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Someone teach me the way of clothing. Lmao. I’m going to practice drawing clothing. I think that will help for understanding 3d clothing too. Does this even look realistic. I doubt so, but you know, I still feel proud :3 BUT THE FRONT LOOKS SO FLAT AND THE BACK IS CHAOTIC TRY OF TRASH .. I can’t orz. I can’t get used to it lols. It seems two completely different pieces lmao.. Oh well ;P

I was looking at the polycount and guess how much it is :DDDD? No peekings, first guess lolol.

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Greater Good

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“Jay, I refuse to go to another party. I’m going to have liver failure before I turn thirty if I keep going out with you guys.”

Jay rolled his eyes and pushed your chair with his foot. “You’re exaggerating,” he scoffed, “we don’t drink that much. But if you don’t want to come then you don’t have to. I just figured you’d want to spend some time with your future boyfriend. You could even help keep him sober.”

If looks could kill, Jay would be dead. He flinched at the glare you sent him and laughed as you struggled to reach his chair and kick him back. “Shut up,” you pouted, “don’t drag him into this. I don’t want to party with you and that’s final.”

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#05 Hard

“Hurry up!” i yell to Arzaylea who’s still in the bathroom fixing her makeup 

“We’re late already, just give me 5 minutes” i hear her from the bathroom, talking quietly. 

“that’s what you said 5 minutes ago” i roll my eyes, trying to not focus on the hour that was showing on my phone. 

her phone starts buzzing on the table, next to me, and makes me anxious. 

“Luke is Calling!” i exlcaim rolling my eyes for the 10th time now. 

she curse loudly and moves around the small hotel bathroom, picking up things quickly “Don’t pick up” she says quick “he’s being cranky today, i really don’t want to hear him all stressed!” 

“Well, i guess he is” i say “WE’RE LATE!” 

“Hold on” She whines walking out of the bathroom and looking at herself on the mirror one more time. 

i start to look anxious and my legs are moving nervously on the place. my hands play nervously with my top and i start looking around the room looking for something to distract myself. 

“Are you comfortable on those heels?” she asks while applying one more coat of lipstick on her lips. 

“not a bit” i shrugged “But they are pretty and then fans are not criticizing my ‘ ‘unladylike’ look” 

she chuckles “Bullshit” she puts the lipstick down “I can lend you some really pretty shoes, don’t torture yourself, is a concert where we’re going” 

“We need to get going” i sigh getting really stressed. 

“Relax” she says, going around the room one more time. 

is not the first concert that we go to, for obvious reasons, but this is the only concert of the entire tour i am able to go to because of schoo, also is the most important one, since is the first time for the guys to play their own show on the Madison Square Garden, this one is a big one, i couldn’t be more proud. Michael insisted a lot for me to come to New York with him, but everytime i rejected his offer because i was too busy with college, but now that i am finally free, i didn’t waste anytime and jumped to a plane straight up to New York. 

Arzaylea throw me a pair of boots from the other side of the room, all ready to go and looking herself one last time on the mirror. i throw my heels on the floor and slide the boots on as fast as i can so we can finally get going, but my phone starts buzzing insistently on my pocket, making me concern. no one really called me. 

“Hello?” i pick up the call, tying the laces of my right boot, holding my phone between my shoulder and ear. 

“Hello, (Y/n)” a man says on the other side of the line “how is it going?” 

“oh hey Daryl” i say kindly “i am doing fine, how’s everything over there?” 

“not too well at the moment” he says really quietly, and makes me slow my movements “is Michael with you? i’ve been trying to call him for over an hour” 

“No, he’s not here” i say sadly “but i am on my way to see him, what’s wrong?” 

he takes a deep breath and takes a minute to prepare his words  on that moment i knew this could not be good in any way. 

“We went to a celebration dinner a couple of hours ago, and Karen just wasn’t feeling well, she had some complications and i had to take her to the hospital” he says carefully. 

“Oh my godness” my voice shakes and i lean on my seat processing his words “she’ll be alright, right?” 

“I hope so” he says politely, but i notice sadness in his voice “the doctors say she will need surgery, but we don’t know yet… just tell Michael what’s happening and tell him i say hi, i’ll keep you guys aware with what’s happening” 

“Okay” i say quietly “i am so sorry for all of this, i’ll call you right away after i tell Michael” 

“Alright sweetheart” he says finally showing a bit of relieve “i can’t keep this call any longer, but thank you, keep me informed” 

“Okay” i nod “goodbye Mr. Clifford” i say but the call hungs up a second later. 

without noticing i keep my eyes looking straight, not looking at anything in particular, but everything i need now is to process all of this information. 

Michael’s mom is in the hospital 

Michael is having the most important night of his life

and i am about to ruin it 

“What’s happening?” i hear Arzaylea by my side, brushing a finger on my cheek, cleaning a tear that ran down my face. 

“Karen is in the hospital” i say quietly. leaning down i press my head against my hands and close my eyes “She might have to go to surgery” i whisper “Michael is going to be so upset” 

“Oh my god” she breaths, rubbing my back softly. i didn’t realize that i am crying now. “What are you going to do?” 

“What do you mean?” i whine, letting out a heavy breath. 

“You can’t tell him right now” she says softly “He’ll leave” 

She’s right 

“I don’t now” i nod with my head, getting up of my seat “Let’s go, we’re late” 


“Let’s go!” i exclaim 

my head is a total mess on our ride to the Madison Square. I can’t find a proper way to tell Michael about this, about something so delicate, but he’s been waiting for this show all of his life, i can’t take him out of this. 

We finally park on the back of the stadium, and now we are running down the big hallway, backstage, where all the crew was running around,setting everything up for the show. 

 “There you are!” i hear Luke voice somewhere. 

he appears from the door besides us and walks toward us, his guitar is hanging over his torso, and he’s holding a bottle of water on his left hand. looking a bit stressed. 

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere ” he mumbles, giving his girlfriend a quick kiss on the lips “Hi (Y/n)” 

he smiles at me, lacing his fingers with his girlfriend’s. “We got here a couple of minutes ago” i say. 

“We stopped by to say hi” Arz completes smiling at him “We gotta catch our sits before the show starts” 

“Alright” he nods “We are going out on 20 minutes” 

“We better go now, then” i say taking her hand, and pulling her from him so we could go to our sits. 

“Wait, (Y/n)” Luke says, stopping me “Michael is in that room” he says pointing at the door at the end of the hallway “You should come and say hi, he’s been waiting for you all day” 

my mind is racing, i can’t face him right now. “Okay” i say softly, trying to hide my worried face, so i look back to Arzaylea, looking for help. 

“You go there, i’ll go take the sits” she points towards the exit. 

“Okay” i agree. slowly walking backwards. 

Luke do the same as me, but faster, hurrying himself so he can get ready for the show “I’ll see you guys Later”

i make my way to the room, and my heart is beating so fast that it makes me think everyone else can hear it too. i am so nervous that my hands are shaking and all i wanna do is turn back the time and fix everything. but this is not that easy.

i knock the door in front of me twice, and wait for someone to open it, i can hear loud voices from the inside, which make me think they are all ready getting hyper for the show. 

the door opens, and i finally see my boyfriend’s face, smiling at me like usual, and practically throwing himself at me with happiness. 

“You’re here!” he exclaims lifting off my feet and spinning me around. 

i giggle a little and kiss his cheek, hugging him tight. it’s been so long since i last saw him and being into his arms again brings peace to my mind. i feel good on one side, but my mind is still a mess. 

“I missed you” he says close to my ear. cups my face on his hands and starts spreading little kisses all over my face. 

“I missed you” i repeat finally kissing his lips. 

when we pull away from the kiss, he has the biggest smile on his face, a smile that could bring peace to the world and a smile that it’s because of me. 

“Come in” he takes my hand, pulling me into the room. 

lacing my fingers with his. we sat on the big couch of the green room, i could here Luke practicing his vocals, Calum tuning his bass and last but not least, Ashton hitting his drum sticks on the large table in front of him, remembering all the rhythms of their set list. 

“I wanted to meet you at the hotel so bad, but i couldn’t get out of here” Michael chuckles, looking my in the eyes. “I missed you babe” 

“I missed you too” i smile pecking his lips “You look happy” 

“Trust me, i am so fucking happy” he smiles “This is a big thing (Y/n), this is the best day of my life, can you believe i made it this far?” 

i smile to him and cup his face on my hands “i am so proud of you” i kiss him one, two, three times, and caress his cheeks softly. 

“i love you” he mumbles. 

“I love you more” i open my eyes and look up at him. 

he looks at me in the eyes and frowns, looking a bit concern “Have you been crying?” he asks running his thumb on my cheek “Your eyes are a bit..” 

“I’m fine” i lie “Really” 

He shrugs “Sorry, but i don’t believe you” he caress my cheek again “you can Tell me” 

i sigh “It’s delicate Michael” 

“Tell me” he insist. 

i just can’t. he’s happy. i just can’t. 

i was about to say something but a masculine voice yells from outside, calling out the boys for the show. he sighs and kiss my cheek quickly. 

“sorry, i have to go” he smiles a bit “enjoy the show, and we’ll talk about this later. he points at me “I love you” 

“I love you too” i mumble 

and now he’s gone. 

the concert was beyond awesome. so awesome it made me cry. 

the music went to my ears flawlessly, and on the moment when my favorite song was being played i couldn’t handle the tear anymore. it was just perfect. 

now we went on our way backstage, watching the people going out of the stadium, and saying hi to all the fans that took the time to at least wave their hands at us. i practically run to the green room’s door when we got there and give Michael the biggest hug i could give him, even though he was all sweaty, i didn’t mind any of this, i just wanted him to know how good he did. 

“I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!” i exclaim, i jump and lace my legs around his hips, letting him put his hand under my thighs for support. “CONGRATS!” 

“Aww, thanks baby” he smiles, kissing my cheek, and letting my feet touch the ground one more time. 

“I love you bub” i say kissing his lips, but he pulled away. 

“i love you, but..” he starts “We still need to talk” 

then the uncomfortable silence starts. and now i remember what i had to do. the only thing that hurts me the most and the hardest thing i’ve been able to do in my life.  “i want to know what is making you cry” 

you have no idea 

“We should take this outside” i say. taking his hand and pull him with me. 

we walk and walk and keep walking, until i am able to find an isolated place, where i know no one is going to interrupt us. i stopped walking once i found the isolated hallway, and sit on the cold ground, waiting for him to do the same. 

“Alright” he says for no reason and sits in front of me. “Spit it out” 

i sigh hiding my hands on my face. and take a deep breath “this is not easy, you know?” i give half a smile, trying to soft things a little bit. 

“Are you pregnant?” he says suddenly. 

my eyes wide “What? no!” i frown. 

“Thanks god!” he says letting out a big sigh “don’t misunderstand me, i love kids but i am not ready for them” 

i frown even more and take both of his hands between mine “Michael this is serious” i nod “Your dad called me a couple of hours ago” 

“Okay…” he says concerned “What did he said?” 

a tear falls off my eyes and he wipes it before it falls off my face. waiting for me to continue. 

“Your parents went on a celebration dinner, and your mother wasn’t feeling well” i sigh looking at the ground, now i got all his attention “She passed out, and now she is in the hospital” 

“What?” he says in a whisper. 

“Your dad says she might need surgery, apparently she is having problems with her stomach, and she hasn’t woke up yet. your dad wanted to tell you, but you wouldn’t pick up his call” i finally say “I’m sorry Michael” 

“What does that mean?” he says trying to process why i just said “You are almost a doctor, what does that fucking mean?” 

i am speachless. “Michael. i-i don’t know, if it’s really what they say, the stomach is such a delicate place, and if she was weak enough to pass out this could mean that there’s an infection, there could be a disease, or even canc… forget it” i shut myself up. he is hiding his face between his hands at this point “Michael these could mean a lot of things, i can’t give you a diagnosis when i know as less as you about all of these”

“You’re telling me that my mother could have Cancer” he says, there’s anger on his voice. and he gets out of his place, standing up again “Why the hell did you not tell me this before!” he yells

“Michael i didn’t say that” i keep my voice low. “it is just a supposition” 

“No is not!” his voice break “My mom is in the hospital! and you knew it all this time, why didn’t you tell me?!”

“YOU WE’RE SO HAPPY!” i yell, letting a sob out “I didn’t want to ruin it! i’m sorry!” 

he lets out a laugh, and anger laugh, tears already streaming down his face “A sorry is not going to take her out of there, is it?!” he shouts, punching and kicking the wall. 

“Kicking and screaming won’t do either!” i get up, and take his arm, stopping him from keep  punching the wall. but he punches it one more time, letting out a yell again “stop it! You’re going to hurt yourself” 

“Shut up!” he sobs “i can’t believe you hide this from me, my mom could be dying and you just hide it from me. What is wrong with you?!” 

“Michael” i sob, trying to hug him, looking for an apology but he walks away from me. 

“Shut the fuck up” he sobs again, walking backwards “i am going home” i spits, groaning softly feeling the pain on his left hand. 

“I’ll go with you” i say to him, when he was already walking towards the exit. 

“Whatever” he sighs 

Seconds later, he was gone. he was probably looking for any of his crew members to take him to the hotel, and i know it wouldn’t be a good idea if i follow him, because he’s mad, and it wouldn’t be a good idea, to stick by his side. so i will look for a cab by myself. 

and now for the first time i know, how hard is to give this kind of news. and he probably won’t want me to go with him. 

but Karen is family. 

and we gotta stick together. 

let’s play ball. [imagine two]

“Are you sure no one is going to see us?” I asked him for the millionth time as we head into the stadium.

“There are almost 40,000 seats. Out of the many games I’ve gone to, and I have season tickets, I have only seen a person I know once.” He then took my hand and smiled down at me. “Now, relax. Baseball is fun.”

When he had suggested for me to come to a baseball game with him, I was flattered. Baseball was his favorite thing in the whole word and he has pledged his loyalty to our city’s team since he was a boy. But because we only live thirty minutes away from the stadium, I was pretty cautious we were going to run into someone we know.

We gave the lady our tickets to scan and walked through the swirly contraption of doom to get in the park. “I hate those things,” I told him.

He peered down at me through his ridiculously long eyelashes (seriously why do boys get that gene) and tugged my baseball cap over my eyes teasingly. “But I love you.”

“You’re so random,” I smile, playfully pushing him but grabbing his hand again. 

“This game ought to be good, this is supposed to determine if we’re still first in the league or not.” He spoke to me as he dragged me to our seats, which were right behind the dugout. 

“I’m sure that’s awesome, but I’m pretty stoked to get a snowcone,” I shrug, sitting down on the fold-up chair.

He glared at me but gave me a kiss on my cheek to show he was joking. 

“You know, if we run into someone, you’re going to be in some serious shit if you keep PDA-ing.” I reprimand him.

“I know,” he sighs. “It just feels so nice to take you out and show the public that you’re mine and we’re together. It shakes things up.”

My heart melted instantly – and it wasn’t because of the rising temperature. “Good gracious,” I sigh as I lean onto him, “I am so lucky to have you.”

He shook his head. “No, I’m the lucky one.”

I open my mouth to correct him, but I realized we were being *that* couple and shut it quickly. “I wan’t a sap until I met you,” I eyed him accusingly.

He laughed a hearty chuckle and pulled me in closer, my side digging into the cup-holder arm, but I didn’t care a bit.  

“Only six more weeks until you graduate,” he whispered, “only six more weeks until you’re completely mine.”

“Only six more weeks until my dad kicks your ass,” I stuck my tongue at him as he nervously laughs.

“Only six more weeks until my mother calls you a young whore who wanted good grades,” he shot back.

“Awww, family Christmases are going to be the best.” I said sarcastically. 

“It’s worth it.”

Aiden - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: PG

Warning: mentions of drunk old man who’s annoying and a perv, you do work in a bar in this one

Summary: It’s a regular day for Team Flash. Then, a boy claims he’s from the future and Barry’s son. It will be a memorable day for Barry Allen.

Word Count: 1893

It was a normal day for Team Flash. They just captured another meta-human, and they were all tired. No one even wanted to leave STAR Labs. They all just sat there, trying to find out what they wanted to do next.

Well, their next mission came to them.

A flash of blinding light engulfed the entire room. A glimmering, silver machine appeared in the middle of the cortex. Barry and Joe stood in front of everyone else, ready to strike whatever this was.

A screen materialized on the foreign object and a young teenager in a flannel, jeans, and a bike helmet emerged from it. The boy waved the smoke away and coughed. “Aw shoot. It failed again.” The boy jumped from his machine and examined it. “Well, this won’t do. Everything’s fried. Dad! Mom! You ok up there?” He removed his helmet and ran a hand through his hair. “Can you call Uncle Cisco for me? I may need another part!” he yelled.

Cisco stepped forward. “Uncle?”

The boy whipped his head around. His eyes widened at the sight of Cisco. He stepped backwards, almost slipping. He caught himself and smiled. “Oh my gosh! It worked!” He laughed and jumped around, dancing a very similar victory dance the Barry Allen himself did. The boy stumbled forward and waved awkwardly. “Hi, the name’s Aiden. I am fifteen years old, from the year 2033.” He inhaled through his teeth. “Ok. To prove it, I know every single one of you, even thought you all look way younger than I ever thought you could. You are Cisco, Joe, Caitlin, Iris, Eddie, and Barry.” He smiled. “I still can’t believe it worked!” He smiled and scratched the back of his neck.

“Who are you?” Joe asked.

“Right, well, I, um… Man, I don’t know if I should tell you. Well, I already ruined it anyway. Um, I’m Aiden Allen.” He smiled at Barry. “I’m your son.”

Barry’s eyes widened. He stared at the floor and scratched the back of his neck, much like his son was doing at the exact same moment. Barry cleared his throat. “You’re my son?”

Aiden nodded. “What? Thought you were going to be single for your entire life?” The boy laughed and observed his father. “Man, Mom was right. I am a lot like you.”

Barry stuttered some incoherent words before settling on asking, “Mom?”

Auden nodded. “Yeah. Speaking of which, where is she? I really want to see her!”

Barry coughed. “Um, well, I don’t- Mom?”

Aiden gasped. “Oh! You don’t know her! Oh, it must be 2014 or 2015. Ok, you know what, um, let’s make a deal. I need help fixing the machine. If we can get it up and running, I’ll show you Mom.”

Everyone looked at each other. Iris insisted, “Let’s do it.”

“We don’t even know if he really is, well, Barry’s son,” Eddie argued.

Joe stared at Aiden, who wads currently shuffling his feet and looking around the lab in awe. “He does act a lot like him.”

“He called me his uncle.” Cisco smiled “I think we should do it.”

“I think Barry should make the call,” Caitlin suggested. “Barry?”

Barry shrugged with a smile. “I don’t know. I mean,” he stared at his son, “he does look like me.”

Aiden was examining his machine. He called put, not even taking his eyes off the machine. “Hey, is Gideon still active?”

Barry nodded. “Yeah, she’s still here. I could show you-”

The boy shook his head. “Nah, I know where she is. Be back in a flash.” The kid was gone.


Suddenly, Aiden was back with some weird machinery, a rush of wind following him.

Everyone gasped. “You’re fast, too?” Joe stammered.

Aiden smiled. “I’m an Allen. Of course I’m fast.”

Barry leaned against the wall. he couldn’t believe it. He has a son, and a wife apparently.

Cisco crouched down and peeked at the work Aiden was doing. “Wow, amazing tech. Where’d you get these parts?”

“Well, most of them I got from you, actually. These,” he gestured to the parts he just got, “came from Gideon. Don’t worry, though. I was able to quickly invent more parts as great substitutes.”

“You got into Gideon’s Operating System?”

“Yeah. I do at home all the time.”

Cisco faced his friends and pointed at the boy, mouthing, “He’s a genius.”

Barry laughed. This was going to be a weird day for him. The entire rest of the day was mostly fixing the time machine. For Barry and his son, it was more of an interview.

“So, your mother? Do I know her?”

“Of course you do. You married her.”

“I mean, now. Like, do I know her right now?”

“Nice try, Dad, but you’re not going to get the answer that easy.”

“Do you have siblings? Aunts? Uncles?”

“A few, and the people in this room , I consider them family.”

“A few? Wait, how many? Sisters? Brothers?”

“You’re not gonna get so many answers from me. Plus, Kris told me not to tell you anything.”

“Who’s Kris?”

“Um… Someone. Oh, look, I need parts. Dad, do you think you could get me some bolts that are exactly like these? Thanks, see ya!”

“Wait a minute! I’m not done!”

“You’re not my dad yet!”

Barry sighed. Who was his future wife? He thought it’d be Iris or maybe Linda. However, his son Aiden said it must be 2015 or 2014, because he hasn’t met her yet. What was she like?

Soon, the machine was fixed. Aiden wiped his forehead with the back of his hand. “I think that does it!” He smiled and pumped his fists. “That was awesome! I got the entire family to help me out so that I could show Dad Mom.” He sighed. “This is way better than tv.” He turned around and faced Team Flash. “Ok, do you guys know the closest local bar?”

Ten minutes later, Aiden was leading everyone through the streets. His face lit up when he saw the famous sign his mother told him about. “This is it. Now, I can’t tell you who it is exactly.”

“Why not?” Barry implored. “You said-”

“I know, but it’s supposed to happen a certain way. You know? But, trust me. You’ll know her when you meet her.”

Barry sighed. “Ok, fine. Hos does this, this um, memory, go?”

“You said you were having some fun with your friends here, when it happened. Just, have some fun! Plus, this is my first time in a bar. It is going to be epic.”

Team Flash entered the bar. Iris was the first to let loose, dancing and taking a shot or two. Everyone soon followed. Even Barry joined in on the fun. He didn’t drink, though. He never would feel the buzz anyway. He sat down, wanting to rest. They spent three hours dancing and eating. Barry looked around. He almost forgot what he was here for.

“Please, I don’t-”

“Come on, just a little kiss.”

Barry turned around. A young bartender was trying to pull herself away from some drunkard. The woman was model material. The man was old and very drunk. Before Barry could even walk over there, another bartender interrupted the conversation.

You were just wiping the counter, listening to music, when your friend, Nicole, got hit on by someone drunk. You tensed up. Things like that happened way too often to your liking. You sighed. You quickly fixed up an inexpensive drink, adding a few more shots of alcohol, and placed it on a tray. You  pushed a button on your phone, calling someone you relied on. “Hey, Bennie?”

“(Y/n)! What can I do for you?”

“I have a drunkard here. Can I send him your way?”


“He’ll be there in two minutes. Hang on, I’ll get you his address or something.” You smiled and sauntered over to the two of them. You slipped in between Nicole and the old man. “Hello, sir.”

“Get out of my way.”

“I will, but this young woman outside saw you and bought you this drink.”


“She already called a cab for the two of you. She’ll be waiting right outside.” You smiled, taking his wallet from his back pocket. “Bennie, he lives in an apartment building, the one near the bowling alley. Can you take him there?”

“Only cause you ask me to. You will pay me, right?”

“Yeah, I know. Just get him away from here.” You hung up and led the man away from Nicole. She mouthed a thanks and went back to work. You led the man outside and shoved him in Bennie’s cab. Bennie assured you he would be ok before driving off. You sighed before going back to your job. As you were cleaning the counter, a young man, very cute, greeted you with a soft, “Hey.”

You smiled softly. “Hello? Can I help you with anything?”

Aiden saw the two of you and beamed. He always heard of the story, but now he was going to actually witness it. Your son got everyone to watch. Iris was squealing, holding on to her boyfriend. Cisco was nodding with pride, along with Joe. Caitlin wasn’t sure what to do, but in the end, she settled on watching. Aiden watched from afar, admiring the sight of his mother and father.

Barry pointed to the door and bit his lip. “I saw what you did. That was incredible.”

“That? That’s nothing. You know, things happen.” You smiled.

Nicole interrupted the two of you, asking, “(Y/n), I don’t exactly know how to register the coupon that couple has.” She noticed Barry and smiled. “Why hello.”

Barry waved, pursing his lips.

You sighed. It always happened like that. Nicole got all the guys. Whenever you were interested in one guy, that one guy always would see Nicole and forget you. You were used to it. You fixed the problem at the cash register and turned around. You gasped. Barry was there alone. Nicole was at the other side of the retaurant. Barry wasn’t even staring at her. You walked over and asked, “Now, what can I get you…?”

“Barry. Barry Allen.” He held out his hand.

You shook it. “(Y/n) (Y/l/n).”

Barry smiled. “So, I was wondering, um, maybe, I could, well, you could go on a date with me?” He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

You smiled, biting your lip. Time passed way faster than you thought.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked. First time doing this, you know?”

You raised your eybrow.

“I mean, at a bar without, yeah. Um… I’m going to-”

“Wait.” Your hand fell on his. You blushed. Barry blushed, too. You stammered, “I-I was, um, yes.”


“Yes, I would like to go on a date with you.”

Barry smiled. “Great! Um, Jitters? Tomorrow at twelve?”

“Most definitely.”

Aiden sighed. That was only the beginning of the story of his parents. Barry and (Y/n) Allen, he knew, would go through a lot together. Barry would lie, trying to prevent her from knowing his superhero life. You would break up with him. You would find out. Barry would train you in self defense. There was so much more to the story, and Aiden couldn’t wait to go back home tell the story himself.

Heyo my lovely followers! Here’s another imagine for you! I hope you guys don’t hate it. 

Have a lovely day, everyone! :)

EDIT: Part 2 is up and running! You can check it out right here!

Born To Be My Baby - Ch. 1

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Beverly (OFC aka me lmao), Tony (OMC), Erick Abernathy (OMC), Marilu (OFC), Jared Padalecki, Mr. Stephen Knust (OMC)

Pairing: Jensen x Beverly (me)

Summary: They say true love doesn’t happen right away. But I loved you the moment I saw you.

Word Count: 2kish

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut (in near future)

Author’s Note: Heyy loves!! This is my entry for @iwantthedean’s YouAU challenge! This was hella hard to do lmao It felt weird putting my name in here. Anyway, this is going to be a little series. I hope you guys join me on the ride. Ya’ll are gonna get to know me real well. This is the real me. Enjoy! *runs and hides*

**Also, no disrespect to Danneel whatsoever. I love her and I respect her. This is purely fiction. Let’s pretend she’s happy with someone else for the sake of this story**

Chapter One: Introduction

“Come on, B. Don’t be an ass and get out of the car.”

The scenery was breathtaking. It was a nice Saturday morning in Venice Beach, the waves were washing up on the shore, the seagulls were flying overhead, it wasn’t that crowded yet so there was no reason for the anxiety that was overtaking my being.

But I was panicking. Slowly. And my best friend, Tony, wasn’t helping any matters as he tugged on my arm, trying to pull me out of his Jeep. “You’re gonna get me mad and I’m just gonna haul you over my shoulder and friggin toss you into the water.”

I whipped my head to face him, my eyes narrowing. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Watch me, bitch,” he smirked. “Now get your ass out of the car.”

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Yay Ruby’s officially coming back!


It’s all just speculation but I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to die. With what the writers have been saying about this being a dark and depressing season, fans have suggested that Emma is going to kill someone important. And now Ruby fits the bill for being beloved by fans but not a main character. 

Le sigh.

I will try to be optimistic and enjoy a little bit of Ruby screen-time, since it should be better than nothing. And at least there will be MULTIPLE EPISODES so it’s not all doom and gloom. Sort of.

And maybe my really really low expectations will mean they surprise me? Maybe? Pretty please?

TVLine article [x]

OMG! Why are people making such a big deal about Rick kissing Jessie on the cheek?! He was semi drunk and letting himself relax for the first time in TWO YEARS, after he’s been through Hell on Earth, which included losing his wife and best friend of at least 15 years and the Mother of his two children! And he clearly likes this woman and finds her attractive.

Anyway, if you must hate, please tag it. Anti Rick, Anti Jessie, Anti whatever their ship name is. So that those of us who’d like to live as much of a hate free life as possible don’t have to deal with this crap.

And please don’t hate on Alexandra Breckenridge. She was getting hate on Twitter before her first episode even aired. I can only imagine what she’ll get now. Leave her alone.

How troublesome
  • Temari: *sighs happily as she reads*
  • Shikamaru: *leaning to take a look at Temari's book and then at Temari* What are you reading?
  • Temari: *blushed and quickly closing the book* Nothing!
  • Shikamaru: C'mon, what is it?
  • Temari: *sighs* Ok, but it is kind of silly. There's this sweet couple at the beach and suddenly the man-
  • Shikamaru: Just kidding, *goes back to his book* I read that book months ago. You're really that touched by a fictional cloying story?
  • Temari: *returns to her book too* Hmm...
  • Shikamaru: *standing up* We're not at the beach but I wonder how'd you react if I... *kneels and takes something out of his pockets*
  • Temari: *just looking up from her book*
  • Shikamaru: *sighs and pretty blushed he begins* Clever, sweet and awesome woman, *opens the box to show her the cutest ring with a deer-shaped emerald* would you be willing to spend the rest of your life beside this troublesome-lazy man?
  • Temari: *with a really red face, teary eyes and a big smile* Yes, you dumb! *kisses him and whispers* How troublesome
Call It What You Wish

Another Saphael Week fic! Combined with an ancient prompt from youcancallmecup, I hope you enjoy!

“But they look ridiculous!" 

"It’s to hide their identity!” The last thing Simon expected to happen during his Friday night was to have an argument with a vampire over Superman’s suit. It wasn’t what Simon had in mind when he invited Raphael over every Friday for a movie night. 

It probably wasn’t a good idea to show Raphael a movie that Simon loved. Never would Simon forget the words Raphael used to describe Batman. It hurt his little nerd-heart. 

“But it’s obvious! Dios, is everyone else in the movie blind? What’s the point of the ugly suit?”

“The suit is awesome,” Simon couldn’t win this conversation. Raphael would find flaw in everything Simon loved.   

Simon sighed, a long, heavy sigh. Raphael just rolled his eyes. They rarely got along. They loved it, however, when they found common ground. Obviously, that was not superhero movies. Raphael picked up in Simon’s negative vibes. 

Dios, Lewis, don’t mope about it. You did bring this upon yourself. The heroes don’t make sense, so don’t pretend they do. They’re for children.”

The feelings boiled up inside of Simon. He didn’t even know why he was getting so worked up over this. It wasn’t like it mattered, Raphael was known to have very strong opinions. Simon just wished Raphael respected his own. 

“Look,” Simon said, terse, “we get it. You don’t like positivity or movie titles that don’t end in ‘de Corazon’. But I do. This is who I am. Superman with his undies on the outside of his costume and bad asymmetrical 90s haircuts and all. I need you to be okay with it. To be okay with me.”

Raphael softened. Not visible to most people, but not to Simon, who wouldn’t ever be 'most people’ to Raphael. 

Dios, Lewis, you think I don’t? You think there’s any part of me that doesn’t - Penso, Lewis, if I didn’t like you, undies and all, I wouldn’t be here.”

That made Simon feel a warm sensation in his chest. Raphael did care about him, enough to stick around. He accepted him, for all his flaws and quirks. And at the end of the day, they loved each other. Though, Simon didn’t think Raphael would ever admit that.  Simon didn’t even know how to respond to Raphael’s sudden declaration. He wished he could turn his crazy thoughts into a coherent sentence. Just to let Raphael know how he felt. 

“Don’t.” It was one word, but Simon knew exactly what Raphael was trying to say. That he understood. That Simon didn’t have to say anything. Which was honestly a relief. They were at an understanding, and in the end, that’s what counted. 

“Thank you, Raphael.” Simon said. For putting my mind at ease. For being here, with me

“Are we going to watch the sequel now? Which, by the box, looks just as bad as the original.”

Simon smirked. Some things just never changed. 


*screaming* They came in THEY CAME IN.

Thanks to my boss being an all around awesome person, he dropped the money on this set of charms because we’ve been wanting them for a while. :D

The first set with grumpy Gadreel went to him and I got the second set. Mockumentary!Misha went to my sister and Little Kevin was a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. As for Mockumentary!Jared- well- He’s on my 3DS that I affectionately named Gabriel.

Thanks so much consulting-cannibal! They arrived fast and are really adorable :D

A Recap of The Meredith Viera Show
  • Maks wasn’t a cohost.  He was on for like the first ten minutes and then played a game for a few minutes in the middle.  That’s all you need to watch. Save yourself from the rest of the show.
  • Subjects Maks discussed: butts, The Bachelor, losing your virginity.  Check my liveblogging if you want details because I don’t feel like writing them again.
  • Maks and Meredith did the cha-cha, and it was soooo cuttteeee, why wasn’t the whole show like this????? *sigh*
  • Paula Deen was there and they showed a video of her pants falling down, w t a f.
  • Mario Lopez really likes tequila.

Most Important things:

  • Maks said he rarely watches himself dance, but we know that he’s watched his dances with Meryl quite a bit.  And I remember interviews where they show their dances and he’s, like, transfixed. So this just makes me really happy. *happy sigh*
  • Maks is just really adorable and personable and funny and awesome and I love him so much.  I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love him.

I probably will not be a regular viewer of the Meredith Viera Show.