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do you know any good altean!lance and galra!keith fics??

ohhhkayyy, god damn, like tumblr crashed on me as I was like 3 fics away from finishing this so I had to like start all over, like rip me.

and, I don’t have many altean lance fics so most of this is galra Keith and pretty much all angsty. I tried to find some less angsty ones, I don’t know how well I succeeded xD.

Note: I’ll be starting weekly fic recs in April. just and fyi~

Warmth by Rahar_Moonfire

Summary: Lance is Allura’s younger brother. During the mission to retrieve the Red Lion from Galra hands, he gets captured. His guard is a curious Galra halfbreed named Keith who may just be his ticket to freedom. He’s a bit small for an alpha, but Lance is sure he can handle it. A little flirting never hurt anyone after all. The fact Keith is good looking for a Galra and those ears wiggle (so cute!) doesn’t influence this decision. Nope. Not one bit.
Series: 4 Works
            Work 1 WC: 61497 (19/19)
            Work 2 WC: 111883 (32/32)
            Work 3 WC: 133875 (42/42)
            Work 4 WC: 71480 (21/?)
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE ONLY FIC I HAVE WITH ALTEAN!LANCE AND GALRA!KEITH. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. gahgldfkjhsa;d, ok so this is just an amazing series, some nsfw tossed in btw, youve been wared. but over all, i just love this series so much and i need to like catch really bad… i didnt know work3 or 4 even existed… >.< 11/10

Echoes of the Past by Gigapoodle

Summary: It was his fault. He shouldn’t have retreated – he should have ran after them, Galra forces be damned, and ripped the red paladin right out of his weaponized hands, shooting the commander dead on the spot.But he hadn’t. Lance stood there, frozen with adrenaline and fear, before backing out with tears in his eyes, justifying it to himself by saying, ‘he won’t get far, we can easily get him back once I have Voltron with me.’He’d forgotten they didn’t have Voltron. He’d forgotten that without Keith, Voltron was nothing.Keith is Galra. Keith is gone. Keith is Galra. Keith is gone.
WC: 28197
Notes: -hands over some tissues- here you will need these. 100/10

I Was Born A Lion by spectralPhobia

Summary: After Keith discovers he is part Galra and Red lion rejects him, there’s only one way he can make himself useful: to join Galra and try to wreck them from the inside, while figuring out a relationship with a guy who turns out to be his biological father.
A comic about one stubborn man’s self-discovery, the challenges of spying, everyone in team Voltron being BAMF, and the universe that needs saving, as usual.
WC: comic, so no words counted by AO3 (11/?)
Notes: Galra Keith because Thace is some kinda of scientist? Uhm yes please. 10/10

your claws in me by burlesquecomposer

Summary: “Oh trust me. When I’m done with you, I won’t be able to stop laughing,” Lance says lowly, and his lips curl farther, and there’s something wild in his stare, and it hits Keith suddenly.This isn’t Lance.
Lance falls under the control of Zarkon’s Druids, and although his friends manage to get him back, nothing is quite the same. Maybe the Galra succeeded after all. Maybe the Galra merely wanted to tear Team Voltron apart from the inside.
WC: 49072 (12/12)
Notes: Rip Lance tbh, this is like really angsty and my heart breaks for Lance. but yes, galra keith is there to save the day~ 10/10

This House Unfinished by boyghosts

Summary: “Concept,” Lance said, his voice heavy and gutted with the ache of it; he caught Keith’s gaze and smiled wide, for show. “The war’s over. We’re back home. All the things we love in one place.”Lance keeps losing the things he’s built. Then there’s Keith.
WC: 30776
Notes: -cackles- have some tissues my friend 100/10

Dancing Lion, Painted Wings by genericfanatic

Summary: Years after peace has been made between the Galran and Altean kingdoms, The witch Haggar comes for vengeance. The young symbol of peace, the half-galran, half-altean Prince Kalor is lost. His aunt, Princess Allura, and his bodyguard, Shiro, are heartbroken.10 years later, an orphan named Keith sets out on his own, trying to find the key to his past. All he has to help him is a small figurine with a cryptic message, a friendly engineer, a technician and her friendly robot, and a cocky con man with a mysterious, yet familiar past.
WC: 35154 (14/14)
Notes: the anastasia au everyone talks about. and like galtean keith gives me life, but conman Lance gives me more. 10/10

It Takes a Village by Zemmiphobia

Summary: One decision by an injured soldier changes not only the fate of the universe, but the fate of her young son.
WC: 18010 (6/6)
Notes: Smol Keith is like my fav, hes so cute in this. and Ulaz being a dad just heals my heart, like bless. 11/10

Ashes, Ashes by vagrantBreath

Summary: Everyone knew their kitten was destined for something greater.No one guessed it was Voltron.
WC: 26639 (20/20)
Notes: Keith raised by the BoM technically makes him Galra right? xD Hahah no, he does have ties, but yeah i love this, hes a sheltered little shit and its great. 9/10

Purple Marks and Bleeding Heart by TeaParade

Summary: Mark #223-code-violet, Lance’s newest job, is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron, a specialist group designed to take out the universe’s worst of the worst. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is. And Lance is having a very hard time.
WC: 52377 (12/?)
Notes: Sniper Lance and Galra Keith. literally one of my fav pairings. like straight up (tho nothing about this is straight in any sense really) 11/10

To See Blue Skies by BoyBitingDemon

Summary: He scoffed as he watched the fight below, the crowds going wild at the two fighters in the arena. They had such poor taste for entertainment these days.He heard a small sound of amusement from the one sitting next to his standing form, ever vigilant.“As if you were any better your first time in the arena.” They murmured under their breath, a small smile sneaking onto their face, pupiless gold eyes focused on the fight below, but their attention solely on the person standing guard next to him.“I must have have been somewhat impressive to catch the eyes of a certain prince now wasn’t I?"The prince snuck a glance towards the taller, whose face was hidden behind the helmet they wore."You caught a lot more than just my eye that’s for sure.”
WC: 5947 (4/?)
Notes: i,, just love this fic? Like Galra Prince Keith and Champion Lance, you can’t really get much better than this. 10/10

If Only I Could Cry TheSlytherinMudblood

Summary: Galra biology differs from human biology in many ways. For example, Galra are purple. They have yellow eyes. The mammalian ones are able to purr.They also lack tear ducts.
WC: 586
Notes: this is short and sweet (read angsty sorry not sorry) 8/10

The Master of Disguise by NireYllek

Summary: “Wait, what that doesn’t make any sense.” Hunk protested.Pidge shook her head with a tsk. “It does if one of us is disguised as Allura.”Pidge flashed a smirk in Lance’s direction. “I’m sorry, why are you looking at me?” Lance protested. Something in Keith’s brain clicked, he looked at Lance and then at the Princess.Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god.
WC: 33596 (6/6)
Notes: Tbh, this made me giggle so much. Lance dressed as Allura and Keith and his gay awakening™ just give me life ok. 10/10

Track-By-Track Guide to 'How To Be A Human Being'

“Life Itself”
This one actually started off as a dark, slow, moody track. Quite insular. But eventually we realized there was a cheekiness to the lyrics that we hadn’t really explored, so we injected a sense of optimism into the music. The character that this track is about is a sci-fi obsessed dude who spends most of his time alone inventing strange things and writing stories about ray guns or looking for aliens on Google maps. We made him a website. But that’s what the chords and sound effects were inspired by. Old sci-fi films/series. I also got a bit obsessed with Lollywood music (music from Pakistani films), and thats where the idea for the drums came from.

The idea for this one came from a story someone told me once. They were telling me about their child, and something awful had happened to them. She was crying—but at the same time the memories that they had from that previous life made her so happy—so she was also smiling. That combination of emotions kind of made me feel like my heart was being ripped apart but also optimistic in a weird way. She had found a way to see happiness in this awful thing that had happened to her. That combination of emotions is what this song is getting at. Have a look at this character’s website, too.

“Season 2 Episode 3”
Everyone knows someone like the character from this song. If you don’t, then it’s you. But there are lots of references to different psychedelic cartoons in this one—sonically and lyrically—including Adventure Time. That show is crazy.

“Pork Soda”
I heard a homeless man talking to someone once and say ‘pineapples are in my head.’ In retrospect, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t actually those words, but I thought it was at the time, and it kind of stuck with me. The opening of the song is meant to sound like you’re outside on the street, and you can hear a group of people chanting this song. The drum sounds are made from old bins and trash pieces of metal I found around the studio. Kind of like those street drummers use. All that is meant to set the scene for the story.

“Mama’s Gun”
I don’t use samples very often. I only like using them if they bring something to the table, aside from just music—a context and a further depth to the actual meaning of the song. This song is mainly about mental health, and I remembered this song by The Carpenters called “Mr. Guder.” It fit the atmosphere musically, while the song “Mr. Guder” itself was about an odd character of sorts, and then on top of that, Karen Carpenter’s story added another dimension to the lyrics. if you don’t know the story, you should look it up. It’s important and very sad, and it started a general social dialogue about mental illness which is to this day still a subject matter that we avoid far too much.

“Cane Shuga”
This is the only track on the record that didn’t start with lyrics and vocal melody. It started with the beat and the heavy drums. I let the beat spin and wrote stream of consciousness lyrics through a vocoder for this one to try to capture a certain mentality you might have when you’re a bit fucked up. When you start speaking what seems like gibberish—but maybe that gibberish is actually quite revealing.

”[Premade Sandwiches]”
This is a spoken word interlude. My favorite word in the album is in this: “McFuck.” It’s something that someone’s gotten at McDonald’s. Here it is used in a sentence: “What the McFuck are you eating?”

“The Other Side Of Paradise”
This is musically my favorite track on the record, I think. The chords are quite bizarre, and there are some mad arrangement and structural things going on. And the beat was super fun to make. It’s gonna be fun live!

“Take A Slice”
This track is about someone with a lot of lust. It’s as sleazy as I’ll ever get in lyrics. But everyone has that inside them somewhere, even if it’s only a tiny bit. And it comes out from time to time. For some people, it’s out all the time.

“Poplar St”
This song is meant to open with a kind of musical/lyrical image of a place. A little guitar hook and a floating vocal line that all seems quite peaceful, but things get more and more twisted as the song goes on. The guitar starts doing weirder things, the music builds tension, and then the whole thing flips on it’s head at the end. And you find that maybe that place isn’t what you first expected it was.

As soon as I started writing it, I knew it would be the album closer. This is my favorite song on the record. And the saddest song I will ever write.

Transparent Crystalline Solid (5)

Bucky Barnes x (enhanced)Reader

Notes: (the usual) troubled pasts, swearing, smut, fluff, angst/heartbreak.

A/N: Almost there, guys!

Originally posted by daniel-wellington

“He’s a wreck, Steve. He hasn’t been out of his room for weeks” Pepper sighs, rubbing her cheeks with the palms of her hands. “We still haven’t been able to contact Thor? Heimdall?”

Steve shakes his head. “It’s been silent. I’m worried something’s gone wrong. Jane hasn’t been able to find any fluctuations or whatever she calls it. She’s in no better shape than Bucky is”

Pepper bites her lip, smiling at Tony when he pulls her into him. “I’m sure it’s fine. Y/N and Thor separately can kick all of our asses. But together? I wouldn’t bet anything against them”

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Look at me closely, say this isn’t what the paradise looks like. When you make me feel like a garden of your love, I feel like the storage of your lies. Every sip of those words, there are thorns stinging on my neck. Draining my empty rapture. Playing with my feelings. Like a little kid picking the best part of me, tearing apart the petals until my skin is no longer sealed from storms. Burning ices, the melting fire in your camouflage eyes.
Someone says I am worthy of something better, but ripping down on my bones, I would show my scars and they would open and can easily bleed it again. I say I wouldn’t jump into the falls, either it can break or drown me, but I always do it anyway. I never care about colors that fading away. Hurt might make my life useful.
Sometimes facing what hurts, lessons are dripping down my brain, being processed by my heart, absorbs by my soul. This is not a vacation place in your life. I’m not a paradise. Maybe I like a home that you can feel the comfort of tired silhouette, through darkness, brightness, confusion, I’ll make you feel your smile grows more than what you’ve thought of me as a garden.
You made me cry as the sprinkler for my root that lost its breath. You tried so hard to make me a perfect image for people around us, but I don’t want perfection, maybe If you would be true to yourself.
Don’t build my universe in your hands, pick me up and build up my feet through your care, if it’s real.
Hurt me like I would find myself, just stop hurting me until I lost myself. I’ll never going to be your beautiful place, I’m worried to be messed up and never be good in your eyes anymore. Tell me someday someone’s going to be with me because I am the safest place, no matter how close or far I am.
—  jcatmoonlight 

“I love the nazis too… by the way, I fucking cant get enough of the swastika, the SS, and the iron cross. Hitler and his head boys fucked up a few times and it cost them the war, but I love their beliefs and who they were, what they did, and what they wanted. I know that form of gov couldn’t have lasted long once the human equation was brought in, but damnit it sure looked good. every form of gov leads to downfalls, everything will always fuck up or yeah something. its all DOOMed god damnit. this is beginning to make me get in a corner. I’m showing too much of myself, my views and thoughts, people might start to wonder, smart ones will get nosey and something might happen to fuck me over, I might need to put on one helluva mask here to fool you all some more. fuck fuck fuck it’ll be very fucking hard to hold out until April. If people would give me more compliments all of this might still be avoidable… but probably not. Whatever I do people make fun of me, and sometimes directly to my face. I’ll get revenge soon enough. fuckers shouldn’t have ripped on me so much huh! HA! then again its human nature to do what you did… so I guess I am also attacking the human race. I cant take it, Its not right… true… correct… perfect. I fucking hate the human equation. Nazism would be fucking great if it werent for individualism and our natural instinct to ask questions. you know what maybe I just need to get laid. maybe that’ll just change some shit around.

That’s another thing, I am a fucking dog. I have fantasies of just taking someone and fucking them hard and strong. someone like [censored] were I just pick her up, take her to my room, tear off her shirt and pants and just eat her out and fuck her hard. I love flesh… weisses fleisch! dein weisses fleisch emegt mich soo… Ich bin dech nur ein gigilo! I want to grab a few different girls in my gym class, take them into a room, pull their pants off and fuck them hard. I love flesh… the smooth legs, the large breasts, the innocent flawless body, the eyes, the hair; jet black, blond, white, brown. ahhh I just want to fuck! call it teenage hormones or call it a crazy fuckin racist rapist… BJ ist mir egal. I just want to be surrounded by the flesh of a woman, someone like [censored] who I wanted to just fuck like hell, she made me practically drool, when she wore those shorts to work.. instant hard on. I couldnt stop staring. and others like [censored] in my gym class, [censored] or whatever in my gym class, and others who I just want to overpower and engulf myself in them. mmmm I can taste the sweet flesh now… the salty sweat, the animalistic movement… Iccchhh… lieeebe…… fleisccchhhh. who can I trick into my room first? I can sweep someone off their feet, tell them what they want to hear, be all nice and sweet, and then “fuck em like an animal, feel them from the inside” as Reznor said. oh… thats something else… that one NIN video I saw, broken or closer or something, the where the guy is kidnapped and tortured like hell… actual hell. I want to do that too. I want to tear a throat out with my own teeth like a pop can. I want to gut someone with my hand, to tear a head off and rip out the heart and lungs from the neck, to stab someone in the gut, shove it up to the heart, and yank the fucking blade out of their rib cage! I want to grab some weak little freshman and just tear them apart like a fucking wolf. show them who is god. strangle them, squish their head, bite their temples into the skull, rip off their jaw. rip off their colar bones, break their arms in half and twist them around, the lovely sounds of bones cracking and flesh ripping, ahh… so much to do and so little chances.” - Eric Harris

Mythical Creature//Scott McCall - Part 2

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Reader.

The next week was a breeze. You’d gotten an idea on how everyone felt about you. You knew their weaknesses instantly. This was the best case scenario.

“Y/N! Hey!” Scott jogged up to your locker.

“Hey.” You smile.

“So, we’re going out this weekend if you want to come. Lydia said we can stay at the lake house.” He leans against the locker beside yours.

Perfect opportunity to get more information. “I’d love that.” You nod. “Thanks for inviting me.”

“You haven’t been here long but it wouldn’t be the same without you.” He chuckles.

“I’m glad you like me so much then.” You joke.

“What’s not to like?” He smiles. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah.” You’d invited him over for no other reason than to give him another reason to trust you.

“Hey, is it cool is Stiles comes too?” He looks down at his phone.

It wouldn’t be as intimate but it wouldn’t hurt. “Yeah, that’s fine with me.” You shrug.

Stiles meets up with Scott and you lead the two of them to your apartment.

You walk upstairs and unlock the door, praying there were no hidden surprises. You let out a small breath of relief when you find your apartment empty.

“Can I get you guys anything?” You look at them over your shoulder, their eyes landing on the bedroom doorway. You follow their eyes, shock rippling through you. “Brandon?”

“Hey, baby. You’re home late.” He walks over and kisses your cheek. You no doubt have a panicked look on your face. This could screw everything up.

“What’re you doing here?” You take a step away from him.

“Should we…go?” Scott raises an eyebrow.

“Who’s your friends?” Brandon wraps an arm around your waist.

“No, Scott. You’re fine.” You push Brandon off of you. “Excuse us.” You grab his arm and pull him downstairs, around to the back of your complex. “What the hell?”

“Can’t I come see my girlfriend?” Brandon smirks. “A true alpha. Nice touch.”

You didn’t realize he was a true alpha, but you couldn’t let him know that. Now that he knew, you’d definitely have to kill him.

“I said if you came back I’d kill you. How dumb are you?”

“I’m only dumb with love, my dear Y/N.”

“Oh yeah?” You say as you reach into his chest. Your grip on his heart undoubtedly turning your knuckles white.

“You wouldn’t?” He chuckles.

“I would.” You smirk as you pull, his body falling to the floor. Now what were you to do with the body? No one knew of your connection with him.

You tossed his heart in the trash can, shrugging. You stop at your car and grab a tissue, wiping your hands clean before returning upstairs.

“Sorry.” You say timidly. “Ex-boyfriend problems.”

“Anything I could help you take care of?” Scott looks concerned.

“Nothing a change of locks won’t fix.” You smile. “Anyways, can I get you guys anything to drink?”

“I’m fine.” Scott smiles. “Stiles?”

“No..I’m good.” His eyes scan everything in your apartment.

You spend the evening talking, Stiles was a little apprehensive but he seemed more trusting afterward.

You’d completely forgotten about Brandon, your focus on caring for your coven.


“Scott!” Stiles shouts after me.

“What?” I turn to look at him.

“It’s about that guy in Y/N’s apartment. Brandon.”

“What about him?”

“He’s dead. I saw it on my dad’s board at the station.”

“What? He’s dead? How’d he-”

“Murder. And get this…his heart was ripped out of his chest.”


“If you could please stop saying what, I’d appreciate it.” Stiles says quickly. “They found his body behind Y/N’s apartment complex. His heart was in the trash can.”

I raise an eyebrow. “You’re kidding. This is all some ploy to get me to stop trusting her.”

“You’ve known her for less than a month, Scott. You’re really going to trust her over me?”

“I never said that, Stiles…I just…” I sigh. “Show me.”

“There’s more, Scott.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“He was found the day he was killed…but his body had rotted like he’d been there three months.”

“What the hell?”

“I know. Come on.”

We walk inside, earning a look from Stiles’ dad. I give him a small wave and he sighs in response.

“See! Look at this!” I look at the board, wincing at the sight.

“Stiles, you can’t just show off my murder investigation.” Noah stands up.

“I’m helping solve it. There’s a difference.”

“So you think it’s supernatural?”

“I don’t know, dad. Why else would someone rot three months time in only four hours?”

Noah sighs, “Stiles…”

“Trust me on this, dad. Okay? Please?”

“Fine. But I’m going to proceed like a normal investigation.”

“Thank you.”

Stiles told everyone, against my wishes of course. Malia and Stiles were so cocky about being right, it was sickening.


Scott had been weird, distant. Everyone was, in fact. “What’s everyone’s problem with me?” You say bluntly.

You caught them off guard. “We don’t have a problem with you.” Scott says. His heartbeat picks up. Liar.

“Oh yeah? Then why is everyone so apprehensive? I’m a big girl, you won’t hurt my feelings.”

“Did you kill Brandon?”

Now you’re caught off guard. “Brandon? Brandon’s dead?” You say, fake tears brimming your eyes.

“Duh. Did you do it?” Stiles leans forward.

You let the tears fall. “I…no, I didn’t do it. He’s dead? How’d he…how’d he die?”

“Stiles stop. She’s not lying.” Scott comes over to you. Ha. Yes you were. “Are you okay?”

You shake your head, “Scott, how did he die?”

“Do you really want to know?”

You nod.

“His heart was ripped out of his chest…”

You let a fake sob out and bury your head in your hands. “I have to go.” You grab your bag and quickly head for the parking lot.

“Y/N, wait!” Scott calls after you. “Thanks Stiles.” He sighs.

“At least we know it wasn’t her.” Stiles shrugs.

You round the corner and wipe your eyes, a smirk plastered on your face. This was going to be way too easy.

Sometimes the sun shines in just the right way. And it feels as though you are checking up on me. It feels like a reminder that for one perfect moment I felt sure in who I was and who I loved. There’s a moment when the sky bursts into beauty. When colors alight the view from this bullet riddled, firestorm of a planet and I feel like the universe is trying to tell me that I can be okay, that you’ll come back to me. That the constellations will still chart the story of us and that it will not be tragedy.

That I’ll be able to feel your skin against mine, to trace your lips with my eyes and to stand by your side and feel like a conqueror instead of just a lost soul. Instead of someone who pleads with the stars to send me a shooting one because now I know exactly what I’d wish for. Now I know that the universe has formed us into a magnet and we won’t, can’t, be separated forever.

I’m sure it’s safer by your side. I’m sure that I’ll feel stronger with your hand brushing mine, I’m sure the colors seem more vibrant when I’m hearing your voice speak my name. I’m sure that I’ll see you again. I see your echoes now already because you have infected me and transformed me and given me hope.

Hope that burns within me beyond the fire, hope that can never die as long as I am able to conjure up your voice in my mind. I never dreamed I’d be shipwrecked. I never dreamed I’d be scarred. I never dreamed that darkness would taint me. But it has. It did. But the minute you stormed into my life, the minute you showed up, a spark ignited in me.

You brought me back to life.

And even though that life has been shaken and tortured and I have ripped myself apart a thousand over, that spark never died because you believed in me. You had faith in me when I felt I was nothing and I will return that faith until the sun stops rising, I will return that unshakeable, unbreakable, utterly remarkable gift you have given me with your touch, your eyes, your words, your heart and I will bestow upon you the universe in all it’s glory and still it wouldn’t be enough. I can never thank you, not completely, for your belief and your trust in me but everyday I will try to give you a measure of what you have given since we first became partners, bound in blood but more than that bound by love.

So I hope that you’re looking at the stars, wishing on the same ones and I hope that one day I can kiss you as the colors fade. As the sky become streaked with golden light and magnified in rusty pinks and soft oranges and you and I dance without the shadows pulling on our skin. And you and I whisper the words we were always afraid to say and maybe as the night dawns, we’ll be able to shake the shivers and take what we’ve always wanted.

         - Sunlight Love by Abby S

In which I live-blog Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Okay. Here we go.

Can I get more Heather and Valencia this episode? Please?

Oh, Rebecca. So many unresolved father issues.

Wait? Paula made that veil? What a gem. What a fantastic human.

Rebecca, I know you’re SO HAPPY but this wedding CANNOT happen.

I mean, this wedding isn’t going to happen, right?



You know Josh, you’re not the brightest, but thank you for recognizing something’s up and that Rebecca’s has done a complete 180 in regard to her newfound idealized vision of her relationship with her father.

You still shouldn’t marry Rebecca, though.

Stop being cute. I refuse to ship this.

Oh, God; she’s said her life is practically perfect. She’s happy. How is this all going to fall apart?


Oh, God.

Josh is a stand-in for her dad.

No, not like that.

Just that she had abandonment issues regarding her father and that Josh is her way of fixing that. Like, by him sticking with her, she can mentally erase what happened with her dad by making Josh the primary male figure in her life. Just like “A Boy Band Made Up of Four Joshes” in season one suggested-that every guy she dates is just a stand-in for her dad.

This show, guys. It’s so good.

Robert? Who tf is Robert? Was she engaged before? Interesting

Darryl’s in the stag party, God bless.


Looks like Rebecca’s not the only one with an unhealthy relationship with her opposite-sex parent. (Lookin’ at you, Hector.)

White Josh is right; last two people who should get married.

WiJo is not into marriage; of course. Kids, yes, marriage, no-Darryl is going to be so upset.

But, you know, actual conflict that couples have to deal with is good, so props on that. I’m excited to see where their storyline goes. And, you know, I think there’s something to be said for not having to “legitimize” a relationship by getting married.

But I also really want them to get married at some point, so…

But, you know, it’s fine. Because I trust the creative team on this show-I trust them in whatever decisions they decide to make.

Wow, I have literally never said that about a show before. Good, job, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Team. (This show is the best, you guys.)

I love Father Brah. Like, legitimately so much.

Shut up, Naomi; Valencia is great.

“Hootenany.” I’m so glad Valencia’s vocabulary is this way.

All of these guests, but no Trent? I was promised Trent. Where is Trent?

Did she just…pop her foot while hugging her dad? WTF?

Aw, Scott and Paula went together. As much as I don’t like infidelity plots, I’m glad they’re working things out.

Naomi is dishing. It. Out. I wasn’t aware how much I loved her before this episode.




Is he trying to be a Nice Guy ™? Or does he just want approval because he also has father-based self-esteem issues? In either case, he really needs to shut up.

Hmm…accepted to Harvard, Robert happened, went to Yale instead? GIVE ME ANSWERS

Yeah, she’s an enigma because she kept one obviously traumatic event from you, Josh.

He thought….

The dance instructor thinks Rebecca is marrying her dad. Wow. And she finds it funny instead of being freaked out (presumably because a stranger sees an emotional connection between them and she’ll take anything she can get at this point)? Can this show get any more blatant?

My poor, little problematic protagonist.


No wonder Rebeca has so many issues. Her own parental unit only came to her wedding in order to ask her for some fucking money. God, I hate this show.

(That’s a lie; I love this show with every single atom in my body.)

Thank you, Doctor Akopian. Dr. Akopian is the hero we all need. #AkopianforPresident

Oh shit, Robert the mysterious ex-boyfriend was her TEACHER?! (I mean, she said “I dropped out of your class” and “You said you’d leave your wife,” so I assume…)

Oh, no, Rebecca. You did not drive your father away, you were eleven. You were not a needy child. Someone give this poor woman a hug.

Forget about the past? I do not like this. I don’t trust you, Silas. I’ve got both my eyes on you.



So, this wedding can’t happen, but I don’t want Josh to be the one to call it off because I know that will utterly break Rebecca.

But I also don’t want Josh to be sad because he’s trying his best.

Yes, communication is good. Thank you, Father Brah.

This conversation is going to be a time.




Okay, this show wins all the awards. All of them. Everyone else can go home.



Please, talk to each other. I don’t ship you, but you need to have this conversation.

I am actually legitimately scared; I have no idea what is going to happen.

This friendship is so important. Paula and Rebecca, I mean.

HAHAHAHAHA DON’T ASK ME I’M JUST A DUMB COWBOY WHO LIKES WEDDINGS Darryl is my favorite. Like, actual favorite on this show.

WiJo, maybe you shouldn’t argue about it, but you should talk. Discussing where your relationship will go is important for couples everywhere.

Heather’s directness and honesty is everything to me.



Why is this show like this? Why did I sell my soul?

…I hate this.

Josh, no. Don’t just leave. You need to talk to Rebecca. Trust me, it will hurt her less than if you just don’t show up without an explanation.

I am so here for all of Rebecca’s friends being willing to rip Josh apart for abandoning her.

“With someone else, but it’s not what you think?” Is he dead?



…Because Father Brah said it was the answer to all of his questions about life and Josh thinks this will solve his serial monogamy problem.

I…honestly didn’t see that coming.

Oh, no. Rebecca is thinking about jumping. I can’t do this. I cannot do this. I asked for a silly musical show that deconstructed romantic comedies, and I did NOT ask for this.

Aw, she admitted she loved Greg while he was here. This makes my heart happy. They were not good for each other and shouldn’t get back together, but I’m glad she acknowledged his importance.

Okay. So, Robert was her teacher, he broke up with her, she tried to burn his stuff and got tried for arson, and the judge agreed to strike it from her record if she sought mental health counseling. She went to a mental institution and did the whole drug cocktail thing, and that explains why she was on so much medication at the beginning of the show and couldn’t feel anything.

That…makes a lot of sense, actually.


Oh, God, this is so important. Everyone in Rebecca’s life left her because of their stuff, not because of her. And it all starts with her father walking out.


Oh, thank GOD.

“You’re crazy.” “Little bit.”


“Have fun flying coach, dick.” Oh, Nathaniel. You know, I just might come to like you.

Destroying Josh Chan. What is she planning?





Well, at least we got renewed for season 3.

I look forward to it.

And, I gotta say: Rebecca hating Josh is a new dynamic I am beyond excited to explore.

Peace out. This has been a Liveblog No One Will Read.

Narnia Imagine 1 : Wunderkind

Pairing : Peter Pevensie x Reader__________ Word Count : 3,128___________ REQUESTS ARE OPEN! DM me for a customised Narnia Imagine!__________ Tags: @pegasusdragontiger @aiaranradnay @bolontiku ___________________________________________ “You better be back by noon, princess. His Majesty will be far from pleased if you don’t attend the evening ball.” Pructiller, your best friend and the Advisor of the Royal Calormen Council, said to you, as you got ready to go. “I shall be back in a while. Cover up for me, will you, Pruc?” She nodded. “Good girl. Now, give me the key to my secret exit…” You grab the key, adjust your sword and bag, secure your daggers in place and tie your black turban and mask. You were set to do it. Once again. What you loved the most. But what was also your biggest secret. Your father, the Tisroc of Calormen, Emperor of the Tashbaan City, had forbidden you from hunting or going outside the castle, lest you were harmed. But you didn’t care. For what you did was far too noble to be scared about. You opened the door to the secret pathway in the basement, that led you outside the castle and quickly escaped its boundaries. You walked forward to a clearing, as usual and whistled loudly. As always, your favourite guy in the world, your black stallion, Samuel came galloping towards you, happiness evident in his whinny. “There, boy. Missed me, did you? Well, I’m sorry. I had to wait for Father to fall asleep. Now, let’s get to work, Sam!” You stroked his mane and he neighed, snorting and beckoning the saddle to be climbed. You climb on him and take the reins. In no time, he’s racing through the wind, making your black robes fly like a bird. It has always been the best feeling in the world to ride Sam, away from all the discipline and suffocation of the Castle, free and wild. You ride swiftly, until you reach the Market, where the traders and shopkeepers were howling their goods to sell. You scanned the Market completely and went around asking for the prices of commodities. They were fair and reasonable. So far so good. These folks saved their necks. You drifted into the deeper, darker parts of the Market. That’s when you heard it. A stifled scream that belonged to a child. Not again, you thought. Slave Traders. You gripped your dagger and tackled the traders from behind, knocking them unconscious. A faint little girl, half your age was crying and in chains, shivering with fear. You comforted her, freed her from the shackles and price tag they had put, and said to her, “Don’t worry, little one. Come on, I’ll get you out of here. You’ll be safe with me.” You led her out into the heart of the market and ask her where she lived. “I am Selena and I live very close to the Calormene Castle. My parents must be worried. What’s your name?” She asked, smiling calmly. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you, Selena.” You said. Her eyes widened. “Are you the Princess? His Highness the Tisroc’s daughter? Princess Y/N? Rabadash’s sister?” You chuckled. “I am afraid not. I just share Her Highness’s name. I am a nomadic traveller.” She looked somewhat convinced and said, “I’ll make the journey from here, alone. Thank you for saving my life. Have a good day, Y/N.” She ran away before I could protest, sprinting in the direction of the Castle. “Strong girl” I said to myself. Just then, you heard someone hurling abuses at the shopkeeper and threatening to chop his head off. You walked towards that cart and saw that a thief was trying to scare the Pear Shop Owner. Your instincts kicked in and you jumped on him, keeping your sword at his neck and asked him, “You Scoundrel! Why do you dare to trouble these merchants?” You were sitting on his stomach and his masked face was terrified, by the look in his eyes. The Pear Merchant said, “Yes! Kill that fly already! He has no backbone!” “If I ever see you here again, I swear I’ll-” you were cut off because he had jumped up and pushed you to the wall, holding your neck and squeezing it. Your face went red with the sudden loss of air and your eyes were burning with hot tears. You panted, struggled to breath and get out of the thief’s hold, but you couldn’t. He was punching you repeatedly. You were not one to give up, so you tried to kick him, but in vain. Out of nowhere, an arrow came flying and pierced the Thief’s heart, his grip on you loosened and you collapsed on the ground, gasping for air and trying get the bloodrush out of your head. “Are you alright?” A soft, yet strong voice said to me, while I felt a hand on my shoulder. A man had just saved my life. And he was concerned about me. “Y- yes.. I’m fine. Thank you..” you said, slowly getting up and standing upright. That’s when you see him. A masked man, about five feet tall, having deep blue eyes and blonde hair (no hood or turban) was looking at you, concerned and expectantly. He was wearing what looked like Narnian hunting clothes and had a sword fastened to his body. His bow was still in his hand, the quilt of arrows on his back. His eyes wrinkled like he was smiling. “What in the name of Aslan, were you doing, m'lady? You could’ve got yourself killed.” He said, full of care. You replied, “Just trying to keep these people safe. And I’m guessing you’re doing that too.” You smiled a little. “Looks like I am. What’s your name?” He asked, childish curiosity in his eyes. “Y/N, and I’m not the Princess of Tashbaan. I just happen to have her name too.” You say, before he could ask. Phew. “Well, I didn’t know this place had a Princess, forget about knowing her name. I am Lucian, a traveller and hunter. I’ve never been here, Y/N.” He remarked, matter-of-fact-ly. “Aha… so, how long since you’ve lodged here?” You ask, suddenly curious to know a lot more about this charming man, whose presence stood out in your senses and made you feel different. “I arrived just this morning. I intend to meet the Tisroc and write books about his life, times and this very kingdom.” He said, sounding excited. You smiled to yourself, thinking about how silly it would be for a person to write about her father, being the insignificant, careless, vague and stupid person that he was. But you conclude, he’s probably heard a lot of rumours about your Father’s greatness, chivalry and splendour, all of which were false and spread only to lure travellers like this man. “That’s wonderful. I am a native of Calormen. Where are you from, Lucian? If you don’t mind telling me… why are you masked?” You asked, hesitantly. He bent his head, ruffled his hair and said, “For once, I’ve always wanted to stay anonymous. It gives you the freedom of being yourself, without being judged or recognised. I can afford to tell you though, I am a native of Narnia. Any more questions, Y/N?” Your heart resonates the feelings of freedom that he spoke about, which is exactly why you try to hide your identity. You say, “I must say, I agree with your idea of freedom. So much so, that it is also my reason to be masked. You said you were a hunter. I am not so bad at it, myself. Would you like to have a hunting contest with me?” He seemed hesitant and you added, “If it isn’t much trouble, if you’re unoccupied, that is.” “Oh… it would be a pleasure, Y/N. I love hunting. I was just thinking where we would hunt. It shall be fun, though.” He smiled through the veil and you replied, “I’ve beaten many champions here, Lucian. Better watch out.” “That remains to be seen, Y/N” he smirked and I could hear the overconfidence in his voice. “Let me go get my horse, then” he said, “meet me in the woods right next to the tombs.” You nodded and found yourself smiling at how well the day had been so far, and how you’d made a new friend, who was just like you._____________________ ***** _________________In a few minutes, you’re waiting at the entrance of the forest at Tombs, stroking Sam lovingly, when Lucian’s horse, a White stallion, comes galloping towards you from the west. You adjust your sword, daggers and arrows, waiting for him to speak to you. After getting down from his horse, Lucian says, “Your horse is magnificent, Y/N! Is he from the Royal Stables?” You reply, “Yes. In fact, he escaped from there. I’ve adopted him since then. He’s Samuel. And what do you call this beautiful stallion?” “SwanWhite” he said and I could hear him smile. “Suits him. Now, shall we begin our contest, Lucian?” You ask, challengingly. “Sure. I say, whoever hunts the larger beast wins. Yes?” He asks. “No. Whoever hunts the faster one wins.” You declare. “Wouldn’t disagree with that. Okay then, faster beast it is.” He concluded and we set out into the forest, looking for a beast. In half an hour, you find a large, non-talking rabbit in a bush and hunt it down. When you turn to climb on Sam and ride back to the entrance, a bear suddenly falls on you, ripping your turban apart and looking at you hungrily. SwanWhite comes in galloping and kicks the bear so hard, he moans in pain and falls far away from you with a loud thud. “Thank you, SwanWhite! Where’s Lucian?” You ask him, smiling widely. “Caught a really fast huge bear, Y/N! I win!” Lucian was heard saying, as he came running towards you, pulling the bear that had attacked you, now wounded with by Lucian’s sword. “I guess you do.” You say and chuckle loudly, looking at SwanWhite happily. A strong gust of wind ripped your veil apart and your face was exposed, leaving your frizzy black hair loose and you terrified. Lucian was looking at you like a child looking at a rainbow. His eyes light up, a hint of awe in them and he smiles, looking at the terror on your face. “You’re beautiful, Y/N. Don’t let that fear make you look funny.” He laughed, a hearty, joyous laugh, that made your heart flutter and your stomach droopy. “Show me who you are, Lucian. Now that you’ve seen my face, I would like to see yours.” You insisted. “Sure. No problem at all.” He untied the veil that was covering his face and the next moment, you realise you’re looking at the most handsome man you’ve ever laid your eyes on. His deep blue eyes and blonde hair were just the beginning. His nose looked well-crafted, his cheeks faintly blushed, beautiful pink lips, and a sharp jawline. He looked like someone had carved a perfect sculpture. You smiled. “Now that we’ve seen each other, shall we talk more about ourselves?” He asked, flirtatiously. “Of course. You’re very good-looking, Lucian. You’re well built for a traveller.” You wink, smiling widely. He walks towards you and holds your shoulders. You look up at him, smiling and notice the adorable dimples he gets. You swoon over his stunning face. His eyes wrinkle when he smiles, which makes him look even more endearing. “I’ve never seen a girl this brave, yet this beautiful. You seem to be the one every man would love to have. Would you like to be friends with me, Y/N?” Your heart was racing at the proximity you shared with him. His earnest eyes were emanating honesty and yearning. “I thought we were already friends, Lucian. Well, then let me confirm it. It would be my pleasure to make you my friend, officially.” You smirked, smiling at his happily grinning face. “Wonderful. I must confess I want it to be more than friendship, but for now, this is good enough. Listen Y/N, I have some urgent business to attend to. I better hurry and get ready for that. I’ll meet you tomorrow right here. Until then, goodbye Y/N. It was such an amazing time I had with you. Take care, gorgeous.” He hugged you gently and let you go, which you wish he’s never done. This was new to you. Being made to feel cared about, appreciated, beautiful and special, not merely because you were a princess, but because of the girl that you truly are, was the best feeling in the world. You smiled gratefully and said, “Of course, Lucian. Good luck with your job! Thank you for making my day! Take care. I’ll meet you tomorrow. Bye, sweetheart.” He stroked your hair playfully and patted your shoulder, walking away, climbed on SwanWhite and galloped away, making your hear soar with a whole lot of mixed feelings. You climbed onto Sam, smiling widely and all the while thinking about Lucian, and absentmindedly rode to your castle, reluctant to attend the ball your father had held in the evening._______________ *****____________________ “You look absolutely gorgeous, your majesty. Here, let me just style your hair a little bit more.” Your royal maid, Bela was saying. But you were not in this world. You weren’t paying attention at all. Your mind was flying around in happiness and memory of the gallant charming man, who had hugged you in the afternoon. Your eyes yearned to see him again, to talk to him. Lucian. “Her Majesty, the ball is about to commence. Let us escort you to the Ball.” Pructiller said, shaking you out of your daydream. “Oh… okay. Let us go.” You replied, hurriedly getting up and wearing your ball shoes. As you were escorted by three royal maids, down the staircase of the palace into the Ballroom, you heard trumpets hooting and drums beating. Nothing new, for you were used to this. Kings, princes and high officials were always escorted and introduced with lots of noise and grandeur. You sighed in disgust, as you had to now fake being happy and put up a smiling face for the men and women in the Ball, though neither you knew them, nor did they. Your anonymous life was much much better than this, you thought. Your purple dance dress fleets were flowing around you and your face had been decorated by Narnian Powder and Colours. Narnian perfume had been sprayed onto you. As you entered the Ballroom, an old dwarf was heard announcing, “Behold! Make way for His Majesty, High King Peter the Magnificent, Emperor of the Lone Islands, Lord of Cair Paravel, Sir Peter Wolfsbane, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Lion!” All heads, including the Highest Order Men and Women standing in the Ballroom, turned in the direction of the door, from where a richly dressed party of soldiers were escorting the High King of Narnia. You had heard the marvellous stories of his bravery, chivalry and appearance, that he had defeated The White Witch and his reign was so rightfully called “The Golden Age Of Narnia”. The Pevensies were indeed the most influential kinsmen in the whole of Narnia. In fact, he was the only person you were not disgusted about meeting in person, you were looking forward to it. “Well, hullo there, Ladies!” Your joker of a brother, Rabadash had scared you by shouting at you and your maids from behind. He was looking absolutely hideous and funny in the stupid neon pink dress that he had worn. The jewels were not matching with his attire too. What a revolting taste of fashion. One of your maids, Yubusi smiled and clapped like a child. She had always been a huge admirer of Rabadash, so much so that she worshipped him. “Now shall be gracing your palace, is Queen Susan the Gentle, Her Majesty, Queen of Narnia, Owner Of the Mighty Horn Of Aslan!” The dwarf announced, and you looked at the arriving party of maids and the Queen. Rabadash’s eyes seemed to light up furiously, and when you looked at Queen Susan, you could tell why. She was fierce and beautiful, a combination rare to find in a queen. Her eyes gleamed with the thirst for knowledge and she smiled gracefully, yet full of royalty at the Ballroom audience. My brother was not wrong to be smitten by her. She was stunning. Just then, you turned your head to look at The High King, and your eyes were suddenly so wide open, they threatened to pop out of your skull. You saw him. *************The High King was none other than the gallant young man, Lucian!!!************ He had hidden his identity from you under the name Lucian and fooled you into believing him. You had been called Beautiful and hugged by The High King Of Narnia, Peter Pevensie, the Magnificent, himself. His eyes found yours, and for a moment he looked confused and bewildered. Then, it came to him and he smiled triumphantly at you. I am your King, his eyes seemed to say. Mischief and amusement in his eyes were a contrast to the Shock and excitement in your eyes. “And I, His Highness, Tisroc of Tashbaan, Emperor of the Calormene Kindgom, take immense pride in introducing the gathering to my most beautiful daughter, Lady of the Tashbaan Forests, and Royal Poetess of the Calormene Council, Princess Y/N of Calormene Dynasty!” Your father waved his hand at you in show, announcing your presence to all. Rabadash’s face went from love-struck to full of anger and jealousy, as you climb the stairs to the Royal Dias and stand in full view of the audience. “You forgot to say, ‘The most charming woman in the world’, Your Highness, the Tisroc!” Lucian, rather now, High King Peter exclaimed, standing up from his guest throne and smiling at you, like you were the only thing in this world, worthy to be looked at. You blushed and remarked, “His Majesty, the High King surely rules all the hearts there are to be conquered.” “What are we waiting for?! Let the dance begin! Your Majesty, The Magnificent, whom would you like to choose as your lucky consort for the evening?!” The Tisroc asked, excitedly. “I think we all know the answer, Your Highness. It would make me lucky beyond words to be able to dance with your daughter, the Charming Y/N!” Peter said, flirtatiously eyeing you. “The pleasure is all mine, Oh High King!” You replied, cockily. “Call me Pete, dear Y/N” And you both danced the night away, smiling and forgetting the world around you. For as you held each other, you could see entire constellations in his eyes. And he saw the Universe in yours.

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Mr. Hyde and Seek

(Song by Jonney T.)

Horror/Safe for work
Requested by Bluebaby01

Mukami Brothers

“Let’s take a look at this situation
I’m on hunt for your location
And while your waiting there
You’re getting kind of scared
But I fell in love with our little flirtation”

            His breath hit the back of your neck, as you stopped breathing and your heart, momentarily stilled and chills raced down your spine. As you shuttered, your eyes widened and tears threaten to trickle down. You couldn’t move as you stared into the mirror down the hall, watching Ruki, who met your eyes in the mirror with his own.His gaze held a  malevolent pleasure at your horror stricken state, because this was merely a game to him.
     "Do not cry my livestock, I have not given you a true reason to, yet.“ He chuckled darkly, as he laced his arms around your waist and held your quivering body, he added, Your trembling so much, are you perhaps scared of your Master?” Ruki mocked you as he smirked, nipping at your ear,
      “I wonder much pain you would be in, if I bite you behind your ear, right here” he mused, as he brushed his lips against the soft flesh right behind your ear causing you to shutter and gasp loudly.
      “Ruki, please.” You mewled feebly as Ruki growled, a gravelly, husky sound that made his chest rumbled.You quickly whimpered, “Master!”
       "That’s it livestock.“ Ruki purred, as he sunk his fangs into the soft flesh just below your ear, where your jaw began. As you yelped sharply, and your face contorted with agony, you trembled and your legs gave out underneath you. With Ruki’s arms tightening around your waist till he felt as if you were crushing you, as you wheezed.
      "Cry for me now, little lamb.” He chuckled as the blood ran down your neck and seeped into your shirt. Which he slid down to shower your shoulder as he leaned down and sunk his fangs in, as the tears trickled down your face.

         . You came to a stop and spun around Kou stood in the doorway of the barren dungeon, that you have mistakenly run into. With his crimson eye glowing in the dimly light room, as it stared deep into your fear consumed heart. As it  thudded loudly within your chest and blood rushed in your ears nearly drowning out the raged pants that past your lips. While it seemed that the walls were closing in as you backed away with every step that Kou took forward.
    Till your back hit the wall, and you whimpered, your nails scraping against the metal wall as trembled began to rack your body more and more with each second. As Kou’s footsteps lightly echoed throughout the room he giggled softly, a playful sound filled with a sister undertone.
     "Finally, m-neko-chan, I’ve caught perhaps I should put a leash on my little kitten to keep you from running away again.“ Kou cooed softly, with malice dripping from his voice, as your legs gave out and you fell to your knees.
      Kou chuckled, again, lowly as he crouched in front of you, reaching out to grab your chin. He pulled a pink collar with a little silver bell on it,
    "You don’t ever want to take this off, right little kitten?” He giggled softly, as he put the collar snugly on your neck as he leaned down and whispered against your lips.
     "You’ll always be my m-neko-chan, won’t you, fufuf~ don’t worry even if you take this collar off, I will always find you.“

                  Pinned against the outside wall of the greenhouse, your shirt hanging on your frame torn in half.As you trembled underneath Yuma. With your wide and wet eyes fixed on him as you watched you blood trickle down his chin and drip onto the dirt below.While your tears began to trickle down your face and onto your lips, where you could taste their saltiness.
       You mewled softly, as Yuma grunted roughly with a chuckle,
         "What makes you think that you can run from me?” as he dipped his head down to your chest, lapping at the blood that slowly ran down as you whimpered meekly.
          “There has to be a limit to how foolish you can be sow.” He taunted you, with a rueful leer,
          “I’ll have to cover you in marks so deep they will never fade away. Heh, this will hurt a lot little piggy.” He chuckled maliciously as he sunk his fangs deep, ripping through your tender flesh and sucking harshly. As the blood quickly drained from your body and filled his mouth Yuma drove his fangs deeper still.
         "Yuma!“ You whined as Yuma growled, and his hand hit the wall next to your head as you jumped.
         Pulling away Yuma glared at you and barked at you,
       "Oi keep still and shut up!” Before smirking deviously, “I’ll have to mark you somewhere else now, not on your neck I might rip it apart with my fangs but how about here.” He chuckled as he tugged your pants down and got on his knees before you,
    “I’ll be extra rough to show you all of you belongs to me sow.” Yuma told you as you clenched your legs together tightly and your breath hitched, as he looked up at you,
  “All of you.”

                   Covered in bruises and cuts you lay week with hazed over and dim eyes as your heart softly beating in your chest. While your stomach tensed as the tip of Azusa’s blade pressed into your flesh, piercing it slowly as he dragged it down, tearing into your skin, creating yet another shallow cut
     "…I am giving you…so many friends…to cherish whenever I’m gone. You can talk to them…and they will keep you from becoming…lonely.“ Azusa smiled, pleased with himself before quickly frowning, Azusa looking up at you with sad eyes, and said to you with a soft and sad soaked voice,
     "Why did you…leave me…don’t you always…want to be with me, like how..I want to be…with you forever…to prove it I’ll show much I adore you…by showing you pleasure and giving you…lots of friends.”  
      Azusa ended with a hopeful tone as he laughed lightly,
    “I’ll share my…blood with you…we will…forever be bonded…to one our blood mixes together.” Purring softly as your eyes widened and you attempted to mewl your protests but you were too weak for the words to past your lips.
      Azusa put the tip of his knife to an old and fading cut, he moaned your name as he dragged it down slowly, blood welling up out of the wound.
     "(Y/n)“ Azusa moaned your name once again as he met your eyes, and turned his arm over, his blood dripping into yours pooling together..
      "Now….we will belong to…one another…always.” He whispered tenderly as he leaned down, pressing his body abasing yours while nuzzling into your neck.
       Softly nipping at your flesh, Azusa’ sunk his fangs deeply into your neck as he moaned and wrapped his arms around your weak body.

The ex, the fight and the unexpected ending

Numbers request for anon for Seb (angst with fluff) - 27 “Oh, fuck off!” Y/N = your name.

Language and angst but fluff at the end. Feedback is always welcome and if you have a one shot request, storyline/character/real person or numbers request then please read here and feel free to get in touch with me anytime. Thanks for the request and enjoy! Sebastian Stan x reader. My masterlist is here.

“Ok I’m off.”

“Of course you are!” You shout back at your pig headed boyfriend.

“I told you I was going out tonight so I don’t know why your so upset.”

You turn to face Seb when you hear his footsteps stop at the living room door. “Well if you don’t know why I’m upset then clearly your dumber than I thought. Just get out Seb.”

“Fine! Be like that.” He replies, slamming the living room door.

You breath a sigh of relief when he leaves. You weren’t in the mood for an argument right now, all you wanted to do was sleep.

You took out your anger on the pillow that was sitting beside you on the sofa. Punching it with everything you have before ripping it apart with a knife. A very sharp knife.

Stepping into the bedroom you spot a letter on the bed. Opening the seal your heart sinks.

An hour later you hear the key in the door, sitting up in bed you grip the letter tightly. You see Seb walk into the bedroom with a large smile on his face.

“What is this Seb?” You whisper, holding the letter up.

You watch his face drop and his hand run through his hair. “I was going to show you it later.”

“Is later after you go out for dinner with your ex or when my parents divorce comes through?”

“Darling please..”

“Don’t darling me!” You shout, throwing the crumpled up letter at him and nudging your way past him. “You know what why don’t you just go back to your ex.”

“Maybe I will. At least she actually showed her true feelings to people!” You hear him say as you feel tears well up in your eyes. “I-I didn’t mean that..”

“Oh, fuck off!”


“I told you to stop calling me that!” You shout, turning to face him. You can see the tears in his eyes and it almost breaks your heart. Almost.

“What’s this really about?”

“It’s everything Seb! It’s you being away for months on end, me only getting to visit once every two weeks and even at that we still hardly get to be together. It’s you going out for dinner with your ex.. like who does that then not telling me about my parents getting divorced. A letter, a simple letter from them and you couldn’t even give me that so yes Seb, it’s everything!”

You watch him take a step back as if your words have just sunk in. “W-Well what do you want to do about it?”

“It’s not just my decision Seb. We are meant to be a couple so we do things together.” You reply, your heart beating wildly in your chest at your own heartbreak.

“Maybe we should take a break. Give ourselves some breathing space.” He suggests and you can hear the weakness of his voice as he tries to hold back the tears. “I’ll stay with Chris tonight.”

“Good idea. I’ll get out of your way so you can get what you need.”

You watch him shuffle around looking for various items and all you can do is cry. You don’t want him to go, you don’t want to just give up because things have gotten a little hard. Maybe if you say something, anything then he will stay and you can go back to when it was all so simple. When you both could walk down a street without paparazzi following Seb. When he was able to be around more rather than working all the time and especially when you actually talked about things and didn’t just sweep it under the carpet.

“From the ashes we will rise.” You hear him whisper before the apartment door closes and your left with your own thoughts again. He knew you loved that line from The 100. He knew everything about you.

Two days passed and Seb did what he said he would do. He didn’t contact you and for the first time in a long time you didn’t feel so suffocated with everything in life. The only problem was that you now felt like you were missing half your body.

Taking a seat in your local cafe you pull out your tablet and start reading the book you just bought. Your about to leave when you hear someone cough beside your table.

“Can I take a seat?” You hear the all too familiar voice say and before you can answer you meet the blue eyes of Chris.

“What do you want?”

“Seb said you might be here and I wanted to have a word.” He says, looking down at his takeaway cup before meeting your eyes again.

You sigh. “Did he send you?”

“No. No. I came because I’m worried about him.”

“What’s wrong?” You say, moving closer to him.

“He hasn’t slept in two days y/n and he’s barely ate. I know something has happened between you two but he’s really miserable.” You watch as his face drops. “He was meant to be filming yesterday and I couldn’t even get him out of the house. He just kept going on about how he’s failing you and that you deserve better. I think he’ll get a bad reputation if he keeps this up.”

You shake your head and stand up, Chris following close behind. “What do you want me to do? He was the one suggested the break.”

“I don’t think he really wanted it.. as I know you didn’t.” You hear him say and you narrow your eyes at him. “I can see the red rims around your eyes plus the shorter nails on your right hand where you have been picking them. Seb said you do that when your nervous or upset.”

“Oh yes because Seb is so good at reading other people!”

“Please just speak to him..”

You think about it. You didn’t want to go on a break. God you wild have talked to him the moment he came through the door but your anger was getting the better of you then. “He has five minutes.”

Arriving at Chris’ apartment was easy. He only lived a few minutes away and he had the car with him. You step into the living room and spot Seb sleeping in the corner. “I’ll leave you two to it.”

“But he’s aslee-”

Before you can finish the sentence Chris is already closing the living room door and Seb is beginning to stir. You watch as his steel blue eyes open and lock on yours immediately. “Hi.”

“Hey. Chris said to come.” You say, taking a seat on the opposite sofa to him. You take in his dishevelled figure. Red rimmed eyes, tousled hair and baggy clothes is all that’s left of him now. “How have you been?”

He laughs and oh how you’ve missed that sound. “As you can see.. not very well.”

“Yea of course.” You reply, rolling your eyes at your own stupidity. “Chris said-”

“Don’t listen to Chris. He thinks he knows us both like the back of his hand.. and even that’s debatable.”

“I think he was trying to help.”

“Well he has his own problems. Him and Jenny split again.”

You sigh. “Must run in the friendship group.”

“It must do.” You both laugh when he smiles. “I was actually going to come and see you today.”


You see him reach into his pocket and pull out a small box. “I was going to do this somewhere nicer obviously but I guess this will do for now.”


He kneels in front of you and opens the box causing your heart to stop. Inside lies a small silver ring. A large diamond in the middle and smaller diamonds surrounding it. Two gold bands intertwine and wrap around each other, making the ring circle complete. “I love you. Let’s start with that. I also want to spend the rest of my life with you y/n. I went to see my ex because do you remember me telling you that she also owns a jewellery shop?” You nod as a smile spreads across your face. “Well she had this specially made for you. I wanted it to be special.. just like you. I’ll ask you now but I can always ask you in a nicer place later so y/n will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”

“Oh my god yes!”

The Cherry Fic

Pairing: Phan

Genre: Smut, horror, gore, a little bit of fluff ??

Warnings: Like everything 

Word Count: 3,667

I awake groggily, I can’t remember anything. Yesterday was all a blur. I know Phil and I had been dating for a year now, it was our anniversary so we decided to have a party. I remember lots of alcohol, weird indie movies and boiled eggs. But now, where am I? I adjust my eyes and look around. It’s bright, blindingly blight but I can make some obscure shadowy figures.I recognize chairs, what looks like an assortment of clothes and various objects on the floor and a TV. It’s my room, well, mine and Phil’s room. I wipe my eyes and get up, I’m in bed. Shritless, and wearing boxers. I take off the bed clothes and stand up. My body feels tense so I bend down and over to stretch.
“You’re up, finally.”
I recognize the voice. How could I not? It’s Phil’s voice. Vibrant and jubilant, lights my heart just hearing a vowel emitted from his mouth.
I turn around, Phil is standing there wearing a plain white tee and some gray sweat pants. His hair’s a little messy but It’s early in the morning. He’s smiling, such a bright smile.
“Phil,” I reply. I run up to him and embrace his nice slender body. I look him in the eyes, instantaneously we kiss. Our breath might smell like alcohol and eggs but it’s still one of the most empowering kisses I’ve ever had.
One year, to think I’ve been with Phil for one year.
“You’re in a good mood,” Phil points out.
I let go and tears of joy flow from eyes, “How could I not be? I love you phil.” I go back for another embrace followed by a sweet kiss. I get lost in him, in his everything. In his supple yet fortified body, in his sweet soft lips, in his gentle embrace, in the light of his own existence. He’s my one my all, my alpha my omega, I can’t describe how I feel. Call me a sexually misunderstood dramaqueen teen but goddammit I love phil. I’d love him as a girl, but I’m glad he’s a guy.
So much time passes, it’s a tongueless kiss. We don’t need our tongues to dance to show our feelings, just the embrace is enough for us. I think to myself, “How long has it been? Minutes? Hours? Days? Years? Eons? This kiss seems laconic yet eternal. Perhaps my homo-erotic fantasies are taking over and this is the greatest feeling in the world, or perhaps I’m being admonished of what to come. But why do I know something bad will happen? What is this apprehensive feeling I have? It festers in my heart, diabolically ripping my feelings apart and smiting my love. No, go away! GO AWAY! Why am I screaming on the inside? Why are all these questions forming? I love Phil so what could be wrong? How long has this kiss been? What’s going on?”
My thoughts are cut off immediately. The kiss fades away and I fall on my back. Blood is on my lips and down my chin but I didn’t feel anything. I look up as my paralyzed body lies in a contorted position. In what looks look like a scene from a horror movie there stands Phil, his piercingly cold eyes, his menacing grin, and blood on his teeth. In his right hand is a syringe– an empty one at that. I feel dizzy.
“Phil,” I struggle to call out to him, but no success. My mind drifts, my body fades. Like the pouring rain I feel gone. I drift off to…to where exactly?…
A sudden jolt of electricity shoots through my spine as a stinging sensation emits from my chest. I cough up air that I choke on and crane my head forward giving me whiplash.
“AHH!” I scream in pain only for my mouth to be cupped. Phil’s demonic eyes stare me into my soul. He has a vicious smile on his face.
“Scream and I kill you. Nod if you understand?”
I don’t know what’s going on, or why but I instinctively nod. He pushes me back and whips me again across my neck. I bite my lip and curl my toes and fingers as the searing burns fester. I’m chained, my arms and legs are restricted and I’m somewhere in a dark room.
Before I can recover from the previous mark of searing pain the whip cracks again against my right shoulder. My eyes widen and I suppress a scream but in a chained order the whip fluidly cracks itself against my stomach, back, and various appendages.
“OH GOD STOP!” I scream inside but it’s no use. I cry, I cry heavily. I don’t make any noises except for faint grunts of horror but my eyes won’t stop leaking. The tears trickle down my face and tickle me. Not the fun friendly tickle, the irksome tickling that feels uncomfortable. Everything hurts, everything is black and gray as the whip snakes itself painfully upon my body. Phil’s snapped, that’s all I can say, but why? I try to think to last night but abruptly it’s over.
“How does it feel, bitch?” Phil snaps. He accentuates the last word as if to let me know that I’m now his bitch.
I grit my teeth and lie, “It feels good babe,” tears stream down my face faster.
Phil’s lips curl again. He doesn’t smile anymore, instead he horrifically curls his lips as if he’s in a movie made by Tim Burton. He licks the tears off my face slurping them with the utmost obnoxious moans. It’s not kinky licking, either, it’s almost like Phil is slowly eating me like an ice cream. He’s gonna thaw me by licking me all around until I’m nice and moist where then he’ll take a bite and It’ll be over- or at least that’s the feeling.
“Your tears,” Phil grunts between licks, “they’re so delicious.” He moans in pleasure.
I hold my tongue and try to suppress my every urge to scream but it’s futile.
Phil suddenly stops licking me. He unchains me systematically, almost like he’s a robot. I fall to the ground and hit my back. This pain is nowhere near as bad as what I just went through. I get up and am greeted by a fist across my cheek. It’s blindingly fast and unexpected. I slam back into a wall coughing up blood on the way. Before I can collect my bearings Phil charges toward me, swinging his whip passionately against my withered body. The whip travels its way painfully across myself each strike so much more deadly than the last.
“WHY WON’T YOU TALK TO ME!!!???” Phil demands in between whippings.
I reply in between the whippings, “I.. didn’t… know… you… wanted.. me… to Phil!”
Phil stops. He rests his whip and sighs. I fall down on my knees covered in bruises and blood. I cough up thick red phlegm and hope it’s over. But of course, it isn’t. Phil roughly grabs my hair and drags me against he cold concrete floor. He takes me to a sink and bends my head back in the bowl. I stare up at the faucet knowing what comes next. Burning hot water pours down like a waterfall smothering my face. It seeps into my mouth, down my nostrils, clogging my ears, and sliding underneath my eyeballs. The pain is never ending, never ceasing, it goes on and on burning worse and worse. I try spitting out the water but more comes in. I’m choking, burning and drowning at the same time. I feel my consciousness fade but then it stops.. Abruptly Phil pulls out my head. I take a deep breath that is short lived. Swiftly he dunks my head in a bucket filled with freezing water. At first it feels pleasant the cold water, but then it burns. It freezes over on my face and burns me worse than the hot water. I yell my heart out in the water bubbles quickly travel up to the surface repeatedly popping. Phil pulls me out again and leans in near my wet and burnt face.
“So?” He asks, “Anything to say?”
I spit water in his face.
Phil wipes the water off his face and curls his lips again. He throws me against a wall and I slink down. He looms over me and unzips his pants.
“You might like to spit but I’ll make you swallow.” His pants and boxers fall in sync with each other. Before I can take a good look, he forces my head towards his crotch. I feel it, his penis rests inside my mouth. It’s flaccid, but it won’t be for long.
“Bite it Dan!” I yell at myself, but no. I know the consequences. I’m in a much weaker state than Phil so even if I did bite it, he’d catch me after recovering from the pain and then I’m screwed even worse. I decide to go with the flow, It’s not like I’ve never given Phil oral before.
I wrap my tongue around his flaccid penis and snake it down all the way to the base. It’s shaved just like mine allowing this to be a more pleasant experience. I allow my saliva to lubricate it and tickle the base and shaft with the tip of my tongue. I can feel it slowly getting bigger. I retract my tongue and push it up against the tip, allowing the saliva to seep inside his meat. Then I rest my tongue inside the meat of his penis sucking him from the inside out. I slowly and faintly swivel from side to side, in a way jacking him off from the inside of his penis. By now it’s at full length. I go in deeper allowing the penis to tickle the roof of my mouth and press on towards the back. I have no gag reflex so I’m perfectly okay with this. The soft underside of my lips nuzzle against the lower part of his shaft as my tongue curls around it, taking a brief respite only to continue on to snaking it’s way through the meat. I can feel Phil’s penis slowly rustle. He’s starting to cum so I switch gears. I take my right hand and grip his base rubbing it up and down in my mouth while my tongue viciously slithers all over. It leaves its wet marks all over the shaft and tip while my hands roughly rub against the base. His penis lurches, it pumps itself once, then twice, and then on the third time I feel the ejaculation slowly seep down my throat. I swallow, I allow the liquid to travel it’s way down my neck and into my stomach while my tongue cups the residue and lithers its way all over Phil’s dick. It finally stops and pull out slowly allowing a strand of saliva to rest on the tip of Phil’s penis.
I lay back and smile at a job well done. Then look up hoping for a smile on Phil’s face.
His hand quickly covers my face and squeezes against my head. He throws me onto the floor where my chains were and quickly dresses himself. I struggle to my feet allowing myself to regain my conscience but Phil is already there. He grabs my right arm and chains it. I decide not to fight back, what would it accomplish anyway? Phil would just overpower and torture me more. Soon, my entire body is chained, I’ve never felt so scared before but I swallow my fear.
“So Phil,” I swallow, “what’s going on now?” Fear picks apart my insides and spoils my stomach. I feel like throwing up.
He remains silent and grabs his whip.
“NO…” I think. I know what he’s planning but how? I push thought of my mind but it gnaws itself at the back of my head.
He unzips my pants, and rips off my underwear revealing my flaccid penis. It occurs in slow motion. The uncurling of the whip as it slices through the air. My visage of shock as I quickly shut my eyes hoping this is all a dream and the snap. The crack as the whip unleashes its wrath. It slaps me straight on against the base of my penis and manages to slap itself against my testicles. This is beyond pain. This is nothing I’ve ever experienced or imagined could happen to me. My penis burns and my testicles seem to go inside my body and shoot themselves throughout my insides. Metaphors can’t describe the sheer suffering I’m going through. The concentration of 1000 thousand suns all imploding into a black whole that sucks every joyous feeling I’ve ever had only to regurgitate themselves in a supernova of pain course throughout myself. I scream at the top of my lungs trying to express this sheer pain. I grate my vocal chords and end up choking on my own air causing me to cry out. The tears burn themselves on my cheeks as my anaerobic body is dealt with another smash against my genitalia. It tugs on every nerve in my body and explodes every synapse. My arms curl themselves in pain as the veins twist and convult to express my suffering. I hit the wall. It’s done now, I can’t go on. I pass out from the sheer shock of the pain.

I wake up laying on a cold white bed. I look up , there’s phil in a doctor’s uniform. A white light utterly blinds me causing my eyes to burn and express the pain with tears. I’m chained down.
“Phil,” I ask, “Why….”
Phil has a solemn expression in his eyes. He seems to mourn what he’s done. It’s so cute and pathetic I almost forgive him. Almost.
“Dan… I love you. I love everything about you. Your smile, your personality, how you taste, how you feel, how you sound.” Tears stream down his cheeks and onto my body. “Dan, I can’t live without you.” At this point he’s heavily sobbing while he expresses his feelings. “It’s been a year and I can’t imagine life without you so… so I can’t let that happen. I’ll never let you go Dan.” His voice becomes grave and he starts to chuckle maniacally. “I’ll keep you here forever hahaha! We’ll be together and nothing you can do can stop me haha! I.. I hahaha… I AHAHAHA I LOVE YOU DAN! I’LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER LEAVE ME DANIEL!” His eyes widen and his pupils dilate, he grins as his body cranes over mine.
It’s not Phil anymore, it’s a monster. A demon. The living spawn of Satan ready to torture my soul for all eternity.
He continues to laugh uncontrollably but I decide to break the madness.
“But Phil… You can’t do this…”
My breath is labored and I struggle to utter these words.
“Why Dan? Explain it to me.” Phil says, chuckling.
“Because Phil.. because…”
“Because why?” He grows more insane by the minute.
“Because…” I know what I’m going to say. It’s not a wise idea. The moment I utter these words the end of my life is nigh. I know I’m going to be a dead man, and I accept that. Despite this insanity I still love Phil. So I must say this no matter the consequence., “because…”
“BECAUSE GUYS CAN’T BE YANDERE PHIL!!!” (A.N: A yandere describes an anime character who is either psychotic or violent or both, and shows affection to the main character.)
Silence. Complete and utter silence. I feel it, I feel Phil’s anger. His vehement wrath, his pure unmitigated hatred for what I just said.
I don’t say anything next. I can’t. I can’t bring the courage. Instead I close my eyes and allow death to pass on. I feel Phil walk away. Why? Where’s he going? The apprehension in my stomach has never been this bad. This feeling is by far the worst thing I’ve ever felt. It burns from the inside out and freezes over only to burn me again. I sweat acid, I’m choking on nails, and my skin feels like it’s being violated by a cactus. Phil surely has the worst torture in mind for me. I’m on an operating table, he’s dressed as a doctor. I know what’s going to happen.
Phil returns. He pulls my eyelids open to force me to witness what will happen to me. He keeps my eyes pried open with a special clip so I have a perfect view of my body. He takes a small stainless steel scalpel and makes a small incision on my neck. I feel the blood trickle and I feel something getting pulled. It feels like my brain is being ripped apart and then it snaps. My throat feels like it’s filled with liquid cement. I can breathe but I realized what he did. He ripped out my vocal chords so I can’t scream.
Next I watch as he opens up my stomach and pulls out every organ in my body besides the vitals one I need to be kept alive. Slowly and painfully he rips them out and crushes them in his hands allowing the blood to fall back in my stomach. This goes on for thirty mintues, I don’t even need to put in detail the pain I feel. It’s unimaginable, undescribable, undeserving.
Then is my face. With a small curled knife he pills off my lips slowly allowing the blood to seep its way in between my teeth. Then he opens my mouth up and pulls out each one of my teeth with what seems to be a mini crowbar. He snaps them in my mouth and then pulls them off.
After my mouth he decides take the mini crowbar and pull off my nails slowly from my fingers. This isn’t hell. Hell isn’t as torturous as this. This incessant brutality, Phil isn’t Satan. He’s the sadistic king. He’s the utter epitome of pain and suffering. Once my nails are ripped off of my hands and feet he takes what seems to be a hefty rock hedge clipper.
He places it around my arms and squeezes, breaking my bones by imploding them. It doesn’t cut my arms off but instead mangles and crushes them. After my arms he goes to my legs until nothing but mangled skin is left.
He’s still not done yet, no he never is. He pulls out a rusty corkscrew and I know what he’s going to do with it. He jams it down my urethra and twists it inside my penis causing the inside of my meat to become shredded and minced. Bloodsquirts out from my dick and plasters itself on Phil but he’s not done there. Then he brutally pulls the corkscrew to the right ripping open that side of my penis just to run across my left testicle. It rips off the skin and causes my testicles to sag even more. Then he takes his clipper thing and crushes each testicle while its still attached only to use it to rip them off from my body.
As I’ve said, this is purely undescribable pain. I show my mercy by allowing you to imagine this feeling. For two reasons. The first, I can’t put this torturous anguish into words. It’s literally impossible to describe every nuance of this brutality. And secondly, If I could truly describe to you this pain you, the sheer vehemence of this suffering would be enough to torture your body with mere words. So I’ll allow you to be able to give yourself the benefit of the doubt of this pure and unmitigated torture.
Finally it’s almost over. But it only gets worse. Dan pulls out a box of mini spiders. My arachnaphobia kicks into hyperdrive. I want to scream and shout and writhe around and fear but I’m torturously disabled to. Dan signals to me almost telling me that he’s going to place the spiders down my throat but there’s one more thing he must do.
He takes his clipper and places it on my eyeballs. He starts with the right, slowly squeezing it allowing the blood on it to seep into my retinas and burn me before he pops my eyeball. After the first one is popped he moves on to the second. The only soothing part about this is the blood that flows down my face. It feels serene compared to this hell. Finally he pops the second one. I’m almost done, death is almost here. I hear the box empty, the spdiers clog my throat and crawl inside my body. They scurry, scamper, and hustle throughout my insides sojourning in my throat while they bite at the insides, resting in my lungs, clawing at my heart, and festering in every nook and cranny. The ultimate pain, the uttermost infinite amount of torture that could ever be reached. This seems to be a physically impossible amount of pain but that’s it, Phil did it. He reached the level of a God, smiting me with the impossible apex of torture and suffering. How fuckin kinky. The spiders bite and bite allowing the blood to run black inside me. It’s strange, seconds before I die all of a sudden this is turned into a great joy. It’s like the pain dial was reversed and the uttermost indescribable joy filled my body. I feel happy, I don’t hate Phil. I love him, I truly do. Do I still seem like a sexually misunderstood teen to you? I don’t think I do. I think I won. I won love,. Pure unmitigated, vehement, unwavering love. And it tastes like joy. A palatable victory. Funny, this victory, this palatable euphoria tastes like cherries. Like sweet liquid cherries…

Red // 4

Red — ft. Oh Sehun

// Contemporary Romance
// Adult Fiction
// Sexual & Explicit Language

A/N: This chapter is really angsty. Also—last chapter. Thanks for reading!

// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //

I sit at the edge of Sehun’s bed accompanied by the vacant ticking of seconds and minutes matching the emptiness of my own arid heart. His back anchors to the wall in front of me while one arm is bent with scissors slowly twirling within his lithe fingers. He’s studying me. He’s planning how to simultaneously keep me confined within this dress while using his hands to persuade me to stay. It’s his way of calculating his moves five steps ahead to beat me at this game because the male hates losing.

He likes to win and he likes control. 

With what I’ve done, I’ve stripped him of those powers. I’ve taken them from him by using only three simple words and this is his retaliation. 

Never in a million worlds did Sehun think I would leave him first. It was never in his plan; never a possibility. He knew how much I cared for him and thought that this particular attraction would tie me to him for all of time. He didn’t realize the love I held for him was the exact reason why I made this bitter choice.

He’s always been my one and only greed—

Because I want to be with him but I know I will never have him outside of these four walls.

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Los signos como frases de “Mercy - Shawn Mendes”

Aries: “I’m prepared to sacrifice my life, I would gladly do it twice”. Traducción: Estoy dispuesto a sacrificar mi vida, lo volvería a hacer dos veces mas.

Tauro: “I’m not asking for a lot, just that you’re honest with me”. Traducción: No estoy pidiendo mucho, solo que seas honesto/a conmigo.

Geminis: “Would you please have mercy on me, I’m a puppet on your string”. Traducción: Por favor ten misericordia, soy una marioneta manejada por ti

Cancer: “I stand a hundred feet, but I fall when I’m around you”. Traducción: Estoy a 30 metros de altura, pero caigo cuando estoy cerca de ti.

Leo: “My pride Is all I got, I’m saying baby”. Traducción: Mi orgullo es todo lo que tengo, te digo, amor.

Virgo: “Consuming all the air inside my lungs, ripping all the skin from off my bones”. Traducción: Consume todo el aire de mis pulmones, arranca toda la piel de mis huesos.

Libra: “I’d drive through the night, just to be near you baby”. Traducción: Conduciría toda la noche, solo para estar cerca de ti

Escorpio: “Even though you don’t mean to hurt me, you keep tearing me apart”. Traducción: A pesar de que no quieras herirme, sigues destrozándome.

Sagitario: “Heart old and testified, tell me that I’m not crazy”. Traducción: Un corazón viejo para testificar, dime que no estoy loco

Capricornio: “Show me an open door, then you go and slam it on me, I can’t take anymore”. Traducción: Me muestras una puerta abierta, después te vas y la cierras frente a mi, no puedo aguantar mas.

Acuario: “And even though you got good intentions, I need you to set me free”. Traducción: Y a pesar de que tienes buenas intenciones, necesito que me liberes.

Piscis: “Please have mercy on me, take it easy on my heart”. Traducción: Por favor ten misericordia de mi, ten cuidado con mi corazón.

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Lilyvandersteen day 1

Here we go, for the next five days we’ll be spotlighting the very very sweet @lilyvandersteen 

DAY 1: Meet the author

  1. Why Klaine? 

Well, it all started with Kurt, from the very first episode of Glee. They were bullying Kurt, but instead of cowering and crying, he’d keep his spine straight and his chin up and he’d rip his bullies apart with a few well-chosen words. He had courage in spades long before he met Blaine.

And then he sang, and my mouth fell open. And then he snarked some more, and then he developed a crush on Finn and showed a more vulnerable side, and that was it, he was my favourite. Just like that.

Fast forward now to Grilled Cheesus, and Kurt singing I Wanna Hold Your Hand. That was my Blackbird moment about Kurt. I liked him, before, but that song cemented in my heart that Kurt was one of my favourite fictional characters EVER.

It broke my heart that Kurt was so lonely, so I was overjoyed when the staircase scene happened. And then the Teenage Dream serenade. I saw Kurt’s eyes shine, and I saw him smile more widely and genuinely than I’d ever seen him smile before, and that’s it, Blaine had won me over too.

Blaine being so oblivious was frustrating, and Blaine serenading Jeremiah made me eye-roll so hard, as did the whole Blainchel affair. I hated that Kurt made such biphobic remarks, but I understood where it came from. Rachel had a habit of taking everything Kurt cared about from him.

And then they finally got together, and I was overjoyed. When Kurt was elected Prom Queen, and Blaine asked him to dance, that was my Blackbird moment about Blaine. You could plainly see that Blaine was terrified, having been beaten up before at a school dance. But he swallowed and held out his hand and smiled, and asked Kurt ever so sweetly if he could have this dance, and Kurt was so relieved. That was the moment I fell head over heels for Blaine as well, and I shipped Klaine with all my heart. And I never stopped shipping them. I knew they were the real deal.

Canon Glee proved frustrating, though, keeping them apart, even after that huge over-the-top proposal. Even making Blaine date Karofsky, ugh. And Kurt a senior citizen, what was THAT all about? Couldn’t they at least have found Kurt a better midgame?

So naturally, I started making up my own version of events. Still Kurt and Blaine. Still each other’s soulmates and happily ever after in every lifetime and in every verse I wrote. But way more satisfying than what happened on canon Glee.

What’s in a typical lilyvandersteen story? 

I use way too many adjectives and adverbs. I try to weed them out when I revise chapters, but there are still too many. And I have never used “Oh my Gaga”, but to my shame, I have to admit I’ve made Kurt say “Oh, for the love of Gaga” more than once. I’ll try not to do that anymore, okay?

Another thing about my stories (well, the multichapters, at any rate) is that I write from both points of view. One chapter will be from Kurt’s point of view and then the next will be Blaine’s.

Also, I love to write fantasy stories, with fairy tale elements and supernatural creatures and challenges to complete. Often, I use stories within stories. And soulmate fics. I love writing soulmate fics. I have a soft spot for Kiddie Klaine too. And I love including Anderbros interaction. Cooper is such a delightful character to write.

I’m not much of a smut writer nor an angst writer, but fluff is my domain. Meet-cutes and Eskimo kisses and cuddles and snuggles aplenty. My mission in life is to make you coo and smile :) 

What kind of stories do you write?

I write mostly fluff (see above). I’ve never yet written Klaine with babies or pets of their own, but domestic bliss, check. Serenades, check. First dates, check. Comfort fic, check. What’s too fluffy? Oh, I really couldn’t say. Maybe ask my readers? I’m sure my cotton candy fluff gives them diabetes more often than not…

And what makes me happy in fluff is seeing Klaine really connecting and making each other happy and content.

I write angst occasionally, yes, to get the story going or to keep it going. I don’t think I’ve ever written about break-ups or infidelity, that’s not my thing. But I’ve written about canon character deaths and illnesses and gay bashings. I’ve written about Klaine being kept apart by circumstances. I’ve written about misunderstandings that break their hearts. I’ve even written about suicide notes (not Klaine) and domestic violence (also not Klaine) and depression (also not Klaine).

Too angsty to write? I’m not sure I could ever write about Klaine losing (one of their) children. Or about one of them dying and the other being devastated.

I write smut occasionally if the story asks for it. Those passages are never long and never detailed. I find writing smut terrifying. I love to read it, though, and sexy aspects that never fail to excite me are neck kisses and voyeurism/exhibitionism.

I don’t think I’ve ever written anything outside my usual wheelhouse – I don’t often fill prompts. Whenever I try to write a story based on a prompt that’s not really my thing, the words refuse to flow. I’m afraid I can only write what I like to read myself.

All my stories are AU, though the Kiddie Klaine fics might be canon J

What do you like about your writing? Why would you read your fic? What characters, strengths, fun, emotion would draw you to it?

Ha! I write what I want to read: meet-cutes, fluffy Klaine, soulmate Klaine, fairytale/fantasy Klaine. I love including fun OCs, and I love making Tina extra tenacious and fangirlish around Blaine, Rachel extra divaish and blunt, Cooper extra self-centered and silly, and Santana extra snarky and outrageous. And of course I always end fics with a satisfying happy ending. That’s an absolute must for me :)

13 Reasons Why

I just finished watching the series on Netflix. I never read the books so I can’t really say anything about that, but I do have something to say about this. As I watch this story unfold, I can honestly say my heart was very hard to start out with. I was annoyed with main characters, I thought I would never be a Hannah Baker, and it just seemed overly dramatic. As I finish the show I realize I am just like Hannah Baker. We lived a very similar life. Sure it was not exactly the same, everyone lives a different life; but the spiral she experienced that got her to that pit of emptiness–I have felt that. I felt my reputation fall apart, my spirit broken, and my soul ripped apart. She wasn’t being dramatic, she was hurting. She reached out for help, she tried to confront her issues, but there is only so much a person can do until they break. If you don’t understand that, you need to watch this or read a book about it because this is a real issue, it isn’t just “being dramatic” because the way her feelings were described and the spiral of those feelings through everything she went through is completely genuine. I know. I felt it. I experienced it, and I wrestled with it. Suicide isn’t merely a call for attention-again if you don’t understand that you don’t get the point. The only difference between me and her is that I was saved. It breaks my heart knowing there are people out there who have felt what I felt in that time because I know how horrible that “life” is. I would never want anyone to feel that way. Now, this is not me seeking help, but my way of reaching out to YOU who may need help. I know how you feel. I felt the pain and the numbness–the empty feeling and hopelessness. You are not alone. But that’s not it, cause that’s not enough. It’s not enough to know you’re not alone because that feeling is still there. Hopelessness isn’t comforted with company of fellow hopelessness. If you have been hurt by someone else because of their words or actions, I want you to know it isn’t your fault and you should not blame yourself. You don’t have control over how people treat you. And the way people treat you is not what defines who you are. I’m sorry you felt pain because of other people’s sins. If you are suffering through a season of trials that seem unending, it isn’t because you’re being punished because it’s what you deserve. It doesn’t make you weak to be sad about it either. We live in a broken world with broken people, and the only means of comfort I can share with you, again, is sorry. I’m sorry you’re hurting. Life may not seem fair, or just, but I can tell you, there IS more for you. Life is more than whatever darkness you are living in right here and now. Yes, I know that people say that all the time, and that actually annoyed me when they would say to me–But it’s true, and I know because I experienced that life beyond the darkness. It’s OK to be saved because it’s OK that we are weak. The things we face are hard and doing it alone is even harder. But we don’t have to do it alone because of a living hope. If it wasn’t for Jesus coming into my life and in my heart I wouldn’t be here writing this right now. Truly. I still feel the pain, the emptiness, and the loneliness. But I have a hope in Jesus. I trust and believe that God’s love is bigger than the darkness of this world and the emptiness I have felt so deeply in my soul. He truly overflows my cup. If you’ve been following me for a while you may have noticed in my description or whatever box on Tumblr, or any other social media really, I have Psalm 23 as my description. This isn’t my way of showing “Wow I’m a great Christian” It’s actually my reminder of hope. “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” If you feel lost, or depressed, suicidal–if you feel deeply and need someone to talk to I am here; there are people in your life who care about you and to want to listen. Now please know, we probably won’t understand because we are limited as humans, so don’t expect much from us. That doesn’t mean we don’t love you or care about you, because we do. We are just not good enough to fill that pit of emptiness. But without fail if you go to God he will fill your cup abundantly. He is the one only who will satisfy you and comfort you perfectly. Trust me. I know.

Possible Cartoons Watch list

Ok so, if you’re like me a young adult who avoids taxes and watches cartoons, you probably fall into the hiatus pit so I though I would create a list of all of MY favorite cartoons which some of you will obviously know and others you won’t. I am a shite writer and these are my interpretations.

Let’s start with the biggies-

Spongebob Squarepants - I’ve found if you watch up to about season 7 the humor is still there and not such dumb or toilet humor. If you for some reason don’t know this show, basically a Sea Sponge will always get into destructive shenanigans whether with his best friends Patrick (a starfish) and Sandy the Squirrel, or while at his job at the Krusty Krab protecting the krabby patty formula from the antagonist Plankton. Also Squidward is all us and we are all him.

Steven Universe this show took awhile to get into, the first 20 episodes or so are kind of off the wall and throw you right into the mess, however as it progresses there is major plot development. Steven Quartz lives with his 3 guardians who are basically space rocks that personify themselves through magic. They can form to become even bigger gems and each one has its own personality and powers. The plot of this doesn’t really start until the end of season 1. The gem world has declared war and is trying to destroy Earth causing the gems to fight (or even make friends) with the gems that come down to destroy Earth.

Adventure Time - I don’t know how to really give a summary for this show considering it kind of goes through a lot of stories and themes. But it has a lot of good lessons, jokes, adult humor, and even though they wont state it directly a wlw realtionship. If you’ve read any of the comics or seen some episodes you’ll know that Princess Bubble Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen used to be in some kind of relationship. (I mostly started watching it for that point alone). The animation is great and the colors are so bright!!

Gravity Falls OOOOHHHH MAN was this show good. And the creator really threw in as much adult comedy that he could. Twin siblings, Dipper and Mabel, visit their great uncle Stan in Gravity Falls.They find a book that talks about strange creatures and objects and a horrible power that wants to take over Earth. Season 1 is them searching for the author of said book. Season 2 they find the author and try to stop a horrible entity from taking over.

Avatar the Last Airbender This is literally my favorite show. It follows a boy named Aang the last of his civilization. He is the avatar, a person who can bend all four elements; water, fire, earth, and air. However, Aang was trapped in a bed of ice for over 100 years and the fire nation has taken over most of the world. 2 siblings, Sokka and Katara, find and release Aang and accompany him on his journey to master all for elements and defeat the fire lord. Iroh is the best character and your heart gets literally ripped apart in some episodes I swear. (I may have watched this 4 times all the way through..)

The Legend of Korra YAS QUEEN YAS. This follows the avatar after Aang, each season has its own antagonist, and holy hell the themes are REALLY DARK. This was made for the original audience of The Last Airbender, so young adults. Season one deals with nonbenders wanting equality to benders. Some even using violence to get it. Season 2 has civil war themes, the southern water nation wants to enforce spirituality on the north pole. Season 3, ooooh my goosh my favorite season. I wouldn’t call the antagonist a villain. He is a very intelligent being who believes the world should be put into natural order, which is chaos. (Which sounds villainous but I CANNOT HATE HIM FOR SOMEREASON) Season 4 is about a Commander trying to take back all of the earth kingdom. The show lost budgeting around that time and was forced online, but the animation is sooo brilliant and they could include more adult themes. IT ENDS WITH A BEAUTIFUL WLW RELATIONSHIP WHERE NEITHER DIES AND THEY ARE BOTH BISEXUAL. Korra is a bisexual woman of color who gets her girl in the end, fucking brilliant. (1000/10 would reccomend) (I mightve watched this 3 times)

Also any of the Batmans and Titans/ Teen Titans, Justice League.  If you like superheros uhm YAS WATCH THEM ALL I DONT EVEN KNOW HOW TO SUMMARIZE THEM JUST WATCH THEM.

Okay now the ones you’ve probably heard of but haven’t decided to watch or not

Miraculous Ladybug This show is literally the cutest thing. It focuses mostly around Marinette a school girl with a massive crush on her classmate Adrien, but when the evil “Hawkmoth” sets out and “hypnotizes” people in the city to wreak havoc, Marinette transform into the super heroine Ladybug. Her superhero friend Chat Noir, is always there to help and has a huge crush on Ladybug. Little does she know Chat Noir is actually Adrien. They done know each others identites and its the funniest thing so basically Marinette likes Adrien, but Adrein likes Ladybug. It was a low budget show it starts off slow and there are A LOT of reused animation and dialogue.

We Bare Bears basically about 3 brother bears trying to fit into modern day society. No one questions them being bears and talking. Grizz- is the loud obnoxious bear who usually starts the shenanigans (personal fave). Panda- is the sweet one who has a general level head, but is so desperately wanting to be cool on the internet, and have a girlfriend. Ice bear- is a mystery who likes ice, sushi and knows everything in the universe…basically. He doesn’t show much emotion at all. Also THE DIVERSITY. Instead of generic background characters and sets, each person on screen is made to look different. Having different ethnicity and back stories and voices just uuugh its great.

The Amazing World of Gumball This show is so self aware and its great. It  is a mixed media show having animation to claymation to upside down facing. It follows two brother a cat named Gumball and his pet fish Darwin (whaat??? Just go with it right?) Gumball does something stupid, Darwin warns him how to avoid his problem, Gumball does it anyway. Pretty much the show. They have an incredibly lazy father that loves food, a mother that is literally superwoman, and an incredibly intelligent little sister. The show pokes fun at everyday life things, and never misses a chance to break the fourth wall. Each episode is 15 minutes and boy are they a wild ride.

Teen Titans GO OKAY OKAY OKAY DONT HATE ME. I looooved the original show. This one, while it strips the dignity away from the original show, its actually cute and funny at times. It will take any opportunity to poke fun at Batman, literally like every episode you’ll an easter egg in there. And it too likes to break the fourth wall.

Star vs The Forces of Evil I didn’t get all the way through this one yet, mostly due to stopping during the school year. This show is about a Princess named Star who has a magical wand and create anything she wants with it. However due to using it irresponsibly and for things she didn’t need, her parents send her to Earth in hopes of learning responsibility. She runs into a kid named Marco at school and decides to just live at his house (without him knowing) She finds his address and talks to his parents and just moves in without him even knowing its kind of great. The antagonist in this show is not the brightest. He goes with his gang of misfits to Earth in hopes to steal the wand, in which he never quite comes close. Its a super funny and sweet show.

The Loud House- After being super sick for the last 4 days I have binged this show whenever its on. Its so sweet and cute. It centers around a boy named Lincoln who lives with his 10 sisters. Rather than be a show about him being the “annoying brother who like pranking his sisters and making fart jokes.” He is the middle child and talks about his everyday experiences with his sisters. He’s actually quite responsible and doesnt harbor any bad feelings towards his sisters. (Also the sister that wants to be a musician talks in song lyrics and the funny sister tells puns in literally every line.)

 Shows you don’t know about or may have forgotten about

W.I.T.C.H - Most people liked Winx Club instead. I like this instead, 5 girls get thrown into a world of monsters and powers. Each one can control and element. Will -the leader that creates portals and electric matter called “quintessence” she also holds the stone that gives them their power. Irma- the water guardian the comedienne, Taranee - the fire guardian, who has many fears and anxieties, but is good at math (personal fave)  Cornelia - the Earth guardian, the diva, and Hay Lin -air guardian, little ball of sunshine too good for this world. The magical world of Candracar is thrown in a world of darkness while Prince Phobos is in power, he aims to steal the stone and use it to become and take over all worlds.

Gargoyles basically Gargoyles that inhabit a building in Manhattan come alive at night to fight crime. A little dark and has gothic elements thrown in.

Invader Zim - How Nick got away with this show is a mystery but they got Ren Stimpy too (tbh i hate that show, it was gross). A little Irken invader gets sent into space by his leaders who hoped to get rid of him. Instead he ran into Eart and plans to invade for his leaders. He enrolls into a school hoping to gain knowledge but meets an Earth child named Dib who saw through his (rather horrible) disguise. The show centers around Zim’s incompetence to take over Earth, and Dib trying to foil his plans. Also GIR.

Honorable mentions that I havent watched in awhile to give a summary or just have very fond memories of Codename: Kids next Door, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ed, Edd n Eddy (SERIOUSLY REWATCH THIS SOOO MUCH ADULT HUMOR) Powerpuff Girls (the original), Pepper Ann, The Weekenders, Goof Troop, Doug, Hey Arnold

anonymous asked:

*rips my top to show a shirt saying: Lucretia did some things wrong but she did them with genuinely the best interests at heart, she shouldered the guilt of tearing a world apart all by herself and did what she could to protect her friends from that feeling. Yes she hid there memories but she put them somewhere they could live a normal, happy life, without guilt at what they did. She has made a lot of mistakes but she is a good person at heart and is trying her best I love her*(its a long shirt)

Like yeah dude there are some things she shouldn’t have done but all of her intentions were good and she just wanted to save everyone and anyway i love lucretia and i genuinely think she’s the best written character in the show and griffin better give her a happy ending where she gets to be with her family again or i will riot

The Hickey™ Masterpost

Otherwise known as an Olly Alexander neck appreciation post.

First let’s all have a look at this neck. 


Who could possibly resist lavishing attention on such a long and graceful neck? I think we all know the one person who can’t 💋👅😎

I realized pretty quickly that a sure way to search for evidence of The Hickey is to cross-reference the dates when Neil and Olly were in the same country. 

The earliest I could date The Hickey was back in March 2015 for SXSW. Bonus points to Neil for the obvious whisker burn on his cheek as well.

In late May - early June, there was a particularly vivid one. (Coincidentally, it occurred not long after the Common People Festival when CleanYears performed on the same stage 😏)

In fact, you can actually see the healing process with this one several days later on June 3rd. (Again, bonus points to Neil for the love bite and having Olly wear his jumper at the same time 👏)

Even Olly’s attempts to “hide” it with a high collar aren’t very effective.

Everyone knows at this point that The Hickey was most famously on display on the New York Times in July to mark the release of 🌠Shine🌠 and their album Communion.

I think we can all congratulate Neil on his excellent marking skills on this one…

Because it lasted for several public appearances…

And one adorable Smule karaoke vid.

Bless Olly for not even attempting to hide it AT ALL.

After a busy summer of festivals and headlining gigs across the pond, The Hickey went on a temporary hiatus as well. That was until Nolly reunited in LA after nearly 3 weeks apart and Olly showed up in Dallas with the marks to show for it. And surprise, surprise, it’s in the same place 😒


It lasted until their gig at ACL 2015.

After a much needed break for Clean Bandit and a busy UK tour for Years & Years (and a harrowing few days thinking they were on a ‘break’ for us RIP), Neil and Olly spent some of their anniversary month apart but, on the eve of the anniversary of the iconic ‘Heart on Fire’ interview, Olly showed up to Brighton with this sucker. 

That brings us mostly to date, although I’m fairly certain there are loads more pictures out there. Let me know if I’ve missed any. Once again, congrats to Neil for his efforts 🙌🙌🙌

I’d like to thank my very lovely Twitter friends, particularly Dea, for inspiring this post. Let’s end this off with more pictures of his lovely neck.

Thank you for your time 😘😘😘