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I have this headcanon that Sasuke is really ( and I mean REALLLY) ticklish. No one ever found out because everyone always asked him before trying (and we all know Sauce has the best poker face) so once they tried he was prepared.

It wasn’t until a year after he and Hinata started dating that she realized this. It happened on a lazy morning Hinata just got out of bed and made her way to the kitchen only to see a shirtless Sasuke cooking breakfast.

She sneakily made her way behind him and grazed gentle fingers at his sides before trying to hug him. She would’ve hugged him actually if it weren’t for the fact that Sasuke tensed right up and nearly jumped out of his skin.

She looked up at him confused. a smile gorwing quickly upon realizing that her tall and broody boyfriend might be ticklish.

He looked down at her as if she had just stabbed him in the back and when she opened her mouth to ask the one question he didn’t want to answer he quickly grabbed two plates and told her that breakfast was ready.

“It’s okay to be ticklish you know.” She smiled. “It’s actually pretty cute”

He kept his eyes one his plate. “I’m not ticklish.” He stated.


Sasuke finally looked up. “I said I’m not”

Hinata couldn’t hide her grin. “And I said Okay.”

Entering their home had now become a battle field for Sasuke. Hinata was small. She could always hide in the strangest places, which she now did in an attempt to attack him. Never had the woman seemed so dangerous.

It wasn’t until two weeks after that day did her attempts finally succeed. He got home early one evening with his gaurd down. Hinata wasn’t supposed to be home but lucky for her she forgot her lunch.

She hid behind counter and watched as he removed his blazer. When he walked down the hall she finally made her move. Behind him, she tickled his torso and Sasuke immediately fell down. She went down with him, straddling his hips, and laughed as Sasuke stifled his laughter.

“Let it out!” Hinata told him as Sasuke tried to push her hands off him in his weakned state. It wasn’t after five long minutes did he finally give in.

His laugh finally rang out nice and clear, surprising Hinata. It wasn’t his usually ‘hmph’ when he found something amusing nor was it those laughs she had with him when they were together. This laugh was deep, unrestrained and dare she say it?… sexy. Very, very sexy actually. She blushed and almost immediately stopped tickling him.

Panting he looked up, surprised to see Hinata blushing. He raised an eyebrow, “What?”

Hinata looked away. “I wasn’t expecting that..”

He eyed her suspiciously. “…What?”

Hinata covered her face wondering why in the world did he have to have a laugh like that. She got off him and dusted herself off. Shaking her head all the while repeatedly murmuring “I can’t believe it.”

Sasuke watched as she grabbed her lunch and made her way to leave. Was his laugh weird? What happened? It was weird wasn’t it? She was blushing… so was she holding herself back from laughing so she wouldn’t hurt his feelings? Is that what was happening?

When he asked her if his laugh was strange, however, she just continued to shake her head and whispered, “ oh my god” before heading out the door leaving Sasuke alone with his thoughts.

She had really hoped he had a dorky laugh when he was tickled. The type where you snort or something but noooo the hot Uchiha just had to have a hot laugh didn’t he.