this show really

i’m just gonna say this and probably get shit for it but chris could’ve done what melissa did in that interview and vaguely answered the question abt karamel but like he didn’t. he encouraged the relationship. if he’s so woke i’m sure he knows it’s bad so… the man ain’t getting brownie points from me


The Big Gay Sketch Show - Season 3

I like being a lady among men… I’m not sick of lesbian jokes, I think they’re all true, and I love them. I love that if I wanted to walk around and not shave my legs and have a bad attitude, wear a belt buckle the size of a burrito, I could. I could, and that would be okay because people expect that of me, and I like that people expect that of me. - Kate McKinnon


a jasper redesign to go with my lapis one. i want to maybe add some pattern to her leggings but i dont know what. this is basically how i was drawing her anyway, like for her face. im not  100% happy with the clothes but the little thing on the end of her cape is probably jingly lol

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You think they're gonna get renewed for a season 3? I'm kinda scared they won't

I am a bit torn when people ask me that question, Anon. Because like you, I always get a bit anxious that there might be a slight possibility that the show won’t get renewed for a season 3.

But then I remind myself that Freeform would be stupid af if they don’t renew it. Because…lbr when PLL is ending this summer, “Shadowhunters” is Freeform’s biggest hit show and their poster child. Besides, yes, the ratings might have been better, ngl, but don’t forget the impact of the social media. And also, there was an article on the Freeform website in January, I think, where Freeform kinda confirmed itself how well and good the show does while being watched on the app f.e.

Plus, but this is just my personal opinion here(!) so don’t hold me to it, but when I watched Emeraude’s live chat and fans asked her about a season 3 she kinda acted smug like season 3 was already a done deal. I guess we will find out with the start of 2B maybe….

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did you enjoy the concert? :) it looked like a lot of fun!

I DID IT WAS SO GOOD. I’m sorry I haven’t made any posts abt it I do have some fancams I’d like to share (though not as good as my TRB ones bc I wasn’t in the pit) BUT IM STILL VERY MUCH IN DENIAL IT EVEN HAPPENED IT ENDED SO SOON THE PCD IS SO REAL ;-;

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14 for Game Theory?

14: Is there anything you wanted readers to learn from reading this fic? 

Y’know, idk. I certainly didn’t start Game Theory with an idea of helping readers learn anything at all. Tbh, I don’t really consider myself that much of a didactic writer (like I don’t care if people love or hate Augus I don’t think I should tell you what to think in my fiction you have your feelings on the matter I have mine etc.), so I don’t often go in with ‘I’m gonna teach stuff!’ I go in with… ‘haha I’m gonna put myself through this emotional rollercoaster might as well share it with other people.’

(Sorry other people).

I suppose there’s always a part of me though that is like…unconsciously seeking to share with people all the different ways trauma can manifest for different people. How it doesn’t always look the same, or sometimes it can look very the same. But, at the same time, if someone walks away from Game Theory and all they get from it is like two or three chapters they like beating off to as well, *thumbs up* that’s also awesome. I suppose deep down, I sort of want people to learn a bit more about trauma, for those who don’t know much about it.

It’s just occurred to me how much I really don’t set about to deliberately teach anyone via writing. Which isn’t to say I don’t care about the knowledge I put in there and I don’t have things that I’m teaching myself, but…yeah you know, no. There’s nothing specifically I wanted people to learn from Game Theory, amazingly. I think I share fics more to share than to teach, and I’m sort of sitting back like ‘how did I not know that about myself?’ Lol.

Jensen comment on Danneel insta picture made me so sad i know its all awwwh and what not but this hit hard

like i understand its his work and he is happy doing this show but i really wish this show would end i know he goes home whenever he can and between hiatus but believe me its not enough since time fly by so fast..

My sister dose work all the time and she miss out on like 70% of her kid growing up and that time you can never get it back. I know there is face timing and all that technology but still it can never beat the feel of someone you love between your arms.

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What are you feelings on Fall of Lenster and its interpretations of Jugdral canon?

First of all I am super duper happy that Quan’s mom, Alfiona, existed and was a badass knight instead of a nameless woman who died in childbirth like Siggy’s mom.

(i have something against this trope)

I’m miffed however at Quan saying all his family comes from the Nova line - does it imply that Quan might have had siblings, or cousins who could have minor noba? Are there more minor noba people around in Manster (what kind of holy blood Fergus’ mom had?)?

However I loved Reidric’s crowning moment of glory - and how he has always been a backstabbing piece of slime. It’s really fitting how someone like Reidric was the one to betray his kings and ultimately lead to Calf’s demise. A holy blood less nobody like Reidric ! It’s awesome, for him, and tragic for the Leonsters. I think it’s written how it was a shame for such a great warrior to be defeated by Raydrick - who - to add to the injury - beheaded him!

(and took his head and showed it to everyone bragging about having defeated Calf which oddly takes me back to another guy. Has Mananan let a war cry when he held his son in law’s head?)

And we also have some interactions between Finn and everyone, Finn and his new lieges now that Quan’s dead and how they “entrust Leif” to him, Finn and Raquie - who is in her badass warrior phase now, eons away from that moeblob in heroes - how they escaped the castle, how randoms tried to buy them time, how Glade (yes him) also plays a part in Leif’s escape…

Nah, definitely Leonster’s fall is a good read (and a must read if i may add if you truly want to get the broader FE5 Jugdral picture). I don’t know if it’s considered Canon as in game-canon, but for all intents and purposes, to me it is.

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what do you think about the walking dead these days?

Oi. Okay. So.

It says in my update thingy on my blog that I’m constantly in a love/hate relationship with the show, and that’s honestly the best way I can describe it. I love it because it was my favourite for such a long time and because when it’s GOOD, it can be fantastic. But it’s not the show it used to be, and especially S6 and 7 weren’t good at all imo…it’s kinda laughable to me that it’s still being called the best show on cable (or tv even!) considering how mediocre it is a lot of the time; regarding ratings it is (for now), but the show itself and its content really haven’t earned it for a while now.
And even though I’m disappointed, frustrated and annoyed by it more often than not these days, I stick around and keep watching every week because I know what this show CAN BE, and because I still care about the characters I cared about seasons ago. I (and a lot of other people in the fandom and community) don’t really enjoy it that much anymore, but I still have faith that it can go back to what it used to be…if they work on some of the big problems they’ve been having recently, e.g. the pacing being so messed up and dragging due to all the bottle episodes especially this season (idk what else to call them lol, but you know what I mean), characters acting stupid or ooc or not like actual realistic people at all, sidelining others (again, bottle eps), horrible cgi, etc.
On top of that the show has just gotten hella predictable; by now you know the more exciting and better episodes will probably be SP/MSF/MSP/SF, random characters no one cares about usually get introduced/more fleshed out just to be killed off an episode later, while there’s like a 1% chance anything major will happen to others because plot armor. (Glenn’s death is probably the ‘biggest’ thing that has happened since S4.) That’s…just not good and compelling writing, and I’m never excited anymore to watch a new episode.

The show still has its great moments every now and then, but to have about 4 good episodes in a season of 16 and a handful of better than shitty scenes sprinkled throughout just doesn’t cut it. Tbh, I think Gimple has to go. Get a new showrunner and maybe some other new writers, and it has a better chance to improve again (I’m convinced it can!) and be actually deserving of being called a great show. Right now it really really isn’t imo.

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i guess i definitely am one of those people, I mean, I've lived and felt what Jack is feeling before and well, most authors don't really write those experiences well or accurately so when reading the latest updates I felt myself go 'woah'

I definitely think you’re not alone, anon. I know there’s quite a few of us who read to kind of go through that angst. I know there’s readers who basically can’t wait for the angst to be over, but in a way, I’m not actually one of them. Like I live for those moments of comfort, but only if they come from hurt first. I need to go through both, somehow, to feel like I’ve really been on a journey with the character.

And I’m really glad this stuff resonates with you and gives you something that you don’t often find, it’s one of the reasons I write this stuff in the first place, because I don’t often find it myself. <3