this show taught me everything i know

I found out today that the videos I’ve made discussing bisexuality and coming to terms with my sexual orientation are no longer available in age restricted mode because they are considered “potentially inappropriate.” The purpose of those videos is to educate people about LGBTQ issues, and more specifically, to show people questioning their own sexualities that they’re not alone and they are valid and normal. The fact that children and teens who may be questioning their own orientations may not have access to them is absolutely heart breaking to me. When I was younger, seeing LGBTQ characters represented in media meant everything to me. My first exposure to “homosexuality” was in a repressive catholic school environment where teachers repeatedly taught me that being gay or queer was a sin and would land you a one way ticket to hell. I didn’t even know bisexuality was a *thing* until high school. I was forced to cling to shows like Degrassi and, admittedly, Glee (problematic aspects of the show aside) to get a small understanding of my own sexuality and see parts of myself represented that I had yet to come to terms with. Representation is important and YouTube is a special form of media where LGBT perspectives and experiences are widely shared and accessible to everyone. I’m honestly devastated that questioning gay/queer/bi kids might be restricted from seeing videos that could inform, support, and affirm their experiences and help them feel a little less alone.


#thankyoubones week: day 4 → 9 angela montenegro iconic quotes

Angela ❤️  She is such a blessing to Bones, honestly. She’s brought so much warmth and heart to this show, and I can’t ever imagine Bones without her. ‘You are the best of us Miss Montenegro’… her kind words, and loving, honest friendships with literally everyone on the show (most especially with Brennan) has always been one of the best things about her character. SHE was the first face we came to know, back in that airport, she got the honour of being the first main character to grace our screens with her charm and sassiness. To say that I’m gonna miss Angela Montenegro is an understatement, because, while I may not see much of myself in her, she’s also taught me so many things and changed my outlook on a lot of important matters. And really, who wouldn’t want to have an extremely loyal, fierce-loving best friend like her? :)


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SERIES WARNINGS: violence, sexual references, swearing, angst, smut, drug, alcohol and other substance abuse



I was just 18 years old when it happened, she was 14. We were scared, insignificant children who knew nothing of the true horrors of the world, god, I was so naive back then… I didn’t know what to do or how to respond. I remember sitting in her bright bedroom as I told her the news, her face was expressionless, like she didn’t believe me. Seeing her like that was more painful than the loss of our parents, and being the one to break it to her was even more agonising. That day was the hardest day of my life… I’ll never forget the sound of her cries that night as she wept herself to sleep. Within a matter of hours my smart-ass, annoying little sister had grown up into a vulnerable, frail young woman. I never intended to hurt her, I only wanted what was best for her.

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I think we had the kind of love that people spend their whole lives looking for. And once they lose it, they spend their whole lives trying to forget. Most people don’t understand it because they may never even experience it. And that’s okay. It’s okay if people look at me funny when I start crying in the middle of the street. They don’t understand the way it makes your heart feel to watch something that was once so fucking beautiful just disintegrate without being able to put it back together. Even if I never get over this fully, even if I never love the same way again, I recognize how lucky I was to be able to feel that much for another human being. We were two teenagers who didn’t understand what love was until we’d fallen too deeply into it. I don’t think everyone is given the same capacity for love. I loved you so much that I didn’t want there to be anyone else. I still don’t want there to be anyone else. I know you don’t miss me anymore and I know you don’t wish to ever see my face again but if you ever see this, just know that I loved you deeply and honestly with not a bit of selfishness in my bones. I loved you so fully that we didn’t need anything else. One year later and still all I want is to see you happy. It breaks my heart that you’re not. I hope one day you’ll learn that cheap thrills and parties won’t be able to keep you warm at night like I did. They won’t be able to listen to your thoughts and hopes and dreams, and they certainly won’t be by your side to help you pursue them. Even if we never get back together, even if I never see you again.. I just hope you realize the mess you made. I hope something good comes out of this. I hope you realize how badly you broke me and I hope you never hurt another person the way you hurt me. I never, ever want someone to stay awake till 4 begging some form of God to bring you back or to fall asleep shaking at night because they can’t get you out of their veins. I never want someone to think of you and fall apart in the bread aisle at the supermarket for no reason other than because it’s Tuesday. I never want someone to feel the way I did. I never want you to make someone feel this way again. And I hope nobody ever makes you feel that way. I know you’re going to make someone so happy one day. I know they’re going to fall asleep laughing and they’re going to fall in love with Monday mornings. I know because I used to be her. Everything with you was beautiful. Experiencing life with you was beautiful. You were beautiful. You showed me and taught me and helped me grow into the person I am today. And part of you will always be inside of me. Thank you for that. Thank you for teaching me how to open my heart up to that kind of love I had never experienced before. Thank you for trusting me and for allowing me to trust you. Thank you for loving the stupidest parts of me. Thank you for letting me cry (a lot). Thank you for admiring my sensitivity. Thank you for listening. Thank you for every single thing you have ever done for me. You have taught me more than I could ever imagine learning. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for stopping. (4/20/15 4:08 am)

I remember it now...

I just finished my rewatch of Eureka seveN after few years since last time. And I am a crying mess right now.

I remembered what I forgot through all those years. I was reblogging E7 related stuff on this blog for a long time now, but I didn’t feel anything. I was just mindlessly doing it out of habit.

But now I remember. How I felt as a 12 year old boy, who stumbled upon this show by pure coincidence. Ever since then I was mesmerised by it. I couldn’t wait till next episode. Nine pm, everyday. I remember the time when episode 50 aired. How sad it was to see that my favorite show, my favorite characters, my favorite world was gone. It felt like leaving something behind. Something really important to me.

Back then I thought that if Renton’s 14, then I still have 2 years to become as cool as him. This memory is so vivid it feels like it was yesterday. When I was a child, I didn’t know where lies the limit of human imagination. Eureka seveN felt real to me. I wasn’t looking at this show as a cartoon made by people. For me it was a real world. It was an experience. A journey.

This anime taught me a lot of things, With every year I gained, I was learning different things from it. I’m still amazed that even after 8 years, I can see new things in this show. New things I can learn from. This show taught me about family. About friendship. About love. That not everything in life works out. That to get something, to make something real, I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to do it myself.

About 4 years ago I think I forgot why I even liked this show. I thought I remembered it well. Well, I was wrong. Without realizing it, I forgot why I am so attached to it. But while I forgot a lot of things, it let me feel like I was watching it for the first time. I felt like a kid again. It felt like definitive end for my childhood, even though I’m 20 years old already.

But I remember it now…

I finally remember why I fell in love with Eureka seveN in the first place.  

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So I've been wanting to learn how to sew with a sewing machine, but I have no idea where to start, I'd like to get a decent one but not something crazy expensive. do you have any recommendations on machines? And maybe tips so I don't sew my finger into a piece of fabric😱

I recommend this one! Cause its easy, afforadable, and it has ***~~~!!!AUTO-TENSION!!!~~~** and ***~~~!!!AUTO-THREADING!!!~~~*** 

Which, just fucking trust me, you will thank me for. 

If you buy a machine from Joanns, they also offer sewing 101 basic classes. Its something like 40 bucks for 3 hrs? And thats realy all you need. 

My dad taught me to sew, and he told me “Once you know how to straight stitch, you know how to do everything.” Which is mostly true. You can get most jobs done with a straight stitch and the more complicated, complex techniques come at experience and need. And are just awesome, easier shortcuts. You really just need someone to show you the nooks and crannys of yoru machine. 

We Intertwined: Ch. 14

An Ignis Scientia Story

Chapter 13 | AO3 | Chapter 15
Word Count: 1,534

Going back to the house felt strange. It still smelled the same—the aroma of the cookies Raine and Ignis had made the morning before still lingered in the air, the mugs from the Ebony and the tea were still left rinsed out in the sink.

Everything was just as it was. But everything was different.

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hey we're all so positive about the secret ep. and i'm just here, super deep into the conspiracy. VERY DEEP AND IT'S A VERY DARK PLACE and i wonder. what would you do if none of these actually happens? that this is already the end and that we're going to age 2 years, 3 years, slowly, gradually losing hope in the lost special and then we don't realize that tfp is it. THAT'S FINISHED.. i would go insane. any advise?

Lots, apparently. xD This got very long - and yeah, deep, too (hopefully, it helps you and maybe others who feel related to this topic):

Well, dear, I hope I can help you with my personal way of coping. I don’t know you or the circumstances you are in, and I don’t think that there’s a general solution to everything, but I myself handle it as the following:

Because I assume that everything in series 4 is messed up on purpose, since some things are certainly nothing but fucky (like TST as a title and a blog entry that coexist without being referenced and without denying the blog at this point at all, rather emphasising in the episode that it’s there and will be updated (made a meta post about it here); or like the glowing skull or making random, unreasonably voiceovers and mocking The Three Garridebs by making them dangle and just kill them off) and Moftiss and everybody else are so quiet regarding the harsh critique, there is intention behind everything. That’s generally why I believe in a Lost Special episode or another series. But, if it should really be the case that we don’t get more footage (which, in my opinion, is rather unlikely by now with the levels of obscurity and coincidences we have reached) and there is nothing more to come - not even a statement by Moftiss, an apology for the queerbait, an explanation of events or anything regarding Sherlock -, I would stick with my favourite theory/theories regarding everything and leave it be. For my own well-being.

I was depressed after TFP, but I got on my feet again fast, because this fandom and its theories are unbelievably convincing and my belief in TJLC is unbreakable, since the narrative doesn’t make sense without including it at all. This show taught me many things, and that’s why I won’t let the show itself down even if Moftiss turn out to be arseholes. Yeah, you’re right, dear anon, we might not know what is yet to come nor how long it will take until we have answers (or answer things for ourselves), and nothing’s fixed, and I’m not saying that being skeptic is a bad thing, BUT:

I discovered for myself that I am much better not sinking into doubts and drowning in them, because (as Sherlock sort of says himself in TGG): Does it help if I let sentiment and doubts overlay the logic I can make of it (by writing meta for instance) and the obvious contradictions that I see and that tell me that I am on the right track? No. It’s a “balance of probability”. (stole this phrase from @teapotsubtext, because it is really everything this is about; hope you don’t mind, by the way - if so, let me know)

I know it’s hard. But the conspiracy doesn’t necessarily have to be a “very dark place”, as you phrased it, anon; you can turn it into whatever you want it to be, there are people to support you, and if you feel exhausted or feel like you can’t go on like this anymore: Take a break, dear. Honestly. Take a break from everything that’s Sherlock-related. I did it once. It’s good. And you may be able to look at things differently if you decide to return afterwards. If not, it’s fine, too.

In conclusion: In case all this turns out badly (a.k.a. we don’t get anything) and you feel disappointed/outraged/depressed/disregarded regarding everything:

Stick with your favourite theory/theories; there’s no more footage coming to prove you wrong.

Write meta or comment about the shit, if you feel like it would be relieving for yourself.

Talk about it to other people in the fandom, if you need support.

Don’t torture yourself by searching for Sherlock-/Moftiss-related stuff when you aren’t 100% sure you are able to handle it emotionally.

Take your time. It’s okay to feel the way you feel; but, if you want it to, it gets better as time goes on.

Remember all the knowledge we gained from conspiring - all the information about ACD, Oscar Wilde, Shakespeare, ARGs, codes, media, ads, story-telling, analyses, subtext and so much more.

And, of course, never forget: Who we really are matters.

Hopefully, this answered your question.

Okay I’m on mobile and I want to write a better post on this later, but I’m getting agitated. I really have a problem with the way the gems talk about Greg in front of Steven. Like maybe it’s one of the limitations of having the whole show in Steven’s pov, but it really bothers me because story time I grew up in a (mostly) single parent home. It was my mom, me, my younger siblings, and at different times my mom’s husbands/boyfriend.

My mom and my dad were never married, they were together in college then I was born, then other drama I don’t know about, and then my first sister was born then my half sister was born not long after. And basically my father hurt and screwed over my mom a lot and I can count on one hand how many times she talked badly about him in front of me as I grew up: ZERO!

My mother never talked badly about my father in front of me even though he was a deadbeat who hurt her. She wanted me and my sister to have an unbiased opinion of him and even encouraged us to spend time with him when we saw him (which was not often).

Bringing this back around to SU, Greg freaking raised Steven until around the beginning of the show. He apparently pays for all of Steven’s stuff and taught him everything he knows and the gems have the nerve to talk bad about him in front of his son?

It’s absolutely ridiculous and immature and I hate it.


I am extremely sad, frustrated and in utter disbelief with myself and the fact that Girl Meets World may be gone for good.

I can’t express how much this hurts but I’m also so angry that I can’t do anything and am aggravated at the fact that there was so much more to resolve.

I am not good at this sort of thing but each day I will come across something remotely to do with GMW a part of me will sink. I’m aggravated that I can’t cry; I don’t display emotion very well but I am firmly believing that the door hasn’t fully closed. MJ seems upset about this new information too. I am utterly devasted.

There’s so much more to unfold and for me personally, I have so much more I wanted to explain and say about what I’ve found. This is so bad but I really don’t care right now… I will miss everything about this show… It has taught me so much and as crazy as it sounds; it still does…

All I want to say now is that if anybody wants to talk, message me, send me asks or whatever I’m here in this time of grief (😂😅😅) I don’t care what you have to say or what you want to say but just know that I’ll be here for you guys!!!! (I’m sorry it’s so cheesy)

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Could you write a small snippet/drabble of Victor discovering Yuuri's poster collection? I'm so in love with the way you write them. Um please and thank you and only if you want! By the way, I appreciate all your contributions to the fandom!

Notes: Could be read as part of the Winter Song universe, but it also stands perfectly on its own.

“Yuuri.” Victor’s voice was soft with weariness, his fingertips tracing a slow path up and down the length of Yuuri’s bare spine. “Did I see posters of me under your bed, or did I just dream that up?”

Yuuri stirred, and his eyelashes blinked apart. They were in his room, cuddled together in the narrow bed and wearing next to nothing. He was stripped down to his boxer briefs, and Victor was shirtless and dressed only in a pair of loose sleeping pants that had been pushed down low on his hips. Moonlight streamed through the thin curtains and illuminated Victor’s pale skin and hair. His chest was warm beneath the weight of Yuuri’s head.

“I saw them when I dropped my phone on the ground earlier,” Victor continued to mumble. “Or at least I think I did. Maybe I was dreaming.”

Yuuri probably could have lied to him. Victor was half-asleep and would have believed anything he was told … but Yuuri didn’t want to do that. “I used to have them hanging on my walls. They were there for years.”

A pause. “Oh.” Victor turned his head on the pillow, and the movement of his fingertips stilled on Yuuri’s lower back, stirring up goosebumps all around. “Why not anymore?”

“Because I had the real Victor Nikiforov sleeping in the bedroom next to me.”

Victor laughed low in his chest. “Mmm.” His mouth pressed to the top of Yuuri’s head. “That’s very sweet. Did you have a crush on me?”

Once upon a time, Yuuri would have been so mortified by that question that he might have jumped straight out of bed and ran from the room. But now, with the feel of Victor’s breath in his hair, it was difficult to remember that he should feel shy at all. “It wasn’t like that. You inspired me. You still do.”

He had told Victor that he looked up to him before, but Yuuri had never felt confident enough to explain exactly how much. After all Victor had done to motivate him throughout the years, maybe it was time for him to know the profound influence he’d had on Yuuri’s life.

“I first heard about you when Yu-chan showed me a video of you winning the Junior World Championship,” Yuuri said. “And there was just something about you. I couldn’t look away. You were the whole reason I started competing myself. I feel like I’ve been trying to catch up with you my entire life.”

It was easier to tell Victor these things in the dark. Especially now, when Yuuri didn’t have to look him straight in the eyes and feel self-conscious about what he was saying. Here in his bed with Victor’s thigh pressed between his, Yuuri felt safe. He wanted to share this part of his heart.

Victor’s arm tightened around Yuuri’s middle. “Well, you did get me in your bed, so I suppose you caught me after all.”

Yuuri’s eyes drifted shut, lulled by the warmth all around him. His words came out like something spoken in a dream. “You always looked so happy in those posters, and for some reason, that made me feel happier. You gave me something to strive for. I hope you know when I perform, I try to show people everything you’ve taught me. I want them to see a reflection of you when they watch me skate.”

There was a very long pause. He listened to Victor’s pulse first slow, then quicken beneath his ear. Knowing his words had found their mark, Yuuri smiled and turned his head to press a kiss to Victor’s chest close to his heart.

“Thank you for telling me that,” Victor said eventually, his voice almost a whisper. “That means a lot, Yuuri … coming from you.”

Yuuri flushed and hid his pleased smile against Victor’s chest. They hugged each other for a long time before finally quieting down to fall asleep in each other’s arms.

But less than a minute later, Victor’s head popped up without warning. “Are you sure you didn’t have a crush on me? Even just a little itty bitty one? Come on. You can tell me.”

Yuuri laughed as Victor shifted positions in the bed and slid out from beneath him. Soon Yuuri was the one on his back, shivering with excitement as Victor moved on top of him. He was beyond gorgeous with his hair glowing silvery white in the moonlight.

“I promise I won’t tease,” Victor said, eyes sparkling as he guided Yuuri’s thighs apart. “Much.”

The textured words slipped all over Yuuri’s body, rubbing him exactly the right way. “Maybe I had a little bit of a crush.” The words came out somewhat breathless as his pulse began to pick up speed.

Victor grinned down at him in the darkness. “Well, then . . . we have that in common. Only mine wasn’t little.”

A flood of heat began to pool low in Yuuri’s abdomen as Victor’s hips settled between his thighs. Their lips brushed together once. Twice. A mutual smile, sweet enough to inspire an ache.

Then Victor’s tongue was filling Yuuri’s mouth up, and there was nothing left to say.

You survived to the end my friends, and not everybody survives. You survived ‘till the end of the show, survived the end of the tour. Don’t know if I told you this, but I can’t think of a better place to end this than right here so thank you so much. Now I’m thinking of all the people I mentioned, or I thought of, and we wouldn’t be here without them. There’s so many of them in this room. I’m not gonna name them all. But before last night, the first and only time I’d been in this building, I was nine years old and my grandma took me to see the circus. And my grandma June is here tonight to watch u play on this stage. You know, I also need to mention, my old band mate, Chris. He was the first guy that really showed me what to do to put on a show. He said: “Hey, you see this chord? You plug it in to here, and this is how you get the piano to come out of the system.” He taught me everything I know when it comes to this stuff. He actually is the one who built that piano over there, seven years ago. And he’s here tonight. So thank you Chris, for everything you’ve done for us. We’ve got guys on this crew that have been here from the beginning, Daniel, Mark, Snider. Some I forget. Chris and Brad, you guys have believed in us from the very beginning. I know this feels like we’re accepting an award or something, but honestly, this kinda feels like one. Listen, we wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for a lot of people, if they didn’t exist. It is very important to know that if you, our fans, The Clique, were not here tonight, this would not be possible. So thank you so much for making this possible. So grateful for you guys. There’s one other person I’d like to talk about- who I would not be up here on this stage right now if it weren’t for- Josh Dun on the drums. Please give it up for him. Listen, I know you’ve been cheering all night, but I know you’ve got something else. Josh Dun on the drums everybody, c'mon. And you know I brought Michael out and it made me think of a lot of older shows, and we’ve bee closing out with a certain song for year now. It’s very cool for us to be showing this song to people. This might be my favorite song live and  I invite you to be apart of that tradition with us as we close out this show. We’ll give it everything we have, friends. We only have a little bit left in us, but we promise by the end of this, we will be nothing. So, join us.
—  Tyler Joseph’s Trees speech at the last ERS show at Madison Square Garden

Dear beloved.
Dear betrayer.
Dear Judas.

I was born into this cell. Don’t blame yourself. Your middle name was destiny, and besides, my father has been waiting for me all this time. I was on loan to this simple earth. It was never going to last.

As the pain drives itself into my palms, it shall not hurt me. I’ll remember your token of love on my lips, and taste you still. You taught me so many things, and the one I’ll remember more surely is how terrible, and beautiful, love is. The nails will be nothing compared to such divinity. You betrayed me with a kiss, and only the kiss was surprising.

You’ll wish yourself dead, fill your casket with silver coins. Nothing I can say will stop the rot inside your chest blooming to everything you touch. Just know, that when your heartbeat stops, it will be me cutting the rope from around your neck, me embracing you, and me showing you exactly how forgiveness is given. You loved me first, you loved me the most.

And I, Judas, loved you last.

—  Yeshua. (A.V.P)

I’m emotionally exhausted from this weekend. My old client passed on Friday amongst other events.
That man changed my life. We met when I was 18… and showed me this was the field I was meant to be in. Everything I know, he taught me. I will continue to share your wisdom with those around me. He will always be in my heart.

His funeral is tomorrow and I’m thankful I’ll be able to attend. I’m excited to see everyone and to celebrate his life. Because I know that’s what he would have wanted.

Never happened...

Do you regret loving him?
He caused me to feel alive, truly, for the first time when we were fourteen and standing on a mountain underneath the stars. He made me feel safe when I held his hand. He told me I was beautiful, and I loved hearing it; I loved believing it. He whispered his darkest fears to me sitting next to the fire after everyone had fallen asleep, confided in me his greatest dreams. He made me feel like I mattered.

Do you regret loving him?
His smile gave me butterflies. His laugh was entirely contagious, and hearing his happiness made me happy. His accomplishments made me feel proud. His eyes were dark yet they lit up when he looked at me. He was so handsome; I told him often, but I don’t think he ever believed it. He could not see anything good in himself, regardless of what I said, yet at the same time he carried himself with pride. He made me feel like I was lucky.

Do you regret loving him?
He liked to hold my hand when we watched movies with his friends, like I was his secret. He told me he liked my perfume. He got along with my father and was polite to my mother. He said my name differently than everyone else’s. He looked for me in crowded rooms and sighed in relief when he found me. He called me just to hear my voice. He made me feel like I was special.

Do you regret loving him?
He made promises often. He would make small ones, saying he wouldn’t forget to bring me my jacket, he would call at 5 o’clock, he would remember to pack a scarf. He would make large ones, too. He would promise to love me forever. He would promise to love me when it was difficult. He would promise to be there, always. He made me feel as if I was worth it.

Do you regret loving him?
He started to forget to call. He started to show up later and later. He began to forget the important things. He would speak of other girls with his friends, then attempt to brush it off when he saw I heard. He would snap back. He would roll his eyes. He would criticize. He would argue, he would make me feel small as his shouts filled the room. He made me feel as if I didn’t matter.

Do you regret loving him?
He would hold on to me too tightly. He would glare at me as I spoke with anyone else. He would grow insecure and tell me that I made him feel insignificant. He would grow irritated when I disagreed. He would get moody, he would blame it on the medication. He would grow furious, he would blame it on the alcohol. He made me feel as if I was stuck.

Do you regret loving him?
He didn’t find me beautiful anymore. He pointed out flaw after flaw, saw blemishes and gave me bruises when he spoke. He would tell other girls they were pretty. He would tell me that he hated me through slurred words and on low-quality voice mails. He would tell me he hated himself. He would promise that he was going to leave me, he would swear this time he meant it. He would come back just to go again. He made me feel as if I was worthless.

Do you regret loving him?
He gave me everything and nothing. He hated me and he loved me. He thought I was an angel, he thought I was the devil. He would shove me out the door, he would run after me. He would push me to the breaking point, he would put together my broken pieces. He would hit me with cutting words, he would heal me with flowering sentences. He made me feel everything and nothing all at once.

Do you regret loving him?
He taught me what it was like to love someone so much it hurt. He showed me what it meant to hate someone yet love them so deeply you did’t know it was possible.

Do you regret loving him?
He was the first person who saw me for all my flaws and sins and scars and loved me regardless; he was the first person who knew where they were and cut them open again and again.

Do you regret loving him?
He made me feel like I was unlovable, he made me feel like I was the only girl in the room. He gave me some of the best memories of my life.

Do you regret loving him?
He gave me some of my worst memories.

Do you regret loving him?
He told me he loved me. He loved me, he loved me, he loved me.

Do you regret loving him?
I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll ever know for certain. The only thing I know is that I don’t love him anymore; maybe that means I never really loved him at all, and how can I regret something that never happened?”

Nick Robinson - Kick ass


“Please, please, please, I really need to learn some kick ass moves and you are the only one who can help me!” Nick begged through the phone for about the sixteenth time that week. He wanted me to teach him some kicks and stuff because he was casted as Ben Parish for the new movie, The 5th Wave and wanted to improve his fighting skills before the filming started. My father taught me how to fight when I was a little and I had three older brothers who I was always fighting with, so I knew one or two things about how to kick someone’s ass.

“Nick, they will teach you the moves, you don’t need extra lessons from me,” I rolled my eyes turning a page in my History book I was trying to read, but my phone kept distracting me from it.

“I do! I have never did anything like this, I don’t want to seem unprofessional. Please, Y/N, just one afternoon.”

I sighed knowing he wouldn’t give up until I say yes. I watched at my calendar seeing that the rest of the week was kind of full with my practices and extra lessons and the filming was about to start on Sunday.

“I’m free today,” I said and then heard him shout a loud “YES!” in response to my answer.

“Okay, to be honest, I’m already on my way to your place, so ten minutes and I’m there,” he said making me raise my eyebrows.

“How did you know I would say yes eventually?”

“Y/N, please, I know you. Also, I didn’t know, I wanted to knock on your door until you say yes.”

I laughed at him and then just ended the call. I put away all my books knowing I would be able to study more that day and in exact ten minutes Nick arrived to my house.

We were friends since we met at a casting about five years before. He didn’t get the role he went for, but I got in. On the other hand, my acting career came to an end there, I realized I didn’t want to do this, but he became a well-known actor since then and I was proud to be his friend.

The doorbell rang and I run down to open it. Nick was waiting for me there in a pair of dark jeans and a plain, grey T-shirt. I couldn’t help but take a deep breath seeing his causal but hot look. I couldn’t deny that I was attracted to him. He was tall, handsome and just awesome, but I knew that thousands of other girls found him hot since he became a star and that some of them were way more beautiful than me, so I was just kind of silently admiring him all the time.

“Hey,” he smiled at me giving me a quick hug that reminded me how much taller he was than me.

We walked out into the backyard where I already set up a few mats we could practice on.

“Okay, so what do you want to know?” I asked as we stood at the middle.

“Everything. I want to be like… Like you were when you fought with that creepy girl in the gym.”

He only saw me fighting a few times, when he came to the gym while I was practicing, but he was always impressed how easily I could kick anyone out in minutes.

I sighed nodding my head and then we started with the basic things. I showed him the stuff my dad showed me when I was younger. I taught him how to defend himself and how to hit with his fist in the proper way.

“I’m scared I’ll hit you,” he sighed when I told him to try to hit my face.
“Oh, that’s sweet, you think you can actually hit me?” I chuckled. He wasn’t that bad, but there was no way he would be able to win against me.

“Hey, don’t underestimate me!” he protested. “What if I’m just pretending to be bad and am actually a karate master?” he asked arching an eyebrow at me.

“Then let’s see it. Why don’t we have a fight? If you are that great, I’m sure you can win,” I challenged and I could see that he wasn’t really into my idea, but nodded anyway. He just didn’t want to look like a chicken.

We took our positions and when I nodded the fight had started. Needless to say, that it took be about half a minute to take him down and win the fight. I was holding his hands back and kept him in place by placing one of my hands to his chest pressing it down. Our faces were dangerously close and I felt my heart starting to beat really fast.

“See? I told you I would win,” I whispered gulping hard. He stared into my eyes for a long moment and I was just about to let go of him when suddenly, with one perfect move he turned us over, so now I was on the ground and he was pinning me down. I gasped in surprise and I was ready to hear him brag about how he turned us over, but then he crashed his lips to mine surprising me for the second time within a few seconds.

We kissed for a few long moments, his hands were on my waist and I put my arms around his neck pulling him closer to me. But then we both pulled away trying to catch our breaths.

“Is this something you would do in a fight?” I joked chuckling lightly. He smiled at me shaking his head.

“No. This is something I have wanted to do in a long time,” he admitted making me blush immediately. “And I think it was the perfect ending of our fight,” he added grinning at me.

What is Xena: Warrior Princess about? Why is it such a strong and substantial show? Why shouldn’t the reboot happen?

In this piece of writing I want to talk about something that isn’t really talked about very intricately with Xena: Warrior Princess and why I feel it’s problematic and why I want to try to rectify it. I will explain what the show is ultimately about and why it’s such a strong and substantial show because of it better than any media outlet or website can or has. You see, the synopsis anywhere you look online for the show, such as Wikipedia or IMDB only really give the basic main plotline, which is Xena’s journey with redeeming herself from her past misdeeds. This is extremely annoying for me because it puts Gabrielle on the back-burner as more of a recurring character rather than a second lead character. It only mentions Gabrielle as Xena’s ‘sidekick’ or ‘tag along’ and this is infuriating! The show is just as much about Gabrielle as it is about Xena, even if the title of the show addresses only Xena. What isn’t talked about by these information media outlet websites are the other sides to the show. There is more than one main plotline in Xena: Warrior Princess and the show is much stronger and more substantial because of it. I am so unbelievably passionate about making people know and understand this so they would have more of a reason to watch it.

These are these main plotlines to Xena: Warrior Princess:

1. Xena’s journey and struggle with redemption (reconciling her past Self with her present Self and balancing her Dark side with her Light side… ect).

2. Gabrielle’s journey and struggle with evolving into a Warrior (the violence, bloodlust, vengeance, betrayal, lies, killings… ect)

3. Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship going from friendship to romance/friends-to-lovers (all the love, forgiveness, trust, faith, compassion, intimacy, care for one another… ect)

The 3rd main plotline only grows when the first 2 main plotlines have been taken care of and aided by each other. They both have their own separate storylines to which make the show absolutely groundbreaking, because not only do they do what they do for themselves, but they also do it for each other even more so than themselves. At the end of the day what the show really comes down to is the theme of LOVE. It’s all about the love ultimately as Lucy and Renee have said countless times and I absolutely agree with them.

Gabrielle chooses to become and remain a Warrior despite Xena being uncomfortable with it just to live and travel with her. So she could be by Xena’s side always helping and aiding her along in her quest for redemption and doing good and being a defender of the innocent.

Xena chooses to become and remain a do-gooder and a defender of the innocent only because Gabrielle is by her side. We know she would have given it up easily and went back to her old ways without Gabrielle beside her. Their own individual journey’s lasted so much longer because they had each other to think about and put first before themselves. That’s what ultimately grew their relationship and turned it from friends to lovers. What really made their relationship grow was the ability and the insistence to cater to each other’s needs, despite how much they struggled to do so throughout the show. Now why is this important and why is this such groundbreaking TV in the 90′s and even more so today? Well, they’re talking about that reboot aren’t they which most of the Xenties that are loyal to the original show don’t agree with, and I can understand why. Here is what it comes down to for the Xenites and why they are absolutely right in saying this reboot is ridiculous and shouldn’t go ahead.

Unless the reboot can offer these 3 main plotlines in some way, then that open lesbian relationship they’re talking about exploring between Xena and Gabrielle to the fullest extent they can in this day and age of TV, will be meaningless and more like queer-baiting, which was something Xena: Warrior Princess wasn’t. If anything, it was the entire opposite to queer-baiting. Now what is required for being able to offer the new generation audience, for this reboot to work and stand the test of time like the original has, is the unbelievable chemistry Lucy and Renee had in portraying the friendship and love between Xena and Gabrielle on screen. This is not possible without the other 2 main plotlines to the show. It’s the very fundamental existence to Xena: Warrior Princess and why it’s so strong and substantial. Why the original show went leaps and bounds over it’s predecessor Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in success and recognition. If the reboot cannot do this and the producers, writers and actors only make it about Xena and Gabrielle’s lesbian relationship, it will fail because it’s going to offend so many people. Especially those in the LGBTQ community. This will also mean the original show will develop such a bad reputation among the new generation audience and I cannot allow this. 

The original show means too much to me and all the Xenites to be tarnished all because a greedy and power-hungry company wants to cash in again on it by making a reboot without consulting with the original producers, writers and actors. Without the involvement of Lucy and Renee especially. I will not accept it and I will rebel and resist against it with all the power, strength and determination in my heart, mind and soul. Just like Xena AND Gabrielle have taught me since I was a very young child. To stand up for everything I believe in and never back down on it because the other side is stronger and more powerful and capable of destroying the reputation of something so incredible. It’s up to us, Xenites, to stop this reboot from happening and teaching people about the original show. 

I’m sorry this was so long. I had to express myself or I would of exploded. Thanks for taking the time to read it. We can and will do this together, Xenites, because we all know how much stronger and substantial something is when more than one Warrior comes together to fight for ‘The Greater Good’ not just for themselves, but more so for each other. I’m done. Battle on Xenites!

Pool Party

* Lafayette × Reader
* 2-45: All I know is that the stars have never looked brighter than in this moment with you
* Modern

A/N: OK I gift thee another Lafayette imagine! Uh so I got a new phone, which I use to write, so there may be more typos than normal as this phone is currently going nuts with auto correct. Besides that, enjoy!

Word Count: 2,867


You wish you could say you were glad that summer break had finally rolled around. It was the end of your first year of college, and sure you were happy for the break. You were not so happy about being apart from your new friends.

Hercules Mulligan went back to New York. John Laurens complained for weeks about returning home to South Carolina. And Alexander Hamilton and Lafayette went back to Virginia to their foster parents the Washingtons.

You missed them all so much. You missed Hercules’ loud booming voice. You missed watching and laughing at John’s shameless flirting. You missed counting how many cups of coffee Alexander drank daily. And you missed Lafayette. There were too many thinks about him you liked and missed to just narrow it down to one.

He was handsome and funny and kind and he had an accent and his habit of slipping back into french. He could bake and he always went out of his way to cheer up anyone of the gang. He was pretty amazing.

With your longing to see them all again, you were happy that Alexander suggested the gang all meets up at his house for a week or two. Of course everyone readily agreed which led to an insane amount of planning. You, Hercules, and John tried to get planes that came in the same day. And surprisingly you succeeded. And your plane would be the first one into Virginia of that day.

So you sat in plane, anxiously tapping your foot which was annoying your seat mate. You tried to listen to music or read a book but you we so excited to see Alexander and Lafayette and the guys again. Finally, the plane landed so you grabbed you personal bag and went to the baggage claim.

Standing near the arrival board were Alexander and Lafayette. There backs were turned as they tried to figure out which flight was yours and where your luggage would be. Still, it was hard to mistake the pair. Alexander was short compared to Lafayette and Lafayette’s hair was easy to spot. Wild curls detained in a fluffy pony tail.

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The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic)
The Swellers
The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic)

It was a young and angry summer
A song that changed my mind
I heard it on the radio
And if everyone else heard this
They wouldn’t be so sad
It was the best I ever had
It was the best I ever had

I remember April ‘94
September '96
And every day of '99
Whether I waited for those records
Or helped Seattle cry
It was the best I ever had
And I know we’ll never die

Yeah, we were right about it
We’d be lost without it
Yeah what could ever take that?

I miss it too
And I miss the songs we knew
And if I could go back
I’d do it all again
It was the best I ever had

While the world was waking up and
Putting on their suits
I was planning my escape
And when I had that conversation
With my mom and dad
I said I’m never looking back
It was the best I ever had

And they were wrong about us
We showed them not to doubt us
Yeah what could ever take that?

I miss it too
And I miss the songs we knew
And if I could go back
I’d do it all again
It was the best I ever had

I’d do it all again

I’ve been everywhere now
Searching far and wide
But she was down the street
She looked just like an angel
Flying down to me
But I was underground
Where the devil comes to feed

And everything felt so right
I could show it to do wrong
But she taught me everything
And I don’t know where she is now
But I’ll never forget
She was the best I ever had
Or ever will again
The best I ever had

And if everyone else heard this
They wouldn’t be so sad
It was the best I ever had

(The Swellers – The Best I Ever Had (Acoustic))