this show really


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- force myself to write another twine game in a weekend, possibly while drunk (it worked once, it can work again!!!)

- lots of screencap redraws. i’ve been meaning to start watching red dwarf and possibly finish it this time, so maybe that’ll be what i use?

- dialogue practice animation!!! probably using sound clips from a tabletop podcast, since there’s…. so much of it, oh my god

- read???? book? i vaguely remember a time in my life when i read all the damn time, i should… get back on that shit

tbh it’s a shame the Lightning Thief musical is only going until early May because normally I’d jump all over that shit because it’s literally so easy to get to the City from home….butttt I’m up at school like 6 hours away from the City with no more breaks until summer (the week after the last performance smh) so


How to make a fandom go crazy? Be Toby Stephens and answer some questions :)

Since Abby knows Mouse (I mean she’d have to since he was in Jay’s unit. He’s probably the only other person aside from Will that knew about Abby.) I hope she’ll ask about him or somehow bringing up Jay’s past will get us a GOD DANG UPDATE ON MOUSE!!