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Tokyo Ghoul’s Official Activity —MASKED PARTY.
It’s for advertising the upcoming movie.
I’m really happy and lucky that I have the chance to attend this party!!!

I can only upload 10 photos… But there’s lots of it, perhaps I will upload all of them in the future.

The party named 「東京喰種 トーキョーグール」美食家達のための晩餐会
Even though Tsukiyama won’t occur in this movie, they used the concept of Ghoul Restaurant lol

The party started at 17:30 at Tokyo (of course). We got a mask and a invitation letter to enter the party. We have to wear the mask during the party.
The invitation said, it’s sad that there is no human meat in the party lol

There’s a lot of things in the party, such as masks, foods, drinks, models. They even put the Ishida sensei’s twitter drawing! (I took all of them. I might post it later)

They served several drinks, which concepts are related to the story. And the eyeballs drink is for free lol
We need to collect three other people that have the same characters cards to get food. The food is not human meat, so our Ghouls don’t like it lolololol

The host invited 8 people to go on the stage, and luckily (or unlucky) I’m one of them. They asked me some questions but I cannot proper answers due to my poor Japanese…. But I got wrote on the newspaper, which said: a Female fan come from Taiwan lolol

After our interview, the actors suddenly showed up!!!
It’s so cool! “Kaneki” even made coffee on the stage XD

It’s a really interesting night. I’m so happy!!!

In fact there’s a lot of Tokyo Ghoul activities recently.
I even went to Antique coffee shop. I might upload the photos later.
The Antique will end on 07/31, it need to make reservations. If you’re interested please dont be afraid to ask me anything :)

Hope all the fans enjoy the photos!

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Oh, the more they keep talking to the press. The more I'm convinced printshop is going to set our eyeballs in fire.

I need to finish watching ep 3 before ep 4 tonight. I hope printshop lights my fire and gets me fired up about the show again.

What if the next episode is just Steven attempting to get Eyeball to rocket him back to the moon base but it turns out directing someone from inside a bubble in zero gravity is really difficult

Best Quotes from my Marching Band this Year

BD: *talking about marching posture* I wish I could just take your eyeballs and show you how you’re marching! Unfortunately, worst- no. BEST case scenario, I’d get fired. Worst case, you would die.

BD: *talking about accidentals* If the music says E flat, you have to play E flat!! If you bite into an apple and it tastes like raspberry, something is very wrong and we need to make some calls.

Someone: The band director has one section of hair with too much gel in it, so he looks like a unicorn.

BD: Yes. And I will fart rainbows all day long.

BD: I know you’re hot and tired and you wanna go home, but I don’t need you to be whiny whiny!! I need you to be like, “Hey! Look at me! I’m marching on the surface of the sun”.

BD: Okay who knows this tune?

Most of the band: *raises their hands*

BD: 🎵 Because it’s Thriller Mich-eal Jackson🎶 If you do not know that tune, you are a communist and you need to fix that.

BD: Clarinets, why didn’t that solo happen?

Clarinet person: Soloist isn’t here today!

BD: Then you play it! You don’t know where she is, she could have ebola! Play the part!

How to help out your favorite artists when you don't have any money

I post something like this about once a year, because I get a lot of messages from people who enjoy my art but feel guilty about not buying things from my store or subscribing on Patreon or getting things from my wishlist, etc. You really don’t need to do ANY of those things to help us out! Eyeballs on artwork is what we want, and just that is really helpful. But there are lots of other, free things you can do, if you want to, that will help us.

  • You can reblog our work, with credit! Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, showing people next to you in class or at the library, whatever. The more you reblog our stuff, any kind of stuff, and especially if it has a name and/or link attached, the more followers we get, the happier we are, and the easier we can sell art and pay rent. This is such a vital part of our continued existence and it is difficult to overstate how grateful we are when it happens.

  • You can like, comment, subscribe on Youtube, reply on Twitter, and generally make our little numbers go up. Even if you don’t want a drawing on your blog, hitting “Like” helps. If people are browsing your liked posts (if you have this option available in your sidebar or in a separate page) they will see our work. Additionally, higher note counts translate instantly to “more worthy of being looked at” when parsed by an idle, browsing brain. That’s the price of being a member of a social species, and it stinks because it doesn’t reflect “quality” or “innate value” of art, whatever that is, but a post with 4 digit notes is going to get more positive regard than a post with a 2 digit notecount. And really, it makes sense. If lots of people like a thing, it is likely, if only statistically, that you will too. 

  • You can talk about your favorite artists to your friends. A lot of us idle on skype and irc all day, talking about new album releases and games and twitter beef. It doesn’t occur to a lot of us to talk about how so-and-so just did a cartoon of a fat bird that is making our day slightly better, but that URL pastes just as easily into the chat as any other. Don’t be annoying about it, but like Homeland Security always says, if you see something, say something!

  • You can look at/click the ads on our websites. You can disable AdBlock on our websites, too. I have two little Project Wonderful boxes at the top of my blog. They pay me very little per day, but when I need $20 to stop an overdraft fee or buy a food, Project Wonderful has my back. This has happened about a dozen times, enough to teach me the value of having that last, tiny bit of cash just slowly snowballing in the background.

There is probably other stuff that I’m forgetting, so please feel free to reblog and add them.

Break in


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Prompt: ‘I taught you how to pick locks, and this is how you’re using that skill?’ @spnfanficpond​ writing challenge!

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader

Warning: flirting, swearing, heated scenes. Think that’s about it!

Authors note: it feels ages since I posted so I thought I’d post this one right away! Hope you all enjoy it and feedback is always appreciated! :) x

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“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x05 Again

**Warning: rewatch blogging, contains knowledge of the full series

This is another episode where I feel like I got most of my excited thoughts out on the first go-round, but this live-rewatch does contain a Shakespeare pun, so if that’s a draw….

Season 3, Episode 5: “Contorno”

Oh hey, so this would have been the “Bitch Better Have My Money” week. Hah, good times in 2015.

This moody train ride is definitely Chiyoh & Will at max unusual, isn’t it. Like what about Teen Hannibal burning bark for you to identify is “charming” Chiyoh? YOU ARE BOTH SUCH DROWSY-VOICED CREEPS RIGHT NOW.

I have no idea why, given that it’s not even close to this LOTR line, but whenever Will says that Hannibal “comes in the guise of a mentor” I want him to continue with “he walks here and there, they say, as an old man, hooded and cloaked.” Anyway did I just veer off and watch that Riders of Rohan scene and turn FULLY FOURTEEN again? Yes. #recommended

Ok, but what the S H I T is this smile, Graham. For starters, it looks nothing like any of his other Will smiles, not the big awkward forced ones nor the big painfully happy ones nor the small true gentle ones (that’s about it, right?), and second, WHAT WOULD YOU EVEN BE SMILING AT? Because I’ve never been able to settle on a read for Chiyoh’s “No, I see you” line, one second thinking she means “no I see you killing him” and the next second “no I see you, sitting here in front of me, I’m not dwelling in any murder imaginings at all.” And I struggle to see Will responding with a grin to either of those, really.

That was a nearly TWENTY SECOND snailsition. 👏 

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I’m gonna start with an apology, because this got long hella fast. I’m not used to being so pissed off at a fucking television show.

Next, I’m gonna ‘splain something to you:

I don’t give a hot damn how many speeches Mary makes about asserting her independence, because that’s not what she’s doing. Stop giving her props for looking imperious and giving pretty speeches, because the first thing she did after telling off her dear mama was—you guessed it—run straight to Conde to plead for him to join her.

Mind you, when the real Mary finally returned to Scotland,she took her gurls with her because that’s how she rolled. She didn’t run to some dude all 

You wanna stand alone and be independent and shit? Then don’t make your first priority finding some guy to go with you. You’re queen of a whole goddamn country and you have bigger fish to fry other than making heart eyes at your post-rape romance.

Mary isn’t asserting her independence right now. She’s being a bloody idiot.

As for the Mary-hate people keep complaining about:

If you can tell me one decent, non-Conde related thing she has done in the past several episodes, I’ll give you a cookie. Stop equating hating Mary with some sort of latent misogyny, or implying that people are too blinded by Francis’curls to see clearly. 

I don’t hate Mary right now because she pushed Francis away after her rape. I hate her because she’s acting like an asshole.

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Yall are talking about Amy using Jen when josh talks about her to the press all of the damn time. Pretty much any time josh has media attention it's related to Jen. The main reason people even know josh is because of Her. When do you ever hear about Josh outside of thg and Jen? Hardly ever because no one in mainstream media cares about him outside of that. But people like to pretend that josh has all this attention when even he knows he doesn't. You probably won't post this bc the honesty lmao

….First of all, I’m posting this to tell you that I have not partaken in that discussion whatsoever. Ever since I sunk up to my eyeballs in salt that one night, I have stayed clear of Amy/Jen discussions. So please don’t collectively group everyone into a single unit.

Second of all, I disagree with you. Josh gets plenty of attention on his own. He definitely does not need Jen. He partakes in social justice events, gives speeches for the LGBT community, attends award shows, and is all around a good guy. And a lot of people are aware of that. He’s also a very talented young man, and personally, I think he has big things ahead. He’s also filmed new movies recently, which I’m sure the media will notice.

And he was literally at an event with the vice president, anon. The vice president of the US gave him praise. Would you say the media “doesn’t care about him” then? That “no one knows him?”

Also, he talks to Jen because he has a close relationship with her, not because he’s using her. He talks about her to praise her. Genuinely praise her. He doesn’t flaunt about their friendship. He’ll tell stories of things that happened, or give her props for her acting/well rounded attitude. It’s extremely different in my opinion.

So boom. Posting.

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do you think you could do a video on how you do some of your sketches? im thinking of starting and its hard to find a video that actually shows you a couple things rather than just a speed painting.

I draw really slow and get distracted a lot so a video would be a disaster for me to capture, I’ll try it like this but my way of working is probably not very useful

My sketching process makes no sense because my sketches aren’t that sketchy at all and I don’t draw professionally or with useful techniques, I usually already “need” to get it right while sketching and use the lines for possible final versions, also I hate eyeballs. This is the first sketch lines to me:

I’m not very good at coloring yet so I mostly practice a lot with black and white to get a feel for shading and there I just start out with basic fields with brighter and darker areas, then I smooth it out a bit and / or try to change it into something with color:

I usually go straight from first sketch lineart to playing with shading, cleaning it up a little first if needed: (accidentally shaded a bit on the lineart layer here whoops)

not smooth yet & with reference pics on the side and the lineart layer on low opacity:

I try to mess around with adding a bit more vibrance on a new overlay layer with a different color shade usually:

and then I morph the original lines slowly into something that looks less messy mostly because the lines started out a bit clean and with the percise shading, I probably lose the line between sketch and non-sketch somewhere along the way always but you can still tell thanks to the clothes that this is the first lines I drew that I continued with: