this show touches me deeply


You say you keep searching for the old me. Ever since I came back I have been searching for the old Azize in your eyes. But there is not even one piece of her left in you. Let alone a single piece, you can’t even be her shadow!

This show is pure gold. The actors did so well in this scene.

I’m a huge fan of Hilal and lieutenant Leon; this young, naive, innocent love of theirs. But Cevdet and Azize are something else entirely. You can literally see the depth of their love and desperation when they look at each other. Two soulmates who have been torn apart because of a damn war and just can’t manage to find a way back to one another. All the things Cevdet can’t tell her. All the pain Azize must go through.

How am I supposed to be the old me when I am suffering this much?

This scene touched me so deeply. This show is PURE GOLD.