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[probably being annoying, but I need to vent] I love musicals. I went from heathers deh to bmc to newsies to Spongebob musical to falsettos. So my friends like to group chat our interests and general stuff. So whenever they do it, I’m like “cool!” “That’s cool!” “Great!” But whenever I talk about musicals, or tv shows or movies, they’re like “that’s trash” “you’re boring” “your interests are basic trash” and it’s v upsetting and I don’t say anything? But it makes me not wanna tell them anything

if they say things like that are they really ur friends tho


Maxine: I don’t like this, I don’t like that! That’s all you ever say, Nicky. You’re always complaining about something, making people jump around to make sure Prince Nicky is happy. Is there anything you DO like?

Nico Jr: I like you.

Maxine: Really? You have some way of showing it, disrespecting my Mom in front of me. 

Nico Jr: Your Mom was being rude to me. And how do you let her barge into your room? What is that? My Mom knows better than to come into my room unless I tell her she can.

Maxine: My Mom was upset, and yeah, she was a little rude, but can’t you see why? She’s worried about me. And I don’t have an issue with my Mom coming into my room. How can I? She’s the adult.

Nico Jr: Oh so since she’s the adult she can walk all over you? Whatever. 

Maxine upset: You have no respect for adults, Nicky. Or for anyone really.

Nico Jr: I don’t respect adults on the account that they’re older than me, so the hell what? And I respect people who earn my respect. 

Maxine: How arrogant. Respect,  like trust, is given until someone does something to make you not respect them, make you not trust them. Who are you that people have to earn your respect?

Nico Jr angry: I’m Nicky Holmes, that’s who I am. My father is the wealthiest man in this country, and one of the wealthiest in the world. I’m worth billions. I don’t even have to brag about it. People know who I am, and they better respect me because of it. Including your mother, Maxine.

someone: do you still ship klance?

me, internally: I love the dynamic of Klance and I love writing the ship. It was my first ship in the Voltron fandom and my first Voltron Klance fic Bonding Time is still my most popular. But it’s a constant frustration, because the more Klance content I reblog, the more anti blogs and art and posts are recommended to me. Because so many Klance fans are antis, and so Klance is associated with antis, which is so sad because I don’t want to be associated with such a toxic side of a fandom and I know many other Klance shippers don’t either, or don’t see the harm in anti arguments because they support Klance, and they’re defending Klance, so it must be okay, right? I hate that so many antis who ship Klance are also Lance stans, because I love Lance but I do not appreciate the iterations of Klance which make Keith out to be little more than a prop to support and lavish love upon Lance when he needs it - forget Keith’s feelings and character development, he’s from Texas and loves knives and making terrible decisions LOL. I hate the “there can only be one” mentality among so many Klance fans, who will go out of their way to bash other ships in order to make Klance the only “safe” and “non-problematic” one. I hate that the argument “because it’s not Klance” has literally been used when one shipper was asked why she didn’t ship or like Hance, I hate that people label Pidge/Lance as problematic even though Pidge and Lance have great potential as a couple and their age difference is the same as Keith and Lance’s, and most of all I hate that antis who ship Klance (…which is most if not all of them) claim other ships that “interfere” with Klance like Sheith or Shance or Shklance are pedophilia and unhealthy, when they are neither. I hate that antis who ship Klance will go so far as to attack other shippers with slews of hate, death threats, give them labels using words they do not even understand, and worst of all invalidate the experiences and trauma of actual CSA victims in their quest to make Klance the one true pairing. I hate that Klance fans have attacked the creators and voice actors of the show in the same way, I hate that @bext-k has been treated so horribly here on tumblr and then been told she couldn’t defend herself because her bully was a minor (a minor, but not a toddler, someone who is perfectly capable of not being an asshole and whose age does not make it okay for them to say the things they said). I cannot stand the Klance meta posts that analyze the heck out of every interaction between the two of them, and at the same time ignore much more meaningful interactions between characters like Shiro and Keith and deny that there could be anything more than friendship between them. It isn’t that deep, I’m sorry, it just isn’t, and it’s embarrassing to see how far of a reach Klance fans make sometimes in order to make their ship as canon as possible. And look, to a degree, I get it. I love Klance. But I do not love the way so many Klance shippers have broken apart this fandom and created spaces so toxic that CSA victims’ voices cannot even be heard without being shut down, mocked, and insulted. I do not love the way I now I have to check every unknown blog’s description before reblogging a post from them to make sure they don’t say “shaladins get out” or “stinky anti” there. I do not love the way that adult antis claim they are protecting minors and then turn around and reblog nsfw fanart of Keith and Lance, two characters who they apparently see as minors, even going so far as to tag it with things like “yaoi” or “this is so sinful” or something equally insulting. I do not love the way antis gaslight and guilt-trip, I do not love the insidious mob mentality that leads to people feeling afraid of not thinking the way other antis do. I do not love the all too prevalent fujoshi culture found among Klance shippers - have you ever noticed that the overwhelming majority of Klance shippers are teenage to twenty-something girls? Whereas all of the queer guys I know of in this fandom are multishippers and/or ship Sheith or Shance. Why don’t we acknowledge that? Why don’t we acknowledge that queer guys, whose relationships we are writing/drawing/analyzing and fangirling about, have an opinion here, and that their opinion maybe, just MAYBE, matters more than ours? In Hypable’s Battleships poll, this was literally proven - way more guys voted for Sheith than voted for Klance. But Sheith is the toxic relationship. Uh-huh. Right. Okay. Even though they’re both adults and have shown each other nothing but love, trust, and respect. This is what infuriates me about so many Klance shippers. The willful blindness to even acknowledge that other sides, other ships, may have merit. And of course this isn’t all of them, I ship Klance and I know many others who do and who don’t share this mentality that makes me so sad and upset. But there are a significant amount of Klance shippers who do. Why can’t there just be a dialogue? Why can’t antis be people who may not like Shaladin ships but understand that this is a fictional show, people are entitled to their opinions, blacklisting tags/blocking users/not looking at content you don’t like is a valid option, and words like pedophilia and “go kill yourself” should not be thrown around as lightly and frequently as they are? I wish we could. I really wish we could. And I also wish I could ship Klance as much as I want to without constantly being reminded of all the hate spread by people who call it their OTP.

me: yep haha ofc klance will always be close to my heart!

I Want To Know You

This spread is for getting to know a person, spirit, or deity! It lays everything out and is probably going to snatch/roast you. Proceed with caution and hopes of honesty. 

1. Who you are. 

This card can be a card you place as a signifier of who you’re doing your work on if you know (for example, for myself I always place Queen of Wands, or for one of my spirit guides, I place Sirius.), or a card that you draw to answer a question. 

2. The good part of you. 

This is the good part of you. I ALWAYS go for the positive definition for this card, reversed or not, because the intention of this spread is to have a positive thing here. 

3. The bad part of you. 

This is where you get snatched, alright? Don’t be upset. I’m going to make a further spread on how to target this card specifically, but this is the card that shows either your insecurity, your main flaw, or something that you’ve recently hecked up. 

4. The downside to your good.

Every beautiful thing has an ugly side, and this is what the bad part of your good is. For me, it’s usually like “Hey, you’re really generous and kind, but you are emotionally unstable and draining yourself.” 

5. The upside to your bad. 

This is where your bad helps you. An example for myself is like, “Hey, you find really unhealthy relationships, but you’re great at cutting ties.”


If anyone is interested, I’ll do this for them, just shoot me a message with your name or initials and the spread name!

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Can you do one where MC accidentally destroys something really important to the RFA+Saeran? With a lot of angst if you can

Honestly, they wouldn’t be all too upset with MC even if it was reaaally important—she’s more important to them, after all. Still, I did serve some angst here and there for ya. :^) It amuses me how the scenario varies so much though LOL anyway I’ll consider uploading a second post to show what happened after the worst ones.

Dedicated to @olivineonyx because I want to make you cry (only a bit) on your birthday :^) Thank you for always being such a joy to talk to—even though I reply slowly at times. And thank you for supporting our work all throughout these months ^~^


Request Killing: 19/30

Click for: [Part 2] 

MC Breaks Something Important to RFA [1]


| Warning: Angst, Heartbreak, Mentions of Death

  • There was a corner in the house that Yoosung had always warned you not to go near.
  • He was so scarily protective about that area that his personality could take a 180 degree turn as soon as you ever mentioned it. You could be laying in his arms, watching a movie together while cooing sweet nothings to each other… but as soon as you tried to take advantage of the moment to ask about that corner, his eyes would turn cold.
  • The first couple times that you had tried asking, he would give you puppy eyes, asking you in a sad tone, “Do you not trust me…?” to which you could never talk back against, not wanting to hurt his feelings. But as you persisted throughout the 2 years you’ve spent with him, he gave up on that act, and expressed how he really felt instead.
  • Now, when you asked about it, he would only stare at you, cocking his head upward slightly as if to challenge you. “MC, haven’t you already asked hundreds of times already? Can’t you respect my privacy? We’re in a relationship, but that doesn’t mean we have to know everything about each other,” he’d answer coolly.
  • You couldn’t understand why he was so uptight about it. So, one day, while he was away visiting a friend, you decided to search that area—it couldn’t hurt, right? You would put everything back anyway.
  • You knelt in front of the drawers, a determined look on your face. You had several hours before Yoosung was home, and you would clean it all up soon. When you opened the drawers… nothing seemed to really jump at you. There were only photo albums.
  • A smile tugged at your face as you reached for the album, wondering if there were really embarrassing photos hidden there that he didn’t want you to see.
  • But even as you opened it, you couldn’t shake off the feeling that it was weird. Why would he be this upset about mere photos? Besides, wouldn’t he have thrown them away if that were the case?
  • When your eyes fell upon the first photo, it took your breath away.
  • No wonder.
  • Rika was smiling in the photo, looking ever so innocent and joyful. Your fingers began to tremble as you turned the page, only to feel even more dread pile up in your heart. There weren’t only photos, but handwritten pages as well.
  • As you read the words, you realized how much love was poured into them. Yoosung Kim loved Rika more than a cousin, and these pages were the living proof of that.
  • Confusion tore your heart—why would he hide this, if he loved you? Wouldn’t he have told you…? Unless… he still loved her.
  • You quickly shut the book, but unbeknownst to you, a page was torn in the process…
  • As you had promised yourself, you put everything back in its place, and Yoosung didn’t notice that you had touched it, either. The only giveaway hints were that you would shy away from his touch from time to time, but it was so subtle, nobody would be able to tell.
  • It was weeks later, early in the morning at 4:30AM when Yoosung abruptly awoke you from your slumber, his eyes a stormy basil.
  • His voice was low and controlled as he asked you, “Did you touch those drawers?”
  • You didn’t answer him, still dazed from sleep, but a million thoughts flew through your mind. How did he know?
  • “I said, did you touch those drawers?” he repeated himself, his tone harsher this time.
  • When you failed to answer again, he held up the album you had opened, revealing the ripped page.
  • “I would never be so careless to rip something so important to me. And you’re the only other person in our apartment,” he drawled, his gaze cold as he looked down at you, “I never should have trusted you.”
  • His words stung, and it woke you up, hurt and betrayal swelling in your chest. “I’m not the one who stayed in a relationship for 2 goddamn years while my heart belonged to someone else! God, Yoosung, RIKA IS DEAD, can’t you accept that?! Why do you still care so much about her? Why? Why, when you have me by your side.”
  • He didn’t answer, nor did his glare falter.
  • I’m the one you’ve woken up with everyday, I’m the one who’s cooked all those meals for you, I’m the one who’s spent all this time with you for the past TWO years now. Why are you still thinking about her?!” you screamed at him, shoving him in the chest.
  • “Then leave,” he said coldly, “If you know that I don’t love you, then leave.”
  • He didn’t give you time to respond before he walked out of the room, and you eventually heard the sound of the front door slamming shut as well.
  • Your breath caught in your throat. Was he really willing to throw away everything—the bond you’ve built, the feelings you’ve accumulated, the experiences you’ve shared… because of one thing?
  • But then again… if he’s actually been in love with her all this time… was any of that even real? Had he been insincere about everything this entire time?
  • You felt dizzy with these thoughts.
  • You had given everything to him… Your time, your love, your care… He’s seen every part of your body and learned all your secrets, and you swore you two were truly in love and that you would marry someday… Had it all been in your head?
  • The dizziness only worsened, and you staggered on your feet, heading to the kitchen—the kitchen where Yoosung had always snuck up behind you while you cooked, the kitchen where the two of you had eaten together everyday…
  • Before you knew it, you had a knife in your hand and—
  • To be continued: [Here]


  • You were the clumsy type.
  • Well, maybe not exactly, but in Jumin’s house, you often found yourself breaking one thing after the other. His house was huge, but he would always receive so many gifts from business partners and coworkers alike that he didn’t always have a place for them, often cluttering tabletops and drawers.
  • He never got upset when you broke things, only ever chuckling and pinching your cheek and calling you clumsy… so when you knocked down a snow globe while digging through his closet drawer, you hadn’t expected him to get too mad either.
  • When he returned home that day, you brought it to his attention immediately like you always did. His reaction was different than you expected, though.
  • Jumin’s eyes widened as soon as the word ‘snow globe’ had passed through your lips, and his lips tugged downward after hearing the full story. Through gritted teeth, he quietly told you, “Please don’t go through my belongings like that again.”
  • You didn’t think too much of it, but you figured the snow globe must’ve been really important to him, so you did try to make it up to him…
  • That night, as you were falling asleep, you heard Jumin sighing heavily beside you, seated on the edge of the bed as he held the snow globe in hand.
  • “Even this… the last thing you gifted me is broken, Jihyun,” he murmured softly, “I wonder if every trace of you will end up disappearing like this…”
  • You couldn’t help but shed a few tears, feeling sorry that you had broken something so important to Jumin… He didn’t even get mad at you…
  • His warm fingers brushed against your cheek, a thumb wiping away your tears.
  • “Don’t cry, my love,” he said tenderly, turning off the light on his bedside table and snuggling next to you. “Please don’t cry…”
  • His soothing voice lulled you to sleep, the guilt that washed over you following you into your dreams…


  • You were playing another round of hide-and-seek, and you chose to dive under the desk of his computer this time, thinking he’d never suspect you to hide there. Normally, you hid everywhere but his office, after all…
  • As you huddled in the shadows, you noticed several papers seeped under the desk drawer, almost hidden out of sight. With a finger, you carefully slid it out, and you almost gasped in shock as you realized what it was.
  • He was still doing missions for Vanderwood.
  • That much was obvious from the details of the file. But you thought he had quit…?
  • When you started dating, Seven told you that the agency was finally letting him go… so why was this here?
  • You shook your head. No, he wouldn’t lie to you. Maybe the file was old.
  • You opened the folder, squinting to read the words in the dark room, the only light coming from the half-open door. The file dated back to last year. What a relief…
  • But as you skimmed over the contents, your heart dropped again.
  • In exchange for permitting Agent 707’s leave, the final mission….break into C&R files….client demanded its bankruptcy…’
  • You swallowed hard. This was the price of your relationship…? Betraying Jumin and Jaehee’s trust…
  • Clearly, Seven had taken it as slow as possible, but this time also allowed for the bond between them to deepen, and he’d earned more and more of their trust. You knew that Seven already had access to several files and accounts associated with the C&R, but you hadn’t realized that his willingness to help had stemmed from this.
  • “I found you~” His cheery voice was close, and you noticed he was beside you. You quickly ripped the file, as it was all you could think of doing in that moment. He knelt down, but the large grin on his face disappeared as soon as he saw the torn sheets in your hands.
  • His eyes lost their playful gleam, and he suddenly sat cross-legged. It was completely silent for a few moments.
  • “MC,” he said softly, “I’m sorry.”
  • “…Why are you doing this?”
  • His response came in a flash. “Because I love you! I don’t want to lose you. I don’t want to lose the only happiness I’ve found after all these years… please, you have to understand,” he was whimpering, “I’d do anything to be with you… I’m sorry, I’m so sorry to them, but I wanted to be selfish for once…”
  • Your heart broke in two at the expression on his face—desperation, sorrow, regret and pain… You could see that much. And you knew you forgave him, because you loved him too.
  • “But you can’t do this… you can’t just hurt our friends like this,” you whispered, shaking your head in disapproval. “I want to be with you, too, and I love you, but I don’t want our friends to pay the price.”
  • He sighed, looking down. “Okay… I’ll find a way. I promise.”
  • You crawled out from your hiding place and wrapped your arms around him, hugging him tightly to let him know it would be okay.

Part 2: [Here]

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Sixteen- Dean x Reader


“It’s ok to be rough with me sometimes Dean.  I’m not made of glass.”

The Virgin and The Sex God: Chapter Sixteen 

Summary: Dean finds out you’re a virgin and begins to try to charm his way into your pants. Little does he know he’s about to fall in love. 

Word Count: 2,200
Warnings:  Language. Flangst.  Some adult content. 

Feedback is always appreciated. ;)  SO YEP.  I can’t get enough of these two.  I fucking ship them, lol.  Anyone else ship them?  No just me?  I just wanted to make the announcement that I will be writing both a prequel and a squeal to this series.  Look for “Ps.  I never told you.”  Soon.  It’s the story of how they met.   But what do you think of this chapter?  Are you ready for table sex?  She’s a coming.   Special thanks to @wotinspntarnation​ for her help with this chapter!  I am also taking suggestions for sexy time funs.  You know like blindfolds, being tied to the bed, DOM!Dean, DOM!Reader, Roleplay… Etc. Hit me up in my ask if you have a suggestion or message me gif.  I’m on vacation so dirty ones are ok.  lol

Thank you and happy reading,

I’m so addicted to all the things you do  
When you’re rollin’ round with me in between the sheets  
Oh the sounds you make, with every breath you take
It’s unlike anything, when you’re lovin’ me…  
From Addicted by Saving Abel

You were a bundle of nerves as you bounced on the passenger seat of Charlotte’s mustang.  According to your GPS, you would be in Lebanon in just a few hours.  You felt like puking as the thought of seeing Dean settled itself firmly in the front of your mind.  You reached up and vigorously scratched your head and groaned.  You had no idea how to act around him with other people now.   The buzzing from your pocket caused you to jump and you quickly yanked it from it’s place.

Your eyes widened in surprise when it was Dean requesting to video chat with you. Swallowing back the nerves, you tapped the accept button and waved hello.  You watched in confusion as the smile fell from Dean’s lips instantly.  

“What the hell happened to your eye?”  He demanded as he frowned deeply.   Your eyebrows furrowed together as you gently touched the black eye a ghoul had given you the night before.  You frowned back at him before answering him.

“A ghoul punched me.”  You said with a shrug of your shoulders.   

You didn’t really understand Dean’s sudden change in demeanor, but ever since you had left from Kentucky, he had been texting you to lecture you.  Was your knife sharpened?  Did you have holy water?  Did you pack your shells with rock salt?   It was beginning to drive you up the wall and made you want to ask him what his damage was, but you didn’t because you knew it was coming from a place of concern.

“Damn it, Y/N.  You’ve got to be more careful.”  He grunted as his frown turned into a scowl.   

Your lips twitched a bit and you mirrored his hardening look.  Where was this coming from anyway?  He had never spoken to you like a child before and he had known you for years. 

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“Oh God, oh God,” she whispered, rushing through the parking lot, tray of coffee in her hands, she flashes her ID at the security guard and runs into the building.

Y/N was never late, never. She was always fifteen minutes early to everything, but today the world seemed to hate her. Her alarm never went off, her roommate didn’t bother to help her, she was late to class so the professor pulled her aside which caused her to leave later, which meant she ended up in traffic and now she was late to her internship. 

Just as she turns the corner another body slams into hers, making the coffee on her tray spill all over the other person. She closes her eyes praying it;s another intern. 

“What the fuck,” a deeper voice hissed, causing her to look up at Harry Styles. 

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Come Clean - Part 3 (Final)

Summary: The reader catches Jensen snooping through her phone. 

Pairing: Jensen x Reader 

Word Count: 3,262

Part 1 Part 2

“What the hell was that, Jensen? Tell me now.” Danneel demands angrily narrowing her eyes.

“Um…she…well…I’ll be right back, ok?”


“Just give me a minute! I have to talk to Jared.” Jensen bolts to his costar’s trailer without waiting for a reply.

“What’s up?” Jared asks when Jensen bursts through his door like a mad man.

“What did Y/N say?”

“About what?”

“Don’t fuck with me right now, Padalecki.” Jensen growls surprising them both.

“I really don’t wanna be in the middle of this, man.” Jared sighs running a hand through his long chestnut hair.

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Momma’s Boy

Prompt: Klaus imagine! Reader & Klaus have a child, and Klaus is adorably jealous that their kids is a mama’s girl/boy! Please and thank you. <3

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Word Count: 700

Warning: None

“Mommy! Mommy! Look what I made you.” My son, Fate, exclaimed as he ran through the halls of the mansion, before running into Klaus and I’s room, waving a paper in his hand. “Mommy!” He screamed again, running and jumping on the bed, waving the paper in his hand, before shoving it in my face. I sat up, leaning against the headboard, wiping the sleep from my eyes, I grabbed the paper from him, smiling at the picture. I was a picture of me, and around it was a whole lot of hearts and at the bottom, it read,  "I love mommy.“ I smiled, and pulled him closer to me, kissing the crown of his head. “Do you like it?” I nod,

“I like it a lot, thank you, baby.” He smiles and throws his arms around my neck, “Did you make daddy one?” I nod over to Klaus, who still lays in bed, with a pillow over his eyes, “Nik, get up, look what Fate made me.” Klaus moved the pillow from his eyes and sat up, grabbing the paper from my hands,

“That’s some talent, we, of course, know you inherited it from your father.”  Klaus smiled proudly, patting Fate on the head, “Did you make daddy one?” Fate shook his head,

“We only had time to make one and I chose to make one for mommy.” Klaus’ smile faltered,

“Well, it looks great, daddy’s proud of you.” Fate smiled,

“Thank you, daddy, I’m going to go hang this on the fridge, so everyone can see what an amazing artist I am.” I smiled such big words for the six-year-old, He hops off the bed and rushed back down the hall and downstairs. “Aunt Bex! Aunt Bex! He screams.

"I’m so proud of him, if he keeps it up, one day he’ll be just like you, maybe even better."I teased, poking Klaus’ side, but he didn’t smile and he didn’t budge. "Babe, what’s wrong?” I ask, wrapping my arms around him, placing butterfly kisses to his collarbone.

“He likes you more than me,” Klaus muttered and I looked up, trying to hold back my laugh. “It’s not funny, he likes you better than me, he’s never drawn me anything.” Klaus frowned and he sounded utterly torn.

“Klaus, he’s drawn you plenty of things, has a whole box of them, but he’s too scared to show them to you because he thinks you won’t like them.” Klaus scoffed, “Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it.” I climbed out the bed, shrugging on my silk robe over my tank top and shorts, making my way to Fate’s room to find him coloring something he had drawn earlier that week.

“I heard you and daddy, does he really think I hate him?” I shake my head,

“No baby, he’s just upset you didn’t get to make him a picture today.” Fate sat up and dropped his colored pencil, standing and walking over to his closet, picking up a box and coming back over to hand it to me.

“I want to show him, though.” Fate declared and  I nodded,

“Of course, lead the way.” I follow Fate to Klaus and I’s room, to find Klaus still on the bed, looking just as upset as when I left, “Babe, Fate has some things to show you.”

Fate sat on the bed and took a deep breath looking over to me one time before removing the lid from the box. “Here.” He pushed them toward Klaus who went through them. smiling in awe.

‘These are amazing.“ He smiled, placing them back in the box, "And these are all for me?” Fate nodded, smiling a wide smile, happy to have his dad’s approval. “Well, I’m going to put them in my art gallery.” Fate’s eyes widened,

“Really? Daddy, that’d be so cool.” Klaus smiled and wrapped his arm aroufn Fate, pulling him into his side, smiling as they continued to go through the pictures together.

“Don’t forget about me.” I laughed joinging them on the bed.

You Lost Me

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 647

Masterlist |Ask

Originally posted by theseoks

“Taehyung, let’s end this relationship.”

Feeling how Taehyung’s body stiffened at your words, you backed away from his hug he gave you the minute he stepped into your house. “W-What?! W-Why?!”

Shrugging slightly, you answered. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

“Y/N, what’s wrong? Beautiful, you know that I love you, you can tell me anythin-”

Laughing sarcastically, you asked? “So, how is she?”

You watched how Taehyung’s head shot up at the mention of his secret girlfriend, his eyes wide open and confusion plastered all over his pale face. “H-How do you k-know?”

Another laugh escaped your mouth. Was he really that stupid?

“Do you really think I’m that stupid? Do you really think I didn’t notice your late night calls? Or the way you sneak out at night whenever you think I’m asleep? Are you really that dumb, Taehyung?”

Taehyung didn’t know if he winced at your words or at mention of his full name coming out of your mouth. You never called him Taehyung unless you were really angry or upset.

“Y/N, look-”

You held your hand up, making him stop immediately. “I don’t want to hear anything. Just pack your stuff and get out of my house. And make sure to never show your face to me ever again.”

Your words felt like a stab to Taehyung’s heart, making him reach out for your hands immediately. “Y/N, please-”

Before he had the chance to wrap his hands around yours, you backed away from him and hissed. “Don’t you dare touch me. I don’t want to feel your dirty hands on my body.”

The disgusted look you gave Taehyung made him freeze on his spot, your once sweet and loving look whenever you saw him now long gone.

“Go to her, Taehyung. You’re just a waste of my time.”

Taehyung’s breath hitched at your choice of words. He looked at your emotionless face, trying to find an emotion that showed that you were hurt or broken because of him. Instead, his eyes were locked with your hollow ones, making him realize that he was the reason for the hollowness.

Averting his eyes, he only managed to mumble. “I’m really sorry, Y/N-ah..”

“I bet you are, Cheater.”

“Y/N, please don’t say such a thing like that. I promise I won’t see her ever again, just pleas-”

“Did you ever love me, Taehyung?”

“What?! Of course I did, Y/N! How can you ask such a thing like tha-”

Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you interrupted him again. “What if I had done it?”

When Taehyung realized what you were trying to say, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his hands forming into fists immediately. “Y/N, stop.”

“No, I’m just curious. What if I had done it with one of my best friends? Maybe Jungkook? Or Jimin?”

Breathing deeply again, Taehyung tried to control his anger and hissed. “Y/N, stop talking.”

“What if one of them touched my body like you touched your best friend’s, Taehyung?”

The minute Taehyung imagined that scene in his head, his whole body started shaking with anger. Lunging forward, he slammed you against the wall and started kissing you harshly. “Nobody is allowed to touch you like I do! Do you understand that, Y/N?!”

When he realized that you weren’t returning his kiss, he leaned his forehead against yours and whispered. “You’re mine. Only mine. I don’t want to lose you, please, Y/N..”

You, on the other hand, placed your hand on his shoulder and neared your lips to his ears before you whispered.

“I’m sorry to break it to you, but you already lost me, Taehyung..”

seventeen as seatmates

s.coups: doesn’t talk a whole lot during class but loves to talk to you in between classes; you’re always borrowing stationery from him

jeonghan: “hey I’m taking a nap cover for me”; even during tests as soon as he’s done he’s like “good night dumbasses I’m going to bed”; still tops the class

joshua: this boy is attentive as hECK; but he doesn’t even need to be bc he studies 3 chapters ahead; always willing to explain stuff to you

jun: opposite of cheol bc he never has anything; “hey can I borrow your stapler” every day; his pencilcase is full of pens that no longer work

hoshi: wEw hyperactive class clown no. #1; way too energetic all the time except when there’s a test; then he’s like “time to drop out and become a road sweeper”

wonwoo: so quiet you thought he hated you at first but no he’s just shy!! makes dumb puns whenever the teacher says stuff and gets upset if you don’t laugh at them

woozi: pretends to not give a shit; shows up every morning like “yo lend me your math homework mine’s still blank” and proceeds to copy from you; secretly works really really hard

dokyeom: class clown no. #2; constantly corrects the teacher like a smartass but never gets in trouble bc look at his smILE!!! draws smiley faces all over your papers

mingyu: doodles on all of your stuff; neat freak to the max; arranges your books for you; “gyu wyd they’re already in order??” but he’s like “nO they have to be alphabetised”

minghao: generally doesn’t talk much but he makes loads of snarky remarks under his breath and gets you in trouble bc you laugh too loud; hates blue pens for some reason

seungkwan: has a stash of snacks under his desk at all times; talks a lot so sometimes you two get really distracted; and you get in trouble a lot for talking

vernon: really wants to pay attention in class but his mind just drifts off; always asks you what the teacher said so you just send him pictures of your notes

dino: really energetic and excited in class; tells you a lot of stories; between classes he’ll tell you about his day and ask you about yours; still pays attention though and does really well

Sh*t I’m still working on

- I came out 6 months ago and it’s still hard for me to say the word “lesbian” out loud. When I do come out to someone I use the word “gay” but like I know my aversion to the word is just internalized lesbophobia and misogyny and I don’t want that to affect my word choice? I’m a lesbian and i want to feel 150% comfortable saying the word “lesbian”.

- When I see a sexual lesbian scene (OITNB or The L Word) I instantly feel a cold fist in my stomach and a compulsion to avert my eyes. I still feel guilty about finding any of that stuff attractive.

- A couple of months ago I saw a Tumblr post talking about a new movie about a 9 year old lesbian who has a crush on her friend and my first thought was “Ew, why would they make a movie that sexualizes kids like that?” and then I realized that my knee-jerk reaction was way off. Like there’s nothing wrong or hypersexual about a 9 year old girl holding another 9 year old girl’s hand. But I had spent so many years hiding that part of myself, and buying into the idea that lesbianism is innately bad and dirty and shameful that to see it be the center of a movie freaked me out. But then I thought about it and felt bad for 9 year old lesbian me who had to deal with those feelings of repulsion about herself and couldn’t even admit she was having them… And it made me realize how important movies like that really are…

Representation is so important. The first time I saw a woman show a physical desire to be with another woman was when I was 13 and watching tv with my family and an advertisement for a well-known pervy (geared towards male audiences) DVD franchise came on and of course it featured female college students making out. My dad got so upset he called the tv station to complain. Meanwhile I had a lot of feelings but couldn’t acknowledge any of them… And it made me wish that with all the TV and movies I saw I could have seen just a few gay couples… 9 year old girls holding hands, a 15 year old getting kissed by her girlfriend for the first time, college girlfriends coming up with cute ways to help each other study… just some positive characters I could have looked at and realized “Oh. They’re cute and sweet together. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s normal. I’m normal.”

if ur dad is shit i’m ur new dad now

How Would You Feel | Seth Rollins

Title: How Would You Feel

Pairing: Seth Rollins/Reader

Summary: “How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?”

Word Count: 3,586

Warning: no warnings, I don’t think…

A/N: At first, this fic was going to be based around “Start of Time” by Gabrielle Aplin and then, as I was writing the end of this fic I was listening to Ed… so here we are lol. Also, please forgive any typos. I literally put this in my queue at 5am😩

Tags: @rebelfleur22 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @panda-girl1999 | If i’ve missed anyone or you would like to be tagged, please let me know!

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|| my world ||

[Hi could I make a request for Tom Holland where you guys are dating secretly of course. The reader has an obsession with Tessa and she’s on the reader’s Snapchat all the damn time lol. Eventually Tom gets jealous like baby no obsess over me. So they kind of reveal their relationship when he throws the reader over his shoulder and walks away from Tessa saying can’t even spend time with your boyfriend. BTW this Tessa thing has been going on for like months and I imagine tom/reader past a year]

disclaimer: this story does not represent the celebrity’s actual lifestyle.

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. Reblogs are fine**


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anonymous asked:

what are your favorite movies and shows? maybe top 5-10 each? just for fun!

OK. I will do 10 each because there will be categories. The first five are movies/shows I respect and admire in terms of the form, I think they’re excellent examples of that medium and well-crafted and the second five are movies/shows that may not necessarily be the best or movies/shows and ones that don’t necessarily have my utmost respect as superb examples of the medium but they’re ones I consistently rewatch.


1. Do The Right Thing

This movie is always relevant, there are so many layers and I’m introduced to a different theme or issue every time I watch it, it is an extremely important movie and it is well-crafted and well-written and well-executed.

2. GoodFellas

One of the very few movies that can pull off a voiceover. Scorsese is my favourite director and this movie is well-acted, well-directed, brutal and entertaining.

3. Raging Bull

Like I said, Scorsese is my favourite director and Raging Bull is heralded as his masterpiece. At the time he thought it would be his final film and De Niro is credited for saving his life by persuading him to make it.

4. Boyz N The Hood

Boyz N The Hood lacks subtlety but then again it’s not supposed to be a subtle movie, it is extremely powerful and tragic and had a very big impact on me at a young age.

5. The Godfather

I mean, it’s a masterpiece.





1. The Wire

It took me 11 tries to get into The Wire but I have yet to watch a show that is so thorough in its crafting, in its acting, in its perspectives, it is excellent television.

2. The West Wing

Like everything, there are issues with The West Wing but it is well-written, witty and well-acted.

3. Underground

Listen, I just found out that this show got cancelled and I’m hella pissed right now but it was a beautifully-acted, beautifully-shot, important, powerful show.

4. Breaking Bad

A very tight show, well-crafted, no season, no episode is wasted, extremely well-done.

5. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This is a show that goes into both categories. One I can watch over and over again and one that I deeply respect as a show.

*bonus* Avatar The Last Airbender

A study in plot, character development and world-building. Excellent.


6. LOTR Trilogy

It’s epic, it’s grand and I find it extremely comforting. If I’m having a really bad day or if I feel really anxious or upset, LOTR calms me down. During my time in the mountains (which sadly ends this week) every time I’ve gone on a hike or a long walk I make an LOTR reference. I just love this trilogy so much.

7. POTC Trilogy

I watch any of the three movies when I need to go to sleep and I put them on for background noise and the cinematic nature of it, the panoramic shots, they usually help me write.

8. The Breakfast Club

I grew up watching this movie because my mom had it on tape (which I don’t know why, she is not someone who would like this movie at all) and every year I got a new joke and I of course appreciate as a teen classic.

9. You’ve Got Mail

Very smart, very witty, very light, very funny, very feel-good, like everything it has issues, but it’s just, it’s the perfect romcom.

10. The Mummy

So much nostalgia.


6. Goblin

I could go into it as I’m sure my followers know so I just won’t.

7. Sons of Anarchy

I don’t know what it is about SOA that I can just rewatch consistently but I do and often.

8. Spartacus

There is gratuitous sex and gratuitous violence, but it is also really funny and really intriguing and really suspenseful and entertaining.

9. That 70s Show

I mean, it’s That 70s Show.

10. Archer

So raunchy, so smart, so funny.

anonymous asked:

i actually really liked the live show and talking about these suspicious things makes me really anxious :( can you maybe talk about things you enjoyed from it instead please

ahhh im sorry to make you anxious!!!!! i hope u can distance yourself from all the talk if it’s genuinely upsetting you–like in the long run none of it rly matters and dnp are always gonna be out there doing what they do hahaha. but sure, there were a lot of cute things in this ls too that i’d be happy to mention :) 

  • i rly loved dan going on record to say october is his favorite month (although i swear he’s said that before? but there’s no way im gonna remember exactly when or which live show it was haha)
  • and i was emotional when he said he had the pecan latte while phil got the PSL bc phil mentioned in the last two live shows that he really wanted to try the caramelized pecan and so i can just imagine him asking dan to get that one so they could share both and try both flavors :( 
  • in general all the unprompted phil mentions esp when he was talking about seeing IT and he couldve just said he’s seen a lot of horror movies but he naturally thought to include phil in that and say that he and phil both watch a lot of horror movies together bc god forbid anyone get the wrong idea and think that they dont share interests or tastes in movies lmao 
  • halloween baking confirmed :)))))))
  • i love the way dan sponned phil’s video, he was so enthusiastic about it and it made me smile
  • the way he expounded more on his agoraphobia and the struggles of youtube as a career being all in your head, which makes the experience of talking to other youtubers and meeting fans all the more significant. a running theme that he’s discussed many times now, but it still strikes me as profoundly genuine and sweet every time he brings it up. and i think he’s quite brave for frankly stating he’s afraid to go outside. there are lots of reasons i imagine that must be true for him and although it makes me a bit sad it’s moving to know he’s accepted it a bit and feels ok to discuss it even tangentially with his audience
  • his asapscience mention :( god, so soft. i was sorely disappointed when phil didn’t bring them up in last week’s ls so to hear dan talk about them so positively and start to say that in a room full of hella Extra, and extraverted youtubers, he really vibed with greg and mitch in particular .. that made me emotional. it was just wholesome to hear him speak so glowingly of them as people and also to spon their content so directly. made me rly rly happy 
  • he felt represented by the furries who went on the crystal maze which reminded me of the moment a couple weeks back when he said he felt represented by sarah paulson’s character ‘a lesbian with anxiety’ .. amazing
  • the hair straighteners on his floor, plugged in and set up next to the hair dryer, were just … a great touch. given that he hasn’t straightened his hair in like months. lolololol 
  • altogether he just looked really soft in the jumper w his grey sheets (both of which i have independently expressed hatred for and yet both of which made me feel warm inside today for some reason????) he was looking rly cute and the autumn aesthetic was jst on point hahah

11/10 good face 

A Little Birdie

Group: BTS


Summary:  You forget to tell Hoseok you are a professional idol choreographer and end up challenged to a dance off.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1k

A/N: thank you for letting me write something based on your texts!

Inspired by: @textmejimin  ‘s texts!

Originally posted by berry852

The music came to a stop, as you bent over panting, limbs aching in the way the only did after an intensive dance session. Today you had been trying to figure out some new choreography for a girl group which involved you listening to their song on a loop as at first you had just warmed up before you started working on the choreography having already sketched a basic outline for the shapes the band would make.

You slumped against a mirror, picking up your jumper to wipe your forehead as you chugged water. Having finally caught your breath you looked over at your phone, the screen lighting up with constant texts from your boyfriend.

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haveievermentioned  asked:

Tom/Sabine and Gabriel? Because if their children are friends they will meet once.

Ooo, parent interactions. Interesting. Let’s see…

-In order for Adrien to attend Marinette’s surprise party, Gabriel had to meet Tom and Sabine.

-Except they meet him through Nathalie via her tablet.

-Despite being a bit taken aback, they are super polite to him even if he is a bit stand-offish.

-They assure him that their party will be perfectly safe *cough cough Gabe says we’ll see about that*

-Gabe remarks that their daughter is strangely optimistic, and Tom replies that they always taught her to look on the bright side to which Gabriel scoffs.

-Gabriel watches them closely, waiting for something to upset them, but they’re an impenetrable wall of happy and it disgusts him.

-On the opposite hand, Tom and Sabine feel kind of bad for him and Adrien, and determine to help the two get closer as well as hooking Adrien up with their daughter. We don’t buy your just a friend nonsense.

-When those efforts fail, they come up with a new plan to just adopt Adrien.

-They do partially empathize with Gabe because losing a spouse is something neither of them ever wish to experience.

-It kind of makes them hold onto each other a little tighter.

-They attempt to befriend Gabriel by inviting him to dinner, but something comes up. *cough cough nefarious plans aka sitting alone in his emo butterfly cave hoping they get really upset when he stands them up*

-Adrien is used to it though, and they have a lovely dinner without him.

-Gabe kind of regretting not going cause there are no snacks in the emo butterfly cave.

-He decides to invite them over for dinner as payback for their hospitality, and Adrien is super excited to have people over, let me show you guys all of my cool stuff in my room!

-Gabriel still can’t figure out how a family can be so happy. How do that? What is this witchcraft?

-Seeing Tom and Sabine makes him miss his wife, and after they leave at the end of the night, Gabriel apologizes for not being more involved in Adrien’s life, and Adrien insists he understands.

-Gabe comments that Adrien has nice friends before returning to his office/emo butterfly cave.