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That new show "The Good Doctor" is horrid. Like... Less than a minute in and "oh hi stereotypes nice to see you again". Also, one of the character talked to the autistic one as if he was a child and there's just kinda some ableist crap (e.g, every character is like "that autistic person will kill people bc autism!!1!" I swear-) and then the autistic one just kinda acts dumb and clueless about anything non-hospital related, has some super-tragic past, and honestly I'm mad now.

For anyone who was wondering about the show.

- Os

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smth that pisses me off is when people try to defend writers for what they did by saying “but they're villains! If you expected smth healthy gtfo!!” as an excuse. yes they're villains. so what? this arc could've easily been written differently without using all the homophobic tropes. ivy&harley are a pretty good example how you can have a nice healthy gay paring even if both of the characters are villains.+ isn’t it more interesting to watch villains work together against heroes&having fun?


Not to mention prior to the season starting the idea was that Gotham is an area of gray, there is no “true good” or “true evil” ( hence all the shit they do with Bruce / Jim to fuck with their morality / alignment ) Ed/Os/Bab/Tabby have all been considered anti-heroes or at the least anti-villains by the show. This was suppose to be canon content so you can’t just suddenly go back on it when you wanna make a gay hating mess!! 

And it really is when you look at it. Oswald is insanely sympathetic as a “villain” and even if they intend to make the characters ‘darker’ there was no reason Nygmobblepot couldn’t be together for a while. Ed and Os were good for each other, they showed this. They had an insanely positive relationship and the idea that romance would have sullied this is PURELY homophobic. 

This whole thing could have been avoided if Ed and Os got to have some CANON relationship together, It didn’t have to last the entire season or anything like that it just would have proved the writing isn’t homophobic. People will try to say that bc Lee/Jim, Tabs/Babs and Bat/cat was broken up that its only natural that Nygmobblepot break up too but… Literally they’re the only “”couple”” that were never together. They were not a romance. They didn’t even get the chance. Furthermore just like Babs and Tabs they were ruined in favour of a heterosexual relationships. ( Jim/Lee broke up on their own, so did Bat/Cat & we know both are still shown as sustainable relationships regardless to what happens )  

On that note Babs and Tabs, though villains were allowed to be together. And thats what I mean by Gotham made it too obvious their only Q*eer relationship existed entirely for the male gaze which drastically loses points and puts more emphasise the homophobia in their writing. 

The Ed and Os can’t be together cos they’re villains argument is homophobic entirely. There is no argument in this that makes sense because even on the dark end of the spectrum J*rley has been and usually is canon and on the cuter, lighter end you have H*rlivy so the idea that villains can’t have romances & be gay is just homophobia and a shitty transparent excuse. 

This whole “VILLAINS DONT DESERVE HAPPINESS” only cropped up in the fandom to defend the homophobia. Before everyone was more than happy with adorable Nygmobblepot domestic bliss. ( as long as it was “just friends” I suppose lol can you guess what that is? starts with a H. ) 

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How would the guys show off/flirt with their crush or s/os?

Noctis isn’t very good at flirting most of the time, at least when he is trying too hard at it. He’ll stumble over the words or sometimes get the order of words in his line wrong or it fizzles into a whisper. If he would just relax a little and go with his charming and witty humor…
But he tries to impress with the array of skills he has, surely that warping can be eyecatching, no? (Until it leads him into danger, good thing for the Prince, sometimes making a fool of yourself can seem cute and charming
But if that crush ever turned into anything more and he’s got you under his spell, things will be much easier for the Prince. His flirting would be more open, but also very playful and he does it in ways to try and make you laugh.

Ignis goes for the old-fashioned wooing. He compliments and always makes sure the conversations always goes back onto you. He wants to make sure it comes off that he is very interested about you and wants to know more about you.
And when it comes to flirting itself, he begins to compare you to only the most lovely of things. The moon is no where near as bright as you, and Venus’s or Aphrodite’s beauty pales in comparison to yours.

Gladio is a very forward and blunt guy. Sure you might get some charming lines of flirtation, and he loves getting you to smile (he’s going to tell you how cute that is too btw), but he’s going to be straightforward about what it is he likes in you every time it surfaces.
As for impressing, he likes to show off his strength. Lifting you up by surprise, carrying the heavy things for you, or slaying a behemoth in front of you… Having you feel up the muscles in his body Not only that, but he has plenty of stories from in his past he is sure to try and wow you with.

Prompto might not be much able to show off in too many ways and especially not in the same ways as the others. But he more than makes up for it with his sweetness.
Again you can expect trinkets here and there, and him going out of his way to bring you any kind of joy. But then he’ll go out and try to pick flowers for you himself, it’s “pretty flowers for a pretty person!” He just likes to say and do sweet little things like that.