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Call It What You Wish

Another Saphael Week fic! Combined with an ancient prompt from youcancallmecup, I hope you enjoy!

“But they look ridiculous!" 

"It’s to hide their identity!” The last thing Simon expected to happen during his Friday night was to have an argument with a vampire over Superman’s suit. It wasn’t what Simon had in mind when he invited Raphael over every Friday for a movie night. 

It probably wasn’t a good idea to show Raphael a movie that Simon loved. Never would Simon forget the words Raphael used to describe Batman. It hurt his little nerd-heart. 

“But it’s obvious! Dios, is everyone else in the movie blind? What’s the point of the ugly suit?”

“The suit is awesome,” Simon couldn’t win this conversation. Raphael would find flaw in everything Simon loved.   

Simon sighed, a long, heavy sigh. Raphael just rolled his eyes. They rarely got along. They loved it, however, when they found common ground. Obviously, that was not superhero movies. Raphael picked up in Simon’s negative vibes. 

Dios, Lewis, don’t mope about it. You did bring this upon yourself. The heroes don’t make sense, so don’t pretend they do. They’re for children.”

The feelings boiled up inside of Simon. He didn’t even know why he was getting so worked up over this. It wasn’t like it mattered, Raphael was known to have very strong opinions. Simon just wished Raphael respected his own. 

“Look,” Simon said, terse, “we get it. You don’t like positivity or movie titles that don’t end in ‘de Corazon’. But I do. This is who I am. Superman with his undies on the outside of his costume and bad asymmetrical 90s haircuts and all. I need you to be okay with it. To be okay with me.”

Raphael softened. Not visible to most people, but not to Simon, who wouldn’t ever be 'most people’ to Raphael. 

Dios, Lewis, you think I don’t? You think there’s any part of me that doesn’t - Penso, Lewis, if I didn’t like you, undies and all, I wouldn’t be here.”

That made Simon feel a warm sensation in his chest. Raphael did care about him, enough to stick around. He accepted him, for all his flaws and quirks. And at the end of the day, they loved each other. Though, Simon didn’t think Raphael would ever admit that.  Simon didn’t even know how to respond to Raphael’s sudden declaration. He wished he could turn his crazy thoughts into a coherent sentence. Just to let Raphael know how he felt. 

“Don’t.” It was one word, but Simon knew exactly what Raphael was trying to say. That he understood. That Simon didn’t have to say anything. Which was honestly a relief. They were at an understanding, and in the end, that’s what counted. 

“Thank you, Raphael.” Simon said. For putting my mind at ease. For being here, with me

“Are we going to watch the sequel now? Which, by the box, looks just as bad as the original.”

Simon smirked. Some things just never changed. 

Yay Ruby’s officially coming back!


It’s all just speculation but I can’t shake the feeling that she’s going to die. With what the writers have been saying about this being a dark and depressing season, fans have suggested that Emma is going to kill someone important. And now Ruby fits the bill for being beloved by fans but not a main character. 

Le sigh.

I will try to be optimistic and enjoy a little bit of Ruby screen-time, since it should be better than nothing. And at least there will be MULTIPLE EPISODES so it’s not all doom and gloom. Sort of.

And maybe my really really low expectations will mean they surprise me? Maybe? Pretty please?

TVLine article [x]

OMG! Why are people making such a big deal about Rick kissing Jessie on the cheek?! He was semi drunk and letting himself relax for the first time in TWO YEARS, after he’s been through Hell on Earth, which included losing his wife and best friend of at least 15 years and the Mother of his two children! And he clearly likes this woman and finds her attractive.

Anyway, if you must hate, please tag it. Anti Rick, Anti Jessie, Anti whatever their ship name is. So that those of us who’d like to live as much of a hate free life as possible don’t have to deal with this crap.

And please don’t hate on Alexandra Breckenridge. She was getting hate on Twitter before her first episode even aired. I can only imagine what she’ll get now. Leave her alone.