this show so pretty.......i need vids

My hopes for Blindspot s2B:

1. Don’t kill Roman

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2. Get back to Kurt making *heart eyes* at Jane

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3. Get back to Jeller doing more than making *heart eyes* at each other

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4. Give Patterson a frickin’ break when it comes to her love life. She is teh adorbz and deserves good things!

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5. More Roman

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Totally no ulterior motive in that last one, nope. *whistles innocently* ;)

6. More of the team being a team again

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(GIF reversed and I don’t even care. It’s good stuff, yeahhhhhhhh. ;) )

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8. Let them be happy at least SOME OF THE TIME PLZKTHX?

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9. And lastly, some more Rich Dotcom because he’s a card, I enjoy him and especially because he’s a beautiful Jeller shipper and the world needs more of us, especially when they’re ACTUALLY ON THE SHOW

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Signed with love xoxoxoxo,

Aislynn, faithful fan since day 1 whose fangirl heart TPTB has been relentlessly stomping for far too long now ♥♥♥


@mistablendmistablend is pretty damn funny and I love his juicing vids🙌 he went vegan This year so definetly show This brother some love
This mornings juice is called #Katana because it is SHARP like the sword!! What you’ll need:
4 oranges (juiced)
6/7 carrots (juiced)
Inch of ginger
1 teaspoon turmeric
½ a lemon (squeezed)

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Zayn ft. Big Payno

I lost count how often I clicked on random kpop vids that had not ANYTHING to do with BTS but the whole comment section was just about them. “Ohh, imagine J-Hope dancing to this!!” “I feel like BTS could’ve done this concept better” “Ohmygod BTS needs to do this (variety show) for sure!! Imagine Jimin’s reaction!” and “I’m an ARMY so I'l already used to perfection, haha, but this is pretty good too”. I could go on but, yes, the fans ARE shoving BTS EVERYWHERE. And I tried to get into KNK but Army’s already “claimed” this spot too because of the past training activities of the members!! Seriously, I really just want to calmly ignore BTS because I’m not a fan but it’s impossible if you stay a Kpop fan and try it.