this show was from 98

a big fat list of my favourite that 70s show fanfics from 2015 (this is like 98% hyde/jackie who am i even trying to kid)

top picks

That’s My Baby, by kezztip. (M)
relationship: hyde/jackie
status: complete
other: post season 8, a lot (a lot) of angst

one of my favourite jackie/hyde stories, with some utterly gorgeous moments between them as they overcome their past struggles, and a new one that’s on the way.

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There was a time period in wrestling when someone would do something douchey and the fans would chant, “Aaaaassshoooole. Aaaaasshooole. Aaaaasshole.

Going back and watching old shows from 98-2001 crack my shit all up when those chants come in. I remember looking at my dad at my first Raw and giving him the look to say, “Can I?” He nodded at me, and I bet I screamed louder than anyone at Freedom Hall.

Chai Tea & Tomato Rice Soup

AU where one person has a sort of difficult name and the other is the barista who always says their name right

also Cas gets sick and Dean is sweet

Read it on AO3!


Castiel sighed but smiled kindly at the barista as he took his drink. “Thank you.”

“No prob, man,” the guy threw back, already turning to prepare the next drink in the never-ending line that was the campus Starbucks during midterms.

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nymm-kirimoto  asked:

Actually, I know exactly who would be the other cast members. Orin would be played by Christine, and Michael would get Seymour- and they're also super confused but everyone gets awkward metaphor self discovery time, as Christine learns how her single minded focus on what she's passionate about (Jake, theater, etc) can blind her to how other people feel, and Michael kind of understands the fact that he would probably kill a man for his friends is kind of concerning. And Rich and Jake do Audrey!

(from x)

wait if jeremy is playing audrey how are rich and jake also doing audrey??

also tbh I 100% hc michael as a techie and he would never voluntarily audition for a role, UNLESS extenuating circumstances happen somehow. maybe he auditions as a joke because he lost a bet. maybe he does it because jeremy begs him to audition with him for moral support and michael can’t say no. maybe he’s peer-pressured into it. 

at any rate, it’d be super interesting to see michael audition with zero expectations and then he finds out he’s the fucking protagonist?? what the shit??? meanwhile, he’s inwardly screaming because pretending to be in love with jeremy hits a little too close to home and shit shit shit

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Where did Dylan hid his guns in his room?

Robyn Anderson mentioned when they got home from the Tanner gun show in Nov of ‘98, Dylan attempted to hide his double barrel shotgun in his bottom dresser drawer but it was too long. She believed he temporarily stored it in his closet until he’d sawed off the barrel. Per Robyn’s account in the 11K: “At some point later he told her he cut the barrel off his gun and had placed it in the bottom drawer of his dresser.”  It is unknown where he hid his Tec-9 after he’d purchased it. 

His mother stated in her book “A Mother’s Reckoning” “We’ve never learned whether the gun was stored inside our home or elsewhere. It might have been kept inside his box-shaped headboard; the inside could not be accessed unless the bed was taken apart.”


In just a few minutes, an entry will be released about Spoink. While writing the entry, I came across a curious question: Is the gravitational acceleration on the pokemon planet the same as Earth? Well, let’s find out.

Here is a spoink jumping. Each jump is 1.16 seconds long. Using this gif, we should be able to calculate the gravity in the world of pokemon. Or, at least, in Kalos, from where this gif was taken. 

First, I mapped it out frame by frame, marking the same pixel (the top of Spoink’s gem) in every frame.

From the pokedex, Spoink is .7 meters tall, which was used to convert pixels into distances. The data I collected ends up looking like this:

Which is a lovely parabola: just what we were looking for. The R^2 shows how good the fit is—.98 is very good.

However: from the graph, 

The gravitational acceleration in Kalos is 3.332 m/s^2.

On Earth, it is 9.8 m/s^2. Either the pokemon planet is significantly less massive than Earth, or Spoinks can fly.

weepycat  asked:

*SLIDES IN* talk to me about modern au kogkag

gladly B)

a high school au to consider:
- koga would be the delinquent i totally see that (in the profiles book RT says the wolf tribe is practically a motorcycle gang WHICH I LOVE but a gang of punks works fine too) and okay so one day, kagome is leaving her homeroom after taking a makeup test for math (or english since she’s not that great at that either) and she comes across koga and his gang causing trouble so of course she’s gonna get involved! koga is like “who is this?” as she stands up to him and goes from “????….. ♥"  when she warns him not to do it again. and then i dunno, he bursts into her homeroom the following day and asks her to join him for lunch and it goes from there (CAN U TELL I’M DYING TO WRITE THIS SHOUJO). an alternative would be having inuyasha and kagome be friends and koga and inuyasha are in a fight and kagome finds out via ayumi/eri/yuka and goes rushing to them and stops it and koga is like “whoa”

and just some basic stuff (not necessarily connected to the high school au):

- their first date was at wacdonalds :-)

- modern kogkag travels the world!! they (kagome) send out postcards to their friends (mainly inuyasha, who tells kogkag that he throws them away when in reality he keeps every single one). ginta and hakkaku keep track of where they go and sometimes surprise them and join them.

- koga uses instagram just to show the world how cute kagome is. it’s like 98% kagome, ranging from professional looking pics to blurry and everything in-between. his captions are short but sweet. kagome’s is more varied, but she still has a ton of koga/pics of them together, and she uses more detail/a looot of emojis in her captions.

- on the rare occasion she wakes up early, kagome will join koga during his morning jogs. of course, she doesn’t have his stamina but koga encourages her and helps. but sometimes, she just follows him on her bike lmao

- i’ve said this already but it needs to be said again; they have matching pajamas!! i know they do!!

Vivien i’m missing so much! pls… if u have any more modern kogkag ideas….

Hamlet and the Pirates (13/?)

Summary: In a miraculous feat of Murphy’s Law, Emma ends up paired with Killian Jones for an English project - one of the few people at her school that she really, genuinely Does Not Like. It doesn’t help that Neal’s back in town.

High School AU, slow-build CaptainSwan

Part 1  Part 12  AO3  FFN

 Emma spent the rest of Saturday night kicking herself.

Why had she left so awkwardly? And God, he probably thought she was completely insensitive now. He’d shared his tragic life story with her and all she had done was say she was sorry and squeeze his arm! She should at least have, she didn’t know, patted him on the back or something. Maybe gone for a hug.

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Would you mind explaining was going on between David Duchovny and The X-Files in the past? Why do fans always say "tell that to 1998 David?"

WELL. I wasn’t in the fandom at the time, so I don’t have all of the details, and I’m not too interested in having them. I have a vague idea, and I think the vague idea does lend a nice context to how great things are now. Everything about 2015 David Duchovny is a little sweeter because of how far he’s come since 1998 David Duchovny. But that doesn’t mean I want to spend a lot of time educating myself on precisely how bad things used to be. I don’t want that kind of darkness in my home.

But I know that 1998 is generally regarded as the year when things between David and Gillian were at their lowest (which is why they made out multiple times for fun while filming FTF????). He said some jerk things about her in interviews (don’t read 1998 Duchovny interviews; save yourself), and while all accounts insist that they were always complete pros on set (who kissed for fun??????), there was also a time when they didn’t talk if the cameras weren’t on them.

David was “in a bad mood that year” (he says now) and already wanted to move on from the show, because he was cocky and feeling stifled and believed that he could do “more.” As he describes it now, he didn’t have gratitude–for the fans or the show. Neither he nor Gillian expected The X-Files to become what it was or go on so long. He didn’t want Mulder to be his legacy (he does now). He was just a smug kid who wanted to move on from this show about aliens.

Anyway, ‘98 Duchovny is a meme.

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Regarding a last post on Glenn not having to die to fulfill rabid fan boys- I super agree/ kinda hate the fandom for thinking an episode where no one dies is worthless. I made the mistake of looking at the FB comments under last weeks ep and it was less than fun- honestly I'm ready just to know who Negan kills so everyone gets back to all the other amazing content acting and emotions on the show. Thanks for posting awesome stuff that actually celebrates the actual critical merit of the show!!

Right? I’m glad to say I see a lot of support for Glenn on here but I’m seriously bringing myself to ignore facebook comments because literally all anyone talks about is how Glenn HAS to die to fit the storyline but basically all they’re saying is, “I’m a huge comic book fan and I don’t care about Glenn as a character all I care about is his death scene because it was awesome and if that doesn’t happen on the show I’ll rage” as if 98% of deaths aren’t already different from the comics anyway???

Look, these took me less than 5 minutes to find;

Honestly one of my main reasons I want him to survive now is so this shit fucking stops and people start treating him with respect and actually talk about him as an important MAIN character who’s had amazing arcs and development over the past couple years, not just this season. But who cares right? Negan is coming and I guess that’s all people care about when it comes to him.

I’m not gonna stop talking about this either because it’s really starting to grate on me. I’m tired of seeing this. I don’t care if it pisses off comic book fans, in fact I hope it does. I’m way past it. Glenn deserves better.

But anyway, thank you so much for saying that though by the way, I really appreciate it :) ♡