this show put her through hell

reasons why futurama is so great and is so important to so many of us

  • philip j fry is our protagonist. he is mentally ill and pansexual (both of which are canon). we watch him develop from an irresponsible “loser” who has nothing to a semi-responsible man with an entire family in the form of the planet express crew. he isn’t a typical science fiction male hero - he always has to be saved, he messes everything up, he hardly does his job, but his saving grace is the fact that he is kind. and fry’s kindness is what endears everyone on the show to him. he is the most important person in the universe even though his mind constantly tells him that he’s a nothing who has no one. (this message has helped me through so many difficult times). also, the beauty in a mentally ill queer character getting the happiest of endings imaginable puts futurama leagues ahead of every other show ever. 
  • turanga leela. EVERYTHING about her. she’s a disabled orphan who grew up bullied and literally had to go through everything alone. when we meet her, time and time again, she chooses her own destiny. the first episode starts with her quitting her boring job to be the best space pilot in the galaxy. leela is the strongest person on the show and is the closest thing to a superhero that the show has. she’s an intersectional feminist, stands up for the rights of minorities and animals. hell, she literally leads a revolution to get the mutants equal rights. one other thing that i want to note is that the animators wanted her nose smaller bc they didn’t think female characters should have big noses, but legend matt groening fought to keep it the size it was. 
  • matt groening also specifically created the character of amy wong to break the stereotype that only men can do slapstick. amy continuously breaks stereotypes. she’s a genius and has a phd, but she’s also ditzy. she’s promiscuous, she’s a party girl. her parents are emotionally abusive and she deals with an eating disorder. she’s also an asian woman who’s a lead character!! what other mainstream cartoon has done that? 
  • hermes conrad could’ve been the stereotypical token black character who only comes in once in a while to say “sassy” lines but he’s not. he’s a proud jamaican who’s a proud bureaucrat, a former olympic champion, and an amazing husband and father. and then we see the beautiful story of how he saved bender as a baby and it just makes you love him anymore.
  • this last point isn’t about the characters, but about one of the most clear main messages of the show, which fry says in bender’s big score: “i want what’ll make you happy, not what’ll make me happy.” not only does it destroy the nice guy trope in that instance, but it’s used in so many other great situations. bender giving up a relationship with his son so that his son can achieve his dreams, leela’s parents giving up a life with her so that she can have a better life. unconditional selfless love is presented to us time and time again and it’s such an important message 

Okay guys, so here is my theory. It’s long so bear with me. I hope you’re convinced with this one

In this theory, I will tell you who Uber A is. Who killed Charlotte. Who killed Jessica. How every character is involved in the story. What the initials A.D. stand for. Everything that we are yet to know at this point. 

Who is Uber A? There are two people. A twin of a character we know and her helper. We have an identical twin among us that has been behind everything that we are yet to know. Bethany Young is the twin and she is Uber A. The show is coming in full circle. She killed Jessica, Charlotte, Sara Harvey, etc. Uber A and Charlotte’s killer ARE the same person. She is not here to avenge anyone’s death like they want us to believe. She’s here for revenge for having her life ruined. 

They promoted this new A as the deadliest and most twisted A of all the As (and the one who loves the game the most). That description doesn’t fit with someone who is avenging someone’s death. 

It all starts with Bethany and Charles. The night Marion Cavanaugh died. According to Charlotte, Bethany pushed Marion Cavanaugh and blamed her. This isn’t true. Charlotte killed Marion, Bethany witnessed it, and Jessica covered it. Charlotte blamed Bethany but Jessica paid Wilden to rule it out as a suicide. Flashbacks aren’t always true. It’s visualized on what the person is saying. Jessica wouldn’t cover up the murder if Bethany did it. That’s why in Bethany’s recordings we would hear her saying to someone “she’s a bitch, she’s an evil bitch!” It’s not clear as to who was she talking about but it was definitely Charlotte or Jessica. Bethany drew pictures of Jessica with horns and the word ‘liar’ all over it

Charlotte lied in her story so Alison and the rest of the liars would feel bad for her. This is why some of the things don’t make sense. A big part of her story was a damn lie. Charlotte is the biggest liar on the show. Everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie. Bethany got payback after the time jump by murdering Charlotte and throwing her off the bell tower, just like Charlotte pushed Marion from Radley. What I love about this is that Uber ‘A’ is putting the girls through hell to find Charlotte’s killer when she is the one behind it.

Who’s Bethany’s twin? Spencer Hastings. Mary Drake had Spencer and Bethany. Both are identical twins. One was adopted by The Hastings and the other one was put into family services and was adopted by the Young family and was sent to Radley later on. Before you all say “Bethany was two years older than Spencer and the rest of the girls” Charles was supposedly older than Jason but in reality they were the same age. Jessica and Kenneth came up with that lie to keep the adoption a secret from everyone else as it was revealed in 6x20. Bethany’s information was made up to keep her a secret from everyone

Peter Hastings was responsible for this and this is why he wanted Toby to stop investigating his mom’s death and sign the papers to close Radley back in season 4. The more he was investigating the more got to the truth. 

This is why we never saw her face when she escaped Radley. She has Spencer’s face. And this is going to be the ultimate final twist the writers already talked about. Lets be real, if she was a random girl we would see her face. They could’ve casted literally any blonde for this scene and they would show us her face. We still have yet to see her face as a teenager

One of the biggest mysteries on the show are Bethany’s drawings. There is a drawing of a woman falling (Marion), the picture of a demon (Jessica) taking a kid (Charles) away. We also see pictures of her but they’re all distorted. We can’t see her face

This makes me believe that she has part of her face disfigured or doesn’t want to show her face AND this is why Uber A wears masks

I will show you proof that Mary had a third child (which is the twin) In 7x08, Spencer and Aria go visit Dr. Cochran and he tells the girls that he helped Mary delivered “Two OF her babies” as opposed to her “two babies” hinting about another child. One was adopted and the other was put in family services. Mary was giving Spencer hints about a twin in the premiere telling her how much she and Melissa looked alike. 

This is one of my favorite scenes from 7A because Mary was indirectly telling Spencer her relationship with her parents and how they met a long time ago leaving Spencer confused

What does Sara Harvey have to do with everything? Sara was killed for knowing too much. She was a girl from another town involved in all this mess. Sara ran way from her home and Charlotte kidnapped and forced her to be her accomplice. She used her as a decoy in all the stuff that she was planning to do like “The Lodge Fire”. She knew stuff about Charlotte and was going to tell the girls and run away but Uber A was outside her room waiting to kill her. Never ever underestimate “A”. It happened with Jessica, Mona and finally to Sara. 

I hate to say this but Sara wasn’t the real Black Widow. The real Black Widow is the twin Bethany. She is the ENDGAME. I have proof of this. The first time we were introduced to the Black Widow was in the season 4 premiere titled “A is for A-L-I-V-E” (the title is a clue). Her introduction was really creepy and weird. It felt like a new character that was VERY connected to the story. Whoever this person was did NOT want to be seen in public because either they’re supposed to be dead, they are secret twin of someone or they are looking for them and that’s why she was wearing a mask and we can see this at the end of the episode

In 7x01 when the girls see the fake Hanna hanging in the bell tower. There was a clue that leads back to 4x01. Caleb looks at this phone and it’s 4:01 a.m. The writers tend to use numbers as clues. The episode where we are introduced to Black Widow

Black Widow had the girls as dolls at the lair. Sara may have been bad but having the girls as their dolls is completely twisted and it doesn’t fit her with character. Sara wasn’t wearing a mask when she lifted up her veil. I’m pretty sure the writers did this on purpose so we could catch the fakeness of Charlotte’s story.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense about her story. She shot Wilden twice. Lets be real here. She would know if he was really dead after shooting him. Why would she need Sara to go and check if he was really dead? This makes absolutely no sense. Here is more proof that Bethany is the real Black Widow. Toby was getting messages to take the RV and he would know what really happened to his mom. Who would know what happened to his mom? The witness. -A was helping Toby solve his mom’s mysterious death

What I’m about to say I believe no one has said it before. Bethany was working with Mona but Mona didn’t know who she was working for. Mona created the A game so Bethany could finish it. This has always been Bethany’s game. Mona loved playing the game and the last thing she would do was to reveal herself. Someone KNEW what Mona had done that night Alison disappeared and Mona was being blackmailed about it. She had no other choice than to reveal herself. How do I know this? Easy, Mona saying to Spencer “Either you join the A-Team, or you disappear” 

And of course Mona’s monologue when she’s admitted for evaluation: “I know they’re watching me, I don’t look bad considering… I like this lipstick, what’s it called? Toffee tango? (voice changes) They think it’s over, Loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what WE want?”

Okay there’s been theories that it was Charlotte talking after Mona but it’s impossible because Charlotte was a patient at Radley and met Mona later during her stay. Whoever was talking was helping Mona all along and she was present in the season 2 finale. She was at the masquerade party. She was right in front of us wearing a red dress with a full mask. The camera focuses on her. She has been watching them all along

Now. I will talk about her helper. Her helper is Dr. Wren Kingston. Wren has been an A-team member since the beginning. Mary sent him to Rosewood check on The Hastings and the only way to continue reporting her what the Hastings were doing was to get engaged to Melissa Hastings but he fell for Spencer and everything was ruined

I will give you the biggest clue that Wren is AD’s main accomplice

In 7x01, we see Mary talking to someone on the phone and according to Mona, “It’s definitely a man. I think he has an accent. Maybe Aussie, maybe British. Note: This can’t be Rollins because Mary and Rollins were not in touch for a couple of days

This is going to sound really twisted but I don’t think Mary cared about Charlotte at all. Charlotte was looking for her and she was spending time in other countries. 

Something that hasn’t been explained is why Wren suddenly decided to volunteer in Radley when Mona was admitted there. He volunteered to continue the A game but with a new leader (Charlotte DiLaurentis). Eddie Lamb suspected and knew all along that Wren was bad news

The infamous visitor’s pass. Wren didn’t make the pass for Charlotte. it was for Bethany but under the name CeCe Drake. She used Charlotte’s “alias” when she had her out privileges. She was sneaking into Radley under that name to visit Mona wearing a Red Coat. That pass couldn’t have been for Charlotte because she was already a patient there. All she needed was to get out of her room and visit her. Why would she need a visitor’s pass?

Mona said to the liars in 3x24 “that she made a deal with the devil and she gave me a way in and out of that place”

Charlotte wasn’t giving her a way in and out of Radley because she needed Mona to get out of that place without anyone noticing as she stated in 6x10.

So who was Mona talking to? Uber A. The real Red Coat and Black Widow. 

Only someone who works or was a patient for a long time knows the exits and secret doors. Bethany escaped Radley so she would definitely know the secret exits

Uber A manipulated everyone to do her dirty work. Just like Mona, Charlotte was addicted to the A game so why would she just give herself up? Because someone was telling her what to do. And this is why they introduced us to the board game. This is how Uber A was manipulating everyone. Telling them what to do.

In 6x10, Mona tells the girls that she didn’t tell CeCe about them but somebody at Radley did start sending her riddles and twisted rhymes. More proof that someone else was seeing her. 

The last time we hear about Wren is in 6x17 in a flashback of Hanna and Melissa in a restroom. According to Melissa, he was in contact with Charlotte when she was at Welby. Melissa tells Hanna that Charlotte ruined her relationship with him because he found out that she killed the girl in the grave. Wren was blackmailing Melissa about this throughout 6B. This is why Melissa was terrified if someone else had the tape confession because someone was targeting her.

Now the last question. Who’s in the grave? A stranger that was killed and buried with the outfit. Grunwald rescued Alison and someone with a red sleeve rescued Bethany. There are two different scenes with two people wearing different clothes and rescuing someone. Whoever was identified was killed and buried with the yellow top outfit

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ways to make peridot have a “dorky” side without damaging all previous characterization:
-camp pining hearts (which was, admittedly one thing the series actually managed to pull off imo)
-occasionally deliberately peppering in earth slang she’s learning in between her articulate speech patterns
-have her geek out over tech!! isn’t she supposed to be a technician with lots of prior experience with machinery? or is she only suddenly that when the plot requires it
-conducting meticulous earth experiments on various topics, such as which organisms can fly, which conditions are ideal for the phenomenon of rain, etc., and recording all this data in a giant book/log/something else which documents everything she has learned on earth for reference for her to peruse through at later times
-having an affinity for wearing “shirts,” and usually doing so when (she thinks) no one is looking
-spending hours on end making advanced, convoluted contraptions for simple actions solely for the purpose of showing off her metal powers
-just. building robots and contraptions in general and treating them like her children instead of making w/e the hell those morps are
-drawing out complex diagrams for “where she’s going to put the star”/making rough sketches of a “crystal gem” outfit
basically redemption arc peridot; any peridot after that is a cursed shrieking gremlin child


Katya and Violet bond in a deleted scene

This is a really sweet, cute moment. This whole youtube channel is full of great and funny scenes with the queens that never made it to air. In my opinion, season seven is worse without them. Kennedy talks about her life in the navy, Trixie and Max talk about going to school together, there’s even a scene where they show the painful hell Violet and the girls have to go through as beauty queens. It’s all humanizing gold. 

If they had put all of this back in as opposed to fake shade and drama, people would have viewed this season differently. 

Social Media Showdown

After we all saw Tyler’s Snaps the last few days…This had to be written.

Summary: You’re Tyler’s girlfriend and you find the girls backstage swooning over Tyler’s rather risqué posts. You decide to extract some revenge which leads to a heated (and sexy) showdown with Tyler.

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who’s scruffy looking?

in which clarke has ~a thing~ for bellamy’s beard

happy late birthday to @prosciuttoe​; sorry this isn’t furry enough for you 🌚

wc: 4 951
rated m | read on ao3

As with most things, Raven is partially to blame.

(“I don’t understand why you’re also blaming me ,” mutters Miller mulishly, “ She’s the one who made the bet with him. I had nothing to do with their bullshit ideas.”

“You spurred them on,” says Clarke, and he rolls his eyes, but doesn’t deny it.)

It starts when Miller returns from vacationing with his dad up in the mountains sporting a full beard.

His beard isn’t really anything new to them- normally he just errs on the side of scruffy, but has been known to grow it out once in a while, especially back when they were in college- so there’s just the general ribbing and maybe one or two pointed comments dropped by Monty before they ignore it.

And then Bellamy gets drunk.

Bellamy doesn’t usually get drunk when they go out; in fact he’s usually the one still annoyingly sober while they do stupid shit like climbing up on the tables or trying to rewire the jukebox. But it is the start of summer break and all his AP students passed their exams so if there was an occasion for overdoing the celebratory drinking, this would be it.

Drunken Bellamy is even sort of cute, far more tactile and vocal about his affection. Which is why it’s no surprise that as the night wears on, they find him gently stroking Miller’s cheek murmuring all sorts of nonsense while Miller looks three seconds away from throttling him. Clarke sneaks a picture. She’s totally going to use this in a mood board when his birthday comes around.

“I’m so jealous of your beard,” he slurs, just a little, and Miller slaps his fingers away. “I’ve always wanted a beard.”

“I don’t know if you’ve realised this,” says Raven, dropping in from seemingly out of nowhere, “But you’ve got all the components you need to grow a beard, Blake.”

Miller snorts at the exact same moment Bellamy’s face falls. “Yeah, no. Theoretically he might have them but trust me on this. Blake is as bare faced as they come.”

Raven’s eyes practically light up at that and her head snaps back to look at him. “You can’t grow a beard?” she asks delightedly.

“Of course I can grow a beard,” he grumbles.

“Then how come we’ve never seen you with one?”

“Because it’s uncomfortable .”

“Uh huh, sure. That’s why.” She lifts an eyebrow. “I bet you can’t grow a full beard like Miller’s before the month’s up.”

“Easiest fucking bet you’ve ever made, Reyes,” says Miller, and Bellamy elbows him in the ribs.

“I can totally grow a beard in the next three weeks,” he protests. “I don’t need to prove that to you.”

“Methinks the man doth protests too much,” she says in a sing-song voice, and his scowl deepens.

“I’m not protesting. And that’s not the quote.”

“Come on,” she wheedles, “Fifty bucks says you can’t.”

He glowers at her for one last moment before finally caving. “Fine,” he sighs, sticking his hand out for her to shake. She does so rather enthusiastically and Clarke already knows that this is going to be a disaster. “I’ll take your stupid bet.”

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Best Friends || Peter Parker Imagine

Word Count: 1,850

Requests: Hiiii! Could you pretty please do a Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x reader, where she, Peter and Ned are best friends in high school and Ned is the first one to notice Peter has a total crush on her. Fast forward to noticing she feels the same and trying to get them together? Bonus points for Spiderman? Thank youuuu 😘😘 @betty234

ahhh i’m in love with your blog!!! also very much in love with spider-man (tom holland….) soooo if you’re still taking requests, would you write one about peter parker being your best friend but obviously both of you like each other so you go do “couple-ish” things like cuddling while watching movies, etc. but one day you go out shopping (him carrying your bags whilst trying on clothes haha) and something happens so he has to go fight crime but ends up coming back, etc., fluffy/cute. ty! xx

A/N:I tried my best

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Y/N looked around the cafeteria looking for her best friends, Peter and Ned. She has been friends with them ever since the 4th grade when they took her to the nurse’s office after she scraped her knee at recess. They instantly clicked and have been inseparable since.

She spotted a head of light brown locks(i swear his hair is slightly reddish though), Peter Parker. Y/N walked up to the table that him and Ned are sitting at, clutching the now wrinkled paper in her hand. “Guys! I passed my math test!” She squealed as she sat down in front of the boys. Ned smiled. “That’s great! What grade did you get?” He asked with the smile still there.

“I got a 97! Ms. Busch said I got the best grade in the class.” She said still grinning. “You should be thanking me for helping you study.” Peter said with a cheeky smile on his face. “Why thank you Peter Parker,my knight in shinning armor, for helping me not fail the worst class in the world.” Y/N stated dramatically. Ned started dying with laughter even though it wasn’t that funny.

“So, what’d you guys do over the weekend?” She asked as she started eating the food off of Peter’s plate.

“I watched all of the Star Wars movies. It was awesome.” Ned told. “What about you Pete?” Y/N asked again.

“What? Oh, I-I went to the movies with…. with my Aunt! Yeah, yeah with May.” Peter answered awkwardly. Ned looked at him with a ‘dude, your'e such a fucking liar’ look, on his face. “Well that’s cool. What movie did you see?” Y/N asked while having a look of confusion on her face due to Peter’s sudden awkwardness. “Well, that’s the thing, it was some chick flick. I don’t really remember the name.” Peter lied. It’s not like Peter could tell her that he was busy beating bad guys up and getting his ass beat as his alter ego, Spider-Man.

The three of them continued talking about random nothings until they heard the bell ring, signalling the end of the lunch period. The three of them started heading to their next class, Chemistry, which they gladly had together. Y/N walked to the class and put her backpack on the lab table with her head on top, groaning. “I don’t want to be here.” She groaned as her friends laughed at her. “It’s alright. We’ll get through this together.” Peter said with mock sympathy while patting her back. Y/N gave him a childish glare as she sat up to see Ned staring at his 2 friends with an odd look on his face.

“What are you staring at?” Peter asked as he looked at Ned, who was looking between his friends “Oh, it’s nothing.” He replied with sarcasm and a small, almost non existent smirk on his face while Peter just shrugged it off. Y/N just groaned again as she pulled out her notebook from her bag. The tardy bell hadn’t rung yet so the trio continued their conversation from lunch Under the table, Peter reached for Y/N’s hand. Their hands intertwined with each other like it was routine, because it was. The two held hands all the time because it was something that came so naturally to them.

“So, do you guys want to go to the mall this Saturday? I have nothing to do, and I want to hang with my best buds.” Y/N asked with a smile on her face. “I can’t. I am swamped with homework.” Ned answered, sounding over exaggerated. Peter knew that Ned was just trying to set him up with Y/N, due to his forever-long crush on the girl. “What about you Petey? Are you just going to leave me hanging by myself?” She asked sarcastically.

Peter chuckled as he lightly squeezed her hand. “I would never leave you hanging.” He said just before the bell rang, silently thanking Ned for having too ‘much homework’.

“Since you never leave me hanging, do you want to stay the night on Friday since we’re hanging out Saturday?” Y/N whispered to Peter. “Sure, I gotta tell May though.” He whispered back with a smile as he leaned back into his chair to listen to the teacher.


Friday quickly approached and the two friends soon walked to Y/N’s house together.

“What movie do you wanna watch?” Y/N asked as she hopped on her bed in her PJs, next to Peter. “Whatever movie you want to watch.” He replied.

“You are too corny, Mr.Parker.” She said as she picked up a dvd that was on her bedside table. She opened the case and put the disk in her laptop. Y/N wrapped her hands around Peter’s torso, and she draped her leg over his. Peter put his arm around her and pulled her close to him. This was completely normal for them.

Halfway through the movie Y/N fell asleep on Peter’s chest. Peter smiled lovingly at the girl on top of him thinking about all the reasons he loved her. There was too many to count.


“This looks so bad.” She complained to her friend whom was carrying all of her bags while waiting outside of the fitting rooms of one of her favorite stores. “Come on. It can’t loo that bad. Let me see.“Peter begged as he placed the bags down on the floor. Y/N walked out of the dressing room wearing a dress that looked absolutely stunning on her. Peter just stared,with his mouth opened a bit.

"In what world does this look bad? You look amazing.” Peter gushed as he admired his best friend. “This is why we are friends, Peter Parker. You are the sweetest person I have ever met.” Y/N stated. Peter’s phone buzzed as Y/N went back into the dressing room to change back to her regular clothes.

Peter got a notification from Twitter. There was an armed robbery happening a few blocks from the mall he was just at. He didn’t want to leave Y/N alone but, people could get hurt. “Y/N? Listen I, I gotta go. Something came up. I’m sorry.” He shouted to the door as he sped off to his house to get his suit. “Wait, what? Peter!?” Y/N yelled as she tried to pull of the rest of the dress.

Y/N left the dressing room to see all of her bags on the floor, where her best friend should’ve been.


Y/N left the mall after buying the dress. She hailed a cab to get home.

About two hours after she got home, it was already dark out. Y/N was in her room, scrolling on her phone when she heard a loud knock on her window. Nobody ever knocked on her window so she was a little bit scared. Y/N went to pull the curtain to see who was on the other side of the glass. Hwn she saw the red suit, she looked confused. “What the fuck?” she said as she opened her window. Spider-Man crawled in through the window and fell against the floor. There was slashes all over his body.

“What the fuck?” She said again as she went to get a bag of vegetables to put on the bruises he most likely had, and some other medical supplied like peroxide and bandages. As she was taking off the body part of his suit to try and fix him she asked him, “Why the hell did Spider-Man show up at my window like this?” Still shocked, she put some peroxide on a cloth and then put that on his cuts. The man wheezed at the pain. He reached for his mask to pull it off. The mask slowly pulled off of his face and Y/N started to see that his face was laced with a painful expression. She only noticed who the man was when he took the mask off completely. “B-Because I’m Spider-Man.” Her best friend replied.

Y/N was not at all prepared for this. The end of her day panned out differently in her head.  "Oh my god. Oh my god.“ She exclaimed as she wrapped his body with bandages. Nothing was said after that though. Once Y/N was done with his wounds, she just sat on her bed, flabbergasted.

The two were silent before she spoke. "Does Ned know?” She asked as he started to sit up and lean against her wall. he only nodded his head.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Pete?” Y/N asked the question she was dreading. “I-I don’t know. I just wanted to keep you safe. If someone found out how much you meant to Spider-Man, they could hurt you and I didn’t want that to happen.” He replied rubbing his neck and looking at anything but you.

“I just wish you would’ve told me. We couldv'e fought crime together.” Y/N joked as she saw a faint smile apear on Peter’s lips. She stood up from her bed and moved to sit next to him on the floor, against the wall. “No more secrets, okay? Even if that means I get hurt. You have to promise to tell me everything from now on. Promise?” She asked with a faint voice. “I promise.” He swore, looking into her eyes.

“Guess I have to tell you something else than….” Peter muttered as he scratched his neck again. Y/N looked at him with curiosity. He sighed, putting his head in his hands.

“Peter, what is it?” Y/N asked with concern.

“I love you, okay? I have ever since 6th grade and I wanted to get over it but it’s hard because I know you would never like me back. When I see you everyday, I fall even more in love with you and I don’t know how to stop it and I don’t think I want to. You mean everything to me. And I would hate myself if you ever got hurt because of Spider-Man.” He exclaimed. Peter was glad to get that off of his chest but, he might have just ruined his friendship with you, forever.

“Oh Peter Parker. You have no idea what you do to me.” She said as she straddled his thighs and caught his lips in a kiss. He was shocked but also relieved that he didn’t get rejected. You pulled away, desperate to get air into your lungs.

“I have loved you for the longest time, Peter. You are my best friend and I trust you with everything. God, I wish you would’ve told me that you loved me sooner.” Y/N said, cutting her speech short, being desperate for another kiss. Peter pulled away with a sharp gasp, needing air. The two just smiled at each other, foreheads pressed against one another. Both of the teens were panting from the heated kiss. “And you should also be glad that Spider-Man is one of my favorite superheros.” She said, making Peter laugh.

I never post on Tumblr, but this platform is the only place I feel like I can be myself. Recently I watched 13 Reasons Why. I never read the book, and I started it mostly because I heard great things about it and how they spread such an important message. I don’t know if I’ll spoil anything by accident, but I’ll give a warning just in case. This might be long, so bear with me.

The show is about a girl named Hannah Baker (as many of you probably know already). Each episode showed different events as to how she was treated by her peers, and she recorded tapes explaining basically who fucked her over before she ended up taking her whole life.

A few days before I started watching, I wanted to take my own life. I had it planned out, I knew the texts I was going to send my family and friends, and I knew when I wanted to do it. I thought I lost all hope in my future and I just didn’t want to exist anymore. I resonate with Hannah a lot. I really held on to her because I saw so much of myself in her. I wasn’t treated the greatest while I was in school (I didn’t endure some things that happened to her and I am very grateful). Every little thing you do or say to someone sticks. It’s not easy for them to just brush it off and move on, especially if you deal with a mental illness.

As I got to the episode that contained her suicide scene, I thought I was prepared. I just pictured there to be a little blood. I didn’t expect to see it all happen, and it killed me. It killed me because of how real it looked. I felt like I was watching it happen right in front of me. I had a full blown panic attack by the time I saw it and I know I’m not alone on that. It was fucking hard, but nonetheless very powerful. That stuff happens every single day to people who you least expect it from. This show proves that bullying can really do some serious damage on someone. It’s not something to keep quiet about.

After the show I realized how much I have in my life to appreciate. When Hannah’s mom saw her lifeless body floating in the bathtub, I realized that if I ever took my own life, I’d be putting my family and friends through hell. I realized that I have a purpose in this world, and even though I don’t see it now, I know it’s coming. I’m more important than I think I am. You are all important to people around you, whether you know it or not. So if you think you can handle it, watch the show or read the book. Space it out a little bit. Learn from it. Talk about it and never let the conversation die down. You never know how many people you can save from taking their own life just by being kind.

Sorry for the long post. This show made me realize how passionate I am about mental illness and bullying, and I don’t plan to stop talking about it.

Here are more of my Belle/Adam NSFW headcanons that were actually asked for this time

Quick note: The first two headcanons will probably be familiar, since I already leaked them (and also, my recent fic is based off the second headcanon lol). Enjoy the Sin™

• Some nights they take baths together, both of them seated in a tub of lukewarm water, rose petals floating on the water’s surface, dim candles flickering soft light onto the dark walls, and Belle between Adam’s legs with her back rested against his firm chest. The atmosphere of the candle-lit room always starts out serene, usually filled with quiet conversations, Adam’s fingers skimming through Belle’s damp hair and grazing his manicured nails along her scalp, as she talks enthusiastically about whatever book she is reading at the moment. She will have the book with her, of course, and Adam will happily hook his chin over her shoulder and let her read to him. Eventually, to no one’s surprise, the once tranquil room comes to life with the sounds of sloshing water, desperate sighs, and smacking lips when Adam can no longer contain the desire pooling low in his belly at the gentle, clearly articulated sound of Belle’s voice. Her intellect—for some ungodly reason—is outrageously alluring. A deft hand between her legs, a teasing mouth at her ear, and suddenly water is spilling over the tub walls and splattering onto the floor, Belle writhing as she comes undone in Adam’s arms with his name on her lips.

• He doesn’t know why it takes him so long to notice, but when she is perched upon his bare chest and tracing a gentle finger over his parted lips, it dawns over Adam that Belle is quite fixated on his mouth. And oh, the fun he has with that. It starts out subtle; him quickly licking the pad of his index finger before turning the page of his book when he knows she’s watching, and “accidentally” missing her lips when he goes in for a quick peck, instead pressing a chaste (but is it chaste?) kiss to the corner of her mouth. It is only when Belle notices a sudden new habit of his, one of which involves dragging his finger across his bottom lip while in thought (and one that has been occurring quite too often), that she starts to become suspicious. Realization strikes when she scolds Adam for saying something crude, and he smugly calls her out.

  • “That filthy mouth of yours!”
  • “You mean the one that you revere so much? Amoureux, your eyes haven’t left my lips since I entered the room. If you’re going to kiss me, please, don’t abstain any longer. I’m sure you’re starving for it.”
  • And she had never kissed him like that before. All tongue and teeth and shoulders slamming into bookshelves. And when she begs him to fuck her, he chuckles and breathes into her ear, “That filthy mouth of yours.”

• Another thing Belle is rather taken with; Adam finishing inside of her. There is something so satisfying in the way the muscles in his back tense beneath her fingers as he comes, the way he settles his hot, heavy weight on top of her after one last, deep thrust. His face always hovers briefly, mouth open soundlessly, until he buries his head against her shoulder and lets out a beautiful noise that is somehow a mixture of a moan, a growl, and a cry. She finds so much comfort in his body trembling in her arms as he tries to catch his breath, her cheek resting against his hair. She would stay there forever if she could.

• The first time they fight—and not just one of their short-lived, trifling quarrels, but a real fight that results in slamming doors and raw throats—Belle and Adam don’t speak for days. Every time they pass each other in the castle, Belle’s shoulders stiffen and Adam sticks out his chin and clenches his jaw. And it is Belle, of course, who makes a snide remark and gets the whole ball rolling once more. The servants make away with themselves when the screaming starts, and Adam is damn near ready to leave himself when Belle gets in his face, the two of them nose to nose and breathing heavily. But there is this superior twinkle in her eyes, and something in Adam snaps. The force of his lips on hers leaves them bruised in the aftermath, and their chests audibly collide when he pulls her flush against his body. They don’t make it to a bed, a piece of furniture, or even a wall, he just takes her in the middle of the floor. And at some point words of anger melt into coos of affection, rough touches turn tender, and the hard snap of his hips slows to a languid grind. That prideful twinkle in Belle’s eyes is replaced by a warm, doting glow, and the two lovers fall into a fit of giggles once they’re through; sweaty, sated, and laughing on the floor in their torn and ruffled clothes.

• Jealous!Adam :-)

• Adam takes Belle in the garden because he knows that the new gardener who has been eyeing his wife is currently trimming the hedges nearby. Belle doesn’t protest at all—she does quite the opposite, actually. If there was any doubt that the gardener didn’t hear her obscene and unabashedly loud cries of pleasure, that doubt was obliterated immediately when the gardener spotted the pair a few hours later and hastily averted his gaze.

• I have mentioned this concept a few times before, but let us just consider it again; Adam getting so overwhelmed while he is dancing with Belle, that he drags her away in the midst of a ball to an alcove just off the ballroom so he can have his way with her. He cramps her into the corner of the already confined space, pressing hot, sloppy kisses to her lips and husking out words of molten desire into her open mouth. Having her husband’s tongue inside of her is oddly much more exhilarating when the chatter of their party guests can be heard from only 15 feet away, and Belle’s orgasm takes her by surprise when she hears her father’s curious voice creeping closer to the alcove, the possibility of being caught distending between her legs and washing through her whole body in a new and alarming form of euphoria.

• Having sex in places where they can easily get caught becomes a thing for them, because hey, we all know they be kinky as hell.

• Also, um… balcony sex… (o˘◡˘o)


[Femslash February]: Matching Outfits

does anyone remember those times in like middle/high school where wearing the same outfit as someone else was considered social suicide? :P

Day 4: Matching Outfits (Chlonette)

Words: 2380

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

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The moment Alya walked into the school building, she felt a hand curl around her arm and yank her into a custodial closet. Not quite the start to her morning that she had expected. 

She was a little disoriented as a mop toppled onto her head, and it wasn’t until Nino clicked on the light hanging above their heads that she saw Adrien advance on her, grab her tightly by the shoulders, and speak in a grave tone. “Where is Marinette?”

She lifted a brow. “…um, home? She’s awake, but she shows up like five minutes before class since she lives right there.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know she’s awake,” Adrien dismissed. “Listen Alya, this is very important. I need you to call Marinette right now and tell her to change outfits immediately.”

Alya’s eyes darted towards Nino, but he was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, looking like he was witnessing a serious interrogation with literal lives at stake. She stared back at Adrien, who was still fervently awaiting her reply. She huffed. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?”

“Alya, babe, tell Mari to change,” Nino said simply. “Apparently we’re attempting to avoid the end of the world, and it’ll make no sense for the two of us to call her and tell her this.”

“What does Marinette’s outfit have to do with the end of the world. Why are we….what the hell, guys?!”

Adrien lifted his finger in front of her face, pulled out his cellphone, scrolled through Instagram, and flipped the screen towards her. “Please observe Exhibit A.”

It was a picture of Marinette that she posted to Instagram this morning. Black knee high boots. White skirt. Black turtleneck. Pretty basic for a school outfit, nothing out of the ordinary. “Yeah, she takes morning selfies and puts then on Instagram all the time, what’s your point?”

Adrien sighed pitifully, switched screens, and showed her his phone again. Exhibit B.”

Alya squinted at the photo for a moment, and then her eyes widened in horror. “Oh shit…”

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Remember the first  phone call we heard between Danny and Rachel, in the pilot.? The writers started to give us an impression of her character with that scene, and they chose to do that with these words from Danny: 

Danny: Rachel, don’t start with me. I left you two messages telling you you need to pick her up. Don’t tell me you had to change your plans. You send the driver for her half the time anyway

A woman who couldn’t make time to pick her daughter up from school, who preferred to send the driver anyway. A woman - we learned that in this episode, too – who took her daughter away from New Jersey, from his father and family and forced Danny to follow them and leave everything if he wanted to see his daughter, be next to her.

In episode 1x03 we got the second impression the writers wanted to give us of her character. Again, it’s Danny who delivers the line. 

Danny: Rachel is trying to take me back to court over visitation because she says that it is not safe for Grace to be around me. Like the football shooting was my fault

A woman who was ready, again, to prevent Danny and Grace from seeing each other. And she would have done it, if it wasn’t for Steve’s ties with the Governor. Remember that scene? 

Danny: Did you, uh, speak to the governor about my custody issue?

Steve: The governor doesn’t discuss her business with me. I might have heard something about Step-Stan building a new hotel and, uh, you need government approval for that.

Remember when Rachel cheated on her husband with Danny? Yeah, because she did. Because the casual viewer, the viewer who doesn’t care, can listen to Steve saying that 

“Danny got Rachel pregnant when Rachel and Stan were having a break” 

and believe that, but those who care about the show know that Stan actually believed that Charlie was his and this means he and Rachel were still having sex at the time. So much for having a break. Those who care about the show know about the vacation Rachel and Stan were having on Maui to try to save their marriage and know that, later in that episode, Steve and Danny had this conversation: 

Steve: What’s up? You and Rachel? How long has that been going on?

Danny: Uh, a little while.

Those who care know that in the next episode, Danny and Rachel had this conversation: 

Danny: What’s going on? You having second thoughts about telling Stan?

Rachel: No. That’s not it at all” […] “How do I tell Stan that I’m leaving and that I’m pregnant with your child?

So yeah, those who care know Rachel cheated on her husband, no need to retcon that…                  

Remember when Rachel chose to lie about the paternity of Charlie? And that she carried that lie for three years? Robbing a father of his son, a son of his father? Telling Stan the baby was his so he would take her back? Making Stan believe he had a son only to tell him, three years later: no, he’s not your son, you’re not a father.

Remember when she had Danny helping her delivering their baby? Remember the way Danny couldn’t even dare to touch the baby, because he didn’t feel entitled to that? How damn cruel could that be? How??

Remember that a few episodes later Rachel thought it wasn’t enough to prevent Danny from being the father of his child and she tried to take Grace away from him, as well? Again? 

Danny: The problem is that Stan just got a project in Las Vegas and they want to move, okay? And Rachel wants to take Grace off the island.

Remember that she dragged Danny to court, forcing him to fight for Grace’s custody? Remember that she didn’t have the decency to be there for the custody hearing? 

Danny: I was prepared to give my speech to Rachel, my ex, but she’s not here.

And then, after three years, she told the truth about Charlie… because Charlie was sick, because Charlie could die, and Danny was the only one who could save him. If it wasn’t for these circumstances, she would have kept lying.

The same way as she would have kept being married to Stan, if he wouldn’t have ended their marriage.

And now I can’t believe the show is clearly hinting at Danny getting back together with this woman who put him, Stan, her children, through hell, this manipulative liar who has no respect whatsoever for other people, who walks over people’s hearts like it’s nothing, who uses her children as pawns for her own interest. Who, I’m sure, I’m so sure, would hurt Danny all over again, blaming him for who he is once again, like she did in the past because Danny, well, Danny has this awful fault, you know, he’s a good man, he’s a good cop…

Danny: the truth is this is all I got. I need this. I wanna do what I’m good at, I wanna be reminded I’m good at what I do. 

… What a terrible person, huh? And what would be her next excuse for dumping him, for breaking his heart again? 

Danny would already be her second choice, because she wanted to keep her marriage with Stan going on! He was the one who asked for a divorce, not her!

So please, please! Don’t talk about love! It would be an insult to that sentiment. This has nothing to do with love. It’s just a toxic, abusive relationship that would hurt Danny so much and he really doesn’t deserve that.

It’s with a broken heart and, even if it makes me feel stupid, tears in my eyes that I’m writing this. 

I’ve been loving this show for seven years now, I still love it and I will probably love it forever. I know in my heart it has been telling the most wonderful story of love I’ve ever known, but now it feels like you’ll let lies, betrayal and emotional abuse win over true love. 

WHY is this happening? Why are you doing this to the characters? Are you really letting Danny ruin his life, getting back with a woman who stomped on his heart again and again and would do that all over again in a heartbeat, a woman who would still be with Stan if only he still wanted to be with her? 

If you really think Danny should be with someone like this, I guess it’s time for me to say goodbye to this show… I hope I’m wrong, I hope that with all my heart, but this episode sadly didn’t leave many doubts as to where this is going. It breaks my heart, believe me, but it would break my heart even more to see that happen.

Thank you for all the joy and emotions this show gave me. 

trashladyonprimary  asked:

Hiding in a bathroom trying to escape a terrible tinder date. Lokane ☺️ only if you have time for another prompt

The restroom door creaked as it opened, and Loki glanced up briefly from washing his hands. It was an involuntary movement, cursory at best, and his gaze dropped to the sink before he realized what he’d seen. His head snapped back up in a double take, and yes, there was a petite woman sagging against the door, palms pressed into her eyes as she muttered under her breath. Something about strangling people; it was a toss-up between a person named Darcy and “the idiot who invented tinder.”

Loki smirked, glad he’d needed to use the facilities after his monthly get-together with his brother. This might prove to be an intriguing, if brief, diversion. He leaned against the counter and cleared his throat. The young woman pulled her hands away from her face, mouth forming an “o” when her gaze landed on him. She tipped her head back with a mirthless laugh.

“Don’t tell me,” she said. “I’m in the men’s bathroom.” She went on before he could confirm her gaffe. “Because that would be the icing on the cake of this crappy night. I’d say it couldn’t get any worse, but I’m pretty sure the universe would take that as a challenge.”

Loki chuckled. She was a spirited little thing. “Bad date?”

“Oh, no,” she answered with a snort. “I’ve been on a bad dates. What’s happening out there is a disaster.”

His interested was most definitely piqued. “And what, may I ask, makes it a disaster?”

Someone tried to push the door open, but she threw her body weight against it and yelled, “It’s occupied!”

Loki gave a significant glance at the two empty stalls and the row of unused urinals.

Her responding grin was underscored with a tinge of pink in her cheeks. “I just want a minute to figure out a way to safely escape this guy. I mean the fact that he’s photoshopped my tinder pics with his is creepy enough. But then he told me the things he’s planning to do to me—things that he feels he’s earned the right to do because he’s bought me a couple of drinks…” She shuddered visibly. “I’m a little bit worried that he’ll follow me home.”

Loki frowned. That was rather problematic. “Would you like some help?”

She looked him over, eyes narrowed. “I don’t know,” she said slowly. “I’ve already got a budding stalker waiting for me. It’d be just my luck that you turn out to be a charming serial killer.”

He laughed. Charming, he’d take. Serial killer? No, not precisely. “You’ll just have to trust me.” He straightened and crossed the few steps to her, offering a hand to shake. “I”m Loki Odinson.”

She peered at his hand for a beat before taking it. She clearly didn’t recognize his name, but he wasn’t surprised. He was well-known only in certain circles.

“Jane,” she replied. “Jane Foster. You do realize that your given name doesn’t exactly instill a whole lot of confidence in the trusting department.”

His mouth stretched in a wide smile. Oh, he liked her. “No, it doesn’t,” he agreed. “But I can assure you that my idea of fun when it comes to the fairer sex is perfectly harmless—unlike your date.”

She chewed the inside of her cheek, apparently weighing her options. “Okay,” she relented. “How are you going to help me?”

“Go back to your date—” he nodded toward the door, “—and when I come along, follow my lead.”

She made a derisive sound, shaking her head. “That’s not cryptic at all.” She raised her hands with a sigh. “But I guess beggars can’t be choosers. Please don’t take long. He really is freaking me out.”

She yanked open the door and marched out. Loki waited a minute before he followed, and it took another for his eyes to adjust to the darker lighting of the main room. He hadn’t noticed earlier how busy it had been, but he found the large number of bodies inconvenient now as he scanned the establishment for Jane.

Ah, there.

She was in a booth in the corner, appearing both annoyed and disturbed as she listened to the man opposite her. Loki assessed her date as he made his way to them. The fellow was somewhat attractive, though slight in both height and build. Good. He talked animatedly, waving his arms to punctuate whatever it was he was going on about. As Loki drew closer, he caught the other man’s words.

“…have any special kinks I should know about? Because I’m not a selfish lover or anything. You’re gonna be screaming my name several times before the night is through and begging me for more, trust me.”

What a repulsive creature.

Loki stepped up to their table, and put on a mask of indignation as he addressed his new acquaintance. “What’s the meaning of this, Jane?”

She started and her shocked gasp was spot on. “Loki! What are you doing here?” Well done. This was going to be very amusing.

“If you’re trying to make me jealous, darling,” he said through gritted teeth, “you should have picked a more worthy foe.” He gave the other man a quick once over, letting his authentic disdain show.

“Who the hell do you think you are?” the disgusting fellow demanded.

In a flash of movement, Loki grasped the other man’s shirt and yanked him out of the booth. He jabbed two fingers into the guy’s abdomen, knowing he’d mistake it as the barrel of a gun. “I’m her husband,” Loki lied in a deathly calm tone. “And I don’t take kindly to those who try to steal what’s mine.”

The other man’s eyes went round. “Listen, I didn’t know she was married! I swear! I mean, she’s not even wearing a ring!”

Beyond the bleating coward, two of Loki’s companions—tall, muscled gentlemen—rose from their seats at each end of the bar wearing identical expressions of concern. He gave them a bare shake of his head, and they lowered back onto their stools. He then stared down anyone else nearby who thought to come to the aid of this idiot. Fortunately, most seemed only interested in recording the confrontation on their cell phones.

“You know now,” he bit out, turning his attention back to Jane’s date, digging his fingertips deeper into the man’s soft middle. “You don’t look at her. You don’t think about her. You don’t desire her.”

“Yeah, yeah,” the other man stammered, voice cracking with terror. Pathetic. “She doesn’t exist. I get it.”

“Did you let him take a photo of you?” Loki asked Jane, though he kept his glare on her date. “Because you know how much I despise any man having photographs of you.”

Her date fumbled in his pocket and retrieved his phone. “Here!” He held it up. “You can have it, man. Take it! Just take it!”

Loki held his gaze for a heartbeat longer before pretending to slip his “weapon” in the waistband of his trousers beneath his suit jacket. He took the device, dropped it to the floor and smashed it with his heel. He ignored the surprised cries from the gathering crowd as he said, “I’m glad we understand each other.” He glanced at Jane and reached for her. “Shall we, my dear?”

She looked up at him with awe as she came to his side. “I’m so proud of you, honey,” she said. “You didn’t kill or even maim this one. You really have changed.”

Loki had to swallow back his laughter. She had no idea. Good show, however. “Don’t push me, Jane,” he warned in mock sternness as he led them toward the exit.

“But I have to get your attention somehow!” she whined before they made it through the doors.

Once outside and a block away, she doubled over, guffawing. “Oh…my…god!” She steadied herself with a hand on his arm. “That was… That was amazing. His face was priceless. You terrified him.”

“I quite enjoyed myself,” Loki confessed. He had. “Your performance was rather noteworthy as well.”

A fetching blush colored her face. She was pretty—beautiful, in fact, in a wholesome sort of way, though he doubted she ever played the doe-eyed ingénue. No, there was too much intelligence and fire to her.

“So, I guess I should say thank you and be on my way.” She pointed to an old sedan. “That’s me. It was a pleasure meeting you, Loki.”

He considered prolonging their encounter, but unfortunately, he was needed elsewhere tonight. “Likewise, Jane.”

She graced him with a brilliant smile as she backed toward her vehicle. He waited until she was inside, engine sputtering to life before turning to his companions who had lingered in the shadows behind him.

“Follow her date,” he said to Algrim. “Make sure he doesn’t accost any other women—ever again.” Algrim gave him a curt nod and headed to the bar.

Loki pulled his phone out of the inside pocket of his jacket and dialed his assistant. She answered on the first ring.

“Please tell me you’re on your way to the hanger,” she demanded without preamble. “You’re late. If we don’t get in the air in the next hour, you’ll miss your meeting in Stockholm.”

“I’ll be there.” Loki strode to his town car where Mal was already holding the door open for him. “I want you to find everything you can on a woman named Jane Foster.”

“Jane Foster,” his assistant repeated. “Who is she?”

Loki grinned. “I have a feeling she’s someone worth knowing.”


Say Something
                                   -  PART I

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 444 …

WARNING : angst…

(Events in this story take place after Kai turned into a vampire / witch heretic.
Kai and Reader are in a relationship ; One night Reader sees Kai kissing someone else at the Grill and shuts him out , but he is determined to get her forgiveness …)


Three days have gone by since the incident. He still didn’t know how that had happened. Kai loved Y/N and would never ever hurt her. Not intentially , anyways… but that’s exactly what happened that night at the Grill.  Some random girl had approached him and kissed him … and he hadn’t pushed her away , instead Kai had done the opposite and Y/N had seen it. The look of hurt and pain of her face , tears streaming down her face - he couldn’t get the image out of his head.  He had rushed after her , tried to talk to her but she had shut the door in his face , literally.
Kai wanted to apologise to her and he had tried more than couple of times over the past few days. Y/N just wouldn’t return his calls , wouldn’t reply his text messages. He had been to her apartment every day from sunrise to dawn, knocking on the door , sitting with his back at the door … without getting any response from her. She was inside , that he could tell. Kai could hear her crying and smashing things inside , using his vampire hearing.
He hated himself for the pain he had caused her.

Three days… That’s how long it has been. To Y/N it felt longer , as if she was in a nightmare and couldn’t wake up no matter how hard she tried.
Kai came by every day ,sitting outside her apartment door and sometimes she sat there too , on her side. Listening. Y/N wasn’t a vampire but sometimes when she rested her head on the door , she heard sniffles from the other side.  
Kai had also called her a few times , leaving voicemails asking for her forgiveness. Each time she broke into sobs listening to them , her heart breaking all over again.
The pain her chest was suffocating her. Kai might’ve put her through hell , but she loved him and missed him so much. It hurt her more being away from him than the memory of what he had done to break her heart.
A couple times Caroline and Bonnie had called her. Their calls she answered.  Y/N knew if she didn’t answer , things might get even worse. Despite the fact Kai had hurt her , she couldn’t stand the thought of something happening to him.
“Did something happen with … Kai ?” Caroline asked her , her voice worried.
“No. Nothing happened , Caroline.” Y/N had lied , putting on the best show in her life. “I just caught some nasty flu , that’s all. I just need a few days to recover , that’s all.” For all Y/N knew , the lie had been accepted as the truth by her friends.

The next day he decided to try again. Kai walked to her place and knocked on Y/N’s apartment door , his palms sweaty. He need to see her , hear her voice and was determinated to talk to her and ask for her forgiveness.
A few moments later Kai heard movement from the inside and Y/N opened the door. “Hey…” he said , a small smile on his face.  He couldn’t believe she had opened the door.
Y/N scoffed and tried to shut the door in his face but he pushed it open.
“Please , talk to me.” he pleaded , walking inside and shutting the door behind him. For the past few days all Kai had wanted was to see her , hear her voice … He wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away.
She turned around to face him , her eyes red and puffy from all the tears. Kai let out a breath and took a few steps , shortening the distance between them. He stared at his shoes , unable to meet her eyes.
Y/N looked at him for a few seconds. Kai looked broken , dark circles under his eyes as if he hadn’t slept in days , his hair all messed up. Quickly she dropped her gaze , before he even had the chance to notice she had looked at him.
“I screwed up , Y/N.” he said trying to take her hand but she pulled back right away. “I … I didn’t mean for this to happen. I don’t even know how it happened…  I never meant to hurt you.” Kai said , tears filling his eyes. “I… ” he swallowed hard. “I am so so so sorry…”
Kai wanted so badly for her to look at him. To yell at him , hit him. Anything. Any reaction… “Say something. Please.”
Y/N kept starring at the carpet , studying it as if it was the most interesting piece of art in the world. Every time she closed her eyes the image showed up in her head - Kai kissing that other girl , pulling her closer to him the way  he pulled HER close… Tears started rolling down her cheeks again and Y/N couldn’t stop them. Her emotions were on overload

“I am so sorry , Y/N.” Kai said , pain clear in his voice. “I am SO SORRY … I am the biggest jerk in the world and I don’t deserve you or your forgiveness.”
Tears kept rolling down her cheeks and all he wanted was to wrap his arms around her and hold her tight. To comfort her.  "I hate myself so much for what I did… and I’d take it back in a heartbeat.“  Kai took a step towards her , waiting for her to step back.  "I love you.” he said , “I love you with everything that I have. Please , forgive me… ” Kai pleaded taking another step towards her, closing the distance between them.

Y/N’s heart was breaking from the pain , from listening and seeing Kai like this. Yes , he had cheated on her… and part of her wanted to hate him , however the larger part loved him so much and couldn’t stand seeing tears in his eyes. She wanted to hug him or him to hug her , to tell her it was all a bad dream , a misunderstanding…

Silence was hanging heavy in the air , every second felt like hours to both of them.
Finally Kai couldn’t take it anymore - watching the tears roll down her cheeks , her body shaking from the sobs because of all the pain … He pulled her into a hug wrapping his hands around Y/N pulling her closer to him. He wished he could snap his fingers , make all of her pain away , make everything right again …
Y/N took in his scent , breathing it in deeply  for a few moments before pulling away.
“Kai … ” she said , trying hard to fight back the tears. Suddenly all she felt was anger towards him. Y/N hit him again and again , waiting for him to stop her. He didn’t. Kai was relieved he got a reaction from her , he deserved her anger and he accepted it. “You. Can’t. Fix. This. With. An. ‘I’m sorry’.” she said , each word followed by another punch on his chest.  When Y/N was done hitting him , she took a deep breath , her body starting to shake from the sobs starting all over again. Kai pulled her into another hug , wrapping his hands tight around her and Y/N started crying again.
“Tell me what to do to make it right ,  Y/N.” he said , feeling a tear rolling down his face. “I’ll do anything…” Kai had cried before , but this time it felt different , the pain causing his tears was different. It felt as if someone was trying to rip his heart out.
Y/N wanted him to go away .. and to stay at the same time. She wrapped her arms around him. Somehow Kai was both the cause of her pain and the only cure for it. She needed him like one needs air to live. The past few days , despite the fact Y/N kept ignoring his calls , text messages and the knocks on her door … All she wanted was for Kai to hug her , be there with her…
“Stay.” she said hugging him tighter. “Stay and don’t let go.”
Kai pulled her tighter and let out a breath he hadn’t even realised was holding. “Do you forgive me ?” he asked , his voice about to break. He listened to Y/N’s breathing - uneven from the sobs..
A few minutes passed agonisingly slowly before she answered him.
“Ask me again tomorrow.” she said , pulling away from the hug and looking him in the eyes for the first time since he got to her place ,the cracks in her heart visible through her eyes. Y/N wrapped her hands around him once again.
“I’ll find a way to make it right …” Kai whispered more to himself than to her. “I promise.”

———— ————


I am working on part II and when its ready it will be posted straight away. ☺
… I was rewatching TVD while writing this one , and some of the pain (or lots of it) might’ve reflected on the story.
I do hope you like it though .. ☺

16| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 4168

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You woke to the light patter of rain on the windows. You glanced at your clock. Seven-fifteen. Saturday. You had made it through the week, but there was no guarantee you would make it through the next two day. You sighed, not wanting to abandon the safety and warmth of your duvet. Here, wrapped in your own little world, you were safe, except for the fact that you were in a dorm full of ten other girls.

Remembering this, you glanced around. There was none of the usual morning chatter and groans about aches and pains of classes. There wasn’t even the conspiratorial whispering you’d heard yesterday. The girls from Master Kang’s class moved about silently, exchanging worried looks with each other. Yuna was carefully making her bed, a blank expression on her face. What was it? What was happening? You hesitantly got out of bed.

“Good morning (Name).” Came Minjee’s voice, loud and poisonous.

Master Kang’s girls nervously moved away back against their beds.

At the end of the room stood most of the others, dressed and ready, glaring at you as one. It was like Ballet History again, but then you looked at what they were all holding. Footbaths. In any other setting it would be comical – the footbath army – but your eyes caught on a big wooden box that had been turned over and shunted to the side. Your trunk! Minjee stood at the front of the group, chewing passively on a piece of gum. And all your clothes, your books, your pointe shoes, lay at her feet.

“What the hell are you doing?” You demanded.

Minjee smiled maliciously. “Teaching you a lesson.”

You shook your head incredulously. “What gives you the right?”

She shrugged. “This is what happens to little bitches who think they’re better than everyone else. You’ve completely screwed up everything. Now we’re going to show you what you’ve put us through because you wanted to do some crappy little dance by yourself.” She lifted up her footbath, smiling at you over it. “There are a few toenails – and of course some blood and stuff from my blisters. All left to stew overnight.” She tipped it.

“No!” You yelled as the yellow-brown coloured water poured onto the pile of clothes. Quickly, the others joined in, all pouring their footbaths onto everything you owned at Amour. It splashed on your clothes and your school books. You should have been trying to stop them, but you were frozen, unable to believe.

Seohyun was the last to empty hers onto your clothes. She looked at you innocently as it splattered onto your leos. “I used oatmeal and cocoa butter last night. Oh, and the dead skin’s from me and Jongsoo.”

“How mature.” You said stiffly as they returned to their places behind Minjee.

“You think you’re so much better than us.” Minjee sneered. “But trust me, age is seriously not an asset.” She leant down and picked up your pointe shoes from the top of the pile. The ribbons dripped with that disgusting liquid. Giving you a terrible satisfied smile, she took the gum out of her mouth.

“What the hell?” Muttered one of the onlookers as Minjee stuck the gum to the bottom of your shoe.

“You bitch!” You seethed, suddenly unfreezing. You marched right down the room, your fist raised, ready to freaking –

“Five minutes, girls!” Madame Hyejin called through the door.

Your knuckles froze inches from that skanky little face. For once she looked scared.

But now was not the time.

Taking a hard breath, you snatched your pointe shoes away from her, anger still storming in you “You are so damned stupid.” You said coldly, then looked over her shoulder at the others. “I wouldn’t look so smug. You’ve just done exactly what you claimed I did; you’ve stopped the lead role from performing. Now the review might be ruined.” They shuffled uncomfortably. They were such a bunch of sheep’s.

Focusing back on Minjee, you looked her up and down, praying that God was seeing this right now. Then you ripped one of the bobby-pins out of her bun. She squeaked in fright. “Thanks.” You muttered, and spun on your heel back to your own bed.

The room was held in silence for a second before it suddenly burst into over enthusiastic action. You knew they’d put your trunk back for you, as they were too cowardly to get caught. Taking Minjee’s bobby-pin you began scraping the bright blue gum off your shoe. You could and would not show them how upset you were. How sunk your heart felt at the moment and how lonely you were. Fortunately, anger is easy to feign, particularly when it is there, even if it’s not foremost in your mind. You stared darkly out the window. You had been talking crap. Those idiots would never stop you from performing. You would show them, this only fueld your resolve.

“(Name).” Came a quiet voice. You snapped around, then saw it was Yuna, standing anxiously by your bed. You noticed a small pile of folded clothes on your duvet. You looked back to Yuna. Her eyes flicked nervously to where the others were filling up your trunk.

Your eyes prickled once again. Strength, (Name). “Thanks.” You mumbled quietly.

She nodded, giving you a sad smile. “I’m sorry.” She whispered, then quickly went back to her own bed.

You swallowed down your hurt feelings, and quickly pulled on the tights and leo she’d given you. The tights were one-sized and fitted as your own, but the plain camisole leo was a little to big. You didn’t mind, it was way better than going to breakfast in your polka-dot PJs. Seohyun and Hyeun had been given the job of pushing your trunk back to the foot of your bed. You stared as they did it, unable to get the image of two carriage horses out of your head. Minjee, of course, was the wagoner.

“Hyeun.” You said as she stood up, dusting of her tights. She gave you and curt smile. You held out the bobby-pin, covered in gum. “Would you give this to Minjee?”

She scrunched her nose and tentatively took it. A carriage horse it is, you confirmed.

Madame Hyejin didn’t notice anything when she came in for dorm inspection. She only ordered that everyone were not to spray so much perfume around in the future. You guessed the others didn’t think that stewed footbaths smelled good. You tried to hold your head high as everyone else left for breakfast, especially Minjee smirked as she strutted past you.

Some of the girls from the other class looked sympathetically at you as they left. You huffed, you didn’t need sympathy, but a new wardrobe of ballet wear and money to pay for new textbooks. Yuna left with a concerned look at you as you stayed back, giving everyone else time to leave before you went out into the corridor.

You walked slowly numbness and sadness overcoming you. It wasn’t that you wanted their friendship. God knows what sort of friends they would be, but you felt degraded. You had let them have this on you. You had let them get the better of you. You had let them defile you, in front of an audience that would doubtless go and tell everyone else. You had just stood there, doing nothing, whilst they’d ruined everything you owned. You knew you could wash your clothes, but that wasn’t the problem. The problem was that those were your clothes. Your things, and Minjee had shown that she could walk all over them and that translated to walking all over you.

You wiped away the tears in your eyes as you reached the dining hall. You had to show them that they couldn’t get to you. You walked in, going straight to the line, however you couldn’t escape the laughter coming from Minjee’s table. Bitch.

“Morning (Name)!” Dawon greeted cheerfully.

“Morning.” You managed to get out. You sat down next to her, putting your fruit salad on the table with no intention of eating it. Everyone was there, including Jimin and Taeyeon. In a moment of reprieve, you remembered last night, sitting in the studio, watching your memory of him. You reached out to take comfort from his protective stance, the strength in his movements. God, that was what you needed right now, but he was sitting right here, looking away distastefully, as if the dog had just joined the dinner table.


You snapped out of it at the sound of Dawon’s voice. You realized she’d asked a question. “Sorry?”

Hoseok laughed. “It seems like (Name)’s not a morning person!” You blushed.

Dawon rolled eyes at her brother. “Well, I was going to ask how you were, but it seems the answer’s ‘half-asleep’.”

“Oh I don’t think (Name)’s half-asleep.” Taeyeon butted in. You looked at her. She smiled back sweetly. “She had quite the wakeup call from what I hear.”

“What?” Taehyung inquired. You swallowed. No, you didn’t need it brought up here.

Taeyeon giggled, glad to have everyone’s attention. “Everyone’s talking about it – Gwan Minjee sent a text around this morning.”

Yoongi sighed. “Taeyeon, just get on with it.”

She smirked and handed him her phone.

He looked at it forehead creased into an angry frown. “What the fuck?”

“What does it say?” You muttered, reaching for it.

“I don’t think you should.” He tried to pull away, but you grabbed it.

7:32 am Seohyun:

Bighead (Name) trunk got owned. Can anyone say toenail soup? Lol xD Serves the bitch right.

You felt a horrible tightening in your chest and throat. Dawon read it next to you.

“Oh my God, (Name).” She said, grabbing your hand. “What happened?”

Just breathe in…out…in…

“What does it say?” Taehyung demanded impatiently.

Taeyeon sighed exasperatedly. “It’s not that bad. (Name) just made her class to do all the work for her, so they showed her how – ”

“They took all my books and clothes and poured their footbaths on them.” You said quietly, staring down at your bowl.

“What?” Jimin was suddenly animated, his powerful brown eyes looking directly at you, furious. His hands were tense on the table.

You blinked. He’d been so quiet.

“They.” You trailed off. That feeling you’d had last night, it was back, and now it was so real, protection, it was like he actually cared. You didn’t need to say anything. Your face felt like an open book to him. He knew you were upset.

Jimin eventually looked down again, once more shutting off from the conversation.

“Well, I guess that explains why you’re wearing an over sized leo and ripped tights.” Dawon murmured.

Taeyeon sniggered. “I have to it admit it’s kind of original, don’t you think?”

“Ugh, shut up, Taeyeon.” Dawon replied sharply.

“That is seriously low.” Growled Jin.

“Lethal skanks.” Jungkook seethed, sounding extremely pissed. “Why did they do that?”

“I already told you.” Taeyeon replied nonchalantly. “She ruined the review and – ”

“Shut up, Taeyeon.” This time it was Namjoon, who always seemed so well composed, that snapped. “It’s all crap; (Name) had a concussion and she couldn’t dance her part. It wasn’t her fault.”

“Those asses.” Muttered Hoseok. “That is just ridiculous.”

You stood up, picking up your untouched fruit salad. “I’ll see you later. I have to get to class.”

“You aren’t going anywhere like that, (Name).” Dawon gestured to your clothes. “We can’t have them thinking they’ve won.” She stood up next to you. You nodded hesitantly and turned to go.

“(Name).” Jimin suddenly said.

Your heart seemed to thud faster when he said your name. You looked back at him. “Who was it?” He asked looking directly into your eyes.

You hesitated. You didn’t want to tattle-tale, but his eyes seemed so dangerous. “Minjee.” You finally replied quietly

His face considerably darkened, and he nodded. You quickly tore your eyes from him and Dawon led you away.

They still gossiped as you trailed past Minjee’s table and laughed as right on queue.

“Those idiots.” Murmured Dawon. “We’ll get back at them somehow.”

You went up the stairs and turned down the senior corridor again. “I have a few extra leos to spare.” She told you as you stopped outside Room Twenty-Three. She got out a key. “I just can’t believe that bitch would go so far. Can’t she understand what a concussion is?” She pushed open the door.

Just for a moment, you were utterly distracted. “A few extra leos?” You repeated.

She flicked the lights on. There was fabric everywhere. Great big rolls of it leant against the walls, cuttings cast onto the floor along with bright coloured threads. Three bodices were lined up, all with unfinished tutus on them, and there were more tutus piled next to a sewing machine in the corner. There was a shelf with dyes all lined up, and underneath were rows of different coloured pointe shoes, some decorated, some not. Three chests of drawers lined the other side of the room, all of which were over spilling with multi-coloured leos and tights. Nailed to the ceiling above them was a clothing rack, with even more tutus and skirts and costumes hanging from coat hangers.

“This is like a Ballet Fashionista’s dream.”

Dawon grinned. “I know. My dream. Jin can hardly stand it in here. Too girly. And of course the dyes have a tendency to reek.” She glanced at her phone watch. “Okay, we have very little time. You need a leo and tights. Yes?”

“Right.” You said, deciding it was better not to argue as she launched deep into the swamp of fabrics and colors. You tentatively stepped in, barely making out the single bed which was covered in several green and gold romantic tutus. Looking past the hanging clothes, you could see posters of Disney Princesses stuck to the walls. “Disney fan, huh?”

“Uh huh.” Came Dawon’s muffled voice. Her head seemed to be deep in one of the drawers.

“Only the classics, though. I was horrified when I heard Jesse McCartney mumbling out The Second Star to the Right. Peter Pan should not be touched by anyone over the age of five, in my opinion. And if we ever do the ballet then I will be Tinkerbell, because I will stay entirely true to the proper character. She was never meant to be nice and gooey. And Jessica Simpson singing a Whole New World?” She said while making retching noises into an old leg warmer.

You laughed at her little rant.

“Alright.” She said, finally coming out holding a powder purple leo and white tights. She threw them to you. “Oh, and for later.” She went back into the drawers.

“Dawon.” You said, examining the beautiful light purple fabric. It had shining silvery gemstones trailing up to one shoulder strap. “This is entirely against the uniform code.”

She laughed. “Ah, (Name), have you ever seen me in that tacky drained-pink and black ensemble?” For the first time today, you noticed what she was wearing. Thigh high green leg warmers, black tights and a green halter neck leo.

“Besides.” She continued. “You should have costumes to rehearse in now so you won’t be in it for long. I’ve already finished making my class’s. I’ve been working on them for ages.”

“But we only found out about the review this week.” You said.

She grinned, throwing you a pile of ordinary city clothes. “When your boyfriend and other two best friends, is the headmaster’s sons, it’s not too hard to find out stuff you shouldn’t know. Come on! Get changed!”

You obediently slipped out of Yuna’s clothes. You still owed her one. “Oh God!” Exclaimed Dawon. You spun around, half twisted up in tights, thinking she’d just seen the end of the world. But no, she was staring at your shoes.

“(Name).” She said, horrified, then growled. “I am going to kill those little first years. I am going to go into your dorm and fill their own damned shoes with super glue.”

You scrunched your nose. “That might be a little hypocritical, don’t you think?”

“Nope.” She said, picking up your shoes to study them closer. “We have a good reason, is this gum?”

“Yep.” You muttered, there was never any real hope of getting gum out of satin.

She huffed and grabbed a roll of sports tape from the shelf. With a seamstresses skill, she quickly measured up the toe box and taped over the gum. “You need new pointes, (Name), and fast. Wait, you’re doing the solo?”

You realized you hadn’t told her all of what had happened since your conversation Thursday. “Yeah. That’s why they were extra pissed.”

You could tell she wanted to ask more, but she just thrust the shoes back into your hands. “Go into Wrystone at Jung-gu after classes today, there’s a shop on the main street. You can’t go onstage with these. Right?”

“Right.” You confirmed.

She handed you a plastic bag and you quickly stuffed Yuna’s clothes and the street wear in.

You parted ways by the stairs. “Okay, are you going to be alright?” She asked, putting her hands on your shoulders.

You nodded. “Thanks for the clothes. I owe you one.”

She grinned. “Yes, you owe me all your adorable black leotards once they’ve been washed so that I can force you into wearing more things like this. You look much more like a prima ballerina.”

“Except I’m not.” You pointed out.

“Within your class you are le Danseuse Principal!” You smiled at her French ardour. She looked at you seriously. “You’re the best in your class, (Name). Minjee thick-as-a-brick isn’t.” She gave you a quick hug. “Au revoir, Mademoiselle (Name)!” She walked away to her classroom, and you were left alone in the corridor.

Taking a deep breath, you made your way to studio eight. Dawon was right, if your fear was them walking all over you, then you shouldn’t let them do it again. They wanted to degrade down your skill and make you look like an idiot, but you wouldn’t let them.

You opened the door.

Everyone was quiet, but unlike yesterday, they were expectant, excited. 'Their personal punch-bag had arrived’.

“Hey, it’s foot-balm (Name)!” Jongsoo shouted.

You raised a demure eyebrow at him. “Good morning to you too, Jongsoo.”

Ballet dancer posture. Chest high, chin up, look tall.

Minjee stood around a group of new admirers and fans with a smirk. “Great, the last rehearsal and the lead finally shows up.”

“Sweet of you to join us.” Seohyun spit.

Minjee looked you up and down. “Now we can finally see what we changed the choreography for two times for.”

You ignored her and went to the front barre and hooked your right leg over in a stretch.

Kihyun stepped forward. You hadn’t talked to any of the boys since Thursday, and now Kihyn looked grumpily at you. “Do you know how much bull we’ve been through just because you kept changing the choreography? Do you know how hard it is?”

You nodded curtly and turned around, putting your other leg up.

“And it’s gonna be awful having to teach you all the formations.” Hyeun added.

“Yeah.” Seohyun nodded, folding her arms. “You have to lead a spiral at the end.”

“And there’s the men’s section in the middle where you have to get off the stage.” Jongsoo said as you sat down on the floor for a butterfly stretch.

Dongwon looked up from putting on his shoes. “And there’s tour jetes crossing over before the spiral.”

“Oh my God.” Seohyun groaned. “She’s not even going to know where she starts the weaving around.” She raised her eyebrows at you. “You start with Yuna and then you move on to me, and then you go to Hyeun and then – ”

“You know.” You interrupted, leaning over to get your pointe shoes. “You’re all complaining about how difficult it is to learn the cheo in such a short amount of time, but you all seem to have memorized it quite well.” You swiftly tied a double knot.

“That’s because we’ve worked our butts off!” Said one of the other girls, she’d had a pink foot bath, if you remembered correctly.

“Good.” You said, tying your other shoe and standing up. You looked at the whole class. “So have I.”

Before Minjee could come up with a snappy comment, Madame Choi came in, followed by Mister Ghim and two second-year boys carrying two big boxes.

“Thank you, boys, just put them there.” Instructed Madame Choi. They dumped them by the piano with relief and then left.

“Alright, starting positions if you please!” Madame Choi called. “We’ll do it once through without the costumes!”

Nerves suddenly jabbed in you. Everyone went back against the walls, every one of them staring at you. Some looked sceptical and annoyed, but some looked expectant, or at least willing to wait and see before they judged. “Miss (Surname) what on Earth are you wearing?”

“Sorry Ma'am, all my other leos are in the wash.”

“Hm.” Madame Choi raised an eyebrow but said nothing else. Meanwhile, your class was sniggering.

You would show them. You went to the centre and took up your arabesque. Minjee stood right in front of you, glaring, but there was a challenging smirk on her face.

Don’t get distracted. You looked past her to the white wall. The first notes began and Minjee and the others blurred. You knew the music too well to deny it. Its influence was stronger than theirs. The notes tumbled as you did, lifting your leg high and straight above you. You were a part of it again. You gently stood back again, step turning, feeling as if you’d never realized you could dance and you went forward, reaching out, and then curtsied. You couldn’t help the smile on your face in anticipation. The fast notes began.

“Miss Gwan, Miss Price where are you!” Called Madame Choi. You kept focussed on your own part, spinning joyously. “Good and enter second line! And now all ladies!” You began the full dance. You couldn’t look in the mirror, but you knew you were in sync with the others. You began weaving through the line of girls behind you. That was odd you weren’t used to other people being there. Your extensions were less than perfect, but you knew you were getting the right order as Madame Choi had taught you all the class formations.

And then you and the girls were 'offstage’ as the boys entered. You caught your breath as they leapt across the studio, suddenly more manly than boyish. Listening to the deep, low notes, you realized that they were connecting with it, making them their own. You smiled.

“And ladies come on from the back! And everyone pirouette! And Miss (Surname) lead off!” You ran and leapt down the line, feeling the air whoosh past me as you thrust high in the sky, your legs doing the splits in the air. And everyone followed as you curled around into a tight spiral.

“Good and everyone circle her!” You couldn’t see anything except quick moving bodies as your class circled tightly around you. “And Miss (Surname) burst out! Let’s see the change! Everyone else fade to the back! And arabesque!” You ended, your chest and leg high, arms reaching to the ceiling. Mister Ghim stopped the piano. You came back down, breathing harder than ever. Jesus.

You looked up at your class, the nerves hitting you full force this time. You had told yourself that you wouldn’t listen to their insults until you had shown them what you could do. Now that you had.

“What the hell was with the curtsy?” Said Minjee, folding her arms.

“The chainments were wobbly.” Added Seohyun.

“Are you kidding?” Hyeun suddenly spoke up. “That was fine!” She was beaming at you. Minjee looked at her pointedly. Hyeun looked at her evenly. “Well how many of us can do a penche en pointe?”

“I can.” Minjee said sharply.

Yuna rolled her eyes. “I don’t think that’s the point, Minjee. We were all wrong. (Name) fits in just fine.”

“Yeah, that’s my point.” Said Hyeun. “The review’s not ruined!”

“Ugh.” Minjee huffed. “I seriously doubt it, Hyeun. I guess you’re back in diapers again.”

“I heard Master Kang’s class has a Pas de Deux in theirs.” Grumbled Seohyun. “And they’ve already rehearsed it in the theatre. They stuck with their choreography.”

“I bet if we’d stuck with the second version then we would have won.” Jongsoo added. “Having a soloist is just tacky.”

“Come on, let’s get some water.” Minjee said and Seohyun, Kihyn and Jongsoo folloed suit, walking away from you.

However Hyeun and Yuna stayed.

It was bizarre how fast Hyeun changed sides, but maybe that was all it had been for her, the review. With Minjee and Seohyeun it was certainly more than that.

And if Hyeun thought the review was okay then that meant that your solo was okay, but the rest of the class seemed politely disinterested. You still didn’t know, but you had to take Yuna and Hyeun sticking up for you as a good sign.

“Alright.” Madame Choi clapped her hands. She’d been talking to Mister Ghim. “Ladies you need to be tighter on your second entrance after the gentlemen. Remember the pirouettes during the circles need to be as tight as you can get and everyone’s toes need more point.”

“Yes ma'am.”

“Alright, here I have the costumes for the review.” She said, gesturing to the boxes. “Gentlemen will wear the usual black tights with one of the sashes in this box pinned to them. Shirtless.”

You heard Yuna and Hyeun high five in glee.

“Ladies your names are tagged to the packaging. You will change in here, gentlemen can wait outside. Understood?”

“Yes ma'am.” Everyone chorused.

There was something extremely exciting about opening the girls’ box. It was like Christmas. Yuna delved her hands inside and brought out a light blue tutu. It was a classical one – stiff and circular, only dropping a little and sticking out a good fourteen inches. They had a light blue leotard attached to them. Hyeun squealed excitedly. Strangely, you felt like it as well. Soon, the box was all but destroyed as everyone tried to find their own tutu. They were all identical, except for size, of course. You’d never worn a tutu before. The very symbol of a ballerina, and you had never danced in one. You buried your hands in the tulle netting. You’d heard people say they were scratchy, but who cared?

The tutus gradually found their owners, but you were left sitting by the box. None of them had your name on it.

“This is what happens when you keep changing plans, (Name).” Minjee smirked evilly, plucking her own tutu out of the box. “See, you were too late for the ordering. I knew this review was still going to be a disaster.”

“Miss Gwan go and get changed.” Madame Choi ordered, coming up behind you. “Miss (Surname) was certainly too late for the orders.”

Your heart fell. You would be doing the performance in your normal leo and tights?

Madame Choi reached into the boys box. “Fortunately, the academy keeps its costumes from previous performances.” She brought out a large tutu bag and put it on the floor in front of you.

You tugged on the edge of some blue tulle. The whole tutu came out, as if it had a life of its own.  It was baby blue, with a proper bodice which looked like a corset without strings. But what was truly beautiful was the silver designs sewn onto the top of the skirt and in a 'v’ on the bodice. Like silver vines. You stroked the satin of the bodice. “It’s beautiful.” You said.

Madame Choi smiled. “A costume is only as beautiful as the moves of the dancer wearing it, Miss (Surname). And a costume like this only requires more work because you mustlive up to its finesse. So certainly don’t rely on this to get you through the review. Your extensions still need work.”

You nodded. “Yes Ma'am.”

You were out of Dawon’s leotard and into the scratchy tutu in a flash. But it was impossible to get the bodice together when you couldn’t see what you were doing.

“(Name)?” Yuna said tentatively, coming up behind you. “Do you want some help?”

“Yes, thanks.” You said appreciatively.

“Your welcome.” She said as she began tying the bodice up. “Done.”

“I can’t breathe.”

She laughed. “You’re not meant to be able to.”

“Right.” It looked beautiful, though, even if it constricted your airways. You touched the delicate silver beads on one of the curls.

“Okay, from the top, if you please! Miss Price would you tell the gentlemen to come back in?”

Costumes seemed to have a big effect on the class. Despite what Madame Choi said, they really did add to the look of the performance. Everyone seemed a bit livelier.

But you were having problems. Every time you did an arm movement, your arms hit the tutu. “Keep your hands higher, Miss (Surname)!” Madame Choi called as you broke out of your pirouettes yet again. The backs of your hands were red where they brushed the tulle. It also made moving around the others more difficult. The spacing had to change because you were all about thirty inches wider than you used to be. You felt clumsy in it, but gradually you got used to the bouncing weight around your waist. At least it didn’t get in the way of you legs.

By the time class ended, everyone was scratched and tired. As you finished the dance for the last time, everyone else was already getting ready to leave. You hung your tutu up on a hanger and gave it to Madame Choi for safe keeping after this morning. “Oh, Miss (Surname)!” She called just as you were about to leave. “You’re not going on stage with those shoes on, are you?”

You shook your head. “No ma'am.”

Minjee brushed past you, giggling.

You curtsied a thank you and left.

She still thought she’d won. You sighed, heading for pas de deux.

“(Name)!” Yuna caught up with you. “Look, I’m really sorry about being all distant these past couple of days. I really did think that you could’ve tried harder to help the class, but obviously you have been trying. And I never wanted Minjee to do that thing to you this morning.”

“You didn’t know about it?” You asked.

She shook her head. “Only when I woke up. I’m really sorry, though, I should’ve said something.”

“No, one sodden trunk’s better than two, you know.” You told her, and smiled. “Don’t worry about it, I just wish everyone had waited till they’d seen me.”

Though even now you weren’t sure what they thought.

She grinned back. “You should have seen Minjee’s face, though. She’s not happy with your dance at all (Name).”

can you imagine… sana… happy… away from all these people that make her feel like she has nobody… studying to get into med school… eating dates and cracking jokes with her mom as she cooks… joining elias in his channel for some cute q&as and it’s sweet… she laughs all the time and she’s happy and there are no white demons in her life…. my skin is clear just thinking about it… she deserves to be free more than any character on this show I will never forgive julie for putting her through hell like she did…

Elorcan Werewolf AU Part 2

I really didn’t expect anyone to even read part 1, so I was sure as hell shocked when I saw that people even liked it. So thank you for even bothering to look this over when I would have probably skipped it myself. 

Summary: Vernon’s a rat (nothing new) and now Elide has to face the consequences of not showing up at the mating ball. And put up with her mate.

Only to find

myself lost

Once again

Elorcan Werewolf 2

Elide decided to make a chocolate cake since what girl didn’t like chocolate? It would be a celebratory cake for the Fireheart Pack making it through their first mating ball alive.

Unfortunately, the moon goddess had other plans.

Elide! Aelin screamed down the pack link.

Elide let out a startled cry, accidentally dropping the batter. Hissing in frustration, she grabbed a sponge.

What is it?

Your uncle Vernon leaked to the cadre about your absence. I’ll kill that bastard. He doesn’t deserve the Alpha position.

Fear leaked through Elide.

What’s going to happen to me?

Aelin didn’t answer right away, and Elide could sense her distress. She left the remains of the cake on the floor and hurried to the weaponry room.

For your apparent insolence, Lorcan Salvaterre wants to whip you. Hide in the dungeons. He can’t detect your scent there among the other prisoners.


Yes. He’s heading into your direction.

Where are you?

Aelin paused. Then growled: Running away from my mate.

Elide’s eyes widened as she stuffed a couple of daggers down her boots, and stuffed medicine into her pouch. 

Why are you running away from your mate? Mates were precious, a gift from the moon goddess herself. Life without a mate passed without true purpose or happiness. 

Because my mate is Prince Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan and heir to the Doranelle throne. 

Elide didn’t have time to be shocked as her connection with Aelin blasted with fear. Before she could ask, her front door banged open, a low growl piercing the empty air. 

Elide didn’t go to the dungeon. She’d had been trapped in one for her entire youth, and there was no way in hell she’d let a Lycan cow her into one. 

So she slung the pack over her shoulder, and sprinted as fast as she could with her ruined ankle to the back door, and slid into Aelin’s camaro. After dutifully clicking on her seat belt, she slammed on the pedal and steered the car with impressive strategy through the woods into the main road.

If she made it into the completely human cities, then she’d be safe. Lycans had a covenant under Pack law to not step foot into mortal land for their safety as their temperament could wreck cities.

Elide sent a quick message down the pack link of her plan, and then palmed a knife in her hand. She wouldn’t go down without a fight. There was a time she’d been defenseless, but she was no longer that girl anymore.

A howl sounded through the air, and a small part of Elide yearned to slam on the brakes and comfort the wolf. But Elide wasn’t going to listen to that part of her that might kill her, so she pressed the gas pedal harder.

Survival first.

Don’t use the main roads, Aelin let out a strangled sound down the link. He’s sending his bribed police officers in to slow you down.

Elide let out a curse that would have made Manon proud. She didn’t know why Lorcan was so bent on punishing her. The entire world didn’t revolve around them, and sure as hell didn’t live to satisfy their every whim and urge. 

As soon as she caught sight of the flashing red and blue lights of police cars, Elide swerved the car into the forests. She expertly drove through the line of trees, both fallen and drooping as if expecting her unwelcomed entrance. 

What she lacked for her werewolf form, she made it up with driving. When Aelin had became Alpha, she’d gained all of Arobynn’s previous debts. To force her to step down, most of the Alphas had demanded that Aelin pay them immediately.

Elide had helped by racing on the streets, much to Aelin’s and Manon’s protests. She didn’t mind. It meant she could serve and be helpful in other ways rather than doing laundry and washing dishes.

When she’d been beaten Lycan Fenrhys in a drag race, she’d gained over one trillion in dollars, no one believing a little girl could out race one of the cadre, betting against her. Fenrhys had demanded that Elide take off her pale mask she wore to protect her identity, but as soon as her hands had gotten a hold of the money, she had booked it.

The way the male had looked at her like she was his next meal  —

Elide shuddered.

When the forest cleared out, Elide hit the side streets. Her fingers gripped the wheel tightly as she zoomed past the edges of her pack’s border at 250 mph. There was no way Lorcan could catch her.

Or so she thought.

The same dark blur flashed past the car, and a blink later, Elide saw a male standing in the middle of the road, arms crossed. The aura of power and dominance oozing from the male was enough for Elide to slam on the gas pedals.

She would not stop for anyone.

The male seemed to realize that Elide would run him over, but also seemed to have a death wish, because right when the car was a fraction of an inch from his chest, he easily sidestepped, a brow raised.

Elide flung the dagger out the window in his direction, and then pressed the pedal harder.

There was no way. There was no way a werewolf — even a Lycan — could run that fast. But it seemed like fate wanted to test her today.

The passenger door of the car ripped open, and Elide screamed as a body slid into the shotgun seat with the ease of gracefulness and elegance. She slammed on the brakes, watching in satisfaction as the male’s body hit the dashboard — served him right for having absolutely no manners and not bothering to buckle up.

Before she could reach for the dagger in her boot, the male snarled, and lifted himself up.

A large, muscular body with ropes of corded muscle looming over her.

The hunt had ended. 

And Elide knew she’d been captured as soon as those onyx eyes locked onto her.

“You ran away from me, Elide Lochan.” His canines elongated, and Elide shivered at his low voice, that granite rough-hewn face. Her pulse throbbed as the male’s eyes raked her over.

The Lycan leaned forward, resting his jaw against her collarbone, a warm breath caressing her skin.

Elide swallowed harshly.

She felt the edges of his teeth gently scrape against her flesh, the male inhaling her scent greedily.

“Did you know,” Lorcan breathed, sending sparks and shivers down her skin. “You ran away from your mate, Elide Lochan?”

Someone on the abc advisory panel feedback forum for Once asked what we would like to see for Emma and Hook (cuz people were complaining about the angst) so I of course had to leave my feedback. Which you can read below if interested. :)

I agree. I don’t understand why Hook is under constant fire for his past when Regina can just walk around freely like she didn’t try to kill all the people she’s now friends with. Hook was bad, but not THAT bad, yet he seems to have to constantly be hit in the face with something from his past and for some reason, the repercussions always seem worse than any Regina has dealt with.

Also very sad they proved Hook and Emma true love, he died for her, she went to HELL to save him, he was given his life BACK to be with her, and yet we still have to watch them go through issues like this. What’s with all the angst? Is it for views? It’s not what people want to see. They always say the show is about hope, but when you constantly put the main couple in agony, it gets a bit tired. People wanna see them happy. We are tired of the angst. While the reunion is rewarding, seeing them work as a team more and have a few quiet moments together here and there would be much better. Hopefully Season 7 we get more of this and Emma and Hook can realize there is no need to question or argue with each other, to trust one enough fully, and work as a team.

Who even knows how much they really read these for feedback, but here’s to hoping. Because while there is some Emma/Killian hate in there, there’s a lot of good comments and feedback about the show in general, and quite of lot of positive remarks about Captain Swan. :)

If People Were Colors, He Was Red and I Was Blue

Genre: Fluff, Angst

T/W: Smoking, Selective Mutism, Anxiety, Drugs, Alcohol, Depressing Themes, Emotional Abuse

Word Count: 3.3k

“Colors” by Halsey

In which Dan and Phil’s relationship hits a hard patch when Phil has troubles. Dan associates his difficult love with different “colors” like blue and grey. Feat. mute!Dan and depressed!Phil.

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