this show put her through hell


Katya and Violet bond in a deleted scene

This is a really sweet, cute moment. This whole youtube channel is full of great and funny scenes with the queens that never made it to air. In my opinion, season seven is worse without them. Kennedy talks about her life in the navy, Trixie and Max talk about going to school together, there’s even a scene where they show the painful hell Violet and the girls have to go through as beauty queens. It’s all humanizing gold. 

If they had put all of this back in as opposed to fake shade and drama, people would have viewed this season differently. 

Elorcan Werewolf AU pt 2

I really didn’t expect anyone to even read part 1, so I was sure as hell shocked when I saw that people even liked it. So thank you for even bothering to look this over when I would have probably skipped it myself. 

Part 2: The Hunter and the Hunted

Summary: Vernon’s a rat, nothing new, and now Elide has to face the consequences of not showing up at the mating ball. And put up with her mate.

Elide decided to make a chocolate cake since what girl didn’t like chocolate? It would be a celebratory cake for the Fireheart Pack making it through their first mating ball alive.

Unfortunately, the moon goddess had other plans.

Elide! Aelin screamed down the pack link.

Elide let out a startled cry, accidentally dropping the batter. Hissing in frustration, she grabbed a sponge.

What is it?

Your uncle Vernon leaked to the cadre about your absence. I’ll kill that bastard. He doesn’t deserve the Alpha position.

Fear leaked through Elide.

What’s going to happen to me?

Aelin didn’t answer right away, and Elide could sense her distress. She left the remains of the cake on the floor and hurried to the weaponry room.

For your apparent insolence, Lorcan Salvaterre wants to whip you. Hide in the dungeons. He can’t detect your scent there among the other prisoners.


Yes. He’s heading into your direction.

Where are you?

Aelin paused. Then growled: Running away from my mate.

Elide’s eyes widened as she stuffed a couple of daggers down her boots, and stuffed medicine into her pouch. 

Why are you running away from your mate? Mates were precious, a gift from the moon goddess herself.

Because my mate is Prince Rowan Whitethorn, Lycan and heir to the Doranelle throne. 

Elide didn’t have time to be shocked just as fear blasted down Elide’s connection with Aelin just as the front door banged open.

Elide didn’t go to the dungeon. She’d had been trapped in one for her entire youth, and there was no way in hell she’d let a Lycan cow her into one. 

So she slung the pack over her shoulder, and sprinted as fast as she could with her ruined ankle to the back door, and slid into Aelin’s camaro. After dutifully clicking on her seatbelt, she slammed on the pedal and steered the car with impressive strategy through the woods into the main road.

If she made it into the completely human cities, then she’d be safe. Lycans had a covenant under Pack law to not step foot into mortal land for their safety as their temperament could wreck cities.

Elide sent a quick message down the pack link of her plan, and then palmed a knife in her hand. She wouldn’t go down without a fight. There was a time she’d been defenceless, but she was no longer that girl anymore.

A howl sounded through the air, and a small part of Elide yearned to slam on the brakes and comfort the wolf. But Elide wasn’t going to listen to that part of her that might kill her, so she pressed the gas pedal harder.

Survival first.

Don’t use the main roads, Aelin let out a strangled sound down the link. He’s sending his bribed police officers in to slow you down.

Elide let out a curse that would have made Manon proud. She didn’t know why Lorcan was so bent on punishing her. The entire world didn’t revolve around them.

As soon as she caught sight of the flashing red and blue lights of police cars, Elide swerved the car into the forests. She expertly drove through the line of trees, both fallen and drooping.

What she lacked for her werewolf form, she made it up with driving. When Aelin had became Alpha, she’d gained Arobynn’s debts. To force her to step down, most of the Alphas had demanded that Aelin pay them right away.

Elide had helped by racing on the streets, much to Aelin’s and Manon’s protests. She didn’t mind. It meant she could serve and be helpful in other ways rather than doing laundry and washing dishes.

When she’d been beaten Lycan Fenrhys in a drag race, she’d gained over one trillion in dollars, no one believing a little girl could out race one of the cadre. Fenrhys had demanded that Elide take off her pale mask she wore to protect her identity, but as soon as her hands had gotten a hold of the money, she had booked it.

The way the male had looked at her like she was his next meal -

Elide shuddered.

When the forest cleared out, Elide hit the side streets. Her fingers gripped the wheel tightly as she zoomed past the edges of her pack’s border at 250 mph. There was no way Lorcan could catch her.

Or so she thought.

The same dark blur flashed past the car, and a blink later, Elide saw a male standing in the middle of the road, arms crossed. The aura of power and dominance oozing from the male was enough for Elide to slam on the gas pedals.

She would not stop for anyone.

The male seemed to realize that Elide would run him over, but also seemed to have a death wish, because right when the car was a fraction of an inch from his chest, he easily sidestepped, a brow raised.

Elide flung the dagger out the window in his direction, and then pressed the pedal harder.

There was no way. There was no way a werewolf-even a Lycan-could run that fast. But it seemed like fate wanted to test her today.

The passenger door of the car ripped open, and Elide screamed as a body slid into the shotgun seat with the ease of gracefulness and elegance. She slammed on the brakes, watching in satisfaction as the male’s body hit the dashboard. Serve him right for having absolutely no manners and not bothering to buckle up.

Before she could reach for the dagger in her boot, the male snarled, and lifted himself off.

The hunt had ended.

And Elide knew she’d been captured as soon as those eyes locked onto her.

“You ran away from me, Elide.” His canines elongated, and Elide shivered at his low voice, that granite hewn, rough face. Her pulse throbbed as the male’s eyes raked her over.

The Lycan leaned forward, resting his jaw against her collarbone.

Elide swallowed.

She felt the edges of his teeth gently scrape against her skin, and the male inhaled her scent greedily.

“You ran away from your mate, Elide,” Lorcan breathed.

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Ok just saying but Jane has her mom, her grandmom, Rogelio, Michael, Rafael and Mateo, who does Petra have? Js but her mother… I mean… do I even need to bring it up… Anezka popped out of nothing and Petra was actually happy that she had a sister, she even risked to ruin the relationship with her only potential friend (Jane) and then Anezka turned out to be evil and put her in a paralysis. For two months. Two months. Rafael might care about her but let’s admit it he showed that she’s still a second choice.

Now, I’m not saying that Petra is an angel ‘cause clearly she isn’t and she did some bad stuff… but can we recognize that she has basically nobody? She went through hell with Milos, Magda, Anezka, and she’s been unable to move anything apart from her eyes for two goddamn months. She will definitely need some kind of therapy afterwards, she might even have PTSD ‘cause that must be goddamn terrifying, being unable to move and even thinking nobody is ever going to get you out of that hell.

I just really miss Petra and hope she gets out of this and just kick Anezka’s ass

Soooo….last night I was talking to @cinnaatheart about her favourite pairings and tropes and she sooorta accidently prompted me xD

So, here this is.

Darcy has gone through life, constantly doodling on her right arm. She’s tried to do the same on the other arm, but for one she isn’t ambidextrous and for another it seems to have a smoother texture than skin. It’s odd, but in a world where your soulmate bears whatever the hell you put on your arm on theirs, Darcy herself is also odd.

No matter what she writes or when, her soulmate never writes anything himself. Plus her left arm will every now and again, show a vague pattern of what seems to be scales from her shoulder to her fingers on all skin. Occasionally her right arm will have streaks of what she knows now are blood.

When Darcy is older, she’s given up on finding her soulmate and is working for Jane Foster as an assistant. London is alright, and Ian is an okay distraction before elves, Thor coming back, and SHIELD collapsing. Ian tries to kill her, but somehow Darcy manages to knock him unconscious with her left arm patterned with scales.

Jane is worried about her, but then Darcy sees something written on her right arm for the first time.

Who is Bucky Barnes?

anonymous asked:

I really like Cheyanne. Even though she's been put through hell and back she still keeps going. Plus I would love love love to see one of her paintings. Her hair is awesome and I feel like she doesn't get enough love... Keep going Chey you're almost there!!


Nonny you slay me with your kind words. Thank you though!

That’s our Cheyanne! She’ll keep going despite all odds, be they in her favor or against her. Sadly, I can’t show off her work, as I can’t draw them myself to show you. :( I wish I could though!  Is it wrong for me to agree about the not enough love part? Or does that make me biased about my OC? 


Cloti Week Day Six: Why do you love Cloti? (Late Entry) 

Boy oh boy, where do I even begin? Cloti is unlike any other couple I have ever seen. They’re relationship isn’t some “Hollywood Love Story” where they guy and girl bump into each other and fall in love at first sight. It takes a more realistic approach.  A young man falls for this girl and tries to get her attention. Well, in the midst of trying to get her attention everything just falls apart and they get separated; some how someway though they reunite years later. The young lady ends up falling for him and start to go through real problems. See this is what’s wrong with Hollywood romances show only the good times, when do they show the bad times? Almost never. But no, Cloti is different Nomura and Nojima put realism into their relationship. This couple has been through hell and back but in the end they end up closer than ever. Not only that, but they’re young and you change so much before you turn thirty so for them to stand by each other’s side through thick and thin is why I love them so much. They’re truly amazing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. :)  

Poem used is by lostcap.

Remember me? | Part 2

*comtinuation* (GO CHECK OUT PART ONE!!“

A few years later….

Justin never made the phone call with y/n as he decided to move on with his life and to try to forget about her. He is now dating his 2 year girlfriend Caitlyn…

Justins POV:
I was finally finished tour and decided to take a break from everything,and spend some quality time with the family and my girlfriend Caitlyn in the Bahamas.

I went over to my bed and began to pack for the trip, as I was going through my clothes, a bracelet falls out. Confused, I pick the bracelet up, and shockingly it was the bravely y/n made for me when we were kids. I sigh deeply, as i put aside the bracelet. How the hell do these things keep showing up? I thought to myself.

If you’re wondering, I didn’t make the phone call with y/n I was too chicken to talk to her. I mean what if she hates me? We lost contact yet I promised her we wouldn’t. To be completely honest she hasn’t left my mind, I really want to see her again but I know right now is just not a good time.

"I know you miss her,” my mom says as she begins to pack “what?” I froze. “y/n? I know she’s the one you’re thinking about” she says looking at me with arch eyebrows. Damn it, I thought to myself, it was completely odd how my mom could read me just like that.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I don’t miss her” I lie getting up from the bed, trying my best to avoid eye contact with her.
Mom looks at me one more time, “I promise, I’ve moved on…” I say before leaving her hotel room.

I know I lied but it’s the closet way to move on, and I’m happy with the way my life is…

Patties POV:
I sigh as I watch him leave, i know he misses her, even though he won’t admit it. I began to think of options to fix the situation and suddenly an idea comes up to my head. Why don’t I just invite her to the trip? I thought to myself smiling, feeling satisfied with my decision.

I was cleaning up my room when I hear my phone ring. I quickly walk over to see who it was…Pattie, the screen read. Confused, I answer the phone, “hello?” I say. “Hi sweetie! It’s pattie, sorry to disturb you but are you free this week?” She says in a chirp voice. “Uhm let me see,” I say before quickly checking your calendar to see that the whole week slot was empty, “uh it looks like I’m free the whole week, why?” I reply confused.

“How do you feel about joining Justin, a few of his friends and I to the Bahamas?” Pattie says causing myself to freeze, as i clench my phone in my hand tighter.
“uhhh thanks for the offer but I don’t think that’s a good idea” I say truthfully knowing things would get extremely awkward.
“Why not?” Pattie says with a questioning tone.
“It’s just Justin and I haven’t really talked-” I began to say but immediately get cut off.
“Oh sweetie, he’s the one who invited you!” Pattie says (note: that pattie is lying, Justin does not know y/n is invited)
“Actually?” I say unsure, “Yes! Now pack your bags, I’m getting someone to pick you up!” Pattie says happily.
“Are you sure justins okay with this?” I ask one more time still unsure about the idea.
“Positive, now no buts I got your ticket already, I’ll see you in a few hours!” Patties says quickly before hanging up.

Well this is gonna be great, you mumble sarcastically before plopping onto your bed.

Justins POV:
we had a few more minutes before our departure but we had to wait for someone mom invited. I wonder who it could be? Mom never mentioned anything about this person but that I should thank her later….weird right?

“Justin, she’s here…"I hear my mom say before turning around to see….Y/N?! What the hell is she doing here?!
"Hey,” she says with flushed cheeks.
Damn, is she more beautiful then ever…. I quickly look at my mom to see that she has already left.
“Hey..” I say smiling warmly.

Maybe this trip will be a little more interesting than I expected…?

I’m just so incredibly frustrated that they’ve chosen to go this way with Debbie’s storyline. I feel like it’s only purpose is to serve as a wake up call to Fiona, to show her that she’s really been slacking on being a parent to these kids, which even without Debbie becoming pregnant this was painfully obvious. I mean, Carl was selling drugs and has ended up juvie, Ian has desperately needed some sort of support from his siblings and has basically been told that he is putting everyone through hell (which is explicitly said to him next week…way to make him feel ever more like shit), and Liam is just magically surviving on his own because he has barely had any scenes with Fiona this season. I just hate that Debbie is most likely going to be 14 and pregnant because she no longer felt like her family gave a shit about her and decided to make her own family. This falls on Fiona because instead of being the head of this family, she has been dealing with her own guy drama or just handling all of these issues so badly. 

“I wanna see more stipulation matches in WWE involving the women. Imagine seeing Charlotte defend her title in a TLC match, or watching Paige put someone through a table. I think WWE having their female Superstars compete in those types of matches would even further prove that the women are equal to the men, and can do everything the men can do. Assuming WWE would do it right (and not make a sexist joke out of it, i.e. Natalya/Beth Phoenix vs LayCool in a tables match back in 2010), it could easily add more prestige to the Women’s Championship(s) by showing that these women are willing to put their bodies through hell to hold that top title, just like the men do. I mean, WWE always talks about empowering women, and what better way to do it than proving that women can take that sort of punishment and kick ass too?”

Sansa won't betray Jon

Okay, I know TPTB and Sophie have said stuff like “Sansa feels like she wants the credit for her part in winning the battle of the bastards” and such, and it’s led to massive speculation about Sansa betraying Jon Snow to be with Petyr forever and ever because he promises her power she desperately wants.

BUT, I just think this speculation is pure bs.

Look, even if Sansa wanted credit for her part in the battle; think about what we’ve seen in the show. Hell, think about the S6 finale itself and the scene she has with Jon. He pretty much tries to give her the Lady of Winterfell title, which in turn means she would be Warden of the North.

She REJECTS him, and says he should have it. It doesn’t sound like the words of a woman who wants all this power and glory.

One of the highlights of Sansa’s arc this season was seeing how she interacted with a family member after everything she had been put through. The following evidence pretty much shows Sansa loves Jon to the moon and back as her brother:

- Not once did she refer to him as her “half-brother.”
- She sewed clothes similar to Ned’s clothes for Jon so that they could show the world Jon was very much a Stark through and through.
- She apologised to Jon for her behaviour to him as a child, when there was no need.
- Similar to first point, she defended Jon’s bastard status to not only Petyr but Davos as well.

Sansa sees Jon as family, and the whole fucking reason why she started the northern campaign was to get Winterfell back for HER family. Jon is her family. I don’t ship these two btw, I can see why people do but I definitely love seeing them interact because it just goes to show how these two characters have grown since the beginning.

There is no way Sansa will betray Jon. But this brings me to Petyr, who has had a habit of getting into Sansa’s head. Petyr was the only one to get her out of Kings Landing, and as such Sansa felt like she owed him something. Especially after finding out he killed Joffrey and also Lysa after she tried to kill Sansa.

She’s entered this twisted web with Littlefinger. She understand how he works, but he knows how she works too. They had this weird relationship going on, and she agreed to marry Ramsay for him not only because it was one step closer to getting Winterfell back but because he would have been disappointed in her.

It’s why she refuses to enter a partnership with him this season until there was no other option. I believe Sansa is suffering from stockholm syndrome where she has “fallen in love” with this twisted man who has used her for his own gain.

She broke free from it, but the web is beginning to catch her out again. She knows how he works, he knows how she works. And there is that tiny part of wanting recognition in Sansa, even if she doesn’t really want the title to go with it.

It’s not enough to betray Jon to be sure, but Littlefinger saw a weakness and he’s trying to exploit it. And this is what it all falls down to…

Ramsay isn’t the villain in Sansa’s story. It’s Littlefinger, and he’s trying to drive a wedge between Sansa and Jon as the end game approaches. I’ve always believed Sansa’s story is reaching to a final confrontation between herself and Liftlefinger, and this is just the buildup to it. I don’t expect Sansa to betray Jon, I expect her to face her demons and conquer them. And they are in the form Littlefinger, one of two people who have abused her throughout the series who is still standing.

So I just watched “An Indirect Kiss” and can I just say how much I LOVED that Connie put her glasses back on?? The media is chock full of stories where removing a woman’s glasses is what makes her ‘beautiful’ so to have a girl in a children’s show gain perfect vision - through magical, wish fulfillment means no less - and still choose to wear her glasses without the lenses, her hair blowing in the wind (a very steroetypical beauty shot), and standing in a powerful pose

That’s great. That’s really, really great. 

What is with the bitter comments from certain Arya stans about the Jon/Sansa reunion??? Sansa is not replacing Arya. Jon and Sansa’s relationship from this point onward is not replacing Jon and Arya’s relationship, it is a whole separate relationship with different dynamics.

Sansa was the most distant of the Stark children but that was before 5 books/6 seasons of character development. She endures countless traumas throughout the story all the while forming a stronger connection to Winterfell, the North, her inner Stark-ness and her family.

Jon and Sansa weren’t close but they never hated each other. They think of each other fondly, if infrequently, in the books and their reunion in the show was not out of character for either of them. Their family has been torn apart and put through hell, of course they are hugging and happy and relieved to see each other! Sansa makes apologizing to Jon a priority and he forgives her right away because at that moment it’s only important that they are alive and can move forward together.

I also have no doubts about Sansa and Arya being reconciled. They had a difficult relationship, there was definite bullying on Sansa’s part, but they also never hated each other. When they think of each other it’s with affection and sadness. These aren’t girls who are going to be at each others throats, these are girls who are going to be so goddamn happy their sister is alive that nothing else matters.


What really makes me upset is the look on Robin’s face in the first gif. Like he looks genuinely hurt and upset. Zelena literally talked shit about him after she joked about raping him. it makes me sick. honestly hope/wish the writers show more of his point of view because i’m positive that things aren’t all daisies and roses in Robins world, like he was a victim of rape and that leaves a scar on a person no matter the circumstance. 

Regina also made me really happy when she swooped in because i feel like she really understood the hurt he was feeling and what he went through and that’s why she went all protective like “you’ve put him through enough shit, back the hell up.”

gif creds: always the queen follow her she has a great blog!

Explain why they showed that Bellamy was struggling with his leg again before he had to climb that ladder. Yes, the fight with the Grounders set it off, but it could have just as easily been set off by climbing that huge as hell ladder. There could have been a scene afterward with him touching his leg in pain.

The only difference in showing that he was in pain before having to put himself through even more physical strain and pain is to show, yet again, that nothing was gonna stop him from getting to Clarke and saving her. This show is so not here for platonic Bellarke it’s honestly hilarious people still interpret it that way

Tonight's episode

I just realized that no matter what happens next week or for the rest of the season or show, I DONT WANT TO BE IN A WORLD WITHOUT STILES AND LYDIA MOMENTS. We are in a key point in which it’s obvious how much the both care for each other, they want to keep the other alive and its willing to go through hell and back for the other’s safety. That kind of connection never dies. We all knew Stiles always put Lydia’s life before his, that hasn’t changed. But it’s also now, Lydia who wants to keep him safe. She has been though so much pain lately, and here he is now, saving her but she is like no, you will die, go please. You know the old Lydia would have begged him to save her, now she is begging him to leave. He might have left the room, but he didn’t leave her for good.
And the. We have the promo in which Stiles wants to break the door so he can stop Lydia from suffering, it’s clear that her pain is also his pain (does she know that we bleed the same?). We will get to see him finally saving her (I still think Parrish is the one who carries her tbh). The rest, we can only wait.
What I mean is that, for me, Stiles and Lydia are so important in each other’s lives, I can’t imagine a Lydia without her partner in crime, and same goes to Stiles. It doesn’t matter if it’s friendship or romantically (fingers crossed) I need Stydia moments like I need air, the evolution of their story will always be one of the best written. And to everyone who still says we invent things, I think you are the one who is blind or is in denial to see such good chemistry and that emotional tether that it’s pretty much intact.

I hate it when people bash Hinata for not showing any interest in being clan head. She owes them nothing after all the crap they put her through as a child. Hell, if anything they owe her. She put up with their shit for so long and despite it all, she came out stronger than they could have imagined. Besides, the alternatives (Hanabi and Neji) shared her ideals and goals for the Hyuga, and she has a lot of pull with them. And honestly? Being the Hokage’s wife, she probably has a reasonable amount of influence anyway.

  • capable winding up with a detoxing addict on her sofa at three in the morning and thanking her lucky stars that she has plastic sheeting for her couch stuffed in the back of her closet somewhere.
  • capable realizing that sitting with someone while they go through withdrawal is a thousand times better than sitting with them while they finally agree to go through chemo.
  • capable bringing crossword puzzles to the clinic- nux surprising the hell out of her by guessing sacajawea and alexander hamilton right before he barfs into the basin she’d thoughtfully put on his lap before they even hooked the IV up to his chest port.
  • nux showing up at her door with some old ozploitation flic and his ged prep book, ends up helping her dye her roots while the sounds of explosions and OY! drift in from the living room.
  • capable’s car breaking down on the way to the hospital when angharad goes into labor, and somehow or another nux is the first person she calls. he shows up with the first of his new hair fuzzing on his scalp and jumpstarts her camry before she can blink. 
  • capable catching a glimpse of where his portacath used to be one morning and seeing that he’s drawn a matching little eye and smiley face to go with the little pockmark of a scar. staring down smiling into her coffee before thinking SHIT. SHIT. SHIT. THIS IS REAL. 
So, I’ve decided to take comfort in the upcoming Olicity angst...

Why?  Because angst is what the writer’s have always intended for Oliver’s love life.  They decided that before they even began filming the show:  Let’s make Oliver pine for a woman he wronged desperately by sleeping with her sister and getting her killed, and then let’s put the wronged woman together with his best friend when Oliver finally comes back for her!  I’m not here to justify that particular storyline, believe me, but you can tell by the first year of the show that the intention was always to have Oliver’s love life go through hell and back again.  

But then…surprise!  Oliver is supposed to be embroiled in a horrid love triangle, when in reality he can’t help falling for this adorable, bubbly little IT girl who makes him genuinely smile for the first time in five years.  And the writers drop their jaws and say, “But…but…how do we torture him when he’s in love with a precious unicorn cupcake and she loves him back???”  

The answer?  Well, first, let’s make him deny his feelings for her, and put him with other women who then get tortured/shot/imprisoned/killed, both in present and past times.  That should make him afraid to be with the bubbly cupcake!  And then, when he finally decides to be with her, let’s put them through the wringer together…let’s “throw everything we can at them” (that’s an almost-direct quote from Wendy Mericle) and see how much torture Oliver can handle!

So here we are, about to endure some serious Olicity angst, and I am quite settled with it.  Because we’re only in season 4 of the journey to Green Arrow (the flashbacks aren’t even over yet!) and the road of Oliver’s love life cannot be easy.  The writers never intended it to be easy.  But they have made an ironclad decision about which woman Oliver is going to end up with, and they let us know it quite simply this week:

“The only one that matters”

So bring it on, angsty writers…I’m ready!