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Let Me Protect You - Mitch Rapp

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Mitch Rapp/Reader

Word Count: 11,337

Warnings: WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN? 18+, NSFW, Oral (both receiving), Orgasm Denial, Multiple Orgasms, Daddy Kink, Shower Sex, Wall Sex, Bondage, Mitch’s Scruff, Mitch’s sexy ass arms and muscles and abs and face and MITCH’S ENTIRE BEING

Notes: Holy. Shit. It’s long overdue but THAT WORD COUNT??? I am dying inside from this. I hope you dirty people like this. Please let me know because this literally killed me inside to write. 

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I’ve ruined friend’s life with this show. And she paid me back by saying “heeeeeeey, what would happen if Mabel would press the button?” So, yeaaaaaaaaaah. Guess what- I didn’t sleep normally for two weeks. 

Also Anastas helped me a lot with this. And she’s my treasure. 


Remember when you would live your life and have free time and get to relax. Well it’s ruined for me...thanks Riverdale another show that has pierced my heart and controlled my life.

But I don’t regret watching a single episode 

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Seth Rollins/OC: Accidents happen. Sometimes happy accidents, sometimes not so happy accidents, with a surprise or two thrown in. Angst.

This was originally written for Valentine’s Day, but, uh. Obviously didn’t get posted. So here. Have it today lmao.

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Reading comments from people whining about how public school was traumatizing because the teachers WERE SO MEAN.

One person literally describes DIBELS and how that ruined their reading life because they stood up and proved they could read but they were still put in some percentile because of it. Uhm. That’s literally the point of DIBELS.

Another one crying about how they got punished for not showing their work in math. The teacher isn’t specifically targeting you. The teacher wants work shown so that the teacher can help you if you’re doing something wrong. The teacher can’t read your mind.

It blows my mind to see so many people who lack the empathetic ability to put themselves in a teacher’s shoes. It doesn’t excuse the true traumas (teachers telling children they’re stupid/smell/bully a child for not being good enough) but to actually believe that a myriad of teachers over the years got on to you constantly and somehow it’s *their* issue and the public school system’s issue but not yours? Really?

Yeah maybe they don’t react in an always professional ways because they have 30 students in a class and are expected to make each one not only benchmark but grow. And maybe they made you do something they had no control over because a district mandates what they are allowed and not allowed to do in order to meet their job standards.

Idk man. Some of these complaints I looked at from the teacher’s perspective and *know* all the little actions and small grievances that led up to it. Because I hate to tell you: I have kids exactly like you in my room. Every teacher has had kids exactly like you. None of you were once in a lifetime students no matter how smart/talented/gifted you are.

I was just so put off by a lot of the arrogant tones in the stories being shared. Especially when they were mixed with real, horrifying stories. Being sat out for recess for not following directions (that’s essentially what you did, girl who kept reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to) does not equate to being told you don’t belong in a class because you had to ask help from the teacher. (For the record: I never sit a child out for recess unless it’s something grievous, and I NEVER punish for reading ahead b/c I was reading ahead person in school too. Usually I just give them a funny look and the student giggles to themselves and stops because I’ve asked them to. They recognize it’s not about reading ahead; it’s about following a direction I’ve asked of you.)

And don’t even get me started on the people who asked why school is necessary and gave their experience with homeschool in which they were top percentage of the graduating class and gifted. School is necessary for the children unlike you who *don’t* have parents willing to help them get and stay ahead. School is necessary for the kids who are neglected and whose only source of food comes from that cafeteria. School is for the children who don’t always have the money or access to the good stuff like tablets, computers, an abundance of literature. Homeschool is an amazing option but it’s not the best or only option for a large percentage of children in school.

Let’s be clear: just because you’re above your peers intellectually does not mean you’re the only child in the classroom or the world. Being unable to look beyond yourself is the real problem. And you’re either the person in life everyone likes and looks up to or the person in life who *thinks* everyone looks up to you and likes you.

Education is a science. We learn the research and psychology for children. We *know* what we are doing. Does that mean we’re perfect? Heck no. No one in any field is perfect. But we’re overworked, underpaid and expected to do the job of five people. Have some empathy for us. Most of us are doing the best we can with both hands tied behind our back. Some of us are real jerks, and it sucks. And I’m sorry. But if it still bothers you to this day you need to talk to someone about it. I barely remember anything from school and definitely not enough to remember incidents where the teacher sat me out for reading ahead despite being asked multiple times not to. Because I know that happened. I guess I recognized and had parents reinforce that it wasn’t about reading ahead: it was about not following the directions.

Y’all really gonna satanize Mon-El because he made a mistake wanting to save Kara and then telling her how he feels about her AFTER KARA LITERALLY ASKING HIM WHETHER HE LIKES HER OR NOT. And even after telling her, he accepted she doesn’t like him back so he just left… like what would you expect him to do??? 

But if it was anyone else doing, it would be alright and iconique for them to try to save Kara and I wouldn’t be seeing one (1) single post about this, right? And don’t even try to tell me it’s not about this, because I just saw some nasty posts literally tryna make him the devil incarnate because of these reasons.

PS: Drink some water to help you flush the extra sodium from your body. Y’all need it.

~Hamilton Fanfic Prompts~

Okay, so I’m going to take requests for the hamilsquad(and TJEFF’s group) and the hamilcast. I’m going to put a list of prompts/ideas. If you want a certain prompt/idea for a certain person comment the number with the person’s name. Also, there will most likely be cussing. Just saying.

I will mark the ones that have been done, but feel free to request them again!

1. “You have got to be shitting me.”
2. “Why did you have to be a smart person?!”
3. “Why in the hell are you drinking at this hour?!”
4. “Awesome……Wow……..”
5. “Take a break dammit!”
6. “Shit, I’m sorry.”
7. “Why are you being so nice to someone like me?”
8. “Dueling is stupid.”
9. “Does Jefferson know?”
10. “Damn, I’d tap that!”
11. “Why is school so boring?”
12. “Je t'aime….”
13. “How did you manage to be this stupid?”
14. “Your hair is so soft!”
15. “Is that even a sport?”
16. “What are you writing about?”
17. “Why do you always stay up so late?”
18. “That’s a stupid rule.”
19. “How are you so pretty?”
20. “What the in the hell are you wearing?!”
21. “How long are we going to be here?”
22. “This is why I love you.”
23. “Stop running so fast!”
24. “Can we keep it?”
25. “Why is that ‘thing’ in my room?”
26. “You are so adorable!”
27. “I’m dying of blood loss…”
28. “We can’t tell my brother!”
29. “It’s not on the lines!”
30. Why do you always have to gang up on me?“
31. "How is your hair better than mine?”
32. “You wanna go!?”
33. “What are you even saying?”
34. “Do that again.”
35. “Hold me back!”
36. “How are you so tall?”
37. “Sharpen my pencil!”
38. “Why are you so serious all the time?”
39. “Nothing’s more contagious than laughter!”
40. “Fuck, these are my only clothes!”
41. “Are those my clothes?”
42. “Don’t touch that!”
43. “Not in that drawer!”
44. “We ate that yesterday!”
45. “My life is ruined…”
46. “Kill me now.”
47. “Don’t just stand there!”
48. “Help me up asshole!”
49. “Just kiss me already!”
50. “I didn’t want you to say goodbye.”
51. “I’ll show you…”
52. “Can you even talk? You’re always so quiet.”
53. “Who are you?”
54. “I’ll show you where my shoe fits!”
55. “Don’t tell me to shut up!”
56. “Don’t you dare touch me!”
57. “I can’t see anything…”
58. “What do you mean you’re from the 19th century?”
59. “I can’t believe I did that…”
60. “Could you kindly get the fuck away from me for a moment?”
61. “What in the hell did you write that for?”
62. “Can you not touch me there please?”
63. “Women have rights too!”
64. “I’m a dead girl walking!”
65. “This is seriously the best play I’ve ever seen!”
66. “Don’t you know how to clean?”
67. “What’s an anime?”
68. “There is so much to teach you.”
69. “Why so flirty all of a sudden?”
70. “Why that song and why right now?”
71. “What kind of snack is that?
72. "Put a shirt on!”
73. “I would bear your children if only you’d let me!”
74. “Are you gonna help me with this or what?”
75. “Pick up all this garbage!”
76. “Is that the best you can do?”
77. “Why are you not wearing any pants!?”
78. “Can you please shut the hell up?!”
79. “We always eat that!”
80. “Happy birthday! Wait it was last week? Happy late birthday!”
81. “Now is the time to stand!”
82. “Why are we debating about this when I’m obviously right?”

83. “There’s basically nothing in the fridge…”
84. “You’re nothing without ____ behind you…”
85. “I’m cracking under all this stress!”
86. “_____, my first friend. My Enemy.”
87. “What is that red stuff on your hands?”
88. “The emperor has no clothes…”
89. “I want to give you a word of warning.”
90. “I don’t know what you heard, but whatever it is ___ started it!”

91. “You can finally speak your mind!”
92. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-OKAY that’s it!”
93. “Everyone shall sit under their own vine and fig tree.”
94. “One last time…”
95. “I may have committed many errors…”
96. “The ever-favorite object of my heart.”
97. “I’m going home!”
98. “Say goodbye…”
99. “What the hell does P.F.U.D.O.R. stand for?”
100. “He’s just a friend!”
101. “I wasn’t aware that was something a person could do…”
102. “I know him!”
103. “They all look small…”
104. “President ____. Yeah right, like that will happen!”
105. “What is this?!”
106. “You don’t even know what you’re asking me to confess!”
107. “Unless……”
108. “Um…..Yes?”
109. “At least my papers are orderly!”
110. “Rumors only grow…”
111. “Why is it so quiet?”
112. “I wrote ____ love letters until they fell.”
113. “I can’t seem to die.”
114. “Wait for it!”
115. “That’s one less thing to worry about!”
116. “I’m not here for you!”
117. “God, I hope you’re satisfied!”
118. “Have you read this?”
119. “Be careful with that one love…”
120. “You brought this girl into our bed!”
121. “You’ll catch flies.”
122. “Leave me alone!”
123. “Go away!”
124. “Excuse me!”
125. “Service the customers!”
126. “I’m about to pee on myself! Stop!”
127. “What in the heck kinda app is that?!”
128. “Is that velvet?”
129. “Does your hair smell good?”
130. “Just blowing off some steam.”
131. “I touched the butt…”
132. “What the hell is a weenis?!”
133. “I’m ready, let’s go!”
134. “There’s too much snow!”
135. “Let’s build a lego house!”

You can also give me your own prompt as long as it’s only a one sentence prompt. Please request I’m really bad at coming up with ideas!

one of those days

Angst for @rengenano ❤️


It’s been one of those days.

One of those days thoughts of you trickle through the cracks.

I call into work.

I’d be no help to anyone today.

I don’t realize I’ve been crying until my pillow is wet.

My heart aches.

The blood it pumps through me is cold.

There’s no reason to leave the bed.

It smells like you.

I’ve washed the sheets so many times.

I threw away your pillow.

You’re still here.

I can still feel you behind me.

And hear you snore.

I can’t look in the mirror.

The freckles you traced with yours fingers.

The stars you claimed to see in my eyes.

I don’t worry about the smile you loved so much.

I haven’t seen that in months.

But the tattoo of your name below my collarbone.

It hurts more now than it did the day I got it.

The cat still looks for you.

I think I do too, even when I don’t realize it.

I can’t read today.

Or watch TV.

I can’t open my laptop.

There is nothing that doesn’t remind me of you.

I don’t dare touch myself.

Not anymore.

No matter how hard I try, I see your face when I come.

I see you, looking at me like you were memorizing my face.

Like YOU were the lucky one.

Like you loved me.

Oh, God, that’s what you said.

Over and over like a fucking mantra.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

And I believed you.

That’s the worst part.

Even now.

Eight months later.

There’s a part of me that only comes out on days like this.

It says you did.

It says you meant it each and every time.

But I don’t listen.

Because that part of me is a liar.

Just like you.

Years ago, it convinced me to let my guard down.

To be your friend.

To be more than your friend.

To let you into my heart when I was so adamant that you were going to break it.

And you did.

Millions of crystalline shards.

Like fiberglass.

Digging into my skin.

Under my eyelids.

Coating my throat.

Embedded in my lungs.

A constant, miserable, reminder of you.

And how I loved you.

God help me, I did.

Even when you ruined everything.

Not just our life together.

Not just the home we built.

But my favorite movie.

My favorite song.

My favorite part of the city.

Things I showed you.

Thing I shared with you.

But you left.

You FUCKING left.

And everything you touched.

Everything you saw.

Everything I shared with you.

Everything that made you smile.


I wish I could be mad.

I wish I could hate you.

And sometimes I tell myself I do.

But when I wake up from a nightmare, I reach for you in the dark.

But there’s nothing.

Just an empty space.

The size and shape of you.

One of many in this house.

I curl into a ball.

I try not to think about all the times you wrapped yourself around me, long limbs enveloping me completely.

I hurt everywhere.

I try not to think about how you would tirelessly massage any part of me with the slightest ache.

I close my eyes and wait for this to pass like it always did before.

But before was different.

Before, all I had to do was wait for you to come home.

You’d sit with me in the dark, running your cool fingers through my hair.

Down the nape of my neck.

Over any exposed skin.

You would assure me everything would be alright.

But it’s not.

Assure me that you’d be here.

Be with me.

But you’re not.

I take a picture of the cat.

Curled up where your pillow used to be.

I send it to you.

And get an error message.

Your phone, battery long dead, in the bottom drawer of the nightstand.

Exactly where it’s sat since the day of your funeral.

I hate these days.

anyone who needs a push for positivity:

there’s a free app called color calendar i use where you rate your days based on colors that coordinate with awesome, good, neutral, bad, and horrible. it helps put into perspective how many good days u have and makes u reflect on ur day, helping u realize one small event doesn’t ruin it all and ur life isn’t as bad as u might think 💖

Unhealthy Obsession

Characters: Darkiplier x Reader hint of Markiplier x one sided!reader

Summary/prompt: Based off my imagine here.

Warnings: None…I think lol A teeny tiny glimpse of Dark’s anger

Notes: Here’s part 3! Another Alter Ego shows up, I hope I wrote him okayish haha. 

Originally posted by markired

Throughout the tour that Dark is giving you, you couldn’t help but wonder what was going on back at home. You hoped Amy explained everything to Mark, and you could only hope your friend doesn’t try anything to ruin that little deal you made with Dark. A part of you hopes that he goes on about his life and forgets you - but then, another part of you prays that maybe, he will save you.

You don’t know how he’d be able to, so that kind of deflates the little bit of hope you have. 

It was fun meeting with the other Alters though, they all recognized you so that was a plus.  There were four others you have yet to see, and it made you wonder just where they were at. 

And then you saw one of them. Shirt blue with the glowing, large ‘G” on it with his hair parted similar to Dark and of course, Mark. When he’s eyes met your own, his eyes narrowed just a bit before he walked up to you and Dark. 

“Y/N, You shouldn’t be allowed here. From my knowledge, you shouldn’t be able to stay physically in this world for another 168 hours.”

Your eyes go wide. “What?”


Dark said in a warning tone, eyes zeroing in on Google IRL. Google fell silent, looking between your worried and frighten expression and Dark’s slightly threatening and intimidating one. 

“I apologize, Y/N. It seems that that information is… wrong.” Google gives a small nod, turned on his heel and walks away. 

Wrong…? For as long as you’ve known Google IRL, whenever he was out he was not usually wrong. Actually, he’s never gotten anything wrong. So since when what he says was wrong information? 

You clearly remember Google being upgraded.

You look towards Dark. 

“What did he mean by that?”

Dark ignores you, saying “Let’s continue” instead of answering you. He walks past you to be in front and leads you back down a familiar white hall. This whole place if filled with white halls with doors that lead to many different rooms. 

“Hey, Dark!” You quickly catch up to him. “What did he mean by that?” Again he goes on ignoring you as if you weren’t there. Your temper starts to build up until finally you force him into a stop by grabbing onto his arm. 

“Tell me!”

He rips his arm out of your grasp, turning on you. It was then, did you remember just who you were dealing with. His calm front began glitching in and out with a much more rage filled version of him and you were starting to regret yelling at him. 

“I don’t need to tell you anything!” 

His rage won this time. 

Dark takes threatening steps towards you, and you take steps back never taking your eyes off of the fuming man before you. He made himself look taller then he really was as he corners you into the wall with nowhere to run.

“If it was true, it won’t change anything. You’re stuck here, with me until I’m tired of you.” Even knowing who was saying these words, it still stung and made your eyes water. Suddenly a look of realization glasses in his dark eyes and a mocking smirk lifts on his lips. 

“Is it because… you thought that maybe, just maybe - you’d get to go home thanks to that?”

Your breathing hitched. Dark saw this.

“Why would you want to go back to a place where your not wanted?” He continues. “Go back to a man that loves another, knowing your feelings for him? He as Amy - Mark will forget you over time.”

His large hand cups your cheek, his thumb wiping a tear from under your eye. It was a soft gesture that you didn’t want from him. You tried to turn your head away, but he held you firmly.

“Here, I can give you anything. More then he, or anyone else can.” The rage in his voice was gone, replaced with such a caring, sweet voice that made your stomach churn. You had to remind yourself that everything he was saying right now was nothing but lies. 

“All you have to do is let me in.”

In response, you squeeze your eyes shut, trying to shake your head in a not too subtle ‘No’. Dark let out a low growl then let go of your face roughly. 

“Tour is over, go back to your room.” and he left.

Despite any of the fear you might have felt in that moment, that frustration that got you into that situation returned when he just left you there in a place you were certain to get lost in. 

You stand there in the hallway, and cross your arms over your chest. You were almost tempted to stomp you foot childishly because of the situation. Instead, you turn on your heal and start to walk back the way you came, trying to remember the turns you had taken earlier. 

“Where the hell am I?” You frown, and stop walking after what feels like hours upon hours. Letting out a frustrated groan, your debating on rather trying to call out for Dark since he would be the only one - you think - to know where your ‘room’ is located. 

After making yourself even more lost in this place, you give in. With a deep breath, you call out, in a hesitant tone,


You try again.

“Listen, Dark. I don’t know where to go. Can you…”You didn not want to ask him for help - you refuse to say the words. “Can you just…damnit, Dark!”

“Only if you say… please.”

With a startled jump, you spin around too see Dark standing a bit too close for comfort. Your E/C lock with his black ones and your heart is sent into over drive when he moved closer. You don’t get the chance to try and step away because he already has you trapped in his arms. 

“Hey - let me go!” You struggle, only to get squeezed a little tighter. He leaned in closer, his lips brushing against your ear as he spoke. 

“All you have to do, is say please.” One of his hands flat out on your lower back, pressing you into him while his other one kept around your waist firmly. Say it, and I’ll give you what you want.”

You just wanted to hide in your room, how’d you get in this mess? Your hands get the chance to move and press against his chest, but he didn’t budge. Dark moved his head down until you felt his breath on your neck and a spike of fear rushed you. 

At least, you hoped it was fear. 

“Go on.”

Why did he want to hear it so bad? Is this one of his ways of messing with you? If so, you hate it.  A sound escaped your throat and you didn’t know if it was in frustration at him or because of the feel of something wet sliding up your neck,

Was he licking you!?


“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you.” He was smirking by now, you can hear it in his voice. You wanted to wipe that smirk off his face, though you didn’t have enough courage just yet to do that. 

Let alone at this moment. 

“Please!” You all but yell, then push against his chest this time successfully separating you from him. You put as much space between the two of you as you can. 

Dark chuckled. 

“Sure thing, no need to beg.”

“Ugh!” This time you really did stomp your foot. You turn around, not facing him with your arms crossed once again.“You really are a piece of work.”

A shiver runs down your spine at the feel of him being much to close to you again, his breath ghosting you ear as he spoke.

“Baby, you have no idea.”

The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 

Chapter Eleven: Tightrope Dreamer

Word Count: 6779

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

“Be down in a second!” Mabel calls out to Thomas followed by a squeak directed at Riley.

“Meow.” Riley giggles softly, referencing a previous ‘scaredy cat’ comment Mabel made about herself.

Mabel stands by Riley’s bed completely frozen. 

“Go on then.” Riley giggles as she gives Mabel a gentle shove. “He’s waiting.” 

“Come with me?” Mabel asks hopefully. 

“I can’t come with you.” Riley’s soft laughter continues.

Eventually, Mabel does make her way downstairs and opens Jed’s front door. She jumps a little in place when she finds Thomas standing directly on the other side of it. 

“Sorry.” He chuckles quietly with a gaze pointed at the ground. He looks up slowly, focussing mainly on her clothes. “Are you in pyjamas?”

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A/N: Anon requested an extra fluffy seatmate!Seokmin scenario so here it is! I tried writing this in paragraph form but soon realize that I’m much comfortable writing in bullet points. So I hope it’s okay, Anon ;_; I hope you all enjoy!

Originally posted by dokidokidk

  • Seokmin is the class clown ok we all saw it coming
  • He’s so funny and l o u d and it’s borderline annoying but the fact that he’s so nice and friendly made him into everybody’s good book 
  • Everyone agrees that the day Seokmin was born was the day the sun shone a little bit brighter 
  • Talks back to the teacher but never gets into trouble because he’s actually funny and never offensive also because they think he’s hilarious
  • Random dance offs with Senior!Soonyoung during breaks in the school yard
  • Got into detention once for suddenly dancing on the cafeteria table as part of the dance off 
  • Had a good chase with the school discipline master and security because of it
  • Someone uploaded the video on YouTube and he’s kinda internet famous
  • He basically does the most stupidest things with Soonyoung just for laughs 
  • Watching them is like dumb and dumber but you don’t know who is which 
  • Does the most hilarious body gags that leaves people horrified wondering how the f*** can someone’s face contort like that 
  • A favorite among freshmen because he’s so friendly and kind and overall has such an attractive persona
  • Everybody wants to be his friend, wishing that some of that glimmer would rub off them
  • Remember when I said he’s in everybody’s good book? Ok well 
  • He’s in everybody’s good book but yours 
  • You see, you’re straight up straight A student, student body president, and all-star athlete and you got no time for jokes
  • You can’t help but think that Seokmin’s all jokes and no work 
  • All he does in class is crack up jokes and is practically an airhead whenever the teachers ask him questions
  • You can’t help but wonder how someone like him can ever graduate from high school 
  • Unfortunately, Seokmin’s in the same class as you 
  • And worse, he’s your seatmate omg whyyyy
  • Trust the divinities to seat you with someone you avoid any social interactions with
  • He always tells you the lamest jokes (at least in your opinion) whenever he got the chance
  • But you just end up getting frustrated because Seokmin?? I’m trying to do my work here?? Can’t you bother someone else??
  • Seokmin: ;_; but I’m just trying to make you smile..
  • You didn’t know but Seokmin has the biggest crush on you
  • You don’t realize it but Seokmin sees you as a literal goddess 
  • He admires how driven and focused you are
  • How you seem to take hold in every situation with a cool head and a calm approach
  • How you are so talented and seem to have your s*** together compared to him
  • Tbh he does all the stupid things just to catch your attention
  • Everyone literally notices how extra he becomes when you’re around as if he’s not extra enough
  • But all his jokes and attempts to impress you seems to just annoy you even more 
  • He can’t help it since he doesn’t know how else to express his feelings but through humor help this poof cinnamon roll omg
  • So he’s stuck in this constant loophole where he makes jokes that makes you even more annoyed as the day goes and he doesn’t know to to get out of it lol
  • One day, you were called to the teacher’s office bc they told you someone needs some tutoring on a subject
  • When you got there, guess who needed the tutoring?
  • Yep you guessed it, it’s him
  • When he saw you he goes :D
  • But goes D: when you turned to leave to find the teacher because you’re not having it
  • Surprise surprise the teacher won’t take no from you
  • So now you’re stuck tutoring him in the school library after school great
  • You try to teach him all the concepts but he’s not getting it
  • And you think he’s not being serious because although his book is open in front of him, he keeps on making jokes and trying to be funny
  • One day, he decided to tell you how he feels. Maybe that way you’ll take him more seriously.
  • “Y/N, I have something to tell you..” he started
  • You cocked an eyebrow because he seemed so serious as he looked at you 
  • Actually, it’s the very first time you’ve seen him so serious
  • “What do you want.”
  • Seokmin mustered up all the courage in him and took a really deep breath and starred at you right in the eyes and said
  • “I like you” 
  • “lmao nice one, Seokmin, you still got thirty more questions to go”
  • And for a moment he looked like he wanted to cry but he averted his gaze from you back to his book
  • You didn’t know but he wanted to bang his head on every wall in library and take your face in his hands and just say
  • You’re completely unaware that he literally just confessed to you
  • He doesn’t blame you, though
  • He knows that maybe the fact that he jokes too much made you believe that everything that he says is a joke
  • He doesn’t give up though
  • He tries to imply his feelings towards you through his jokes
  • “Are you Google? Because you’re everything that I’m looking for.”
  • “Hey Y/N, do you know why I don’t like candy? Because you’re already sweet.”
  • lmao those are straight up pickup lines, Seokmin
  • also i apologize for the bad pickup lines aaaaaaa
  • They’re so bad that one day, you finally had enough.
  • “You know what, Seokmin? I’m so tired of this. If you don’t want to study and just joke around, I see there’s no point of me being here and tutoring you. I’m done here.”
  • You got up, packed your bag and left, not even casting a glance backwards
  • He’s quite relieved that you didn’t because he can feel his eyes watering because why is he so stupid???
  • He stayed silent in his seat for a good half-an-hour after the incident, contemplating and the other students in the library are concerned bc they’ve never seen Seokmin so down and defeated before 
  • A freshman named Chan was brave enough to actually come up to him and ask him what happened
  • “Are you ok bruh”
  • Again, he feels like crying when the kid asked him and he wanted to scream out NOOOOOOO I’M NOT OKAYY THE LOVE OF MY LIFE JUST LEFT ME but he figured it would ruin his reputation as a hyung so he said he’s fine
  • Chan’s like “lmao stop lying we heard everything” 
  • Seokmin: D:
  • Chan took a pity in him and decided to help him out
  • “You know, if you want to prove someone that you like them you should show them that you mean it. You should work hard for what you want.”
  • And Seokmin’s like “!!!”
  • “That’s it! I’m going to prove to Y/N that I’m going to be better in my studies!”
  • He kissed Chan on the cheek and with a new light in his eyes, sets out on his mission
  • Beating you
  • I meant academically, not physically gosh
  • So he set out a study plan and promised to himself that he’s gonna try and get better grades and show you that he’s serious
  • He also wants to show you that he’s capable of being as driven and focused as the other students
  • One day in class, he didn’t try and make jokes when class started so everyone was like omg is he ok?? is Seokmin sick?? why is he so quite?? is the world ending??!! 
  • lmao they don’t know but he’s just trying to focus on getting better grades
  • As the days go by, little by little, Seokmin’s progress is showing
  • He’s getting better in his studies and again, everyone was like !!! Seokmin! How?? Congrats, dude!
  • And he’s never been happier bc turns out, he can do this
  • Also, the look on his mother’s face when he gave her his exam paper was so worth it
  • But what makes him sad is that you still seem indifferent about him
  • You haven’t talked to him or even looked at him since that day
  • He was bothered but he figured he just needs to work harder
  • So he did
  • One day, you were just going home when you passed the school library and what you saw caught you off guard
  • You see Seokmin sitting in one of the desks, actually studying
  • And you can’t help but feel surprised but also proud because wow, kid’s actually putting an effort
  • So you kinda observed his behavior for a few days to see if he’s actually taking his studies seriously now
  • And to your delightful surprise, he is
  • Everyday on the same hour, he would go to the library, sit down at one of the desks and started studying
  • He may make a few jokes and chat with few of the students present there but he does study
  • Seeing that he actually wants to be better and the fact that you might’ve overreacted and was a complete jerk to him the last time, you decided that you want to go back to tutoring him
  • Imagine his surprise when one day, you just sat down next to him, pulling out books and worksheets and he’s like “what are you doing here?”
  • And you suddenly feel shy and awkward bc wow you really just went in like a hawk and didn’t even consider the fact that he might’ve been hurt after your outburst so you’re like “I’m tutoring you, but it’s ok if you don’t want to I’m just going to-”
  • And as you got up to leave, you can feel his hand grab your wrist and you feel your face turning red as you look back at him
  • He has the softest look on his face, and what almost looked like desperation in his eyes and said “Please stay”
  • And at this point your face is so red and you’re embarrassed and for some reason, for someone who’s so good with words, you’re at loss
  • So you nodded, sat down, and you both set out to study
  • Soon, you realized, against your initial prejudice, Seokmin is funny
  • He makes the weirdest jokes, makes stories so much more entertaining and makes the funniest imitations of teachers that makes you laugh so hard that the librarian actually bans you from the library
  • You actually don’t mind but now you don’t have anywhere to study
  • But Seokmin got an idea so he took you somewhere near school
  • Turns out he took you to Soonyoung’s regular dance studio
  • There are chairs and tables in the studio so you could study
  • At first you were hesitant bc are you sure this is okay???
  • He promised it’s fine and that he always goes there with Soonyoung 
  • “It’s not like this place is used much. Only my friends and I come here on the weekends”
  • So you start to study there after school instead of the library
  • You start to enjoy Seokmin’s company in class
  • You guys would joke and talk as you do your works and you think hey this is actually quite fun
  • You don’t understand why you were so high-strung before and realized that you didn’t need to sacrifice fun to get good grades
  • You started to see why people like Seokmin so much
  • He’s such a breath of fresh air and has such an amazing personality that he practically glows
  • You realize that whenever Seokmin’s not in class, it feels quite and there’s something missing
  • One day, you dropped your pen and as you leaned down to pick it up, Seokmin swooped in at the same time and for a moment your eyes meet and you never realized how Seokmin’s eyes are such a deep brown they’re almost black or the fact that he’s actually really really attractive????
  • So you’re like “:O” and he just gave you one of those smiles that rivals the sun itself and got back to his seat
  • lol you don’t know but he’s actually d y i n g inside
  • But later that night, you couldn’t sleep thinking about him
  • You used to be so mean and stuck up to him and it leaves you wondering how he’s still so nice towards you
  • How can someone still be so kind and genuine after the hell you gave him??
  • Remembering all your bad deeds left a bitter taste in your mouth and you just feel so guilty
  • So you decided to repay his kindness
  • The next day, Seokmin noticed a box on his desk in class
  • He’s like who in the world?
  • He thought someone has put it on the wrong desk and that the gift was meant for somebody else 
  • Until he saw his name on the card on the box 
  • He went on to open it and turns out, it was a box of chocolate
  • He picked up the card and read it
  • “Hey Seokmin, I just want to thank you for being such a kind person and such a good friend. I’m sorry I’ve been such a jerk to you and although a box of chocolate won’t mean anything compared to the times i’ve been mean towards you, I sincerely hope you’d forgive me -Y/N”
  • cue inner squealing 
  • He tries to contain his screams as he whipped around to find you but you’re nowhere to be seen lol you’re hiding in shame in the bathroom fyi
  • He’s so touched by the fact that you even thought of giving him something but honestly he would accept your apology anyways
  • You came back when the bell rang and you can’t find the courage to look Seokmin in the face as you take a seat but then you grabbed your wrist and said “Thank you, I mean it. I never thought go you as a bad person, though :))”
  • Everybody in the class was like “OMG :O”
  • But you’re awkward so you just gave him an awkward smile and took a seat
  • Later that day Seokmin went to Soonyoung and went “OH MY GOD TODAY Y/N GAVE ME CHOCOLATE, DOES THAT MEAN WE’RE MARRIED NOW”
  • Soonyoung’s like “lmao Seokmin, you still have a long way to go, young one”
  • Anyways, you guys become kinda shy afterwards but you’re still friends 
  • You and Seokmin became a team for that semester’s exam period
  • You guys would stay late in the studio studying and would take turns in treating each other coffee
  • “Omg Seokmin, which question are you now”
  • “I’m on number 17 rn”
  • “Omg what I gotta catch up >:(”
  • You guys never talked about it but you do steal glances at each other as the other is working
  • You always feel so shy and giddy whenever you caught Seokmin’s eyes on you and you never seen someone whip their head so fast when you did
  • It’s endearing
  • But it’s also exam season so you don’t really want to get caught up and derail your whole study plans and get distracted so you pushed the temptations to act on your feelings neither does he
  • You guys become each other’s biggest supporters and you can feel all your time tutoring and studying with him pays off as he’s actually really good now that it’s kinda scary and intimidating??
  • But anyways, exam season passes just like that and today is the day you’re announcing your results
  • You’re actually really nervous bc so much has been happening lately that you’re scarred it’s gonna affect your studies and be reflected on your paper 
  • But you got #1 but you were even more shocked to see that Seokmin’s #2!
  • And you’re both like !!!
  • And you both went in for a hug but when you did, you realized 
  • ‘Omg I’m hugging Seokmin”
  • He’s also ‘Omg I’m actually hugging the girl I like WHAT DO I DO”
  • And the whole class was like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The hug ended awkwardly for the both of you but you tried not to care
  • As you were going home, Seokmin stopped you and asked you if he can walk with you
  • with a blush You said yes
  • So there you two are, walking under the warm summer sun, a comfortable silence wrapped around you like a blanket
  • “..You remember the time I told you I liked you?” he asked
  • You laughed and were like “Yeah, ofc, those times were w i l d”
  • And he kinda looked at his feet and you were wondering why is he suddenly so quite?? This is not a Seokmin behavior
  • Unless…
  • Wait, YOU MEANT IT??”
  • And he couldn’t look at your face because he’s so embarrassed and all he wanted to do right now is to run straight home and scream into his pillow bc yES HE MEANT IT
  • You’re like “:O”
  • There was another silence and this time it’s kinda awkward because 1) Wow turns out you’re the dumb one between the two of you and 2) WHAT DO YOU DO?!
  • But you’re so done of all these romantic tension that has been building up some week and you’re like f*** it we’re all gonna die anyways so you put up a facade, turned to him and said
  • “You know, I still got time until my curfew. We can go get some drinks at a cafe if you want.”
  • lol you’re sweating and dying inside
  • And he stopped walking and looked at you crazy and the way he looked at you make you wish that some random blackhole can just swallow you now until the biggest smile you’ve ever seen broke onto his face and he said “Sure! :D” and it made you all squishy inside to see someone so happy
  • As you walk towards your destination, his hand tentatively seek yours out and it was shy at first but his grip was strong once you latched onto it
  • Outside, you’re both are a blushing mess at this point but inside you’re like O M G I’m holding hands with the most attractive person on earth
  • Once, Seokmin stopped in his tracks completely and you’re like WHAT HAPPENED
  • And he’s like “Is this a date???? Does this mean we’re dating now???? :O” and the look on his face is just so innocent and cute you can’t help but asdfghjkl Seokmin you’re too cute
  • It’s totally a date btw and you’re totally dating
March 3, 2005

Lots happening today– Bella and Edward sit together at lunch, and Edward keeps her lemonade bottle cap as a souvenir:

Much to her disappointment, he tells her he’s going to ditch Biology. Turns out she should have ditched as well, since they’re doing:

and our girl Bella is made sick by the smell of blood. Edward whisks her away from a jealous and angry Mike, who later returns to the nurse’s office hauling an equally sick Lee Stevens– who somehow has blood dripping down his upraised hand towards his wrist.

What exactly did he DO with his lancet to produce that amount of blood??

Edward and Bella flee the nurse’s office. He dazzles Mrs. Cope into signing Bella out of school and irritates Bella into letting him drive her home.

Later that afternoon, there’s one of my favorite parts of Midnight Sun: Edward is working on Bella’s lullaby at the piano and is joined by Esme and Alice. There’s a sweet interaction between Edward and Esme, and Alice sings, helping him with the composition. They play a song together:

and Edward dramatically plays Chopsticks and the whole thing is just a charming piece of family life. I love all the bits that show how the Cullens really live and interact, but this is one of my favorites.

Of course, Edward ruins the mood a page or two later by freaking out about Peter and Charlotte coming to visit. I guess he couldn’t be relaxed forever. ;)

on one hand i get why we make fun of superwholock and stuff bc, i was a part of all that and i know how dumb and weird it was, but on the other hand, like

let kids enjoy things???? like as dumb as my interests/ the way i pursued my ineterests were when I was younger, they were really helpful to me at a really hard time in my young life. I feel like all of our “cringey” tween interests helped us cope, to an extent, but now, most of us are at a point in our lives where we can kinda take that for granted?? and we seem to forget that lots of those kids who show seemingly cringeworthy passion for frivolous stuff like fandom are probably doing so bc their real lives aren’t going so great. it just doesn’t seem fair of us to try to ruin it for them by talking abt how “so cringy xD” they are.

then again, i’m a big idiot who doesn’t know shit and has never put together a coherent sentence in my life, so

honorableotp  asked:


+ Jealousy.

Um, so remember how I said I was gonna cut myself off at 1500 words max? Yeah, I failed. This is +4k. It spiraled out of control and I’m like 95% sure there is a part two for this. If you guys are up for it of course. 

This is AU/AH role reversal of sorts, in which Klaus is Caroline’s assistant.

Klaus had always been good at keeping secrets. Ever since he was child, he managed to keep everything sealed inside of him. He kept his love for art a secret from his father. He kept the pain of his father’s slaps a secret from the world outside the confines of his home. As a teenager, he kept his sister’s boyfriends in check without her knowing. And he managed to keep his job at a bakery a secret from his family. At eighteen, he left his address a secret from his family until Elijah found him, relief on his face and hurt in his eyes and it occurred to him that this should not have been a secret. And through it all, what he learned to do best was to keep his feelings secret. With time, he learned to simply keep them in check. So it was no surprise that Klaus’ best hidden secret was his infatuation with his enchanting boss, Caroline Forbes. But it was a surprise to him that his feelings towards her continued to spiral out of control.

He met Caroline at 23 years old, freshly graduated from college, fascinated by the smashing success of her magazine at only 27. He went in for an interview for the position of her personal assistant, his tie slightly off-center and his palms sweating. His chances of actually snatching the job were slim to none. He had no experience beyond his time at the bakery which sustained him through university. He had no network to fall back on which could recommend him to her. But he was determined to go through with the interview. Caroline Forbes, he believed could teach him a lot. Fixing his glasses on his nose once more, he braced himself and walked in.

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quick storytime because god do I love seeing children happy.

There’s this girl who has been my student since she was 6. Lovely child, talented, good attendance, nice mom. Her two best friends eventually also came to the studio. Once they all got older (they’re 6th graders now), all of them got ready to transition into competitive dance. And that’s where nice mom turned into really weird kinda shitty mom. Said girl was not allowed into our pre competitive program (because they were worried she’d stop getting straight As… *eyeroll*) and her mom tried to talk the two other kids out of doing it so her daughter wouldn’t be jealous. Well, that didn’t work, so they both got onto our comp team this year and the third girl was forced to quit dance entirely (god knows why they thought that was a good idea). Cold turkey, never even let me know, just stopped showing up. I eventually find out from her friends’ parents that they’re not even allowed to mention dance in her presence pretty much because she gets so jealous. Poor kid.

Fast fwd to last week. I get a phone call from the mom. “Hey, it’s so-and-so’s mom, I have a problem. For the last six months my child has been nothing but sad and angry and has told me multiple times that I am ruining her life, help?! We’re willing to let her compete and everything we just want her to stop being sad. Also, she doesn’t use the extra time to study she’s just glued to her phone all day, just like you always said!” (I literally always tell parents that making their child quit dance is literally the least effective way to bring up their grades, because it usually doesn’t. If anything, it makes them study and care even less…)

I offered her a spot on the pre competitive team and her mom surprised her by telling her they had to run errands and then instead dropping her off at the studio tonight. I have never seen a child so happy. She looked like someone dropped her off at Disney. And mom was just as happy because child was so thrilled about being at dance, she even forgot her phone in the car ;).

Parents are so ridiculous sometimes but I can’t tell you how glad I am this mom came around. 

Say no to this, but it is not what it looks like, SORRY


There’s nothing like summer in a war camp.
Someone in a rush goes to someone who’s ignorant.
There’s powder in the air, I can smell it.
And since in here I’m by myself - just let me tell it.
We haven’t eaten in a week,
We were weak, we were afraid.
And even Hamilton now’s in need of a break.
Theo’s broken up with me,
We nearly lost the fight…
That’s when general Lee
Walked into my life.
He said:


I know: you are a man of honor.
I’m so sorry to bug you, mr Burr.
But I don’t know where to go
And I came here all alone.


He said:


Washington’s doing me wrong:
Scholding me, ignoring me,
Replacing me.
He put Lafayette in my place,
Said I’m nobody into my face…


So I offered him a hand,
Offered to share a tent,
He said:


You’re too kind, Burr.


I gave him piece of bread
That I have socked away,
He sat a metre away,
He said:


Well, I’ll stay here, Burr…


So i said: Well, I’ll get you a cot.
He turned red,
He led me to my bed,
Let his legs spread and said:








That’s when I began to pray.
Lord, show me how to
Say no to this.
I don’t know how to
Say no to this…
But, my God,
Lee looks so helpless.
And my body’s screaming:
“Hell yes!”




Lord, show me how to
Say no to Lee.
I don’t know how to
Say no to Lee…
And the worst: I don’t wanna go.


Go! Go! Go!


Then his mouth is on mine
And I don’t say…


No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to him!
No! No!
Say no to Lee!
No! No!
This can’t be real!


I wish I could say
It’s not the last time.
But now every fight
Can become the last fight.
Three weeks later after this
We find an unread letter
From lieuteunant Laurens, John,
Even better. Go on, son.


Mr Lee, I hope this letter finds you in your grave.
Or in a good state to fight, not just run away.
It’s not like I am so angry, you provoked me.
You see, that was Washington about whom you told…

[Lee and Burr]



Uh-oh, you made the wrong choice, you sucker.
So time to pay for words you said and lives you risked, you fucker.
And hey, you can keep sleeping with Burr.
If you apologise. Or we will duel, that’s for sure.


Lee, please, we do not have to fight,
We can flight
And accuse Laurens of lies.
He cried:


No, Burr!
This mess, it looks pathetic,
But Hamilton won’t let it slide.
They won’t go, Burr!


So are we going to duel?
My God, this will be cruel.


Burr, could you be my second?
I don’t know who can be better.
Please, don’t leave me now,
I’m helpless.


My love, how can I leave you,
I will help you.
Whatever you want I will do,
It’s for you.

[Burr and Lee]

God, show me how to
Say no to them?
Our lives will be ruined
If we don’t shoot them.
And the situation’s helpless.
Laurens’s probably screaming “Hell yes!”
Show me how to
Say no to them,
How can we
Say no to them?


Lee, I don’t want you to go…
No! No! No!


Burr, your life is on stake,
So I won’t say…



[Laurens and Hamilton]












[Laurens and Hamilton]



Say no to this…
Lee, please, say no to this…
There is no way we can’t go…


Go! Go! Go!

[Hamilton and Laurens]



Lee, don’t leave me alone…
Blog Appreciation Tag :3 #1 (i’m sure i’ll do more)

I don’t know if this is a thing, but my inner Hufflepuff just wants to spread some cheer right now before I go to sleep because sadly the Easter holidays are over and soon, I won’t be able to be an egg anymore :c



@betty-coopers-number-one-stan: beautiful, beautiful face, beautiful writing, beautiful voice, beautiful ukulele playing. Love your blog soooooo much >.< You also really helped me starting out :3 I aspire to have your eyebrows.

@kingpendleton: first time we talked it was about cheeky singular swear words and book day costumes and it was actually so nice to have a fellow Riverdale blog to talk to at the beginning :3 Fics are amazing, and you have a great taste in musicals, (especially Hamilton). I promise though, that I will never sing Candy Store via messages again c; Boootttiffulll

@satanwithstardust: AAAAA! Another amazing blog with amazing writing that helped me with proofreading when I first started out :3 Also, another strong eyebrow game. You even tried to fight through your bus wifi when messaging me on tumblr, which I salute you for. Super pooper bootiful .

@jugheadjns: Bootiful photography! Our very own Cole Sprouse. Always provides the spicy riverdale memes. Lovely voice, 10/10 instagram story. Just yeeeessssssssssss

@pendletonthethird: So pretty, like I can’t even explain. Amaazzziinngg fics! For some reason, we confided in each other after barely just meeting and you’re honestly the sweetest little cinnamon roll!

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird oh gosh let’s not even start. Country meme comparisons. I will one day, force you to have some cheeky nandos. Mini egg cannibalism. Too many inside jokes were made in the space of an hour. AMAZING WRITING THO, and she has great fic recommendations if you’re looking for something to read! I’m an egg :3 So fun to talk too, a lovely person in general.

@mrs-jughead-jones: Some of the best fics around, I know i’m saying that a lot but I seriously mean it. Highly recommend the Winchesters in Riverdale series, even if you’ve never seen Supernatural! Pure cinnamon roll, too good and sweet for this world. Went out of her way to message me and make me feel good and i’ve enjoyed us dying over fics together <3 Incredibly kind and lovely to talk too.

@jvghead-jones-iii: FFIIIICCSSS ON POOIINTT. Also another person who just comes off as super nice in conversation! Master list is a gold mine of several different characters so go check that out.

@tasteofswallowedwords: PERFECT SHOT IS MY LIFFEEE! Seriously though I read your fics before I write mine for inspiration cos they’re that good. Friendly and lovely jubileeeee blog.

@arch1eandrews: I’ve never spoken to them but I love love love their blog! Probably some of the best Reggie imagines I’ve read, and I haven’t read the Archie ones yet but they’re definitely on my list :3

@hamilton-noodles: THE HAMILTON FFIIICCSSS! NO NEED TO EXPLAIN!!!! JUST YES, THANK YOU FOR SATISFYING MY OBSESSION (see what I did there c;… satisfied… eueheueh)

@sincerelystiles: Queen of Stiles fic writing, plus another super lovely person to speak with. Goose goose <3

@full-dark-no-starsxx: Only started talking recently, but definitely one of those people who can just brighten your day with a small message etc!

@thatsadbreakfastclub: Another person I only recently started talking too, but they helped found the Riverdale group (as did the person above!) which has honestly been 10/10 banter so far. Really nice blog in general.

@tragic-constellations: I was on the bus when I received an out of nowhere message asking if I’d want to be friends! We haven’t talked much, but this person is super sweet and fun to talk too! They’re also in the riverdale group so yaaay.

@wearelondonbound: Banter from the riverdale group + really useful insights towards episode lengths and theories etc. 

@dumbass-stilinski: This one also goes to Chloe but I swear Tumblr will never let me tag her. You guys were like my first friends, and super helpful towards my confidence. Thank you >.<

@tommys-girl1980: Awweeesoomeeeee! Super active as well, and you’re always popping up in my activity page! Funny and kind <3

@the-chipmunk-queen: Similar to that above ^-^ A familiar face I can always pull out. Also i love your profile pic kith.

@ronniexlodge: I asked about ship names, I got a calm and helpful response! So thank you very much, love your blog <3

@jugbug-imagine love your blog

@ri-verdale: love your blog

@riverdalesource: love your blog


@stilinski-jpeg: GUESS WHAT? LOVE YA BLOG! Also trypophobia buddies :3



Feel free to rant all you want about blogs that make you happy! Also little disclaimer there are way more than this and I could go on for years but I’m going to restrain myself.

I will guaranteed be doing a part 2 of this by the way.