this show ruined me and continues to do so

unfadingkai  asked:

help how do i continue living properly after finishing romantic doctor, teacher kim? i feel like there wont be any drama topping this

I am still not okay myself, it ruined me so badly. Whatever kdramas I try to watch after it leave me underwhelmed. I love to be super invested in the shows, so I had to switch to fantasy cdramas out of disappointment. At least they entertain me with magic, if not with well written stories. And I’m glad that there is finally one new kdrama that excites me, Ms Perfect. You can try it just in case. Hopefully there’ll be more worthy dramas in the future.

  • Nick: So what do I do with the kebab shop man?
  • Jordan [from Rizzle Kicks]: You either ask him out or you live in the fantasy. Which is sometimes better than the reality.
  • Nick: Yeah. Cause I don't have to actually talk to them.
  • Jordan: And they can't ruin your dreams.
  • Nick: Also, if I ask him out, it all goes great, and then we break up, that kebab shop, which is great, is gone to me.
  • Jordan: Yeah. I say fantasy.