this show seriously needs more lgbt characters

“now that parks is over i want a funny show to watch” WATCH BROOKLYN NINE NINE
“but i want a show that has a snl allum” BROOKLYN NINE NINE
“i need poc portrayed in a positive and nonstereotypical way” BROOKLYN NINE NINE
“i want a show with more strong female characters that are still feminine” BROOKLYN NINE NINE
“yeah but it needs positively portrayed poc lgbt character(s) too” BROOKLYN NINE NINE

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how does one go about making games, just, wayyyyy gayer?

Make a game. Do not put in stats for shirts.

A little more seriously, you don’t necessarily have to do anything with the system itself to make it gay. You just need to center gay relationships and queer characters. If you’re interested in making a gay game, then what you’re probably interested in is normalizing LGBT characters, and all that really takes is showing a wide diversity of characters filling many different walks of life, and it never really being treated like an aberration or a deviation from the norm.

A lot of people claim “I don’t want sexuality/political topics in my game,” but sexuality has been in gaming since the beginning. Every time you rescue a princess with the promise of her marrying you presumably male) character, every time you see a husband and wife running an inn, every time a module mentions a male NPC flirting with any potential female adventurers, that’s the game pushing heterosexuality. If you want your game to be gayer, just mention same-sex relationships or flirtations with that same ubiquity and nonchalance. The tavern is run by a sweet plump lesbian couple with a passel of kids, the princess falls in love with female heroes when rescued, the pretty boy information broker has a thing for studious men and flirts shamelessly with the bearded wizard.

For bonus points, add trans elements. Maybe a kingdom is ruled by a monarch of indeterminate gender, and through a combination of politeness and trendiness, most of the court similarly obscures their gender and considers binary leanings to be tacky. Maybe there is a specific god who embodies male a female traits, and to channel their divine power, clerics have to spend at least part of their lives living as a gender they don’t necessarily identify with. Maybe the most prestigious magic school in the land only accepts trans girls, and knows ancient rituals for unlocking weird power from them. Hell, maybe it’s just that no one bats an eye at trans or nonbinary people and so they don’t feel any need to hide their status or pass as cis in your world.

If you want, you can even go a step further and create a games that prioritize LGBT characters, and specifically provides reasons for why queer characters are central to the plot. Monster Hearts is a great RPG that builds plots around romance and drama rather than combat and focuses heavily on queer relationships as a metaphor. Dream Askew (from the same company) instead focuses on community-building, and centers queer people surviving the apocalypse by banding together. You can design a Jane Austen-inspired RPG about gay romances in Victorian high society, or a modern fantasy game where only trans people can see the weird and magical happenings in the world, or a conservative fantasy world that simply shoves queer people through a magical portal without really knowing what’s on the other side, and the survival and nation-building those targets must do in a strange land. Right now games easily find excuses to center their narratives on violent, well-armed, drifters, or on moody goths in leather. There’s no reason you can’t put together an RPG that revolves around the aesthetics and culture you find fun and important.

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Because if I have learned anything from my 18 years in this industry, it’s that if you find it it fun and enjoy putting it together, an audience will find you. You could probably make a game about flirty, transgender reapers with chainsaws and you’ll find your audience (and if you do, PM me, because I want to play this).

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So I'm almost out of shows soon... I know you love the show so could I have ten reasons why I should start Brooklyn 99? I'm considering it but I need some more motivation


1) awesome, super strong male-female friendships where romance/sex is never even hinted at

2) romantic relationships are developed organically, are healthy, often rooted in deep, caring friendship, diverse in their dynamics, respectful, loving, and full of trust (also mostly interracial!) (And arguably the most idealized romantic relationship in the show is that of an elderly LGBT couple)

3) misogynistic, racist, homophobic and otherwise disrespectful behaviour towards different groups is /for the most part/ ALWAYS called out very seriously and directly despite the light hearted tone of the show

4) multiple complex female characters w very diverse personalities, all shown to be important and amazing (additionally, language used to describe women is actually textbook empowerment language, putting adjectives such as “amazing” “strong” “smart” and “incredible” first and foremost before physical attributes and even then usually using words like “beautiful” rather than “hot” to describe attraction – this is done by both men and women). Also, lady friendships!!!! So many lady friendships!!!!

5) NO tokenism; more than one African American, Latinx, female, LGBT+, etc character, all different and unique, as well as a totally non-stereotyped Jewish main character in a comedy show (Rare™). It can obviously do better and be much more diverse, but comparatively, it is incredibly refreshing

6) related – none of the jokes are based on stereotypes, target any particular group, or rely on degrading comments; despite the diversity, the jokes are not sexist, racist, or homophobic almost 99% of the time. It is also one of the funniest TV shows I have ever watched, and none of the jokes get old

7) constant inversion of gender roles and traditionally masculine/feminine pursuits, something that is normalized frequently. Male characters have “feminine” qualities and interests and female characters have “masculine” qualities and interests; the characters are human, essentially. Additionally, toxic masculinity, as well as the Nice Guy Syndrome and the angry black man trope are thoroughly thrown in the trash

8) one of the ONLY shows where a guy has completely respected a woman’s “no” in response to romantic interest. No pushing, no wheedling, only complete respect and acceptance, despite the obvious heartbreak.

9) comparatively does really well at organically writing characters to have mental health issues that don’t define them – anxiety, OCD, ADHD, depression, etc. Its definitely not perfect, but the characters are nuanced and very rarely are these issues mocked by the narrative, especially considering the comedic context of the show

10) Doug Judy

(+11) listen it’s just. Its HILARIOUS and pure and full of love, so much love and happiness and support and compassion. The characters love each other and the actors love each other, and its like sunshine in a computer screen. Its definitely not perfect (I hate that I have to keep giving this disclaimer bc often ppl assume that in praising something ur incapable of also accepting its faults, but anyways) but it’s very refreshing, and the villains are fun, the action/soft family/comedy balance great, and the characters so SO endearing.

U should totally give it a shot!