this show makes me sooooo mad

Not Tangled related BUT Disney World related

A lot has been announced at D23 today. If you haven’t heard, the great movie ride at Hollywood studios is being replaced with a mickey/Minnie ride. This new ride is just suppose to show the short films that are on Disney Channel and just make them more 3D like. To me, this is plain stupid. The Great Movie Ride to me right now is almost the ONLY thing that is making the name of Hollywood studios. I am just sooooo mad they are taking EVERYTHING away from that place. I don’t think ANYTHING will be original to that park anymore.

Sorry about my rant


Yoooo I really like your face canons for Donut and Church!! And I remember you saying you’d like to see other people draw your facecanons, sooooo here you go!! I hope you like it!! :D


Oh my GAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH This makes me so freaking happy!! I even woke Mod M up in the middle of the night to show her and for once she wasn’t mad about it. These are so freaking cute! ❤💙❤💙❤💙 Mod R ******************************** Submitted by user: whatevertotesyourgoat



Thank you sooooo much!!!! We love you guys <3 please request a lot and continue on loving our little blog :D

AND suprise ‘sexy’ reaction!!!! 



  • Rap Monster: *mad*
  • Jimin: “Oh…you’re getting some tonight…don’t worry babe”
  • Suga: *stares at you*
  • Jin: “Let’s take this to the bedroom….”
  • J-Hope: *sighs…*
  • V: *nods and enjoys the show* (let’s say u are stripping (≧ω≦) k)
  • Jungkook: 


  • G-Dragon: 

  • Daesung:

  • T.O.P:

  • Taeyang:
External image
  • Seungri:


  • JB: 
  • Junior: “*whisper* come with me..”
  • Mark: “Someone is gonna get punished tonight”
  • Jackson:
  • Youngjae: *irritated*
  • Bambam: “Don’t worry babe~ i’ll take care of you” (A/N: *dies*)
  • Yugyeom: *frustated*


  • Eunkwang: *looks at you seriously*
  • Minhyuk:
  • Peniel: “What do you think you’re doing”
  • Hyunsik: “You are totally getting punished tonight” 
  • Changsub: “Staph..”
  • Ilhoon: “*moans* babe~ now i have a problem..”
  • Sungjae: *stares*


Finn/Rae + (Shaz/Nico) Kiss Theories....

Soooo an Anon asked if anyone was going to make a gifset of Nico kissing other leading ladies and Shaz. So I searched the internets for as many gifs as I can, and I have no idea who made these that I am posting below. sooo if it’s you message me to give you credit because I love you all and I don’t want you to get mad at me xx

Sooooo to the anon that asked about Shaz and Nico (Finn&Rae) kisses here are a few I found online that show him kissing her bottom lip…

Even the second time around… caught that bottom lip…

I am fairly new to this Nico/Shaz kiss thing I was dragged in by facephase and theblanknotebook ily guys <3 xx But it all started because as you can see so far all of the gifs/pics of Rae and Finn he kisses her bottom lip. At first I was like maybe it was something the writers told Nico to do. But I looked at all the other leading ladies he kisses and he always hits the top lip up… facephase theblanknotebook please feel free to add more gifs and what your thoughts are because I don’t know much about this theory! 

Just too sweet I can’t >.<

Lord have mercy on me….

I just noticed they are swaying a bit.. lord it’s giving me the feels!

The gif ^^^ that gives me Primal Finn Feels thanks to the lovely kingnelsons 

That second gif tho….

This whole scene….was gah… thats bottom lip sex I swear…it’s like he is eating a dam snack..

Like… chavelaprincess this has to be porn.. right.. like….

I know this one isn’t a moving gif.. but look at that kiss.. it’s like he is feeling it in his whole dam body… 

Now here are the Kisses with other leading ladies…

Homeboy straight up darted for the upper lip on Chloe lol

Upper lip again.. but hot damn…Nico can kiss….

Here are stills from some of the work he has done on other shows…

I even looked for Newt kisses but I couldn’t bring myself to snip it I kept cringing and then thought of facephase beating me up if I dare put a Newt pic up lololol 

luvs-jade I need to tag ya girl! so you can get the feels from all these kisses as well xx

emeraldkipp I need to tag you in anything Nico related for reasons xx

UPDATE: So some have mentioned that maybe Shaz asked Nico and maybe the other guys she has kissed on MMFD to kiss her that way but.. I think not. I did a bit of investigating and rewatched some scenes from Series 1&2. So here are a few kisses she has had with Archie,Liam and Chloe, all dart to the upper lip… Help me I’m drowning in feels…

So far each and every other person she has kissed it has been solely on the upper lip. With Nico he always darts to the bottom one… 

Sorry for all the unnecessary drama.....

So this whole mess started because I made the Stokke stroller after LittleQueenny already made one. Now I didn’t make the stroller to start anything or to prove a point. I made it because I liked it. LittleQueenny stated NUMEROUS times on here, instagram, and twitter that she was not going to release it. So, I’m just supposed to go without something I like because someone already made it??? I’m sorry but whether in real life or on here if I like something I get it even if that means working hard for it. My stroller took me 2 days to make, so had she released hers she’d have saved me a lot of time. I also saw A LOT of people asking for it and that, along with me liking to share what I make, is the reason I’ve decided to release it to the public. What’s the point of making something and showing it off if you only intend on sharing it with a select few people??? That’s a bitch move in my opinion. 

I think the REAL problem is that Simmeroonie and her little “clique” want to feel superior and are mad that I’m sharing things that they wanted to keep amongst themselves for whatever reason. Sorry but if the people ask for it and I like it I will make it and share it. If that upsets you all then that shows your true ugly colors. 

Simmeroonie has actually been bad mouthing me for a while now and this is the SECOND time she’s openly tried to attack my character, after her first attempt I just blocked her and went about my business. For a person as rude, disrespectful, and mean as her I find her attacks on me laughable. And for a person who’s copied me SOOOOO many times and COMPLETELTY copied BoHo Knows down to the poses I find it absolutely ridiculous that she’d be mad that I made the stroller. Since joining tumblr I’ve done nothing but try to please the community by sharing my creations, answering questions, finding things, and just generally treating everyone who enters my inbox like a person, with kindness and respect which is the way I was raised. Simmeroonie has been nothing but rude, disrespectful, and mean to soooooo many members of this community. The sad part is that when I first joined I was actually her “friend” but I soon saw how rude she was and did not want to be associated with such a negative person. I believe in the saying “birds of a feather flock together”. I actually called her out on her rudeness and that’s what started her bad mouthing of me.

But it’s all good. I will NEVER get upset over what internet strangers have to say about me. I was never upset to begin with, I was actually amused. I don’t understand how some people can get so worked up over a game. And to all the kind people in my inbox, rest assured that I’m not going anywhere. I LOVE to make things, build computers, make furniture, I make pottery, and I mesh objects. Building, whether it 3D meshes or real life things, is a hobby I enjoy and I’d NEVER stop doing something I enjoy over the opinions of irrelevant people. 

Now, I’m not trying to pressure creators into releasing things. As a creator it’s your decision whether or not to release the things you make. I know there’s some things I’ve made that I’ve chosen not to release because I feel they are shitty, that’s understandable. But correct me if I’m wrong, can you get mad at someone for making and releasing something you NEVER had the intentions of releasing??? If someone made something I didn’t release or took too long to release I honestly wouldn’t be upset. So I really don’t see what the problem is.  

Lastly, to littlequeenny, I never meant any disrespect, so for you to come into my inbox spewing that hate was uncalled for. Any ill intentions you thought I had were false. I liked the stroller so I made it, end of story. And for you to make posts and accuse me of stealing meshes is just sad. I hope you realize how dumb you looked, which I think you did because I see you’ve since deleted your posts. You can think whatever you like but until you can prove I steal my meshes you can shut the hell up, you sound jealous and dumb. 

ANYWAYS, sorry for the long, essay post. The drama is OVER now so back to regular programming =P