this show man i s2g

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I took a break from the fandom for some months and I have to say I missed your blog lol. So I came here to vent. I, for some reason, can't get over Ward touching Skye's knee the same place Whitehall touched and I have a feeling it's because of Whitehall that he did it. And I think it was subconscious. What do you think?


and omg someone actually missed my blog?? thats so freakin adorable thank you <333

and yea feel free to vent here over skyeward as much as you want, my ask box is an open bar for skyeward shippers tbh haha.


Everytime I see that scene I just want to cry.

They haven’t like actually touched in so long and then in that episode he does all those lingering touches and it hurts because he’s doing that to show her that she’s not in danger and she doesnt need to be scared and its like his way of showing her comfort but it’s all so fucked up at the same time this stupid ship i swear.

And tbh I mean

this happens

and Ward goes

sooooooooo I’m not implying anything BUT COME ON ..

Like I said it’s ward’s way of showing her some comfort, man he never saw Skye shooting him coming i s2g.