing and amazing people has just really been a big reason why I’ve made it through a lot of my recent struggles. 

to gabby, thank you for showing me such a pure and fun friendship. you have been the first friend that has been so much like me, and had a spontaneous personality like mine, and I really need a friend like you around. 

to chelsea, thank you for being my best friend through the years. you are so special to me, and I know we grow a part time to time but I’m glad no matter what we always keep a strong friendship and your support has helped me through so much. 

to my doggy, thank you for keeping me comfort every night and for loving me effortlessly. you bring me so much happiness

to my loving boyfriend, thank you for being someone that has shown me so much support and love. thank you for all da late night taco dates that made life a little less painful. thank you for helping me find my passion for climbing and for loving me despite all my flaws and stupidity. I don’t deserve you, and I wish I was better at expressing my love and appreciation, because you truly deserve all the happiness in the world. 

to my parents, thank you guys for being amazing people in my life and always supporting me. I am so blessed to have you guys in my life. 

thank you to all the individuals that showed me kindness in some form or another. I am grateful for it all, and I’m gonna miss so many people. 

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sweeney todd

  • Song I wish was longer: I don’t like it whenever “Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir” gets cut down because it’s one of the few purely fun songs in the show, so WHENEVER THAT GETS CUT DOWN. NO, KEEP THE WHOLE THING.
  • Song I wish was shorter: the “Parlor Songs” sequence
  • The one song I always skip:
  • Song I sing the best: the “Johanna” Quartet (I mean mostly Sweeney’s part but I TRY)
  • Song I still don’t know all the words to: “Wait.” I mean the literal point of the song is that NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Technically it’s important to the plot because Sweeney’s decision to savor having the Judge in the chair leads to him missing his first chance, and this is where Lovett convinces him of it but still … BORING.
  • Song that honestly deserves an award or five: “A Little Priest” on its own should win every award possible for a music creation.
  • Song that’s terrible but I still love: there are like no terrible songs in this show. I mean I guess in the sense that “Pretty Women” is two men singing about women in a VERY reductive way, but it’s a gorgeous song that I enjoy a lot.
  • Song that’s really good but I hate: look “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” is not a bad song at all but most people who sing it are just … TOO MUCH, you know? (hands down the best version is Lauren Molina on the 2005 revival recording. whereas the video recording for PBS version was just THE MOST TOO MUCH)
  • Song I think could change the world: um … “EPIPHANY.” TAKE THAT HOW YOU LIKE IT.

Interrupting the pleasantness to say, again… could we please not tag Lin on original posts of bootleg material. He searches his tag to engage with fans, especially fanart and personal messages. A lot of us like having him on here. Putting bootleg material in front of his face when he comes here to talk with fans is an excellent way to make coming here a bad experience for him, one, you know, he might not want to continue.

Not to mention it’s just unnecessarily rude. I know people aren’t used to this in every fandom and a lot of you are new. Lin is an actual personal presence on social media, both including and apart from Hamilton. And I think we’re very lucky to have him. His name in the tags or his handle on twitter is not just a content marker. It’s potentially addressing him. That doesn’t mean you can’t fangirl the fuck out. Tumblr is for fans. It does mean certain things are inappropriate to tag with his full name. Tagging him on bootleg posts is a really crappy way to repay him for everything he’s given and continues to give.

If you have any questions, please check out my #bootlegs tag first.

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SQ AU fanfic Anyone? :)
For those who don’t know this series BBC’s “Hustle” is one of the most epic shows ever created! :) 8 seasons of pure fun :P


with regards to bbc sherlock no longer being shown on public television in poland:

if i remember correctly, all of sherlock up until tab was aired, in addition to the bbc worldwide channel, on one of the main public tv channels in poland, which are not technically controlled by the government (essentially a polish equivalent of the bbc)

in between the airing of s3 and tab, poland underwent an election, with a right-wing party seizing control in the country. this party, prawo i sprawiedliwość (law and justice, lmao), has become increasingly more involved in the programming and has been firing people who were involved with public television and radio for DECADES and installing their own people in their place to monitor their own image in the media and to maintain tight control over the content shown 

this party, in addition to its many other sins, is INCREDIBLY VITRIOLIC TOWARDS THE LGBTIQ COMMUNITY, having publicly condemned everything from same-sex relationships and adoption to trans people as ‘homosexual propaganda’, and getting the catholic church heavily involved in their politics

so, before the government changed and started getting heavily involved with the programming, we got all of s3 with its fake sheri/arty kiss and the aborted love confession on the tarmac shown on a public channel, where literally anyone could watch it; however, since the government change and their involvement in the programming, sherlock mysteriously disappeared from the public channel and s4 will only be shown on a channel called bbc brit, which can only be accessed if you have one of those paid tv packages

so, why the change? surely if there was nothing that pushed the ‘homosexual propaganda’ within the show, they would’ve kept it on the public channel? if the show was good, pure, heterosexual fun, surely they wouldn’t have gotten rid of it since it was bringing in so many viewers?

i’ll leave you to your deductions, but the answer is pretty obvious to me.

What happens when Yuuri an Yuri begin to sing telephone by lady gaga…well some singing match for sure. Just a little (my first) crack video hope you enjoy it and find it funny.

Yuri!!! On Ice is property of  Mitsurō Kubo and Studio  MAPPA
Glee! is property of FOX 
Telephone is a song made by Lady Gaga

I don’t own anything of both shows nor the song  this was purely fanmade for some fun 

The 100 Season 3 Request: Slow Down Just A Little


If I have one overall idea about what “The 100” could do in its third season, it’s this: More “Colonial Day.” That’s an episode of “Battlestar Galactica” in which we got to see the characters socializing and relaxing, at least for a little while. We saw different sides of them as they celebrated a holiday, and that episode and others like it helped cement my affection for them and my interest in their lives. I truly appreciate the energetic pace of “The 100”, its moral gravity and its ability to come up with believable but shocking twists, but having some lighter moments can help the darker aspects of any show stand out. Also, purely character-driven moments can also just be fun to watch. I liked watching Raven and Wick bicker about engineering dilemmas; I like seeing Jasper and Monty hang out; I like seeing what happens when characters are not on the run or being beaten up. When a show pays attention to its forward momentum but gives the people in the story a chance to reaffirm their bonds with each other within non-traumatizing situations, it can really pay off in the long term. I’m not saying “The 100” needs an influx of kittens and rainbows — this is not that kind of show — but adding a little more tonal and emotional variety might be a welcome thing when the show returns. It’s just a thought.

I have to say I agree with this sentiment. I’ve been re-watching Battlestar Galactica, and it’s surprisingly a quite relaxing show compared with The 100. The pace of that show, while they do face similarly bleak situations and dangerous encounters, is nowhere near of that of The 100 in Season 2. 

Regardless of which characters you care about the most in CW’s show, there’s always this sense that you’re being whipped around at a frantic pace and you never get to spend enough time with any group before it’s on to the next batch. 

Those quiet moments in between battles and disasters, however, are what help us identify with and understand the characters better. Some of my favorite scenes from this show have been these lower-key moments - like Clarke talking to her dad while hallucinating; Kane coming to Abby post-shocklashing filled with regret and making her chancellor while he effectively left on a suicide mission; Raven and Wick or Octavia and Lincoln’s moments of, errr, bonding; plus backstories like Octavia’s first foray out of her hole on the Ark for that party or the whole Spacewalker thing, which finally made me like Finn. 

I know there’s a big plot to move forward, but how about telling a few stories about the struggles of everyday survival in Season 3, now that the wars with Mt. Weather and the Grounders are over, and that with the AI has yet to begin (um, again, I guess)? 

For starters, Abby needs to come to terms with letting Clarke go. She will find out next season that Clarke has left camp, and she needs to find an identity beyond being a protective mother. That ship has sailed.

I’d love to see Abby becoming a good Chancellor in the wake of Clarke’s departure, for example, organizing jobs and hunting expeditions and making sure her people have food, shelter, water, and supplies (and new clothes! Go raid Mt. Weather, by the way!) She should form a new council with Bellamy on board, and give him a ton of responsibility. 

I’d love to see Abby and Kane as well as Raven and Wick developing their own relationships outside the threat of imminent war or certain death. 

I’d love to see the characters fight their way through recovery from their physical pain, too - Raven and Abby will have serious healing to do from the marrow extraction, and will probably have a hard time being laid up in bed or unable to walk. Likely the show will just jump forward to the point where they’re healed, but it doesn’t have to. Remember when Starbuck’s leg was injured, and she wouldn’t immediately get out of bed until confronted about it? Or how Laura Roslin overdid her drugs, and then faced the consequences of trying to beat cancer by taking 3x the meds?

Those situations helped define those characters, but all we see is stuff like this: beam falls on Kane’s leg, nearly killing him. Next scene, he’s just walking around with a slight limp. Surely we missed something in between? 

I’d also love to see Clarke’s “walkabout” not turning into an immediate disaster where she’s running from a rabid bear or whatever, but one where she gets a chance reflect on her emotional pain and come to terms with it - yes, with only her - not “Clexa” - on the screen. (More like when Jaha came to Earth…or like most of the movie “Castaway” Ha!). 

Let’s see Murphy just hanging around his new fancy house, and slowly discovering whose house it was and what that guy did and the horror of that. Let’s see Jasper’s friends try to help him get over Maya’s loss, and new bonds form. 

Let’s meet some of the other kids and grown-ups, and sort of expand that world of Camp Jaha. I’m actually curious about how that whole thing runs - are parts of the Ark still livable? Are they trying to grow food yet? Can’t they build a shower already? Are they trying to take the Ark apart and re-use it to build housing? What do people do all day there?

I’m just saying: let’s give these Sky People a moment to live, not just survive, and see what that even looks like. (Clarke hinted at this being necessary, when she said something of the sort to Lexa.) 

I’m not saying don’t keep us on the edge of our seats, or tell the big story. But give us all a moment to breathe every now and then in the next season. 

Is it October yet?


Full OTRA concert from Gothenburg, Sweden, filmed from the second row <3

Happy New Year!

Its that time of year where I do my cheesy ‘thank you’ for the year, but this year i actually feel like I have so many things to write about that this could be incredibly long!

This has been the most productive year of my life, I’ve achieved all the things I’ve wanted to do this year and I’m already starting to get excited about the things that I can get my teeth into next year.

To list just a few things in order, I started the year touring in Australia supporting Ed Sheeran with Passenger. It was an incredible experience and went straight from that into my UK headline tour in March. (Definitely learnt the lesson to probably not gig whilst jet lagged. oops) 

After the tour the boys and I had the most amazing summer playing festivals. Glastonbury and V festival really stick out for me. To play the same stage at Glasto as I did 3 years ago but this time penultimately headlining (and as a local artist!) was real moment for me. 

This year I also did my first festivals outside of the UK and spent a fair bit of time in Japan, playing to the incredibly loyal fans and experiencing new cultures. Its unbelievable to know that something I’ve created has made its way outside of the UK and landed in the other side of Asia and in turn has brought me and my music there. 

The most ridiculous thing that happened to me this year was being invited to tour the UK and Europe with John Mayer. We had the most wonderful and enlightening experience to tour with real musicians who are playing for the right reasons. They were such wholesome shows where everyone from the lighting guys to the audience to the people actually playing were all their because they all loved music.

When the tour ended we set out on my English Rain headline tour of the UK. Two stand out shows for me were Shepherds Bush Empire in London and the O2 in Bristol. I went to my first ever gig at the O2 Bristol and just to have a sold out hometown show there was amazing and something Id never forget. When I first moved to London I was feeling pretty lost and almost losing sight of why I came there in the first place, and stumbled across Brooke Fraser playing at Shepherds Bush and was blown away by her voice, her songs, her band and the room she was playing and made it one of my goals by the end of the year to be able to play there, and we did. It was so incredibly special for me and I’ll never forget it.

To finish the year as we always do, my incredible friends in Hudson Taylor, Mo Hat Mo Gheansai  and Orla Gartland, Hannah Grace, Jack Morris (aaaand the rest!) played a small gig in Whelans to family and friends. After a year of trying to protect your art whilst everything is going crazy around you it was so humbling to just play a show for the pure love of playing music and having fun. 

All these incredible events that have taken place since I last wrote one of these blogs this time last year, have been down to support of family, friends and most importantly the loyal fans that have showed love and care for the music we create and I am so grateful and thankful for all these opportunities that have come my way this year. 

Most importantly, I have grown up so much this year, learnt so much about myself, the people and world around me, and I’m really on my way to becoming the person and artist I want to be. Protecting your soul, and being true and honest with yourself and everyone around you is the best way to live and be. By living honestly out of pure love, doors open for you and your life, and give you space to grow as a living being. The environment around you moves and gives space for your dreams, desires, soul and faith, and thats the biggest thing I’ve learnt this year.

I have so many plans for 2014, with new music, new ideas, new places to play, and even new projects all together and i’m excited to see where these ideas take me, and the fans that have showed support throughout 2013!

Happy New Year!

Lots of love


anonymous asked:

So I decided to rewatch yoi and it really hit me how different Victor was from ep 1-3,where he was still trying to impress Yuuri with his Charming Persona,vs what we know now,this very pure,very lovable,very touchy-feely man. I love how that wall got smashed. I love that not only Yuuri goes through a fantastic personal journey,but Victor does too. I wanted so bad to see Victor vulnerable,but I realised that him as happy as he is now IS him being vulnerable to the world.

And the first time that Victor ever became that pure man was when Yuri showed him complete,pure fun and laughter and surprise. That reveal was put in the perfect spot,if it were earlier than we wouldn’t see the huge impact that Yuri has brought into Victor’s life. HE brought out that pure love. And stupid Victor came to the onsen putting on that Persona. He was actually insecure of this pure side of his,and anxious of showing his vulnerability to the world. Man I love this. 

RIGHT ANON?!? I totally get why the man was so intent on putting up that persona at first, poor thing. I guess he felt like he needed to in a way not only to protect himself but also because he wanted to impress Yuuri or whatever it was he was trying to do. And because we know he was pining for a while already, he was 100% def trying to seduce Yuuri like Yuuri seduced him lmao until he realized that his rather blunt way of doing things was just not going to work, because this Yuuri was far too shy without all that alcohol fueling him.

And I love that Victor realized this and just… shifted gears. He understood and changed his way of showing affection/attraction from something blatant to something Yuuri was far more comfortable with–and it worked. It worked because those gentle touches, those warm hugs, that emotional support were all things Yuuri craved. Victor realized that Yuuri wanted him for who he was, wanted him to just be there as himself, and that gave him the courage to show off a softer side to himself. He softened up in a way because he fell even deeper in love with Yuuri, because for once here’s a person who’s said in plain words to Victor that Victor is more than enough, just the way he is. There was no need for that playboy persona anymore. And it’s no wonder Yuuri fell in love with Victor–who always treated him with respect and made sure he knew that he was loved and never alone.

I wish I were more eloquent today but I just woke up lmao. Basically I’m crying forever, anon. I love this too. ;____;

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What I hate the most about SJW's complains about bronies is the one about them being somehow and exclusionary group. If anything, during the first two seasons we were annoying for the exact opposite reason: we pushed ponies everywhere and tried relentlessly to make EVERYONE join on the fandom, to the annoyance of many. I remember how we spent the time making jokes about "assimilating" and "resistance is futile". The complaints about SJW's about us being exclusionary couldn't be more made up.


People wanted to share this amazing show, because it’s just pure fun, joy, and imagination.  It’s something that brings genuine smiles to millions of people.  It appeals to that inner child in all of us that still believes in magic.  It can appeal to anyone–if you like to feel beautiful and glamorous, or if you like to feel bold and heroic–every little aspect of who we’ve always wished we were is represented.  If you find a great restaurant, you want to tell your friends to eat there.  If you watch a great movie, you want your friends to see it.  And the people that started it did this in spite of what others would think.  You think they didn’t know their friends were gonna give ‘em shit about it?  “Yo, why are you watching that?  It’s like…for little girls!”.  But they stuck to their guns, and said “Well, I still like it, and I think it’s more than that”.  That’s what made me reconsider my initial impression.

I thought it sounded like stupid kiddie crap.  I hated that yet another thing from my childhood was being dug up and remade.  But then I saw people that I would NEVER have expected to watch it getting so much joy from it.  And I saw people from every walk of life coming together over this single cartoon.  I saw bonding like I’d never seen before, and it fascinated me.  In all honesty, I thought it was absolutely wonderful to see so many guys so willing to embrace something others would see as strictly “feminine” that they would put themselves out there for ridicule just to share in its wonder.  Of course, like any other fandom in existence, there was the usual drama and adult content, but that didn’t surprise me.  It’s something that simply comes with the territory.  Nothing else about the fandom surprised me except how much people came to understand and appreciate one another because of it, as well as how much it inspired them to reach out to others in charity on a scale that I’d never even heard of before.

Maybe people got a bit too excited about it (and hell–I get the same way about horror movies, even though sometimes a person ends up disliking a movie that I adore).  It’s about sharing happiness.  Sharing fun.  The idea that anyone ever tried to keep that happiness from anyone else is delusional.

“Kripke said Dean was straight.”

Even if he had… Which, to my knowledge… He didn’t…

Then so what?


So what?

Kripke’s initial conception of the show was pure MoW. Case files of urban legends, horror tropes & fun over character & plot, in all honesty.

Even the ‘bro bond’ y'all obsess over as the first & only element of the show? 

Wasn’t something he really intended to have, until they got further into things & realized the potential there. 

Any of the broader mythology of the show wasn’t really part of his initial conception of the show. 

Bobby Singer & Charlie were meant to be a one episode characters, Castiel a three episode character.

Mary was never supposed to have been a hunter, just a dead woman to fuel the story, just like someone in the 1970s/Season Four told John Winchester to 'say hello to your old man for me’, even though later canon tells us that Henry Winchester disappeared when John was a child.

The Impala was originally going to be a Mustang.

Sam was going to save Dean from hell in S3 if the writer’s strike hadn’t happened.

Supernatural as a show wasn’t supposed to go beyond season five. 

And on & on & on we go, until we begin to realize….

That shows evolve over time & so do characters, that initial conceptions of things may not hold true over the entirety of its history, that developments can be made & shifts to occur.

That sometimes that means even writers can change their minds or the fact that new writers control the story now… 

Well, that might mean that different decision may be made about the characters, new aspects of them revealed, but the decision is still true to the characters, because the byproduct of well drawn characters is that they surprise us sometimes…

So why not?

Why not?