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Leela!!!! are you going to do a video review? or at least a list of your fav moments? :')))

i’ll try my best! for now i will just say. fucking ridiculously cute and entertaining i was crying laughing at one point and i think the way they work together is endlessly fascinating. i like that dan tried to stay calm kind of for phil’s sake bc he could sense how stressed phil was getting. i liked seeing phil legitimately completely flustered and screaming. i like that when dan was really the one guiding them through one of the tougher ones and they passed it, he said “we are amazing” instead of praising himself. i like that they both called out their own psychic connection/mind meld at various points like that’s a thing they both put stock and take pride in. and i love love love that they continue to show us that they pretty much always deal w stress by making each other laugh. that’s what made the last one of these vids so good too :( they’re such a good team :( 

also. phil needs to learn the difference between “diffuse” and “defuse” ughhh. you don’t diffuse bombs you defuse them and can that boy learn how to spell thenk

Okay, so I feel so weird posting this, but maybe it will spark some interesting conversation. Remember that my last dog would redirect and bite hard enough to make me bleed after just a few semi-stressful interactions, so a lot of this is slow and relaxed “wanna play?” body language to give him many opportunities to disengage.

So… As mentioned, I’m trying to communicate that kiss sounds=he should be gentle and when I chomp my teeth I’m saying that he has permission to play rougher. My “head nodding” at him like a rhino is a safe way for me to “wrestle” with him as I keep my face away from teeth and not loom over him/overwhelm (such as “grabby hands”/reaching for him/or bending over him might do; which are all common “mistakes” humans make when playing with dogs). Earlier we were doing this and he was happy to jump on my back and bite my neck, which I was happy he did because I was hoping for more pushiness from him and more role reversal to happen between the two of us.

Now Horizon is a pretty clear headed and confident dog and he doesn’t need me to be this slow or careful with him, but it will never hurt to show him that I can be a trustworthy being. It also is a really great bonding and learning experience for us! For example he learns to listen to subtle cues here and will likely look for more “clues” as to how he should behave in the future.

Onision is not blacklisted by YouTube.

This has been irritating me a lot lately, so I’m going to make a post about this and try to get the frustration out of my system. Apologies for this rant. YouTube does not have Onision blacklisted. The proof is the fact that he’s on a heavy downward slope on all the social media platforms he uses. Not JUST YouTube. (There are charts showing this but I’m on mobile..) So.. if he’s dropped on Facebook, twitter and even tumblr… what then? Did YouTube walk up to these platforms as well and go “PSSSSST! HEY! you know what would be great? If we just alllllll conspired against Onision!” No. They didn’t. Because that’s NOT HOW THIS WORKS. If it was JUST YouTube then maaaaybe I could see how people are falling for this bullshit. But it’s not. He’s losing fans across all platforms. Is any other youtuber experiencing a decrease in ALL the social media they use? If so, it’s not a damn conspiracy against them. It’s because they freaking suck and they know it. Old onion man is aware of this and knows DAMN WELL YouTube is not specifically targeting him but it’s so much easier to convince 12 year olds that it’s not his bad content ruining him it’s the big nasty meanies at YouTube! And I find it hilarious that he really thinks he can intimidate YouTube with his little hoard of obsessive fans tweeting at them… like…? 😂 there’s a million guys out here just like you Greg. You could be replaced oh so easily (and really, you already have been). YouTube never needed you, YouTube never hired you. You never worked for YouTube. You worked for yourself. I could go make a channel right this second and start uploading vids but that does not mean I was hired by YouTube. In fact, if I were you, I’d probably shut the hell up already seeing as how they have let you basically show the world pornographic images of teenagers without the consent of their parents/parental guardians WHILE MAKING MONEY OFF OF THEM and that’s.. yeah I’m pretty damn sure that’s illegal still. Because to be honest I get the itch to compile all those videos and screen caps from your forums before you “accidentally” deleted everything, make it into a nice little presentation and submit it to my local news station on a daily basis. And booooy let me tell you.. my town would EAT THAT SHIT UP. Parents are quick to get angry when they see grown men making money off of images of what could possibly be their teenage daughters. In their bra and panties with your name in eyeliner or maker across their thighs and stomachs no less! Oh yeah. That would go over SO WELL. (And if you’re a fan of his and disagree with me, please, I implore you to show those videos of his “body positivity” to your parents or an adult you trust and see what their reaction is. Ask them how they would feel if you submitted a photo of yourself similar to the ones in his videos.) Honestly Greg, I suggest shutting up now. Get the hell off the internet before this really explodes in your face. But then again, I’d enjoy watching you get your karma. So do what you will. I’ll be here eating my popcorn.

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1432 & Drama:

*I’ve spent so many months now sending anons on 5h/Camren related blogs with theories. So you probably have read what’s written below a couple of times before. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a theory I built on my head based on the latest events, MY POV & what I know about the industry (which is pretty limited but at least I’m aware of some things) If u don’t agree with any of it there’s no need to disrespect, again is merely my opinion*

**I wrote this theory three or four days ago and asked sun-to-my-luna to post the ss for me. Then I thought of creating this blog & posting it here, btw I added a few things. The paragraphs on bold are the extra parts** ———————————————————————————————————

Isn’t it interesting how the narrative with 5H has had a “plot twist”? First C was the bad guy of the story & now it’s reversed: The rest of girls are seen as hypocritical bitches…
I want y'all to forget about them for a moment, search through music history & focus on other girlgroups . Not just regular girlbands, names like Destiny’s Child, The Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls… Now think, what do they all have in common? They were known for having “feud & breakup rumours” up to their throats. Usually related to: Constant fights, or one of the members accused of having stoled the spotlight from the others, etc…
Why? I consider the main reason it’s cause *sarcasm* our lovely patriarchal society decides to always pitt women against women, the stigma that girls don’t work well with each other it’s been used by Hollywood since God knows when. That’s why media in general makes remark of it every time they have a chance & adding fuel to the fire. If you take a look at how they pull headlines for the equivalent situation with boybands, normally you’d find the reporter saying stg annoying like: “Ugh we hate to see our fav boys being fed up with each other, but don’t worry, I’m pretty sure they’ll fix things in no time…” or similar BS (invariably a rumour it’s over exaggerated by media but it was an e.g. to emphasise the whole idea of sexism here).

Back to 5H, it’s easy to put two & two together: THIS IS THE SAME NARRATIVE THEY ARE APPLYING WITH THEM. Stunt strategy. THEIR FIGHT IS MANUFACTURED. “To any action there’s a reaction”. Their team is arranging the “problematic GG” image to gain attention, spotlight, give the GP stg to talk about- let’s never forget how much people are drawn to gossip- but most importantly a strategy to SELL MORE. It’s not a secret that musicians make more profit out of touring. Think of how many arenas, how much the 7/27 tour sold. Easy, cause fans were worried it could be the last one. Epic must be the one behind this plan, Maverick (I don’t like them but I think they just follow orders from Epic most of the time).
The band’s rift started June/July 2015, since then everything has gone downhill when it comes the group’s reputation. We literally have no clue what goes BTS. We are only shown a 10% if we’re lucky. Therefore, who truly knows what could have led this disagreement to stir in the first place? Everyone thinks it’s the duet what triggered it, BUT AGAIN THAT’S THE NARRATIVE THEY WANT TO SELL US. It could have been the duet, it could have happened for many other reasons; either way their team saw potential on this & took it from there. It’s a well constructed plot.
At the very beginning I mentioned a plot twist, I’ll explain: Three days ago we kept believing C was the one who gave start to the “solo ventures” only to find out L was in talks for a project of her own a month prior to IKWYDLS release. Now… None of these determines which was planned sooner, of course everything indicates C’s song was written & recorded before but the planning of things inside the industry continues to amaze me with every second passed. Without sounding too paranoid or too pretentious, mgmt has a timeline & the order to follow each event is very precise.

Rumours were already all over the place by the time the girls went to the studio to record 7/27 (Oct/Nov 2015). This means there were still a couple of months ahead to put them back on track, back in the map. Without material, they had to keep the name of 5H on the spotlight. The gossips did their job. As a mainstream act, is so much easier to achieve & I really don’t need to explain this…
As far as I remember they had recorded a couple of takeovers by the time the Reflection European Tour was happening or at least they were rumoured, in case it was true, they never got uploaded… Again mgmt didn’t want to give us a full insight of how their friendship actually was- make no mistake, I’m not saying they didn’t have an altercation, we can tell they clearly had, but bear in mind the industry is controlling as hell- on what terms they were. No one is certain of how long their real feud could have lasted but obviously with media suffocating them, the fandom dividing intro branches (which I personally don’t consider [ot4s & -nizers] part of the fandom & no one should either) their label manipulating them, etc… obviously all of those aspects must have had an impact on their bond & later on led them to have better communication (as they’ve been claiming on recent interviews).
Whatever altercation they had, it has never stopped cause it will continue for as long as mgmt wants to take promo out of it. Basically for as long as they want to manufacture it. (Another reason why I don’t see takeovers coming back, sadly).

The girls not standing close on red carpets, leaving gaps…not quite sure when the girls stopped “posing like a group” but it was certainly before the duet. Maybe they strongly dislike red carpets & don’t give a shit about it (many other artists do, so…) Or it could also play another part to their “dysfunctional group image”. Still, after so many years & so many carpets, I’m pretty sure it loses the fun at some point.

So a stunt strategy would mean the girls have to act along this story line. Why am I so convinced about it? Cause it’s honestly the only way I can connect the dots. Specifically in these past few days, I’ve seen the majority of harmos confused about the girls’ actions. But keep in mind that if they disobey or hint at anything that goes against of what they’re pretending, surely they get called for it & they’re ordered to do or say stg else to keep the boat of lies afloat prompting to more confusion & the motive of why we don’t seem to fill in the blanks ever.
Defying their label… There are many ways to punish an artist. Mainly through its image, sometimes by controlling their actions or sending someone to drag them in a number of forms. I wonder if the girls have been punished through one of the many gossip articles… ¿?

If their team is manoeuvring the “they hate each other” tactic, the cards they play, have to match their moves as well (such a publicity stunt must have its flaws, mgmt must find very difficult to hide things from us). Every single time OT5 seems to be rising, there’s stg that “stops” it.
E.g. After D & L had spoken for several interviews addressing rumours & how they are like sisters to each other, etc… “Their lifestyle isn’t really conducive to friendship, you hope to keep people working together as long as you possibly can without the whole thing imploding.”- Maverick’s Adam Lamber on 5H (Billboard article). Coincidence ¿?
Though D is constantly trying to keep OT5 alive, I would say at times she’s given green light for DAMAGE CONTROL PURPOSES. The fanbase is pretty intense already, their team obviously needs to control us. The “breakup” narrative mainly applies for media & GP; as fans we overthink in general, we’re sceptical so without D feeding our little OT5 hearts we’d be driven mad tbh. They got to keep it balance for both sides.

A moment that caught us off guard indeed was when a familiar vid of OT5 jamming to IKWYDLS at that award show invaded our Twitter timelines.
“So the girls actually support C?”-> THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION…
I’m a firm believer they do, albeit I would say there exist restrictions as in when the other girls can show their public support or not.
Let me elaborate: D showed us on her SC her support for BT- btw N was also there with her during the performance, see the vid again in case y'all missed it- but here’s the funny part: None of the girls congratulated C through TWITTER ACTIVITY, yet they all did for L. I am led to believe they weren’t going to post or liked anything related to BTM, bc (to be fair) if they weren’t given the chance to do it for C, they wouldn’t do it for L either. But to keep on with the narrative, mgmt made them do it (the worst part of it all is that it worked cause y'all extra asses exploded on my tl). A year ago almost each but A, tweeted C for IKWYDLS (in my opinion, those congratulations didn’t seem that genuine) if they were quote unquote shady back then (when they were actually between a disagreement) why acting even more petty now (when they actually are on positive terms) & not acknowledging your bandmate project at all? It makes no sense (I repeat, only thru Twitter, cs y'all give it too much relevance apparently).

What keeps being the detonator for further drama explosions within the fandom is the hate C’s received & LAND’s silence towards it. My theory is based on how much of a puppet show is the industry’s life (go check out emisonme latest post to see what I mean, very important info to take into consideration).
You’d be utterly innocent if you’ve never considered mgmt able to control their social media accounts & their comment on these (quick note: bday posts, virtual interactions totally fall under this category). L has said in the past (through Tumblr ask) that even their blogs are monitored so Twitter is definitely out of the question.
Here’s what I think: The girls don’t make PUBLIC statements to defend C not bc they don’t want to, bc THEY ARE NOT ALLOW TO.
It makes them look shitty as hell, but let’s bring back that day when we found out C was harassed with text messages by that band [I don’t recall their name] stg as sexist as that, was expected to bring the others to say anything. Seriously the girls promote feminism in all the extent of the word but that day they stayed muted. Leaves me wondering: Was it really by choice? If y'all think them fake ass feminists, okay then… To me this only proved further the way they’re restricted with interactions *cough* camren *cough*
Trust me, I’d love to see the girls standing up for C, but at this point haters gonna hate. Unfortunately it doesn’t take one or four tweets to stop it.
Keeping 4/5 from tweeting about the hatred the most popular member gets…it’s pretty self explanatory. SCANDAL it’s written all over it. Sounds like hitting the jackpot for media & reporters…

Speaking of reporters, interviewers come to mind: Have y'all ever wondered why 5H has never been on a talk show? 2016 promised a lot for them, at least more than one show could have invited them by now… Idk on a scale 1-10 how scripted those interviews are, but I can assure it will give us a glimpse of OT5’s relationship overall. What if their label doesn’t want that yet? Maybe not exactly for us to see where does the band currently stands, but for OUTSIDERS. People who don’t belong to the fandom, they’ve all heard the same thing: Fifth Harmony are not friends with one another. Despite on how united they’re today, the GP perceives the group like each girl hates the girl next to her. It will take only one interview for those to realise: “It seems they’re closer of how media pins them”. (About this last part, don’t take too much, I have yet to think why haven’t they been on a talk show properly, to me it’s honestly weird, but there could literally be a variety of reasons; besides I legit ignore how an artist is invited or scheduled, I’m not that inform on the subject).

Sure 5H has fights now & then & it’s hard to be on the same page always (like it happens with any group) but to be in the midst of such a toxic ambiance- where you don’t even allow a balanced coexistence to develop- 24/7 for any of the members for more than a year now, just imagine…(excuse me but I don’t believe the girls capable of doing that, creating that type of unhealthy work environment, it’d be just miserable & I legitimately trust they are not the kind of people to hold resentment).
What happened with N on Twitter, well it could be two things: Whether she wasn’t aware this acc had bullied C before or mgmt did it. I mean as an ambassador of an anti cyberbullying project, it’s just absurd to think she did it on purpose. I genuinely don’t think mgmt made her tweet that, simply I believe she didn’t stalk that acc & didn’t noticed the hatred behind.

By this point I don’t know how many of y'all continue to be engaged on the theory… I understand my position is more “blame it all on the industry rather than the celeb”.
Some of y'all say C is the bad guy, others claim that the rest are the villains, when in reality the real enemy of the story is THE INDUSTRY. The industry doesn’t give a fuck about their feelings or if they get hate on a daily basis.
E.g. Jojo during her transition to adulthood was told to lose weight or else her album wouldn’t be release. The fact that many artists are closeted say a lot (open your eyes, L WAS GIVEN PERMISSION to come out… If you seriously think any celebrity is granted the choice to scream out their sexuality whenever they feel ready to, then you live in a giant bubble of fantasy).
This industry forces them to lie or change aspects that go from their appearance to sexual orientation. Aspects that are turned into an spectacle just so these “chairmen” can get their filthy hands on an absurd amount of money. Just like government there’s always someone behind. THE DARK SIDE OF FAME, truly goes beyond lack of privacy & cameras following you everywhere. The difference between the percentage of profits a label takes in compare to their stars it’s massive.

It may seem like I’m “kissing ass” but I do want to clarify stg: The girls aren’t perfect, they make mistakes obviously. No, I don’t think they all have done things completely right during this process- yeah, it truly might be that C was the one who screwed up when the duet happened, or a possibility for LAND to have missed the chance for standing for her when she needed the most- however we don’t have the right to reproach them for this, by no means disrespect any for the same. As our idols, it’s natural that we care so much but we can’t pry THAT FAR into there personal live or careers cause in the end, like it or not, we only see the film once that it’s edited & set on screen, but never the way it was worked behind cameras.
As the audience, I’ve noticed we tend to expect a lot from celebrities. All celebrities in general. One fail & the internet won’t let them forget (even after they’ve apologised). We have to remember that THEY’RE HUMANS TOO. They fall, they get back on their feet, they change but an aspect that most haters choose to erase from them is the fact that THEY FEEL. Being in the public eye is hard enough. Our jobs as the audience is not to turn this even tougher for them. More than one celeb has addressed how they can have it all but at the same time how they feel empty & destroyed inside.
To me the best kind of celebrity is the one who is nothing but grateful towards the fans & the one who takes the time to continuously learn to educate them. The girls might have screwed up in the past (& bc they ain’t robots) they will, but if I’m well aware of stg is that they have proven multiple times to be this type of celeb. They thank us for every achievement, appreciate us, & use their platforms to spread awareness & love. Please respect them.

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Heeeyyy What was going on here?? I need this video of this moment?!?? Do we know what the shows are filmed for? twitter /_annas98/status/908379114607861761

Hello! I’m pretty sure Niall’s tour is being documented, as you can see here, the filmmaker says he’ll be at a couple of these dates so it might be that they’ll use footage of the Japan show in the documentary as well :) 

Here’s the vid we’re talking about if anyone’s interested

I lost count how often I clicked on random kpop vids that had not ANYTHING to do with BTS but the whole comment section was just about them. “Ohh, imagine J-Hope dancing to this!!” “I feel like BTS could’ve done this concept better” “Ohmygod BTS needs to do this (variety show) for sure!! Imagine Jimin’s reaction!” and “I’m an ARMY so I'l already used to perfection, haha, but this is pretty good too”. I could go on but, yes, the fans ARE shoving BTS EVERYWHERE. And I tried to get into KNK but Army’s already “claimed” this spot too because of the past training activities of the members!! Seriously, I really just want to calmly ignore BTS because I’m not a fan but it’s impossible if you stay a Kpop fan and try it.

I’m humbled that so many of you liked my post today.

I didn’t plan on writing about my marriage when I got up this morning, but I did so for a number of reasons.

First, I wanted to show that chemistry doesn’t have to die. It can. It does, but it doesn’t always. I’m thrilled that so many women with long marriages have commented! As Gellis Duncan remarked about love, ‘So it is possible.” It’s also hard, hard, hard, but oh so worth it.

Second, I wanted to show that love can be seen. We can’t always correctly interpret what the love we see means. Our friend correctly interpreted that my husband and I love each other in a romantic/sexual way. When I see Sam and Cait, I know they love each other. I see it. People who interview them see it. People who meet them see it. Most of you see it. But I can’t interpret for sure what kind of love that is.

That realization brought me to the third reason I wrote: I had a revelation today about my feelings about Sam and Cait: I want them to be happy more than I want them to be together. They are good people, remarkably good people, talented people, giving people. They’ve given us so much happiness, so much of themselves. I don’t need mined information. I don’t need secret sources. I certainly don’t need information about private people not in show business. I admit, I would like Sam and Cait to be together, but that’s their business, not mine. I don’t need anything they don’t want made public. I need the show in three weeks. I need the books. And my tumblr friends, I need your pretty pictures and gifs and vids and fanfics and your funny tumblr posts that cheer me up on a dreary day.

To Sam and Cait, I give you my viewership, my respect, my love, and I give you your privacy and your time to find where your own happiness lies.

#outlander #privacy #soitispossible