this show needs to hurry up

Medical Officer Ch’ch’tk answered the frantic summons to the communal off-duty room. Call-me-Betty-Jo had come back from visiting home and according to Lrangaka, she was injured. Ch’ch’tk was not in a great hurry as Lrangaka tended to lose fur every time CallMeBettyJo did anything other than eat or sleep. And sometimes then. Xi shuddered at the memory of the C18H27NO3 incident. Xi thought Lrangaka was going to end up bald, not an attractive look.

Xi heard CallMeBettyJo’s adorable utterances, “I’m fine, I’ll be glad to show you as soon as it’s healed up some.” That did sound alarming. Xi hurried a bit more. Lrangaka was shedding fur again as CallMeBettyJo was fending off Xir’s truhands. Xi was wringing xir’s falsehands and reaching for what looked like a bandage on CallMeBettyJo.

“CallMeBettyJo, you are injured! Why was I not informed!”

“I’m not injured. I just got a [no translation]. It just needs a little more time to heal. But to ease y’all’s minds, I’ll show you.”

CallMeBettyJo peeled off part of her bandage; that couldn’t be safe. Her skin was colored underneath it.

“Y’all like it? It’s a [flying avian] on a [mammal plantfiber]. A little touch of home.”

Ch’ch’tk tried to understand. “You painted your epidermis?”

“I did for awhile, to see if I liked it enough to make it permanent. This last trip home, I took the plunge.”

Almost afraid to ask, but bearing up to xi’s responsibility to the health of the crew, “How is it made permanent?”

“Oh, the artist sticks a needle feeding ink into my dermis. Once the skin heals, it’s all good. I can’t wait.”

“Is this a rite of passage? Religious significance? Part of adulthood?”

“Naw, I was just a little homesick.”

With a sigh, Ch’ch’tk began xi’s efforts to soothe Lrangaka and prevent further fur loss.

What keeps sticking out the most to me in Across The Universe every time I watch it, is the vulnerability Shiro displays here. Around the team, Shiro never shows weakness, never falters, never lets anyone believe they can’t make it. (Pidge’s impresson of tin can Shiro is exactly that: “We’ll get through this if we work together!”)

But around Keith, Shiro allows himself to be vulnerable, to need help. To admit that things are looking bad and getting worse by the minute, and he would really like Keith to hurry up because he’s not sure he can make it. (And he could. Technically, he could. He was the unchallenged Champion in the Galran arena of murder and horror and that doesn’t come without the lion’s share of fighting his way out of deadly corners; I do think even injured, he could fight off four beasts if he was there all alone and his life depended on it, or worse -if someone else’s life depended on it.)

But he does allow himself to need that help, to look weak and feel his confidence faltering and admit to Keith that he’s not dead yet but probably getting there, because he knows Keith doesn’t need his saving face. Keith knows him, knows he’s not indestructible, knows he’s not above failing. Keith has saved him once at his weakest, and here they are again.

It’s such a different dynamic at play here -Shiro practically throws his life away, gives it for granted to spare Matt, to buy Pidge time, to save Allura, but here… for once, Shiro’s sitting back and letting someone else come to his rescue, instead of offering to make some grand sacrifice for them. He’s scared, he doesn’t want to die (he really doesn’t, not here and not like this), but he’s willing to wait because he knows Keith will get him out of this, and he only fights back when he’s absolutely forced to, when he can’t wait anymore.

And still, Keith makes it and saves him in the nick of time, just like he knew Keith could. “I know what you’re capable of,” he’ll tell Keith much later on in the season, but he’s already been telling Keith that from this first moment here. From the moment when instead of putting on a brave face and pretending that “we’ll get through this!” he allows himself to sound scared, to sound tired and weak, and tells Keith “you better hurry up” instead.

Some guys are in too much of a hurry. They want girls to let their guard down and give them everything so quickly. If you really want her and want to marry her, take the time and effort to build up her trust. Show her you’re in it for the long run, make her feel secure. Be gentle careful and patient, and trust me when the time is right she’ll open up to you like a flower blooming in the spring


Alpha Trio x Fem!Envoy!Reader

“You sure you don’t want me to go with you?” Stiles sighed as the others hurried off to different locations to pack up.

“I’m sure Stiles, I don’t need an Alpha to defend me.” You smiled and he sighed.

“But I’ve heard that the Hybrid is back in New Orleans, I trust Marcel but if anything happens to you…” He trailed off as his eyes flickered.


“It’s ok Stiles.” You promised and hugged him which seemed to make the Alpha feel a little better.

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I’m In a Hurry

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Pairing: John x Reader
Word count: 773
A/N: This was a second prompt for @sdavid09 Winter Writing Days. I got “I’m In a Hurry (And Don’t Know Why)” and flower shop AU :)

Sam and Dean had set him up on a blind date- one that he’d been avoiding for weeks now. Finally, he caved, just to shut them up. “You work too much, Dad.” “You need to more than be a firefighter.” “Mom wouldn’t want this.” “Don’t live the rest of your life alone.” That’s all he’d heard from his boys, and he was sick of it.

He was running late for this damn blind date, and didn’t want to show up empty handed. Spotting a flower shop, he pulled over, quickly parking. Rushing in, he looked around, not wanting roses, but having no idea what to get her.

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if there is one thing i’ve learned from the past nine years i’ve been in school, it’s that organization is hard, but organization is key. sure, you might think ‘why should i spent ten minutes a day cleaning crap up?’ but those five to ten minutes each night will pay off when you’re in a hurry and need to find something urgently.

so in this small masterpost, i’m going to give you a few tips + show you how i organize my backpack!

  • get a nice, comfy backpack (here’s some good ones) [x] [x]
  • binders
  • binders will be your best friend
  • binders that are small [x]
  • binders that are big [x]
  • binders of all sizes [x]
  • i usually use a 1 ½ in. binder for all my classes and then a 1 in. binder for math
  • or folders [x]
  • color coded folders are good too [x]
  • once you have two or three binders, or a folder for each class, start orgaNIZING
  • for binders, buy some tab dividers and label them with whatever you want (i usually do homework, classwork, handouts etc.) or if your teacher tells you to label them specifically, do that [x]
  • for folders i usually write ‘homework’ or ‘to do’ on one side and ‘classwork/handouts’ or ‘done’ on the other
  • i keep a pencil case for all my miscellaneous supplies [x] [x]
  • have a homework planner or a bullet journal [x] [x]
  • write in those every day, and you won’t forget anything
  • notebooks that are nice [x] [x]
  • sometimes teaches ask for a specific notebook for their class, that’s okay, follow their rules
  • the biggest tip i can give you is do not ever shove random papers in your bag. take the time to pull a folder or binder out and place them inside. do not use the ‘i’ll organize later’ excuse.

organizing isn’t something i can explain with links to amazon and a shiny, ‘do this and you’ll get it right!’ motivation speech. organizing is something you have to do on your own, but it is so simple and easy that you’ll fall straight into the habit of it. so here i am, telling you that i believe in you and you can do it!!

i hope this masterpost helped! stay organized!

xx bia


Favorite Show Meme - [1/6] Scenes

↳ Health Inspection

Shinpachi: “What do you think? This body of mine was forged and forged again through the sword arts.”

Heisuke: “Yeah, Shinpachi’s body is strong and tough. If you ask me, it’s his head that needs looking at.”

Shinpachi: “Talk like that I’ll strangle ya Heisuke!”

Matsumoto: “Shinpachi Nagakura is.. Okay, no problem. Next!”

Shinpachi: “Hey Doc, what do you mean? You gotta give me a better look than that!”

Matsumoto: “No I don’t. You’re the picture of health.”

Harada: “Shinpachi! There are others behind you, so hurry and move your ass!”

Shinpachi: “That ain’t what I mean. There are other places you could check out right?”

Saito: “These checkups are for him to look at us, not for you to show off. Hurry up and just move.”

Oxygen - chapter 3

Pairing: Jaehyun x (female) reader
Genre: romance, fuckboy!au
Summary: He took the oxygen away from your lungs and you let him. You let him unfold you when you promised yourself you wouldn’t. You let him inside when you knew you shouldn’t have. He ruined you and you gave him permission to do so.

Previously - here | Next part - here

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You woke up to the sound of banging on your door. You groaned and hurried to answer it before the noise disturbed your room mate’s sleep. When you opened it you were met with a disgruntled Jaehyun.

“What the hell was that Y/N! You stood me up!”

“You actually went? I thought you would be busy being two inches deep into some random college girl.”

You were actually surprised. You didn’t expect him to actually show up. Even if you knew ahead of time that he would, you still wouldn’t have shown up. He needed to be knocked down a few pegs. You felt no shame in what you did.

That was until you looked into his eyes.

“I went there earlier than the time we agreed to just to be sure. I waited all night for you. I waited until they closed! Do you know how embarrassing that was!”

“I do actually and I’m sure your other love interests do too. You didn’t actually think I’d give you a chance did you? Like I said you’re not what I want Jaehyun and you never will be.” You said coldly, turning around to go back inside.

“I won’t give up Y/N! By the way I can go way deeper than just two inches princess.”
You rolled your eyes and closed the door.

“Oh my god! Jaehyun was here!” Your roommate squealed.

“Go back to sleep please.”

“Looks like he’s found a new target.” Hansol said as you both watched Jaehyun and his fifth love interest this month interact with each other.

“For someone who said he wouldn’t give up, he sure did give up.” You stated writing down notes. The sun heated your skin as you and Hansol studied and took notes. Usually it was a bit chilly because Autumn was near, but not today.

“Is that jealousy I hear?” Hansol teased, dodging the paper ball you threw at him.
“How much do you want to bet she’s just a fuck buddy?” He asked stealing glances at the pair. She giggled when he pushed her hair behind her ear.

“Oh please I already know.”

For some reason it felt like your heart stopped beating. This shouldn’t bother you. He’s not worth your time. He just wanted to feel power and that was something you were not going to give to him. Jaehyun glanced at you and bit his lip. You turned away before he came to the conclusion that what he was doing was bothering you. Which it was, he was taking advantage of that girl for his own personal needs, but he tends to think differently.

“I heard you stood him up. What was that about?”

“How’d you hear about that?”

“I heard Jaehyun and Johnny talking about it.”

You completely forgot he and Johnny were roommates. Whenever you visited he either wasn’t there or he would excuse himself from the room so you and Hansol could talk. Out of all of Jaehyun’s friends there were only three you could tolerate. Johnny being one of them. He didn’t invade your personal space and was very polite. In fact he didn’t even talk to you unless he had to in class. You slightly respected him and you think he respected you.

“I’m not going to date that douche, but I am impressed. He actually showed up on time and waited for me until the restaurant closed. That’s something I didn’t think he would ever do.” You explained packing your stuff up.

“Wait for you?”

“Show up on time for a date.” You corrected him.

You set down the drink on the table in front of the customer. Smiling at him before walking away with the tray in your hand. You heard someone behind you clear their throat and you turned around.

“Are you seriously following me Jaehyun?”

Could you not catch a break from this guy? He was every where! No matter where you went he was right there to keep you company. Company you didn’t want. At least that’s what you kept saying to yourself.

“No, I’m just here for a cup of coffee at my new favorite place where my new favorite girl just happens to work.” Jaehyun said giving you a wide grin.

You were so close to strangling this boy. You walked behind the counter so you could take his order.

“What can I get you sir?”

“Actually never mind I think I’m good, but you could go on a date with me and actually show up.” He requested leaning over the counter.

You noticed how big his biceps were when he flexed. It made you wonder what else was hidden underneath that shirt.

“Go talk to that girl you were all over earlier today.” You smirked at him.
“Jealous baby girl?”

You frowned and rolled your eyes. You were surprised your eyes weren’t stuck yet. You weren’t jealous. How could you be when it involved him?

“Don’t call me that.” You grumbled.

“Oh so you like being called princess. Well princess if you were with me you wouldn’t have to worry about anyone else. It’ll just be me, you, and that hot ass of yours.”

“Jaehyun I’m tired of telling you this. No.”

“Can we at least be friends. I’m not who you think I am.” He asked grabbing your hand.

“Like I said before, prove it.”

I don’t know why but I always find Bruce’s stories tricky to write. I don’t like playing to the stereotype of him being overly sensitive because of his anger issues or making the story revolve around the Hulk because of the omniprevalent danger he presents. Hopefully this shows Bruce as a character rather than a plot point, and I hope you all enjoy it!

“Doctor’s Orders”

“Doctor Banner.” JARVIS’ voice called out to the scientist who looked up from his work. “Your presence has been requested in Miss (Y/l/n)’s quarters.”

Bruce hurried down the corridor as fast as he could, practically tripping over his own feet to get to your room. You must be in desperate need of his help or you wouldn’t have called at all – it wasn’t in your proud nature to ask for help, as he so well knew – so upon reaching the door, he burst in.
“(Y/n)?” He called out when the room was in fact empty. Tony’s head shot up from the other side of the bed.

“Took you long enough.” He grumbled.
“I… uh… Tony?”
“Look at that, he remembers my name. Get over here I want a second opinion.” And just like that his head disappeared again.

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Jimin x Reader

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*If you reblog any of my fanfictions, I would love for you to tag them, since I like reading your reactions! 

 A 9k+ smutty fanfic of Park Jimin for my friend who is currently in heat or w/e idk.

I’m tired, so there’s no real description. Sorry for any typos, though.

Prompt: You work as head secretary for a company, and your boss, who is the head boss, just so happens to be Park Jimin. You end up showing up late for a meeting, but he’s your friend, so how is he going to treat you for being tardy?


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My Angel (Lafayette x Reader)

Hi! I adore what you’ve written so far and was wondering if you could do a Lafayette x reader where the reader is a nurse and tends to a wounded Laf who thinks he’s dreaming when he sees her, thank you!

Request from anonymous

“Another one!”

You turned as yet another stretcher was rushed in through the flaps of the hospital tent. The medical officers carried the man to the operating table and hurried back out. You hastily wiped your hand on a rag as you approached the curly haired man who was squirming and muttering on the table.

One glance at him showed exactly what needed treatment. There was a giant gash in his side, oozing all over his uniform. He looked feverish. He probably had some head trauma, too. You began to undo the buttons on his uniform to treat his wound.

Mon dieu (My god),” the man gasped, eyes finally focusing as he looked up at you, “Est-ce que je suis mort ou est-ce que je rêve? (Am I dead or am I dreaming)”

French. Interesting. A Frenchman fighting with the Americans. You ignored his rambling as you stripped off his shirt, examining the wound in his side. You reached for a bottle of ointment, but the Frenchman weakly grabbed your hand. You stopped and actually looked at him for the first time. His deep brown eyes were staring at you intently, lips parted as his breath heaved in and out heavily.

Un ange (an angel),” he breathed out, “Tu es un ange. (You are an angel)”

“I don’t speak French,” you told him, pulling your hand out of his and continuing with your work.

“You do not speak French,” he repeated, “I think if I were mort (dead) the anges (angels) would understand me. It must be a dream.”

“Well. This is one hell of a dream,” you said with a dry laugh, wiping away blood from his skin, “I’d have gone with the rainbows and butterflies.”

“You are an angel, non?” he asked in his groggy voice.

At that, you shot him a smile.

“I like the sound of that,” you told him, winding a bandage tightly around the open wound, “Let’s go with that.”

“A beautiful angel comes to me in a dream,” he mused to himself, “Il doit avoir signification. (It must have meaning)”

You smiled to yourself as you listened to his babbling. At least someone appreciated what you were doing. You’d never been called a beautiful angel before. It was sweet, even coming from a half-conscious wounded soldier.

The injury in his side was taken care of now, but you needed to check on the head injury. He would definitely need to stay through the night. You placed a hand on his forehead to check his temperature. It was hot, but not too bad.

“My angel,” the man directed his rambling at you again, “What have you come to me for?”

You used the opportunity to check his eyes, making eye contact as you turned his head. You decided to be dramatic, since you were apparently just a character in his “dream”.

“I came to save your life,” you told him, dropping your voice seriously.

“Oh, mon ange (my angel),” he gasped in response, “I will never forget. Merci.”

You grinned at his reverent behaviour, stepping back when you were content that the injury was not serious.

“It’s my pleasure,” you replied, motioning for the medics to carry him to the back of the tent where recovering patients lay, “And now, it’s time for you to rest.”


The battle outside was over. The injured soldiers no longer poured through the tent opening, though many now lay in cots on the far side of the tent. It was night now, and things were quiet and still in the medical tent. You were still there, walking between cots, checking on recovering soldiers.

The Frenchman intrigued you. You passed by his cot often. He was asleep now, no longer murmuring about dreams and angels. He would recover quickly.

You walked by his cot for the hundredth time that night, watching his bare chest rise and fall. His face looked peaceful now, with his closed eyes and slow breath. A few stray curls had found their way out of his ponytail and now twisted over his forehead. It was while you were lingering at his side that he stirred in his sleep and slowly opened his eyes. He looked around, gathering his wits, and then his gaze fell on you.

“Hello,” you said, cocking your head and observing him.

“Ah…hello,” he replied, in a groggy and rather confused voice.

He sounded much more coherent already.

“How are you feeling?” you questioned.

The man shifted slightly and winced.

“My side…it hurts. And my head…” he answered.

“That makes sense,” you replied, “You will recover just fine, don’t worry.”

He looked at you again, a spark of recognition in his eyes. He tried to sit up, causing you to rush forward.

“You shouldn’t try to move,” you warned, pushing him carefully back.

“You are the nurse that helped me,” he remarked.

You nodded.

“Do you remember that?” you asked curiously.

Un peu (A little). I thought…I thought,” he began.

“You thought I was an angel,” you finished for him, smirking.

The man let out a quiet groan, as if embarrassed.

Oui. Un ange (Yes. An angel),” he said quietly, “You saved my life.”

“I did do that,” you confirmed, “But I’m not actually an angel, I’m sorry to say.”

The soldier gave a soft chuckle and tried to sit up again. You pushed him back immediately.

“Then who are you, really?” he asked, resigning to staying on his back, “What is your name?”

“I’m (y/n),” you replied, “What do they call you?”

“Lafayette,” he introduced himself.

“Nice to meet you, Lafayette,” you said, beaming.

“And you, (y/n),” Lafayette responded.

“It’s nice of you to fight in our revolution,” you commented.

Lafayette smiled and replied, “I will fight anywhere when freedom is the cost.”

“Very noble,” you nodded, “Maybe if you keep fighting, we’ll run into each other again. Though, at the cost of life and limb, it may not be worth it.”

“Oh, je ne sais pas (I don’t know),” Lafayette chuckled, “I may be willing to get hurt if we can meet again.”

You grinned. How chivalrous. He certainly had a way with words.

“Just don’t get killed, and I’ll do what I can,” you shot back with a soft laugh.

There was movement at the entrance of the tent. Another medic entered and signalled to you. Your shift was over. For once, that didn’t come as a relief to you. You were actually sorry to leave your patient’s company.

“Well,” you said, turning to Lafayette, “My shift is over. It’s my turn to get some rest!”

Lafayette looked just as discontent with your leaving as you felt, but he managed a smile.

D’accord (Okay). May we meet again, (y/n),” he said.

You reached out and took his hand, giving it a soft squeeze.

“Rest well, Lafayette. I am sure I’ll see you soon,” you told him, and you really believed it.

You turned to cross the tent, and just barely heard Lafayette’s murmur as you left:

“Merci, mon ange.”

(Thank you, my angel)

Marry Me? - Kian Lawley
*(y/m/n) « your middle name; (y/l/n/) « your last name*

Today has been such an awful day for you. You were late for work this morning, your car broke down, and most of all, your boyfriend of 3 years, Kian, has been shutting you out. Clearly, this was just not your best week.

You were in the middle of taking a very relaxing bath, trying to sooth your stressed muscles, when Sam walked into the bathroom. “Sam! What are you doing?!” you shouted. Talk about an awkward encounter. “Jc and I needed to show you something we saw. So hurry up and get ready. We’re leaving in 30.”

As soon as Sam left the bathroom, you quickly dried yourself off, and wrapped a towel around your body. In all honesty, you didn’t even want to leave that bath. But, you haven’t been out in awhile, and you couldn’t say no to hanging out with Jc and Sam. Mainly because if they Jc was involved, no wasn’t even an option.

You walked into the bedroom you and Kian shared, and changed into a pair of your black leggings and a studded burgundy sweater. You let your hair fall naturally, not bothering to do anything special to it. Your makeup was more on the natural side. You checked the mirror one last time before grabbing your phone and purse from the bed and walking downstairs where the two boys were waiting.

“Ready?” they both had asked in unison. You nodded your head and walked over to the closet to pull on the boots you sister had bought you for your birthday last year.

On the way out, you heard your phone go off from inside of your bag. You took a quick glance at it and saw it was a message from Kian.

From Romeo: Hey babe. My mom needs help at home. You probably already know, but Jc and Sam are taking you out tonight. Love you. 

Something seemed off about Kian. He didn’t end it with kissing emojis like he normally did. You hadn’t even seen for more than an hour this past week. You shrugged off the thought and followed the boys to the car, where they quickly took off, driving to..well, you have no idea.

“Sam, where are we even going?” you asked from the backseat, looking at him in the rear-view mirror. He didn’t take his eyes off the road for even a second to look back at you. But you could see a smile creep onto his face.

You kept bugging the two of them to the point where they had to turn up the radio to full blast. About halfway through the drive, Jc threw a blindfold at you. “What’s this for? I’m not wearing this, am I?” you questioned, examining it from top to bottom.

“No, you’re going to eat it. Of course you’re going to wear it, (y/n).” Jc said, letting out a little chuckle at the end. You didn’t even bother arguing with him seeing as you already know you would either lose the argument or one of them would hold you down and have the other put it on you themselves. You let out a little sigh, and tied it around your head, covering your eyes.

After what seemed like eternity, you heard the car shut off, and come to a stop. Barely seconds later, you heard the the front doors open, then close, and a side door open next to you. It was a bit frightening when you felt someone grab your hand and pull you out of the car considering you were blindfolded and had no clue who or what was around you. You calmed down a little when you heard the sound of crashing waves and felt the piece of cloth being lifted off of your face.

What you saw in front of you was the most beautiful sight you’ve seen in weeks. The sun was setting perfectly. The sky was filled with purple, pink, and red-orange hues. The air smelled like the ocean. This moment felt like a dream.

You felt your eyes being covered again, but this time by a pair of hands. “Guess who,” they whispered in your ear. Instantly, you knew exactly who is was. “Kian.” You said, letting out a shaky breath. When you turned around, reality was definitely a dream. Standing right there, with a rose in his hand, was the guy you fell in love with from day one. Without thinking twice, you crashed your lips onto his.

You were snapped out of your dream when you heard Jc awkwardly, and obnoxiously, cough from behind you. You cleared your throat before apologizing to him. “Now, if you two excuse me, I have plans with my girlfriend.” Kian said before grabbing hold of your hand and walking off down the beach. ‘This moment couldn’t get any more perfect.’ you thought. A smile crept onto your face when you saw what was ahead of you. Faintly, you could see a table and two chairs set up with tiki lights around it.

“(Y/n), I just wanted to apologize for being so distant this past week. I just wanted to make this night so unforgettable for you and I guess I just got to caught up in it all. I’m so sorry if I made you feel left out. That was never my intention. I love you so much, babe.” Kian said, lightly squeezing you hand before pulling you closer to him and wrapping his arm around your waist. You were in total and complete awe when you saw the dinner he had set up.

It was already dark out by the time you and Kian finished your dinner. The only light was the moon behind the clouds, and the few tikis that were about to die out. In the distance, you could hear the sound of a strumming guitar. “Let’s take a walk.” Before you could say anything, Kian stood up from his seat and began to help you out of yours.

The walk was silent. But it was a good silent. It was nice to have your boyfriend, whom you haven’t seen much this week, holding you close to him. When you got closer to the sound of the guitar strums, you felt Kian let go of your hand. At first you didn’t think much of it but then after about 30 seconds, he still wasn’t next to you. When you turned around and ask him why he stopped walking, you saw the most unforgettable thing. Right in front of your eyes was Kian on one knee. Proposing. “(Y/n) (y/m/n) (y/l/n), I have loved you from the very start of our relationship. Through the ups and downs, through thick and thin, we have stood by each other. Waking up next to you these past three years is heaven. You have made me the happiest person in the world. Even if you’re a pain the ass sometimes. But even then, I have realized that I don’t want to lose you. I want to spend today, tomorrow, and forever with you. (Y/n), will you please do me the honor and marry me?” You felt like you were the only 2 people on that beach right now. You didn’t trust you voice right now, so instead, you nodded you head vigorously. Eventually, you were able to choke out ‘yes’.

Kian pulled the diamond ring out of its box and placed it on your ring finger, gently kissing it afterwards. In the heat of the moment, you flung yourself into his arms as he picked you up, and spun you around. When he finally set you down, you came to realization that there were other people on the beach. And by other people, it was just Sam, Jc, and the rest of the boys, who, evidently, set this all up.

Later that night, while you where scrolling through Twitter and Tumblr, you saw people kept sending you links to a YouTube video. When you started watching it, you realized it was a video of Kian proposing. And without thinking, you already knew the boys were the ones who posted it.

(A/N: I’m so mad. On my dash it showed that I posted this twice so I deleted one and it deleted both and this had a a good amount of notes so I’m sorry for posting this again!)

The Cat Returns sentence pack
  • “Why do you bother setting an alarm clock?”
  • “That’s just mean.”
  • “Why me? Why are all these bad things happening to me?”
  • “Hey, dumb cat!”
  • “I don’t mean to be rude, but I am in quite a hurry.”
  • “Could you make dinner tonight?”
  • “Do you think cats can talk?”
  • “Thanks a lot, babe.”
  • “I have no idea, I just woke up.”
  • “We all agreed that the gifts were just fabulous!”
  • “Things have not been going well for me.”
  • “I suppose even pretty girls like you have problems like everyone else.”
  • “Sorry I sat on you.”
  • “Guess I shouldn’t have called him Fatso.”
  • “No one’s impressed by your cheesy light show.”
  • “Milk with your tea? Or lemon?”
  • “He likes to complain a lot but actually he has a heart of gold.”
  • “I need you to learn one thing. Always believe in yourself. Do this, and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.”
  • “Skip the tea.”
  • “You’re just having pre-wedding jitters, that’s all.”
  • “Fat friend, you can come too.”
  • “I’m the babysitter.”
  • “He saw the bowl and jumped right in.”
  • “I promise that I will make the young lady smile.”
  • “Would you care to dance?”
  • “Just trust me.”
  • “I am exactly who I appear to be.”
  • “We could watch them go crazy over here.”
  • “He’s cheating!”
  • “I can walk.”
  • “Think of what it will do to your approval ratings!”
  • “No one decides who I am but me!”
  • “I respect a woman who stands up for herself.”
  • “Now you’re not allowed to make anymore fat jokes.”
  • “I think I can learn to like this.”
  • “Just for the record, I think I may have a little crush on you.”
  • “Trust yourself.”

“Diego? Hey, its Maud… I need you to come to the hospital. Its Sally, she’s…Been pretty sick. She was always the sickest baby, please try to get some time away from work to come see her.” 

“S-sure I’ll be there in a second.” Diego hung up, his hands shaking. She is in the hospital again? 

Diego showed up to the hospital, careful not to run in the halls. Yet he was still hurrying. He made it to the room where they were keeping Sally and saw her on the bed all hooked up with a tube.

 A small sob escaped Diego and Sammy ran over to hug him, he dropped to his knees scooping up the other twin. 

“Don’t cwy brover.”

Diego picked up Sammy and walked over to the bed where Maud was standing. Sally’s tiny hand was wrapped around Maud’s fingers, he reached over and stroked her face softly. 

“The doctors gave Sally some painkillers and antibiotics so she is drowsy from those.”

“She…” Diego swallowed. “Will be alright wont she?” 

“I’m sure she will Diego, she is a brave little girl. You need to be strong for Sammy now too, I have been up with them both all night. I have to go to work, do you have time to watch them?” 

“Y-yeah I can .. watch them. Thank you Maud, I’ll keep you updated.” Diego watched her leave, and walked over to the chair next to Sally’s bed and sat down in it. Sammy leaned against him and he kissed the top of their head. “Your sister is going to be okay, so you should try to get some sleep okay? I won’t go anywhere.” Sammy nodded and closed their eyes, in no time they too were asleep against Diego. He reached his hand over and held Sally’s hand.