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you know, as much as I’m trash for Fallout 4 and recognizing it has a lot of faults, one of the things that Fallout 4 never got right was the passage of time.

And I saw a post about this, and I completely agree, Bethesda really really does not want to do hundreds of years in the future.   

They want so badly to do a “The War Just Ended the World and Here I am Surviving™”.    

This feeling is conveyed in every single frame & setting.

one of the things that was jarring to me in Fallout 4, was them telling me over two hundred years have past, but buildings and cars and everything consumable are still standing.

like no..  cars & buses would be rusted out metal frames, not cherry red cars that have maybe been sitting in the garage for 75 years or smth

wooden houses surviving hundreds of years is completely possible, but that’s with constant upkeep.  Without human intervention, they would collapse back to the earth and become rotted out timbers and a lot of rusty nails.   

I know this personally because i live in the midwest in an old colonial that’s almost a hundred years old, and my dad’s side of the family lives in Appalachia, where you can go hiking in the woods and find the ruins of frontier/historical homes left to vagarities of time.  I’ve personally stumbled upon old abandoned historical homes and barns out in the woods by my Grandma. 

they do not look like the old abandoned wooden homes in Fallout where you can still blow off the dust and live in them 200-300 years later.

I’m saying this because I’m playing Horizon Zero Dawn and this game gets it exactly right

William Salyers (voice of Rigby on Regular Show) replies to a fan on Twitter asking a question: “hey @wlsalyers, are you in this one?”
William replies: “Not yet. Fingers crossed! I can’t wait to see it!
He said “not yet” so hopefully he is giving us hope!


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I love writing multi-chapter fics they’re just so asjkljfdkljkldfjklfdjkld

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wait i dont watch supergirl so i dont rreally understand whats going on. but how were they being homophobic ? i thought the characters were just friends.

It’s not about what they said, but about how they said it. The could’ve just said that they were just friends and moved on. But instead, they made an entire ‘song’ about it, while laughing hysterically, and made it seem like shipping supercorp is the most ridiculous thing in the world.

I don’t watch Supergirl nor do I ship supercorp, but even to me it felt humiliating.

It’s not the first time w|w fans aren’t taken seriously and it won’t be the last.

Head-cannons for Katsuki Bakugou

- he’s pretty good at cooking. His mum taught him everything she knows.
~ Kirishima found out about it and challenged him to a “bake off…” That didn’t end too well.

- even though he’s good at cooking, his mum still packs his lunch for him.

- he secretly likes playing dungeons and dragons, but he won’t play unless he’s the DM.

- he’ll never admit it, but he likes the company that the class gives him (even though he can’t remember any of their names so he resorts to nicknaming…).

- he’s not old enough yet… But if he were to ever get drunk, he would be the “I love you, man” kind of drunk. He’d also be a bit of a lightweight.

- be careful with having food around Bakugou, he won’t hesitate to steal a bit of it.

- he l o v e s dogs. If he goes anywhere near a pet store he’ll be stuck there for hours looking at the little puppies in the window.

- despite having to sweat to get his quirk to full power, he doesn’t like the smell. He’s resorted to getting tips off the Internet to get rid of the stench.

- he wishes he was taller. He thinks he’ll be more menacing if he were.

- he always deletes his history after using the computer (not because he was looking at anything scandalous, he just doesn’t like having his history clogged up with dozens of pictures of dogs).

- he’s actually a bit of an early bird, the morning is when he’s the most energetic and the least grumpy. However, when it’s school holidays his sleep schedule is completely fucked and he sleeps in till noon.

- he loves dressing up in his costume and posing in front of a mirror (“practicing for when he’s number one” as he calls it).

- he loves watching superhero movies. He prefers DC over Marvel.

- he’s not a big fan of junk food, he doesn’t mind pizza though.

- he’s allergic to cats.

- he’s horrible at drawing, the best he can do is stickmen. In all honesty he’s not that creative at all, he’s more logical.

- when he’s really agitated and needs to calm down, climbing trees usually helps him relax.

- he’s been having a recurring dream where a giant frog chases him. Ever since then he’s been a bit on edge whenever Tsuyu is around.

- he likes to play with his hair from time to time.

- I think if he were to ever fall in love with someone, he definitely wouldn’t realise it at first. He’d treat them like any other person… But as he hangs around them a little more he’d start to think things like: “I like how nice and sweet they are” or “hey they look pretty good in that outfit.”
Then he would become extremely distant and shy, mostly because he doesn’t understand their feelings towards them. At the same time he would want his crush to be around him a lot, sometimes even dragging them away from a group just so they could be alone.
(Kirishima notices almost straight away and teases him to death)
After a few months, he’d realise he’s in love. He would most likely tell them directly and casually, but he’d want to be alone with his crush when he tells them.

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