this show taught me everything i know

peridot as a character makes me uncomfortable and no its not bc shes loud and yells a lot and clearly is coded as autistic but its how the creators of the show/fandom treat her bc they know a lot of autistic people identify w/ her

its the fact that lauren zuke literally created a deleted scene where peridot was in a fucking high chair and being taught how to eat like a fucking baby, infantilizing her and just being really fucking creepy about her character. its the fact that everything that peridot would consider a comfort object - her limb enhancers, her tablet, etc. - has been taken away from her and her whole development on that is “it doesnt matter if it makes you comfortable you’re better off without them!!” basically giving autistic people who need comfort objects a hearty slap in the face

its just the fact that peridots character has been rendered into this yell-y baby when she was nothing like that on first appearance - like all zuke and the writers want to do w/ her now that a lot of autistic people like her is “well lets make her into the biggest and loudest baby ever!! thats good representation right!!”

like. i want to love peridot and i love pre-redemption peridot so much but she makes me so uncomfortable now bc it feels like the writers just love making her into a baby or shipping her off w/ other characters its gross

Listen. I don’t know who’s reading this. I don’t even know of it’ll be read at all or if it will be lost among all the other airplanes. And I don’t have nearly enough space on this paper to say everything I need to say about Girl Meets World. But if someone’s reading this, here’s what you need to know:

Girl Meets World is important to me. Riley, Maya, Farkle, Lucas, Smackle, Zay, Cory, Topanga, Auggie, Ava, and every other person on the show (and yes, that includes the kids who sit on the sides and don’t talk) have taught me so much.

Watching GMW used to make me sad sometimes. Seeing Maya and Riley and co and feeling like I didn’t have relationships that strong in my life: it hurt. But I’ve come to realize that I can and will and do have that, within myself and in the people around me. Girl Meets World helped me come to that realization, and it’s helped me with so many other things, too. 

Maybe it’s silly to be so emotionally attached to a show. But maybe it’s not. Regardless, Girl Meets World IS important to me, whether it  "should" be or not. People like me need shows like Girl Meets World. Please help us save it. It would mean the world to me.

- Carly, 14

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

My life isn’t exactly what i planned it to be but God in His sovereign will planned this all along. The trials that come upon my life turned out to be the biggest blessings in me, it taught me so many lessons in life and God used it to show me who Jesus is. 

Whenever trials come upon me now, i just see everything in the light of His goodness, I feel like He’s saying to me, “I will use this to conform you to the image of my Son, it may hurt but you’ll thank me when its done.” It really gives me peace when i know that God loves me and He is the One who holds what tomorrow may bring.

My life is not easy but with God it is worth living for. Every experience and every lessons that He gives me, gave more meaning and purpose to my life. Maybe He’s answering my prayer before, those words that i still remember for it’s the desire of my heart, “Lord, make me more like Your Son.” 

-January 8, 2017 / 8:41 pm

what i miss most is how you loved me. but what i didn’t know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was. it was a reflection of everything i gave you. coming back to me. how did i not see that. how. did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was i that taught you. when it was i that showed you how to fill. the way i needed to be filled. how cruel i was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you recognized it. as if i was already not these things before i met you. as if i did not remain all these things after you left.
—  rupi kaur, milk and honey

i NEED to see a ‘return to reality’ of some kind in The Final Problem. Because imagine if we got canon Johnlock but in the same 'universe’ as there are all these inconsistencies (John’s blog shutting down irl but not on the show, disappearing blood, CAMERAMEN in the bloody frame, differences of script…) that we’ve just spent ages painfully cataloguing. I mean, we could choose to believe in the surface reading, but…this programme has taught me not to?! It would always bother me. I’d always know that it might or might not be reality. Please comfort me @shawleyleres @multifandom-madnesss @wssh-watson @the-7-percent-solution

Dear beloved.
Dear betrayer.
Dear Judas.

I was born into this cell. Don’t blame yourself. Your middle name was destiny, and besides, my father has been waiting for me all this time. I was on loan to this simple earth. It was never going to last.

As the pain drives itself into my palms, it shall not hurt me. I’ll remember your token of love on my lips, and taste you still. You taught me so many things, and the one I’ll remember more surely is how terrible, and beautiful, love is. The nails will be nothing compared to such divinity. You betrayed me with a kiss, and only the kiss was surprising.

You’ll wish yourself dead, fill your casket with silver coins. Nothing I can say will stop the rot inside your chest blooming to everything you touch. Just know, that when your heartbeat stops, it will be me cutting the rope from around your neck, me embracing you, and me showing you exactly how forgiveness is given. You loved me first, you loved me the most.

And I, Judas, loved you last.

—  Yeshua. (A.V.P)

I was lucky enough to get to know such an amazing person. One of my best friends out there. She taught me to find the happiness out everything and to always push forward. She was there when I needed her most. When I would cry she would pull over, get out of her truck, and come to my side and just hold me. She took me on adventures and allowed me to see beauty in many different places on many different occasions. I experienced some of the most amazing things with this girl and I would never trade the memories or my friendship with her for anything. I know things are tough right now Olive Juice but you showed me what I needed to see to be happy and I’m here to do the same for you. I love you ❤ @surf-love-girls

what i miss most is how you loved me. but what i didn’t know was how you loved me had so much to do with the person i was. it was a reflection of everything i gave to you. coming back to me. how did i not see that. how did i sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was i that taught you. when it was i that showed you how to fill. the way i needed to be filled. how cruel i was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you recognized it. as if i was already not these things before i met you. as if i did not remain all these once you left.
—  rupi kaur

Confession : Watching Being Mary Jane. It makes me wonder will everything in the Black Family eventually fall on the black woman shoulders? The cooking, cleaning, children, bills, stress and job. Because of black men always raised by single black mothers that they will not know how to be a man anymore? I feel like black men are barely taught how to manage anything in the household and they need to ! I am so fucking tired of women holding it all together and nearly dying.

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart

Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart is considered one of the best Hetalia fanfictions ever, and that’s not really surprising.

It is writen by George DeValier, who has written around 15 beautiful stories for Hetalia.


“WW2 AU. Feliciano Vargas is a passionate, if slightly scared, Italian resistance member. Falling in love with a German fighter pilot was the last thing he expected… and it will test his national loyalty, and his heart, to their limits.”

Overall Review:

  • The storyline is very interesting and has a good pace.
  • The characters are well-written and realistic.
  • The story does not only revolve around romance, but also around the horrors of war.
  • The setting of the story is very realistic, it shows that the author has done very good research to make the story as close to reality as possible.
  • The spelling and grammar are flawless.

Finally, I wanted to tell you something what the story taught me:

Before I read  Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart I didn’t really know what war really was. I thought it was black and white, heroes and villians. But after reading the story I realised that war is actually everything in-between black and white. It taught me that not everybody who fights for their country is automatically a good or bad person. And finally, that love lasts forever.

There is also an AMV for  Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart:


I’ve been re-watching TWD series on Netflix. In the S2 episode where Daryl gets bucked off Nelly the horse, he sees visions of Merle. To understand Daryl we have to take everything Merle says very seriously, because it shows us how Daryl has been treated and what he’s been taught his whole life. With this being said one line stuck with me:

“You know they’re all laughing at you behind your back, you know that right?…
No one will ever love you except me…”

Now in my opinion this would affect Daryls response to Jesus’s advances towards him greatly. He not only would be shocked and confused but once he realized what he’s doing, he’s going to assume that Jesus is trying to embarrass him and make a joke of him. He won’t see it as playful flirting, he’s been programmed to think he’s trying to trick him into looking “gay” or just plain stupid( for all the others to get a laugh). I don’t think it will be easy convincing Daryl that a man is attracted to him.

what I miss most is how you loved me. but what I didn’t know was that how you loved me had so much to do with the person I was. it was a reflection of everything I gave to you, coming back to me. how did I not see that. how did I sit here soaking in the idea that no one else would love me that way. when it was I that taught you. when it was I that showed you how to fill, the way I needed to be filled. how cruel I was to myself. giving you credit for my warmth simply because you had felt it. thinking it was you who gave me strength. wit. beauty. simply because you recognized it. as if I was already not these things before I met you. as if I did not remain all these once you left.
—  rupi kaur

St. Thomas Aquinas was one day paying a visit to St. Bonaventure, and asked him from what book he had drawn all the beautiful lessons he had written. St. Bonaventure showed him the image of the Crucified, which was completely blackened by all the kisses that he had given it, and said, “This is my book whence I receive everything that I write; and it has taught me whatever little I know.”

“He who desires to go on advancing from virtue to virtue, from grace to grace, should meditate continually on the Passion of Jesus. There is no practice more profitable for the entire sanctification of the soul than the frequent meditation of the sufferings of Jesus Christ." St. Bonaventure

This, then, is the book—Jesus crucified—which, if we constantly read it, will teach us, on the one hand, to have a lively fear of sin, and, on the other hand, will inflame us with love for a God so full of love for us; while we read in these wounds the great malice of sin, which reduced a God to suffer so bitter a death in order to satisfy the divine justice, and the love which our Savior has shown us in choosing to suffer so much in order to prove to us how much he loved us.

Let us beseech the divine Mother Mary to obtain for us from her Son the grace that we also may enter into these furnaces of love, in which so many loving hearts are consumed, in order that, our earthly affections being there burned away, we also may burn with those blessed flames, which render souls holy on earth and blessed in heaven. Amen.

St. Alphonsus Liguori

I remember the times...

My parents will scold me for ever watching some kid cartoons at the age of 12. Because to be honest, that was one the years I found out that school sucks and it drains everything in my life.

I always manage to keep my grades up and I didn’t have a single failing grade. Well, actually it’s just base on how lucky I am if I am going to be on the top students of the school.

Anyway, school was draining me and was very tiring, but the shows that I always watch were very amusing to me back then but is very affecting to me right now.

You know how…


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taught me to live my life to the fullest before time runs out…

How this…

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taught me how a kid used his own voice as a power to stop the violence…

How this…

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made a kid like Dipper to be someone he wanted to be just because someone helped him, even if they lied to them.

Nicole Haught headcanon

Inspired by (and a continuation of) this post

I like to think that Nicole is a version of that post going around about a “capable” female character developing her abilities not because her more capable older brothers taught her everything she knows, but because she had to make up for her slightly hopeless siblings.

Nicole has two brothers, older and one younger (or maybe one older and a twin, I haven’t decided, but I do kind of like the idea of her having a twin). The older one is the singer and guitarist in a semi-successful country band who is constantly on the road in the Midwest and the younger brother is majorly into acting and currently studying his ass off in college so he can try to get into a graduate program for theater in England.

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The scariest thing is that I feel like I need you
even though I know that I don’t.
You pulled me out of the dirt and plucked every weed 
from my bones until I was brand new again.
For that, I am eternally drawn to you.

Like, if you leave, I’ll sink back into the ground
and everyone will walk all over me, just like they used to.
Like, if you leave, all of my skin will peel off
and it will be impossible to tell that I was once a human being.

This is not how you taught me to be.
From the very start, you’ve built me up to be strong. Independent.
You put me in front of a mirror and pointed out
every part that I was missing, then you looked into my eyes
and told me everything that I had in my heart.
I just didn’t know it yet. You’ve showed me that the problems
I once faced were never really about me, 
they were merely a reflection of the people causing them.

I know who I am now. I know what I am capable of,
and I know that I can survive alone if need be.
But that doesn’t stop me from counting each second you’re gone
as soon as you walk out the door, and praying
through each one, that you’ll come back.

—  I just don’t know if I’ll still be strong when I’m alone, IS.

I have always been very good at loving other people: their quirks, their fallibility, their insecurities, but I have always struggled to love the same things about myself. One day I made the decision to take a risk that was worth it, to change my religion, but I did not know I was changing everything else about myself too. Islam showed me the true stature of my value, that my insecurities pale in front of my Lord, as they recognize who it was who created them. When I used to seek the love and affection of people, my creator still sought me. He treated me as the priority, when people treated me like an option. When people replaced me, God was begging for my company, and eventually I was begging for his too. That begging has strengthened me, it has taught me to be sad when I need to be sad, angry when I need to be angry, and that all of my feelings are valid simply because I feel them. I am strong enough to accept no disrespect, for me or for anyone else, and I am strong enough to remove those from my life who I feel threaten that. After 24 years I am able to love myself, because God loved me enough for this religion.

Take it from Elsa...

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Today I want to talk about… how to take care of yourself as a fangirl. 

Becoming a fan of a show/book/movie/etc is a very involved process. When you’re fully immersed in fandom, it takes up a lot of your time, your attention, your heart, your creativity… it opens doors to friendship and community and so much entertainment, beyond the canon that inspired it to begin with. Fandom is also addictive. It becomes habit and hobby and obsession all rolled into one fabulous package. I love fandom, don’t you? 

But there’s a dark side, as there is with almost everything. And this happens when a show (or whatever) does something you don’t like. 

Now, I’m not going to tell people what they should do. Only you know what you should do.  But if you’re looking for advice (and some people have asked me about this), then I’ll tell you how I approach it, how experience has taught me to protect myself within the fandom experience. Yes, you heard me. Experience. I’ve been down the “disappointed by this fandom” road before. 

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I know many of you think this isn’t a break up and I’d love to believe that…but past experiences with this show taught me, that usually what I absolutely don’t want to happen…is going to happen (this ultimatum is just another example). I’d love to believe that by the beginning of next episode everything will be fine between them…but to me, the reaction of Lisbon as soon as he says he’s leaving…this is clearly a break up for her in that moment. 

My predictions for the remaining three episodes 

(I don’t hope it’s going to turn out that way, but that’s how I guess it’s going to be):

Jane and Lisbon are no longer together in 7x11. Jane negotiates his freedom with Abbott, that’s why he’s still with them in the promo. He’s still working for the FBI because he doesn’t want to run away, he wants to walk away as a free man. There’s a lot of tension between him and Lisbon; but they mostly try to ignore each other. I could image that Lisbon’s sadness at some point turns into anger (or that she switches between those two emotions). There will be some small scenes that show that despite everything, they still deeply love each other.

JANE’s development (in more detail):

During their separation Jane starts to heal. He’ll realise that while loving isn’t possible without risking to lose someone…living without loving might be not worth living at all (I guess that’s maybe where the dog could play a role, by helping him to come to that conclusion, or I could also see Abbott having a heart to heart talk with Jane about this). One reason might also be because he sees how Lisbon is in pain, and that he isn’t the only one that has to lose something and that he can’t stop caring about her, even if their not together. I think in the end he’ll fully realise that he has to let go of the past and he’ll be able to accept and deal with his fears. This will culminate in Jane removing his ring and after that he’ll try to win Lisbon back (very likely with a proposal, to show her that he’s never going to run again). I guess this will happen towards the end of 7x12, maybe even only in 7x13.

LISBON’s development (in more detail):

Lisbon will be devastated that he left her again, that her fears became true.  She’ll be both incredible sad and angry. Part of her will understand why he did this and of course she can’t stop loving him, even if she’d like to. 

The whole Lazarus plot will serve to change Lisbon’s mind. Either by having the serial killer targeting Lisbon or Jane, it doesn’t matter. The end result will be that Lisbon herself sees the downfalls of her job and starts to consider a change. Overall there will be a lot more focus on Jane’s side (as usual and unfortunately). He will change and heal and Lisbon will be his reward in the end… (that’s also the impression I got from one of the interviews, where Tom S. said Jane first has to deserve his ending).


In the end we will have a healed and ringless Jane that wants Lisbon back and is even ready to stay with the FBI, while on the other hand we’ll have a Lisbon who is ready to leave the FBI (not only for Jane, but also for her own sake). (I’m sure we’ll get some beautiful scenes were they find back to each other!)

They’ll meet somewhere in the middle, but the crucial point will be that both were ready to find a compromise, both made a step towards the other.

 I think they don’t leave LE completely, but they’re not staying as part of Cho’s team. The end of the finale will be a wedding (any maybe even a small time jump into the future).

…that turned out longer than I anticipated. ^^ Anyhow, I’d love to hear your predictions!