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Have you seen the spoilers? They ofc don't mention Beth, but there are frequent flashbacks to24th the moment Maggie and Sasha have together after her death. Just saying...

Hey Hon. I just answered something about this. (Sorry, I should have combined them.) But yes, even if Beth doesn’t show up in the finale, there are some powerful callbacks to her and her arc. 

And what Maggie apparently says during that scene? Whoa. As I just said in a previous Ask, even if she doesn’t show on Sunday, I feel like she’s right there, just a breath away, and will be in 8x01. It will totally suck to have to wait all summer to find out, if that’s the case, but there have been way too many signs of her this season for me to give up yet. 

Here’s hoping she does show up, though, and make all of our lives much easier. ;D Thanks so much. Totally with ya in side-eyeing this scene! Xoxo!

“If there was anyone who cared about me, God already killed them. My mother died when I was eleven. She had heart problems because of all the drugs. These two tears are for her. I can’t even remember her face. I remember going to her funeral but I don’t remember her face. When I dream about her, all I hear is her voice. There’s no dialogue or anything. It’s just her voice, saying: ‘Come here, Jeff. Come here, Jeff.’ After she died, all that mattered was surviving. Nobody showed me love. Maybe things would have been different if I had parents. Maybe I’d have a place to live. Maybe I’d have accomplished something. So I don’t feel guilty for anything. Why should I? God doesn’t feel guilty for killing my mom.” (2/2)

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

mon el usually makes me bitter and annoyed every single episode but i’m fuming after this one and i’m gonna tell you exactly why

1) “i liked being a hero bc it meant i could be by your side” mon el should not want to be a hero just bc he’s horny for kara, if he really paid attention to kara and cared about what she did as supergirl, he would know that.

2) HE SAID I LOVE YOU??? HES NEVER SHOWN TRUE RESPECT OR LOVE FOR HER, i feel like you need to at least show your love for someone before declaring it (and also in such an awkward situation… yikes™). meanwhile maggie and alex are the most supportive and loving gfs ever, have been in a healthy relationship for quite awhile at this point (probably months??), and they’ve barely gotten super intimate scenes or kisses, let alone an i love you from either of them.

3) he should not have to rely on kara to be a better person. sure she can introduce him to the idea to being a decent person and she can inspire him or whatever, but he can grow as a fucking person ON HIS OWN BY HIS OWN WILL

4) “will you ever tell me the truth?” “i don’t know” RED FLAGS RIGHT THERE BUDDY IF YOU CANT BE HONEST AND COMMUNICATE W YOUR PARTNER THEN LEAVE THEM, DUMP THEM, DROP (KICK) THEM. why didn’t kara get rid of him 10 years ago.

5) except kara can’t really get rid of him bc mon el doesn’t know the concept of listening to someone’s wishes and giving them space. he’s so entitled it’s so obvious like he always thinks he knows more than kara. she’ll tell him to do something and then he’ll go “hmm i think not” and then when things inevitably get fucked up he asks for another chance

6) speaking of “”“second”“” chances, at this point it’s not a second chance, mon el, you’re begging for mercy that you don’t deserve. kara has given you plenty of chances and undeserved guidance and you never. fucking. learn.

7) honestly this probably doesn’t even begin to cover it there are definitely some points im missing

Honestly I am so upset that all they did with sugilite was make her destructive. Why couldn’t we have some of nicki’s personality, when her actual personality is so much closer to what amethyst/garnet as a fusion should have been?

For example, I would have loved to have seen sugilite be super bubble gum sweet to steven because of how much garnet and amethyst love and care about steven. Why would they possibly hurt him? Why would that make any sense at all, even for the direction that the show was going. the sardonyx arc still could have happened because of nicki’s show persona of just being a super strong iconic woman of color who loves being herself

That whole thing could have been that sugilite doesn’t fuse much because garnet and amethyst love each other so much and feel so much stronger together around pearl that they don’t want to unfuse. They love being sugilite because sugilite is a wonderful fusion to be. It didn’t have to be “they’re too volatile and destructive” when even malachite wasn’t that destructive.

Literally it is absolutely abhorrent that they made sugilite more destructive than malachite when it would have been so easy to have garnet or amethyst say something like “we don’t fuse often because we love our fusion too much, and we are more useful to the crystal gems as individuals” rather than shelf another black coded gem for being too “violent”

No, but really. Power Rangers (2017) was an incredible film. Yes, a lot of it was absolutely silly, but my god that’s exactly what I wanted. I’m so tired of grimdark reboots. This movie had such a great sense of FUN. Rita Repulsa was over the top and wonderful. Each Ranger was interesting, but Billy really steals the show. They focus on the character building a lot, which is exactly how it should have been. I really cared about them by the final fight, and that made it very satisfying. Zordon even had an arc!

And because people want to know (it IS important) Billy is autistic, he states this outright to Jason, and it’s very well done. Trini is definitely questioning, but she never confirms her sexuality to her teammates or the audience. She says that her parents “like labels” and that she can’t talk to them about her relationships. Zack asks “boyfriend troubles?” Then after getting a sarcastic response asks “girlfriend troubles?” Trini doesn’t respond to that, but it seems to bother her.

This movie is so good though, you guys. Go see it, you won’t regret it, and may the Power protect you.

Bellamy, Leadership, and 402

I was gonna put this up earlier in the week when 402 was still our most recent episode but life happened in ways that got me distracted from meta so whatev have some feelings dump now

Okay, so, obviously, the record will show I love Bellamy awkwardly twitching his eye at Clarke and telling her she can come along on their Azgeda roadtrip in 402, but I also want to talk about that from a larger perspective. Because I think it’s interesting to note how completely differently I see that entire interaction going had Clarke gone along.

Part of that is, of course, that Clarke would have been firmly on team “generator now, slaves later.” I think that’s completely clear and, in theory, that should make it a tied vote: Bellamy, Harper, and Bryan voting to free the slaves vs. Clarke, Monty, and Miller voting to take the generator and leave the slaves.

But, in my opinion, if Clarke was there, it wouldn’t have ever come down to the kind of vote that’s set up in the episode, because of the way Clarke (and Clarke and Bellamy, as a leadership unit) function and dominate decisions. And it’s very clearly a function of Clarke, not Bellamy, which is a surprise in a lot of ways. Back in 104, we get Bellamy telling Clarke to not get other people involved in the Murphy issue, and Clarke learns he’s right, and we get a callback to that in 401, when he tells her not to tell people about the end of the world until they have a plan.

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Okay but let’s talk about this flashback. Anybody else notice how flustered Coulson got when she showed up on his mission? I bet he used to do a lot of internal prepping before missions with May. You know, to try and look cool. Because of his GIANT crush on her.

Of course, if we talk about that we should also address the fact that the second he was his true dorky self May was straight up heart eyes for Coulson. Because of her GIANT crush on him.

Anyway, it’s canon that these two have been super into each other for a very, very long time. It’s just never been the *right* time.

And guess what? That’s changing.

*sees leaked video for new episode*

Soooo……Connie is just totally fine with Lapis? Even though the last time that we saw them, Lapis tried (and practically succeeded) to drown her?


You know, for the most part I’m fine with things progressing in the background. This show is told from Steven POV and he can’t be present for everything. And other characters shouldn’t just be put on hold until the mains see fit to include them. I dislike that type of storytelling, so I don’t mind that SU does this.

But this? Forget whining about your damn ships, this is something that we should have been shown. Lapis tried to DROWN her and Connie was a 10-11 year old girl at the time. That’s not something she should just shrug off and be fine with. So if they have resolved stuff, why haven’t we seen it? Why is Lapis constantly getting away with the shit she does?

I mean, it was a brief clip, so I could be wrong. But I doubt it. So what the actual fuck, Crewniverse?

13x13 on a Nutshell

- No matter how much cutting edge technology, skill or talent you have, without experience, you can’t really teach (learn if from Webber, Minnick)

- No matter how good of a resident/doctor/surgeon you are, you don’t have superpowers. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Bad outcomes are part of the job and a really important part of the education of a resident

- Arizona is actively being a peds surgeon again?

- What was the point of having Leah Murphy back again? As if the show wasn’t already overcrowded 🙄

- Perhaps GSMH should prioritise getting the right people to do the job before thinking about teaching. An ortho performing abdominal surgery on a 9 year old and a trauma surgeon being chief of General Surgery aren’t really promising signs of excellence and good qualifications

- Catherine changes her mind about April like she changes cities

- Has Alex got his job back or not? Haven’t the court papers been back yet?

- Has Maggie been spending so much time with Meredith that she’s learned how to be bitter and rude?

- Have Maggie and Meredith completely ignored that Amelia is “missing”? No one gets to bang their heads this week guys, sorry, we are closed for neuro

- GSMH trains trauma surgeons to perform elective surgery on cancer patients? Impressive Chuck Norris style surgeons. How many hours of training do they get a week to be skilled in so many different specialties?

- Nobody cares about Ben and Bailey’s marriage

- This season has had one of the worst continuity, writing and storytelling I ever remember seeing

Denee Benton, Brittan Ashford, Grace McLean, & Company

I’m going to talk a bit about how serendipitous this cast really is. Both Phillipa and Denee are perfect Natashas. Pippa comes across a bit more like the determined “cossack” described in the book, while Denee possess a youthful innocence that is undeniably difficult to perfect onstage. Brittiain’s  Sonya is beyond words. I also met her at Ghost Quartet and her passion and kindness were as evident in real life as they are onstage. It’s as if the character from the book gets the chance to narrate, plot dump, and sing a Fleetwood style ballad or two, every night. As for Grace McLean, what can’t I say about her? Her band, “Grace McLean & Them Apples” and her flawless voice/soundboard mixing skills are things you should totally check out. Her impromptu shows have been on repeat since I found out about her in the show’s earlier incarnations. Anyways, cast kudos rant #1 over…awesome world building in this song btw.  

I’m more pissed at the fact that they thought Lena needed a love interest than at the fact that they are trying to make Lena straight...

Lena does not need a love interest! if they wanted to give her a love interest, they should have waited till season 3. 

This season was about Lena distancing herself from being a Luthor and succeeding at making L-Corp a force for good. Adding a love interest is not only unnecessary it is actually offensive because for a supposedly female driven show they are proving more and more often that female characters need to be in a relationship to be validated or something.

Sanvers should have been the only romantic focus of this season. Kara in less than 2 full seasons has already gotten FIVE love interests and the one they are sticking to is in fact, the worst! Now Lena too? Lena was the one female character on this show without a love interest and now here we are…

Hey remember when Winn was Kara’s “best friend” and she went out of her way to thank him for always being there for her? Remember when he had his own emotional arc about not wanting to be his father? Remember when the show didn’t just give us tiny hints of backstory/character growth and then abandon it for multiple episodes?

12x14. "The Raid"

On one hand, I’m glad Dean stood up to Mary about the crap she’s been pulling, working with her sons abusers and hiding shit behind their backs. That most definitely needed to be adressed.

Of course It doesn’t do any good, however, if the writers have Dean apologizing later and basically giving Mary an out after all her bullshit. Remember when Dean said “Just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you’re family. You have to earn it.” ??? Cause she sure as hell hasn’t earned it…

Mary shows no empathy whatsoever towards her sons. Saying she needed time when really what she needed was diatance from them. (How motherly)

Sam gave her John’s journal so she should be more than up to speed with what life was like for them growing up. So her comment about how Dean’s not a kid anymore and doesn’t need the crusts cut off his sandwich was both insensitive and cruel. He should be able to express his feelings without having them handwaved away. Same goes for Sam. Why are the writers so adamant about dissmissing his feelings?

Sam was brutally tortured by the BMOL and yet Mary doesn’t see any problems working with them because they are efficient? Really? That’s a bunch of bullshit. And why the writers would have Sam choosing to work with these people is completely ridiculous and like a slap in the face to everything he’s worked to achieve. Seriously, he deserves better than that!

Also, pitting the boys against each other is so overused and something we had already moved past. Why the writers thought that was a good idea I’ll never know, especially since they were finally on the same page and working together as a team. The boys being unified was literally the only thing I liked about this season so thanks for blowing that for me.

Between the writers writing their characters ooc this season, the fan service, and just truly horrible plot holes I don’t see much redemption for season 12. Let’s hope the writers pull their heads out of their asses and fix this mess they’ve made before we head into season 13.

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Sakamaki brothers what would you do if you over heard some boys talking about how cute your S/O is and are thinking about asking her out on a date?

♥Shu: …Are they for real? How bothersome… Now I have to protect her from guys who want to get under her skin… Well, not on my watch. Don’t they have enough whores around them?

♥Reiji: Hm, perhaps I should have a little chat with those teenagers. And for her, well… I would really like her to inform me when and where she met them. Doesn’t she remember I warned her about that kind of people?

♥Ayato: I should show those idiots who I am?! How do they even dare to think that they have a chance with Chichinashi?! They will run away crying when they find out who the hell Ore-sama is!

♥Kanato: She? Cute?? I bet she has been talking to them behind my back! Why would she do that?! She belongs to me!… She should pay attention to me only… -sobs-

♥Laito: Hmmm… Looks like Bitch-chan doesn’t mind having more than one man in her life, nfu~… But maybe I should remind her who makes her feel whole~ I mean, It would be too bad if those guys disappeared all of sudden, right~?

♥Subaru: Goddamit…I dare those bastards to try to talk to her… They will never forget my fists. And I won’t let her get near them, either.

apparently legends of tomorrow straight up used the term “bisexual” to describe sara lance tonight so maybe we can all finally let that discourse die and i can (un)happily move on to having to defend another dc lady:  a character does not have to be completely and utterly selfless every moment of every day to be a good character or a good person.  

honestly, caitlin has every right to want her powers gone.  she has every right not to want to live the way she has been for the rest of her life. the fact that she made that decision for herself is not something that totally condemns her character. yeah, she should have told the rest of the team about the stone, but she’s also had like… the agency of her secrecy consistently stripped from her all season (remember when she wasn’t even allowed to tell the team about her powers on her own terms?).

and tbh characters! make selfish decisions on this show! all the damn time!  i didn’t see half of y’all up harry’s ass last week when he fucking faked an illness to get jesse to stay with him (or attacking him for generally being pragmatic and selfish most of the time).  even barry has made selfish decisions (namely, flashpoint) which he owned up to in this episode when caitlin was blaming herself. it’s not a bad thing from a writing standpoint for characters to make mistakes, or not be pure selfless martyrs all the time, but people never seem to get their hackles up when it’s a Male Fave.

there’s a few other things i could point out like, say, it being wally’s decision to take the stone out of the lab in the first place. or the fact that savitar admitted he’d set wally up to take his place LONG before any of this even came into play. or the fact that a piece of the stone being missing was what prevented him from escaping much earlier. but whatever i’ll leave you guys to your blind character hate, i guess.

Room for Ruby Spoilers!

I am especially happy with how Lapis was written in this episode. I  was worried that the show was holding back on Lapis’ development with Earth but this episode said a lot about her character. She obviously has the tendency to bottle things up which is not healthy for her seeing how she snapped at the end. I can’t wait to see her develop with the other cgs. Also that ending…Navy is obviously going to get the rest of the squad so we should definitely be expecting their return, and they probably won’t be alone.

In other words I have never been so psyched for what is to come  

But Dylan’s Better - Cole & Dylan Fluff

Request: Can I request one where Cole & reader are castmates in Riverdale & are really good friends. They have a running joke that she thinks Dylan is the hotter & the better twin. Cole decided, as a joke, that she should meet Dylan & she surprisingly ends up all flustered when she meets him. Making Cole tease her relentlessly about it? I hope that makes sense? haha Just lots of fluff and friendship 😁

Warnings: None :)

Notes: None :)

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“Aww, look how cute Cole looks here!”, Lili exclaims while showing me a photo of Cole when he was younger and laughing when I saw it.

“I’ve always been a Dylan fan though”. I laugh. 

“Shit, really?”, Cole asks. “I thought I was your favourite”, he jokes and winks at me. 

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“Nah, Dylan’s better”.

—– 2 months later —–

Ever since that conversation, Cole and I have become closer and have running joke that Dylan’s the better twin. Whether if someone comments on Cole’s acting, or just on him in general, I would always joke and say that Dylan’s better. 

Cami and I talked for a while after Cole and I finished up on a scene that we had been working on.

“Shit, man”, she laughs. “Cole was so good in that scene though”.

“Yeah, I know, but Dylan’s better”, I laugh.

“Is that so?”, a male voice was heard behind me. I turned around and was met my Dylan. Cami laughed so hard, she started crying. 

“Y/n, meet Dylan - the ‘better’ twin”, Cole smirks. 

“U-ugh, hi Dylan’, I stutter and blush furiously. I felt my whole body heat and and turn into moosh. 

“How’s your day been?”, Dylan asks, still laughing at me. 

“She’s been good. Hasn’t stopped blabbering how great and hot you are”, Cole teases. I stick my tongue out and blush harder - if it was even possible.

“I have not!”, I defended. 

“You so have”, Cami laughed from behind me. I bury my face in my hands, too embarrassed to look at Dylan.

“Aww come here”, Dylan laughs and envelopes me into a massive hug. “How about you and I go out to dinner - if you’re free - and we can properly get to know each other?”. I look up and nod. 

“I would like that very much, thank you”, I smile. 

The whole time I was thinking in 3x12, like why didn’t the team just cut off Iris’ arm to stop what that meta did to her? Does anyone really believe the levels of cold put on her arm would need just a cast and two days to heal? Clearly the people writing this show don’t know squat about medical science. At those levels of severe cold the patient would need an immediate amputation due to extreme freezing temperatures. Also, the Westallen pandering was at it’s all time high with Barry not even caring that Caitlin might fully turn evil at the expense of saving useless Iris, what the fuck? Have they stopped being friends since 3x07? Did you really need to give that moment to Julian? A man we only just met in the last 3 months. Barry knows Caitlin longer, it should have been him getting through to her. It’s called follow-up development writers.
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This one is for @irishlullaby - “Crane rescues an injured kitten”


Abbie put the finishing touches to the chicken and leek pie she was readying for the oven and checked her watch. Crane really should have been home by now. Knowing him, he’d swung by the library and was giving old Mrs Jennings the time of her life by waxing lyrical about microfiche and how it would have won the war blah blah. Or letting her regale him with the happenings of her favourite TV shows.

She grinned to herself. She had to admit, his little rants sort of made her day. She enjoyed hanging back and letting him climb up on his soapbox. It was excellent entertainment. 

It should have been even more entertaining when his recent haircut after his return from Scotland garnered him a whole boatload of female attention.
But… somehow, it wasn’t. Somehow, it irked her. She should have been pleased that he had the opportunity to get back out there after all the business with Katrina. But instead….

Instead he was no longer the man who fit safely in the “quirky, odd re-enactor type” box. Suddenly he was kinda… attractive.

She slid the pie in the oven and told herself to think about Daniel Reynolds. He was a good guy. Handsome. From, you know, her own era. He had a good job.
So why didn’t he make her heart do the pitty-pat?

Crane’s key turned in the door as she laid out placemats on the table.
“My apologies, Lieutenant. I was unavoidably detained.”

Abbie opened a bottle of white wine. “Mrs Jennings updating you on the happenings of Jersey Shore again?” The librarian was well known for her love of reality TV.

“Something different, I am relieved to report.” He moved towards her, his hands unbuttoning his coat. For a second Abbie experienced a flash of mixed panic and excitement, wondering what he was about to do.

Then, a little furry black head poked its way out from under the neck of Crane’s open shirt.

Abbie stared for a second. “What…?”

“Allow me to introduce you to… Mabie.”

The kitten mewed.

Abbie set the bottle of wine down. “Mabie?”

“I was passing the tavern at the time. It seemed apt.” He gently gathered the bundle of scruff out of his shirt and held the kitten in his cupped hands. The little creature looked absurdly small in his wide palms and long fingers. “The poor dear appears to be injured. No collar in sight, I fear.”

Abbie watched as Mabie struggled to get to her feet on Crane’s outstretched palms. Her back leg folded on the second attempt.

“Poor little thing,” she murmured. The cat looked up at her with bottomless green eyes.

“Let’s see if we can’t find you a comfortable bed and perhaps a light repast,” Crane told Mabie softly. “On the morrow, I shall visit the shelter in town where proper care shall be taken of that leg.”

He bent down to give the kitten and little kiss on the head, and the cat anticipated his move, leaning up to buss its furry cheek against his chin, letting out a deep purr.

A piece of Abbie’s heart drifted off from the whole and was lost to Crane forever. She knew in an instant that she’d never get it back.

“My apologies for my tardiness regarding dinner,” he said, as if he hadn’t completely rocked her world by rescuing a tiny adorable kitten.

“Sure.” She tried to sound nonchalant and thought she’d just about pulled it off. “It’ll be about twenty minutes yet.”

“That being the case, my new friend and I shall go in search of a suitable bed for the night. I believe there are some boxes in one of the upstairs bedrooms that may yet be of use.” And off he went, cradling the little cat as if it were as precious as gold, his gentle words carrying down to her as he soothed the creature.

It was quite a novel sensation, Abbie thought, to be jealous of a kitten.
And yet she was.